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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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that's fine i can identify with the story. this is al-jazeera. alarm has a seeker this is the news hour live from dakar coming up in the next sixty minutes yemen's hooty rebels say the un has agreed to help move the critically injured of broad for treatment. at least a dozen killed and found those displaced in the philippines as the year strongest storm back to the northern coast. one of europe's biggest refugee camps could be shut down if the government fails to improve living conditions. i'm kathleen sawyer in la more of the canyon coast where both made of recycled plastic waste in
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fading i'll be telling you why such a milestone for the people here. alone we begin in yemen where the hooty rebels say the united nations has agreed to help get injured people out of the war ravaged country they say a memorandum of understanding was signed or talks with u.n. officials in armaan for the saudi led coalition fighting there who tease has not commented on the agreement last week talks meant to take place between the yemeni government and these in geneva collapsed before they even began andrew symonds has been monitoring the conflict from across the red sea in djibouti. this announcement comes from the who three rebels and it could amount to a potential breakthrough following on from the failure to get the delegation from the who it is to geneva more than
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a week ago they've been in the money capital muscat meeting un officials including martin griffiths the un special envoy now what they're saying and they've published a picture of lease ground they signing a document which they who things say amounts to a memorandum of understanding they say though who says that they have gotten an agreement to transport a number of injured people to amman over a period of six months for treatment for serious injuries on the battlefield or more fighting has broken out in the port city of her day the vital entry point for aid in a country on the brink of famine more than sixty people have died since wednesday when government forces backed by the saudi led coalition said they seized two major supply routes into the city who have launched a counter offensive to retake the roads which link her data with the capital sanaa four rounds of un led talks have failed to make a breakthrough to end
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a three year old civil war the rival sides last met in kuwait in april twenty sixth seen but they failed to reach a power sharing agreement after one hundred days of negotiations or yemeni political analyst ibrahim qatari is skeptical of the agreement. i don't think any any real thing would happen between these and the un the un would have made an announcement and the coalition and the yemeni government will know about that i feel this is more we have seen time and again that the whole of these fry brocade information and give misleading information that they reach an agreement we don't know what kind of agreement they reached they haven't really call it clearly said anything about i think that's a game trying to push back on trying to make the international community pressure the saudis and the united arab emirates from taking over the seaport which is the main seaport that supplies the whole thing is themself and i feel like of the saudi
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led coalition cut their supply line the whole things with a struggle a law and areas where they control because that's their main access to you know the water that they meant access to goods and supplies that's their main access to the humanitarian aid that comes through that support and so they will be completely and in a blockade by the saudi led coalition the syrian government says it's intercepted israeli missiles fired at damascus airport state t.v. aired this video apparently showing air defenses at work israel has neither confirm nor deny the report it does say though that it's carried out more than two hundred attacks against iranian targets in syria in the last two years in the philippines at least twelve people have been killed by this year's most powerful typhoon manhood weaken slightly after it made landfall on the largest island of luzon in the early hours of saturday has left a trail of destruction in the northern province of called diane which took
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a direct hit. as dogon is there. typhoon monk arrived just as predicted vicious with its force pounding over most of northern luzon the early hours saw power and phone lines cut off in the ghetto city in calgary and province incessant rains and strong winds crippled many of the operations planned by emergency teams. but the destruction here is nothing compared to what we saw when we ventured out of the city. throughout rural communities we saw homes and farmland destroyed access into these remote areas is difficult which means eight may be slow to arrive to. like so many places here the town of bugout bore the brunt of the typhoon spirit marine commanders say many people here lost their homes.
