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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the third meeting between north korea's kim jong un and monday end of south korea and the warmest so far. a full honor guard and equal prominence given to the flags of north korea and the blue flag of a reunified korean peninsula the last meeting between these two men led to the historic summit between him and u.s. president donald trump but moon knows this visit must deliver some evidence of north korea's commitments to denuclearization if talks with the u.s. arteries you may want perhaps a disclosure of inventory facilities and this is a kind of thing that morning we need to get teams on to come out and say when the two leaders arrived at the state guesthouse a more candid exchange was picked up by t.v. camera microphones came jungleland seems to apologize for the humble state of his country compared to more sophisticated places the south korean president has
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visited the moon j.n. says with a poetic flourish that it's time for their ongoing dialogue that began in the spring to bear fruit in pyongyang zoltan saying he feels burdened but hopeful the first into korean summit between these leaders was at the panmunjom true spillage on the border between the two neighbors in april it's produced tangible results reunions of families separated by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. have restarted. the remains of more than fifty u.s. soldiers killed in the war have been returned by north korea. and the liaison office to keep officials from the north and south connected has opened. but the last visit to pyongyang by a south korean president was by roh moo hyun eleven years ago and that attempt at reconciliation would ultimately fail. south korea says this time it's different
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for the first time peabo moments from this summit are being beamed live into north korean homes it's one of the ways this summit differs from those of the past say south korean officials who are also hoping this one can succeed where others have failed. but critics believe the nuclear concessions the u.s. wants and what north korea is prepared to give may be too great even for the smiling president mood to deliver mosconi sitting on the stockpile of the nuclear weapons would like to me mice is the amount of sings they will have to surrender to placate dormant rob this has been an impressive display of friendship after so much animosity yet it remains to be seen how much of this is just show and how much is of consequence of macbride al-jazeera seoul. probably has been through robert kelly now he's a professor of international relations at present national university and
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a writer on asian affairs and he's joining us live via skype from fan thanks for talking to us very much and i take the final thought of rob mcbride's report and put it to you how much of this bon ami that's been on display between the two men how much of this is substantial and how much of it is just window dressing. i think it's genuine from the south koreans i think that when gene genuinely wants to to heal the rift with north korea and he's talked about this for many decades he campaigned on this when he ran and lost in two thousand and twelve he campaigned on it again last year this is a longstanding commitment from him so i think the personal reporters there the real trick is that south korea and north korea and north korea the united states are very far apart ideologically and politically right i mean one is an orwellian tyranny in that both the other two are democracies and that's ultimately really the problem here right moon can narrow the differences somewhat but unless north korea changes unless north korea liberalizes a little bit it's going to be hard to have
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a sustained interact the relationship between the two can be more peaceful but for any kind of serious relationship to build north korea is going to have to be a less you know horrific place it's going to have to be gentler to its people and less dangerous to the world but doesn't but doesn't the fact that kim jong un has agreed to go along with this level of engagement which is being historic has in it starting off with the first summit with president moon then seeing president trump isn't that an indication of his willingness to engage with the international community on a different level even if that does entail making dramatic changes at home. yeah i do i think that kim jong un is different than his father i genuinely think that where his father had badly impoverished the country and really isolated he wants to break out of that i do think he would like north korea to be more modern and he wears business suits which is something his father never did things like that there's been lots of signals from the north that they'd like to come out of isolation the problem is again is that it's really hard to normalize north korea
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when it's such a personality cults and so it's a really sort of tyrannical state right i mean north korea is the most you know it's the worst governed state in the world it's got the world's worst human rights record and stuff like that and hard to normalize a country like that the moral barriers are very very high it's can be very difficult to democracies to interact with north korea in a regular way so i think that you can bring the temperature down we don't have to go back to fire and fury but ultimately you know once concert think of it this way once conservatives in south korea retake the presidency and when jane is a liberal a lot of the conservatives will want to roll back exactly when jane is done in the last year unless the north koreans change talking to us live from. in south korea thank you very much indeed thanks for having me we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including digging for survivors three days after typhoon mangled wreaked havoc in the philippines. illegal lenders in zimbabwe say they're being blamed for a cholera outbreak. will kick off the group stages of the champions league against
