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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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to saudi arabia reversing last week's decision to cancel the order the move is angered activists who say the weapons will be used in the killing of civilians in yemen the cancellation of the deal led to concerns about spanish jobs and the future of a more lucrative contract to supply warships with kate gould is from friends committee on national legislation c says a stronger message needs to be sent to other nations who are still supplying arms to saudi arabia. it's truly a shameful decision and we're seeing with this reversal that spain instead of sending a red light to and mass slaughter in yemen that is spain is changing that to a green light to green lighting the continued indiscriminate killing of civilians and targeting of civilian areas like hospitals and schools and most recently a school bus full of yemeni children so it's truly a shameful decision and spain should rethink this and also other countries should step up to the plate and stop sending more weapons of mass starvation and mass
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destruction to saudi arabia. we need to see more concerted action going forward we do have we know that the trumpet ministration is planning to move forward billions of dollars worth of arms sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates we have seen a lot more action from congress a lot of interest in trying to stop those sales and that every bit of pressure does help it sends a strong signal to saudi arabia that support for this war is not unconditional and unfortunately those spain sent the opposite message with this reversal. will break your knowledge is iraq when we come back a show of force in siberia three hundred thousand troops two of the largest war games in china russia. is of course as countries around the world the poorest people we meet some of those forty million citizens and it's all of them.
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from the ski sunsets it's proving something. to summarize the topic metropolis. hello again it's good to have you back we're here across turkey we all watch it's a very heavy rain showers over the next few days that's all due to an air of low pressure that is moving across the region showers anywhere from all the way back here towards istanbul maybe some windy conditions as well with the temp from ankara about thirty five degrees but here across most of the central area we are seeing some drier conditions baghdad at forty seven quite city at about forty five degrees and really not too much of a change but we are picking up some snow here across the northern parts of india as well as pakistan as well as afghanistan as a make our way down here across much of the middle east we are seeing temperatures about moderate for this time of year maybe doha about forty one degrees riyadh seeing about forty to mecca about forty three on strike day and then mecca you're coming down to about thirty nine degrees as we go towards saturday there over
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towards africa as morrow well you're going to see some clouds in your forecast maybe about twenty six degrees and as i make our way down toward southern africa we are seeing some of partly cloudy conditions turning cloudy for cape town over the next few days we've been watching this front just off the coast really lingering across that region keeping those temperatures low so fifteen degrees there on friday and then as we go towards saturday we do expect to see more clouds in your forecast but i'm just coming up by eighteen in johannesburg see about twenty seven degrees there. there with sponsored by qatar and always. my name is margaret and managers are much cereals like jewels and the beauties browns put up points he doesn't really need. to put they just we just see it's glad. i am manager i'm only back in my.
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mind nigeria on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour hurricane florence has started to batter the east coast of the united states bringing heavy rain strong winds and rising floodwaters to three states north carolina south carolina and virginia under the fifty six thousand people now without electricity. turkey central bankers raise interest rates in a bid to stabilize the economy and stem a currency crisis helped the u.s. again three and a half percent against the u.s. dollar the decision was made despite president outlines opposition to rate hikes.