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property and with crops includes the power lines so we expect that be. over soon people here tell us they were aware of the forced evacuation order by the government but following it is easier said than done that is because often their homes and their livelihoods are just in one place and this is all what they've got there is are their lives possessions they went through something similar already two years ago a super typhoon hit their community and they've barely recovered. julio salah says her small cafeteria was your only means to support your family now it's gone and. it really hurts us we don't know where to begin everything happened so fast and now my business is gone the destruction is similar all across luzon the largest island in the philippines the majority of typhoon victims are from small farming
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communities the impact is yet to be fully assessed and the cost counted the philippine government says efforts to help are well under way but from past experience filipinos know it's never enough they barely had much before the typhoon and now they have even less or from the philippines typhoon manhood has now made its way to hong kong these are live pictures from the territory people from low lying areas have been evacuated forecasters are predicting up to one hundred meters millimeters of rain for sunday hong kong's biggest airline cathay pacific has warned travelers to expect up to four hundred cancellations over the next three days. well let's go live now to sarah clarke who joins us from hong kong so sara how bad could this get caught. the
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hong kong observatory has just issued the t ten which is the highest tarkin signal you can get which makes it the most powerful typhoon to hit hong kong this year last year we experienced a t ten it all gets a bit silly at the moment i was about to wrench a rhyme we've got wind gusts of up to one hundred ninety five kilometers per hour they're predicting potential landslides a number of people have already been evacuated have set up shelters the certainly the the weather conditions at the moment deteriorating it's about two hundred forty kilometers away from the city right now and they're expecting by lunch time it'll stay at about one hundred kilometers away from the city and that's when we'll experience the most powerful and severe and terentia right. and hong kong is of course a very densely populated territory i mean how how much of a challenge is it going to be for people there to be able to move to safe places from from these tougher. one of the biggest concerns is all
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to see that the low lying areas where they're expecting flooding a flash flooding so that the government here has issued a warning to to prepare for the worst we've had warnings the last few days in preparation for this typhoon as a result that set up shelters and as you mentioned before number of other actions to be taken lightly here will be mostly cancelled flights tonight cathay pacific could be the biggest international airline based here. resuming its flights tomorrow morning at four am to set the conditions we've known about these conditions we've known it's going to deteriorate we know it's going to be probably the most powerful storm to hit the city for a number of days so the government taking all actions pick it's currently activated its emergency response plan. all right mama sarah clarke live for us there in all cost. for more on the impact of typhoon my foot in the philippines we can go back there now to jimmy duggan whose life was in the northern province of.
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jimmy lee how how how has the people there people there weathered this typhoon. well you know we are in one of the towns north of gaza and again as we continue our coverage today we are in alkali where hundreds of civilians have been evacuated they remain in sports complex complexes here within the alkali power when this supposed complex now i'm just going to show i'm just going to move back and just to show you this behind me our farmlands basically have now been all submerged in flood waters those are very vacuum waited for the main evacuation centers come from these farmlands and they have yet to see the devastation themselves and although there have been no casualties or serious injuries here this is still a devastation nonetheless because it sets back these people for many years two
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years ago they went through a similar type food it also destroyed their crops this is supposed to be harvest season and again another disaster like this one they know that whatever aid is given to them it is still not going to be enough and this impact is not just going to be felt in communities like here or even in the whole region of luzon this devastation economically will be felt across the country that is because this is the food basket of the country and this is something that even the government recognize they recognize that there's. an ongoing rights crisis in the country will get even deeper basically once this is felt once the impact the economic impact of this is fully assess at this point it hasn't been fully as yet because so many areas like this one for example and even further remain cut off. and. obviously this is a huge challenge for authorities then in terms of getting the much needed aid to people and rebuilding after the tremendous devastation there how well equipped are
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they to do all that well it's interesting to see that there have been changes in the mindset of filipinos and local government units when it comes to preparing for a thai food if you remember typhoon haiyan in two thousand and thirteen left seven thousand people dead and much of the deaths are blamed not just on the on the strength of the people but also the failure to forcefully evacuated billions from communities from low lying communities we see the difference now when it comes to the efforts of the local government we see that in fact here they're much more vigilant and also the change of mindset of so many filipinos they now under the surge could mean and so we've seen our way with that that they're much more receptive to this however there is still those who refused to be evacuated despite a forced evacuation plan because like we said their homes and their livelihoods are all in just one place these are their lives possessions so there is still like
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a member or two members of the family that will stay behind to look after their crops and their farmland so this is when it becomes difficult. jamila thanks very much jimmy o'loughlin duggan live for us there in that province and just to update you as well on the. typhoon the typhoon in the philippines the death toll there now and now we understand now stands at twenty five so stay with us for the latest developments on that now to a storm on the other side of the world in the u.s. the marines the coast guard and volunteers all rescuing schools of people trapped off the tropical storm florence slammed into the state of north carolina on friday eleven people are confirmed dead in the state is now bracing for what could be the next stage of the storm widespread and potentially catastrophic flooding kristen salumi reports from fayetteville north carolina florence arrived in the carolinas and like an unwanted guest refused to leave the storm continues to pound both
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states with a brain swelling rivers you know somebody said the other day a slight reinstall but turtle this thing will not move up the coast to a nice get out of the way we continue to just get copious amounts running to the rescue of trapped residents continued in new bern north carolina a city that sits on a peninsula between two rivers residents elsewhere are being warned not to get complacent the risk of catastrophic flooding and mudslides remains remember most storm deaths occur from drowning in fresh water often in cars don't drive across the indian or moving water emergency management is sharing flood projections with local officials. if they tell you to evacuate please do so immediately you can save your life the national weather service says more than fifty centimeters of rain have fallen in some areas with more to come this is one major source of concern the cape fear river meteorologists predict that it could
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reach blood levels as soon as sunday morning cresting two days later and the flood waters they could linger for weeks with businesses closed and close to a million people already without power some restless residents ventured outside to get a look i am a little surprised. it's there for. your pretty high for now there's not much they can do but watch and wait kristen salumi al-jazeera fayetteville north carolina plenty more ahead on this news hour celebrations in ethiopia as the government's peace moves leaders of a band opposition to return. and a deadlock is broken in iraq's parliament but some still fear for the future. plus later in sport formula one world title leader lewis hamilton producing a stunning performance. we.
