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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 258  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2018 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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about whether the former portuguese colony also issued its highest storm alert on sunday. at least twenty five people were killed as the typhoon hit the philippines on saturday the homes of hundreds of people have been destroyed in the northern province of color yun and some remote areas are being cut off the south korean president is preparing for the first summit with the north korean leader kim jong un since his singapore meeting with donald trump wingy in will be accompanied to pyongyang by the c.e.o.'s of leading south korean companies mr moon is looking for closer economic ties with north korea despite sanctions over its nuclear program. those are your top stories so far today up next on this channel it's inside story i'll see you tomorrow usual time usual channel.
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confronts rye of the wrongs of its colonial past for the first time since the war of independence in algeria sixty years ago a french president admits freedom fighters were systematically. doesn't mean well because recognition of what he calls crimes against humanity change anything this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's an admission of guilt that's been shrouded in secrecy and denial for around sixty years of this week french president in knowledge for the first time the widespread use of torture during algerian war of
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independence algeria was a french colony for one hundred and thirty two years until nine hundred sixty two during eight years of fighting which started in one nine hundred fifty four val jury and government says more than a million were killed france says four hundred thousand were killed on both sides french colonial rulers censored newspapers books and films which allege the use of torture and after the war atrocities committed by french troops remained a taboo subject in france. has more from paris. well this is a very significant statement by him at all michael it is the first time that a french president has admitted state responsibility in the death of morris or dan one hundred fifty seven during the algerian war of independence now more so down was a mathematics teacher at the university of algiers he was a communist he was an anti colonial activist and what his widow says is the one
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evening he was taken away from his home by the french military taken to a prison and then she never saw him again the french military said to her that he had escaped but she never believed them she believed that he had been tortured and that he had died in captivity what is only now more than sixty years later though the french president has admitted that morris or die and did die that he was tortured at the hands of the french military and it's a very significant statement indeed it closes a chapter for her and it also perhaps opens one one another one for other people because he has said that the french state archives on that period of time will be open so other people other relatives of people who disappeared at the time we have to find out what happened to their loved ones and whether or not the french military was involved in their deaths while campaigning to become president last year when my grandson colonization of algeria involved crimes and acts of barbarism
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that's would today be a knowledge as crimes against humanity. let's go to the thoughts of our guests joining us on france via skype victoria our phone turn visiting professor of peace and conflict studies of the university of talk iraq and from dakar also via skype guy political analyst and former director of information. thus the economic community of west african states welcome to you all. victoria what does the what does the official acknowledgement by a president marc grant to the family of maurice i don't mean. well it is a really courageous political act on the part of the of president macro
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means to redo acknowledge that the use of torture during the korean war of independence was widespread and systemic on the part of the french army and it is the first time that it has been done by a french president. since the end of the war and i really think that it is a positive step towards french or improving french edgerrin relations. the french newspapers have been basically you know nima saying that this was an historic just by a president in manuel mccrone do you see it as such. of course mr mccraw when he was competent to become president and even as it is. a g.i. that cornelia's him was a crime against humanity and what he has done is something that maybe will help mend the relationship between gina and france this is a letter ending struggle because
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a media live interview didn't happen we found the way that the i'm not sure their crimes were grants or during the war but you get in france ninety eight nine hundred sixty two on the other hand you may see that mr my problem is we are very poor because in the french political system and we didn't want the society in france are loud there are people who were just apologists for run research on the bed the founder of the national front as being one of the top juror who will mitigate in algeria so what mr mudge that is that is an indication that these things are pretty down with history i think memory is something that one has to fix the problem in order to move forward to that stage in the relationship victoria this has been a sensitive issue in france for really many years doesn't explain why we've seen some mixed reactions are crossed the political spectrum over the last few days. yes
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so well the reactions are mixed but overall they're pretty positive and this was this is really astounding because even a few months ago that would not have been possible the french public opinion and the political scene has always been. emphatic about never having to apologize for is it for its circle and their past and for its historical past and so the consensus has always been to say no we're not sorry maybe some wrongdoings occurred but we're not sorry and it's the first time it happened the relate to the reactions have been. good but overall rather positive and this is really showing that the french political sphere is going to see the effects of micro policies and they're starting to see that maybe they cannot attack him on every little angle on which they would have attacked him or attacked other presidents in the past so. much more positive than before and it's going to be interesting to see if this is going to
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open the door for more because that's what many observers are expecting of may there's been an acknowledgement but what next they will mention yes you will only will definitely talk about that particular what's next for the french government and emmanuelle mccraw adama the model of pan of the far right national rallies so that's buckram by making this a nod is meant is reopening old wounds that brisk to divide the french society. look don't be surprised by mr bell's petition even though he's not all that many national front. dr john madden the band was really the big problem is this mr pena our mother in the bed and those people who are let me give you the right side of the french politics you need to need to go towards
