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in term of years. and we have no power wind is still very strong we're seeing. several movements in this but we do not have news from those living in the communities and the riverside of cafe and basically which is a big portion of the province that are. hard to say exactly where the in excess of the food and what we're hoping the sickly is to get. to be able to move or have basically the wind ease a little bit so we can move around and make a way outside the means if you know this is supposed to be the main hub of the communications search and rescue and retrieval as well as in the local government but they seem to have no i mean to those who live in the rural communities that's not really quite a good sign simply because it means that access has been quite difficult for many and we have yet to hear from the president has yet to hear from the national
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government or the weather officials who say that basically the size or maybe on track to leave tomorrow we don't see any difference at the moment on the ground the rain has eased the winds are really terrible they're terribly strong and how how well equipped are well prepared people there to to deal with all of this. well you know in the city easy to say and assume that linguistically everybody is equipped but at the end of the day once. and communication lines are shut down it's difficult to reading and and get more what is really critical here are those who are living in rural communities they are agricultural they live in agricultural communities there are farmers there because humans have been evacuated already as early as friday we have not heard from them yet we see that they have been if you lead to what the places even move to are also now. secure enough in fact. when we
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went to one of the evacuation centers that if they were they would move to open was quite a low lying area so we would like to go back there and see how residents are doing every day as if you can't be good enough to fly as we all know by long that will last because now. first i think unless the government has a reserve there will be a shortage of food and that's quite expect given our power outage in several cases there are a few years here all right simular stay safe appreciate the update camille and doug in live for us there in congo and province on luzon in the philippines five people including a mother and baby have died off to a tropical storm florence made landfall on the east coast of the united states in north carolina hundreds of people who ignored evacuation advice on now waiting on rescue services to escape their flooded homes almost five hundred thousand homes
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already without power kristen salumi reports now from fayetteville in north carolina. even in her weakened state florence packs a punch the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it hit the coast of north carolina with strong winds driving rain and a swelling serve weather experts warn there's much more to come i do want to emphasize that this is only the beginning florence is a very slow mover will continue to try to along. the north carolina and south carolina coastline for the next twenty four to thirty six hours. the storm is slowly moving inland floodwaters have begun submerging roads and seeping into homes with up to seventy five centimeters of rain expected in some areas a storm surge on the news river north of the eye of the storm brought the most serious flooding so far emergency crews have been called to rescue hundreds who
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have north evacuation orders utility workers have come from all over the country to help these are just a few of the trucks that are standing by the utility company has more and that millions of people could lose power so far the number is in the hundreds of thousands the storm is far from over. further inland boarded up buildings and overturned trees but still waiting for what could be the worst to come kristen salumi al-jazeera fayetteville north carolina. and again go has more on this now from wilmington in north carolina. the storm has now been downgraded to a tropical storm but there is one big concern that forecasters have enough rain you can see it washing down here in wilmington north carolina streaming down the road towards the river just down the end of the street that river is now breached its banks for the past few hours the stream has actually been going the wrong way is the ocean and the storm has pushed the water up so we have some serious flooding
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going on down there but across these two states north and south carolina we're looking at getting eight months worth of rain in the next two to three days that's a serious concern for forecasters a serious concern for residents of course most of the one point seven million people under the much mandatory evacuation order did leave we've heard about one hundred fifty rescues anyone that chose to stay the authorities made it perfectly clear if you choose to stay you're putting your life at risk and you may not get help for some time to come around seven hundred thousand homes are without power they may not get power back for at least a week but it is the other big concern for us up and that is that this storm florence is not going anywhere it's lingering over these two states and it may do so for some time to come. up plenty more ahead on this news out. on scott heiler in hand you know a city known as a chinese financial technology hope it's also home to the commerce giant ali baba ten years since the global financial crisis there's growing concern here about
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a spike in the failure of online investment firms that story coming up. and he was hailed for saving fellow syrians but he's now in a jail in greece. last later in sport the cold a thief by serena williams is back in the chair for the first time since the u.s. i. saw less than i have a first thousands. of syrians have demonstrated against a looming offensive on the last rebel held province more than two dozen towns rallied against the government and hardline fighters the scenes were reminiscent of protests in two thousand and eleven but seven and a half years later much has changed stephanie decade has. i care a full scenes not seen in egypt for years. oh. my. god. it.
