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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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step in because we failed to make justice and mr that quote do you think that these warnings from the u.s. administration will deter this i.c.c. at all. i don't think so i think it will make it more difficult i think the i.c.c. both the prosecutor's office and the judges are appalling the highest level of of there the standards of impartiality of of unbiased street bent of fair trials of fair investigations and thorough investigations there will definitely run into many hurdles i think that that's why we need the cooperation of many governments that may have information that should be provided to the i.c.c. we will not see indictment or arrest warrants anytime soon it will take years this is not only investigation about the u.s. it's an investigation about different parties that were part of the armed conflict in afghanistan that involves the taliban it informs the afghans forces allied forces that were working with the united states but for the united states it is
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important step forwards that avenue to be pursued because of the lack of any accountability in the domestic level and that that is really why it's so important for the i.c.c. to to maintain determination to pursue this this forward even without us cooperation that is the american civil liberties union. thank you very much for your time we appreciate it. let's move on to other news now turkey's president has warned that the consequences of an action and servia madness and that the entire world stands to pay the prize for the wall street journal budget side at the on that syrian president bashar assad was looking to legitimize the imminent attack on counterterrorism croutons at the monochord on the us to stop focusing on chemical attacks adding that conventional weapons have a sponsible far more deaths but he also said that the obligation to stop the bloodshed does not rest solely with the west saying russia and iran responsible at
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the long one that of regime assault would also create serious humanitarian and security risks for turkey europe. and beyond whatever one's pleas for a political solution commas the united nations says that thirty thousand people have already been displaced within problems in the last week alone many of them are now heading towards turkey stephanie decker has more from un talk here on the turkey syria border. there's a huge numbers given by the united nations over thirty thousand people fleeing the areas where the bombardment is taking place and going to different areas inside most of the people according to the united nations going into camps these are camps that are along the turkish border turkey's borders of course remain closed some people going to stay with relatives also others according to the united nations are an informal camps and others renting it just shows you the concern going forward
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particularly by turkey. potential civilian exodus towards its borders its borders remain closed as we've said and it has no intention of opening them up regardless of what happens it says it is on its own and it is that capacity when it comes to dealing with syrian refugees hosting already over three million inside turkey so what what they're doing to prepare for this they tell us that they already have material inside syria in the sense that they can be setting up more camps more tense also medical facilities tree our facilities if that is needed because they do expect if the offensive gets closer to the cities to the more densely populated areas there are a warning and a lot of people have used this word of a potential bloodbath well they are the ones pleas for a political solution camas as we mentioned the united nations says thirty thousand people have been displaced in it live. they would change to has more now from geneva. the united nations has warned an all out onslaught on it lip will
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endanger the lives of three million civilians trapped in the province one million of them children. the special envoy for syria has spelled out to the security council what it could mean we have been hearing it during this last few days we are all terribly concerned they are all. that exist poor a perfect storm which in chile diverse dating your money concert with other consequences as well the syrian refugees and activists have been staging weekly demonstrations outside the u.n. headquarters in geneva they say it's intolerable talks of a new constitution are taking place and while bombs are falling on it live i say to the united nation says if you are. just talking without action we heard kill my brother. i lost my son. i lost my country.
