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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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at least twenty five people are killed and thousands are displaced in the philippines as the year's strongest storm batters the northern coast. along down jordan the sound is there a live from doha also coming up yemen's who the rebels say the u.n. has agreed to help move the critically injured a brutal treatment. celebrations in ethiopia as the government's peace moves and leaders of a band opposition party to return home. and one of europe's biggest refugee camps could be shut down if the government fails to improve living conditions.
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in the philippines at least twenty five people have been killed by this year's most powerful typhoon banket week and slightly off it made landfall on the largest island of luzon on saturday it's left a trail of destruction in the northern province of kut guy on duggan is there. we are now we are one of the many towns in north of canadian province that have been affected by this size two and i'm just going to show you behind me our farmland that have now been submerged in flood waters hundreds of civilians have been evacuated and those who remain in evacuation centers come from these communities and they have yet to see the devastation firsthand even though there are no casualties this is said to impact them quite devastatingly that is because it is expected to set them back for many years a similar type of hit him a few years ago and they have barely recovered yesterday once we were allowed to
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head out we ventured out and headed straight to a similar area here where the government says aid and assistance are well underway one of the many towns who visited is the town of the guy. typhoon monk arrived just as predicted vicious with its force pounding over most of northern luzon the early hours saw power and phone lines cut off in the ghetto city in calgary and province incessant rains and strong winds crippled many of the operations planned by emergency teams. but the destruction here is nothing compared to what we saw when we ventured out of the city. throughout rural communities we saw homes and farmland destroyed access into these remote areas is difficult which means eight may be slow to arrive to. like so many places here the town of bugout bore the brunt of the typhoon spirit marine
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commanders say many people here lost their homes significantly on. property and with. the power lines. we expect that the hike will be over soon people here tell us they were aware of the forced evacuation order by the government but following it is easier said than done that is because often their homes and their livelihoods are just in one place and this is all what they've got these are their lives possessions they went through something similar already two years ago a super typhoon hit their community and they've barely recovered. julio salah says her small cafeteria was your only means to support your family now it's gone. it really hurts us we don't know where it's back and everything happened so fast and now my business is gone the destruction is similar all across luzon the largest
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island in the philippines the majority of typhoon victims are from small farming communities the impact has yet to be fully assessed and the cost counted. the philippine government says efforts to help are well under way but from past experience filipinos know it's never enough they barely had much before the typhoon and now they have even less. of the prophets nor did the beatles well from the philippines typhoon monk court has now made its way to hong kong where the territories issued its highest storm alert people from low lying areas have been evacuated and focuss are predicting up to one hundred millimeters of rain for sunday hong kong's biggest airline cathay pacific has warned problems to expect up to four hundred cancellations over the next three days with sarah joins us live now from hong kong sara so this is still
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a very powerful typhoon tell us what you are seeing on the ground as the weather worsens. the u.k. it certainly is and i'm the last hour so i jump out of there to issue the tweet and hearken signal that the most powerful on the right and said at the bottom it's a condition to say. here i think we've got to mention right in the morning to protect from landslides there's also warnings of other ways of reaching out to potentially things aiming his my way we are way down the this is very little action on the top and it's on public transport it's been shut down the theories are uprighting other government services will play and this is the shutdown and as you mentioned the airlines have been canceled their flights today not expected to resume until tomorrow and the worst of it is expected to be here around lunchtime so i was about a couple of hours from now so the worst of it is yet to come and sarah looks pretty dramatic behind you and how prepared is hong kong for
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a storm like this what's the government been telling people. with it i think we've had a lot of warnings out for a few days we know that sometime in the coming. period between ten was last year in the. field full price if you want me last year but we have a separation device for the government now i put it like it's a mix of the response yourself to mexico government departments and shut down as a result of public transport on a friday people being told the state side city because if. i did have a lifeline here you think anything happened last night that makes me happy i meant to say that here writing condition i think i mean something. that they can take to continue to. serve in hong kong sarah stay safe thank you. now in yemen who through rebels say the united nations has agreed to help get injured people out of the war ravaged country they say