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was it. was. we won our freedom they sing these scenes a reminder of the early days of syria's revolution before the violent government crackdown before the arrival of countless foreign backed armed groups before russia got involved and changed the course of this war before millions were forced from their homes hundreds of thousands killed before homes in cities were leveled for the fabric of syrian society was arguably destroyed. the chant the same as it was in two thousand and eleven the people want the downfall of the regime i don't know how but today we're here to fight for the demands of this revolution that the regime must go will not reconcile with them whatever promises they make will never trust the sure seem the media lies and they
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say we're terrorists but it's a people's revolution just like when it started well as in i was totally out of film but so much has changed seven and a half years on it libya's the last province and opposition control representing the final hopes of syrians opposition. syrian government forces and their allies are expected to recapture the province that will be done remains a subject of intensive negotiations between turkey and russia one of the issues how to separate the so-called terrorist groups from the so-called moderate opposition hired to handle sham formerly known as the mr front one of the groups labeled a terrorist organization and accused of being affiliated with al qaida turkey's trying to get the group to disband with no results so far. some sources say the operation will go in phases and could take many months more than three million syrians live in italy a province their stories often forgotten among the military and political
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developments but this friday it's the people who came to the streets to say no to military offensive and to say no to living under a government they have sacrificed so much to remove stephanie decker or jazeera antakya. a russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says talks to minimize civilian casualties in libya are progressing he made the comments in berlin where germany's foreign minister urged him to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe lavrov said the details would be discussed at a meeting between the russian and turkish presidents on monday. the rebels in yemen say at least fifteen people have been killed by saudi u.a.e. airstrikes in her data has been more violence around sixteen the main highway heading east out of the red sea port it's one of the main supply routes to the capital sanaa which is held by who the rebels andrew symonds has more. hooty rebel
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forces say these are civilians caught in the saudi amorality led coalition's line of fire in her data the hooter's say at least fifteen civilians were killed on thursday evening and twenty injured. this man asks why have these people being killed who to say this is kilo sixteen the main road link between the red sea port of her data and the capital sana'a are controlled by hutu rebels if fully verified these deaths and injuries will add ammunition to a different battle one that was waged this week in the united states congress u.s. politicians convinced by a report that blame the coalition for unnecessary civilian deaths failed to pass a resolution to stop u.s. support for the saudis. further down the road in sabine hospital where supplies are meant to go different images burnt into the fearful thoughts of parents and would
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be mothers and fathers all across yemen there's no need for confirmation here the most vulnerable suffer in war in yemen it goes to extremes aid agencies warn that if the supply line of food medicine and other aid stays cut then mounted fission could kill more babies than weapons do it's the united nations official though who explains what's at stake a conflict has made yemen a living hell for children over eleven million children or about eighty percent of the country's under eighteen population are the need of humanitarian assistance they face the threat of food shortages displacement and acute lack of access to basic social services hutu rebels have posted video which they say shows an ambush on government fighters in the saudi amorality led coalition near her data saudi reports say who it is have been fleeing the battlefield. the rebels deny that and
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there is a warning that food could come under attack on the pretext of coalition claims that weapons are stored there whatever the truth in this war the attempts to bring calm and some hope of dialogue still rests heavily on the shoulders of the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths he met the hutu delegation that should have been in geneva last week in the yemeni capital muscat on thursday it appears martin rivers isn't giving up on his attempts to try to build confidence as he describes it between the two sides but they don't appear to want to give up the fighting now mr griffiths has had talks with the rebels in amman they say those meetings ended up with no agreement whatsoever he plans to come to star what will take place remains to be seen but he will end his trip in the saudi capital riyadh but time is ticking on this whole process he knows that under a summons zero djibouti. but three saudi soldiers have died in the fighting along
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its border against it is saudi arabia is also accusing the rebels of aiming to attack the iran coal oil refinery in the port city of design in the south the military says it intercepted a missile fired by hooty s. it says one hundred ninety five missiles have been fired from yemen since the war began in two thousand and fifteen and the head of the organization of american states is visiting venezuelan migrants who fled across the border into colombia luis armado is in the border city of kuta to look at their conditions they owe us promotes peace and security among its thirty five member states venezuela's economic crisis forced more than one and a half million people to flee the country alexander amputee has more from. the head of the oas it's trying to decide in a more coordinated regional response to this growing exodus of venezuela and