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and spain has decided to go ahead with selling four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia the verse in last week's decision to cancel the order of us and get out as you said the weapons will be used in the killing of civilians. the russian president vladimir putin has watched hundreds of thousands of troops take part in the country's largest military exercises since the fall of the soviet union and for the first time chinese troops are also taking part or a challenge reports from vladivostok. three hundred thousand personnel thirty six thousand tanks and other vehicles one thousand aircraft eighty ships and supply vessels that's the size of voss stock two thousand and eighteen according to russia's defense ministry even if there might be some exaggeration there these drills are still huge the largest since one thousand nine hundred one bloody may putin flew into water the sukkot firing range of near where the russian chinese and one goalie and borders meet soldiers and hardware from all three countries are
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taking part. but he is not in this way and i want to express special gratitude to the soldiers of the people's republic of china and mongolia our duty to russia i am referring now to russian servicemen our duty to the homeland is to be ready to defend the sovereignty of the security and the national interests of our country. it's a huge show of force from the modernized russian military boosted by increased funding and the crucial battle experience it's gained in syria the chinese involvement in russia's drills has raised particular concerns in the west it's a sign the two eurasian powers are overcoming historical animosities to forge a strengthening partnership they want to show that if the united states asserts itself in the korean peninsula or if they move against iran that they're likely to come up against a unified front from beijing and russia so it's really about showing solidarity and showing that there's an alignment of interests putin said russia is a peace loving state that does not and cannot have aggressive plans but nato has
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condemned the drills as a rehearsal for a large scale conflict the north atlantic alliance has also been testing capabilities british french and german jets simulated flight interceptions over western europe on wednesday to deter russian planes from entering nato airspace russia and the west haven't seem quite so hostile since the cold war these military exercises with china coincide with russia hosting the chinese president and other asian leaders at the eastern economic forum here in the pacific port city of lot of rostock and taken together these two things show that russia are increasingly seen as its partners in interests in this part of the world more than in the capitals of europe and the united states for each islands how does era right across. the u.s. has suggested it may consider visa bans and targeted sanctions against chinese officials of the beijing's treatment of ethnic we get other muslims engine jan province the un has accused china of holding up to
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a million weak as in secret internment camps where they're being forced to abandon their religion a senior u.s. state department figure was asked if the magnitsky act could be applied it's a human it's a us human rights law that allows the president to target individuals responsible for committing human rights violations. china's imprisoning perhaps a million are we going to use magick machine see act against them thank you congressman for that question the state department is very concerned about chinese tweet treatment of weak years we are encouraging the chinese government through diplomatic channels to ensure that they allow the practice of freedom of religion they respect human dignity but this is a hearing on sanctions are we going to say yes congressman when it comes to sanctions rollouts we are not able to preview what we might do but i can tell you we are looking at the situation and global magnitsky is a tool that we use to curb human rights abuses around the world now in washington d.c. the congressional black caucus is holding its annual conference it's made up of african-american
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members trying to ensure marginalized communities can achieve the american dream but critics have long accused the group of wanting to be part of this stop us mint she had the chance she reports. massachusetts made history last week iowa presently beat a ten term congressman by almost twenty points despite being outspent she will now almost certainly be the state's first african-american member of the house of representatives but as with so many successful progressive candidates she built a coalition of younger white voters and minorities on a platform of the right to health care education and economic and social justice policies that have become so ingrained in our daily lives this to obama's convinced our so if there wasn't anything we could do about. but as we now know cheney. well. yet one group was notable for withholding its support in
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fact it supported white opponents the congressional black caucus for prez the supporters that wasn't really a shock were clear about what cyber were on the side of grassroots rather thought of working people and were on the side of an insurgent left that that's talking about the issues that folks have been have been frankly in the black community these are issues that that we've been in front of as black voters unfortunately there's been a centrist political class that's been sort of stymieing that debate and now it's coming to the fore here at the c.b.c.'s annual conference delegates can see the blast left. a multi-racial electorate across the country and winning with candidates who argue the goal isn't just to fit in to the u.s. a social and economic system but to transform it even to overthrow it but the c.b.c. has long been criticized for seeming to argue that all black america once is to fit
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in corporate america post tens of millions of dollars into the c.b.c. and questions have long been raised as to how that so affected the policy positions of c.b.c. members from weakening financial regulations on the banks accused of predatory lending to black communities to voting for the militarization of the police or the expansion of the us is wars abroad the congressional black caucus said it was unable to provide us with a representative to interview. the polls show that fear of trump will not suffice to get voters to the ballot box candidates offering genuine alternatives will in two thousand and seven the c.b.c. didn't even induce barack obama prefer hillary clinton now it faces the same questions that led to that decision what does the c.b.c. stand for and does it comprehend the changes taking place in the united states she ever time c.l. jazeera washington. the resilient far right presidential candidate gyra both
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scenarios recovering from emergency surgery following his stabbing last week surgeons in sao paolo repaired parts of his intestine a war he was left with life threatening injuries after the attack at a campaign rally eight days ago also naras leading opinion polls despite critics saying he's homophobic and a massage missed the vote is scheduled for october seventh the suspect in the attack was told a court he felt threatened by both an hour's news. squeezes in view. i like millions of people feel literally threatened by both scenarios i feel threatened by the speeches that he has given that sooner or later he'll accomplish what he so vehemently promising for the whole country against people exactly like me to argentina now where prices are soaring unemployment is high and the currency has lost half its value so far this year inflation is now at thirty four percent one of the highest in the world and history is about reports from charcoal indigenous communities are some of the worst affected. struggling to recover