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a memorandum of understanding was signed at talks with the u.n. officials in amman but the saudi led coalition fighting the who these has not commented on the agreement last week talks meant to take place between the yemeni government and who the rebels in geneva collapsed before they even began under simmons has been monitoring the conflict from across the red sea in djibouti this announcement comes from the who theory rebels and it could amount to a potential breakthrough following on from the failure to get the delegation from the who it is to geneva more than a week ago they've been in the money capital muscat meeting u.n. officials including martin griffiths the u.n. special envoy now what they're saying and they've published a picture of lease ground they signing a document which they who things say amounts to a memorandum of understanding they say the who says that they have gotten agreement to transport a number of injured people to amman over
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a period of six months for treatment for serious injuries on the battlefield well yemeni political analyst abraham qatar be skeptical of the deal. i don't think any any thing would happen between these and the un the un would have made an announcement and the coalition and the yemeni government will know about that i feel this is more we have seen time and again that with these fry brocade information and give misleading information that they reach an agreement we don't know what kind of agreement they reached they haven't really clearly said anything about i think that's a game trying to push back on trying to make the international community pressure the saudis and the united arab emirates for taking over the seaport which is the main seaport that supplies the whole thing is themself and i feel like the saudi led coalition supply line the whole thing is all the struggle and where they control because that's their main access to you know the water that they meant
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access to goods and supplies that's their main access to the humanitarian aid that comes through that support and so they will be completely and in a blockade by the saudi led coalition the syrian government says it's intercepted israeli missiles fired at damascus airport state t.v. this video apparently showing defenses at work israel has now the confirmed nor denied the report it says it's count up more than two hundred attacks against iranian targets in syria in the last two years now members of an organization once banned in ethiopia have been given a hero's welcome on their return home to our own liberation front leader would and fifteen hundred fighters return to addis ababa after twenty six years in exile it's all part of the government's new peace initiative adult reports. the jubilant crowd in the ethiopian capital addis ababa on saturday supporters of the oromo liberation front welcomed leaders who after years in exile in neighboring. around fifteen
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hundred fighters accompanied him among the welcoming party general secretary because despite his condition. the fact that mr doubt and he are biters at me. like it is that he for the past seven years i am now well. heroes this saves a lot about how my. very sure that it is. the largest ethnic group in each opiate but for decades they've been complaining of political marginalization or liberation front says it represents the aspirations of the or more people it's militants took up arms against the central government for years they described the former regime. as oppressive and demanded self-determination for the oromo the oil f.'s being banned for years labor. by the
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ethiopian government in july if your peers newly elected prime minister ahmed granted an amnesty to all dissidents if they denounced violence and agree to talks involving government leaders from the ethnic to the political situation remains volatile there were violent confrontations earlier this week provoked by internal rivalries some fear groups that have seen them longstanding status undermined by the political changes are determined to disrupt any form process. but drama hammad is executive director at r m a m media network he says the return of the ira left marks a milestone for the country. historic day need of almost fifty years of struggle and being followed some forty years ago come home. four million people attended today's evil historic day the reason is a little more than the american protest into the last four years have been the
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primary cause of the jane they brought to the. government under the great war and where in the past to transition to basine intro's cynical milestone was learned recently asian reconstruction transition to democracy is the exact in time very special day you know i think integration is the only way forward now with. mr hu shown that there was a. vested interest in transition the country to democracy in keeping the country together this is the most hopeful time this country has ever seen says. there is a lot of excitement i came back here a month ago. have been is in the excitement of things in this country as it is intoxicating and there is a negotiation there is no discussion on all corners and the rows are showing that they need this country they can lead and they can wage this war struggle they can
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take power and they can control responsibly they can transition the country to democracy yes almost not only in degree but they will in the unite this country forward. time for a short break here now just when we come back. i'm kathleen saw in lamu at the canyon coast lab both made of recycled plastic waste if they leave i'll be telling you why such a milestone for the people again. three two one. and a super cool mission launches a satellite to track the loss of ice around the world more or not stay with us. once again more tropical storm florence continues to stagger along the coastal
