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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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did to get his pick for the u.s. supreme court approved that's off the allegations of sexual assault emerged against brett kavanaugh a woman says he groped her and tried to remove her clothes at a party and high school they'll both be called to testify before the senate judiciary committee which is due to vote on cavanagh's appointment this week kimberly how could reports. u.s. president donald trump's nominee to the highest court in the country the supreme court is in doubt and spite of that the president is standing with brett kavanaugh he is one of the great intellects and one of the finest people that anybody has known cavanagh is at the center of an explosive allegation that threatens to derail his nomination it came this weekend by this woman christine blasi ford who says cavanagh attempted to sexually assault her in the one nine hundred eighty s. a charge he vehemently denies this is a completely false allegation i have never done anything like what the accuser
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describes to her or to anyone ford's lawyer says her client has taken a lie detector test and is now prepared to testify before congress this is not a politically motivated action in fact she was quite reluctant to come forward and she was in fact outed after she had made the decision not to come forward for does now a professor in california she says when she was fifteen a drunk seventeen year old cavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom at a party groped her attempted to remove her clothing and held her hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming kavanagh's nomination to the supreme court faces a crucial vote on thursday in a senate committee but a number of lawmakers say that vote should be delayed until the accuser is heard something even the president agrees with if it takes a little delay it'll take a little delay it should certainly be very munch republicans say they'll give cavanagh afford the chance to be heard by the senate judiciary committee. the
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timing of this nomination is also important any delay is a problem for the white house with just weeks until the midterm election to determine control of congress needs to get a conservative on the bench before it's too late kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house u.s. secretary of state might pompei o says the number of refugees allowed into the country for twenty nine thousand will be cut down to thirty thousand that's fifteen thousand fewer than this year the u.s. has come under fire for accepting very few syrian refugees compared with neighboring canada and other developed nations in europe some will characterize the refugee ceiling as the sole barometer of america's commitment to vulnerable people around the world this would be wrong. other countries were noting their humanitarian protection efforts highlight their assistance to both refugees and asylum he's the united states should do the same this year's refugee ceiling
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reflects the substantial increase in the number of individuals seeking asylum in our country leading to a massive backlog about standing asylum cases and greater public expense. now the head of the international monetary fund has warned that a no deal exit from the european union will come at a big cost to the u.k. christine legarde says britain's growth rate will be less than half the global average even if a smooth breaks it transition is agreed paul brennan reports. at one point in her news conference christine legarde described herself as a desperate optimist but delivering the i.m.s. latest assessment of the u.k. economy her tone was repeatedly downbeat about britain post rex it so whatever the deal is will not be as good as it is at the moment and asked about the seemingly growing prospect of britain crashing out without a british deal now clearly that was to happen our assessment is that it would have very dear economy consequences it would be a shock to supply. and it would inevitably have
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a series of consequences in terms of. reduced growth going forward. increased deficit most likely depreciation of the currency and. you know in reasonably short order mean a reduction of the size of the u.k. economy the bracket deadlines are approaching fast for britain to depart the european union in an orderly manner next march they really need to agree the e.u. divorce bill by the end of this year and a u. leaders are braced for an emergency summit mid november but the british prime minister theresa may is facing considerable opposition to her compromise proposal the so-called checkers plan and if that is rejected by the u.k. parliament then the very real prospect of a no deal bracks it looms boris johnson resigned from the government over bracks it
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and has taken to sniping from his regular newspaper column the whole thing is a constitutional abomination he writes and if checkers were adopted it would mean that for the first time since ten sixty six our leaders were deliberately acquiescing in foreign rule the presidency of the e.u. is currently with austria and its leader is visiting paris for talks with the french president. i think there we agree that we have to do everything possible to avoid the heartbreaks it to make possible that there will be a strong cooperation between the u.k. and the european union even after the u.k. leaving the e.u. the e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier is in madrid with little to add i don't count on as how sorry i don't want to answer my version of real. bullets a discreet. spirit of good cooperation with the final words there mr ban it will give a fuller assessment when he brings ministers from the remaining twenty seven member
