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tv   The Hunt For The Red Prince  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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talk to al jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera a new wave of airstrikes has been launched on yemen targeting a key highway in her data province the rebels are reporting more than thirty five air strikes since early sunday morning the saudi embassy coalition strikes have been targeting what's known as kilo sixteen heading east out of the red sea port it's one of the main supply routes to the capital sanaa which is held by the who tease out a series anderson is covering the conflict from djibouti. by the day there have been escalations in the offensive against the data and the who the rebels who are trying to defend it however now it would seem looking at all the multiple reports that it is now much heavier than ever before and for those on the ground civilians
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and fighters alike it's very intense indeed there are reports that a radio station has been attacked the who things say four civilians died there the saudi. led coalition disputes that saying it is a command center for the who thing is i don't know just a target and then we have outside of the battle grounds in the data a situation that gets more desperate all the time people actually eating vine leaves as a form of survival this leads to a whole series of other medical problems for young children and babies a mike and there is now a critical situation getting worse over time involving malnutrition all this maybe pressure on the politicians and the diplomats but where are we right now well the u.n. he is leading a diplomatic offensive suggesting that data has to fall in order to bring the these
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to the goetia asian however it is themselves have been meeting u.n. officials in amman and the u.n. special envoy martin griffis is supposed to be going to sana'a to see firsthand the situation a memorandum of understanding has been signed in amman in which the booth is will get permission to move people who are injured from santa to reportedly now karo in egypt that is what we're hearing whether this is going to be leading to any form of breakthrough is very unclear bearing in mind a week of fighting changes so much in the stance of the u.s. a saudi and. led coalition may be very different now to what it was a week ago that is speculation but this is not just biting it's also politics and diplomacy all mixed into a warm very lethal mix. more than two million people in southern china are being
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moved from their homes as typhoon man court begins to his fifty thousand fishing boats have been recalled to pour so heavy rain is expected throughout sunday night earlier in the day on sunday it pushed huge waves into hong kong the city was put on the highest alert level for only the fourth time in twenty years the wind blew down cranes and shattered windows in many high rise buildings all businesses were closed and public transport shut down in nearby but count the government has for the first time shut down all of its casinos during use of the extreme weather for the portuguese colony or sue issued its highest storm alert on sunday at least twenty five people killed as the typhoon hit the philippines on saturday the homes of hundreds of people have been destroyed in the northern province of cargo on and some remote areas remain cut off. south korea's president is preparing for the
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first summits with north korea's leader kim jong un since his singapore meeting with donald trump mungy and will be accompanied to pyongyang by the c.e.o.'s of the leading south korean companies who is looking for close economic ties with north korea despite sanctions over its nuclear program. but a member of russian activist group pussy riot has arrived in germany for medical treatment after what's claimed to have been a suspected poisoning fellow activists posted a video on social media said to show there is love aboard a plane in berlin venice life and two others served fifteen days in jail for running onto the pitch during the world cup final in moscow and there's the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world next.
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oh has a seven year term you know hasn't. hasn't settled really is i'm at the computer. and at the end door look but i didn't use one of the most of it. it was young very handsome very impressive maybe very close minded person. allie has an salama join to the palestine liberation organization the p.l.o. in one thousand nine hundred sixty three he was born in one nine hundred forty near jaffa into a wealthy family. his famous father has sand had been a commander in the arab revolt against british rule in the late one nine hundred
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thirty s. much what i would give power to a third supported him in our c.m.s. than he sill me or our most allow the bill. and the father must allow another gannett orlean on the shaquille j. she shared with us and hasn't set any shows up in her other as jaish what you thought i'd get the ordinary money up will be a more highly hasn't seller most of us of a while to a lot our locks are on the law the law hasn't selamat of how cool it varies with. his son allie is probably best known for founding the armed p.l.o. group black september which killed eleven members of the israeli a limb picked team in munich in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. to israel made the list after the seventy two oppression of twelve i was thing and figures who were involved in this operation in munich and her son was one of them who was in the list and for years the israeli tried to find him and to kill him. he also
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gained a reputation for his flamboyant lifestyle enjoying the beirut nightlife to the full . call we were free to walk and if so you gradually. what you called shock free and now. what killed salama was being on a mossad most wanted list but his extravagant may rude lifestyle did make him an easier target. but it emerged after his death that there was more to his role in the p.l.o. and his relationships with foreign journalists and the americans than was clear at the time. this is the story of a major p.l.o. figure of the one nine hundred seventy s. the man the israelis called the red prince. ali has some salama hardly knew his influential father but he did seem to inherit
