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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates by qatar airways going places together. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news our life from a headquarters in doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes digging by hand through a philippines hill slide dozens feared birdied in the aftermath of typhoon manga the people of liberal main defiance can turkey and russia finally reach an agreement to prevent a bloodbath. a lot of negatives from the i.m.f. head warns the u.k. economy will shrink if there is no deal with europe. and the growing scare over a favorite fruits sewing needles are found hidden in strawberries and more
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australian states. while the winds and rain have long gone but in the aftermath of typhoon man got there is a desperate search going on in the philippines more than fifty are confirmed dead in the northern parts of the country but right now in one area teams are still digging through mud for dozens more people thought to be buried this is it's all gone town were allowed to slide swept down on homes and a former bunk house in a mining community that's after heavy rain on saturday many people had taken refuge in the building as that typhoon hit despite warnings hundreds of police and soldiers are working at the site but heavy equipment can't be brought in to mainland dogon is at the rescue site it's all gone with more. we were in korean province for several days that is the place where the typhoon first made landfall
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we need are we here in then get province on the cordilleras this region actually bore the brunt of this typhoon we are now we need to go in villages took us about twelve hours to get here and along the way we saw the devastation the damage on the roads on communities and homes and power and communication lines we saw bodies being brought in from another side of the mountain now i'm just going to step aside and actually show you this is the village where the main rescue operations is actually being focused on all the late saturday that is when the landslide started it started from the top of that mountain the ground then started to fall and can stay down all the way to the bottom of the mountain to sort of the mountain where a a village a community of people actually live in that area somewhere there you can see there are volunteers. conducting rescue operations for people operations by hand some where there is the bunk house where more than thirteen miners actually tried to
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take shelter only for them to end up trapped in that bunker house it is very difficult to bring a machine a backhoe to actually help that operation because as you can see it is just logistically very difficult there was an attempt to bring into backhoes on the other side of the hill further to backhoes were brought in there but then they both of those factors have been stuck so you can see now that is something that is going to take some time to the operation there is a list of people who have been reported missing that list keep on keeps on growing the bodies of those people who are perished are being brought here they're being processed pure and families are there wilting for news from their loved ones according to local officials it is definitely a reason against time because the typhoon happened late saturday and now it's been almost two days. so they think their race against time hopes of getting actually someone out there alive but they will do their very best well in hong kong and
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massive clean up operation is underway after man got caused widespread damage and flooding there hundreds of roads across the city have been blocked off by fallen trees and other debris and around a thousand flights from the city's airport were affected and the backlog is slowly being cleared many public transport services are still suspended and there were huge traffic jam that is the most powerful storm on record to hit hong kong before people died as typhoon got moved on to guangdong province in southern china and that is where scott heiler reports from the world's strongest storm of the year typhoon man could made landfall on china's mainland on sunday night it weakened as it reached province in the south one of the world's most densely populated regions home to one hundred million people this after a near direct hit on hong kong and macau lashing the islands with high winds waves and flooding. thousands of people were without power either knocked out by the
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storm or shut down for safety reasons in china two point four million people had to be evacuated from their home hundreds of flights were canceled the high speed train service was suspended and thousands of fishing boats headed back to port once the wind and the rain died down the cleanup started on monday with flooding fallen trees and debris to be cleared and after safety checks were carried out road rail and air services slowly began to start operating again on the mainland the storm is expected to continue moving west towards northern vietnam scott tyler al jazeera beijing. the turkish president. is about to arrive in the russian city of sochi for more talks on syria he'll meet with his russian counterpart vladimir putin for the second time in less than two weeks early on has warned of a bloodbath in the province and says he would not stand by and let that happen the rebel held province has been coming under attack in recent weeks by government
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forces supported by russia and iran stephanie decker joining us in just a moment from a handy that's on the turkey syria border but first let's get the latest from. joining us from moscow monitoring what happens over there in sochi. how crucial this meeting is between the two men for the fate of. well as the kremlin said earlier on today in the form of demeter peskov the kremlin spokesperson the situation in libya is key and he went on to say that there are certain differences certain approaches and different you want says that require very serious talk on the top level so that is why the letter may have putin and are meeting today they have met several times recently they've spoken on the phone they've of course been meeting in the asked on a format together with iran as well and essentially what this boils down to is
