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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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we'll suppress this kind of uprising and suppress this this contain this kind of violence way before it gets to destabilize but the protesters are as i agree with those many of those tribal leaders as they are with the government and with the security forces and are basically bypassing all levels of security so no there is a significant worry that if nothing tangible appears for the people within the next few days that this could spiral out of control of many thanks indeed rob matheson live to baghdad that speak to send us ravi who's in iran's capital tehran it was the iranian consulate that was torched in the latest process zain what's been the reaction there in teheran. well adrian leaders here in iran are taking this situation very seriously overnight the foreign ministry spokesman but her own kasumi condemned the attack on the on the iranian mission of the iranian consulate in basra and said that the government the authorities there in buster had
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to find out who was responsible and punish them to the maximum extent of the law now he also at that same time last night some in the iraqi ambassador to tehran to protest the attack officially and in person now the foreign ministry of foreign ministry spokesman also pointed out that this was an attempt part of overt and covert attempts to drive a wedge between the friendly relations of the government of iraq and iran and at the same time he said that even though there may have been there may have been. events outside of the control of the government going on in basra he said it was a failure of the iraqi government that was unable to use its police force and buster to protect an iranian diplomatic mission and he said it was a failure of the government to fulfill a pledge that they had made to the iranian mission to make sure that state protected now a parliament is also taken note of this the commission the parliamentary commission
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on foreign policy and national security has taken note and said that they will investigate exactly what led to the events that led to the attack on the mission in basra so leaders here are taking what's happening there very seriously all right zain many thanks. live. kurdish forces say the iranian military has shelled their positions in northern iraq killing at least five fighters the democratic party of iranian kurdistan says that ten others have been injured kurdish military sources say it's the first such attack by iranian forces since one nine hundred ninety six the strikes hitting sin jog east of beale around one hundred kilometers from the iranian border iran's military has not yet commented turkey's president says that he may intervene if the syrian government backed by russia and iran carries out an all out offensive on province the rebels last stronghold in syria. tweeted that he would neither watch from the sidelines nor
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participate in such a game if the world turned a blind eye to killing thousands of people rallied across rebel held areas to show their opposition to an all out on slaughter on it labe which is home now to three million people the u.n. has warned of a humanitarian disaster on a scale not seen so far in the seven year war and we're hearing that there's been some significant and strikes in the area through saturday morning let's go live downtown taqiyya on the turkey syria border our correspondent stephanie decker is there so stephanie has this much talked about offensive on began we were talking earlier and we said well we don't think so but now there's been a clear ramping up in in air attacks on the region. they there has it's the biggest escalation since airstrikes resumed after a three week low on tuesday it's still going on airstrikes and also heavy artillery
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shelling in the southern part of the province it is however we have to say sort of less populated land these are villages in areas that civilians have already left some time ago there are however at the moment five killed but you know whether it started or not this is a rumor going back and forth a lot of the pro-government sources and media reporting anonymous sources military on the ground that it has started but at the same time we haven't heard anything official yet but again when it comes to syria you have to read the ground i think you know a lot of people have been speaking about the first phase of the last couple of weeks that would have targeted this southern areas but i think the next couple of hours will tell whether this will continue at the intensity that we're seeing right now but again you know there has been sucked into space and and we know that nothing was agreed on terror in detroit yesterday so people are not surprised been waiting for an escalation for a very long time now you talk about those talks in tehran that is clearly no
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consensus this. offensive now it will be avoided politically. well the turkish president was trying to buy some time saying that they had to understand that patience was needed in dealing with the problem of you know what they call terrorist groups inside it of this of course many different armed groups inside it live turkey is the one that needs to deal with them they're the guarantor under the este on a process of province so they've been talking to all the groups on the ground particularly those called terrorist organizations like. to make them either you know merge into other groups or put down their weapons from what we understand at the moment those groups are not willing to do that and of course it live adrian just briefly was the area that all these fighters that didn't want to deal with the reconciliation process as in other areas of syria were brought to and it was almost like for the damascus a problem that they were going to deal with later well now the question is where these people going to go damascus is made it very clear it's going to take it back