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liverpool we'll have the details in school. coalition says it's launched a large scale operation targeting areas under control in her data the alliance says it's captured two areas on the outskirts of the port city since he had begun. the coalition says it's also a supply route which connects the data and the capital. well meanwhile the united nations envoy martin griffiths's left the capital sanaa after a two day visit involving talks with his leaders mr griffiths meeting focused on resuming consultations between the yemeni government and the hooghly rebels we'll go live now to andrew symonds our correspondent who is covering events in yemen from neighboring djibouti just across the red sea and andrew let's start off then
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with the diplomacy his having spent two days in sun our does it look hopeful then that he's able to resuscitate what was a process of talks and dialogue that was dead in the water last week. martin we have no direct line from the delegation the u.n. delegation that subpoena and is now shared jeweled to go to riyadh that's the saudi capital but certainly things are not the same as they were just more than a week ago when we saw the debacle in geneva with his not arriving one pointer to the sort of hope that exists is that should be the what's been described either with is a memorandum of understanding which would guarantee the passage safe passage all the injured people from sana to medical attention somewhere reportedly it's going
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to be egypt but what we're hearing is that those those people those injured are not from the battlefield as regionally thought they are actually. injured people not injured people but people with chronic conditions such as cancer they are needing desperately needing treatment they can't get insana now the u.n. has referred to this agreement as being initialed by the top u.n. official and so on and they describing it as a humanitarian average but this is being rejected by the saudi u.a.e. led coalition it's being completely criticized as being unlawful effectively they say that he is in breach of resolution u.n. resolution two two one six turkey. the coalition spokesperson says that the earth is outside international and human rights a humanitarian law on this and it should never have been an agreement so this does
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not divide well it would sing but it's impossible to read the sort of tactics either side is using on the battlefield and indeed in the negotiating process and you take the same directly to what's been going on on the ground and in the waters and eighteen fishermen it appears to be the latest victim. that's right not saying that is a hit the media reports which is from multiple sources being reported that is. twenty four hours old in fact but it takes a while for this sort of incident to get back to the knowledge of people on the shoreline these eighteen fishermen are said to have been from the same village the normal line from the coalition in this is that they suspect weapons
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smuggling in the waters of the data and this incident as reported to have taken place south of her data a long way south of the data not sure exactly what the circumstances were maybe details later on this but yes that is the report beyond that there is still intense fighting going on all along the road outside of her data and also in the very close it's a data city center itself this a battle it's unclear rating who is actually got the upper ground now the coalition is saying that the who things are taking big losses the huth is in bits and of saying that they're making some inroads and there is a question mark over who was going complete control of this road now it actually sort of zigzags over a section in these references to keep those sixteen that's a mock up point that checkpoint that the coalition is definitely going full there's also a situation at the grain silos this is the red sea mills a major
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a complex for food that is needed by millions of people all over yemen there was an attack on that a few days ago both sides blaming each other but now we've seeing pictures on the ground from there showing the fire is still under way and that was less than twelve hours ago we understand and this these grain silos a crucial but the situation is that the booth is insist that they have asked. the spectacle of storing weapons there which they denied and the fear is going to aid agencies and the u.n. itself in the world food program that this is a target it would be a disaster if it was it but nevertheless it's completely shut down right now so nothing's going on there with all the fighting that's going on around it that is just one symptom of many where the fighting affects the humanitarian helplines lifelines if you will a real big situation of danger there for civilians although it has to be said it
