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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the stories we. are told by the people who live. faces a political deadlock out for an election that's so far no clear winner between the center left and center right blogs but a big rise and a show of support for the far right. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. you know about the russian and syrian air strikes on adlib a neighbor in hama province and syria with the hospital among the targets sudan's president dissolved his government on picks
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a new prime minister in hopes of fixing the country's struggling economy. one death every minute save the children warns that hunger is being used as a weapon of war. so his prime minister says he's open to talks with the main opposition party after both blocs failed to get a majority in sunday's election the center left bloc led by the prime minister stefan often holds a narrow lead with just over forty percent of the vote his social democratic party has traditionally had the biggest vote share so that's almost a dead heat with the center right alliance led by the moderates who have called for a law firm to resign significantly the far right anti immigration anti e.u. sweeping democrats led by orcas and gained support but still polled less than expected at more than seventeen percent talks again on monday but all parties have so far refused to work with the sweden democrats on
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a whole reports of stockholm. the center left social democrats have been the biggest party in every swedish election for a century true again this time but not by far and it's a relief it's been their worst result ever and i think it's fine the problem now is how can we make it. how can you be governed with this since it's really hard to see. how to how to make a stable government this is an election that seen support shift from the center to the extremes coalition building will be tough one big winner has been the empty immigrant sweden democrats are not as big as they'd hoped the story of the night is that while the far right has become a force in swedish politics they won't be taking over just yet what would seem harry is a political earthquake. really god's will is political history and i think that they're the leaders of the two big parties social democrats and the moderate party
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need to listen to this single from the swedish people need to say is the policies. that the sweetest people want to see the rise of the far right in sweden meant voters took to the election with customary enthusiasm even if many harbored deep concerns terrible i just want to cry when i think about it they see. awful things i mean yeah of course we have a lot of refugees here but we need to take care of them they come from a terrible place terrible course we can't just throw them out immigration and integration have been front and center in a divisive vote with this country's famous values of tolerance and openness at stake so choice isn't in danger of becoming a far right state and nor are the sweden democrats even likely to make it into government no party at this stage will even talk to them but they are likely to continue to exert and in direct influence on the way ahead having already succeeded
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to the horror of many. in putting nationalism and identity politics on the swedish agenda peter waller dusky he's editor in chief of one of sweden's major daily newspapers the tone has already changed it has changed a lot and i think the major change came in two thousand and fifteen after the big refugee crisis a lot of refugees came in sweden in a very short time span and the systems here didn't work properly a lot of people reacted to that and the sweden democrats are sort of the logical consequence of the well they searched in the polls as a result of that crisis and they've stayed on the kind of results since some swedes will tell you the rise of the far right is overblown that this country has never been happier or more prosperous but extreme politics are in sweden to state now many of the swedes see trouble ahead joho al-jazeera stocco syrian and russian jets
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and helicopters have continued their heavy bombardment in the northern and southern countryside of at lip all in the east rebel fighters have been digging tunnels to reinforce their positions local media report that barrel bombs at a hospital at service in neighboring hama province stephanie decorous far from an talkie on the turkey syria border. the death comes from the sky here. the second day of an escalated air campaign targeting the southern part of syria's province and north and how much some people are fleeing their homes to the so far safer north. we came from the south of italy we're leaving because of the bombing the jets and the artillery they're hitting us with all kinds of weapons we're heading to the north now. we expect everything at this stage fortunately there is no other place for us to go to because it will get worse so we are heading to the turkish border at the moment there aren't large amounts of people fleeing the bombardment and that's
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because the areas targeted are in the countryside and they are less populated now turkey fears if the military offensive moves closer towards the cities that huge numbers could flee towards its closed borders in that situation it's working hard to avoid turkey's interior minister visited the border with syria on sunday and warned against a possible new wave of refugees all of them washed away were migration that will start there will not be our responsibility. turkey has been increasing its military presence along its border has also sent reinforcements into italy the turkish government is the opposition's guarantor in the astonished process and has twelve observer posts inside the province if there is an all out conflict the presence of its soldiers could complicate matters there are around through a half million people in the provinces come to represent the symbolic last stand of the opposition inside syria around a million of those who live here now have already been displaced several times