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some of his daring. the old palestinian soldier for jewish militias in the one nine hundred forty s. and some of those missions were quite all day shoes. cousin salami he was joint with some other palestinian and some some german part troops and they are pressured into israel into palestine this was. struck by the gestapo and by the german military intelligence believe he was part of a scheme. awful scheme to poison the water resources of tell if you. listen don't talk too much but anyhow. ken who i had no can physically fit with before i. can fit up on one look at the company. can and can move to a wooden home and therefore should not use. them if you have in their front of the
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in down fresh waste money. instead of. distance of the canal was. the static at hand isn't. that sent didn't have much mccomas. mitt romney and ryan are to but it's not and it's your food to have and. how wouldn't you know i mean if someone who are having is going to have battle which is a little less than one line. and this is. literally our news the shit the couple are the lottery from our wobble money then i'm a whole it's my gun. battle but they're not the huffy end for thought all we really bothersome at several out of a. shot with you thought of the jaish is you had
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a man of that but the other the other was a neat. modoc emotional or a market loss and i am. sure who can dance and sing can listen to her thirty minutes or wait there for this can with a swarm of them. in can head he can elect if he'd had her day title in the little mini and had us well we can't. have been hand at him enough to do that and you know highly rated ristal had my dinner on the line i'm manya for can i have that. little man when the bottle. because for that wasn't
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even at c.s.u. because until. you heard the news a mania. the left in the sense that. all my dinner you are car head or fur mama what i only thirty one valid claim on my. car here bad mad in saragossa to sell our finest in the militia men i should lift them up mammography. among the palestinian nationalists who founded what became the pillows fatter party was yasser arafat sometimes known as. a sissy in the father. the mosque of one mark. i will be looking on since some often seen in a law equates worthily kuwait's the. when is on with the what. and how is that in what the inference the father.
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but that get in no. i don't know in the moment we're in the shift pattern said nannie much come down nothing would have been stellar immoderate had ever to hear. top. them family moved out of. sympathy little city built on china hanks and about sixteen other highly quids fallen star will be the ones in shabby even as aunt sally falls to. him are off and know how to get for the mother of the loss of mob them. other how to get that easily they can a sheet but that can look bad so last i saw that has in some also seen with the you had the tickets that some did a thing you had to have some source of dean is somehow sitting in
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a modern enough sun is a law but for the bia art only in how to get for the production of us there are the . deal with the field whether. the saw. of them. but to some of us at the in front of the mosque and any shuttles you would measure how to look at this a lot another bill for i'll be a bit mental sixteen. the medical model of the monster well the mashad of love the loss of a homeowner in need were alone jani the thought of was it at the top are. our modern mishal or was it that lit up our example so either. one of their job the most or at them my us not the other and let that be the dharma c.s.e. min in which i did know who we're up to and with that deep strategic work unman
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lee had the ra i will has answered in one hundred eleven if not and the kynge and their bras have a car and the one modern machine as i'm sure doesn't have a hopeless shit moxon fifty fish on how to hunt as much but i would want to have a rational approach and. one of them made it into print. it's a critical time for intercity is no good it's helped us to accept that she had done that. and i mean. hey did. if you hired me now little when there are thousands in a shabby. emon and there is some measure hairs of rust a mile up at idle or more of a justice will live as such it has of us the well you know me
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neighborly about ease she has a last one on me no i here are a man lost are all. but most of the question. can the soon or never been for the presence of the man who was. over there not the none the less a lot of the leisure just give it. a whirl it should. be just a metal. lead you has a scary. gun. and the last. in march nine hundred sixty eight palestinian fighters known as fedayeen joined jordanian forces against an israeli raid on a p.l.o. camp in the town of karama the camp was lost but the israelis took heavy casualties
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and the battle was widely acclaimed in the arab world and i have. since the scene i thought america got to meet the car thought should burn cathedral in l.a. or how to get that feel or. have them a look meant. i had. done well ahead. listen full story i don't bother. or dounia. the vomit or don't need a lot of. people with c.s.e. . by then. fatah and the p.l.o. had gradually gained strength in jordan and some of them began to call for the overthrow of king hussein's regime itself. in mid september one thousand nine hundred seventy hussein decided to oust the fedayeen from jordan his forces
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surrounded cities with a high p.l.o. presence like amman and out of it and attacks the fighters in the events known as black september it took three years for jordan to expel the militias leaving the p.l.o. feeling betrayed fate was supreme sense and then this one and it. would nestle fashion fun what it was to be in home i want my mama it ends up over the. orphanage. and start a well founded thirty two in the to fulfill a horrid london with a load only just a matter a good and for less than the i'm going to hear. about a good. spot for you not to tell and to mess to see you know from the top now.
