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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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of a six part series filmed of a five year olds. the people of who can still fight for their land. the village chief is imprisoned. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the saga. crackdown the concluding pod of one can china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera iraq's parliament is in emergency session to work out how to contain protests in the city of basra
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a week of violent demonstrations a seen several major buildings in the city torched among them iran's consulate. there's been an increase in the number of air strikes in the syrian province of the turkish president says he may intervene if the syrian government backed by russia and iran carries out an all out offensive on the rebels last stronghold of the death penalty has been confirmed against seventy five people for their part in protests against the twenty thirteen military coup in egypt many of them were involved in the city at rubber square in cairo which ended in the massacre of hundreds of people among the defendants is the foremost in brotherhood spiritual leader mohammed badie a the received a life sentence. that attempts to end the war in yemen has come to an end even before it began the official government delegation is leaving the swiss city of geneva after waiting two days for the hooty rebel representatives to join them for un brokered talks hooty say they didn't fly to switzerland due to concerns about
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their safety they say they didn't have a plane or permission from the u.s. and saudi governments to leave yemen but the u.n. special envoy remains hopeful of future negotiations from of zeros david chaytor in geneva. the peace process collapsed before it even began they were meant to establish a framework for the peace process they are meant to build confidence measures to try and bring the trust together between the two warring factions but now the yemen government delegation attacking their bags in the hotel behind me and are ready to leave this is been a huge disappointment for the special envoy for the amman martin griffiths he hasn't given up all hope though he hopes to continue with the peace process in some form he hopes perhaps to bring the the sides together at a later date but he won't give any timetable on that let's hear what he said we're going to. take up the issues that we will have discussed here this is what i mean
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by we have begun this is what i mean by we have begun. it's too early for me to say when the next round of concentrations will take place or will be held that's obviously going to be high on the agenda to so that we don't go through a repeat of this week and i think it's important to note that. and also wanted to be disappointed not to be here but the prospects for resurrecting the peace process do not look good a member of the yemeni government delegation here told me that as far as there was concern they were going to try and force the who tease to the negotiating table this whole affair that he's shown how wide the gulf is between the two warring parties whatever martin chrestus the special envoy feed them and decides he's going to face an uphill task if he's going to try and get these two sides together the
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u.s. government to slashed more aid to palestinians the latest cuts will affect cancer treatment and other critical care a jerusalem hospital sandy gallacher reports from washington. well this is the third week in a row that the trumpet administration has removed or as the state department told us reprogrammed aid to palestinians in this case is twenty five million dollars to the east jerusalem hospital network that is a collection of six hospitals that provide treatment that is not available in guards or all the west bank so we're talking about things like critical care cancer care child dialysis and that twenty five million dollars really does go along way but this as i said is the third week in a row last week we saw three hundred million dollars in palestinian aid removed from the united nations the week before that it was two hundred million dollars in humanitarian aid so altogether we're looking at a half a billion or just over half a billion dollars in aid to the palestinians removed by the trumpet ministration
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president trump himself says the angle he's taking here is he wants the palestinians to talk about peace if they don't this is a way of him getting back at them a bit clearly the treatments that have been put in place or provided by these hospitals that really will affect the most vulnerable people among this is dialysis for children so that gives you just some idea of what removing this kind of money will do to palestinians believe them or is the c.e.o. of augusta victoria hospital he's also secretary for the east jerusalem hospitals network you joins us now live from ramallah good to have you with us sir how will this twenty five million dollars cost impact upon the provision of health care in occupied east jerusalem. yes thank you sir this is a very sad day for us in jerusalem and definitely four members of your islam hospital network of which i am the secretary it's very sad because you know
