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tv   Crackdown  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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yes you know it's a social scene we're going to shandon you're going to lead our last session was there was only god that day. and i could see in france i mean. went on the whole. you know when you go if things are really holding. the old me come you went and there's. that is a look at as soon as they come our course you know i was going to go see a no question obviously but i met my very shall you know i will my list i mean i thought on the second of pain it's all grace. but in reality. doggone anybody can highly handle thing and that. doesn't hurt and i welcome the moment when i when i cause no sentiment when. they get up ok when. they have all. said among.
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the last sentimental idea this says have a thought. for the next video. if it is that's enough that says. to me that you have little doubt that. if. one. me a bit is. the person who did area to move quickly to duck the being the president you know she was you know what i want to know the employer to get when i'm sort of my group without a. good example of there's
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a big sums that they're all going to show you don't mean we. will show you what we mean to be. when it was you know about it. you share the burden of using words. darkness on the super who still. want to be from the border oh no doubt you know what it did and we throw it out but still before the dollar you. if stories you know as if you want to add to that on my local doctor there was a companion if you just come where are equal to be and if in appearance tomorrow coral but it is a very savvy part to fix your input get better see so they decided to issue a movie this will see a real meaning in that everything case will freeze when you're. sure that you are equally. don't you. get this import doesn't groom or british know you were going to what was there was
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a growth we could days or so to get going go by. so fast in number one they would have wanted to see. it simply as an old well that if you are multiple you know this almost can mean a lot because at the end. if they're in the know they see we are nearly in the. dark and all of them are going to said you know we're not when it's show off with the other bit that you know really. know was a real bargain you know it and i mean it and the. concept. and lot of itself where i was in there. i mean most of the men that know did we feel any guilt that was when i started but i got a simple to say i decided anyway whatever i want. to say let's assume that. the monologue. is the you know what i. shall you know am
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oh no it isn't every day i see a little of the neighborhood in the i don't. know when he's on focus on him in b.s. that he found in the sand i said i only got up what i'm getting thank.
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we. and i thought enough so that i thought when i. said that that is a safe getting. away no show no sign of them being on the way. he seemed to be at the other i guess that they are now what. they are.
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going to show would be if. someone. also that showing up on someone only sent out. is not. the girl. in the stouter look out of things to guide us mr walker for the fit into the bargain of ourselves and fifty more new ones in the kitty jaws they will just go by the iraqis and so yeah they must and. you know jarrah i'm video that you put thirty or i'd go insane up get up while they were at the most you can even afford a month i would think before. but . now that.
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very nearly. three years yes he doesn't. believe that is yours. was. actually yes yes well maybe hand. in. hand. sure what i'm going to have missed. my must really then that i. now when done naughty. kiddo let me see whole kiddo to my. mom i know my sound more you get on. yes i know my own what you will they don't mean it don't mean you don't give me. now is for them i am with you
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they don't know care must. there. in me hold me who am i to get. no mic or no. get them. and. like in turn one to. a new children order. again if they're going to see horse. he they put on door before a sadducee. press were knocking. and. i want to see. my you know controller. that
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put it. then throw some capacities. sawn. muka bassett is. there a. very little more hope again although i see you're going to feed. me some more of the. you know a lot of. that lot of the well. in the article was the hotel which . thank you. so much i thought your to my. will be telling me anything. that i did not tell.
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me what i never thought of this time and i know they are not out. to write a serious note how do you. really want is for my. own. code to. be told me and. to go the way. all these are you. know. my day job was. i don't know we're going. to. see any show of the joy or i should say. you know fortunately for them to know that i am ok i hate my
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hair around. me. well i am not. the messiah and i don't see that so we don't let it down to jim it's in the stomach churning you know so you have money tied into it terry had a compass i'm not going to go in the morning after i saw it and this is somebody
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who can beat up the mind of something else i would i wouldn't doubt it but assume you look it up to get the not like i want you can see that we have to have its own well conducted on the news they certainly don't see actually was over she should be my book it would need to go away show nothing or given enough time and time again i can't look at it on the bus when i have given it a month to the community and the somehow put us a devotee to tell you that we have to give and give up a dossier to because that moment is so much does to us so now i know you know that you want that i didn't get you got you got all right if i get you back if i have time for the sort of guy. but it may not be coming up on the man at the end of the show am i going to finish none of which are in the money it's not handcuffed and i've been in a game shop charles.