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so it's going to be very difficult to see how this is going to be dealt with politically when we know when it comes to syria through experience through the years that it's always the military option that comes first and political deals come later stephanie thanks i'm serious stephanie decker that live on the turkey syria border. a death penalty has been confirmed against seventy five people for their part in protests against the twenty thirteen military coup in egypt fifty others were given a life sentence including the former muslim brotherhood spiritual leader mohammed badie most of them were protesters who survived the massacre at a public square in cairo on his ear a shallot ballots reports. it began here in cairo as robust square in august twenty third protesters had staged a sisson demonstration against the military coup which deposed egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsy security forces moved in with a now as more than nine hundred protesters had been killed we have to have order
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from kill us just a con artist just to come out and now five years later president foster l.c.c. this government has decided to kill seventy five more. over its main mohammed rush one and yet seen how mature men are sentenced to death. they were part of a mess trial of seven hundred thirty nine people all arrested as they protested against cc's twenty thirteen take over most were detained during the robot massacre the group was charged with murder incitement to break the law illegal gathering and membership of an illegal group that group is the muslim brotherhood and now. a former president morsi its spiritual leader mohammed badie a is one of forty seven people who received a life seem to nearly four hundred others will spend at least ten years in prison you consider trying to be a completely unfair one because of its nature it's a master if you have to prosecuting
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a large number of people let's say it's impossible to prove individual can the responsibility in that case one of the most well known of the detainees is photojournalist mahmoud known to show he was detained at the rubble protest as he photographed security forces moving in. the kraut is expected to be released in the coming days after receiving a five year seem to us which is already served in pretrial detention. can has nothing to do with anything he's a journalist and he has no affiliations with anyone he was holding a camera and taking pictures not a weapon or anything like that. he recruited a day that changed the lives of many egyptians five years ago or a recorded voice warned protest is to. everyone wants to avoid any bloodshed it seared the bloodshed was not avoided being in and may not be now the egyptian courts have ordered the execution of seventy
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five people lawyers of the accused say they'll appeal. shallot ballasts al jazeera . this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program a third aid in as many weeks the trumpet ministration pulls twenty five million dollars meant for specialist medical calf palestinians. i'm wayne hale reporting from colombo where the sri lankan government says it's trying to clear up a mountain of debt left behind by the previous administration will tell you what it desperately wants to avoid in the next few years and in sports can seven time african champions egypt bounce back from their world cup exit and end their run of nine matches without a win. at attempts to bring about an end to the war in yemen has come to an end even before it began the official government delegation is leaving the swiss city of geneva
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after waiting two days for the rebel representatives to join them for un brokered talks that they didn't fly to switzerland due to concerns about their safety they say they didn't have a plane or permission from the u.s. and saudi governments to leave yemen but the u.n. special envoy remains hopeful of future negotiations. we going to moscow to take up the issues that we will have discussed here this is what i mean by we have begun this is what i mean by we have begun. it's too early for me to say when the next round of consultations will take place or will be held that's obviously going to be high on the agenda it was so that we don't go through a repeat of this week and i think it's important to note that. and also wanted to be here they're disappointed not to be here and it's important to make that point very clear. we have had extensive discussions with their representatives
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. and it must got this past week and i've no doubt about that whatever you may think and they're very keen to take this process forward and so is the international community who are who are remarkably united. in. each time these talks by so with all of our responsibility by these coup plotters these groups who are exploiting the international efforts of the yemeni government to reach peace they are being totally irresponsible the special envoy was unfortunately accommodating the co plotters and giving them excuses the statements of mr martin griffiths with us and other partners had expressed his dissatisfaction with their unjustified position i feel i need to thank the government delegation for its work despite the many many provocations. al-jazeera stated change has been following it all for us in geneva. the peace process collapsed before it even began
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they were meant to establish a framework for the peace process they are meant to build confidence measures to try and bring the trust together between the two warring factions but now the yemen government delegation attacking their bags in the hotel behind me and are ready to leave this is been a huge disappointment for the special envoy for the amman martin griffis he hasn't given up all hope though he hopes to continue with the peace process in some form he hopes perhaps to bring the the sides together at a later date but he won't give any timetable on that let's hear what he said we're going to. take up the issues that we will have discussed here this is what i mean by we have begun this is what i mean by we have begun. it's too early for me to say when the next round of consultations will take place or will be held that's obviously going to be high on the agenda to do so that we don't