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during this seven and a half year war and damascus backed by russia and iran has made it clear that it will not remain in opposition hands stephanie decker al-jazeera and. russia has accused the united states of dropping phosphorus bombs over doors or province in eastern syria on saturday the pentagon denies this saying none of its units in the area are equipped with white phosphorus munitions jordan reports from washington d.c. . the united states and russia have been at loggerheads in recent weeks over what's happening in eastern syria that's a part of the country where the russians have almost never been since eisel first moved in back in two thousand and fourteen it's been the united states that has deployed special forces to help train and support rebel fighters as well as kurdish fighters trying to remove the group out of eastern syrian territory however recently russia has been suggesting that it needs to move into the area near
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darrow's or in order to go after what it calls terrorists the united states repeatedly has warned russia to stay out of the region and in fact says that a thirty five mile deep confliction zone around its garrison. should not be breached by the syrians by the russians by anyone else for that matter now comes this weekend when it appears that the russians are helping syria try to launch an effort to retake it live province in the far north western part of the country but the russians at the same time are now watching that the u.s. using fighter jets has been dropping false wrist bombs on targets in and around darragh zor late on sunday a pentagon spokesperson said that there have been no reports it has received about the use of phosphorus bombs indoors or and it also says that its forces at the
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garrison and tough do not have the capability and don't even have any phosphorus bombs in their arsenal a war of words certainly as the united states is sending a warning to russia and to syria to not precipitate any sort of humanitarian crisis in it look province on the other side of the country nor should the countries use any chemical weapons and their effort to retake it live for control by the central government in damascus. eighty four people have been killed in renewed fighting in yemen support city of who data comes a day after talks in geneva collapsed when the rebel delegation didn't show up hospital sources say the dead include dozens of who with the rebel fighters and at least eleven government troops who data has seen heavy fighting between saudi backed government troops and rebels for several months displacing tens of thousands of civilians and are simmons's in neighboring djibouti with the latest. in the space of twenty four hours it's reported that the released sixty s.
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strikes on who date or city and its surroundings and also the province as a whole reports from multiple sources suggests that there were scores of deaths exactly how many in which category is unclear but civilians were amongst them naturally there is fear right across the city right now this is the response of some families eventually as you know we are living in fear shrouded day and night in fear squadrons of forty five warplanes are frequently having about her had. children. we cannot sleep at night yesterday the fire she kept shelling out the living in fear night and day the saudi coalition planes up finding homes everything going out to sea and especially a shell hit my neighbor's house it destroyed the wall where my neighbor was sleeping it just missed him by few inches now that a city has a seaport and an airport naturally there military targets if there is
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a checkpoint if if the lines are cut between her data and santa then that's a disaster not just militarily for the hooter's but in humanitarians terms it's absolute catastrophe no martin gryphus warned about this he said that people had to sort of concentrate on the economy he was really forceful in his words but had to admit that he had not got the talks together he had not been able to separate the passage of the hutu rebels to geneva that's all history no situation on the ground as ever with warfare negotiations are far out of the minds of anyone there is a fight going on a fight that's got much more serious. i still says it was behind a suicide bomb attack in kabul that killed at least seven people the blast happened close to a procession in the afghan capital the group was commemorating the death of former and resistance leader. earlier on sunday another suspected suicide bomber was shot by police before the device was triggered sudan's entire government has been sacked
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by the country's president omar bashir has dissolved the government and cut the number of ministries from thirty one to twenty one in a bid to tackle a growing economic crisis he's picked a new prime minister but no other appointments have been announced agnes giteau is a east africa economic and political analyst she believes many people will welcome the move. it's certainly a welcome move a very difficult political move for marshall to take but suddenly one that many people who've been struggling and of course. crying out to the government to come to come up with an economic vision that helps the people of sudan to afford the basic commodities which has been very difficult in the last sort of decades of course you know about the sanctions and the mismanagement of the economy and the corruption issues in sudan they could only have been struggling and everybody expected there would peak it would pick up in october when the sanctions against iran were lifted by a prison trump but it didn't and of course there is an election in the coming