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from her son's death last week she belongs to the indigenous community in chaco one of argentina's poorest provinces. he was a good boy he was always smiling always playing he did not deserve what happened to him we are good people we work in what we can and do not have much but we are honest my son would never steal a looter supermarket he was a good student. if my it was thirteen years old he was going to meet his mother in a nearby neighborhood when a group of people allegedly trying to rub a supermarket. in the killed that for no reason mine was full of. tension has been on the rice in argentina as food prices have increased because of the financial crisis. going to still enough to my says the incident in science pena is an example of the difficulties indigenous communities face every day though i don't know who i know but i look at us and say those dot disgusting indians from the
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north a useless and come to studio but that's not what happened argentina's government gives cash handouts through a card scheme to help poor families says on this occasion the card was withheld by the shop owner and those who went to the supermarket wanted it back. what happened is that you leave your card at the supermarket because we can only buy the basics so they kicked it as a guarantee to make sure we pay the problem is we never know what we have being charged and he keeps on mocking the prices up. and that's a big problem when he defects those who can barely make enough to survive indigenous communities in northern argentina have historically been neglected by the state they're suffering from high levels of undernourishment lack of basic services this is the place that members of this community get their water from and that's why in times of economic crisis very desperate need of help. we went to talk
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to the owner of the shop where the shooting happened he denied any wrongdoing. but within the region it is having repercussions on the prices because of the devaluation so it's confusing for us too so we try to catch up to those who came here wanted to rob us and had no excuse. but the communities insist that is not the case the economic crisis is affecting the poor in every possible way and while the government tries to contain the impact for some it is already too late. science pena argentina now a new report by the overseas development institute warns the world is not on track to end extreme poverty by twenty thirty that target was set by world leaders in twenty fifteen the world bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than one dollar ninety per person per day it affects eight hundred million people today that number is expected to high by twenty thirty so the report says extreme poverty will
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persist without increase investment in health education and social protection it calls for an immediate change to our international aid is distributed the focus on countries which are least able to finance their own public spending. well as predicted south africa will be one of sixty countries which will fail to meet the twenty thirty target fourteen million people there are living in extreme poverty for me the miller went to meet some of them in johannesburg. the sprawling township of soweto is rich in contrast while there is a growing middle class and a vibrant economy many here live in poverty one of those people is rosy. she's unemployed and looks after four grandchildren with a government pension of one hundred dollars a month and knowing that. it's too little money to feed for growing by the money runs out before the month is over we struggle to survive she brings the children to this community center with they have what is often their only meal of the day
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government statistics show that poverty levels have increased since twenty eleven with fourteen million south africans now living in extreme poverty surviving on less than a dollar a day thirty million south africans live in poverty that's just over half the population and most of those affected are children while the government launched a national development plan to eradicate poverty by twenty thirty levels are still rising the poorest of the poor live on just thirty five dollars a month spending a third of that on food reported by the overseas development institute says that up to sixty countries are unlikely to eliminate extreme poverty by twenty thirty almost a third us of africans are unemployed often relying on the government social grants to survive but with low economic growth economists say this is not sustainable progress singular on direction and the moment of population growth is higher than
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our economic growth or population growth rate is more than one and a half percent and there are economic growth records we all know they get there if we are in a recession and are sort of salt of that on the back up at the prices so for africans. according to the o.d.i. the world is managed to more than half the number of people living in extreme poverty still hundreds of millions like rosie continued to be at the burden of hardship. al-jazeera johannesburg. our time for a quick check of the headlines here now jazeera hurricane florence a started to batter the east coast of the united states it's bringing heavy rain strong winds and rising floodwaters to three states north carolina south carolina and virginia hundred fifty six thousand people are now without electricity it's been downgraded to a category one hurricane but forecasters are warning the slow moving storm will
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cause major damage across the southeast north carolina's governor has told residents this is only the beginning the worst of the storm is not yet here but the easier the early warnings of the days to come surviving this storm will be attached. teamwork comment six patients one person has been killed after more than forty gas explosions across several towns north of the u.s. city of boston at least thirteen others have been injured police and firefighters have been responding to more than seventy incidents in the area customers of one gas company have been advised to evacuate officials are blaming over pressurized gas supply pipes the turkish central bank has raised interest rates in a bid to stabilize the economy and stem a currency crisis the move held the reggae in three and a half percent against the u.s. dollar the bank says it will keep interest rates high incidence lation starts to
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ease the decision was made just by president out of bounds opposition to rate hikes . the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen says hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance as fighting begins again around the city of data it has a key port as the entry point for most of the aid sent to yemen the saudi amorality coalition and government forces are battling who the rebels for control of the city have been a lull in the fighting in the run up to plan talks in geneva last week brazilian far right presidential candidate john bolton are as recovering from emergency surgery following his stopping last week surgeons and the repaired parts of his intestine the all he was left with a life threatening injuries after the campaign rally eight days ago. leading opinion polls despite critics saying he's homophobic and a massage missed the vote scheduled for october seventh well those were the headlines the news continues here at al-jazeera after the street station
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that's the watching. star turned politician now charged with treason. and. here in the stream. charge of treason he. joins us live to talk about this for the future and of course . you can be a part of this conversation to send us your questions for bobbie on twitter stream or to our live.