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that and it read that and judea and that continues to be relevant in french politics that they're ordered to be and who are both and what student what and and you need to do them and that's what mr bennett you do it but i didn't the board moved me if my grant you say that that decision should forget it and we need to go with you british ship in which even to give what would have been on the other hand when i had to take into account two other factors the younger generation some people have been born in france but they're a good balance the best isn't one is mr killion but be the player who doesn't the work that you want up mother is the opinion so that there's you that these people are their past this that what you're after and bust you know mr bacon you know but it said clearly it was a frank and it was actually playing with a friend the big problem for other given people would have been
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a delusion to show that their cup of running their country so these countries led by a keeper the president and make good on those in the street behind and yet east are all failed because despite six ounces where the product is today ok. victoria the apostle joe is concerned we've seen this reaction from a french from a syrian minister saying basically this is a good. move by the french government to acknowledge that have committed atrocities in algeria but at same time syrians are saying that the french press. the president should have spoken to the algerians and told them we sorely for what we did to you sixty years ago. yes there's been this there's been many declarations from president all armed and from president sarkozy about the french colonial past in algeria. calling unfair and brutal colonization
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yet no french president has been directly apologizing to the people of the ceria for this for what occurred during the colonialization and during the war of independence i think that. president back raul as has been has far as he could he's also been testing the waters with french public opinion and with his own political sphere and i think it's just the beginning of more but of course one can on the other side of the mediterranean one can easily say but why recognize this as a why go directly to reste family and not. to recognize this absolutely i would say wait for more and hopefully you'll be happily surprised and i'll take that particular question to adama in senegal adama would
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africans in different parts of the continent of africa say that if the french have apologized for what they did ozzy awash in the apologized for similar atrocities committed in other former colonies of france of course when we have the feeling that they should be done for them as we can sure of for the world at least the. us is overrules especially the c.e.o. of the corps who lift africa we all did it is. probably a good. it for better rest of the world but i do believe sincerely let's be honest we shouldn't be expecting france to coming up we'll get let's not wolf run through it seem to be really a secondary aspect of these kind of would you because the far right take advantage of this i think we need to fix our problems internally once we do we
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know the rest of the war with the fact that they did get a job here nineteen forty five forty six and when he became. his general you know before you know that was a poor country earth getting out of one hundred years of calling your dog a nation trying to reason that it is now a powerful nation it doesn't need any up or goes it shows the world will forward i didn't have the guts to get only a problem if they didn't expect the up will get is it is just waiting for the problem ok to get a better understanding of our topic today let's take a look at the growth of france colonize ation in africa in the mid eighteen hundreds the french government pressed ahead with what they're called the civilizing mission where their rationale to spread colonial rule of french troops conquered large parts of north west and central africa after the second world war and as in one nine hundred forty five many colonies challenged their french rulers
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often with have the civilian casualties in their fight for independence the cost in algeria was particularly high then syrian government says more than a million are syrians killed during the eighty year long war of independence the remnants of france colonialism continue to france bring to the banknote of fourteen african countries and the french treasury manages most of their wealth. victoria i mean it's fair to say ask whether. what could be the next step for the french government because the family of morris order for example say would like to know who has killed her was responsible for that and they also would like to the government to help them identify the grave or their father yes well at the same time that the announce was the announcement was made in relation to the visit to the order family president macro also said that documents classified documents would be declassified boss in the interior ministry and india ministry of
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defense and that really. documents only in relation to disappearances ought to be located and that witnesses of those disappearances should come forward so there's going to be. let's say a process of a truce and reconciliation in relation to disappearances starting up fairly soon and i saw that would be the next step from the french government a really historic step in this regard because it is the first time that such documents are going to be declassified. i understand when you say that former french colonies should move forward and leave behind the past but you know what we're talking about families of thousands of people for in algeria for example who were kidnapped or arrested by the military back during the colonial rule of france they've never been able to see them again and people are saying would like to see
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justice done words should be followed with deeds. i believe that these kind of problems need fits within ear of three walk and that think what i see for my butt is the french foreign so much that he. did regularly or they did nothing in france and different quarterly so that this kind of thing to be proven here and the acceptance of the receipt of that but i don't think i don't believe that permission would be done all the next it is there's even media that's at least an incident that. accept that you know this but. an. indignity of people at media that kind of scenes we didn't of friend walked through of discussion but that these did i think if you expect me to give them money i don't see the french population with the difficulties their country is going
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through with the unemployment it got of the. difficulties you can expect don't to really come up with what you have to live it what should you not do it that you know who used to order that were written for i think i don't think that up any less of you maybe but if you notice you're doing it all out in front instead of just among your dog think that is a listing thing victoria it's quite interesting how it takes a country like france sixty years to come to terms with history you remember the saga about general must bizarre must sue and also. s. very senior soldiers who said some of them said that with committed atrocities particularly well size wise to take in friends that long to say were committed atrocities. well. the hosts spoke on camera
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about the deaths of more years ago so i guess that this was this was an open secret in france everybody knew that torture had occurred. but i guess that what prompted this move or so well my esteemed colleague just say that it was a campaign promise of president mccraw to actually started this work on memory but there was also. course a constitution they consider constitutional council decision of february two thousand and eighteen which is to extend the one nine hundred sixty three rule of compensation to the victims of the engineer in a war of independence extend display meant to share in citizens or their descendants so if there has been a decision to actually put then surely compensate more than fifteen thousand people
