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on these cases the united states heavy rain is still disrupting rescue efforts particularly in the carolinas florence has been downgraded to a tropical depression but more than thirty people have already been killed kristen salumi reports from wilmington it may not be the strongest storm to hit north carolina but florence is the wettest rivers continue to rise as rain continues to fall as much as a meter across the state so far among the lives lost in the storm a one year old boy swept away from his mother as they tried to escape their car in floodwaters. tens of thousands of homes have been damaged with more misery predicted for those who live along rivers which have yet to crest thousands remain under evacuation orders. closer to the coast the sun came out but many roads remain impassable the city of wilmington was cut off from the rest of the state for nearly a day here in wilmington electricity and basic supplies remain scarce people have
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lined up here for hours trying to get ice they're trying to preserve what food they have left. in a lot of whom many expressed relief for the break in the weather and a chance to take stock of this and travel we've had. to go water on the floor. but we make it everybody in our neighborhoods pigeon in working together i've been here all my life had never seen anything like do you see it's just this so unusual in a way not as much wind but more rain but even as utility crews work to restore power to the hundreds of thousands still without florence has begun wreaking havoc elsewhere moving on to west virginia and virginia where they are on the lookout for tornadoes as well as more rain major rivers are expected to remain flooded for the next two to three weeks kristen salumi al-jazeera wilmington north carolina.
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it's our face and a name for the man who hopes to become the first paying passenger to fly to the moon the california based space x. company says a japanese billionaire is its first customer victoria gate and b. has more on plans for what would be an historic trip. the japanese entrepreneur who hopes to be the first person to fly to the moon in a private rocket won't reveal how much it's going to cost but you saw the maze our says it will be worth it i choose to go to the. primary i can say i'm very glad to be here and i really exciting the reality on that and you saw the amazing won't be alone on the more than three hundred eighty thousand kilometer journey which is the twenty twenty three the japanese billionaire pitched an idea to the california based company space x.
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he wants to make it an artistic collective experience so he's inviting as many as eight other people including artists designers and architects to join him in what would be an historic moment he hopes seeing the moon up close and the earth from space will inspire new creative ideas for mankind through the eighty's the moon has a freer our you as a nation and a resolve lost love the respect for the moon our planet's constant pattern out i names of these projects to the moon. he also says the c.e.o. of space x. musk might be extended an invite space x. is already logged several milestones in space exploration it was the first private company to launch a spacecraft into orbit and bring it back to earth in twenty ten the black folk and
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rocket which will take passengers to the moon is still being developed musk says there will be several unmanned launches and countless hours of training before the first commercial trip whenever it's the first flight of an of something or a new technology and we're talking about deep space. you know you have to be a very very first agree that this is not no small matter. space tourism launched in two thousand and one when a californian businessman paid to go on a russian rocket to the international space station if maze out makes it to the moon he'll join an elite group of astronauts who can look up at the moon from and say i've been there victoria gate and be al-jazeera.
