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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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a woman seven main million people were under the mandatory evacuation order the majority of people did actually leave and head to shelters and head to other hotels in other states here in wilmington we've met plenty of locals who decided to stay there pretty safe here but clearly there been about one hundred fifty rescues we're hearing five deaths in total now including a mother and her infant child here in wilmington so for those people that decided to stay and ride this storm out the message to them was really clear if you do that you're taking your life in your own house and the risk is there and the emergency services simply aren't available because it's not safe for them either here we have seen fire crews we have seen paramedics moving around but it's fairly dry here in other parts of the say that when it got slammed by this storm and anyone who's in trouble anyone who needs rescuing may well have to wait until this storm has passed about seven hundred thousand homes are now without power and it could be more than a week before any of those people get that power back. and how to live first there
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in wilmington north carolina thanks very much. and the most powerful storm so far this year has made landfall in the philippines typhoon manc it has slammed the northeast coast of luzon island people say ferocious winds and heavy rain of ripped off tin roofs sheets and knocked off power more than five million people are risk some fifteen thousand were evacuated from high risk zones there are no immediate reports of major damage or casualties man could will move into the chinese mainland early on monday we're hoping to get a live update from our correspondent there a little bit later we are plenty more ahead on this news hour anger in a village in occupied in the occupied west bank which will soon be demolished to make way for israeli settlements. warming relations north and south korea open up a permanent channel of communication. later in sport a sharp exit by
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a formula one world title contender after a not so sharp maneuver on the track. so all that still ahead but first back to the philippines now let's speak to jimmy dogon who is in a car guy on province on luzon arlen she joins us on the phone so jamila just bring us up to date with what's happening there. well we've been holed up in a hotel overnight we're unable to venture out it's about. it's about seven fifteen in the morning here and we are just. to get outside the wind is really strong. all communication lines have been and power lines have been shut down except for. basically. those.
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power lines that. are lined up. and there flying around has cleared a little bit but not from where we are we don't have any news about what happens to civilian. communities back there are so with this is it. yesterday. to get to the city supposed to be at the center of all major communication operation rescue operation. province they are in close coordination with the national government the city itself i think just put those. things because even. though we don't know for sure whether the situation is very simply. not very strong but it is the when those price months and that by now very hard for me to keep standing because of the intensity of the wind. or well being that
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it's going to clear out in the coming hours as predicted by the weather bureau and only that. but i do love the general basically a lot i can receive. and all the i read problem for surround. not everyone i'm a grandparent. right all right we're going to we're going to we're going to have to cut this short it's looks like the weather is playing havoc with the communications lines there to me live for us there on that news on. thousands of syrians have demonstrated against the looming offensive on italy of the last rebel held province more than two dozen towns rallied against the government and hardline fighters the scenes were reminiscent of protests in twenty eleven but seven and a half years later much has changed stephanie decker has more. powerful
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scenes not seen in egypt for years. but. i think. we will in our freedom they sing these scenes a reminder of the early days of syria's revolution before the violent government crackdown before the arrival of countless foreign backed armed groups before russia got involved and changed the course of this war before millions were forced from their homes hundreds of thousands killed before homes in cities were leveled for the fabric of syrian society was arguably destroyed.