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what's the fate of good lives is going to be now has been making very very clear in various formats the past weeks that he strongly opposes full scale assault on the russians so far have kind of held off that full scale assault there has been bombing yes but the bloodbath that has been warning against has not happened yet and that's broadly because the russians have had to listen to his point of view now what they will need to discuss today is the nitty gritty the nuances how to do what each of the two sides wants to do here without crossing over each of their red lines they will be talking about how to separate the so-called terrorist groups there from the moderate opposition
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how to conduct a. terror oper operate in there without setting off some catastrophic humanitarian exodus that would push into turkey exacerbate an already bad refugee situation there the russians are certainly concerned with things that has been so. recently but this had been a situation that russia and turkey and iran had been broadly more or less happy to try to sort out by themselves but in recent days certainly in the op ed. wrote in the wall street journal a few days ago he opened a new can of worms by basically suggesting that there needed to be more international intervention in syria that will not go down well in moscow i'm sure that has not gone down well with the ministry of defense or with the kremlin
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essentially has been saying to the united states particularly you need to come in and help sort out this mess because this is not something that we are happy with and we don't want the russians the iranians and damascus to be pushing. and sending all sorts of ripple effects going out through the broader region ok thank you for that update from moscow let's not cross over to stephanie decorous is joining us from the hanly that's on the turkish syrian border so as that happens in sochi stephanie just tell us what the situation is right now in it deliberate self. well it's very quiet basically because the turkish president has been given time by putin to try and hold on to parts of his deal which is a very difficult one certainly because it is the turks who are the guarantors of the different rebel groups inside it live that is just behind us and particularly talking to the more hardline groups so to speak those terrorist organizations and
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getting them to lay down their arms or merge into other groups well at the moment from what we understand there's not much luck with that kind of move but remember these are you know these are groups that have been fighting for a very long time in syria they have an ideology a lot of people that we've been speaking to will tell you that it's come to a point where it's either fight to the death because there is nowhere to go so this is what they're trying to negotiate and i think from what we understand there is an expectation that this this offensive will go in phases and it will take a long time particularly it will start in the south now the last time these two men met matt ten days ago into her on the day after on the saturday you had an air campaign that started in the southern part of the province i think we would have to wait and see what is agreed on today because putin will be all skin for unser is saying we've given you time what is it you can now bring to the table yes all sides want to avoid a massive human humanitarian disaster yes there is certainly the potential for that inside it live but it's going to be a very very difficult negotiation to read by the turks to try and get these groups
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to agree because certainly damascus has made it very clear that they want to take back the province from the opposition and speaking of potential humanitarian disaster stephanie i mean the concern here is always for civilians and what happens to them. absolutely if you look behind me that is a camp that is inside it live that is the biggest camp for the internally displaced that's a snapshot in there is eight hundred thousand people who live like that along this border we know that when there was that initial sort of low level let's say campaign last week that around ten thousand people or so fled those areas towards the border towards you know living with with families inside but they will tell you and the people we were talking to saying that they feel that nowhere is safe because they fear that this offensive is of course going to engulf and take back the entire province turkey says its borders remain close you can see that very clear line behind me people are not crossing and they will not be allowed to cross we've spoken to the head of the turkish red crescent their message is adamant it
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remains the same we're going to try and help these people in side syria the problem with this is this story and the people inside it live don't want to live under government control damascus says they're going to take it back where almost three million people going to go where all the different rebel fighters going to go there is talk of going to marry that turkey controls in the north but that comes with its own complications so it gives you a sense why this is so difficult because this is the last province under opposition control it's where people have been let say brought to bus to over the years under these reconciliation deals in damascus was taken back territory it is hugely problematic and we're going to have to wait and see how it plans plans out i think at the moment still nothing is clear ok stephanie decker reporting from every sunday that's on the surface here but thank you. nuclearization will dominate talks the tuesday summit between the leaders of north and south korea south korea's president and will travel to pyongyang for what will be his third meeting with kim jong il this year is trying to revive stalled talks between north korea and the
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united states and he's expected to push him to make what he's called bold moves towards disposing of the north's nuclear weapons. and well denuclearization will dominate the agenda tuesday summit between the leaders of north and south korea as we were saying rob mcbride has more from so a growing sense of anticipation on both sides of the border and head of this summit it is going to be a packed itinerary the most important aspect of it of course will be the one on one meetings between j. and of south korea and kim jong un they will also be more detailed discussions between members of their large delegations they'll be talking about ways of improving into korean relations building on what they have already achieved about ways of reducing the risk level on the threat of conflict on the korean peninsula most important of course will be an attempt to try to start the stalled talks that