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fringes of the side of united states into the carolinas starting to push in labutta still going at war came price i'm afraid so there we go that sunday's pitcher still plenty of heavy rain right across the carolinas but starting to push up across that he says out of kentucky and tennessee just heading a little further north with just not just some wet weather to into texas that said we want to keep an army could see some flooding here north of the border some pretty heavy rains the central and western parts of canada cold enough for the snow over the rockies six celsius the top temperature in calgary on sunday after a warm up here as we go on into monday but some places the snow to make their way out it'll for the race that you'll see through a good part of ontario towards quebec and now since we're seeing some progress in that rain from florence but a legacy of wet weather still coming back in across the the carolinas even into monday and beyond got some rain too into the caribbean it's making its way across
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central areas particularly concerned with this little clumps of storms this is the remnants of tropical storm isaac it is in the prices of wake me and gradually moving further west. on counting the cost this week ten years later why young people are picking up the bill for the global financial crisis could a seismic economic event be brewing it emerging markets plus behind gated walls bubbles and crashes in the global housing market counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour this year's most powerful typhoon has killed at least twenty five people in the philippines landslides been blamed on most of the deaths is now battering hong kong and other parts of southern china. who the rebels and yemen say the u.n. has agreed to transport critically ill people out of the country that are on the understanding was signed up talks with u.n. officials in amman. and members of the ramon liberation front of the organization once in ethiopia have been given a hero's welcome on their return back home group's leader and fifteen hundred fighters. up to twenty six years in exile. in rwanda the government has released two thousand prisoners among them opposition leader. who was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars in twenty thirteen for terrorism offenses she'd been in
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detention since twenty ten when she ran against polygamy in the presidential election. i think see if anybody was supposed to me. andy thanks today to president hu give me disability. would you like to ask him if it is a placebo to go to. prison we stay here because if you seem to did election of your concert today you see that the ticket election which there is a hope that today it is see the opening of the political space flooding in eastern sedan has displaced more than five thousand people and destroyed twenty six thousand hectares of farmland the worst affected areas mythos in the state of get out if dozens of villages are submerged and many people who haven't been able to find shelter in the u.s. the coast guard marines and volunteers are rescuing scores of people trapped on
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a tropical storm florence slammed into the state of north carolina on friday eleven people are now confirmed dead and the states now bracing for widespread flooding question salumi reports of fadhil in north carolina florence arrived in the carolinas and like an unwanted gast refused to leave the storm continues to pound both states with a brain swelling rivers you know somebody said the other day it's like being stopped but turtle this thing will not move up the coast when i get out of the way we continue to just get copious amounts of rain the rescue of trapped residents continued in new bern north carolina a city that sits on a peninsula between two rivers residents elsewhere are being warned not to get complacent the risk of catastrophic flooding and mudslides remains remember most storm deaths occur from drowning in freshwater often in cars don't drive across the ending on moving water emergency management the sharing flood
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projections for the local officials if they tell you to evacuated please do so immediately. it could save your life the national weather service says more than fifty centimeters of rain have fallen in some areas with more to come this is one major source of concern the cape fear river meteorologists predict that it could reach through into sunday morning cresting two days later and the flood waters they could linger for weeks with business is closed and close to a million people already without power some restless residents ventured outside to get a look i am a little bit surprised. it's different like i always wonder like how high can they get here pretty high for now there's not much they can do but watch and wait kristen salumi al-jazeera fayetteville north carolina all refugees stranded in bosnia say they've been beaten strip searched and robbed by croatian police
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seventeen people interviewed biologist zero said the abuse took place during attempts to possum to croatia bosnia has emerged as a new route to western europe since the e.u. tightened its borders croatia's interior ministry denies allegations of police brutality greece's largest refugee camp is facing closure at the end of the month public health officials described conditions on lesbos as unsafe and have set a deadline to clean it up john psaropoulos met some of those living that. this is a bus room in morea camp there's a laboratory for every seventy two people and the water doesn't always run the streets between the tents and housing units smell of fetid waste water this iranian woman shares a tent with an afghan family and gives the children lessons in farsi since there is no education for some three thousand children in the camp the government provides one doctor for moreas nine thousand residents but doctors without borders have set up a surgery outside the camp for women and children the government could move sick and