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months the next year so i think there's a political. plan and obviously one that hopefully will sustain and give the country or the government an upper hand but the government has from clearly failed and they need to be seen to be doing something to appease the public who are struggling as they too are for the busy commodity so suddenly up of this move one but it's not not you know side of the politicians have been dropped will obviously be going up again some of the show but it's interesting time for sudan i think one important thing which the country has been advised by the world bank in their the bigger west is to diversify sudan's economy to move away from other depending on all the in focus on investing in and the health care which that they have completely failed and also spending so much of the country's revenue on military in such a small country seventy five percent of sudan's budget goes to military took to the
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military and security and failing to to invest in other sectors. so i had on al jazeera and tension in kosovo and serbia as efforts to end a longstanding dispute stall. and the human face of yemen's war and focus at a major photo exhibition anura. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. how i we've had a long spell of weather into the southeast of china things will quieten down as we go on through the next couple of days still a fair amount of cloud into those central and eastern possible the main rain bad starting to just not a little further south was temperatures in hong kong at around thirty four degrees based on pieces of cloud and rain towards the gulf of talking in southwestern part
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of china also seeing some bits and pieces of cloud and right nasty little system very close to the philippines or the man that's in the process of pushing further north live the showers that are going to continue running across borneo over towards the malay peninsula usual heat of the day showers there the seasonal rise there for monday going on into choose a very little changing conditions lousy dry they notice for a good part of indonesia now looking at the weather looking largely dry for good parts of pakistan southern parts of india but for northern the northeastern parts of india in particular little more cloud still very much in evidence here more heavy downpours just around the dish the western goal bangladesh into the far northeast of india more the same as we go through choose day cloud does stretch just way over towards the west and gets but at least it is looking lousy settled here and is fine and dry for sri lanka. the weather sponsored by cats are at peace. the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab
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israeli conflict you don't really care after a while of palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure you call him you go crazy man you miss the public company of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house that's a symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now sweden center right and center left parties are neck and neck and sunday's general election prime
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minister social democrats remain the biggest party that asked expected the anti immigration far right party the sweden democrats have made significant gains eighty four people have been killed in renewed fighting in yemen's port city of her data it comes a day after a peace talks in geneva collapsed when the rebel delegation failed to show up hospital staff say the dead include dozens of huet the rebel fighters and at least eleven government troops. syrian or russian jets have continued their heavy bombardment in the liberation rebel fighters are digging tunnels to reinforce their positions local media report that barrel bombs at a hospital out of service and neighboring hama province. former cambodian opposition leader come soca has been released from jail he's been in prison for a year awaiting trial on treason charges he's accused of plotting to overthrow the government so his daughter says he's now under house arrest the supreme court dissolved his cambodian national rescue party last year at the request of the
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government at the time the party supporters said the move was politically motivated ahead of elections. korea has marked its seventieth anniversary with the huge military parade that is but unlike previous celebrations and did not enter continental missiles u.s. president on a welcome the gesture calling it a big and very positive statement robin pride has the latest from seoul. it had all the usual pomp of previous military displays but lacking much of the hardware especially the missiles compare this with this you believe you'll be looking at a military parade in april last year commemorating the birth date of north korea's founder kim il song. bristling with the medium and long range missiles it was provocatively testing on a regular basis. even at the start of the thaw in relations earlier this year north korea was showing off the intercontinental ballistic missiles that had taken it to
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what appeared to be the brink of conflict with the u.s. now you see them now you don't. this parade had far more emphasis on the development of the economy in line with leader kim jong un's promise to improve his people's living standards after years of hardship. for the large contingent of journalists allowed into north korea for this event has been shown apparent signs of success even if they are carefully stage managed to glue them to one. because this is the seventieth anniversary of our country the workers enough to actually hear all coming together to do their best to produce more and to make the factory a success. but if kim is going to achieve real economic development he needs sanctions on his country to be lifted and the u.s. insists for that to happen he has to give up his nuclear arsenal not simply keep it hidden from view. with negotiations seemingly deadlocked kim jong un is not