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saw last still ahead but first greece's lawn just refugee camp is facing closure at the end of the month public health officials describe conditions on lesbos as unsafe and have set a deadline to clean it up johnson met some of those stains. this is a bus room in morea camp there's a laboratory for every seventy two people and the water doesn't always run the streets between the tents and housing units smell of fetid waste water this iranian woman shares a tent with an afghan family and gives the children lessons in farsi since there is no education for some three thousand children in the camp the government provides one doctor for moreas nine thousand residents but doctors without borders have set up a surgery outside the camp for women and children the government could move sick and
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vulnerable populations off the island but this year hasn't done so we had a most of them. cut that. part of the problems. that have been problems. but what he had even when they have betty some months ago a medical report from there must be that. they need the remove and in the tent city beside the official camp the aid group movement on the ground has built terracing and drainage and provided wife and elektra city but new arrivals are spilling beyond this into the olive groves surgeries can provide them with only a top pole and the rope about twenty thousand asylum applicants have arrived on greek shows this year all of them forced to remain on stage in islands while their applications are processed at the moment your rivals are looking at waiting periods of fourteen months before their first interview because like others here this
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afghan family has stripped all of trees to cook forced to forage refugees create problems for local farmers one of them shows me his carpentry workshop looted and burned his house was stripped of plywood refugees used for shelter you know longer picks the olives that used to give him half his income and. i come every day and i catch them inside i call the police there's nothing they can do. greece cannot protect us greece is like a video. but the refugees don't want this any more than he does. it is here because the taliban nearly killed him he just wants to finish his degree in psychology this country don't think. we don't want hot water we don't want any of their food we just want to let us leave this camp to be ok you know if i could find a job for i could a could to rent a house ok no problem. living on. the
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scorpions yet this is the foreseeable future for us and eleven thousand refugees on the island. was. stranded in bosnia say they had been beaten stripped searched and robbed by croatian police seventeen people interviewed by. took place during attempts to pass into croatia bosnia has emerged as a new route to western europe since the e.u. tightened its borders crisis interior ministry denies allegations of police brutality. the members of an organization once banned in ethiopia have been given a hero's welcome on their return of the aroma liberation front leader and fifteen hundred fighters returned to edit out of a after twenty six years in exile it's part of the government's new peace initiatives. the jubilant crowd in the each european capital addis ababa on
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saturday the supporters of the or variation from wellcome leader doubt it's the home after years in exile in neighboring. around fifteen hundred or less fighters accompanied him among the welcoming party or left general secretary because despite his frail condition the fact that. there are fighters at the v.a. . like it is that he for the past seven years now well. heroes this saves a lot about. in this very short that of. the largest ethnic group in each opium but for decades they've been complaining of political marginalization liberation front says it represents the aspirations of the or more people it's militants took up arms against the central government for
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years they described the former regime. as oppressive and demanded self-determination for the oromo the oil f.'s being banned for years labeled a terrorist organization by the ethiopian government. in july if you please newly elected prime minister i'll be ahmed granted an amnesty to all dissidents if they renounced violence and agree to talks involving government leaders from the ethnic to the political situation remains volatile there were violent confrontations earlier this week provoked by internal rivalries some fear groups that have seen their long standing status undermined by the political changes are determined to disrupt the reform process. or dizzy or other leaders of the aroma liberation front are the latest opposition members to return home a week ago the leaders of jean what seven returned after more than ten years in exile when their party was outlawed the gym bought along with the land and the old
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guard the national liberation front had been on the government's terror list for years but in july palmer voted to remove them and the new prime minister ahmed invited them to come back and take part in the country's politics prime minister has acknowledged ethiopia has no option but to pursue multi-party democracy or join our mohammed is executive director at mia media network he says the return of the l.f. marks a milestone for the country. historic day indeed of almost fifty years of struggle and being followed some forty years ago come home. four million people attended today's evil historic day of everything is a little more it in the american protesting to the last four years have been the primary cause of the jane they voted the. government under the great war and where in the past to transition to basement rose cynical milestone what was learned