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the u.n. special envoy to syria said in terms of real politics they realize that plans could be overturned by the escalating conflict in it live but that no political process should be held hostage by anything aid organizations say in recent days three hospitals have been attacked one of them twice they're calling for human observers to be based in the province when there is a storm i would be told sit by the wall stay in the payson and do this don't do that to survive in the case of syria it's not even a storm there is no guidance there is no instructions you never know what to do as a civilian this secretly film footage was taken after the fall of eastern ghouta earlier this year and shows young men who surrendered to the government being led in chains through the streets of damascus it's believed they were then conscripted into the army then. digital artwork of life in rebel controlled territory in syria
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is going on display at the headquarters of the union of medical care in geneva it conveys the suffocating isolation of being under attack but nothing can convey the sheer scale of the suffering to come if the assault continues david chaytor al jazeera geneva. there are plenty more ahead on the news hour including bots prime minister goes on a tour of the city by days of anti-government protests an attack on libya's national all headquarters puts pressure on efforts to end the fighting in tripoli and bradley makes sure home crowd is paying attention as he feels his first win and six years peter will be here with more on that later. lawyers for brazil's jailed former president. says he'll keep fighting giovanna next month's presidential election banned from standing due to
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a corruption conviction and the supreme court has rejected his latest appeal he spent monday meeting with fernando hard out who could be announced the workers' party candidate on tuesday a latin america editor lucien human could achieve where. it's a race against time for former president and his workers' party this is the federal police facility where the former president is serving out a twelve year prison sentence and it's here that the would be presidential candidate spent the day meeting with his running mate. it was widely expected that would give him a letter naming him as his successor to allow him to register in his stead as the party's candidate before a tuesday evening deadline for doing so runs out. outside supporters who've been camped out in front of the prison facility remained on vigil. made them
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. we vote for liz ideals we have a program for our country voting for dot vote it's the same thing for us because we're voting for a program but instead of a new candidate what they got was the message that. giving up hope against the odds that one of court appeals that he still has opened well on. were turned in a letter to a court decision barring from running experts say it's highly unlikely that this will happen although legally lula still has options a listers of favorable decision before september seventeenth it will be too late for him to run and that brings us back to the original question and the workers party risk it all and wait or will they give another candidate had that chance to run. they have almost no time left to decide will staying in brazil and far right presidential contenders a lot of remains in a serious condition and requires an other major surgery after being stabbed on
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thursday hospital authorities in sao paolo as they were sixty three year old needs an operation to repair his intestinal tract and left wing activists who stabbed says he was acting on a mission from god. aid organization doctors without borders has confirmed that more than one hundred refugees and migrants died this month when their rubber boats were damaged off the coast of libya survivors were brought to the port of call by the libyan coast guard on the second of september one survivor said two boys said hearts from the coast but one engine failed and the other began to deflate many managed to survive by clinging to wreckage. at least two people are dead and ten others injured in libya's capital tripoli after gunmen stormed the headquarters of the national oil corporation security forces so the regained control of the building last week a truce between rival armed groups sports some despite the fighting in the city with that than one who has more from tripoli. the special deterrence force that is
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the security apparatus policing in the capital tripoli has announced that its individuals have taken full control of the headquarters of the national oil corporation following that attack that targeted the national oil corporation and killed two of the employees and one did ten others now according to the head of the tripoli security directorate the attackers belong to isolate but at the same time the interior ministry issued a statement saying that the attack is a terrorist attack without without naming the assailants at the same time the d.n.a. that is the government of national accord condemned the attack calling it a terrorist attack now the situation has called of to some extent but there is still security measures security measures have been tightened in front of the state institutions and premises now this attack is very similar to the attack on the high
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national election commission last may when i salute claimed responsibility for that but so far according to security sources this is this period the science of a terrorist attack but the identity of the assailants has not been confirmed yet eighteen people have been killed in central line here after a gas exploded that happened and i fear the capital of the state more than forty others were taken to hospital with serious burns. at least six people have died after a suicide bomber detonated a car full of explosives and the somali capital of mogadishu. has claimed responsibility for the attack that left sixteen others enjoyed and destroyed an office building here morgan reports the was the bomber targeted a local government building in mogadishu and was followed by gunshots the only
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thought i was drinking tea when the car hit the key i fell down on the ground and saw other people on the ground as well but i was shocked that. this is the second suicide blast and somalia's capital has now. claimed responsibility for that blast and dozens of other previous he said attacks in others not quite as they turned out they are jockeys they have attacked or they are with. attackers in the conditions somali capital you know are the last week they are going hello that killing. and today they are all the districts where they are and it is a. many people are there on their way growing they are always in their life like that this. somalis government with help from the african union. fighters from the capital in twenty eleven but the group still has control over territories in the southern parts of the country and continues to target both