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children patients with cancer patients with you know severe diseases that cannot be treated other than he are no prevented from coming to jerusalem because we cannot afford to continue the delivery of the services as well as coming to this interview in an hour ago on the way you know on the cost of the hospital called me to tell me that there are about two to two to do to curve down the services because of severe shortages in in their cash flow this is diverse to think you know we're very short of this this is you know i cannot describe such a decision and its effect on our people in jerusalem we are the only entity in the whole of british time that provides services that are not available elsewhere including radiation therapy to cancer patients including open heart surgeries to children at because it often including haemodialysis for children at the list of
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the this is immense this is of catastrophically nature i mean you don't use it as elements for food because she says for. me this is not a low but this is this is inhumane this is very crude and now i i used this as a platform for the international community to intervene we cannot continue the lives of patients are at risk i'm talking about patients who are severely sick who are about to die who have you know who already put so much effort to arrive to each other's lives because of accessibility issues because of barriers at areas checkpoints in gaza and other sick points out on the west bank. now come up with the with the finances this is not acceptable by many standard as as i understand it so this money wasn't going directly into health care itself it was it was to help patients actually gets to the hospital they could be treated and when you think
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about how much it must cost to run six hospitals twenty five billion dollars actually doesn't sound that much. would it in fact it does i mean when you are below below below below any ability to meet your daily requirements you know this presents about twenty five percent of our annual budgets for each of them most of which is about one hundred million dollars so it adds up and it makes a big difference particularly in view of the huge accumulations of that that are owed to us as six so yes it does not go that far but i mean it's at least it keeps us go going for a couple or three months did we find alternatives you know i was in that with our minister of finance and now we'd in the middle of two to find alternatives you know we we we caught up on the word today the other. friends in
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europe intervene don't let us close don't let us go down the drain this is not something that we can afford stopping this these are said which is essential to the very lives of palestinians. how much should we are we talking about how much does it cost to run efficiently that the hospitals of which u.s. secretary this this network of hospitals in in east jerusalem the e.u. contributes around fifteen million dollars per year i mean is there any way that that the you could increase the amount that it pays to try to make up that shortfall. yeah i mean over the last at least five to six years the american government through a shit was putting about twenty five million dollars annually the e.u. would put thirteen you million euros annually making about forty million dollars representing about forty percent of our total budget the remaining part is to be of
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age and was supposed to be paid by the palestinian ministry of finance and which has committed lots of resources and did ask year but still we are in shortages and as you probably know the. initial finds itself is failing is facing serious financial challenges so this comes to add insult to already very weakened financial structures of the but it's thirty and what is not acceptable is you use human lives vulnerable groups women and children who come from gaza from the west bank for cancer treatment for kidney dialysis not every day but ensured on the west bank or gaza and you penalizing them you think stop we need to sign put it to get agreement you need to give up jerusalem you need to give up everything before you can get treatment this is this is the message and i tell you from here from i just you know i tell all the public this decision by the term admission would serve exactly the
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opposite of what is in the behind it could stop the so many thanks indeed for being with us will eat no more than who is the c.e.o. of the augusta victoria hospital thank you sir. u.s. president donald trump is threatening to slap tariffs on nearly all chinese imports he said on friday that he has a package of new duties ready on goods worth two hundred sixty seven billion dollars this is in addition to those already announced on imports totaling two hundred billion dollars the movie scene is the most dramatic escalation in the trade war between china and the u.s. one of china's most senior officials as arrived in north korea lee shanshu is in pyongyang to attend a key military parade on sunday as north korea celebrates its seventieth founding anniversary but contrary to earlier reports china's president xi jinping would be attending the festivities his absence is seen as china's china expressing
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disappointment over the lack of progress being made in the nuclearization in the north. several senior u.n. officials are in pakistan's push our province for talks about the treatment of afghan refugees for the program day and mark local chrome on those visiting a camp which operates with u.n. funding pakistan hosts around one point four million afghan refugees. unfortunately very long protracted refugee situations are more difficult to support or more difficult to find resources for so we are unfortunately in that situation now but i think we should not forget that in the course of these four decades there were moments when the situation in afghanistan was better it was more stable when people went back voluntarily in large numbers now unfortunately we are at that difficult phase elections are coming in afghanistan we've seen in the increasing violence and i think that we need to help afghanistan overcome this difficult period re store