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the chant the same as it was in two thousand and eleven. the people want the downfall of the regime i don't know how but today we're here to fight for the demands of this revolution that the regime must go will not reconcile with them whatever promises they make will never trust issue jeem the media lies and they say we're terrorists but it's a people's revolution just like when it started well when i was totally out of it so much has changed seven and a half years on it libya's the last province and opposition control representing the final hopes of syrians opposition. syrian government forces and their allies are expected to recapture the province that will be done remains a subject of intensive negotiations between turkey and russia one of the issues how to separate the so-called terrorist groups from the so-called moderate opposition. formerly known as the mr front one of the groups labeled a terrorist organization and accused of being affiliated with al qaida turkey's trying to get the group to disband with no results so far. some sources say the
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operation will go in phases and could take many months more than three million syrians live in italy a province their stories often forgotten among the military and political developments but this friday it's the people who came to the streets to say no to military offensive and to say no to living under a government they have sacrificed so much to remove stephanie decker jazeera antakya. a russian pharmacists says talks to minimize civilian casualties in are progressing he made the comments in berlin where germany's foreign minister to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe lavrov said the details would be discussed at a meeting between russian and between the russian and turkish presidents on monday . we assure you that we will address these issues as carefully as possible we will establish humanitarian corridors establish local troops agreements and do
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everything we can to ensure that the civilian population does not suffer. an unusually pointed attack u.s. secretary of state mike brown players accused his obama era pre-disaster john kerry of actively undermining the united states kerry recently held several meetings with the foreign minister of iran who he worked with on the twenty fifteen nuclear deal pompei o described the meetings as illegal adding that iranian backed fighters had fired rockets at a u.s. compound in iraq just this week. secretary kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented this is a former secretary of state in gauged with the world's largest state sponsor of terror and according to him right you have to take my word forty these are his answers he was he was talking and he was telling them to wait out this administration. the rebels in yemen say at least fifteen people have been killed by
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saudi u.a.e. and strikes in a data has been ongoing violence around the kilo so the main highway heading east out of the red sea port is one of the main supply route to the capital sanaa which is held by the rebels andrew symonds has more. forces say these are civilians caught in the saudi amorality led coalition's line of fire in her data for her to say at least fifteen civilians were killed on thursday evening and twenty injured. this man asked why have these people being killed who to say this is kilo sixteen the main road link between the red sea port of her data and the capital sana'a are controlled by hutu rebels if fully verified these deaths and injuries will add ammunition to a different battle one that was waged this week in the united states congress u.s.
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politicians convinced by a report that blamed the coalition for unnecessary civilian deaths failed to pass a resolution to stop u.s. support for the saudis. further down the road in sabine hospital where supplies are meant to go different images burnt into the fearful thoughts of parents and would be mothers and fathers all across yemen there's no need for confirmation here the most vulnerable suffer in war in yemen it goes to extremes aid agencies warn that if the supply line of food medicine and other aid stays cut then mounted fission could kill more babies than weapons do it's the united nations official though who explains what's at stake the conflict has made yemen a living hell for children over eleven million children or about eighty percent of the country's under eighteen population are the need of humanitarian assistance
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they face the threat of food shortages displacement and acute lack of access to basic social services hutu rebels have posted video which they say shows an ambush on government fighters in the saudi amorality led coalition near her data saudi reports say who it is have been fleeing the battlefield the rebels deny. that is a warning that food could come under attack on the pretext of coalition claims that weapons are stored there whatever the truth in this war the attempts to bring calm and some hope of dialogue still rests heavily on the shoulders of the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths he met the hooty delegation that should have been in geneva last week in the yemeni capital muscat on thursday it appears martin griffiths isn't giving up on his attempts to try to build confidence as he describes it between the two sides but they don't appear to want to give up the fighting now mr griffiths has had talks with the rebels in amman they
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say those meetings ended up with no agreement whatsoever he plans to come to start what will take place remains to be seen but he will end his trip in the saudi capital riyadh but time is ticking on this whole process he knows that and through simmons' zero djibouti. or saudi arabia says it has intercepted a missile fired by the rebels they were aiming at in iran coal oil refinery in saudi arabia is says one hundred ninety five missiles have been fired from yemen since the war began in two thousand and fifteen. israeli forces of shot dead three palestinian protesters along the border fence with gaza a fourteen year old boy was among those killed at least two hundred forty eight others were wounded at demonstrations the health ministry there says at least one hundred seventy seven people have now been killed since the protests began on march