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doing anything to further antagonize the u.s. seen here with v.i.p. guest leisure and shoot from china's ruling politburo rather he is using the event to build on his developing links with the international community trying to emerge from the isolation of the past but robert bright al-jazeera sold. thousands of people in haiti have taken to the streets to protest against corruption they are demanding an investigation into allegations of misuse of funds as a former government officials are accused of embezzling money from the venezuelan sponsored oil loan scheme the protesters say that money could have helped alleviate poverty and haiti the poorest country in the western hemisphere hundreds of protesters have been arrested in moscow at a rally against raising the pension age they are angry at a plan to increase the retirement age by five years the group mainly and their twenty's was eventually blocked by police barricades opposition leader alexina
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valan a call for protests before he was sentenced to thirty days in jail. because first president is urging restraint as his sword counterpart visits the region alexander for czech addressed a rally of thousands of people on sunday the serb dominated city in the north of kosovo could be part of a future territory swap meant to improve ties between the two countries serbia has never recognized kosovo's two thousand and eight declaration of independence. this was the best says that these kosovo war veterans wanted to send to serbia's president aleksander had been determined to visit a serb and habited village so rounded by nobody in population the local mayor a man who had lost his entire family in a crackdown by serb forces twenty years ago made it clear that he would not be welcomed. fifteen thousand people were killed here during the war and thousands are
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still missing the serbian president cannot pass through here without apologising for the crimes that were committed by serbia the wounds run deep in this corner of the balkans. and patriotic fervor it runs high serbia lost control of kosovo nearly twenty years ago after a bitter conflict with rebels fighting for an independent state nato is a defense and eventually bought the fighting to an end but the government in belgrade has never accepted kosovo's two thousand and eight declaration of independence addressing one of the most nationalists of communities in the region was always going to be a challenge from east of. the community here has always railed against compromise but compromise is exactly what mr which has been urging saying that war and violence of any serve to isolate the septum unity here. the idea is to save our people our country our institutions to preserve peace and
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at least try to build bridges of trust towards the open eons to strive for. an agreement even when we know it's nearly impossible because the alternative leads up to an abyss and catastrophe. the crowd may have listened and politely applauded but not quite prepared to let go of the past to the medulla we got the message that we should continue to stay here to fight for kosovo until we die even then our children will carry on. we have to continue our presence here and i believe better days are coming those hopes rest on how both serbs and albanians can not only live together but also thrive this is one of the poorest regions in europe and both communities are equally affected joining the european union would many here hope help financially but there is much that needs to be done for that to happen missing the only memory of them that the we have no other alternative serbia cannot continue to talk of accession to the you approach to normalizing relations with
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kosovo and kosovo in turn need to fulfill its obligations prior to the parliament elections in the coming spring and in a region where the effects of war are still felt so vividly the instability overthe misty has blown up into conflict its leaders must tread a careful path to ensure that a peaceful solution can be made strong enough to withstand any potential unrest. al-jazeera. the head of u.s. media giant c.b.s. les moonves says stepping down after new allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault came to light his resignation is effective immediately the new yorker magazine reported the latest accusations who is one of hollywood's most powerful executives acknowledges relations with three of the women that he says they were consensual sex other when they made similar accusations last month. more than one child will die every minute from extreme hunger and war. by the charity
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save the children it's warning that starvation is now frequently used as a weapon of war reports this is eleven month old. he's suffering from acute malnutrition a victim of yemen's three and a half year civil war hunger is weakened his immune system he's at the mercy of diseases like malaria cholera and pneumonia the war means his father hasn't been paid in more than a year at his hometown the port city of her data is on the regular result thirty five thousand children are severely malnourished in yemen the country is on the brink of famine its warring sides often deliberately obstruct deliveries of food and medicine hunger has become a weapon of war and is on the rise in the world's conflict zones according to save the children's analysis of child hunger in the world's ten worst conflicts for the
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half million children under five will need treatment for this year but between august and december five hundred ninety thousand children are likely to miss out on treatment and die of starvation and disease without relief in the zone starts an average of one thousand six hundred a day or one child a minute the vast majority an estimated three hundred thousand children are at risk here in the democratic republic of congo where years of conflict have displaced large numbers of people from their homes aid groups and the u.n. have reportedly less than ten percent of the money they need to continue saving lives here in. syria have come in south sudan are among the other conflicts where hunger is rife. war destroys livelihoods it disrupts food production and in some areas starvation is a military strategy. these are the victims. the