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government sites and civilians in the capital the u.s. has also been involved in targeting senior figures of the armed groups. but after more than twelve years people in mogadishu still face the new daily threats of attacks people morgan al-jazeera. to iraq now where armed groups and basra have tracked down protesters who set fire to their offices over the past week prime minister heather alibaba has visited the city where people say corruption and connect ruining their lives rob matheson has more from the capital of baghdad. under pressure to resign the prime minister hide the body or arrives in the southern iraqi city of basra where protesters say his government is to blame for much of the corruption and neglect which have destroyed their water and power supplies and left thousands without jobs. what happened in a bathrobe was one hundred percent true to a political conflict unfortunately some political blocs have military wings and some of them wanted to burn down power throw off but thankfully there was stopped
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by the cooperation of the peaceful civilians yet they're going to get a body is facing calls for him to step down over the crisis in basra the iraqi government is deadlocked disputes over the result of an election in may have left politicians wrangling over power in basra fighters from the iran by group known in english as the league of the righteous have paraded through the streets their headquarters is one of several private and government buildings burned by protesters during a week of demonstrations against corruption which also targeted other pro iran shia groups the governor says the destruction is criminal part of many protest organizers and activists have denounced such actions and a criminal act should be denounced by the people of basra regardless of who had carried it out but is only allowed to have peaceful protests in order to deliver the people's messages to the government. three hundred kilometers to the north of
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basra is the city of samarra protesters there tried to storm the offices of the hickman political party but were pushed back by police the party's leader is shia cleric ahmad all hakim who is also part of the parliamentary coalition headed by fellow shia cleric walked out all sutta seen as a nationalist and anti iran solder is vowing to fight corruption he's demanded the protests should hold for forty five days in that time he says the government should demonstrate that it's doing something to help bus but critics say this short visit by the prime minister won't achieve much. in boston there's a heavy military presence but there are fears that might incite more violence now there are armed groups too that could make politics and security even more complicated in basra rob matheson al jazeera back down the evacuation orders have been issued to a million people in the u.s. as a powerful storm approaches the country's east coast hurricane florence is expected
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to make landfall in north or south carolina on thursday already a category four storm that's predicted to strengthen in the coming days authorities say people should leave the areas listed for evacuation by tuesday the u.s. national hurricane center is warning of one hundred and one thousand kilometer and hour where flooding and coastal surge is the head of the united nations has issued a stark warning about the threats from climate change and tornado tears as urged world later to take immediate decisive action climate change is the defining issue of our time and we are at the defining moments we face a direct is essential so that's climate change is moving faster than we are and it speeds us provoked a sonic boom s.o.s. across our world we are getting towards the edge of the obese it is not too late to
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shift course but every day that passes means the world it's up a little more and the cost of all the next months every day we fail to act is a day that we step a little closer towards a fate that none of us want the fate that will resonate through generations in the damage done to human kind and life on earth. still ahead on the news hour right square that's accused china's government of years and already in methods to crackdown on muslim wages weaponize and starvation how hunger and conflicts on earth could trim the child every minutes before the end of the here. and we'll tell you how some of the world's best surface to set a competition more than a hundred and fifty kilometers and land that's coming up a paper and support. from
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long flowing on in the winds to an enchanting designee breeze the. well the tropical depression new watching between luzon and taiwan has developed into a tropical depression and this massive green here is light to move in this general direction now you can see it is already the forecast of showers and hind end which has been wet recently but it takes most of the rain away from the chinese mainland so taiwan and back towards north vietnam lots to track to watch for significant rain the next day or so will probably just about get enough strength to give it a name as a tropical storm but i want to guarantee that equally cloud is thickening in sichuan that's moving slowly south bringing rain with it so they're on some parts of china still seeing the end of summer rains if you like but the most part we're concentrating on the stormy stuff now in the western pacific so let's leave this part of the world jump sarsi a father right has got down through malaysia and indonesia good spacing between the
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showers but every every day jakarta gets closer and closer to seeing a significant pool mostly the java bali's dry borneo not so nor indeed sumatra or than if you in singapore kuala lumpur all plan to travel there the chances are showers are not far away as for the philippines where you don't have enough of these all for the rest of the audience yeah well it seems likely. the weather sponsored by qatar and base. the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while of palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure they could call a good guy who is the man but joe public company of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home fresh perspectives new possibilities.