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no no no no you haven't think you know that by now but a ceiling podium in the backyard what are you going. to be in the thing to do with money stolen. people killed. i don't know the kind of fear of being hidden. when i can see any small city any stray you can even. see embrace any man i must simply say any man i seen i.
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think. an instantly shifting news cycle we receive in change in america tweet the listening post takes all sorts of questions the world's media double will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or a few words exposing how the press operates it is their language of their culture and their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how the news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what is the listening post on al-jazeera.
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in indonesia palm oil is a billion dollar business want to win east investigates the price the country is paying. to feed the world's oil addiction. on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we curry this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot. the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how his negotiations with him helped
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save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. by richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. syrian and russian bombing increases on edler province and tense a fine fears over the humanitarian consequences for three million people in the rebel held area. condemnation is egypt's sentences seventy five people to death and
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jails hundreds more are protesting against the two thousand and thirteen military coup. broke obama hits the campaign trail in earnest today after a speech attacking donald trump asked what's behind his return to frontline politics in sports or pounds or salt has beaten serena williams in the u.s. open final assault his first grand slam title coming in a much dominated by her opponent's repeated clashes with the umpire. a day after warnings of a blood lap bloodbath that is and it led syria and russian forces have carried out their heaviest bombardment against the rebels activists and rescue workers reported more than sixty airstrikes in the south of the province including how a cop. barrel bombs on friday the leaders of russia and iran backed a military campaign to take back the last rebel health province are buzzing cease
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fire calls from turkey's president stephanie decker as more from and talk turkey syria border. the intensity of a barrel bomb attack captured by an al jazeera news team the uncertainty of where the bombs will fool. hit this village in the southern edge of the countryside. and there were no casualties. russian jets also bombarded the area throughout the day. all the strikes of focused on the southern countryside of the province and civil defense rescue volunteers also known as the white helmets search for survivors. it's been the most intense escalation since airstrikes resumed on it live on choose day after over three weeks of silent skies there were civilian casualties on both sides this is an area under government control and syrian state media blaming the
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rebels for shelling the area. the bombing and also artillery fire started less than twenty four hours off that the leaders of iran russia and turkey met in takraw in turkey off for a cease fire and russia refused all the escalation problem to turkey's foreign minister to make an unscheduled statement on saturday. i'm is to stop these attacks we foresaw that they would happen we've made great if it's to separate radical groups from moderate ones and live but those terrorist groups who then now were brought there by the syrian government they were brought there from aleppo homes hama used by corridors that were opened up the rickly by those who are attacking them now. a hospital was also hit according to local activists this is the sham hospital in southern italy built into the mountain to protect it from air strikes.