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does seem the coalition is targeting military targets more than civilian ones right now but this is really a bad backdrop to any hopes for this to get developments andrew simmons live injuries he thank you. now just five days before voters in the movies go to the polls a major new piece of investigative journalism has raised questions about the sitting president the devil c.r.p. story builds on details revealed in a twenty sixteen ounces or a documentary is based on government documents banking records and the contents of three i phones owned by a now imprisoned former tourism minister made a d.v.d. he least tens of islands to various property developers siphoning away at least seventy nine million dollars in the process the new evidence implicates the president himself president abdullah yeah i mean and this is something that he's
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always denied league messages from his deputies phones show the president intervened to clear at least twenty four of these deals many of the islands are now home to major projects that by international hotel chains and it's led to questions about who has benefited from little easing of these islands and the development of the hotels. well let's talk now to will he is our correspondent behind this al-jazeera investigation and will how far does this new research take what you originally found well this builds on data that we obtained and presented in twenty sixteen and i had seen a more comprehensive look breakdown really of a lot of those deals you need to understand that over forty thirty five years in the maldives they only built about one hundred resorts and within the space of just a few years they approved almost the same number again and this data in this
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research by the o c c o p now offers us a breakdown of which islands were least for what prices what money went missing and who is now building which resorts on those and that will raise some very difficult questions not least for the president who appears to have intervened to make sure these were approved would run through the pass through which money could be embezzled rather than the official part of an open tender where various companies would bid to develop resorts instead this was all done one on one in a joint venture with the government which was a loophole that allowed them to divert the main process and so well where is the specific alleged illegality in this process was it in the tendering process for the leasing of these islands or was it in it what was done with the actual funds that were raised as
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a consequence of the process. well as project stealing paradise showed that there was an awful lot of corruption going on in various different forms there was a plot to go on large amounts of money there was in this instance the use of a loophole which allowed government officials and ministers two of whom are now prison committed to his his sidekick. to receive both bribes and to embezzle some of the official money the clean money that was paid in order to secure leases but usually by middlemen who then would obtain a lease and pass that on to a larger company that would develop the resort so what we're seeing is exactly how that happened where the money went how it was paid into family into accounts of companies linked to the family of the tourism minister and how through the
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communication of the text messages the president appears to have been aware of quite a number of those results well children thank you very much indeed for telling us about your documentary you can watch well documentary stealing paradise by al-jazeera is investigations unit is on the website go to al-jazeera dot com and click on the investigations tab. well in just a few moments we'll have the weather with seth also coming up on this al-jazeera news out and intensifying trade war china says it will retaliate after the u.s. announces its biggest terrorist yet on all imports from china. i would look at how climate change is threatening the livelihoods of farmers across iraq and in sport find out how a cycle helped this baseball hitter set a new record in the major leagues will be here with more.
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from the clear blue sky the dome. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of love. hello there we've had some deadly floods in nigeria recently and in case you're not familiar with the geography for two main rivers that are causing problems at the moment the revenue which is a huge river because across mali there been through before eventually going towards the sea through nigeria we also got the fall smaller river bed new which is still a very significant river and the two of them join and it's at this confluence where we're seeing some of the worst of the conditions in this particular town here that's called major flooding thanks to both of those rivers overflowing their banks now at this time of year a lot of rain in nigeria isn't exactly unusual it rains very very heavily particularly between july and september but what's happening at the moment is the
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sun is heading towards the economic so it's heading towards the equator and the showers are following it so in about five days whereas the so we're almost exactly there and the showers are now beginning just to pull a bit further towards the south and as they do so now bring that heavy heavy rain with them but i think the choose they get into wednesday there's still the risk of seeing some very very lively thunderstorms over parts of nigeria and further west over other parts of west africa as well as we head through wednesday into thursday though it does look like the rains begin to ease and so for nigeria there's a bit of a break in the weather and less rain around. the with sponsored by qatar riis . were. i have didn't get it almost my entire professional life so they were mentioning fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we