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reconciliation reconstruction transition to democracy it's the exact in time very special day you know i think it is the only way forward now with. mr hu shown that there was a. vested interest in transition the country to democracy in keeping the country together this is the most hopeful time this country has ever seen says. there is a lot of excitement i came back here a month ago. happiness in the. optimism in this country has is intoxicating and there is a negotiation there is no discussion go on all corners and the rows are showing that they need this country they can lead and they can wage this war struggle they can take power and they can control responsibly they can transition the country to democracy yes almost not only in degree but they were in the unite this country forward. our wonders government has released two thousand prisoners among them
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opposition leader victoire in your beer you were sentenced to fifteen years behind bars in two thousand and thirteen for terrorism offenses she had been in detention since twenty ten when she ran against paul in the presidential election or just three months after her return to contest those polls she was arrested and charged with planning to overthrow the government and downplaying the rwandan genocide supporters say her conviction was politically motivated eight hundred thousand tutsis or one the second largest ethnic group were killed in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide by the hutu majority in the beery said that many hutus also died protecting tutsis she wanted them remembered on a genocide memorial. i think see if anybody was supposed to me andy thanks to president hu give me disability.
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to ask him if it is a placebo to lose also other political prison stay here because if you seem to did election of or counted today you see that the ticket election where day there is a corpse that it is see the opening of the political space of the leader of the regional bloc in south america says he's not ruling out military intervention to overthrow venezuela's president at least one and a half million people have fled the political and economic crisis there that's led to some venezuelans coming up with novel ways to make use of their failed currency asunder m.p.'s he has more from kuta on the colombia venezuela border. so often it's very difficult to explain just how far and how deep the venezuelan economy fall and the international monetary fund sensed that by the end of the year inflation there could reach a million percent but what does it all mean one example is right here on the border
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with colombia this is the quest for family and what they have here is real business will earn money but this is so worthless that they're literally sowing it. with it they're making bags and wallets that they sell for pesos on the streets of colombia but how much was one of these bills worked just five years ago when i think one you know if we do one of these bills five years ago we heard of groceries for a week feed a family with you know nobody because they have no value they're actually quite impressively made they sell from three to seven dollars and the crisper family says the program has come to this to make ends meet. acim ahead. on lawrence lee ten years of the financial crash the german economy continues to go from strength to strength but was forced to other european countries. trying to
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keep a centuries old language alive for the next generation in malaysia. plus installed the maldives pull off a huge upset to win the biggest football tournament in south asia we come back. from dusky sunsets if you disproving savannah. to sunrise the top and asian metropolis. we have tossed could now gathering strength once again as a pushes out since to the south china sea you can see the huge swathes. cloud coming back in the eye of the storm the air that still clearly defined it will run very close to home calling it'll be somewhere to the west of hong kong when it does make landfall but the out so bad said bring some really heavy rain across that southeastern corner of china and gradually pushing across much of southern china as
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we go through monday and on into tuesday eventually punching its way through into vietnam showers continue behind for good parts of the philippines for the here and now those showers well they trade all the way across the good parts of india china back into central and northern parts of the philippines that's where the main weather ration as you come further south is slushy dry good deal of sunshine fair amount of fair weather cloud as well but the showers will continue little further north as we go on through monday right the way up through cambodia all the way across into thailand joining up with the showers that we see across the andaman sea into the bay of being golightly showers continue to the northeast of india into bangladesh as well for a good part of interest last you try one of two shower was to the west. the weather sponsored by cats and peace. six.