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after this post is now with peter thank you so much martin we start with a shocking story from the world of golf one of europe's top amateur female players has been murdered on a golf course in the united states twenty two year old spanish player. who won the european ladies' amateur championship back in july was found dead close to her abandoned golf bag at coldwater golf links in ames iowa where she was a university student. finance throughout our lives
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there out of paris. our stock. on our faces now i want to sound on that was the nine one one call to police who quickly determined she had been assaulted and they have charged a twenty two year old man collin daniel richards with first degree murder now it's a big utan by formula one which has reversed its long time opposition to sponsorship by betting companies the sport's new owners the liberty media have ended a forty year blanket ban by previous f one boss bernie ecclestone agreeing a one hundred million dollar deal to sell sponsorship rights to gambling firms for the next five years this will take the form of on screen graphics physical and virtual trackside signage and integration across f one's digital and social platforms also live in play betting will be enabled during races for the first time the champions league kicks off in a few hours and no doubt about the biggest game of the day liverpool hosting the
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stars of paris and to man at anfield p.s.g. both several big stars like name offer who the club paid the highest transfer fee in history and world cup winner killian and bar pay but despite an impressive line up their coach tamas through irritated by talk of them being favorites to win the champions league the season. you can talk this for hours and hours but it does not bring you one centimeter closer to two a title if you talk whose favorite aunt has not favorite it does not make sense to talk about things that happen in the next year we have a very complicated group we like the challenge to play here we like the challenge to play in our group and there is no other way than to go step by step liverpool have their own stars to live muhammad they've won five straight in the premier league but you can clap at mit's no matter what plans they put in place they're going to have their hands full with neymar. we try to what passes to him we try to avoid him winning challenges knowledge suffragist from big job to do to be honest
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i'm not sure if it's one hundred percent average or if it's even possible to to avoid his quality one hundred percent i'm pretty sure it's not so that's all he's a fantastic football outstanding player twenty ten champions league winners in some alleged returns of the competition for the first time since twenty eleven though they taught them who are in the group stages for the third year running spurs boss mauricio potter tino in his own special way says he's team to experience is not necessarily an advantage if you are not clear it. is only experience is not going to help you in the future is like a girl that always every single day doing ten year see that the train crossing for only in this the same time. if you are the go what time is going to come the train is not going to do have the right answer is not going to answer fully the
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same experience of course experience but hunger motivation sidhu stance this is so important many thin food bowl there are so important. and into the cross-town rivalry similary have managed to snap up austin's chief executive ivan he will join the italian club on the first of december because he's spent nearly a decade at arsenal both ac milan and arsenal who are competing in the season's you rope of the composition vino venkatesh will become arsenal's new managing director to the asian champions league now and the iranian team personnel are soaring to the semifinals after beating all the hail of qatar three two an aggregate to hell took a one the first leg advantage to iran and looked sick for a place in the last four when they took an early lead in tehran but personal a staged a dramatic comeback scoring the three goals they needed to advance striker godwin mencia keeping his cool to make the advocates who want to take us. dummys
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remember qatari side in the semifinals of b s the goal five three on aggregate in their last day time to time champions were leading three one head of those home leg and a two two draw with enough to see us go through. for monopoly player diego maradona has tasted victory in his first match in charge of mexican team daughter stacey in iowa he's players won the second division match for one against or startup or fifty seven year old was appointed at the club last month having managed two teams in the middle east since ending a stint as argentina coach in twenty ten a two time world cup winner denied the star quality had anything to do with the win . no there's no if i knew that we'd win when i saw them training with effort with hunger for glory and these guys are hungry for glory when we covered after the much we said this was nothing this was just one match we're still going to be playing in a lot of finals
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a small london football club has been swamped with international orders for with new shoot of the designing a strip that honors resistance fighters during the spanish civil war clapton community football club designed its away in the colors of republican forces that fought in the spanish civil war eighty years ago it includes the spanish phrase a no pass out on an empty fascist slogan meaning they show more parts and it's a tribute to the international brigades that joined resistance fighters against general franco from one hundred thirty six to nine hundred thirty nine the club only intended to sell two hundred fifty shirts but have no had more than five thousand international. tribute concert the international brigades in the one nine hundred thirty s. . and the spanish civil war for those who want to know about the history and that's where. the show start to trend and from then on we've just had interest from spain from italy germany pretty much everywhere in europe just what i want to. see is
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some we are very happy about the shirt not necessarily many catalans or basques are happy because at the end of the day it is still a spanish like but it pays tribute to those who came with the international brigade to fight against fascism and we are obviously grateful for that. now unless you're a baseball fan you might not know what a cycle is but i'll give you a clue it's not a bike but it is quite rare unless you are a christian yell h. of the milwaukee brewers here he is waiting for the cycle against the cincinnati reds that involves hitting a single a double a triple and a homerun that was the single getting to first base he later got a double in the inverse homerun leaving just the triple to get and he got it in the sixth inning becoming the first major league it's a hit for the cycle against the same team in one season the brewers won eight nothing as well and it's been substituted to a standing ovation. well after afghanistan eliminated sri lanka from the asian cup hong kong eyeing a giant killing field of their own they're facing india in dubai in a group
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a game so far it's not really going hong kong's way the indians are one hundred sixty six for to hong kong have to win while india still have to play pakistan in their final group game and that's all the sport for me more sport coming up again later on marty peter thank you very much indeed and that's all for this al-jazeera news have a don't go anywhere because i'll be back in just a moment or two a much brighter day for. the market.