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the government as innocent now that. she ordered the whole lot of eyelet i've been struck at some of the measures listen let's not be let off at that. in here and. i wish i had totally. misread my letter we had to set up a spot if you will soften us and i had already. because i'm going to take it doesn't. award what i think model assets in a. can of show ten thousand images sold for terms of russia and then president couldn't say have a plan that can. deliver shipments what definition as a company with as a. charter and
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a lot and i thought. to be the here and damaged this will. provision the. that you could watch him walk in. one of them in a lawless what. symmetry you how tickets for zatanna be by your words but a little as rather listen meticulous a half a block symptom but a woman. with a lot of the. bill call it was the i'll tell had been the jordanian prime minister during the black september events in one nine hundred seventy to salaam he was a symbol of arab betrayal. and a lot of donor and yard up man. what do. i
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know. the n.f.l. and there are some had who was happy about that the you know look in the center there was a brain muscle and a small had always easy but again with the how to find out how to kill it and he looked many ways around that is a myth aside of. a lot of them had a large city near field house was ian rush did it all in order missioner feet on the inside the united them and of connecticut and assess it for to their back and i mean you know tennessee is a balata strasse shaft i mean the russian r.t. and. f.a.v. .
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data on this organization developed for very specific that the mistake and very specific methods of act. but when you look at them there's nothing with what happened in jordan and maybe the most famous person of this organization was the. operation in munich during the olympic games incident. by september one thousand nine hundred seventy two alley has since a llama with security had a factor and chief of operations of black september. he was not on the ground in munich but as a leader of the organization he's likely to have been involved. figure out an aliyah to munich if you show her. again my pseudonym her only mother is the bad a philistine and nine and a hobbit. he up them flooded the room with a bank and hope to climb a little lee madison hummels who we left
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a lot. of legal as well martha colleen did that then michael alarm aliya mccann how difficult that can have ever. been as at lock actually by this very perspective those are not political prisoners like terrorists some of them were caught during operations and people and by the israeli public opinion and by israeli leaders there was no reason why to exchange them could damage no one does the us for money. who are in this war in chad i think we met in. million of them you know his second one my met camel and how about a fifth of the one hundred. hotline when he had over libya and asked rights around the. will about it if you will some of
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you and. i did he had shot at the. climate stuff commission do you have a mental issue with that. do you have much of vs you have a minute in home in their money or palestinians brought in the intestine the weapons and operatives and this group of the tough people today in they attacked the israeli sports athletes they were in big village they killed some of them and they kidnapped the rest of them to the first brooke which was the military airport because they thought they would get a plane. to leave germany with the hostages for egypt but the chairman's who were not very experienced at that time they. wanted to stop it by all means black september killed two israeli athletes in the olympic village and abducted nine others they wanted to leave germany with the hostages but the german
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authorities secretly planned to foil they get away by helicopter that was the first time that the israelis had to negotiate for someone else with the palestinians and while the mayor is a prime minister the cleric that you want to shoot and she put all the responsibility over the germans that they had to negotiate. although they came to her and said we need we didn't names any of the palestinian demands to change prisoners but because the refused to make any negotiation and held for the name of yet look at the apollo massaging pleasure at the net these are getting. all but two black september operatives were shot by german snipers at the airport but not before they'd also killed the nine israeli hostage is waiting in the helicopters with grenades and machine guns.