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al-jazeera. a french photojournalist who captured the plight of civilians in war torn yemen has won the top award winner international festival there on a day they go to is the first female winner in twenty years the festival circuit is every day life and conflict zones i want to take a look on seeing images and the red lips of the war in yemen displaced children sleep in the streets at night neighborhoods that once teamed with life now reduced to rubble the photographs were taken last year by french photographer veronique to viguerie they're part of a photojournalism festival in the french city of. the turning which is. the a man. estrich. strike. four years of fighting between iranian back to the rebels in the saudi led coalition have
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devastated yemen at least fifteen thousand people have been killed more than twenty million are in desperate need few foreign journalists have been able to enter the country it took very neat one year to gain access and expose what she calls a hidden war. so india is making everything possible to fall between media to access especially north c.n.n. to us education of disappear being trapped. enemies on or borders the photos of one an international red cross prize for highlighting the suffering of civilians if you dispute could be there whether it is a lip or imagined we see the same tragedy for civilians they are prevented from leaving or they take big risks fleeing so for us at the international red cross these photos help us show the reality of international human rights violations the photos of yemen or for of rare few onto a more recent there are other conflicts that have lasted for decades and seen
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friend with fresh eyes is equally powerful and moving palestinian khalil hammer has been covering gaza for more than twenty years he's striking pictures are testimony of daily life. job is just to come up with. an exceptional picture for something different well show the conflict through the beauty so people would be able to look at a set her and keep looking at it starting to think about it and the story behind it without getting hurt from the picture it sir. the photographer has exhibited here hope that by shining a light on vulnerable people in conflict they'll show their pain but also highlight they can reach you talked about al-jazeera. france novak djokovic
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has beaten juan martin del potro partly in straight sets to win the u.s. open the victory is jovovich is fourteen grand slam title and takes him to third equal on the all time grand slam winners lysle long pete sampras it's a second major of the year following was when at wimbledon in his third of flushing meadows. take a look at the headlines now on al-jazeera sweden center right and center left parties are neck and neck in sunday's general election the prime minister stuff on law and social democrats remain the biggest party but says he's open to talks with the main opposition group and as expected the anti immigration far right party in sweden democrats did make significant gains to hall has more from stockholm. this is not like election did his dream in a new political landscape here in sweden the cheat to send to parties much
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diminished but still while the party's on the extremes will have the voices jimmy ackerson the sweden democrats lead to the far right party saying that this result made his party will have a may just say even syrian sweden in the coming weeks and the coming years syrian russian jets have continued their heavy bombardment in the it live region rebel fighters are digging tunnels to reinforce their positions but local media report that barrel bombs but a hospital out of service in neighboring hama province flared up again around the port city of who data killing eighty four people after talks to end yemen civil war collapsed hospital staff say the dead include dozens of who's the rebel fighters and at least eleven government troops sudan's entire government has been sacked by the country's president omar bashir has dissolved the government and cut the number of ministries from the thirty one to twenty one in a bid to tackle a growing economic crisis he asked
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a new prime minister but no other appointments have been announced former cambodian opposition leader kim soca has been released from jail he's been in prison for a year awaiting trial on treason charges he's accused of plotting to overthrow the government so his daughter says he's now under house arrest the head of u.s. media giant c.b.s. les moonves is stepping down immediately after new allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault came to light in the new yorker magazine reported the latest accusations investors one of hollywood's most powerful executives egg knowledge is relations with three of the women but says they were consensual six other women made accusations last month those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more to come inside story is next.
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more death sentences imposed in egypt seventy five people for allegedly protesting against the two thousand and thirteen coup would have deterred opponents of the government when we see another military crackdown and there is a reconciliation even possible this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. there's been a strong condemnation from here were riots groups of the latest wave of death sentences imposed in egypt most of the seventy five convicted war taking part in
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a sit in a public square in cairo a fire.


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