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all the areas hit on saturday were in the countryside in sparsely populated regions and the fear is if the military campaign starts to target the cities in areas that are far more heavily populated turkey's foreign minister says up to two million civilians could flee towards its border and says it continues to pursue political avenues behind the scenes to prevent a full on military escalation stephanie decker al-jazeera untuck yeah. as a visiting fellow at nottingham university center for conflict and security he says he attacks away targeting rubble and stores. well at the moment what we're seeing is what is known in military circles as shaping the battlefield or so we're seeing airpower being deployed by both the russians and the syrian regime attacking what we would presume to be artillery or. any armor that the rebels have they would be attacking any concentrations where they believe the rebels. are
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concentrated in and and then they will be possibly even conducting attacks by air to make the rebels think that they're going to attack from a particular direction when in fact they will choose a different one so these are sort of things that happen in this phase of any conflict following that the ground troops will move in judging by the way the syrians have fought in the past it's very unlikely to be a full frontal assault what they tend to do is. open tuck just nipping away at various bits of territory consolidating gains straightening their lines and so on and so i think what they will see is a very slow but deliberate march towards the goal which is to get rid of the rebel forces within the whole of it there are
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enormous local regional and geo political complications here and we should not. in any way look at the future with optimism because the tensions between the geo political players are such that any small miscalculation can result in an intended consequences that would harm people across the globe we must never forget that we have two or three nuclear armed forces in very close proximity here and it's only one error that could lead to an intended consequences. let's bring in ed in miami the sky piece a former senior syria advisor to samantha power who served as u.s. ambassador to the united nations under president barack obama thank you so much for your time as you see it is there anything at this point that could possibly get the
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outside forces and the russian forces to change course thank you for having me based on my experience and having worked on the portfolio for a number of years the only the only thing that could possibly work is a credible deterrence established by the international community probably led by the united states that promises punitive military strikes against syrian regime assets in response to any incursions into the area that would lead to mass casualties or mass destabilisation or movement of people. is there any will for that to happen there doesn't really seem to have been for the past seven years yeah . that's that's that's the question and i don't see any indications of an appetite or a will to open up front against the syrian government that is backed as the previous speaker by a nuclear armed russia though we have seen in the past the united states establishing certain parameters to protect its special forces and allied partners on the ground
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particularly in northern and in southern syria and in places where we have responded to in danger many of our troops such as an elton force most recently at the border with jordan the regime and its allies have backed down it leads me to believe that there is a possibility but in terms of the will i just don't see it from the strength ministration and we certainly didn't see it in the obama administration ok so considering that it seems from all that we're saying this is going to go forward and intensify. let's talk about the him impending humanitarian crisis what role does turkey play and this are they at any point going to have to open their borders for people. you know that's that's a very important question as well given that there are three million people stuck in it live half of them are already displaced once or twice from other parts of the of syria turkey hosts over two million syrians in my opinion has done all it can
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it's still possible they will open it up but they don't want to say that they would in order not to encourage the regime and the russians from going in another avenue is that some of the displaced can end up going to our freend province which is now controlled by a coalition of turkish and. syrian rebels there is there is a northern corridor or dull allow them to enter a frame which used to be controlled by by the court kurdish militias in in syria so so what you're saying is maybe turkey might not particularly open their borders but they could be perhaps more proactive and what they do inside the syrian border to help the people that are just sitting targets basically. exactly exactly and i suspect that these conversations are obviously ongoing twenty four seventh's in turkey in coordination with some of their syrian rebel contacts and allies that
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they work with now for the last few years. while. in miami thank you very much for your expertise for a fresh air thank you for the latest attempt to end the war and yemen has failed to get off the ground the official government delegation is leading geneva leaving geneva that is after waiting two days for who is the rebel representatives to join the un brokered talks if they say they didn't fly there because of safety concerns david chaytor has more from geneva the collapse of the peace process even before it had begun was a setback to all the efforts of the u.n. special envoy to the yemen but he refused to be discouraged so for me the important . aspect of these last three days is we have started consultations. the process of beginning. the road back to peace has started not quite in the way that we would have wanted. has begun i should be going
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to moscow during the course of the next few days and hopefully to solve it as well of course to discuss with. you before they left a member of the yemen government delegation told me they would now force to the negotiating table that target the port offered data a vital lifeline for their economy and humanitarian supplies the process in geneva instead of building trust has exposed the gulf that separates the two warring parties and a new rift has opened with the united nations. every time these talks face a wall of irresponsibility by these coup plotters these groups who are exploiting international efforts of the yemeni government to reach peace they are being totally irresponsible the special envoy was unfortunately accommodating the clue plotters and giving them excuses it was a long goodbye for the yemeni government still a geisha and heading home to
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a war wracked country with little immediate hopes of peace david chaytor al jazeera geneva ever have a separate fessor of conflict resolution at the institute he says the failure of the geneva talks to get under way shows the deep distrust mistrust between the two sides. i assume actually when martin defense makes such an announcement with international commitment then attention for the negotiations that they care to take place in geneva that he secured already an explicit unconditional approval from the saudis as that this would happen but for the saudis to insist that no they can't come on any on all many a plan and they can come on a you want a plan it would be something that talks to the. positions of where they really stand on these things because. at the end of the day and all many have been would not be smuggling weapons for them give them the money.


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