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stability and with stability we've come a lot of other things some bob ways president. has picked the former deputy head of the african development bank as his new finance minister he hopes that emptily in cubase appointment will help to turn things around in zimbabwe which is suffering from cash shortages and high unemployment and kobe is not connected to the ruling zanu p.f. posse shaz electric car make a tesla have taken a nosedive after more controversy found it on musk he smoked marijuana during a live interview his recent behavior has raised concerns about his ability to lead his businesses i do joe castro reports. in stores whether a media stunt gone bad or an ill made decision and probably can't because stockholders right. i mean it's legal right it's all legal ok the video of billionaire entrepreneur musk smoking marijuana during a live interview thursday has translated to
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a financial hit on his company the stock value of electric car manufacturer tesla tumbled nine percent friday morning continuing a downward trend fueled by a string of corporate resignations and its founders erratic behavior i'm going to text messages for for a manager and saying what the hell are you doing smoking weed musk in early august announced with a controversial tweet he was considering taking tesla private only to take back the idea weeks later before that he had bizarrely interjected himself into the rescue effort of twelve tibe boys trapped in a flooded cave when his offer to build a mini submarine was refused must turn his angsty toward a british rescue diver accusing him without giving evidence of being a pedophile tesla has also struggled with recent production delays of its latest model. but space x.
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another in law must brainchild continues its groundbreaking success its reusable rockets and plans to return human spaceflight capability to the u.s. have upheld space x.'s status as one of the world's most valuable privately held companies asked thursday to explain his innovative genius musk said even as a child he knew he was different i think when i was five or six or something i thought i was insane why do you think you're insane because it's clear that our people do not. what their mind wasn't exploding with ideas all the time the question is whether what makes musk so different is also driving him toward recklessness and how much patience investors wish to expend castro al-jazeera washington.
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it's good to have you with us hello adrian for the good here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera iraq's parliament is an emergency session trying to work out how to contain protests in the city of basra week of violent demonstrations are seen several major buildings in the city torched among them iran's consulate. we should draw a distinction between the political factors on the other issues namely security and services unfortunately events have developed rapidly since the parliament's first session of monday last as a result of the escalating political wrangling which if turned into armed confrontations will be gravely dangerous we are keen on steering away from plunging into such danger now the situation in a row is on their control there's been an increase in the number of asked trikes of the syrian province of the turkish president says that he may intervene if the syrian government backed by russia and iran carries out an all out offensive on the province the rebels last stronghold in syria. the death penalty has been confirmed
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against seventy five people for their part in protest against the twenty thirteen military coup in egypt many of them were involved in the city and at rubber. square in cairo which ended in the massacre of hundreds of people. the latest attempts to search for an end to the yemen war has come to an end before it even begun the official government delegation is leaving the swiss city of geneva after waiting two days for the who the rebel representatives to join for u.n. brokered talks the hooty say they didn't fly to switzerland due to concerns about their safety. one of china's most senior officials has arrived in north korea leash on jew is in pyongyang to attend a key military parade as north korea celebrates its seventieth founding anniversary china's president xi jinping won't be attending the festivities his absence is seen as china expressing disappointment of the lack of progress in the nuclearization.
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the u.s. is causing more aid for palestinians twenty five million dollars meant for cancer treatment at other critical care in occupied east jerusalem hospitals is being slashed last week the us government ended funding for united nations relief agency that helps around five million palestinian refugees come out here with a news group in a little over twenty five minutes after will come on china's democracy experiment next. as india was updating its citizenship records around four million people in the us some states are at risk of becoming stateless mr deals with bangladesh from infantry these are the majority of both. does apply to both sides of this issue talk to al-jazeera tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each shia driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. was meeting.
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you can still edges rose up demanding the return of their lead and calling for their leaders to step down after decades of corruption. and made a crackdown activist shoots him for died in police custody. but who can achieve thinkable their right to choose their own videos.
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