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debates and discussions it's only one piece on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves says so much to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number at all that we can put on. al-jazeera is award winning programs takes you on a journey around the globe. only on al-jazeera. news hour these are our top stories the u.s. has threatened to sanction the international criminal court if it prosecutes of
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soldiers for war crimes and the. national security adviser john bolton also criticized palestinian efforts to bring israel before the i.c.c. and he confirmed the u.s. would be shot in the palestine liberation organization is office in washington the u.n. says tens of thousands of people have already been displaced within syria's province escalation in airstrikes last week meanwhile turkey's president has warned that the entire world stands to pay the price if the syrian government and its allies russia stop their air attacks. brazil's jailed former president and say he'll keep fighting to run in next month's presidential election. from standing due to a corruption conviction the supreme court has rejected his latest appeal. well let's get more on our top story now on the u.s. closing the p.l.o.'s office in washington d.c. well the palestinian leadership says the u.s. has adopted a list of israeli demands a force that has more. well the polar state of relations between the palestinian
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leadership and the united states was already in evidence for many months one of those factors is the fact that the head of the p.l.o. mission which has just been closed down has been here in ramallah since he was withdrawn from the united states in may by palestinian president mahmoud abbas he was informed early on monday morning palestinian time by a u.s. official who told him that it was because of the palestinian pressure for israel to be brought before the international criminal court that this decision was being made with the palace in leadership sees this very much in the context of other u.s. measures against them in recent days in fact throughout the trump administration just recently though we have seen two hundred million dollars in aid slashed from u.s. funding to the palestinian authority we've seen the united states and entirely its funding of an rather the u.n. organization that aids palestinian refugees just this weekend twenty five million dollars taken away from palestinian hospitals in east jerusalem and so when we
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spoke to the senior advisor to the palace in president not bill south he put this in that context does mr trump provide any answer absolutely not mr trump's ideas of destructive whatever remains of the peace process are one sided are extortionists. using economic pressure to deny any right for the palestinians and to deny the importance of international law and international institutions the palestinian leadership says rather than trying to bully them into adopting a different line in terms of their rejection of the trump peace plan before its publication rather the united states has adopted a grocery list of israeli demands this latest move being one of them we spoke to the secretary general of the p.l.o. side erekat on monday he said that they would pursue israel at the international criminal court with even greater vigor adding another charge to the list that of
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the impending demolition of a bedouin village. in the occupied west bank he also said that after speaking to the un general assembly president abbas would return here reconvene the palestinian central council and start to enact real changes in the palestinian relationship with israel as a result of all that's happened since donald trump took power. hal of them going the as a fellow at the brookings institution who previously served as an advisor to the p.l.o. and he says the u.s. decision will further damage peace efforts even the eight cuts and diplomatic sanctions imposed on the palestinians and humanitarian sanctions imposed on on the palestinian people by this administration i think are likely to see more instability a lot of that frustration on the palestinian street will be channeled toward their own leadership for you know. that house in leadership has banked on a u.s. led peace process for all these many years for more than two or three decades and
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there will be a lot of pressure on this leadership to come up with an alternative what is the plan now. and frankly the p.l.o. leadership doesn't have a plan b. if except perhaps to go back to international forums like the i.c.c. . but whether these reforms can be effective in actually securing the primary demand which is an end to the israeli occupation is very very uncertain aid organization save the children says more than which one child will die every minute from hunger in war zones the group is warning that starvation is now frequently used as a weapon of war the toy gate and the reports. in towns and cities across syria both his loyal to president bashar assad have long used a surrender or stop strategy against civilians in rebel held areas eastern go to is
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now under government control but earlier this year four hundred thousand people would be feeds the many starving. a similar military strategy is being used in yemen both the fighters and government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition deliberately obstruct deliveries of food hunger has become a weapon of war and its use is more prevalent now than it anytime in the last twenty years. save the children has looked at child hunger in the world's ten worst conflicts it's found that four point five million children under five will need treatment for mt nutrition this year but five hundred ninety thousand a likely to miss out on the care they need and die of starvation and disease that's an average of sixteen hundred a day or one child a minute i think what we've seen this time is a buckin kind of
