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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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every pressure point that we can hit we will applaud pressure there in order to get out clause money back that my involved falling criminal cases of my involved falling civil cases whatever it takes. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides.
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zero. hello i'm. in london with the news hour coming up in the next sixty minutes syria says it's our defenses of intercepted a number of missiles fired at the coastal city of latakia. this is turkey and russia's leaders agreed to set up a demilitarized zone in ablett province to separate government forces and rebels. sexual assault allegations threaten to derail the confirmation of president john supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. and rescue is keep searching for dozens of people feared buried by a huge landslide after typhoon manhood hit the philippines. in sport the french teenager who lit up the world cup is getting ready for a return to champions league or. will kick off the group stages against season's
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finalists liverpool. welcome to the program our top story this hour syrian state media says its ad defense forces have intercepted a number of missiles fired at the coastal city of latakia they were targeting a state run technical industry company on the eastern outskirts syrian state t.v. is reporting they are suspected as right strikes and last half an hour well this came hours after the leaders of russia and turkey agreed to set up a demilitarized zone in syria to keep government forces and rebel fighters apart russia's defense minister says that means that will be no military assault the russian president vladimir putin struck a deal with his turkish counterpart worship type after lengthy talks in sochi for each one is reports now from moscow. for weeks it has been
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bracing itself for the year so it seemed imminent damascus and. asco signaled it was coming but they wanted to clear out syria's final rebel stronghold and after a lol bombs had started falling again but following a marathon meeting in sochi it looks like turkey's president has persuaded liberia putin try something different for a while at least the assault is off now that they are. joining the meeting we took a close look at the situation and decided to create a demilitarized zone along the contact line a syrian government forces and the armed opposition fifteen to twenty kilometers deep by the fifteenth of october of the current year. it's a success for russia type are the one who has mounted an urgent diplomatic campaign to avert what the united nations said would be a major humanitarian disaster while much of it together we will ensure the protection and the prevention of provocation of third parties of violations of the agreement. russia and turkey will carry out coordinate patrols on the borders of
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both sides of the demilitarized zone that will be designated all heavy weapons will have to be good for the buffer zone and what putin called radically minded rebels including higher talk real sherm would have to pull out the details are to be agreed with damascus according to russia's defense minister yet again it's been made clear that spite all the talk of syria's territorial integrity its sovereignty that it's syrians themselves that should be deciding the fate of their country ultimately it's outside powers that are calling the shots but those outside powers have their limitations to russia can't ignore turkey and monday's developments show that things russia needs to call it syrian intervention a success the return of refugees reconstruction the political process would be all but impossible without ankara's involvements turkey terrified of a new wave of homeless syrians put its foot down moscow listened and did lip gets
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a reprieve for now rory chalons how does iran moscow. civil let's get more from stephanie decker who's in an attack in order with syria we want to ask you about the explosions have been taking place in the coastal province all of latakia stephanie what more can you tell us about these reports. lose a lot of confusion the beginning certainly wondering whether it had anything to do with what rory was just reporting on which is that announcement of the demilitarized zone but there was a statement by the official syrian state news agency saying that various missiles have been intercepted air defense systems deployed in latakia that targeted in the end a technical facility now sputnik which is a russian news source you're saying that it targeted syrian army infrastructure but that report from the syrian state news agency also quoting a military official saying that the missiles came from the sea now this you know
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when it comes to syria you always have to look at reports very carefully but i think it very clearly rules out the rebels and the opposition fighters there are various you know various countries have a presence in the mediterranean the americans have navy vessels there are the brits the turks also israel is believed to have submarines there they have been accused in the past of launching missiles at latakia from submarines in the area it's never confirmed but of course we do know and it is confirmed that israel strikes targets inside syria when it comes to what they believe are potential weapons shipments that may go to hezbollah inside lebanon own or its troops in syria or iranian proxies inside syria so this is now what a lot of people believe is the case again none of that is confirmed is wrong never confirm these reports if you call the army israeli army they will tell you that it comment on porn reports but we have had recently