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yami from the sun roof the funny thing is a promise. to. raise from issue rules is the name under which i record the record is the record music is really going to trip my love for a very young age it may come from the make of what i feel that. talks about just its quality books of all people on the lives of our cricket music has a message that's deeply relevant to this road especially for a good thing this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to oss questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being taught it's like students teachers activists in their class right so it's nice all of them been intimidated that's the number of people on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep soft and rich as a whip and legs all attempts to contradict some of its.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera manner of our top stories this hour rebels in yemen say the united nations has agreed to transport critically ill people out of the country they say a memory memorandum of understanding was signed at talks with u.n. officials in our mark souder led coalition fighting these has not commented on. this year's most powerful typhoon has killed at least twenty five people in the philippines landslides have been blamed for most deaths typhoon manhood is now battering hong kong and other parts of southern china. members of a prominent opposition group once banned in ethiopia have been given
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a hero's welcome on their return home the aroma liberation front leader and fifteen hundred fighters returned to add after twenty six years in exile. iraqis could finally be getting a working parliament on saturday m.p.'s elected a new speaker ending months of political deadlock following may's election but concern is growing that control of iraq's politics may be swing towards pro iranian parties of math and reports from baghdad. after months of political deadlock since the last election iraq's parliament may be growing into gear m.p.'s have finally elected a new speaker of the house he's mohamad a sunni muslim with strong support from the parliament's pro around the shia coalition and that they were aided you we need to unify our efforts some members of parliament can reach political consensus and choose our government capable of facing the serious security and economic challenges ahead other posts are expected
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to be filled soon including the president who will be kurdish according to political tradition he will ask the leader of the biggest parliamentary bloc to be prime minister and to form a cabinet there are three main blocs to choose from the pro iran shia coalition headed by former prime minister nouri al maliki and how the other merely who's head of the fetter bloc the umbrella body for shia armed fighters the pro-u.s. bloc of prime minister high that all about and the iraqi nationalist bloc led by the influential shia cleric knocked out our solder he won a majority in the may elections but the result wasn't accepted by the rest of the parties there are two countries who are going to be very interested in what happens in iraq it's called iran and the united states it's well known that iran has a lot of influence in iraq's politics and in its daily life but in recent days there's been a backlash against the level of that influence the u.s. has supported by mr hyde at all about it because he is in his turn pro united
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states but also because the u.s. sees him as a moderate the can pull together a fractious iraqi government. if however high that are all about he loses. his power within the iraqi government it may come that the us too loses its influence in iraq. and the government riots recently in basra were directed at politicians including prime minister buddy protesters in the oil rich south blamed political corruption and negligence for failing to provide jobs as well as the collapse of the water and electricity supply lines. the offices of local shia armed groups backed by iran were set on fire but of a nuclear iran has been pushing for a consensus to choose the speaker and his two deputies that would guarantee its interests in iraq the u.s. wants an independent iraqi government and a stable political process away from iran's influence there is an apparent conflict
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of interests between iran and the u.s. over iraq's political future iraq's political problems are far from over but the apartment of a house speaker is a step towards a solution rob matheson al jazeera baghdad in zimbabwe a dispute is brewing over who's to blame for a cholera epidemic and the number of victims is rising twenty five people have died and three thousand fallen sick in the capital i don't want us as more from a rally. but also it from blocked and burst pipes flows through a poor suburb of harare rubbish piles up nearby and now the source of disease the bodies government recently declared a cholera emergency in the capital norman has lived here for nearly fifteen years in that time he says the abnormal is becoming normal every year people get sick or very worried. because the the dreaded should be should be cleaned.
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become and be should you come. in. some households in harare haven't had running water for years people who live here say it's been like this for months you can smell the roar silage in the houses are really close by they save us a city council to do something about it but despite the cholera outbreak nothing has been done. politicians are blaming each other for the crisis the new health minister of a dime oil has the opposition run city council is mismanaged and corrupt the opposition says the government should provide more money for water and sanitation harari city council workers say they need nearly ten billion dollars to repair water sewers and roads the funding is going to be in so much for coming also partly because the customers will use the infrastructure do not pay their bills the city's old images of seven hundred eighty million by its customers which money if you did come could have gone towards the end of the with the water system this latest
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cholera outbreak is present investment in god was first major challenge since he won the election in july residents representatives complain of corruption even the pipes that have been laid underground through corruption they look at the. companies companies with the relationship with the council of the show's council managers councillors and government to lay down some of the pipes in these pipes could not sustain the huge population that we now have but they took away money this is a bit b.s. money if they need to be held accountable. the government has banned stores selling street food in harare some vendors are growing the order saying it's the only way they can look after the families health workers warn if nothing is done about harare sanitation crisis the number of dead from cholera and other water borne diseases or continue to rise. our volunteers around the world have been