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thirteenth. the israeli army has closed roads leading to the village of han ahmad in the occupied west bank which is scheduled for demolition scuffles broke out between soldiers and palestinian protesters they're angry at israel's decision to flatten the village to make way for the building of illegal settlements last week israel supreme court gave the go ahead after rejecting an appeal can has more from honolulu. on friday the palestinian commission on walls and settlements issued this statement in english and hebrew saying that any israeli soldier involved in the demolition of it will be prosecuted in the international criminal court now palestine is actually a member of the international criminal court has been since two thousand and fifteen and the statement which was issued in arabic just a couple of days ago says that the court's decision to demolish the village and forcibly evacuate its inhabitants flagrantly violates the rome statute and is
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considered as a crime that falls within the jurisdiction of the international criminal court now we've also heard from senator u.s. senator dianne feinstein she says via twitter israel must not demolish the palestinian community of qana last month the only reason to destroy this community is to expand they buy israeli settlements and split the west bank in half the potential for peace depends on what happens in holland what so we've heard a lot of international condemnation the european parliament in the last couple of days and now the us senator dianne feinstein using twitter to get her message across the international criminal court is also another avenue that the palestinians could potentially to see if this demolition takes place however the residents of the activists here don't know when the israeli bulldozers will come in so here they wait wondering what their fate might be. now the palestinian president has slammed comments made by jarrett cushion of the u.s. president's son in law and one of his top aides on thursday cushion who was quoted
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in the new york times saying palestinian leaders in his words deserved to lose aid after vilifying the u.s. administration the palestinian presidential spokesman said his comments showed ignorance the u.s. government decided to cut off funding to and agency for palestinian refugees u.s. officials say they're in the pre-launch phase of their long awaited middle east peace plan our white house correspondent kelly how could has more on that. despite the string of punitive actions christian or says that insists in fact that this will have no effect on efforts to achieve peace between the israelis and the palestinians in fact he says this will improve chances because what he believes has occurred is that the united states has stripped away what christian are calls quote false realities but a former us ambassador to israel under president george w. bush insists that jared kirshner misunderstands the intricacies of the process
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think with comments reveal is a basic ignorance about how to negotiate a complex deal he thinks as he said in the article that this is another real estate venture and maybe this kind of activity works in real estate but it's not going to work here when you have a party that has independent decision making on the part of the palestinians just as the israelis do that party is doesn't see any benefits and only is seeing the pain being inflicted by u.s. policy christian or is defending the u.s. approach saying this is a radical break from the past indeed it is a break from the framework that has existed for decades the oslo accords still insists that peace is achievable even though essentially one side has been shut out of these negotiations before they've even started and that is the palestinians still christian or says that the united states is set to unveil its plan is peace
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plan in the coming months. still ahead on al-jazeera he was hailed for saving fellow syrians but he's now in a greek jail. tempers flare at the international whaling commission in brazil after japan calls for a decades long ban on commercial waiting to be lifted. and later in sport the world of boxing is counting down to a new eagerly awaited rematch falls here with that story. hello once again we do still have problems around that southeastern corner of the u.s. of course with power can florence now staggering along the coastal fringes the last position of the storm at the moment as we go on into sas day because it doesn't really make a whole lot of progress it's still there over south carolina and that wet weather
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will continue across the carolinas and parts just pushing up towards the genius as well central areas not too bad we got some wet weather into texas having said that we got some wet and wintry weather north of the border into canada just around the rockies nine celsius the high in calgary on saturday is colder still as we go into sunday just four degrees not feeling too too warm as we go on through the next couple days when you back on the other hand that get up to nineteen degrees a fair amount of powder right into central parts of canada nothing like the cloud and the rain which is still in a similar area for south carolina as we go through sunday say as we've been saying right through the last few days this is something that's going to be with us for a good four or five days or more meanwhile with same title storm isaac make its way through the last around to recess now pulling out into the open waters to the drama behind.