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need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and to have not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international base award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the russian defense ministry says fifteen minutes resurface when a being killed after the plane was shot down by syrian anti-aircraft fire the defense minister says israel is fully to blame accusing it of deliberately torching the plane into the path of syrian air defenses russian state media says it has summoned the israeli envoy over the incident. south korea's president is in pyongyang for his third summit with north korean leader kim jong il and the two leaders were all smiles as hundreds of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the historic meeting in the capital they've been holding talks focusing on north korea's nuclear disarmament. the saudi a morality coalition says it is launched a large scale operation targeting areas under the control in the pool city of who
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data the coalition says it's kept a supply line which connects with the capital sana'a. now pakistan's prime minister imran khan is heading to saudi arabia for his first foreign visit since coming to power a month ago the two day trip comes as pakistan's economy is in crisis there is widespread kill ation in local media that imran khan will. come out reports from islamabad. august on the new prime minister. will be relating saudi arabia. to be a crucial real date. the king. had called imran khan regulating him on a tree and the twenty eight thousand election then in whiting came. this is going to be done. by the pakistani prime minister which will also signify the importance that bug a standard. to its relationship with saudi arabia while the progress on the prime
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minister today he will also be addressing the issue of almost three thousand. or languishing and. he will also be asking the saudis to increase the labor. for the pakistani laborers who contribute significantly by sending remittances from saudi arabia to get done it is also the likelihood that the. financial help in order to meet budget on economic challenges the country. needs an immediate bailout the budget hoping that the rigid will be successful and really afford even closer relations between august on imran khan really also be meeting the crown prince mohamed been on and after rejecting the united arab emirates as red they said indeed
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a very important real date which will show the direction of the pakistani foreign policy with the new government in. china says it will retaliate against the latest and largest round of u.s. tyrus washington escalated the trade war among hissing china with tyrus on an additional two hundred billion dollars worth of goods it's got hundreds of reports from. within hours of the us announcing a second round of tariffs on chinese goods. responded. the chinese commerce ministry saying it had no choice but to retaliate and it hopes the u.s. changes its behavior one official saying the move is poisoning trade talks but no details yet of just how china will respond and in may founder regarding america's new round of tariffs china has no choice but to retaliate as for what kind of retaliation we were announced it at and proper time it was expected that the ongoing trade war could heat up this new round of tears from washington confirmed
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that it will be a lot of money coming into the coffers of the united states of america a lot of money coming in a lot of money in the form of tariffs on an additional two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports the u.s. government will begin collecting a ten percent tariff on those goods starting on september the twenty fourth through the end of the year then on january first the tariffs will jump to twenty five percent and if china at any time retaliates the white house says an additional two hundred sixty seven billion dollars of chinese imports practically the remainder of all chinese products or in the u.s. will also fall under the tariffs the increased tensions will likely scuttle the renewal of trade talks between beijing and washington. while about five thousand chinese products including household goods from vacuum cleaners to bikes will be targeted many u.s. businesses are expected to suffer as well just before the tears were announced in washington the chinese commerce secretary said that u.s. protectionism would only impact the two nations involved in this trade war but it
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could hurt the global economy as well and some analysts here feel that u.s. companies might face a chinese consumer backlash if the chinese people believe that they're being maligned. they will boycott and that's that's not something you know you're going to you're already starting to see some anti american sentiments and want to buy that it's american right i mean this is the one thing donald trump thinks that the only people who are nationalistic are. and as the world's two largest economies refused to concede any ground in this trade war the impact will be felt around the world it's got harder al-jazeera beijing u.n. investigators have reiterated cools the top miramar generals to be prosecuted for genocide they've been briefing mammals ambassador at the un human rights council on the final version of a report into violence against the ranger the u.n.