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by granting this stop here in the border town of conflict that is just the first of a series of meetings that you're getting zation of american states where holder in either border towns and only here in colombia but also in ecuador federal and breast and the head that we are going to turn of american states michael has some very strong language against this president in the fall as my good i live in atlanta governments are calling it and immoral because face it should be said for just being that uniquely responsible of the economic collapse in venezuela and also immoral because it's because of its unwillingness to recognize the humanitarian crisis in that country. colombia foreign minister who was with him also said that they need international help to deal with the more than one million bonus well
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ansett have moved to colombia since two thousand and fifteen. now ten years since the global financial crisis many analysts are wondering if another one is brewing and where it might come from the bank of england governor has singled out china's financial system as in his words one of the bigger risks to global financial stability as scott had reports from hangzhou part of china's massive shadow banking system has recently been facing a crisis of its own similar to what happened back in two thousand and eight. at thirty two young joe focuses all her attention on building her well this motivation she says comes from growing up with very little. money is very very important because money come bring me the sense of security i don't want to live poor again. living in hong joe johns joe embodies the entrepreneurial spirit in the city known for its financial technology industry and home to e-commerce giants ali
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baba but she and millions of other people in china have lost of billions of dollars after investing in what are known as peer to peer lending platforms or p. to p. amid stricter government oversight than the panic withdrawal of funds by investors more than two hundred firms have failed in the last three months he did the firms gather money from investors and then lend money to small businesses and individuals with many promising high returns on those investments and that concerns economists as the p.d.p. industry in china is the world's largest with more than one hundred ninety billion dollars a play this on the tenth anniversary of the global financial crisis. for the problem i think it's a had a mom in china for a long time but now it looks especially dangerous because of lot of a lot of those dads are tied to the property market and like the recent p two p. crisis much of the borrowing or used to finance their housing market is speculation
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and she says some aspects of p.d.p. lending are similar to the sub prime loans in the u.s. that led to the two thousand and eight global financial crisis the outcry over the failing p.t.p. companies was so big in july that the government here at home joe had to use athletic stadiums to how is the complaint centers for the thousands of investors looking to get their money back or simply find out where when i was there some of those who lost money took their anger to the offices of one p.p. firm protesting out front chanting we want our money back. as a business woman and investor joe has diversified her investments not just in p.d.p. firms she's lucky as many other chinese have lost their life savings in the crisis but moving forward she has learned her lesson saying she won't blindly invest her money and will be much more cautious and careful but for many it's too late it's got her out zero. all right still ahead on al jazeera anger in
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a village in the occupied west bank soon to be demolished to make way poised ready settlements. and a major defeat for japan as its whaling practices are in the spotlight. plus later in sport a shop exit by a formula one world title contender to a not so shop a newer on the track. the nice pink skies by the time hot. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. however we have man could now making its way into the south china sea making landfall across lose on a sweeping through really quite quickly so that is something to be grateful for as it makes its way through the to make a way through the weekend you can see have a system starts to push back out into the open waters off the south china seas
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picking up intensity for a time so came out of luzon as a category three storm makes its way towards southern parts of china by the end of the weekend and by the state as a cat before storm so little bit of intensification going on wet and windy weather pushing its way through lots of places seeing flash flooding then as we go on through the next few days further south things are relatively calm there you go you can see my include making its way towards lose on that stage a fair amount of cloud to central and southern parts of the philippines and the outer bands just lapping across a good part of the area further south the coast is a good deal quite a good deal dry and that's a case as we go on through the weekend want to show is a possibility in singapore for the grown pre showers they continue across a good parts of thailand joining up with a wet weather that we do have into myanmar into the northeast of india central and western parts of india well see fine and dry. the weather sponsored by cattle
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and race. police suspect a lone gun man is behind fifteen unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority and an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot at last cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution of victim sisters strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused in letters to serial killer a witness documentary on al-jazeera. discovered the stories you didn't know about. be a witness to life changing scenes. notice the changes that affect all of us. experience our world and be a part of it. to focus al-jazeera balkans international documentary film festival saturday or from twenty first to twenty
