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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the return of the president on al-jazeera. to hong kong with heavy rains and powerful winds after leaving a trail of destruction in the philippines. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the rebels say the un has agreed to help move the critically injured abroad to treatment. celebrations in ethiopia as the government's peace moves the leaders of the opposition party to return home . ten years after the financial crash the german economy continues to go from strength to strength cost to other european countries.
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in the philippines at least twenty five people have been killed by this year's most powerful typhoon. and we can slightly after it made landfall in the largest on of luzon on saturday has left a trail of destruction in the northern province of. we are now we are one of the many counties in north of province that have been affected by this by who and i'm just going to show you behind me are farmland that have now been submerged in water hundreds of civilians have been evacuated and those who remain in evacuation centers come from these communities and they have yet to see the devastation firsthand even go there are no casualties there is that impact them quite devastatingly that is because it is expected that them back for many years a similar type would hit them
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a few years ago and they have barely recovered yesterday once we were allowed to head out we ventured out and headed straight to a similar hit area here where the government says aid and assistance are well on their way one of the many counter visited is the town of. arrived just as predicted this is what it's for spending over most of north. the early hours so power and so lines cut off into the ghetto city into the province insistence rains and strong winds crippled many of the operations planned mergence a tease. but the destruction here is nothing compared to what we saw when we ventured out of the city. through out to rural communities we saw homes and farmland destroyed access into these remote areas is difficult which means eight may be slow to arrive to. like so many places here the town of
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bugout bore the brunt of the typhoon spirit marine commanders say many people here lost their homes significant. property and with crops includes the power lines so we expect that the high point can be over soon people here tell us they were aware of the forced evacuation order by the government but following it is easier said than done that is because often their homes and their livelihoods are just in one place and this is all what they've got these are their lives possessions they went through something similar already two years ago a super typhoon hit their community and they've barely recovered julio salah says her small cafeteria was your only means to support your family now it's gone. it really hurts us we don't know where to begin and everything happened so fast and
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now my business is gone the destruction is similar all across luzon the largest island in the philippines the majority of typhoon victims are from small farming communities the impact has yet to be fully assessed and the cost counted. the philippine government says efforts to help are well under way but from past experience filipinos know it's never enough they barely had much before the thai food and now they have even less. cut. of the profits nor did pretty. well from the philippines typhoon monkey has now made its way to hong kong where the territory has issued its highest stormily that these are live pictures from there now people from low lying areas have been evacuated and four courses are predicting up to one hundred millimeters of rain for sunday hong kong's biggest airline pacific as one travels to expect up to four
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hundred cancellations over the next three days will sort of joins us live now from hong kong so this is still a very powerful typhoon tell us what you're seeing on the ground there as the weather was. look where we are right down the harbor of the foreshore and then the shoreline is getting an absolute basic i would say massive wives some predictions of up to fourteen majors in some areas offshore just to maintain things now between ten and fifteen the most powerful sink on the right on edge expected to sign price for a few hours but got to ensure right i would be what's called red right which is being issued by the company seventeen right now i would got some low level flooding in some parts of the territories with the ports of electricity and power down i was in some reports of a building scaffolding i would just shake some scaffolding in massive high rise which is being blown down just the intensity and severity of the screen so
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certainly some people say it's one of most powerful storms of among all the same cause so that be a lot of damage no doubt i've been expedited simply not the word smithing the worst of it is about to begin to stop today the tea table stime pipes for those of you out here a little pretty dramatic behind you sara how prepared is. hong kong for a storm like this and what's the government been telling people that. it's fine to taipei is one of the most powerful sometimes serious one last year around this time but this. is a bomb according to the mosque is to take the city brightest minds might shut down its businesses it's public transport and pay for the site but even with the safe haven. you just respect the damage think think this is there are still. find out what damage that has been the next few hours see what sort of talk there
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in hong kong sara thank you. to yemen now if you rebels say the united nations has agreed to help get injured people out of the war torn country they say a memorandum of understanding was signed up talks with u.n. officials in amman but the saudi led coalition fighting the who things in yemen has not commented on the agreement last week talks meant to take place between the yemeni government and who the rebels in geneva collapsed before they began under simmons has been monitoring the conflict from across the red sea in djibouti. this announcement comes from the who theory rebels and it could amount to a potential breakthrough following on from the failure to get the delegation from the who to is to geneva more than a week ago they've been in the a money capital muscat meeting un officials including martin griffiths the un special envoy now what they're saying and they've published a picture of least ground day signing a document which they who things say amounts to