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have taken place between north korea and the united states on finding ways of getting the two sides to talk further about removing north korea's nuclear arsenal south korean president mungy in travels to pyongyang determined to breathe new life into an initiative launched the started and which no seems to be stalled. he knows the price of failure could be a return to the dangerous brinkmanship of missile testing and. if it becomes their. talks it is not about nuclear disarmament are stark and they asked back again. are there hardliners in washington and seoul especially in washington they have an upper hand and probably will start demanding their speed return to their hard line maximum pressure points in holding this summit moon is following in the
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footsteps of a previous us or president roh moo hyun a like minded reformer who held talks in pyongyang in two thousand and seven this will be moon's third summit with the north korean leader kim jong il and. their first landmark meeting was in april at the panmunjom truce village on the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas they met there again in may when the prospect of talks between north korea and the u.s. seemed to be in jeopardy it helped pave the way for the historic meeting between kim and u.s. president donald trump in singapore the following month. the floor in relations has seen tangible results. reunions of families separated by the korean war have restarted for the first time since twenty fifteen. eighty five year old back so young was among hundreds of south koreans who made the journey to the mount common
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gang resort in north korea last month. her dream is that this summit could one day lead to a new era a friendship you just heard about you letter that if family members could be allowed to go back and forth and visit each other's homes nothing would be better than mass. there have been other notable signs of progress the return by north korea of the remains of u.s. soldiers killed in the war but the ultimate prize as moon has known from the start is for the north to give up its nuclear weapons. this is a precious start for the complete genie clear as a nation of the korean peninsula south korean officials remain convinced about north korea's sincerity in wanting to give up its nuclear weapons they believe that kim jong un has accepted the fact that it has to be done sooner rather than later indeed joining the next two years of president trumps first term in office
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but as of yet there's little sign of that happening and the talks seem to remain stubbornly stuck north korea still seems to be holding out for some formal declaration of an end to the korean war by by the united states and or some relief from sanctions in return for what it believes other concessions it has made the united states for their part still want to see some actual evidence of north korea giving up its nuclear weapons and as moon j.n. heads north he knows that patience is wearing thin on all sides. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including ethnic cleansing sexual violence and recruitment of children as soldiers some of the grim findings expected from a report on south sudan and in sport action from the singapore grand prix as lewis hamilton aims to stay on course for a formula one world title. but
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first a warning that things will get a lot tougher for the u.k. economy as it struggles to finalize a bricks and deal the head of the international monetary fund says there will be significant costs if it crashes out of the european union without a deal speaking in london a short time ago christine legarde warned of the daunting challenges facing negotiations urging both sides to reach an agreement she said there would be a lot of negatives from britain is due to leave the e.u. in march next year overcoming differences reaching agreement and closing a deal with the e.u. will be critical to avoid the new deal breaks it which would impose very large cost on the u.k. economy paul brennan following the story joining us from london how significant are these warnings by christine legarde. i think that hugely significant and it's
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because of her position as the managing director of the international monetary fund she's not just some academic from a local university this is basically the the person who looks at the global economic outlook and makes judgments using the very finest of economic predictions and predict dos and some of the information that you came out with that news conference which happened just an hour ago was pretty bleak i mean she's revised down the u.k. g.d.p. growth forecast from one point seven five percent for the next two years down to one point five percent but she's made that totally contingent on there being a smooth process after bracks it's a deal that is done on bracks it so what you're saying is if there's a no deal on bracks if britain falls off a cliff edge effectively when it leaves the european union in march of next year then there will be no such thing as one point five percent growth it could be significantly worse than that and the other comments that she made was that the issues that are left to discuss and negotiations left to sort the list is so long
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it's daunting in her words and she said the trade deals that are done after breakfast you know the the optimistic tones that are being made by the british government are that after bracks a new trade deals can easily offset the loss she says no new trade deals after breakfast are highly unlikely to offset the costs of brecht's it to the u.k. the u.k. will be worse off in all scenarios even if there is a deal after after breaks it takes place and is it expected that to resign may well make any sort of progress towards some deal when she meets with other e.u. leaders this week. well. that's that's michel barnier the e.u. chief negotiator says he's looking at the possibility of revising some protocols in relation to the northern ireland border and the issue very thorny issue of a hard border there i think the biggest problem at the moment there is teresa mayes domestic problems and that's within her own ruling conservative party. the impact