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a very rare statement admittance by the israeli army saying that they had hit over two hundred targets in syria over the last year and a half when it came to you know it growing in iranian allies or weapon shipments that sort of you know cause a threat to its security so that is the situation was a very confusing picture at the moment but for now things are quiet yes as you say stephanie it is difficult. to trace the source of such strikes particularly in the early stages and often the israeli military declines to comment on these situations but it's very interesting timing isn't it just when we thought a military assault on live might be taking place. absolutely and this is why initially people are thinking is this a response by the hill sham which is the group that is causing such a controversy deemed a terrorist organization by all often accused of using drones to attack particularly the. the russian military base in lattakia so initially people and
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activists and sources were saying is this a response well it soon became clear all through that haze of confusion which often happens in syria as you mentioned soon after these reports come out that the syrians were saying that these were missiles coming from the sea says certainly far more of a state actor in play but it also just shows you you know as we talk about it live which really is the final phase for the opposition when it comes to this war that you have all these different countries at play when it comes into syria and that isn't over yet you know israel's concern is iranian forces inside syria it wants them to leave all the iranians are saying we're here at the invitation of damascus so that it's not over you have the american interest you have turkish interests they have issues with the kurds with the americans are it is very complicated and once. is over we do expect that to happen it's going to be a long long situation but damascus says it's going to take back the province you
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then are going to have still all the countries dipping out their spheres of influence so a very complicated picture that isn't over yet well thank you very much for now stephanie decker bringing us all the latest from antakya near the border with syria and now it speak to richard why it's a direct and senior fellow at the hudson institute center for political military analysis he joins me from washington of course the other key development of the day was an agreement struck between the russian and turkish leaders to form to establish a demilitarized zone in which would effectively a buffer zone that would separate syrian fighters from rebel fighters how might such a plan be enforced. well i think that the model that the parties have in mind to have been these series of demilitarisation
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and redeployment or withdrawal of slash surrender agreements that the syrians and the russians have succeeded in making one place after another basically they surround an area put a lot of pressure on it and then the rebels announce that they will move but the challenge here is that in the past they've been relocating to live but now it's a little bit cell so there's a question of if the the insurgents are to give up their weapons and move where would they go presumably turkey but it's not clear more generally it's very clever i think tactical move on the part of the russians and so this is will probably help them in it with turkey going forward but the other interesting thing is there was no evidence syrian government iranian input into the process i think the russians herc's appeared to decided this by themselves. and so does this finale
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perhaps lessen the church the prospects of a humanitarian crisis and we know that there are groups thousands of jihadi fighters there in the region but of course you also have around three million syrians. residing in the area for the short to medium term to only be sure that there won't be a military assault. right so the turks erred on themselves and other turkish representatives plus the western governments as we saw on the recent security council debates been very concerned about the humanitarian implications of having a massive bombing and ground assault on a city within or an area with several million people this would appear to offer a way to prevent that or at least postpone or so if the green it works as with the other ones and as intended what would happen was the. jihadi than other groups in
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iraq in would surrender their weapons and either reincorporate into the syrian government forces which is very unlikely or withdraw or scatter something and that would prevent an immediate assault perhaps even a long term assault the syrian government's able to occupy the region by itself without resistance. but the challenge here is that again it's a since we've been moving these people to live in now where we're going to put them it's not clear if how many of these groups are going to resist that some of them are under the influence of the syrian turkish government but others are not so there may still be fighting and then if it breaks down the question is will the russian support to this and say look we try we were unable to reach an agreement so we can go ahead with the offensive or will be some other kind of solution well thank you for sharing your insight with us appreciate it this woman a tree analyst there in washington richard vice joining us i want to bring up today
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it was in developments in yemen where pro-government forces backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates say they have launched a new phase of their sensitive and data fighting flight again in the red sea port city last week after the hoofy failed to timeouts a peace talks in geneva. well now the u.s. president is expected to announce a new round of tariffs on trade with china shortly donald trump said he would make the announcement off the markets closed on monday top white house economic adviser larry kudlow says the u.s. is ready to negotiate a trade deal with china but only if aging is prepared for serious talks the president's view is not to destroy the chinese economy we're not trying to put them out of business we're trying to get them to join the international trading nations world and be a citizen and abide by the rules for the first time in some twenty odd years i