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fifth september. you're watching. the top stories this u.s. president former campaign manager has pled guilty to two criminal charges as part of a deal with special counsel robert. agreed to cooperate with investigators. in the twenty sixth presidential election. at least five people have died as tropical storm florence hit the carolina coast in the united states it's been downgraded but heavy rain continues to pound and flood areas crews rescued more than three hundred sixty stranded people burn in north carolina. and typhoon manhood has slammed the
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northeast coast of the philippines green strong winds and heavy rain no immediate reports of major damage or casualties thousands of fled their homes ahead of the storm's arrival. has more on that storm from the northeast for the. we are at the very center of the city where impressed tucker is supposed to be best . all communication and power lines electricity. has been cut off. and the wind is really strong. that it's basically made it impossible. to get out and know for sure what is happening in other communities i can only imagine how the situation is like where is the villian for a living in low lying community and by the river they are and we don't know for sure what's happened to them. we're filming this without knowing exactly when we'll
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be able to send it over to you but this is the get out city this isn't the situation only it has slightly intensified from where we are but the wind the wind is just monstrous. all right let's talk now to a meteor meteorologist kevin corriveau so kevin two major storms on either side of the globe talk us through how they're supposed progressing right that's right we both have both storms we have the latest updates on the numbers on the storm so give you that as well first we'll take a look at the storm here. before you made landfall in the philippines well defined eye with the storm that was a super typhoon it is no longer a super typhoon and i'll show you what has happened because as the system has passed over luzon of course we have lost some of its strain but a lot of rain all the way up towards parts of taiwan as well also also most of the middle most of the philippines is seeing some effect by the storm right now these are the newest numbers with the storm from the joint typhoon warning center two
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hundred twelve kilometers per hour that this is sustained winds gusting up to two hundred fifty nine moving to the west at thirty located just on the north western side of luzon about enter the open water of the south china sea now once it does this is where we expect to see the storm make its path across the sun. china sea hitting parts of japan as could be parts of china right along the coastal regions there dropping down to a trouble spot tropical storm intensity then becoming a trouble to depression as it makes its way over the northern part of vietnam we do expect to see quite a bit of rain here across southern portions of china so localized flooding is going to be a problem there as well as here for florence we have the latest on from the national hurricane center and with this storm still moving incredibly slow we are only talking west at five kilometers per hour as a movement that means all of this rain is still falling in the same location so we are looking at winds about one hundred thirteen kilometers per hour and then over
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the next few days dropping down into south carolina just a little bit as a tropical storm and then becoming a tropical depression once it does become a tropical depression then we do expect to see a lot of movement with it making its way to the northwest and then up here towards the north so that is going to be really another situation probably for the next several days so we'll keep you more of to date as the advisories to come out back to you appreciate it karen thanks for that now israeli forces have shot dead three palestinian protesters along the border fence with guards a fourteen year old boy was among those killed at least two hundred forty eight others were wounded in the weekly border demonstration the health ministry there says at least one hundred seventy seven people have now been killed since the protests began on march thirtieth. the israeli army has close roads leading to the village of han in amara in the occupied west bank which is scheduled for demolition scuffles broke out between soldiers and palestinian protesters they're
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angry at israel's decision to flatten the village to make way for a building for the building of illegal settlements last week israel supreme court gave the go ahead after rejecting an appeal imran khan has more from honolulu. on friday the palestinian commission on walls and settlements issued this statement in english and hebrew saying that any israeli soldier involved in the demolition of a law will be prosecuted in the international criminal court now palestine is actually a member of the international criminal court has been since two thousand and fifteen and the statement which was issued in arabic just a couple of days ago says that the court's decision to demolish the village. evacuate its inhabitants flagrantly violates the right statute and is considered as a crime that falls within the jurisdiction of the international criminal court now we've also heard from senator us senator dianne feinstein she says via twitter
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israel must not demolish the palestinian community of qana last month the only reason to destroy this community is to expand the by israeli settlements and split the west bank and a half the potential for peace depends on what happens in holland what so we've heard a lot of international condemnation the european parliament in the last couple of days and now the u.s. senator dianne feinstein using twitter to get her message across the international criminal court is also another avenue that the palestinians could potentially to see if this demolition takes place however the residents of the activists here don't know when the israeli bulldozers will come in so here they wait wondering what their fate might be. now the palestinian president has slammed comments made by jared questioner the u.s. president's son in law and one of his top aides on thursday cushion was quoted in the new york times saying palestinian leaders in his words deserve to lose eight after vilifying the u.s.