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or their descendants then it may be easier now to actually talk about it openly because already france has committed to where two hundred say the victims are the much. other some say that they have received from the french political elite when it comes of this issue in particular is that they said sorry but they have passed laws on time ago a list a bill the wives of all the qualms committed by the ministry and the former colonies particularly in africa. look let's be very realistic friendship is that right east society is a conservative society and the french people who would have loved to mitigate a g.t.o. within the fort of france don't forget that their hero general dougal once said that france extends from don't get in the last accounts to governors are said in the south a good deal so for france and you know it was
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a settlement economy is not exploitation court and they were not committed and g.m. but of course the effort they have done to misty some of the couldn't others involved in the union war is the sense in as far as deep when the group there was we all of the french people would walk we got involved with a defector who she remembered using the second would walk when general that time. went into this side of the fence they were always eat and when mr don't go to get them to work and need to flee from the order that they were accepted because the four wrote an article as if they were their systems that they for the want to get it tensing a plane yet i do believe at this stage of course something when was it being done for some of those people he's a genius but the big problem should be fixed within a period by the government this is a country that i looked at gus that has elected not to resource it but the money is
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being stolen a starter by generals and the politicians and the brother of the pencil of genius mr let's say that with a flick up with a book africa going to run a gauntlet is still going to follow this is the problem we have to commute need to address our problems so that we beat the shit you made in talking to others whether it's france or other partners of the guy but i do believe that as long as we don't fix our problems we were right at legitimacy can go broke and bring peace to that i think again. if i'm going to shoot is about others it is groups victoria the family of morrison the mathematics teacher who was kidnapped tortured and killed by the french military in algeria so the hope after the apology by mccrum that they would see more witnesses come to the media talk about exactly what happened
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eyewitnesses that for them is very important to be able to reconcile with the past. yes and i think that this is very much in line with what president mccoist is trying to do has been talking about reconciling here's historical truth with the official truth and i think that you know hopefully what what just happened with the with the order family is going to unlock some tongues as we say in friend and really starting to liberate this this dialogue and start this start this process however there's a long way to go. there's been a lot of talk in the french media for instance about the role of france in the rwandan genocide and the french media has been of the forefront of especially look more of trying to really reset this dialogue on this really recent french history yet nothing is happening so even though you know even though some
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let's say witnesses might come forward it's going to take a lot of work from the media and from civil society to really consolidate this into . an enlarged national dialogue all of this. this whole issue of atrocities committed by a few runs in the past in africa raises the issue of redefining relationship between african countries and the former colonies france in particular because it had huge influence over many countries including the one where you live now senegal is this something that could trigger a debate about how to reshape the future relationship because you know you know what many people say in africa that we've got our independence but in a way or another we are still manipulated or under the influence of france
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financially and politically. unfortunately what i'm seeing happening east another wave of quarter musician in a few week that head of those people who are at the head who could do that you know i think eventually it's only the help of france or even true democratic means they really but are we going to the power of french corporate entities and french what are you going to do that they only want to be seen in a good light with that by the french the second aspect is that we are really facing some debate you know i think that you have to did what i call a no mines man it is the you have to go in the french and others good after the building conference it before and even if you find convened by going to one be slapped when they didn't do i think that they found
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a normal month doesn't care that you do just that they took over and that my thoughts to the better of the guns and using mission is to take your mind not give i'm not thinking that you have are thinking deep then i think it says seriously contradictory when it is that you do we date see you as a unique person and insist that you have a problem so if you want to meet you at your relationship with the former colonies and embassy or department the wrongs and the rights of the religious shit we need to have people we did as you can society i see your points for you and other leaders serious enough to address their compass if you can discuss questions that are not a pleasing their partners or the rest or go on with chinese. or indeed the former for the followers thank you thank you thank you guy victoria for time thank you very much indeed i'm looking forward to seeing you in that if you chuck. thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot
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com for further discussion goes our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a j inside story from me how the whole team here by phone are. millions of dollars has been stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe when he gave exclusive access to this cutthroat underworld to a criminal turned whistleblower on al-jazeera. what really makes
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a good doctor. to have empathy at canada's pioneering medical school we follow the young trainees walk into the school great fun to race and explore how the experience prepares them for life and death decisions but the a talent mother in law and there is a very strong possibility that she could be burying her child canada's new doctors on the people's health on al-jazeera. are. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing the human crime in the twenty first century and they are look we're war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of your canada hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera.
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hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera a new wave of airstrikes has been launched on yemen targeting a key highway in her data province who the rebels are reporting more than thirty five airstrikes since early sunday morning the saudi embassy coalition strikes have been targeting what's known as kilo sixteen heading east out of the red sea port it's one of the main supply routes to the capital sanaa which is held by the who tease out a series andrew symonds is covering the conflict from djibouti but today there have been escalation in the offensive against the data.


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