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of the internal debate that's going on is hugely damaging she's been on the radio this morning saying that her deal the so-called checkers deal which is a kind of it is a fudge it would mean leaving the european union but at the same time trying to maintain a large degree of smooth trade with the european union that's not gone down well but she says that the only deal on the table and nevertheless boris johnson have foremost foreign secretary who is now just a newspaper columnist is loving how we're going to aides in from the pages of his newspaper saying that would result in a spectacular political car crash is under intense pressure and i'm afraid the prospect of no deal breck's it looms larger as the weeks go by without a resolution on these issues ok poverty and thank you. now storm florence continues to threaten the u.s. states of north and south carolina despite being downgraded to a tropical depression the governor of north carolina says florence is now in its most dangerous stage it's dumping record levels of rain and major flooding is
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forecast kris's salumi reports from fi it fell in north carolina. florence may no longer be a hurricane or even a tropical storm but her rains keep falling and the waters keep rising all across north and south carolina and despite days of warnings flash flooding continues to catch many off guard as the storm slowly inches inland it was waist deep inside the house and then once we got off the park it was up to our right more than nine hundred people have been rescued from homes and vehicles so far and according to the governor of north carolina the worst has yet to come some fifteen thousand people have moved into government shelters we were able to go by over the fayetteville in your car to see the regime gave you a record you were driving the all over the day all of that there are. travel has become increasingly treacherous as
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rivers overflow their banks and flood major roadways at least five of the people whose deaths have been attributed to florence were killed in their vehicles residents are being warned not to become complacent with help and for the best but prepare for the worst and we and we sit in a strong message to people if you decide to stay and not a mandatory evacuation what about three pm a day help will not be available to you and so we encourage you to do things like notify legal next of kin and let people know what your choices are. new mandatory evacuation orders went into effect in fayetteville for those who live within a mile of the cape fear and little rivers the last time this area experienced major flooding with two new years ago because they are river swelled its banks and the water rose so high it came all the way to this building here flooding the basement meteorologists are predicting that this time the flooding will be even worse the volunteers who lived through the last storm are standing by to help emergency
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officials we've got characters over and we've got volunteers and as i would know we've got schools over and over still to the well where if you go if you can't get out. of we're got guys that are willing to take their boat put our life on the line to make sure our people get to safety waiting and watching a slow motion natural disaster whose full impact may still not be felt for days kristen salumi al-jazeera fayetteville north carolina let's get an update and bring in wendy woolfolk she's joining us from wilmington close to where florence made landfall wendy what are you seeing where you are. hey terrain we're about it twenty minutes from where she made landfall and the damage is widespread it is incredible to see it's like driving through a maze here in wilmington let me show you big beautiful old trees treated like
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twigs up rooted right out of the ground unfortunately it's causing quite a problem here this is happen all throughout this region so people cannot drive through road drive through this area without being stopped and having to go around and that is why during authorities are saying it is not safe to come back to survey the damage in your homes at this point you've got trees like this everywhere you've got downed power lines it's just dangerous to come back and at this point we also know that there's no land access to get to the city of wilmington. at this point so unfortunately power crews are struggling as well you might be able to see behind me there is a van that got caught underneath this tree and the owner of the van who actually
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lives in that home is though coming back to this van to charge her phone because power is still out here and that is what they're struggling with you can't get all of the crews that are staged beyond wilmington to come help because there's no way to get here and so there are a domino there's a domino effect here with the power outage the trees down the flooding in outlying areas and so unfortunately with more rain in the forecast both today and tomorrow this thing is far from over ok the latest here in downtown wilmington north carolina wrens i'm going to you will focus now back to you thank you for that update from north carolina. the u.n. human rights commission for south sudan will present a report to the human rights council in geneva later on monday the report lists human rights violations and civil war broke out in twenty thirteen now last year as a report by the commission found that civilians have been deliberately and
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systematically targeted on the basis of their ethnicity by armed forces including government opposition forces the commission also previously stated that sexual violence was a consistent characteristic of the conflict in south sudan violations against children were also reported with children killed maimed recruited to fight by both sides now the un is saying that more than four million people have been displaced from the country and that seven million out of the twelve million population are in need of aid to survive we can now speak she's the chairwoman of the commission on human rights in south sudan she's joining us by skype from geneva thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera so i was just listing the findings that you found in last year's report can you talk us through the latest findings of the commission from this report that you will be presenting in twenty one thousand. well the commission has in you know in the last few days what you've seen of the warring