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well the wine also known by his birth name galani sentamu has often spoken out against what he sees as oppression in his home country of uganda in recent weeks he says he has come to know that oppression firsthand on august the thirteenth he was arrested by ugandan authorities detained in military barracks and initially charged with illegal weapons possession now upon his departure from military courts he was rearrested and charged with treason since his election into parliament last year he has become a sharp critic of president you know what it was seventy it was been in power since one nine hundred eighty six as a musician bobby wind songs of call for political change and freedom from social injustices his rise from poverty to afro pop stardom helped him build a large following among youth with fans family calling him the ghetto president. so it's so good to have you here in the studio in washington d.c. we've spoken to you a couple of times we had no idea that you would ever end up right. but for not good
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reasons i'm looking at some of your compact. in conflict with security forces to soldiers as well i'm wondering if you can actually help us out and let us know what happened to them because this story isn't just about you it's about what happened to some of them just looking here at an empty relapses after being taken off life support machines you'll see his speech out there who is that tell us about his story. i'm privileged to be here finally physically like you say this is not just about me it's about. for many people with thirty three. france's ok continues to fight for his life in a host between india. their little known personalities like a lady who had just had a baby breast
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a zillion section so beaten that by the time i left home she was passing. the whole . book. common in brooklyn and indeed a few others that had been brutalized even before. there were no but numbers who is permanently disabled she sustained the broken scar so this kind of brutality was only new to us our case we just privileged that attracted not only home martin shown but attention the wild over and actually that's why i take it upon myself every day even against. his advice to try and make use of the opportunity to raise that voice raise awareness of the brutality that's ongoing. and it's much appreciated we got a video. comment rosebowl a writer and blogger and uganda and she reminds us a rule of thirty three have
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a listen to what she says and these are going to do a lot of political plan is that. why we need in the words of his really childish. to do for women in the land of the seas when some crooked pithy. comment will kind of walk this is. so when we meet talk about finances hundreds of it leads to to get the story of why it isn't wanted fugitive so that there is a these people into britain the teaching of these stories but what is in the snow that's often when caught up in the decisions that fight it is that this really isn't a cook book bottle. so she mentions women being at the bottom of this pile when people think about those who are injured but also she mentions a ruler thirty three those who are also charged what do you know about them and
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their cases. are very many. very many people beaten mission if you. mention all of them maybe to most of it. there's another lady there cannot go from called sold to my dad she's still in hospital in kampala many of them and most people but most importantly i would thank god that some are still fighting for their lives and indeed i'm here speaking for them but there are those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for example my drive by scene coma. who took the bullets that probably were meant for me he lost his life he was killed by the security forces. and many others continue to be killed in what government claimed. but indeed there were more to you know create more fear within the population you posted
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a picture of your driver. and it was so horrific we couldn't actually share it with we did a stream show very close to that incident. posted it so everybody could see you saw that and this is your reality this horror this violence people your friends people close to you a dying how do you strategize your way through this how do you stay sane. we have no option but to try to stay sane but again we also have no guarantee of sanity especially if our leaders have decided to behave in an insane man you know it is. brutality that's being unleashed on the population every day every time the citizens try to raise their voice their mate with brutal force so. sunny to the
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population is a hard one how will we continue to preach to the population telling them that we especially we as people power or we are forces of change and note. we don't promote violence we don't we don't respect violence and indeed we continue to disagree with whoever tries to paint an image of violence with us we . continuously using their constitutional methods of demanding for our freedom which we believe we shall gain we got a few treats that are like the one of the pottery and i will say the majority of tweets that we're getting from ugandans and people from across the continent in the world are in support of your struggle in your story this is patriot she writes bobby why this behaving like most opposition figures when they're outside their countries they want to discredit everything about the government and spread all
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sorts of lies this is being investigated and if he has information about it he can come in and share it with the ugandan police what do you say to people who think this. i don't know how much more information i have to share with the police about the brutal mudda of my drive which was treated by the security forces i don't know how much more information to give the police about. the gun instead they claimed they found it in my room and then they later dropped the charges. i don't know where to run for justice when the people that suppose they're actually paid to protect us are the ones that are brutalizing us. i don't know all it is moral to keep sadness about in the injustices that are being. unleashed on the ugandan people i believe that it is important for me to use this voice that was
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even raised by the common people to raise their plate let me remind our audience what happened when the wind came out on bail so this was after he was beaten off to he was tortured and this is the reception that he got have a listen. lugo as the flu ah. you. see joining us from cannes column we have chris about when we see and hear the acting ugandan information minister minister is this politics and style what is going on here want people dying why people seem to be to my people being tortured because they don't support your party or very much similar their words. to
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you. what is the most in the book. and what he's describing on the what you are asking to know that. oh it's jewish that is an event that. it is what that smoke. house because. you know where by that should this way about opening day and or that it will be lighted with support one of the kind that we've enjoyed it when the war. but was.