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and hundred forty one of them. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. a clan the stine world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors the banker selling an artifact is where finance is the be headaches and muslims in the middle east don't sal don't god that's one quick
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solution. trafficking on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. you read every your. russia says one of its military planes is being shot down by syrian forces killing fifteen servicemen that blames israel for the incident.
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hello again i'm without is there live from doha coming up thank you i. will smiles in pyongyang as the north korean leader lays out the red carpet for the south korean president. china announces your talent retiring self to the u.s. targets chinese imports with two hundred billion dollars. trouble in paradise the moodies government is accused of corruption following an al-jazeera investigation. the russian president vladimir putin has moved to calm tensions after accusations and blame over the downing of a russian military plane off the syrian coast he says a tragic chain of circumstances led to the incident fifteen servicemen died in the
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aircraft after it was hit by syrian air defenses israeli jets were attacking government installations on the ground israel blamed inaccurate syrian file while the russian defense ministry said israel deliberately deliberately put the plane into the line of. the israeli pilots were using the russian aircraft as a shield and pushed it into the law in a fire of the syrian defenses as a result of the aircraft which has a much more effective reflecting surface than the israeli jets was brought down by the missile defense system israeli aviation management on the pilots of the f. sixteen jets most have seen the russian aircraft as it was landing from the five kilometers however they have done a provocation deliberately. now a recovery operation in the area of the crash is on their way we regard these provocative actions of israel as hostile as a result of the irresponsible actions of the israeli military fifteen russian servicemen died it is absolutely not in keeping with the spirit of russia israeli
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partnership we reserve the right to make an appropriate response well now from our correspondent allan. russia's defense ministry has responded angrily to the loss of this plane it's called israel's actions irresponsible and provocative and hostile what the ministry of defense says is that they were only given one minutes of warning from the israelis about these impending air strikes and as a consequence fifteen russian military personnel lost their lives they say essentially that the israeli jets use the ill twenty electronic surveillance plane has a shield from syria's anti aircraft units and therefore the israeli jets protect themselves from the the russian plane was lost the search and rescue operation is found the crash site some thirty kilometers off the syrian
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coast they found bodies and personal effects and wreckage from the plane the consequence of all of this is that show you the russian defense ministry has spoken on the telephone expressing his anger to israeli counterpart avigdor lieberman also the israeli ambassador here gary coren has been summons to the ministry of foreign affairs however we have seen a different tone being taken from the kremlin a different tone being taken by vladimir putin who has just called this. a tragic chain of events and doesn't want it to be compared to the incidents some years ago where turkey shot down a russian jet that suggest that brought me putin keeping his eye on the broader architecture of the russia israel relationship doesn't want to escalate this further and he's choosing slightly more measured language suggesting he thinks that
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things have worked pretty well with israel up until this point and he views this as a kind of temporary blip and he wants to move on. all right we can now go live to occupy the streets and speak to our correspondent there imran khan the statement coming out from the israeli military iran is also echoing that that tone of containment and slightly conciliatory tone insofar as they regretted the incident. that's absolutely right it's a very unusual statement to come so quickly after the incident took place and it seems that it feels like according to people i spoken to in military circles who say military analysts circles i should say rather who say that they. and the russians are both trying to draw a diplomatic line under the ensign let me just read you from the statement you like you say it is expressing regret but there is a lot of anger in this statement as well firstly it says israel expresses sorrow
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for the death of achree members of the russian plane that was down tonight due to syrian anti-aircraft fire however it goes on to say israel holds the asaad regime whose military shot down a russian plane fully responsible for this incident israel also holds iran and hezbollah terror organization accountable for this unfortunate incident so they also say they want to say that they are investigating the incident initial. incident investigation rather says extensive and inaccurate syrian anti-aircraft fire caused the russian plane to be hit and downed and when the syrian army launched syrian army launched missiles and hit the russian plane israeli effulgence were already within israeli headspace so they don't playing the fact that the russians are blaming israel for all this but they are saying that this is squarely on the shoulders of not just syria but iran and hezbollah as well so they're ratcheting up tensions with the syrian regime and with iran with hezbollah