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go through a repeat of this week and i think it's important to note that. and also wanted to be here they're disappointed not to be here but the prospects for resurrecting the peace process do not look good a member of the yemeni government delegation here told me that as far as there was concern they were going to try and force the who tease to the negotiating table this whole affair has actually shown how wide the gulf is between the two warring parties whatever martin chrestus the special envoy for yemen decides he's going to face an uphill task if he's going to try and get these two sides together in the meantime the already desperate situation on the ground in yemen is deteriorating further out as it was anderson and reports now from djibouti just across the gulf of. another protest over
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a shattered economy much bigger than previous demonstrations this is the booty rebel held capital city of sana'a what. they want to starve our people to death shame on them we will triumph no matter what the saudi and american enemies do. in government held areas in aden and southern yemen here the aftermath of a six day of protests with shops all closed down but central to whichever side people are on isn't so much the cost of living it's the cost of survival demonstrations continue for and against the saudi u.s. a coalition backed government and different reasoning for some of the unrest there's anger shown by those joining the fighting this man says fighting for the u.a.e. earns a fraction of the money paid to those fighting for the saudis and with the currency worth so little now it isn't enough i don't know why we went out burning tires
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because our people are exhausted compared to those in a saudi salary we find prices extremely high hunger and everything else is here we are protesting against what we call corruption and the situation's way to yemeni people have to suffer they store fuel from the petrol stations and fell on the black market people queue put days to get people back in santa suit is united with their enemies in one interest getting by here in the old market plenty of produce but it can only be afforded by a minority with enough cash in yemen it's the unspoken thoughts of such a vast number of civilians the hungry the bereaved the injured the destitute that could speak so much louder than all the protest slogans one n.g.o.s tried to convey some of the thoughts of those people by saying this it's time to put aside street. and political ambitions and consider the future of yemen and the children all of
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those children who have been so recklessly treated. this is a country in a deeper crisis than ever before. hundreds simmons al-jazeera tributes thousands of far right supporters once again rallied in the german city of candidates on friday night they're angry over the fatal stabbing of a german man last month to migrants have been arrested and charged with manslaughter but the far right protesters were met by counter demonstrators. in sweden there's talk of a growing far right influence as the country goes to the polls on sunday security and immigration have been big issues in the election campaign hostility towards migrants has been rising among some voters since the country took in big numbers of refugees in twenty fifteen jonah hole reports now from stockholm. is no longer quite sure what sort of country she's living in i felt. he made me feel very small born in sweden to muslim parents who've lived here for decades for our came
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face to face with unfamiliar prejudice when a job interview was terminated after she refused on religious grounds to shake the hand of her male interviewer she won her subsequent claim to the swedish labor court if you ask me this from a few years ago my answer would be that they are very accepting but. i am not sure i would answer the same thing because. i think that race is people that. are sowing themselves more and they are encouraged to so themselves more so people are not afraid to say i hate you because you're for us therefore i hate you because you're wearing the far right party that speaks for them these call to sweden democrats with neo nazi roots and its image cleaned up to appeal more broadly now this once fringe movement is poised to play
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in the political landscape as sweden's second largest priority i think that what we're seeing is a sweden this is very important to kind of strive for our classical is as we say it's just values and it has to do with. equal we have a gender equality that is very very strong in comparison with other faiths this is about keeping sweden swedish that's an additional thing sweden together i say it's a message resonating widely in what used to be one of europe's most open and free thinking societies expert magazine sweden's leading investigative journal has long charted the rise of the far right the catalyst of the of naziism which is this weekend yeah i mean the party has been through some. changes of course but there is a sort of a core of a radical nationalism a quest for home and generosity in sweden and placing immigrants and minorities at the center of everything that's wrong in society the relentless rise of the right
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here the sweden democrats winning five percent of the vote in twenty ten almost thirteen percent four years later and this time perhaps one in five votes twenty percent tells the story of a country changing fast reacting in part to the huge influx of refugees since twenty fifteen of which some people nostalgic for a simpler time are more culturally homogenously past a lot of people are telling their so the swedish society but i'm worried. that so what. a question of identity that lies at the heart of this election jonah how al-jazeera stocco michael sunstruck is a political scientist from london university he's.


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