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a memorandum of understanding they say the hoot is that they have gotten agreement to transport a number of injured people to amman over a period of six months for treatment for serious injuries on the battlefield will yemeni political analyst abraham qatar be a skeptical of the agreement. i don't think any any thing would happen between these and the un the un would have made an announcement and the coalition and the yemeni government will know about that i feel this is more we have seen time and again that with these fry brocade information and give misleading information that they reach an agreement we don't know what kind of agreement they reached they haven't really clearly said anything about it i think that's a game trying to push back on trying to make the international community pressure the saudis and the united arab emirates from taking over the seaport which is the main seaport that supplies the whole thing is themself and i feel like i have the
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saudi led coalition that supply line the houses all the struggle is where they control because that's their main access to you know the water that's lame and access to goods and supplies that's their main access to the humanitarian aid that comes through that support and so they will be completely and in a blockade by the saudi led coalition members of an organization once bombed in ethiopia have been given a hero's welcome on their return home almost liberation front leader. and fifteen hundred fighters returned to other suburb after twenty six years in exile it's part of the government's new peace moves mama deval has more. in the capital addis ababa on saturday supporters of the oromo liberation front when completed. after years in exile in neighboring. around fifteen hundred fighters accompanied him among the welcoming party the general secretary because despite his condition
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the fact that. there are fighters the. really for the past twenty years now well. heroes. so it's all lot. about how. very short. or more are the largest ethnic group in each opiate but for decades they've been complaining of political marginalization liberation front says it represents the aspirations of the or more people it's militants took up arms against the central government for years they described the former regimes in each opiah as oppressive and demanded self-determination for the oromo the oil efs been banned for years labeled a terrorist organization by the ethiopian government in july if your peers newly
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elected prime minister i'd be ahmed granted an amnesty to all dissidents if they denounced violence and agree to talks involving government leaders from the ethnic to the political situation remains volatile there were violent confrontations earlier this week provoked by internal rivalries some fear groups that have seen their long standing status undermined by the political changes are determined to disrupt any form process. well john muhammad is executive director at r m e a media network he says the return of the m.l.s. marks a milestone for the country. historic day indeed of almost fifty years of struggle and being followed some forty years ago come home. four million people attended today's evil historic day the reason is a little more than the american protest into the last four years have been the primary cause of the jane they voted the authoritarian government under the great
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war and where in the past to transition to basement rose cynical milestone what it was to learn a great consolation reconstruction transition to democracy is the exact in time very special day you know i think integration is the only way forward now with. mr hu shown that there was a. vested interest in transition the country to democracy in keeping the country together this is the most hopeful time this country has ever since is since this started there is a lot of excitement i came back here a month ago. have been is in the excitement of things in this country as it is intoxicating and there is negotiation there is no discussion going on in all corners and the rows are showing that they need this country they can lead and they can wage this war struggle they can take power and they can control responsibly
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they can transition the country to democracy yes almost not only in degree but they were in the unite this country forward. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back a deadlock in iraq's parliament is finally broken but some still fear for the future of the country plus trying to keep a centuries old language alive for the next generation in malaysia more on that status. through tranquil arabian can you. see and it's going to live. how the weather is set fire across a good parts of the middle east we've got the showers still lingering around the black sea around the caspian sea just hugging the caucuses will see some wet weather there. southern parts of russia just around armenia georgia maybe into by john over the next couple of days but elsewhere it is fine and dry twenty nine
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celsius in beirut some a value for jerusalem hot sunshine into baghdad and also into work you a city warm sunshine warm enough for any of it was at least impossible reach for couple and into karate woman off to a cross financial little bit of cloud just down towards us a lot of but pretty much everywhere it is going to be wall to wall sunshine temperatures around thirty or forty degrees thirty nine forty degrees as we go on through the next couple days as sunday and monday here in doha to try to close a good part of solemn africa city a chance to some that weather just pushing through the southern cape over the next couple of days but essentially it does look a little more clout over towards job about twenty seven degrees here betty clap and yes showers into central parts of africa we've even had some flooding into central nigeria and also into mali was continue from the gulf of guinea right towards senegal. there with sponsored by the time and place.