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it what it was. it was probably. ok so. mrs so the president. we've got a nice one person on life support some people being damaged for life are you saying all of these people were sponsible for pelting the car and so that was why they were beaten up until it because i don't think you think your politics ugandan style and you were telling me about a motorcade being pelted. connected to. the plate there. for. what they want of the country and that's what they had to. see.
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one of the book away so that's what if. they want to use the minister right now if you're in the united states trying to hail right now what you want to ask the minister right now live on t.v. well i. would have had so many question to ask but the fact that i was initially. to machine guns were raided by the uganda police and they need me claiming that those we pons were in my room and that's the reason they gave for incarcerating mean military detention which they later dropped and then immediately just minutes later when i got. out of the military quote i was charged with treason and indeed there was a claim that the people that. apparently parroted the president were part of us my question is the president is a mad now. how.
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brick a mind. that is disturbing to me because a president is bullet proof and when it's being claimed that it was painted and that the glass was shattered misstep. is the. glass. which is up and oh. this. is this is. going to did it without to be sure i mean if i have a clean fight someone who doesn't live in uganda this feels incredibly trivial that we're talking about layers of class and call and i some people who are fighting for their life some may never be the same i asked him is this politics ugandan style though it is important. or.
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what is the cold war is what i hate that right so other than that i mean that there's no other violence there's no other reporters being beaten up nothing else happens just because of a copy belonging to the president. who wrote. a constitution. who is willing to go off. with a population the way he did when he was a very member but i mean. you don't know the cost when he was appointed. position section as over the opposition. party. government. would say that it was valued in the way of us this power will not obey the last few months members of the opposition of. this kind of
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violence by the for this. is. where we have seen this kind of violence that is isn't there and hear what you're saying i hear that you are saying that the opposition or some opposition members have used violence as a way of accessing power unfortunately online that is not what people believe i want to read to tweet and i'll direct them to you first before giving them to bobby wanting this is not right but i just i just want you to listen to this because this is scary really a roadway says honestly knowing our government i am worried about bobby safety as soon as he lands back there what i want to know is if he isn't worried about how he will be treated when he returns another person asks my only question how does he plan to stay alive it's unlikely that he's not on a hit list and so we all get bobby wind the answer and this i want to know from you as a member of the government acting information minister what will you do to ensure his safety.
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and when he. must have been accepted to the point that the judges of the but you said nobody would touch him. well we're very safe a lot of people those are just two tweets or three almost all of the tweets we got have people very worried for your safety for your family's safety what do you say to them what are you thinking. i would say that one can expect anything from this regime i mean i just went to our. campaign and they ended up being tortured detained in prisons and even when i was released by court. allowed to travel abroad for specialized treatment i was not allowed so that is a situation i told anybody can sugarcoat it but people continuously get extra judicially killed and. slipped under the carpet.