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in germany's capital there is a barber like no other. crossword. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. going on the roads. the stories you don't often hear. by the people who live there. the master barber of. this is on al-jazeera. police suspect a lone gunman is behind fifteen unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution or the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused his two serial killer
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and again you're watching ideas in our mind of our top stories this hour the u.s. president's former campaign manager has pled guilty to criminal charges as part of a deal with special counsel robert mueller all metaphors agreed to cooperate with investigation into russian meddling twenty sixteen presidential election. at least five people have died as hurricane florence hit the carolina coast in the united states it's been downgraded to a tropical storm but heavy rain continues to pound and flood areas crews rescued more than three hundred sixty stranded people in new bernie carolina. and typhoon
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manhood has slammed the north east coast of the philippines rain strong winds and heavy rain no immediate reports of major damage or casualties so far but more than five million people are at risk thousands fled their homes before the storm's arrival let's get more on both of those weather systems our meteorologist kevin corriveau joins us now here in the house kevin we've got two huge storms on iowa on different sides of the world what's this talk us through what's happening with the that's that's right we have one of course category for one time tropical storm now for florence but if you take a look at this radar a here from weather underground the only difference from when it was a hurricane till now is last night at this time we actually saw a well defined center of circulation but we still saw a lot of precipitation with it and we're still seeing a lot of rain with this system and that is going to be the big problem because notice all the rain on the radar and if we don't really move the system that all
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that rain rain is can be falling in the same place i want to take you look at the big picture right now take a look at the radar image this is a storm system moving and the storm is really was moving at a snail's pace and that is the biggest problem with the storm right now one hundred ten mile hundred ten kilometer per hour winds moving at about we didn't put that number in but it's about seventy kilometers right now i want to show you what the path of the storm is going to be very slowly through south carolina and then even weaken into a tropical depression but that really doesn't mean anything this is going to be a substantial flood maker across north carolina south carolina and prosper pull up along the appalachian mountains over the next few days now let's go over and show you how much rain well we can probably see anywhere between another three hundred to five hundred millimeters of rain in this area right here now i want to show you what's happening here across parts of the philippines luzon this storm is right over it right now still a super typhoon in this area let's show you what the current numbers are with the
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storm. two hundred sixty kilometers per hour with gusts up to about three hundred and twenty four kilometers per hour right now yet two very fierce storms there kevin so had added they both compare with previous storms in recent years then well in terms of the north carolina storm that one actually not a lot of storms actually hit north carolina but when in terms of the philippines they're really no stranger to storms like this the last storm of this intensity actually was a little bit further to the south across the central part of the philippines and when you talk about storm mechanisms a lot of the action happens to the right hand side or the north part of the storm so on that particular storm the philippines get hit with this one the strength of the storm is actually to the north we're not done yet because that storm is going to be making its way over towards parts of china kevin thanks very much for that now the iraqi city of fallujah is struggling to recover cheney is after the army
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defeated eisel fighters people there say reconstruction has been slow and there are unhappy with a compensation scheme offered by the government rob matheson reports from baghdad. for two years the people of fallujah have been struggling to rebuild much of the city was destroyed in twenty sixteen as iraqi forces battled eisel fighters some residents who lived through the devastation say little has changed. electricity and services the so wake in the city as for the compensation there is now our neighborhoods are almost entirely devastated my house is completely destroyed but i haven't received any fair compensation. that compensation is vital for people who've lost jobs businesses and homes they say the money is in gold is fairly distributed. we haven't had fair compensation so far our house was destroyed and the entire neighborhood was leveled to the ground compensation is being granted
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only for those who have ties with the corrupt officials those who have no connection or sometimes getting half the compensation they should get volusia in the center of iraq has been a battleground for decades suffering some of the highest casualty numbers in the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war in two thousand and four u.s. forces invaded and fought gunmen from control of the city after the fall of saddam hussein. by spring twenty fourteen large areas had been seized by eisold fighters. two years later fallujah was freed after a long seized by the iraqi army but much of it had been destroyed the local government says it's rebuilding as fast as it can and that's giving some iraqis hope for the future but they're different and i'm against it but when we got back to fallujah after the liberation we saw so much destruction and we estimated at least five years for the total reconstruction of fallujah now we're seeing some sort of efforts to rebuild the reconstruction of fallujah as part of