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picking up rubbish from beaches to mark world cleanup day the biggest polluter is plastic it is estimated more than eight million tons of it ends up in oceans each year in kenya a unique boat is highlighting that catherine saw reports from on the kenyan coast. after two years of trials era's and incredibly hard work flip floppy takes to the water of the indian ocean for the first time. it's built and highly of recycled plastic waste collected from the shores of the indian ocean by kenyans the project's leaders say it's the world's plastic revolution it is really simple we have to end single use plastic recycling is not enough we have to put an end to single use consumption. it's first voyage was around islands in long beach are famous for building. flip flop is expected to sail in the coming months making stops in villages along the indian ocean coast those aboard will be allotting
5:38 am
communities about the dangers of plastic waste and what they can do to protect the environment but building this boat is not the end game the team of boat builders say the used experience for the next project we wanted to have a big a down off long twenty metres and to have a good voyage from around the cape town some of them but for all this challenge us we decided to up this problem time and now so we have seen what we want to plant because most of the material or one of deficient. the launch of flip floppy was on the world cleanup day when millions of people globally volunteered to clean their beaches for twenty four hours the united nations says more than eight million tons of plastic finds its way into the world's oceans every yeah that's the same is dumping garbage truck for every minute lamb was pulled to kenya into the wild mob
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of using plastic in that way the right perspective you can use plastic but you can recycle it and today we have seen from rubbish to a boil. islanders in lima continue to marvel at the food bill this plastic creation and hope the tide of trash sammis far away as asia stops washing up and down home soon and everyone plays down part in saving the ocean kathryn's on al-jazeera on the kenyan coast. of people in senegal have also been getting involved in the big cleanup nicholas hogg has more from the capital dakar it is a big operation in this small beach in senegal to clean up the shoreline in the snow not just happening here it's happening across the world it started thirty years ago across the atlantic in the united states where a few volunteers started picking up litter on the beach but the litter has
5:40 am
multiplied since we find car batteries being washed ashore tires mattresses syringe is baby diapers and a lot of plastic the sewage from this city of one point five million people is poured into the ocean it's as if a hurricane had hit the coast in this forward hundreds of homes but make no mistake this isn't a tropical storm it's humans using the ocean as a dump site out of sight further into the atlantic and the pacific are large garbage patch three times the size of france. right now is the boat trawling and equipment that will start cleaning up those areas but it's still a long way to go now here back on the beach people are trying to recycle whatever
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they find. we need to be united to get rid of plastic from the ocean every day we dump five million tons of plastic bags we need to change our habits. scientists say the oceans are the lungs of our planet's just like trees it transforms the c o two into oxygen except it's an organism that suffocating there are species that are disappearing because of the pollution here at stake it isn't just a cleaning operation it's about changing public perception of the ocean seeing it as a living organism that deserves to be both protected and cared for now of all the countries hit by the two thousand and eight financial crisis germany has managed its economy better than most but critics accuse it of pushing policies that wrecked other european economies largely reports from berlin on how that spewed a decade later. in the corridors of power in berlin there are reasons to be
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cheerful ten years ago the german economy was so well insulated that the big crash was never going to cause a crisis so much has changed in other european countries but not here in the first six months of this year alone the german economy run a budget surplus of over fifty billion dollars that's almost three percent of germany's gross domestic product or annual wealth it's the kind of figure that makes other countries either extremely jealous or absolutely furious it was the german government that demanded after the bank started to fall that the european commission impose new rules on countries like greece forcing them to adopt a hugely destructive tax raising powers in return for bailouts and loans a decade on stagnant economy is in huge unemployment levels of what's left the proceeds went to the banks not the people many economists hold germany directly responsible for bankrupting greece it is very anti democratic approach that is
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something that gives assurance to general politicians that there are rules and that they can be here too and that things will work out but and i think that kind of comfort is illusion it is defense germany would argue that if other countries have behaved in the right way in the first place then the wouldn't have been a problem most of the political class here bears few regrets about driving policies which proved so controversial no absolutely not i think that was the only way the fact that we are successful in all these countries shows that this was the right way and it's like in the it's like in the private sphere. if you don't half debt you are a free man and if you have debt you have to listen to the persons who gave you the money. the one area which germany has suffered from.
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in recent years has been the rise of far right populism born partly from economics in poor areas but also from anger towards chancellor merkel's generous asylum policies for refugees this week though the german government announced it was devoting billions of euros to tackle long term unemployment a certain way of diffusing anger germany is able to make these choices in ways others can only dream about lawrence li al jazeera ballin. all right when we come back on a zero older sport defending champions france have all the answers in the davis cup polls here with that story. the past past boss. travels the road to mexico raising ecological when. creates a good solution for the country's most remote. demonstrated cortines of my deep
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in the struggle for a better speech to the. past passed by the cubs of the viewfinder in america seen. on al-jazeera. my name to be a place where this is truly calling down home. bringing you know wanted me to once you know you all ends up with. managerial is resilient and is just so full of surprises planted here yes. yes to every know all. my nigeria. on al-jazeera.