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when i think muslims are mad in. that war. a still hitler men were not there. or normally the situation. the first accusation against his is an involvement in seventy two operation will presented by a german magazine few months after the operation the magazine presented the early for since elem as the leader of the organization and a little over the planet of the old operation till later on the israeli media and some israeli intelligence sources continued this narrative and claim that. by himself actually plant. operation in munich something that i have some doubts about
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it because as far as i know he was involved but he was not planned out and it was not the leadership. for them to really put them back and. thought it. would halt. the long. munich enraged israel and gold them a year and they launched operation wrath of god in retaliation. one of its first missions was what they called operation spring of youth when my side intelligence agents landed in lebanon by boat to attack p.l.o. leaders in beirut and sidon. around it was with. the special alarm on has you
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look at the list still and it hasn't and there's been a second jim. one of six groups like him want to see if you want to place a hen house and i'm going to have a set. of said. mission one caliph with deal. or ten or more and. assad was able to take out thirteen palestinians in in europe in of course at the tip of that effort was operation vote on a person suffering refuse to to be able to come to beirut in the middle of the night in strike t three palestinian prominent figures in their houses.
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was no less than a stab in the heart of. what makes this moment is giving we're living for something. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid widely plausible that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism and tyranny or any of the lights along. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution no upfront retellings on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera and. where every. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crimes in the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera. discover the stories you didn't know about. deal with this to life changing scenes. notice the changes that affect all of us. experience our world and be a part of it. refocus al-jazeera balkans international documentary film festival saturday or from twenty first to twenty
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fifth september. hello again adrian forgetting here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera a new wave of airstrikes has been launched on the gehman targeting a key highway in her data province who the rebels are reporting more than thirty five s trikes since early sunday morning the saudi and iraqi coalition strikes have been targeting what's known as kilo sixteen which heads east of the red sea port it's one of the main supply routes of the capital sanaa which is held by who these andrew symonds reports both sides. and the saudi u.a.e. a u.s. led coalition are reporting that there has been an increase in this offensive around the red sea port of the data we know we are told by both sides that
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a radio station has been hit there are reporting that four civilians have been killed radio station in her data the saudi media are saying that this was an attack on a military installation in the radio station we can't verify any of these reports because there is no neutral observers on the ground more than two million people in southern china are being moved from their homes as typhoon man court begins to hit fifty thousand fishing boats have been recalled to port heavy rain is expected throughout sunday night earlier on sunday it pushed huge waves into hong kong the city was put on the highest alert level for only the fourth time in twenty years at least twenty five people were killed as the typhoon hit the philippines on saturday the homes of hundreds of people have been destroyed in the northern province of car ground and some remote areas remain cut off. south korea's president is preparing for the first summit with north korea's leader kim jong un since his singapore
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beating with donald trump when jane will be accompanied to pyongyang by the c.e.o.'s of leading south korean companies who is looking for close economic ties with north korea despite sanctions over its nuclear program. a member of the russian activist group pussy riot has arrived in germany for medical treatment after what's claimed to have been a poisoning video was posted on social media apparently showing people of various love aboard a plane in berlin and two others fifteen days in jail for running onto the pitch during the world cup final in moscow i'm going to use our for you a little over twenty five but it's on al-jazeera but now let's get you back to al-jazeera world. ali has sons salama rose to the top of the p.l.o. as fatah party in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's to become one of yasser arafat's most trusted men. he
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also founded the black september armed group which killed eleven israeli athletes at the munich olympic games in one nine hundred seventy two. this put him on an israeli hit list and mossad attacked the p.l.o. in beirut in april nine hundred seventy three killing three senior figures but they failed to get to either arafat or salama. however mossad continued to target salaam and in the process committed a major blunder in july nine hundred seventy three in what became known as the lillehammer affair. in the hot moss off of its. house and saw them in. muslim i thought of them up on the medina. a little hole the little.
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small. creek. there will be able to see you at the bottom of who she killed how you're able. to learn up at the level where there's a lot and again i'm to diplomacy. he. was you had a sense that. you were the first i mean. when you. can . go and you has adam claims and the funny thing is us for one second. there's a funny thing in this. bob. i'd lizard say in who the hell i wish to mind who.