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looking here at a post that you put on facebook to tell everybody how you were doing and what happened to you your your your recollection of what happened to you before you were taken away and he says here is the next steps i want to talk about the things that we must do together to continue this struggle for liberty and freedom why do you feel that you can do right now is not a place of liberty and freedom. there is no liberty and freedom because people are allowed to meet and talk about anything apart from the future of their country i've said it before and i'll see it again that. it's going to happen and need to take the police hours to show up or even before the. brigade will take hours to show up but once you meet to discuss the future of your country it will take more than a few minutes before the police and the military police comes and brutalizes people
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that is i was happening. or how of. conviction that because you got full of mainly young people anticipating a future that the only imagine you know i believe that. the time is now for us to come together it has been the most treated that ugandans are coming together every day. overcoming the divisions within tribes or religions or political parties. embracing the aspirations that they have together as a nation so much as their challenges i'm convinced that the oppressed people will soon be free see mention young people we got this comment live on you tube from richard richards has bobby has a big future and a role to play in the liberation of disadvantaged young people so long as the government doesn't torture and kill him another person picking up on that theme of
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the use this is bashir who says uganda has turned into a political cemetery our president is severely sick suffering from too much appetite for power and bobby white is the only remaining hope that ugandans have to restore the rule of law and he ends with this intense we are ready to die for him that's chilling almost what what what do you think of that what do you say to people like him because bashir is not the only one it is humbling to know that. it is not just about me it is about all of us and of say many times that this should not be reduced to just me or to jessie small section of people we are more than forty four million ugandans eighty five percent of which are younger than me i'm thirty six but eighty four percent i mean eighty five percent of our population is younger than me so easy right time for us to i'm so glad that young people in uganda embracing the idea of freedom and their slowly overcoming fear which has for
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so long kept our slaves missing we hear this about your country. how is that because the whole world is listening to this and the whole world is thinking this those are major issues into mako saying in uganda and uganda's administration does not like the opposition to be that minister. let me just repeat it very very very briefly there's space for the opposition there's not space for the opposition how much space is there for them to operate minister can you hear me where work on that and where we're get back to you he can't hear me because it's a little bit difficult i know the connection between us and kampala is a little bit tricky. something the president seventy said just just this week and he was talking about other forces being involved in what you were trying to do in terms of leadership let's have
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a listen to what he said it is important that the external players the roof from. other countries interfering in the internal affairs of other countries is morally and ethically wrong morally wrong because. what. you have to see that you can understand the problem with my house better than we do which ones. if there is a problem in our house with the archdiocese would sort of keep out probably what do you think president seventy was referencing rock. i would say. it's a big insult to the people of uganda. for their leaders to think that when they demand for freedom when they demand for liberty when they raise their voices about the
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rampant corruption the rampant unemployment it is an insult to claim that they're being funded even being supported by out say does. that uganda is part of the global community. development partners and years truman rights and freedom is the world over. many countries and indeed we continue to stand with many other countries so the world should be expected to stand with us it's pretty early in this time when the eyes of the wild. in uganda. in the world are also many of them takes on you i wanted to bring our attention to the back wall behind me and these are just some of the images and superimposed that people have been using and posting with bobby wine and bobby wine as the hostile at one point in just a day there are ninety seven thousand mentions of that hostile act and that's
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across the world so clearly people are watching the story but then what comes next busier here on twitter sighs what policies do you have that you personally think can transform the youth in uganda at large another person picking up on that says apart from the freedom promises that you talk about what plans you have for unemployment or are you thinking about policy changes right now or all those can later of course. the composition is why but you to contrast things fast. to mention that many ugandans are educated both in uganda and abroad because of the rampart unemployment who have seen a lot of brain drain a lot of talent. intelligent young men and women or even the old people have leased to our lived uganda and exiled themselves or gone all over the world to seek for you know better pastures and even those that have stayed in uganda have not given any chance to put their talents and knowledge is to play simply because uganda has
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become more of a family. of patronage is so high so right now we are struggling for space to put all our talents to use to give opportunity to all these people that have knowledge to put it to use but before we have that opportunity would be dreaming to provide option or our polices. but we have so much to talk about so what we're going to do is we're going to wrap up this part of the program and then we're going to take everybody online to you chip you already on you tube that's good if you're not sure where we are on you go try to page a look at a.j. stream and we will send you the link so you can click on the and then our conversation will continue we will continue with the minister of information for you canda and also n.p. probably wind up allow myself and of course all of your questions that you have a poppy wine as well so we are done for now on t.v.