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oh yeah no efforts are underway in malaysia to revive a language only three thousand people can speak fluently malaccan portuguese came into existence during the sixteenth century florence louis reports from a lock up on the western coast of malaysia. the ruins of a fortin malacca stand as a reminder of the portuguese presence in malaysia in fifteen eleven they captured the coastal city and ruled for over a century before the dutch defeated them when the portuguese left they left behind more than just buildings filomena singh who is descended from the portuguese she still speaks the language of her ancestors malaccan creole portuguese derived from the portuguese with words borat from other languages and a grammatical structure similar to the mill
5:47 am
a language all here to do was in year zero two of the second it's also known by its colloquial name poppea christan but it's in decline spoken mainly by the older generation so seeing host art and using social media to pass on her knowledge when i was a model for work. for in the same yonder. was then war crime. so it is good morning how are you all so giving us. yourself courage to carry your new window to lend a simple few words it is something her brother michael wrote a book together with other language experts to help people learn christan. formal instructions are rare it isn't taught in schools and exists mostly in oral form we have survived for many years we've got a cultural and breach religion and identity and saw we cannot lose in your piece
5:48 am
element. like many other malaysians of portuguese descent the singers have their roots in this neighborhood in malacca this is the portuguese settlement home to about one thousand eight hundred people descended from the portuguese academics say the community here has provided a haven for the language the children grow up hearing it being spoken if not at home then maybe at a neighbor's house. on weekends children come for classes at sarah's santa maria as house. and brought up in the portuguese settlement. she teaches dance and cooking too with instructions in popular christian to preserve not just the language but other aspects of her culture the language is also caught the attention of academics we've got to think beyond we go to think about the perhaps they can only value but done by the people right the community can find ways to share their knowledge their language share their own perspectives
5:49 am
dest doris' i think a very important. the only generation of malaccan portuguese are counting on the younger generation to keep the language alive florence li al-jazeera. malaysia. thank you very much well we start with a result that has given other teams hope that new zealand's rugby union players can be beaten the all blacks lost to south africa in the rugby championship on saturday their first home defeat against the springboks in nine years south africa were on a six game losing streak against the world champions going into the match in wellington but they went twenty four seventeen up at half time the most that new zealand have ever conceded in a first half home a thirty six thirty four defeat for them just their second loss in fifty eight home test matches while the result really shaking up the table with south africa now as threats to the all blacks at the top another shock on saturday australia losing at
5:50 am
home to argentina twenty three nineteen and not won the puma's first win on australian soil in thirty five years well formula one world title leader lewis hamilton is in pole position for the singapore grand prix after a stunning performance in qualifying. louis you picked up the street circuit was expected to favor the ferrari of hamilton's title loyal for the asking vettel but the mercedes driver was able to claim the seventy ninth pole of his career while vettel finished down in third red bulls much for stuff that will start sunday's race second on the grid. wow wow that was a hard core of my existence. that felt like magic. i don't really know where it came from but it all came together. naturally want to say thank you to to the team back to factory you know i was working so hard really really so hard to put out
5:51 am
actually bids and today i just can't manage just about one lap just to get it right realm of dread of drop their first points of the spanish league season drawing one one at athletic bilbao but barcelona have kept up their one hundred percent record the defending champions went to goal down to real sociedad out his elliston those scoring for the busk side but goals from that man luis suarez and their. got all three points well former rail star christiane aldo will be looking for his first goal for your ventus when they place us through a low in the italian syria on sunday and slot is not police made sure they kept pace with uva at home to fewer in teen on saturday arcadius melech picked out lorenzo in singing a the only goal of the game with just over ten minutes to play napoli are second level online points would you very well have sunday's game in hand liverpool of made it five wins out of five in the english premier league they beat tottenham to want wembley goals from jeanie one album and roberto from a no continued liverpool's perfect start of the season erik lamela scored
5:52 am
a late consolation for spurs it's liverpool's best start to a campaign since one nine hundred ninety it was a very good performance maybe all best against tottenham opes so all in all the years since i'm in. well no mention only five percent less and probably would have lost probably so that's really hard and told them it's probably not have been the moment over the result in a bit of performance but because we brought the good it was so difficult for tottenham today i don't think the problem played bad reigning champions manchester city beat fullam three know what for the last one hundred percent record after a two one home defeat to manchester united chelsea a top of the table on goal difference after a four one win over cardiff at scoring a hat trick. the maldives have beaten india to win south asian football suzuki cup it's the second time the country of less than half a million people has defeated india in the final the last time was ten years ago so a whole new generation was on the pitch in bangladesh is capital dhaka abraham
5:53 am