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states back in brussels on tuesday will brennan al-jazeera london. argentina's former president cristina kirchner has been charged in a corruption scandal the judge has asked for parliamentary immunity to be lifted so she can be detained questioners accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes during her time in office last month the senate partially lifted her immunity so she could be investigated latin america editor racine newman joins me on the phone now from vina del mar in chile so what exactly do these charges involve how serious is this for the former president. presently the very very serious charges they are the result of camilla's called them a crushing notebook that is a notebook with very very minute details on the allegedly kids facts that were being paid by different companies private companies to the government but more
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specifically to christina key issues and from government throughout the twelve years that she and her husband were in office in fact according to lead prosecutor kind of a start many were talking about a hundred and sixteen million dollars at least money that was pocketed allegedly by the president and members of her government and she of course subsidized the charges the judge however would like the senate to lift her immunity so that she can be detained immediately however and that is very very unlikely indeed because prissie of justice party still holds the numbers in the senate to prevent that from happening house and that of course all this is going on as as argentina are. going through some some major struggles konami right now. to new delhi but it doesn't really exist there are two very very different things the president is also in hot water the economy is in a terrible crisis inflation is expected to reach forty percent fifteen or. so of
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the local currency has plummeted if it wants to and that perhaps he has his popularity were higher perhaps he would have more influence in the senate and that could enjoy the outcome of the possible vote but right now they're kind of almost in a very very bad place committed to speaking right now whether or not you can see that huge there will ultimately things not prosecution because the prosecution can go on ahead regardless but a jail sentence is something that no one can tell right now are in the c.n.n. live for us there in chile thanks so much. south korea's president in is about to depart for pyongyang for a third summit with north korea's kim jong un these are live pictures from an air base just outside of seoul where moon will fly out from it is the first time a south korean leader has traveled to the north in over a decade and talks over
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a denuclearization of north korea are high on the agenda but the start of the three day visit is going on as a u.n. security council meeting has been taking place in new york the u.s. called a meeting saying it urgently needs to discuss countries that were undermining sanctions on north korea its ambassador nikki haley has been pointing the finger of blame at russia our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations one country in particular was singled out by the u.s. in a particularly fahri security council meeting and that country is russia the key haley saying that russia is cheating on the sanctions on north korea saying this in an open meeting open chamber of the u.n. security council saying it was a concern a plan by the russians they were just turning a blind eye this was a systemic plan by the russians to thwart the sanctions let's listen to ambassador
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nikki haley why after voting for sanctions for eleven different times is russia now backing away from we know the answer it's because russia has been cheating. and now they've been caught. despite its repeated support for u.n. sanctions russia is actively working to undermine the enforcement of the security council sanctions on north korea certainly trying to use the opportunity of their presidency and as you say trying to make some of these issues and disagreements very public this is notable though we have a lot of disagreements in the security council between the u.s. and russia on issues but never before on north korea north korea is an issue that has have unity in the past that's why they've been able to get through the very very tough sanctions on north korea that unity in the last couple of hours has
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completely broken down. of the lead on it is that i want to come back the search for survivors in the philippines up to five hundred one hundred trainers landslide . the camp david accords turn forty we'll look at the historic peace agreement between israel and egypt. later in sport defending champions india get ready to stop the defense of their asia cup cricket title. how the remains of florence are still visible no longer a hurricane not really a tropical depression there's not much structure told with the still somewhat bright white tops there which means heavy rain and of course widespread flooding is still in north carolina who were last
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a while yet but the rain came from the skies not to spread up through pennsylvania and through new england towards nova scotia this is still going to remain a humid and potentially wet area all the way down towards texas southern mississippi and alabama always some big seats big showers recently but basically it's a fairly dry picture then to get to the central plains states not some old frontal system which does separate much colder air which is showing a bit of snow up in british columbia and a little bit more positive not much but this is where cooler is and that's why these showers could to get to be quite interesting the next day or so by which time we're on wednesday it looks dried on the east coast with the exception probably of florida but there is action taking place in the caribbean again it's the remains of an old tropical storm isaac is this thing here is going every jamaica you're in the satellite picture it's got a small percentage chance of turning back into circulation not obvious just yet but certainly enhanced the rain in cuba.