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administration the palestinian presidential spokesman said his comments showed ignorance the u.s. government decided to cut off funding to honor a war and agency for palestinian refugees. the iraqi city of fallujah is struggling to recover two years after the army defeated i saw fighters people there say reconstruction has been slow and they are unhappy with the government compensation scheme rob matheson reports from baghdad. for two years the people of fallujah have been struggling to rebuild much of the city was destroyed in twenty sixteen as iraqi forces battled eisel fighters some residents who live through the devastation say little has changed. electricity and services the so weak in the city as for the compensation there is now neighborhoods are almost entirely devastated my house is completely destroyed but i haven't received any fair compensation. that compensation is vital for people who've lost jobs businesses and homes they say the
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money isn't always fairly distributed. we haven't had fair compensation so far our house was destroyed and the entire neighborhood was leveled to the ground compensation is being granted only for those who have ties with the corrupt officials who have no connection or sometimes getting half the compensation they should get. in the center of iraq has been a battleground for decades suffering some of the highest casualty numbers in the one nine hundred ninety one gulf war in two thousand and four u.s. forces invaded and forced gunmen from control of the city after the fall of saddam hussein. by spring twenty fourteen large areas had been seized by eisold fighters. two years later fallujah was freed after a long seized by the iraqi army but much of it had been destroyed. the local government says it's rebuilding as fast as it can and that's giving some iraqis hope for the future but they're different and i'm against it but when we got back
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to fallujah after the liberation we saw so much destruction and we estimated at least five years for the total reconstruction of fallujah now we're seeing some sort of efforts to rebuild the reconstruction of fallujah is part of a bigger building program in iraq which is being managed from here in baghdad at the ministry of construction and housing budgets are tight and it's up to the individual cities to manage the money to get. new projects are needed to improve things after i sold and also to fix the huge damage that affected the city as a whole this would require much support from the central government. but getting the proper compensation would help more people pollute to live from day to day rather matheson. thirty members of an aid organization have been arrested and charged in greece they're accused of smuggling refugees into europe among them a syrian swimmer who helped save the lives of eight hundred people when their boat
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sank in the mediterranean sea john psaropoulos has more from les boss in greece. the emergency response center international. which operated on the island of lesbos is now closed thirty of its members facing charges in greece including spying and alleged people trafficking if convicted they could face life imprisonment it means refugee rescue is now the only group operating in the aegean sea its crews informed the greek coast guard each time they go out so they're not suspected of acting in secret we understand our ability to operate is contingent on the fact that they trust us and they recognize that we are the that we are very skilled that we are very professional. says it followed exactly the same protocol its founder spoke to us from an undisclosed location as he prepared to turn. in to authorities we were working for. every new regulation. we were.
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with the government everyone was. trying. so. private search and rescue has become politically controversial charities like seek to work with the authorities to bring as many asylum seekers as possible safely onto european shores but european policy is increasingly keen for non european coast guards to keep refugees in the middle east and north africa the european union's twenty sixteen agreement with turkey and italy's bilateral agreement with libya last year have helped cut refugee numbers to europe by ninety percent compared to twenty fifteen among the e.r.c. i members facing charges is twenty three year old sara martini a syrian refugee who with her sister used a lympics swimmer saved eighteen refugees from
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a sinking boat in twenty fifteen says that on the dates of several of the alleged offenses she can prove she was in germany where she has been granted asylum and enrolled in college he says the police evidence is scant then warden actually has some of this but he wanted a charge of espionage is biased mainly in the fact that some people of listen on the radio conversations between the greek and your pain coastguards these conversations which you referred to a state secrets all took place in open channels anyone can listen to open channels in fact sailors are obliged to tune into channel twelve so they can hear the coast guard so this is no state secret or espionage the shifting politics of asylum in europe have militarized borders and cast suspicion on open hearted humanitarianism distinguishing this from criminal activity is an increasingly frequent challenge jumpstart ople us al-jazeera lesbos. japan says it is reconsidering its membership of the.


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