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vulnerable populations off the island but this year hasn't done so we had a most of them. part of the problems. have been problems. but what he had even when they have betty some months ago a medical report from the must be that. they need the remove and in the tent city beside the official camp the aid group movement on the ground has built terracing and drainage and provided wife and elektra city but new arrivals are spilling beyond this into the olive groves surgeries can provide them with only a top pole and the rope about twenty thousand asylum applicants have arrived on greek shows this year all of them forced to remain on stage in islands while their applications are processed at the moment new arrivals are looking at waiting periods of fourteen months before their first interview because like others here
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this afghan family has stripped all of trees to cook forced to forage refugees create problems for local farmers one of them shows me his company tree workshop looted and burned his house was stripped of plywood refugees used for shelter he no longer picks the olives that used to give him half his income and. i come every day and i catch them inside i call the police there's nothing they can do. greece cannot protect us greece is like a vineyard without offense but the refugees don't want this any more than he does allissa job is here because the taliban nearly killed him he just wants to finish his degree in psychology this country don't anything. we don't want hot water we don't want anything we don't want their feet we just want to let us leave if i could lift this camp to be ok you know if i could find a job for i could i could the rent a house ok no problem. living on the jungle the
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scorpions yet this is the foreseeable future for us and eleven thousand refugees on the island. lesbos. volunteers around the globe have been picking up rubbish from beaches to mark world cleanup day the biggest pollutant is plastic it's estimated more than eight million tons of it ends up in the ocean each year but in kenya unique boaters helping to solve the problem catherine saw reports from lamu on the kenyan coast. after two years of trials aras and incredibly hard luck flip floppy takes to the water of the indian ocean for the first time. it's built and highly of recycled plastic waste collected from the shores of the indian ocean by kenyans the project's leader says it's the world's plastic revolution but it is really simple we have to end single use plastic recycling is not enough we
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have to put an end to single use consumption. it's first voyage was around islands in the. famous building. expected to sail in the coming months making stops in villages along the indian ocean coast those aboard will be allotting communities about the dangers of plastic waste and what they can do to protect the environment but building this boat is not the end game. the team of boat builders say they use the experience for the next project we wanted to have a bigger bounce off long twenty metres and voyage from around one to cape town something but for all this challenge thus we decided drop this problem time so we have seen what we want to plant because most of the material are not deficient. the launch of flip floppy was on the world cleanup day when millions of people globally
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volunteered to clean their beaches for twenty four hours the united nations says more than eight million tons of plastic finds its way into the world's oceans every yeah that's a serious dumping garbage truck for every minute. of using plastic in the right perspective you can use plastic but you can't recycle it and today we have seen from rubbish. islanders in lamo continue to marvel at the builders plastic creation and hope the tide of trash sam is far away as asia stops washing up their home soon and everyone plays gap part in saving the. conference on al-jazeera on the kenyan coast. people in senegal have also been getting involved in the big cleanup and as nicholas hart found out in the capital dhaka beaches there turned into a dumping ground for some unusual items. it is
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a big operation in this small beach and set a goal to clean up the shoreline it's not just happening here it's happening across the world it started thirty years ago across the atlantic in the united states where a few volunteers started picking up litter on the beach but the litter has multiplied since we find car batteries being washed ashore tires mattresses syringe is baby diapers and a lot of plastic the sewage from this city of one point five million people is poured into the ocean it's as if a hurricane had hit the coast and destroyed hundreds of homes but make no mistake this isn't a tropical storm it's humans using the ocean to dump site out of sight further into the atlantic and the pacific are large garbage patch