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what makes this moment do we need to consider. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is. that it's a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny early in the light so. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution now up from britain on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera this year's most powerful typhoon has killed at least twenty five people in the philippines landslides have been
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blamed for most of the deaths among coaches now battering the hong kong and other parts of southern china. with the rebels in yemen say the u.n. has agreed to transport critically ill people out of the country they say a memorandum of understanding was signed up talks with u.n. officials. a members of the automotive aeration from openness action once banned in ethiopia have been given a hero's welcome on their return back home group's leader of fifteen hundred fighters return to addis ababa after twenty six years in exile. in rwanda the government has released two thousand prisoners among them opposition leader. who was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars and twenty thirteen for terrorism offenses she had been in detention since twenty ten when she ran against paul kagame me in the presidential election. well she was charged convicted with planning to overthrow the government and downplaying the rwandan genocide supporters say the case was politically motivated eight hundred thousand to it says rwanda second largest ethnic group were killed in the nine hundred ninety four
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genocide by the hutu majority in the media said that many hutu hutus also died protecting tutsis she wanted them remembered on a genocide the moral. high tank see if anybody was supposed to me and. the president. give me disability. ask him if it is a placebo. politica. will stay here because if you. did election of or counted today you see that a ticket election where there is a hope that today. the opening of the political space iraqis could finally be getting a working parliament on saturday m.p.'s elected a new speaker and in months of political deadlock following may's election but concern is growing that control of iraq's politics may be swinging towards pro iranian parties mathison reports in the capital baghdad. after months of political
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deadlock since the last election iraq's parliament may be growing into gear m.p.'s have finally elected a new speaker of the house he's mohammed a sunni muslim with strong support from the parliament's pro around the shia coalition and. we need to unify our efforts some members of parliament can reach political consensus and choose our government capable of facing the serious security and economic challenges ahead other posts are expected to be filled soon including the president who will be kurdish according to political tradition he will ask the leader of the biggest parliamentary bloc to be prime minister and to form a cabinet there are three main blocs to choose from the pro iran shia coalition headed by former prime minister nouri al maliki and merely who is head of the fetter bloc the umbrella body for shia armed fighters the pro-u.s. bloc of prime minister. and the iraqi nationalist bloc led by the influential shia
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cleric knocked out our solder he won a majority in the may elections but the result wasn't accepted by the rest of the parties there are two countries who are going to be very interested in what happens in iraq it's called iran and the united states it's well known that iran has a lot of influence in iraq's politics and in its daily life but in recent days. it's been a backlash against the level of that influence the u.s. has supported by mr hyde at all about it because he is in his turn pro united states but also because the u.s. sees him as a moderate the can pull together a fractious iraqi government. if however high that all about it loses his power within the iraqi government it may come that the u.s. two loses its influence in iraq. and the government riots recently in basra were directed at politicians including prime minister buddy protesters in the oil rich south blamed political corruption and negligence for failing to provide jobs
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as well as the collapse of the water and electricity supply lines. the offices of local shia armed groups backed by iran was set on fire. iran has been pushing for a consensus to choose the speaker and his two deputies that would guarantee its interests in iraq and the u.s. wants an independent iraqi government and a stable political process away from iran's influence there is an apparent conflict of interests between iran and the u.s. over iraq's political future iraq's political problems are far from over but the appointment of a house speaker is a step towards a solution rob matheson al jazeera baghdad the two sons of former egyptian president hosni mubarak have been detained on corruption charges. have been out on bail for the last three years but are now back in prison they're accused of embezzling more than one hundred million dollars from stock market manipulation and
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the sale of a bank greece's largest refugee camp is facing closure the end of the month public health officials described conditions on lesbos as unsafe and of set a deadline to clean it up john psaropoulos met some of those living. this is a bus room in morea camp there's a laboratory for every seventy two people and the water doesn't always run the streets between the tents and housing units smell of fetid waste water this iranian woman shares a tent with an afghan family and gives the children lessons in farsi since there is no education for some three thousand children in the camp the government provides one doctor for moreas nine thousand residents but doctors without borders have set up a surgery outside the camp for women and children the government could move sick and vulnerable populations off the island but this year hasn't done so without a must of them. netiquette that that's part of the problems.