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think the chinese you know may find themselves more isolated if they don't come into the global process and if they don't provide new information and begin to say yes to the asps of president. castro is life for us now in washington and heidi what measure is the white house preparing to impose on china. these second round of tariffs have been long discussed trump asked his aides to prepare them earlier this week and so are expecting is an announcement that some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods will be taxed by these tariffs somewhere between ten and twenty five percent now where ever of falls along that range this will mark a dramatic escalation of the trade war between us and china in fact with this announcement that we are expecting more than half of all chinese imports to the
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u.s. would be hit by these tariffs and china has indicated that it does intend to retaliate in july when the u.s. initiated the first round of terrorist covering about fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods china you need it lee did the same in kind to u.s. products now that we're expecting another two hundred billion dollars worth of products tariffed china has said that it intends to respond by initiating sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods the difference there is because china has a severe trade imbalance with the u.s. it simply exports much more to this country to the u.s. than the u.s. exports to china trump has said this round of tariffs is intended to punish china for unfair trade practices as well as enhanced the u.s. is hand in these ongoing negotiations but indications are according to reporting by bloomberg news that china is willing to walk away from further talks if trump makes
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good on this threat which we expect in the coming hours or days and in fact these next round of terrorist is likely going to hit american consumers the hardest these are every day products that will likely be on this list american businesses and the international monetary fund have all come out against this trade war in the u.s. stocks closed down on this news today all right will bring. more information as and when we get that announcement for now heidi castro washington thank you. well meanwhile in all the developments in washington the future of the highest court in the u.s. hangs in the balance of his sexual assault allegations which threaten to derail the confirmation process of president trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh his accuser says she is prepared to testify publicly to the senate judiciary committee which is due to vote on his appointment next week our white house correspondent kimberly that reports. u.s. president donald trump's nominee to the highest court in the country the supreme
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court is in doubt spite of that the president is standing with brett kavanaugh he is one of the great intellects and one of the finest people that anybody has known cavanagh is at the center of an explosive allegation that threatens to derail his nomination it came this weekend by this woman christine blasi forward who says cavanagh attempted to sexually assault her in the one nine hundred eighty s. a charge he vehemently denies this is a completely false allegation i have never done anything like what the accuser describes to her or to anyone ford's lawyer says her client has taken a lie detector test and is now prepared to testify before congress this is not a politically motivated action in fact she was quite reluctant to come forward and she was in fact outed after she had made the decision not to come forward for does now a professor in california she says when she was fifteen a drunk seventeen year old cavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom at
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a party groped her attempted to remove her clothing and held her hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming kavanagh's nomination to the supreme court faces a crucial vote on thursday in a senate committee but a number of lawmakers say that vote should be delayed until the accuser is heard something even the president agrees with if it takes a little delay it'll take a little delay. it should certainly be very much republicans say they'll give cavanagh for the chance to be heard by the senate judiciary committee the timing of this nomination is also important any delay is a problem for the white house with just weeks until the midterm election to determine control of congress needs to get a conservative on the bench before it's too late kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house still ahead on this news hour from london we're going to bring you all the latest from north carolina where storm florence has caused chaos and the rivers
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are still rising. demonstrators shut down the ethiopian capital addis ababa angry over an outbreak of ethnic violence which left twenty three people dead. and in sport defending champions india get ready to stop the defense of the asia cup cricket title. now more than one hundred people have died in flooding across ten states of nigeria heavy seasonal rains caused the rivers to. floods have spread across the country over the last two weeks a national disaster has been declared in four of the states and the nigerian government has approved twenty one million dollars of medic.


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