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but we continue our new chief in just a moment see that. it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in being rude and he married miss universe hugh was a buoyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claimed that planned. for years news really try to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has son salaam the hunt for the red prince and the latest news as if breaks these people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say they need help with details coverage
1:47 pm
here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily life for so many from around the world forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry a chinese but today marriages like this are no longer exceptional. millions of dollars is being stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe one of many schemes exclusive access to this country underworld to a criminal turned whistleblower on al-jazeera. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years. native hawaiian
1:48 pm
spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. our home we accept this type of event. florence but as north carolina as it threatens to destroy billions of dollars worth of property on the u.s. east coast i'm meteorologist kevin corriveau watching the storm very carefully heavy rain as well as flooding expected over the next twenty four to forty eight hours. this is. also coming up
1:49 pm
a lifeline for the lire turkey hikes interest rates given its currency a boost from its recent downfall. spain decides to go ahead with an arms deal with saudi arabia despite concerns over the use of the conflict in yemen. and a whale of a tale a film that hopes to change the perception of. hurricane florence as started to batter the east coast of the united states it's bringing heavy rain strong winds and rising floodwaters to three states north carolina south carolina and virginia one hundred fifty six thousand people are now without electricity france has been downgraded to a category one hurricane but forecasters are warning the slow moving storm will cause major damage across the southeast saying it poses a grave threat to life and property in north carolina's governor has told residents this is only the beginning. the worst of the storm is not yet here but the easier
1:50 pm
the early warnings of the days to come surviving this storm will be a test of endurance teamwork common sense and patients were jay gray has this update from count on a beach in north carolina. look things are really starting to pick up with this storm i want to give you a firsthand look at what we're experiencing right now sheets with rain and the wind look at it right now really intensifying beyond that you can't see it in the dark but the waves are growing as well and this is a situation that's going to intensify as the storm moves closer to the shoreline and then in some areas these conditions are going to continue for two days or more this is setting up to be historic flooding in some of the low areas across the strike zone and really places that are going to be and in dated with water some areas it may take weeks if not more for that to clear out and teams to get in there
1:51 pm
are teams at the ready we have people on the ground here as well as forty thousand power crews from seventeen states that are here to help reestablish that power we have volunteers and first responders from ten states all of them bringing a vehicle different boats trucks to get into high water situations but again this is all unfolding right now it's going to continue and this storm is likely to linger for at least a couple days before moving on board and when and continuing because problems well i'm a geologist kevin corriveau joins us now kevin so what is florence doing now and why is this storm so dangerous given that's right well the storm is making its way stary slowly towards the coast the reason it's so dangerous it is because it's so slow it has lost that upper level push like normal systems would have for this particular area take a look at the radar we've been watching this all night long and actually it hasn't really moved too much we've seen so much rain pushing along the coastal regions all
1:52 pm
those rain bands coming on shore in different segments in some locations we've seen well over four hundred millimeters of rain up along the coast now i want to show you something really carefully but if you look at the eye and then up to the north that is where around the cape hatteras area that is where the storm surge is the worst expression you have a lot of inland rivers in that. area in the water is being pushed into the western areas that's going to be where most of the flooding is going to be i want to show you the big picture of what the storm is doing right now take a look at the satellite image across that area i want to go in just a little bit more and show you the position of the storm you can see the clouds right there and then the position we're looking at a category one as you had mentioned but four hundred seventeen million reasons rain just in twelve hours that's just one location i was looking up and down the coast and there are many that are well over three hundred millimeters and that is only going to increase because as we said this storm is not going to be moving any anywhere anytime fast hundred forty four klara prior winds the movement is to the
1:53 pm
north at ten kilometers right now this is where the path is expected to see over the next few days so on friday morning making landfall local time and then by friday afternoon friday evening starting to push down towards south carolina then dropping down to a tropical storm over the next few days but we expect to see originally had sent six hundred millimeters of rain i think we're going to see more like a thousand millimeters of rain in some locations so flash flooding and power outages is going to be widespread across this region back to you kevin thank you very much for that one person has been killed after more than forty gas explosions across several towns north of the u.s. city of boston at least thirteen others were injured police and firefighters have been responding to more than seventy incidents in the area customers of one gas company have been advised to evacuate the massachusetts officials are blaming a pressurized gas supply pipes turkey central bank has raised interest rates in a bid to stabilize the economy and stem
1:54 pm