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a two decades trend where global hunger has been decreasing for the first time in that time period is now increasing and complex is behind that and so. yes it's always been there but i think we're seeing a much more acute pinch on children across particularly eastern countries in some areas starvation is a military strategy in others war disrupts food production which in turn leads to hunger. in the democratic republic of congo years of fighting has displaced large numbers of people from their homes aid groups a three hundred thousand children are at risk conflicts disrupt people's ability to farm to keep their livestock jobs disappear it can lead to economic collapse that causes food prices to skyrocket so even people who are miles and miles and miles away from any active fighting or find that they are no longer able to afford the simplest of meals fighting in just ten countries is now responsible for overseeing
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a twenty year decline in global hunger save the children is calling for governments around the world to protect children and hold to account those responsible for using food as a weapon victoria gave him be al jazeera. the united nations' new human rights chief has urged the creation of a new body to investigate alleged crimes against myanmar or head to minority. comments follow the international criminal court's ruling last week that it has jurisdiction over any forced evil taishan off to neighboring bangladesh while myanmar is not a member of the i think say bangladesh is. i also welcome efforts by members think that this council to establish an independent international mckinney's and for myanmar to collect consoli the preserve and then there lies evidence of the most serious international crimes in order to expedite fear and independent trials in national and international courts. this mechanism would also complement and support
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the preliminary examination of the i.c.c. prosecutor i urge the council to pass a resolution to refer the matter to the general assembly for its indorsement so that such a mechanism can be established and michelle bachelet has called on child to allow monitors and to look into allegations that hundreds of thousands of weaker muslims are being forced to abandon their religion in detention camps iran can reports. just practicing islam has become a problem for the chinese government. this man says he survived what the government calls a reeducation camp. and all too we'll. but i don't buy table would just one like me would turn up let me make it then in so many getting them all along.
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that you can download all the rights group says interviewed fifty eight people including mainly ethnic weakness and kazakhs they cues officials of all the true detention religious repression and surveillance against thirteen million muslims the government says it set up the reeducation camps with the sole purpose of eradicating religious extremism and terrorism and to cure what it calls ideological diseases. the un's new human rights chief of michelle bachelet has called on china to allow international monitors into asian yang to look into what she calls a deeply disturbing situation human rights watch china director sophie richardson welcome the call but says much more on down one of the challenges that everybody faces is of course chinese government restrictions on access to the region and beijing really has nothing to hide then it's time to correction. in areas perceived by beijing as anti-government hotspots many interviewee say more than
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half of their family members are in prison or in the so-called reeducation camps the report also cites what it calls a disturbing high tech mass of violence and says officials have a database of everyone's biometric data including their d.n.a. the chinese government has not yet commented on this report but it has denied accusations of mistreatment of muslims and jin yang it says the increased security measures at a guard against the threats of separatists in the region in morocco. they have been found abrasions and north korea to mark seventy years since the country was founded tens of thousands of people have been taking part in the audience mass games and event that showcases the country's achievement. while at the same time pulling in tourists by the reports from seoul. taking months to prepare and involving tens of thousands of citizens to perform them the games are an extravagance north
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korea can ill afford. they haven't been staged for five years but the country's leader kim jong un clearly believes this period of improving relations is worth celebrating. him and bracing his south korean counterpart while korean characters declare a new era of reunification. you know this display also promotes the message of strengthening relations with the international community after years of isolation. that you know i think our country should be very unified soon and go out into the world he says. north korea's neighbors may be prevented by international sanctions from trading with it but tourists face less restrictions tickets for foreigners to witness this spectacle cost hundreds of dollars and thousands are expected to visit during the coming months. kim jong un has personally overseen the development of
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new tourist resorts as a way of attracting visitors and their cash. neighboring china is allowing a record number of tourists to visit north korea providing a much needed boost i'm pyongyang wants to reopen a resort on its side of the d.m.z. border to allow return of tourists from south korea. this is an impoverished country still under maximum international pressure not that you would know it from this display robin pride al-jazeera so. russia and japan say they're ready to resolve a decades long territorial dispute over a chain of islands in the pacific ocean russian president vladimir putin and japanese prime minister shinzo they made the comments after meeting in that of all stock and eastern russia they say they're working towards on.


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