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fresh perspectives ecosoc cease. debate and discussion it's only one piece on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves there's so much to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number and all that we can . count is earings award winning programs takes you on a journey around the globe. down
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to zero. zero again you're watching ideas into a mind of the top stories this hour the trade war between the u.s. and china has escalated again after president donald trump announced another two hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports ten percent hike will take effect from next monday it will then increase to twenty five percent on january first next year. syrian state media says its air defense forces have intercepted missiles fired of the coastal city of latakia they were allegedly
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targeting state run industrial buildings on in the east israel is suspected also a russian reconnaissance plane returning to an airbase in law has gone missing over the mediterranean. u.s. president donald trump said there might be a delay to get his pick for the u.s. supreme court approved after allegations of sexual assault emerged against brett kavanaugh he'll be called along with his accuser to testify board before the senate judiciary committee which is due to vote on his appointment this week. south korea's president moon j. in. is departing for pyongyang for a third summit with kim jong un these are the latest pictures from an air base just outside seoul where moon is flying out from it's the first time a south korean leader is traveling to the north in over a decade talks of a denuclearization are high on the agenda more than a hundred people have died in flooding across ten states of nigeria heavy seasonal
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rains caused the needs year and ben who rivers to burst their banks floods of spread across the country over the last two weeks a national disaster has been declared in four states and the government has sanctioned twenty one million dollars for medical and relief support. rescue teams in northern the northern philippines are desperately digging through mounds of mud and looking for survivors of a landslide hit a mining area and it's a growing province where many people had been sheltering from typhoon manhood the storm ripped through the country on saturday killing dozens of people with heavy rain continuing is growing concern for those still missing as jamil ellenbogen reports from. these the mountain was in destructible but the force of nature proved too great more than fourteen miners took shelter from the storm in a bunk house built into the hillside these thought they were safe but the landslide triggered by super could bury to forty feet deep this is the town
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of big province it bore the brunt of the storm's power the devastation is so widespread the full scale of the damage is not yet know. it's for news about her nephew twenty eight year old arcane told them he would be home but he never arrived will you know and oh my go have signaled in a moment will perhaps this is what god intended can we contradict what god has planned for us nobody wanted this to happen this was an accident what the local government is trying to do here is to expedite the process of rescue and retrieve all operations the backhoes here have been working all day trying to clear the road invision pave the way for a speedier process of rescue and retrieval operations they have also set up a temporary emergency and rescue center here there is
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a board over there that has the list of those who had been missing. rescuers see the chances of finding survivors are slim but they are doing everything they can bringing down machines to this site is extremely difficult so volunteers. i had to dig through the rubble with their bare hands process that is expected to last many days. and it is the number one. objective is to establish identities of the people because we are not dealing with just one bodies but in this case. about this more bodies brought in from the bite and rubble family searching for missing loved ones i was called in and asked to identify one body. or. she glanced quickly and looked away it was the body of a teen her missing nephew in search of
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a better life many filipinos climbed these mountains hoping to find gold some were lucky but others have paid the ultimate price. al-jazeera province northern philippines the typhoon also hit parts of southern china scott hyla has more from beijing the world's strongest storm of the year typhoon made landfall in china's mainland on sunday night it weakened as it reached gone down province in the south one of the world's most densely populated regions home to one hundred million people this after a near direct hit on hong kong and macau lashing the islands with high winds waves and flooding. thousands of people.


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