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parties and the government conclude a peace agreement which they now indicate is revitalized a commission has drawn attention to the fact that two days off to the agreement was signed already fighting began between the opposition forces and the government in which leads me seventeen people were killed and then of course on saturday you had a u.n. peacekeeping convoy attack that was actually bringing water to a settlement in l.a. and the peacekeeper actually got shot in the leg and for us that raises huge concern because it does speak to the question of the commitment to making the peace agreement a reality we also point out that while we have welcomed the fact that the military tribunal in south sudan convicted ten soldiers who had to rein hotel attack in
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which a number of women had been raped and a hotel vandalized and almost destroyed at the same time two hundred seventeen south sudanese women have also been raped in the same cycle of violence and they have yet to see any and the courts set up to give them any sense of justice and accountability but from the who are lawyers presented last year up until this point today how would you describe the state of human rights in south sudan. what we've said in our report the south sudan is a country at war with the citizens because the attacks continue violations until new the ask flow of internally displaced persons and refugees continue and of course the number of children who were affected by the conflict continue to go on the increase and we see no end in sight the only thing that we believe that will begin to restore some sense of accountability is if the african union and the
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government of south sudan establish the hybrid order which we have called for and which is contained in chapter five of the he said raman this needs to happen speedily but what has the un itself done when it comes to holding those responsible accountable we know that in february your commission that you chair identified tons of government officers who you accuse of committing crimes that may amount to work or i'm so or what has been done after the un identified these individuals well the un doesn't have the capacity or the legal authority to set up the court the court has to be set up by the african union mission which has been mandated to set up the hybrid or for south sudan the un can only prove he is which is what the commission has been doing to hand over to a prosecutor one day with the hybrid forty six we've also ensured that the way in
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which we have you need our evidence is to allow all of those states who are able to prosecute on the basis of extraterritorial jurisdiction those who are responsible for torture and six will violence our rights sukkot we thank you very much for speaking to us from geneva. and a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin but still ahead on the al-jazeera news our camp david accords turned fourteen we look at the historic peace agreement between israel and egypt and the new n.f.l. season is only into its second week and there have been are ready to have already been some shop results the town has got all the details coming up a little later in sports it's. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never
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sleeps. it has been about seventy two hours since we saw florence make landfall near wilmington north carolina now the rain is finally beginning to subside across the region has taken quite a while the storm was traveling at a snail's pace you can see that rain starting to move up to the north but now we're getting a view of what has been happening across the region one six to newburgh that is one of the locations i saw some of the strongest storm surge with the storm and of course this is the damage that we saw a lot of the boats were taken out of the out of their moorings and into other areas such as what would normally be yards dry lands parking lots in that region that has been you know that's one thing course with the roads out as well but i want to show you also what's been happening here in bowling springs because of the heavy rain we have lost one of the dams here in bowling springs and the water is now rushing down one of the spillways across that region many roads are out across the region wilmington is actually cut off because of all those roads we're talking about hundreds of roads that are not cross of all at the moment the other big picture is
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going to be going forward is going to be the river flooding all of this water that has fallen now has to make its way back to the atlantic ocean and so we are talking where dozens of river gauges are at major flood stage and we also have a lot of moderate and this is going to go on probably for several weeks. the weather sponsored by cats are and always. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have learned is that we need choppiness we need also to shine the light on those captives and this award bridges the gap that existed in this.
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nominate your own version here all shined a light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international pacer war two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour rescue efforts are continuing in the northern philippines where more than fifty people have been killed by typhoon mine got the most of them died in landslides triggered by strong