a currency crisis the move helped the lyrics again three and a half percent against the dollar the central bank says it'll keep interest rates high until inflation starts to ease and now at twenty four percent up from seventeen percent the decision was made despite president advance opposition to rate hikes. you are going to china i cannot reject me when we not learn that you may determine interest rates but you don't determine inflation and inflation is a result of the wrong steps the central bank has taken and who pays the price the people with the tradesman sitting in front of me we cannot be an intermediary to the usage of an exploitation to like interest rates my dear friends to biggest advantage is that its problems are not caused by a finance sector our banks are solidly standing tall when interest rates are at their highest levels since two thousand and four turkey's lira has plunged in recent months it's down almost thirty nine percent against the dollar this year the consequences as been driven by many factors including investor concerns about
1:55 pm
president influence on monetary policy more recently a growing trade and diplomatic dispute with the us has had a major impact washington doubled tariffs on steel and aluminum imports as a cause for a detained american pastor to be freed by joel rubin is a former deputy assistant secretary of state he says the interest rate increases a strong signal showing turkey has an independent central bank the fact that the central bank raise interest rates in order to stem inflation to deal with that change rate with the united states and strengthen the euro that strong sign and western economies need to have independent central banks we can't have presidents a controlling monetary policy that's when economy is really going through its nelson and so while the economic situation is difficult and certainly this is a good signal to international markets that central bank is taking seriously the fiscal house getting that in order and demonstrating that the management of the
1:56 pm
economy isn't as strong as that the people leaving the finance ministry as well and those advisors around the president they really need to demonstrate that they have a plan to rescue our turkey's economy from this period if they don't that will decrease international cautions. a turkish military convoy has reached an observation point in the syrian town of moroccan hama it's one of the closest points to the line dividing opposition fighters and government forces in the country's northwest the deployment comes as preparations continue for an expected government offensive against neighboring in the province the syrian president bashar al assad says he is determined to retake the province turkey's against an offensive with president one warning he won't turn a blind eye if civilians are killed in. the un humanitarian coordinator in yemen says hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance as fighting begins again around the city of her data it hosts a key port of entry point for most of the aid sent to yemen the saudi immorality
1:57 pm
coalition and government forces are battling hoofy rebels for control of the city there's been a lull in the fighting in the run up to plan talks in geneva last week coalition commanders now say they're in control of a key local surprised route but the who these disputes that under simmons has more from neighboring djibouti. it's now becoming clearer that the fighting is escalating around the red sea port of data and hooty rebels have tried to repel the u.a.e. saudi led attacks but without success it seems there has been a cut in the supply line between the port and the rebel held capital sana'a now that has massive implications because say the children say millions of children's lives are at risk because of this with food supplies not getting through and other supplies medicine along with the vital supplies for the hooty rebel fighters as this fighting goes on the attempts at getting some sort of dialogue
1:58 pm
revived by a lot of gryphus the u.n. special envoy goes on he's in the amount of capital muscat and he's been talking to a delegation of who is the delegation that was meant to go to geneva led by mohammed abdul salam and he has said that some sort of dialogue will continue there is nothing substantive coming out of these talks publicly anyway whether or not he goes on to sign or is unclear but he is destined for riyadh and time is going by at a rapid rate with all this fighting escalating and this critical situation the griffiths himself warned about the economy plummeting and the danger of more deaths not through fighting but through famine right there for everyone to see but then what does everyone do it is a very very dangerous situation. spain has decided to go ahead with the sale of
1:59 pm
four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia reversing last week's decision to counsel the order the moves on get out of his suv say the weapons will be used in the killing of civilians in yemen the consolation of the deal led to concerns about spanish jobs and the future of the more lucrative contract supply warships will take buddhism friends committee on national legislation she's a stronger message and this was sent to other nations which is still supplying arms to saudi arabia it's truly a shameful decision we're seeing with this reversal that spain instead of sending a red light to and mass slaughter in yemen that spain is changing that to a green light to green lighting the continued indiscriminate killing of civilians and targeting of civilian areas like hospitals and schools and most recently a school bus full of yemeni children so it's truly a shameful decision and spain should rethink this and also other countries should
2:00 pm
step up to the plate and stop sending more weapons of mass starvation and mass destruction to saudi arabia. we need to see more concerted action going forward we do have we know that the trumpet ministration is planning to move forward billions of dollars worth of arms sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates we have seen a lot more action from congress a lot of interest in trying to stop those sales and that every bit of pressure does help it sends a strong signal to saudi arabia that support for this war is not unconditional and unfortunately those spain sent the opposite message with this reversal. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back the man accused by britain of trying to poison a former russian spy appear on t.v. insisting their innocence. as a new report says countries around the world a failing that poorest people we meet some of south africans forty million citizens .


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