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maintaining a conciliatory regretful tone towards the russians and why is that is because since two thousand and fifteen they've had the russians and the israelis an agreement that the confliction agreement which they say is working and perhaps that's much more crucial to them than any kind of escalation of the conflict between those two parties russia and israel all right so iran can talk you very much indeed two hundred live from occupied east jerusalem now let's go straight to new york this is the scene at the security council where the member states the fifty. member states are gathering they're awaiting a briefing from de mistura the u.n. special envoy to syria as well as mark lane the head of the emergences at the u.n. so this is a regular briefing session but we're going to be dipping in and listening to what mr davis stewart has to say because this is of course quite an important moment again in that terrible war in syria now the north korean leader kim jong
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il in the says he wants to produce a big outcome during three days of talks with the south korean president in this is the first time a south korean leader has gone to pyongyang in more than a decade kim jong intreated moon jay into a special concert after spending the day talking about north korea's nuclear program from a bride rickles now from the south korean capital seoul. if talks over north korea's nuclear stockpile were in trouble you wouldn't know it from the smiles and hugs. the third meeting between north korea's kim jong un and monday end of south korea and the warmest so far. a full on a guard and equal prominence given to the flags of north korea and the blue flag of a reunified korean peninsula. the last meeting between these two men led to the historic summit between him and u.s.
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president donald trump but moon knows this visit must deliver some evidence of north korea's commitments to denuclearize ation if talks with the u.s. arteries you they want perhaps a disclosure of inventory facilities and this is the kind of thing that morning he needs to get teams on to come out and say when the two leaders arrived at the state guesthouse they seem to accept the strength of the welcome is evidence of a growing desire for change. even the people in the apartment behind us they welcomed us with such passion i was genuinely touched. when i think we should not forget the people's hopes and expectations but have to work at a faster pace and make bigger achievements. the first into korean summit between these leaders was at the panmunjom truce village on the border between the two neighbors in april it's produced tangible results reunions of families separated by
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the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. have restarted. the remains of more than fifty u.s. soldiers killed in the war have been returned by north korea. and the liaison office to keep officials from the north and south connected. but the last visit to pyongyang by a south korean president was by roh moo hyun eleven years ago and that attempt at reconciliation would ultimately fail. south korea says this time it's different. for the first time key moments from this summit are being beamed live into north korean homes it's one of the ways this summit differs from those of the past say south korean officials who are also hoping this one can succeed where others have failed. but critics believe the nuclear concessions the u.s. wants and what north korea is prepared to give may be too great even for the
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smiling president mood to deliver mosconi sitting on the stockpile of the nuclear weapons would like to me mice is the amount of sings they will have to surrender to placate dormant prop this has been an impressive display of friendship after so much animosity yet it remains to be seen how much of this is just show and how much is of consequence of macbride al jazeera so. the saudi m.r.v. coalition says it's launched a large scale operation targeting areas under control in her day there in yemen the alliance says it captured two areas on the outskirts of the port city since the advance began on tuesday the coalition says it also cut a healthy supply route which connects who data with the capital for. meanwhile the united nations envoy to yemen martin griffith has left the capital
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after a two day visit involving talks with the three leaders mr griffith meeting for you could focus on trying to resurrect consultations between the government and toothy rebels. so that's the scene at the u.n. security council in new york that is stephan davis store of the special envoy to syria we're going to listen to him now developments on it live. they are important. you know italy best being a major source of concern for all of us everyone in iran this chamber and beyond but yesterday the russian president putin and the president of turkey president again reached a agreement to establish a did militarized zone within the. the government of syria is welcome the agreement we saw it recently and to confirm the full
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coordination on this with the russian federation we welcome and secretariat and i think think the general will have to.


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