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winds and heavy rain and in the area of it's all gone dozens of miners are feared dead after a mountain slope collapsed on their living quarters the leader is off russia and turkey are holding talks in sochi on the situation in syria's rebel held in the province has been coming under attack in recent weeks by government forces supported by russia and iran has warned off a bloodbath and threatened turkey could intervene in the head of the international monetary fund says there would be significant costs to the british economy if the u.k. crashes out of the e.u. without a deal christine lagarde has warned of a lot of negatives from. fighting in yemen's hard data provinces intensifying as the u.n. envoy steps up efforts to revive talks to end the three year old war there her with the rubbles say the saudi coalition has carried out more than thirty five year strikes in the past twenty four hours and are symons reports from nearby djibouti
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just a warning you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. it's an airstrike by the saudi u.s. led coalition. whatever the target may have been this is the result civilians searching for missing children it isn't a risk you will need. the know. i heard of what's his guilt why is he being killed says one of the men who rarely are rescued the child's mother the father wasn't in his home when the bomb hit the girl's name is mood cedar she's carried away by one of the helpers he knows it doesn't end here. and that when. the searching continues and some moves brother neville is recovered and i am assuming that is what everyone had dreaded to do the children. are very proud i also are these are civilians the little kids
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are the only words this man can manage it happened on saturday in modern inside a province which shares a border with saudi arabia these people are internally displaced having fled the fighting yemen's turmoil is a lethal mix of the tactics of warfare the tactics of diplomacy from negotiations that could be a touch with that and a humanitarian crisis the fighting isn't just on the battlefield the suffering goes right across yemen and it's getting worse. in the stillness of a remote village and province they're eating the leaves of trees to survive they're cooked and mashed into a paste. i personally i don't you believe this is my salary has been cut it's a main meal for my children even though this is causing them each of us and drowsiness what can we do. now. we cook tree leaves we have no nutrition we will
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die here we have no one but god this is the nearest medical center to the village where they had to resort to eating leaves my nutrition could end up being the biggest killer in this conflict. anyone trying to bring peace to yemen may not need reminding of what's at stake nevertheless those without a voice of influence a crying out for help now more than ever before andrew simmons al-jazeera djibouti the confirmation of president donald trump's pick for the supreme court has run into problems after an allegation of sexual abuse the judiciary committee it was set to vote on brett kavanaugh his nomination on thursday but with the new revelation some politicians want it to be delayed political hay reports. if brett kavanaugh is confirmed he will change the highest court for
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a generation he will cement it as solidly conservative it's a high stakes nomination that has been controversial from the beginning with republicans refusing to hand over hundreds of thousands of documents from his long legal career this nomination is going to be tainted it will be stain. by badly broken process that has shattered the norms despite that in just days it was expected he would get past the first vote and be on his way to final confirmation until this the washington post has a story about what one woman alleges kavanah did to her in high school christine bleakley ford going public the post writes while his friend watched she said cavanagh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one piece bathing suit and the clothing she were over it when she tried to scream she said he put his hand over her mouth i
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thought he might inadvertently kill me said ford she managed to escape and she even passed a lie detector test about the incident which kevin has denied so far frankly your answer has been ambiguous there are calls to bring him back before the senate the last time that happened it was clarence thomas absolutely not the senator nominated to the court when anita hill came forward and accused him of sexual harassment he was confirmed anyway many women were angry in the u.s. after the thomas confirmation it's all record number of women run for office since then we've seen the election of u.s. president donald trump the woman's marks the me too movement again another record breaking number of women running for office now the cavanagh confirmation really just stoke the anger that's already out there the politicians are well aware of that with less than two months to go till congressional elections now the republicans who control the senate have just days to decide if they should ignore
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the allegations and risk a backlash or call for new hearings potentially risking their nominee. al-jazeera washington. forty years ago today the camp david accords were signed the deal aimed to resolve differences over the one nine hundred sixty seven six day war this was the middle east before fighting began and then israel sees territory including the sinai and gaza from egypt the golan heights from syria and the west bank which was controlled by jordan camp david laid the framework for a peace deal signed a year later by egypt and israel after israel handed back the sinai to egypt it still holds a today the accords in one nine hundred seventy eight included a proposal to set up a self-governing offer already for palestinians in the west bank and gaza but palestinians were not party to the agreement also in jordan has more. on september seventeenth one thousand nine hundred seventy eight egypt and israel and thirty
1:42 pm
years at war after twelve days of secret talks at the us presidential retreat camp david menachem begin and sadat later were awarded the nobel peace prize for signing the camp david peace accords an achievement that. reflects the courage and wisdom of these two leaders jimmy carter to receive the same prize for using the power of his office to compel sworn enemies to talk to listen and to make a deal many had hoped the peace treaty with egypt and them with jordan would improve the chances of a peace deal between israel and the palestinians. thirty years later despite the all slow accords and repeat it u.s. efforts to hold peace talks experts say achieving the two state vision is as difficult as it's ever been. a lot of ideas are out there federation confederation one state three states but every time one studies this issue in any detail you come