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that have been problems. but they used what he had even when they have betty some months ago a medical report from the us be that because they need the me so we move on and in the tent city beside the official camp the aid group movement on the ground has built terracing and drainage and provided wife and elektra city but new arrivals are spilling beyond this into the olive groves surgeries can provide them with only a top pull and the rope about twenty thousand asylum applicants have arrived on greek shows this year all of them forced to remain on stage in islands while their applications are processed at the moment new arrivals are looking at waiting periods of fourteen months before their first interview. because like others here this afghan family has stripped all of trees to cook forced to forage refugees create problems for local farmers one of them shows me his carpentry workshop
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looted and burned his house was stripped of plywood refugees used for shelter he no longer picks the olives that used to give him half his income etiquette like i said i come every day and i catch them inside i call the police there is nothing they can do greece cannot protect us greece is like a vineyard without a fence but the refugees don't want this any more than he does allissa job is here because the taliban nearly killed him he just wants to finish his degree in psychology this country don't anything. we don't want hot water we don't want anything we don't want their feet we just want to let us leave if i could lift this camp to be ok you know if i could find a chop frankly i could already house ok no problem. living on the trunk of the scorpions yet this is the foreseeable future for ali and eleven thousand refugees on the island jump rope loss al-jazeera lesbos. refugees stranded
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in bosnia say they've been beaten strip searched and robbed by the creation police seventeen people interviewed by zero zero zero said the abuse took place during attempts to pass into croatia bosnia has emerged as a new route to western europe since the e.u. tightened its borders courageous interior minister denies allegations of police brutality now of all the countries hit by the two thousand and eight financial crisis germany has managed its economy better than most but critics accuse it of being too strong pushing policies that wrecked other european economies lawrence lead the polls. in the corridors of power in berlin there are reasons to be cheerful ten years ago the german economy was so well insulated that the big crash was never going to cause a crisis so much has changed in other european countries but not here in the first six months of this year alone the german economy around a budget surplus of over fifty billion dollars that's almost three percent of
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germany's gross domestic product or annual wealth it's the kind of figure that makes other countries either extremely jealous or absolutely furious it was the german government that demanded after the bank started to fall that the european commission impose new rules on countries like greece forcing them to adopt a hugely destructive tax raising powers in return for bailouts and loans a decade on stagnant economy is in huge unemployment levels of what's left the proceeds went to the banks not the people many economists hold germany directly responsible for bankrupting greece it is very anti democratic approach that is something that gives assurance to general politicians that there are rules and that they can be here too and that things will work out but and i think that kind of comfort is illusion it is defense germany would argue that if other countries have behaved in the right way in the first place then the wouldn't have been a problem most of the political class here bears few regrets about driving policies
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which proved so controversial no absolutely not i think that was the only way the fact that we are successful in all these countries shows that this was the right way and it's like in the it's like in the private sphere. if you don't half debt you are a free man and if you have have debt you have to listen to the persons who gave you the money. the one area which germany has suffered from. in recent years has been the rise of far right populism born partly from economics in poor areas but also from anger towards chancellor merkel's generous asylum policies for refugees this week though the german government announced it was devoting billions of euros to tackle long term unemployment a certain way of diffusing anger germany is able to make these choices in ways
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others can only dream about lawrence lee al jazeera well in. now efforts are underway in malaysia to revive the language only three thousand people can speak fluently black and portuguese came into existence during the sixteenth century france were reports from malacca on the western coast of malaysia. the ruins of a fourteen malacca stand as a reminder of the portuguese presence in malaysia in fifteen eleven they captured the coastal city and ruled for over a century before the dutch defeated them when the portuguese left they left behind more than just buildings filomena singh who is descended from the portuguese she still speaks the language of her ancestors malaccan creole portuguese derived from the portuguese with words borat from other languages and a grammatical structure similar to the mill a language all here to do was in year or two of the second it's also known by its