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a bigger building program in iraq which is being managed from here in baghdad at the ministry of construction and housing budgets are tight and it's up to the individual cities to manage them. money to get to the new projects are needed to improve things after i sold and also to fix the huge damage that affected the city as a whole this would require much support from the central government. but getting the proper compensation would help more people pollute just live from day to day rather matheson odyssey back to. the head of the organization of american states is visiting venezuelan migrants who have fled across the border into colombia luis armado is in the border city of kuku tar to look at their conditions and as well as economic crisis has forced more than one and a half million people to flee the country asunder of beauty is live for us from cookie tar so asunder what is what kind of conditions is mr mugger likely to find
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among the. well at them while. trying to do here besides analyzing what the situation is with the venezuelan migrant this to the mine a more coordinated response. to what is an unprecedented action. of people something that latin america has never seen before at least it has never seen in such large numbers in such a short amount. and while he was here he also had some very strong language against the government. and the venezuelan government that are for. tension we call engage in war or government. immoral dictatorship he said because he said that even if a long government is uniquely responsible for this situation that is pushing so
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many people to leave they need anything moral because of its own willingness to recognize the humanitarian crisis that is going on in venezuela and i suppose it's a reflection of just just how acute the situation is for people and the effect it's having on the region that the oas is getting involved in this to this level now. absolutely this is something that. all the other countries on the receiving and i've been asking the organization of the americans to do it clear exactly most of these countries that are. maintaining a sort of open arms policy they are trying to help these women migrants as much as possible but all of these countries also face challenges of their own take for example colombia which is definitely better off with a billion has huge amounts of poverty high unemployment we have all these problems
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that they have to deal with on a daily basis on top of that now put more than one million venezuelans that have arrived here since two thousand and fifteen who are putting a strain on. health service educational services for example and that's why. they're all asking for international aid through to help them deal with the flow as well and there are many that say that colombia needs one point six billion u.s. dollars to just adequately respond to the crisis and that's something they definitely cannot do on their own alexandra thanks for the sundress. live for scene kutai colombian you know venezuela. after thirteen members of an aid organization have been arrested and charged in greece they're accused of smuggling refugees into
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europe among them is a syrian swimmer who helped save the lives of eighteen people when their boat sank in the mediterranean sea johnson has more from less boss in greece. the emergency response center international. which operated on the island of lesbos is now closed thirty of its members facing charges in greece including spying and alleged people trafficking if convicted they could face life imprisonment it means refugee rescue is now the only group operating in the aegean sea its crews informed the greek coast guard each time they go out so they're not suspected of acting in secret we understand that our ability to operate is contingent on the fact that they trust us and they recognize that we are the we are very skilled that we are very professional. says it followed exactly the same protocol its founder spoke to us from an undisclosed location as he prepared to turn himself in to authorities.
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so. private search and rescue has become politically controversial charities like seek to work with the authorities to bring as many asylum seekers as possible safely onto european shores but european policy is increasingly keen for non european coast guards to keep refugees in the middle east and north africa the european union's twenty sixteen agreement with turkey and italy's bilateral agreement with libya last year have helped cut refugee numbers to europe by ninety percent compared to twenty fifteen among the e.r.c. i members facing charges is twenty three year old sara martini
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a syrian refugee who with her sister used a lympics swimmer saved eighteen refugees from a sinking boat in twenty fifteen says that on the dates of several of the alleged offenses she can prove she was in germany where she has been granted asylum and enrolled in college he says the police evidence is scant then warden actually has some of this but he wanted to charge of espionage is biased mainly in the fact that some people of listen on the radio conversations between the creek and your pain coastguards these conversations which you referred to a state secrets all took place an open channels anyone can listen to open channels in fact silence are obliged to tune into channel twelve so they can hear the coast guard so this is no state secret or espionage the shifting politics of asylum in europe have militarized borders and cast suspicion on open hearted humanitarianism distinguishing this from criminal activity is an increasingly frequent challenge jobs are open less al-jazeera lesbos. north and south korea have opened
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a joint liaison office in qana song just north of the border it establishes a permanent channel of communication for the two sides and it comes just days before south korean president. will meet a north korean leader kim jong un in pyongyang as well. another step towards corporation and perhaps business officials from north and south korea officially open an office in the border town of north korea. starting from today south and north korea and discuss issues regarding the improvement of history and relations and prosperity of the three interviews for twenty four hours and three hundred sixty five days we will meet face to face and to exchange ideas and solve the difficult problems together. it's a first for the two countries who are technically still at war when the korean war ended sixty five years.


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