1:43 pm
back to the two state solution is the only outcome that would satisfy the national aspirations of both sides there are many reasons why israeli palestinian peace talks have stalled some blame the failure of palestinian president mahmoud abbas to prevent attacks on israelis others reject the trumpet ministration as a broker for future talks benjamin netanyahu government keeps building jewish settlements in the occupied west bank and restricts palestinians movements around the territory and the trump white house has made what many call hostile actions toward the palestinian government closing the p.l.o. office in washington cutting u.s. funds for the un refugee agency and to the palestinian authority stopping its donations to a hospital that serves critically ill palestinians and moving the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem
1:44 pm
a former negotiator on the camp david accord says in light of all this it's too much to hope that the white house peace plan could be a breakthrough this is not a real estate transaction real estate involved but this is also about national interests about security concerns about highly symbolic issues jerusalem about people's rights. experts say the vision of two states living side by side can survive but right now there's no predicting when or if one might see a repeat of the good feelings on display back in september one thousand nine hundred seventy eight roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington or began last week as an isolated case of a couple of sewing needles hidden in australian strawberries is turning into a crisis for the industry more and more contaminated strawberries have been found since across the country andrew thomas reports this strawberry scab again
1:45 pm
a way to go when a customer bought upon it like this one and found needles inside two of the strawberries that was traced back to a packing shed a particular farm where it looks as though at the scrum through employee that put needles inside the strawberries it looked as though that was a one off but since then been reports of eight other incidents in places right across australia now one of two of those may be customers making things up but it certainly looks as though they've also been coping incidents whether at the packing stage on the farms or whether it's people putting needles into strawberries as they are sitting on food market shelves it's not clear that regardless of the cause the consequences for the strawberry industry in australia a huge it's a hundred million dollars a year industry and it's already suffering from a glass of stories this is the high production time of year it's been a particularly strong year for production but that means prices will already live with this hitting the demand side the price of a planet like this one has dropped to as low as a dollar a month
1:46 pm
a striking signal and importance and exports are having trouble so new zealand's one of its major imports of story supplies cough that country supermarkets aside it will stop taking australian strawberries until this crisis is resolved. peru's president is there to congress to dismiss his cabinet over his push for a referendum on anti-corruption measures martin vickery has ordered the opposition controlled congress to debate his proposal if they block it in a no confidence vote and a scar zero will then be able to dissolve congress something he's threatened to do his campaign to reduce corruption follows a leak of videos showing judges negotiating bribes to settle cases. now peru's top immigration official says efforts to repatriate hundreds of thousands of venezuelans who have fled to other parts of south america are nowhere near enough every day about two hundred of them are arriving in peru venezuela's in the grip of
1:47 pm
a severe economic crisis but i want to sanchez went to meet a peruvian businessman who has set up a shelter in the capital to help but venezuelan migrants are. on the floor. alongside each other more than one hundred seventy venezuelans sharing three bedrooms two bathrooms and every single space there is left in this makeshift shelter on the outskirts of lima. says he feels lucky to be here. i feel blessed because a lot of people have to sleep on the street i don't have any food what these people here are doing. it's all free says clinical a peruvian businessman who says he spent nearly thirty thousand dollars to rent and set up this shelter. i used the money to buy the stove mattresses everything i was about to buy a car but decided to invest it here because in exchange you get happiness. in a few months giving us nearly two thousand venus williams who learned of the
1:48 pm
shelter through social media have come and gone the only way to make it work with so many is with discipline he says supervisor. the space is already too small it's a challenge because people keep on coming on our motto is to never say no we open our doors to any woman. the shelter is no run with the help of private donations to be a big who has absorbed the largest number of the newest women migrants and refugees more than four hundred twenty thousand says the government seventy thousand already have work permits but most are taking underpaid jobs such as street bending for many venezuelans starting a new life here has been much more difficult than they imagined so if you have taken up president. offer to be flown back home for free. there were nearly two hundred venice williams have been airlifted in as well and precedent to just have been a swims were living and working in slave like conditions propaganda replied the peruvian
1:49 pm
government was the majority of them as well as at the embassy are here to request document renewals to be able to apply for work permits nearly two million venezuelans are living abroad straining relations in the region and leading some countries to impose travel restrictions that's a shame says going in. hunger a necessity don't have borders countries shouldn't impose restrictions to these people. you're going to have american states says no country can face this wave of migrants and refugees on the road all governments and international organizations get together to think of a regional plan people like britney are already making a difference in a sense i just see that lemur. still ahead on the news. for a number of drivers at the nascar race in las vegas. with more. than just
1:50 pm
a moment to remember that just like.