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colloquial name poppier christan but it's in decline spoken mainly by the older generation so seeing host art and using social media to pass on her knowledge when i was a model for work. for the same yonder. was then war crime. so it is good morning how are you so giving. you the courage to carry your new window to learn the thing both your words it is something. her brother michael wrote a book together with other language experts to help people learn christan. formal instructions are rare it isn't taught in schools and exists mostly in oral form we have survived for many years cultural language religion and i would identity and saw we cannot use elements. like many other malaysians of portuguese descent the
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singers have their roots in this neighborhood in malacca this is the portuguese settlement home to about one thousand eight hundred people descended from the portuguese academics say the community here has provided a haven for the language the children grow up hearing it being spoken if not at home then maybe at a neighbor's house. on weekends children come for classes at cerro santa maria as house was herself born and brought up in the portuguese settlement. she teaches dance and cooking too with instructions in popular christan to preserve not just the language but other aspects of her culture the language has also caught the attention of academics we've got to think beyond we go to think about the perhaps they can value but done by the people right the community can find ways to share their knowledge. share their own perspectives dest doris' i think
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a very important. the older generation of malaccan portuguese are counting on the younger generation to keep the language alive florence li al-jazeera. malaysia. for quick check of the headlines on al-jazeera this year's most powerful typhoon has killed at least twenty five people in the philippines landslides have been blamed for most of the deaths the northeastern province of took a direct hit when monk that made landfall early on saturday. from the philippines typhoon manco it has now made its way to hong kong where the territory has issued its highest storm alert people from low lying areas have now been evacuated and forecasters are predicting up to one hundred millimeters of rain for sunday hong kong's biggest airline cathay pacific has warned travelers to
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expect up to four hundred cancellations over the next three days sarah clarke has moved from hong kong. the hong kong observatory to shoot in harken thinking that the most powerful other by. them i mean. here i think we've got to mention right in the morning to protect from landslide warning to bring on the ten feet high where we are with. the transport very surprising government services to it this is the shutdown who if you rebels in yemen say the united nations has agreed to transport critically ill people out of the country for treatment they say a memorandum of understanding was signed out talks with united nations officials in amman but the saudi led coalition fighting the who are these in yemen has not commented on the agreement last week talks in geneva to end the conflict collapsed before they even began members of the remote liberation front an organization
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once banned in ethiopia have been given a hero's welcome on their return back home the group's leader and fifteen hundred fighters have returned to addis ababa after twenty six years in exile refugees stranded in bosnia say they've been beaten strip searched and robbed by the croatian police seventeen people interviewed by zero zero said the abuse took place during attempts to cross into croatia bosnia has emerged as a new route to western europe since the e.u. tightened its borders gratian officials deny allegations of police brutality those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after upfront so much of that so much of our. in an instant in shifting news cycle the receiver in change a number of weeks the listening post takes and questions the well to meet all the double will be of the details the kind that cannot be convicted in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates is their language it's
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their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how this is created we're going to have a better understanding of what. the listening post on al-jazeera that's trump kicks the p.l.o. out of washington and cuts funding to palestinian refugees is this the moment benjamin netanyahu claims victory i'll challenge one of these really prime ministers closest allies. i married the hot sun also on the show the chinese government denies allegations of holding up to a million a week ago but slim is in detention camps and says it's facing a threat from extremists and separatists but how could that justify such astonishingly were press emerges that south debate.


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