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now there is question why after a little i merit but i've been in the mid seventies days where he waited till seventy nine to kill him and there are some political reasons and explanations for that you must understand that during seventy nine that was also the earl of beginning is a prime minister in israel and that was after the end big embarrassment of. that after that embarrassment israel could not operate freely in the same. way that he did for in europe. for years the israeli were not really afraid of the palestinians but the black september make a change it made them you change because because of the. folk that was. covering the old operation because of the big question mark that stands behind most stands behind the operation with the things we sponsored them who work for them.
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that was one of the reasons that made it look september for the israeli public opinion more dangerous and unique and that it was and solemn as one of the leaders of this organization was also very very very unclear unpredictable stargate will become a good cook one hundred eighty eight. beav who brood how eat. we need when you see with. well little but. he was a big although it was a big problem because he was different he was fluent in the european languages he was handsome it was about a guy he was used to travel used to travel a lot in europe and people admired him also in europe not just an indelible. mushroom at that event as you have got
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a full photo you read the heart of the muslim heart a lot of lace have been in full steam because feel belittled to keep because. he was an item he was the center of nightlife in beirut and he married miss universe as a lesion. disc in his i was medically jamila. he knew how to make people follow him and he was a buoyant bohemian. character that had all these symbols of being a leader he was quite a mysterious person on one hand a very elegant guy like a dandy like a playboy on the other hand a ruthless operative who is fighting for the palestinian cause that sense he was big fred for the israelis he could speak for the europeans who could speak for the western world and to present the palestinian cause and effect clear and very
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different way than the previous leaders and i believe. this. yes when i would ask it of others he had to very and this and when that. happens i had to act to my dash to let him remain a fia can you not get at. him the richest man half. the civil but younger than those in the other doesn't foresee doesn't this but the death of that it will. i think all they have booked year frank sinatra then elvis pristiq did i manage. to have booked year. i can hold you can all my stuff a baccalaureate i can shoot a money in. it beyond
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a. vigorous abreu had the cinema very well been half a minute and. genuinely in no. to . this it's rather. obvious what it. was. from jordan the p.l.o. had moved to lebanon where yasser arafat was now based but when they gradually took control of the south of the country and of west beirut this upset lebanon's fragile political balance. arafat had the support of the lebanese national movement led by come out jumblatt. but arafat wanted relationships across the political spectrum and made
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a show of reaching out to figures like pierre gemayel of the christian party whose power base was in east beirut. shura had a little sympathy with us i mean by genesee and as a shot of me had a thought it will collapse they are going to. leave and i want you to look at wal-mart. and she should be a lana. and a gander cod. the rules add up to fit hunters is soley her. so in the eagle we hate and hate that or never does of morphine as and. and unless the customer and. i had a new house and the. whole mess on a. truck helical it didn't have
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a clue what the only the urine is on a bomb or how more they are an example of ability to be a more and. then you should be a scary well. you know how to live. but whatever arafat envisaged civil war broke out. the p.l.o. fought the good tired christian militia in the streets of beirut dividing the city into east and west. militias and splinter groups proliferated hundreds of civilians were killed the lebanese army was split and the leading factions user to many of the functions of government. however the war gave ali has done salama a key role one that would take him into the heart of the p.l.o.
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as opponents inside and outside lebanon and ultimately into a dialogue with the americans. he started by approaching pierre gemayel son bashir it'll be bashir who hasn't. and i'm with him to come on a war mark and while i'm in neck. macca magic. work now. i will know some time where commercial lot. n.t. can message get the it will be messy and. if their land and. after learning that the when you ask it i swear if. he left family cannot. gain bashir in milly's even food under. way for my diet if you have an issue in here where zabol and bit mass in the lewd it's not to be believed you were
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caught by and blood to which it is male will you know we have what i sense a linear stuff what one hundred bashir is made of god he can tell it up give bush a will do for the law to be a very little right and i will not have been a yard at all. and so let me. we have a man a home but as bill must come on i mean isn't that the spanish in me on the. planet have him and then it all brasil on land but she is really a lot of the military there's been a lot of it but said that some of our feet rather reluctantly she's on a hymn book. he had the money early in our commission on annual and a monument to an ambiguity and i can have bill fee as it had really built. but i bet national bit more a millionaire can be mcadam up with columnist give up before so how about of short allowable hasn't but let's go ahead look to. the hack of
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a house there's around. a lot as she was nailed to a slate. bell of the slurry with him did the government. is going to. i mean did the minimal about them have the shutterbug. so far hasn't of thought that it has gone the route of the both of the slowly and in the courage to live in the bush. daughters really hasn't salome miter. the law bubble here that she has become the new for the whole world court. america. why didn't the south were allowed to connect. a new g m and many axis and who were minority agassi's of the world minority.