1:51 pm
again time for the sports news here is that china thanks very much to rain we're only in the second week of the n.f.l. season and there have already been some shock defeat super bowl win is the philadelphia eagles was stunned on sunday by the tampa bay buccaneers the champions going down twenty seven to twenty one that was also a shocking loss to five time a super bowl winners than last year's runners up the new england patriots tom brady's team fell to the jacksonville jaguars thirty one twenty the score before
1:52 pm
the match the jacket was at last the last against the patriots and it only managed a single win in the last twelve against them it's a it's a long year and i think you know you have a bad day against a good team and that's it's a recipe for losing and you know we certainly had a bad day and we got to learn from having bad days and they're just things don't magically happen you know make them happen. lewis hamilton has made a big move in his effort to win a fifth of formula one while title he won the singapore grand prix and is now at forty points clear of his main rival sebastian vettel who could only manage to place david stokes has the action. after a stunning performance in qualifying lewis hamilton still needed to have his wits about him going into the first few corners and he did well to emerge unscathed with his lead intact with a back esteban all com was not so lucky his race ended early having been shoved into the wall by its force india team mate sergio perez. that accident needed some
1:53 pm
clearing up but crucially just before the safety car came out sebastian vettel was able to pass much to stop and to take second place think of he was now perfectly positioned to attack hamilton. that was until corroboree decided to bring him in early for a tire change. it proved a costly decision by the team many expected to dominate in singapore vettel ended up losing time and ultimately gave second place back to stop and i would. say the strategy on the other hand it was working perfectly there was a brief scare when hamilton was held up by a group of back markers to stop and try to lock up the inside but the championship leader had it covered and accelerated into the distance to claim victory it's the fourth time he's won the singapore grand prix.
1:54 pm
shows. how martin described it as a monumental moment and it's hard to argue he finished nearly forty seconds clear of vettel and now leads his main rival by forty points in the drive the standings we had a great start the team just never given up faith and belief in me in an invalid's three and in our ability and is a real blessing it was a long race yeah i mean it wasn't looking too bad we had a good first lap and then we tried something being aggressive but it didn't work and we ended up finishing third so finishing where we started well back side was four wins in the last five for hamilton and with only six races remaining vettel needs to start beating him and fast david stokes al-jazeera. christiana rinaldo scored his first goals fi event the italian champions continued that past six start to the season when all they had failed to find the net in his first three games for you they had
1:55 pm
a second half tap in the. first of all i got off the mark for thirty three year old didn't have to wait long for a second event is going on to win the game to want to maintain that position to help the city they look set to be without douglas costa for the foreseeable future by the brazilian with an off the first head butting and then spitting in an opponent's face. gonzalo higuaín scored his first goal for i.c. milan since his loan move from day. one one with kelly at a. three time n.b.a. champion twain wade has announced that he's set to retire but will play on for one more season for the miami heat in baseball's top league now thirty six years old white has been in the n.b.a. since two thousand and three he spent the majority of his career at miami and returned earlier this year after a brief stint with the chicago bulls and cleveland cavaliers wade is the twelve time all star and is the best known as part of the big three thousand with le bron
1:56 pm
james and chris bosh the trio spearheading two championship winning campaigns he made his announcement on you. fellows right action guys to join me for one last day for last season this is it i give him his game everything that i have and i'm happy about that and i'm a give it one last season everything else i have. to cycling now and british riders now hold all three grand tour titles off to simon yates wrapped up the spanish welter he safely completed sunday's processional stage in madrid earlier this year thomas won the tour de france and chris froome the judo italia. really unbelievable experience. you know is even nervous today coming to surrogates is an issue but it has been but no really fun to pull it off a little. in major league baseball the colorado rockies boosted that chances of making the playoffs beating the san francisco giants on sunday colorado's scored
1:57 pm
three times in the second inning taking them into a comfortable three nothing lead on francisco would get back in the game but the rockies managed to hold on a final score was three trains. and it was a rough race for a number of drivers at sunday's nascar meet in las vegas some of them was simply having problems just staying on the track while ricky stenhouse jr just had a really nasty moment has raised ending as you can see the biggest a crash of a happening towards the end there's numerous cars involved in this right with less than ten laps to go brad keselowski managed to take care of the commotion and went on to win but just to be so this bought mine when i said are you ok it's a sound thank you for that of this and banks are watching the news hour on al-jazeera peter it's obvious with your just a moment with much more news coming your way to say without zero.
1:58 pm
dark thirty. the latest news as it breaks these people are already some of the country's most
1:59 pm
vulnerable and now they say they need help with detail coverage here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily life for so many from around the world forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry a chinese but today it is like this are no longer exceptional. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing the human crime in the twenty first century and they are nuclear war climate change and technological destruction facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera i mean this is different not just whether someone's going for someone's favorite discarded weenie tree i think it's how you approach an individual and as it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story and fly out. the
2:00 pm
search for survivors in the philippines after a landslide caused by typhoon manga court. peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up a lot of negatives from the i.m.f. head warns of major problems for the u.k. economy if there's no deal with europe. the confirmation hearing for president donald trump supreme court nominee it's a roadblock as an allegation of sexual assault surfaces. also this half hour a strawberry scare in australia after needles were found in the front.


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