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three times the size of france. right now is a boat trawling and equipment that will start cleaning up those areas but it's still a long way to go now here back on the beach people are trying to recycle whatever they find in the storm or roughly who we need to be united to get rid of plastic from the ocean every day we don't five million tons of plastic bags we need to change our habits. scientists say the oceans are the lungs of our planet's just like trees it transforms the c o two into oxygen except it's an organism that suffocating there are species that are disappearing because of the pollution here at stake it isn't just a cleaning operation it's about changing public perception of the ocean seeing it as a living organism that deserves to be both protected and cared for nonviolent space
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lasers been blasted into orbit with a cool mission to measure how much ice remains down here on earth it's a welcome success for the u.s. space agency nasa after the cancellation of other climate change projects in the moment has moved three to one. nasa is calling its most advanced space laser three launch on saturday i said to a half ton faster the light will are based on a billion dollar mission to find out how much of the earth's ice is melting as the climate of worms. i said it was all about measuring elevation and a natural question is how do you know you get the right answer or go out collect a reference data so i will be ready to compare and evaluate the green laser light from the satellite bounces off of this thing goes right back up to the satellite again super reflective so this thing is up and data with altimeters like i saw two
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i said two is the first mission in nearly a decade that will be measuring ice levels its predecessor i sat launched in two thousand and three operated for six years the new satellites will use an advanced laser and camera system known as atlas to measure how long it takes individual particles of light to leave the satellite bounce off earth and return these tests will be repeated four times a year providing scientists with a continuous record detailing changes in the ice it'll also help them better understand the relationship between the melting ice sheets and the rising sea scientists have been warning for a number of years that the global average temperature is rising the four hottest years on record have been the last four and the constant reliance on fossil fuels for energy means levels of greenhouse gases continue to mount but the u.s. administration and the president donald trump seems intent on slashing projects that aim to study and curb climate change the i said to mission should last three
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years but has enough fuel to continue for ten if the mission manages decide to extend its life but that will depend not on the scientists but some politicians morgan al-jazeera. the right time for a quick check of the headlines on al-jazeera this year's most powerful typhoon has killed at least twenty five people in the philippines. landslides have been blamed the most of the deaths the northeastern province of guy and took a direct hit and monk it made landfall early on saturday well from the philippines typhoon monkhood has now made its way to hong kong where the territory has issued its highest storm alert people from low lying areas have now been evacuated forecasters are predicting up to one hundred millimeters of rain for sunday's a live pictures from there hong kong's biggest airline cafe pacific has one travelers to expect up to four hundred cancellations over the next three days.
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who the rebels in yemen say the u.n. has agreed to transport critically ill people out of the country they say a memorandum of understanding was signed that talks with the united nations officials in amman but the saudi led coalition fighting the who these in yemen has not commented on the agreement last week talks in geneva to end the conflict collapse before they even began the syrian government says it's intercepted israeli missiles fired at damascus airport state t.v. aired this video apparently showing air defenses that work israel has neither confirmed nor denied the report it says it's carried out more than two hundred attacks against iranian targets in syria in the last two years members of the r m own liberation front an organization of once banned in ethiopia have been given a hero's welcome on their return back home the group's leader and fifteen hundred fighters have returned after twenty six years in exile in rwanda the government has
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released two thousand prisoners among them opposition leader. who was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars and twenty thirteen for terrorism offenses she'd been in detention since twenty ten when she ran against poor gummi in the presidential election. and refugees stranded in bosnia say they've been beaten strip searched and robbed by the creation police seventeen people interviewed by al jazeera said the abuse took place during attempts to cross into croatia bosnia has emerged as a new route to western europe since the e.u. tightened its borders croatia's officials deny allegations of police brutality well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost that's watching both are. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human kind in the twenty first century and they are nuclear war climate change and technological destruction facing realities what whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of your kind here their story on
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talk to al jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week ten years later why young people are picking up the bill for the global financial crisis. also this week the weakest links fears over a seismic economic event that could be brewing in emerging markets. plus behind gated walls the growing wealth divide the housing market. this week we're marking an important anniversary ten years ago on september fifteenth wall street bank lehman brothers collapsed but this event wasn't about a one hundred fifty year old bank lehman was a key part of.


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