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that. were not the fact and nodded a foreign enemy to keep yes if you didn't know we who came a lot of on the month are called got a b. and a month back on the site i lay amicable for us to meet a new initiate ballard safaga immediately called. one mark was what a house like koloff i was and so he had me in all yammer there and need not to seem to suffer at all when he can be a mean i'm a sob father had made him a at the dear a lawyer i made again for help but harley was the only and there was a caucus a few really troublesome. almost a little yahoo decided michael ware loki to solve c.c. but don't want to sob a little off we cannot lead a local fia to learn about a form of lost mean and look out for new if you help if you don't feel strongly you
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do more particularly. care what. bad bush too bad for to this of you and america will be friendly heck no credit she only sure by the country from feels too near to look upon and for you will be really should want to figure it to create a new yam to his them and you know i mean wish machine. the clue is unfortunately there you know nicky him she feels. this was the start of a dialogue between salama and to cia intelligence officer based in beirut robert ames. ames spoke arabic and understood the region it's possible his back channel would salaam might have influenced long term relationships between the arab world israel and the us if both had lived from the point of view of israel to have the cia. conduct an intensive dialogue
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with their number one adversary is like i know the united states learning that israel has secret channel with osama bin laden from the point of view of israel this is not alison sameer that i was not less evil then any of the one of the most wanted terrorist that the united states are seeking to kill now that it's in i think that if the americans would hear that israel would do something like this they would turn this as nothing less than a severe betrayal of trust but nevertheless the united states continue with their i am convinced that. we are on the road on the way to the right road that we really can draw closer to their golden age of peace prosperity and brotherhood i would say that the president ronald reagan plan from one thousand nine hundred
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eighty that was the first time when the us. truly acknowledged the right of the p.c. people. this would mean we wouldn't have been written and published without the influence of robert ames that was influenced by and it doesn't stop. when the israelis discovered this dialogue was going on they acted decisively to shut it down and the doctor your mil. if d.f.a. you can make known i should enjoy it can one thing any genuine bindi. for you know they had that camera to us three years a cinema. in a wholly yeah yeah i did mila don't have been good is she in a pretty but managed to fit theme of yes different but not a lie and moving on so little here laddie and not to be in. erykah marry champus no as
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a muzzle brittany kind of toppling fuchsia mecarbil bay to what had died in the year and who way the lesson from of how much some are vile and the dark does some one hundred or more are a bit of a hassle so. she was able to study him very closely and you found out his habits she could oversee part of the street set on a base will set a shadow but there. is a have to show if it was a ship. mrs in british if the. family horton have talked with her freshman year then you would have this very strident. for a long time locate to locate and to kill the director princeton in lebanon and in
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some other countries that leave before finally think what information from the palestinian that lived in beirut and was a member of one of the palestinians that is a chance to deliver some information about the life of riley in the will there israelis for a few months made a plan how to reach him and to kill him basically. to know a little bit and say it's a disease let them see it often of the hudson river with the full body to the little birds who feed. you. and how it is the election will affect them to do it each elephant that a minute good yonathan feel is what is mish mash my jelly on the end of it going to look at the issue and about how many was lit there in the elephant the lemon the dotage fellas feed them fears feed the. perfectly i'll bet good.