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fact finding mission to me and now found something chinese government is silencing critics while allowing hate speech against the ranger almost seven hundred thousand ranger have fled a violent military crackdown in miramar since all this last year nehemias ambassador rejected the findings calling the report one sided rescue teams in northern philippines are digging through mounds of month they're looking for survivors of a landslide it hit the mining town it's a gun in bengal province many locals have been sheltering from typhoon mangal when the landslide happened and goats ripped through the philippines on saturday killing dozens of people jimmy lindo them reports. to see this up close is to understand the enormity of this operation the stench of human flesh is very present and we do feel that we are standing on precarious ground since we've been here this morning we've seen two bodies been pulled out of the rubble this is the main devastation
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site where hundreds of rescuers have been working double time. the typhoon hit early saturday here in benghazi province and it's the landslide started at the top of that mountain the soil the ground collapsed pushing homes further several meters down and this is what's left of the bunk house for more than thirteen miners run for shelter and we've spoken to family members of those looking for their loved ones who say they are here volunteering helping out with the manual digging doesn't matter how long it takes they say that is better than just sitting down and waiting so they are here because of the rubble piece by piece by iraq iraq is running out of water it's planning ministry says around ninety percent of land is now desert and fama say their future is a dying with the crumbs from matheson ripples from the iraqi capital baghdad. this
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is what's left of this section of the once mighty tigris river. barely enough water to escape iraq's burning daytime heat the tigris and the euphrates rivers were the main water supplies for these once lush rice fields. farmers like the raman used to be able to grow up to eighty square metres of rice. that's only a little over one percent of the size of an average football pitch but it helped to keep his family alive now he produces barely a fraction of what if you grow before now and you have said look how dry this land is we can't get enough water even the water irrigation canals are empty and. iraq's ministry of water resources says that levels in rivers like the tigris here in baghdad have dropped up to forty percent over the last twenty years they say that partly to blame our dams and reservoirs which are being built in turkey to the north and they're restricting the flow of water southwards but also in the last
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nine months iraq's only had about half the amount of rainfall it normally gets over the course of a year and that's making things even worse it's estimated iraq strategic water reservoirs contain eight billion cubic meters of water less than the minimum the country needs so the government says it's stepping in the minute the fog i don't feel how we plan to cultivate around fifty square kilometers of rice as well as sixteen thousand square kilometers of orchards and vegetables for people to use in their homes but we can't provide as much water for crops as we did in previous years. farmers tried digging wells to reach water underground but it's often saturated with salt and that's deadly for plants. in the past we made more profit and we were rich with crops now we can hardly grow enough underground water isn't a solution it's a big problem to not have much water to irrigate your crops many farmers are taking
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jobs as laborers in the streets and on building sites leaving behind their dealing fields well matheson al-jazeera back down. members of the opposition have walked out during the president's maiden state of the nation address to parliament and as a man of god speaking in the capital harare he was outlining his government's policies after winning a disputed election in july. well one of president one and goggles first challenges will be to overcome an outbreak of cholera that's already killed at least thirty people and left files and more ill his government has banned all public gatherings and ordered food vendors off the streets of the capital but as her image after reports from harare the decision has taken away the only source of income for many people. the streets of harare are much quieter than usual there has been since the government imposed its ban on stores selling street food it says has had to take
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such measures to stop the spread of cholera vendors try to keep their distance from right police who have orders to remove anyone who refuses to leave but some people say they have no choice but to ignore the ban they say they need to make money you must find a way to care about us and. we're just so you know. just . probably to get zimbabwe has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. one oh yeah one month my child is one month old i'm on the street every day so i get money to freedom and by the police are chasing me away how am i supposed to survive. the government recently declared a color emergency in the capital some harare residents blame the council for his inability to supply clean water in some suburbs it's been like that for more than a decade. union leaders say the government is blaming us for the outbreak instead of fixing the real problem dilapidated water and sanitation facilities i understand
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. your motions being moved to if violently confronting us in the streets and we feel that that is not a. process to take it all back to good should not be encouraged to be to be done but some city council workers believe removing streets in this is one way to contain the disease right now we are negotiating with private property on us for them to be able to consume some of them for them. still in places. constructing some other event installs designated selling points made public toilets have been proposed in and around the city this is where the government wants some of the vendors to go it's a market in downtown harare it's still being built but some people say the rentals are too high. a market stall in here can cost a few hundred dollars depending on the size some vendors prefer selling on the street so they don't pay rent. but selling on the street means dodging right police
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who have been arresting people and confiscating merchandise health what they say the show of force won't stop the spread of cholera it's the political will to deal with a crisis once and for all isn't the. doctors in germany say a member of the russian punk band pussy riot who came to the country for treatment was likely poisoned peyote a vessel off was a threat it to a clinic in moscow last week after falling ill after a court hearing he was later flown to berlin on friday for further treatment doctors there say he is not in danger but still needs intensive care. argentina former president cristina fernandez the kashmir has been charged with corruption she's accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes are exchanged for public work contracts the judges asked for her parliamentary immunity to be lifted so she can be detained.


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