hussain put them one zero up after ninety minutes and only fuzzy had doubled that was just over twenty minutes left in late goal couldn't change things for india who has played in under twenty three team of the tournament they miss out on an eight strong faith she wants the maldives in this final canady goal of can and cannot alvarez had to be separated at the weigh in and if their middleweight title fight the rematch between two of the best pound for pound boxes in the world is coming up in las vegas their first fight finished in a draw this one should have happened in may but alvarez failed to drugs tests for the steroid clenbuterol former light welterweight world champion i'm in a car and was beaten by alvarez two years ago khan told us earlier that alvarez's dumping history may give goal of can an advantage in this fight is not a big loss maker you know me he's a lot more lead now with a lot more. in there than he used to be nice so you know you don't know if maybe
5:54 am
was something he was taking for a long long time now when a fight you is off thinking ends up hauled symptoms like stay right the way out what mentally when thus taken away from you actually meant to that's going to play a very big part in the game because it's going to seem power is going to the seams is going to be as big and strong. so this was going to tell a little bit i mean. you need to jump in the back now if that's not getting one of the lucky. limbic champion himself and i just think he might have the number for the fly again even though the first fight was very close i just been this fight i could see a lot of q. knocking out her mellow because maybe the. although. french tennis player julia beneteau retired after the u.s. open this month but an injury crisis in his country's davis cup team meant he got an emergency call up for france and has now seen them through to the final he
5:55 am
teamed up with nicola as france took their two nil lead over spain into the doubles on saturday. it's a show that's an old dog can do some new tricks and win a point with them to. spain's marcel granollers and for c.n.n. lopez unable to take a set off the unexpected dream ending to benetton his career barring another comeback for the final. olympic champions brazil have fallen to a surprise defeat to the netherlands at the world volleyball championships the dutch are lowly twenty fifth in the world and for a set behind the number one ranked brazilians but they won the next three and go above the south americans in third in pole be their last world championship win against brazil payment nine hundred sixty six. and i'll have more later on an advanced space lasers been blasted into orbit to measure how much ice remains on earth so walk them success for the u.s. space agency nasa morgan has more three to one.
5:56 am
nasa is calling it its most advanced basically there are nearly three launch on saturday i said to have ten thousand lights will arbet on a billion dollar mission to find out how much of the earth's ice is melting as the climate of worms. i said it was all about measuring elevation and a natural question is how do you know you get the right answer or go out collect a reference data so i will be ready to compare and evaluate green laser light from the satellite bounces off of this thing goes right back up to the satellite again super reflective so this things is up in data with alzheimer's like i said to i said two is the first mission in nearly a decade that will be measuring ice levels its predecessor i set launched in two thousand and three operated for six years the new satellites will use an advanced laser and camera system known as atlas to measure how long it takes individual particles of light to leave the satellite bounce off earth and return these tests
5:57 am
will be repeated four times a year providing scientists with a continuous record detailing changes in the ice its will also help them better understand the relationship between the melting ice sheets and the rising sea scientists have been warning for a number of years that the global average temperature is rising the four hottest years on record have been the last four and the constant reliance on fossil fuels for energy means levels of greenhouse gases continue to mount but the u.s. administration and the president donald trump seems intent on slashing projects that aim to study and curb climate change. the i said to mission should last three years but has enough fuel to continue for ten if the mission managers decide to extend its life but that will depend not on the scientists but some politicians people morgan al-jazeera that's it for this news hour for me has a seeker more news in two minutes with.
5:58 am
we have a news gathering team here that is second time out there all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we help give you understand and make sense of it. what makes this moment is you we're living so unique. we haven't seen the president this. freedom of speech is a reality widely considered that is a formula for authoritarianism and here in the early years the lights are long and there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution
5:59 am
no upfront retellings on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but it's been for a few jomo soldier's life it's not the no more live show and the story needs to be told we do stories that i've also said i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind that al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. jewing sierra leone's civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera these is an aim to be well trained to secretly peacekeeping force to launch the product complete a chain his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for
6:00 am
those slaughtered by their guardians of peace kilis on al-jazeera. at least twenty five people are killed and thousands are displaced in the philippines as the years strongest storm batters the northern coast. along down jordan the south is there a lawyer from doha also coming up. yemen's who the rebels say the u.n. has agreed to help move the critically injured abroad to treatment. celebrations in ethiopia as the government's peace moves in our leaders of the bam the opposition party to return home. and one of europe's biggest refugee camps could be shut down if the government fails to improve living conditions.


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