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alicia to run it through. italy another year what are your booty in the. shoe fits. the definition of been me a listener see a. man i've been afa minicon have seen a routine in a day man i should know. it all at la you want it to he. know what town killin me here in all. our best d. aerobic suffer em to win nothing if a mess and amistad yanni is a. man and a mistake learn not only money at a time when it was clear that he's walking with a lot of bodyguards so approaching him inside this is just the middle of the street and shooting him even if this is successful would be likely to end up in the capturing of the assassins which is a disaster so they decided to use
3:52 pm
a huge amount of explosive that would hit him while being in his convoy and would likely kill him and his bodyguards meaning does not allow his bodyguards to react and do something she wished made. can have finally come in learned that he had to know has that done a fifty elephant debate keeney. is a loser i'm truthful sensitive. and truthful instrument truthful true and really behind hard would be took my mom who blew her or why smash it and if i'm in mn but she isn't and in haste she was he mission when it it's him. that ethanol that when you said it was raining or you had our sense of them and
3:53 pm
their fear how are luckier in new york. oh yeah but what a topic that neither you nor i wish it were no senator warner said liberalism and of it said it was. for to have said before sort of she's calling him out on the torso or that it will hit in itself like a sister you don't ever think it's weird that i think i could. snatch and. i'm a hottie how am i done sub exactly one hundred eleven say in normal. in
3:54 pm
has on my playin hard to look out you go on a bit of a laughing on mass have academic one to kill me when i have to be adam i feel enormous suddenly noticed sug me young i'm not good damn i tell you how you can blame can you not limping in with mr heene. kane fi jet. how to get what i will asks when you have to go to nor even what are you muslim to happy when you have to be a new muslim to have you love. me feel hot it would be sort of hostile free relating tackler. i think mossad had a greater motivation to kill me after they failed to deliver this was a nun close circle and unclose the count they wanted to close their second they
3:55 pm
really thought that he was involved in munich whether this is true or not but they really believed and they believed to this day third. the fact that he was to contact person to the cia and the american administration was and i quote one of the mossad operatives participating in that operation was like are sticking a finger in our eye on the sleeve of the but the shorter the willie i mean you're better late for learned in law good luck on account of them a better quality than what but we know this but that i live in. erbil. but arkansas let me and. only. this new couldn't your present right i'm consistent. in there. that instances. ali has and salaam was killed on the twenty second of january nine
3:56 pm
hundred seventy nine. robert james died in the suicide bombing of the us embassy in beirut four years later that killed sixty three people including seventeen americans. some believe that if saddam had lived he would have been able to pass intelligence to the americans and fought the attack. longer term if both aims and salaam had lived the u.s. relationship with the middle east over the past forty years might also have followed a different course. twenty five years after the signing of al-jazeera world tells a two part story of norway's role in the oslo accords let us salute the government of norway or forest remarkable role in nurturing discipline in. the secret negotiations and why its promise of peace has remained unfulfilled
3:57 pm
decided tone of the shows no way could. strike or go all the prized of all is low on al-jazeera. from the clear blue sky of the dome home. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of love. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across the southeast united states we're still dealing with florence it stropping down to a tropical depression but we're still could be dealing with quite a bit of rain actually flood watches and warnings are still in effect for much of the carolinas as well as into georgia and also into parts of virginia so we're going to be watching this very carefully on sunday very heavy rain is going to
3:58 pm
continue to fall the ground is already saturated this is going to be more than just several days it's probably going to be week long because a lot of these rivers are going to be flooding as they make we're way down across into the coastline where here as we go from sunday to monday the rain starts to move to the north we're going to be seeing parts of virginia pennsylvania as well as into new york really be affected by what's left of the storm we do think a tropical depression by then so could be watching that area very carefully down towards texas you have also been dealing with a lot of heavy rain and flooding across that region dallas rain showers in your forecast and temps there of about thirty three degrees well we are watching the remnants of isaac right here across parts of the caribbean notice these clouds right here now even though it is a remnant system we're still going to see a lot of rain showers up here across parts of jamaica as well as into center domingo and that's going to cause maybe some localized flooding across the region temp wise for kingston attempt a few of thirty one degrees. the weather sponsored by cattle and race.
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and instantly shifting unicycle the regime change in america treat the listening post take sports and questions the wild needle the devil will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it in their language as their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera the past past. travels the roads of mexico raising ecological the when. and sharing creative solution of the country's most remote. demonstrated quarter of id in the struggle for a better speech. past passed by. parts of the viewfinder latin america seen on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello i have adrian finnegan this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.n. the yemen envoy lands in the capital for talks with the rebels as strikes by the saudi led coalition intensify. a storm surge sends huge waves into hong kong as the city is forced into shutdown by thai food bank or. at least forty nine people dead in the philippines after the typhoon wrecked homes and left many towns and villages caught off in sport kenya's eliot keep chugging.


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