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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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president trump has stated bashar assad of syria must not recklessly attacked it live because there is no military solution to this conflict russia wants the world to believe that after a military campaign everything will go back to the way it used to be that is why they ask for the three r.'s recognition of the regime reconstruction money and pushing syria's neighbors to send refugees home before it is safe to do so trying to sweep the past seven years of violence under the rug let's be serious assad and the henchmen who unleashed these atrocities will never be welcome in the world of civilized nations they will get no help to rebuild certainly not from us i can't imagine that any of the government would want to explain to its people why it would send aid to the barbaric assad regime while the un envoy stefan de mistura welcomed the breakthrough as he said between turkey and russia on aid
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live there was some caution coming from his u.n. colleague the humanitarian chief mark local he said that if that if this deal didn't hold then it would still faced a major catastrophe he said it would be the worst humanitarian disaster of the twenty first century and he said the people of it live well asking what whether this deal between russia and turkey was a stay of execution or an actual reprieve. all right james bays reporting from the united nations thank you so let's just take a closer look at the proposed buffer zone an adlib it will fall along the current battle lines between various opposition groups who hold the green territory as you can see and syrian government forces highlighted in red or russia and turkey agreed to create this demilitarized zone fifteen to twenty kilometers deep and have heavy
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weapons removed from all opposition groups by next month they also agreed that. formally known as the a list of fronts and groups like them should pull out from that area let's bring in assad and he's in the circus city of gaziantep he's the executive director of the civil society organization based syria thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so when it comes to turkey it looks like erdogan was able to stop some sort of military operation in italy for now but it's very much dependent on him being able to control of these armed groups what if he's not able to follow through on his side of this agreement. well i think turkey on its own cannot deal with the radicalization issue and it and with the extremists and the president of the gun has made it very clear that the terrorist issue and it is not turkey's problem only it's the world's problem
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there are hundreds of foreign jihadi is from all around the world and it's not as and it's not on the shouldn't be just turkey's problem the way to deal with the terrorists issue in by providing first safety and security to the civilians and at the bund that's what was a time to with the i guess the d.m.z. deal that was signed yesterday at least to avert for the time being as you said full military onslaught on the on the pocket part out i mean that you see and i want a much more neutral reality part of this deal states that the groups like the have the shah h.t.s. should be convinced to put down their arms and seize all military operations against the syrian state from so who's going to convince them to do so. well i mean what we've seen over the past three weeks is a resurgence of the civic movement and it led we've seen hundreds to thousands of people taking to the streets demanding protection and actually distancing
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themselves from h.t.s. so if there is one strong ally in the battle against extremism in the battle against terrorism it's the civilians themselves and it's the civilians who are pushing away the extremist elements within within their community we've seen the days and days before that and when they kicked out to be able to muscle off from the city we've seen that in moderate to nominate live as well and several areas or several enclaves in that have been with some aleppo as well where civilians were able to push. out of their neighborhoods so when the civilians feel safe enough and they're provided certain guarantees they will themselves distance and push away all form of extremism that exist in there in that area because it's against their interest speaking of the first how do you think that they want in return from the turks to agree to delay and it led operation.
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well it's very hard to know what the what the russians asked and what it what is what has been offered and. what we can say about the russians is that there is very little trust and whatever russia's intentions are we've seen russia signed too many deescalation agreements before and violating every single one of them whether in eastern or at a later stage just a few months ago and there are so there is very little trust in russia holding to its intentions and even less in any inability scherzo regime militias holding to their part of the deal let me just ask you finally about what's going on right now at the u.n. security council because the front of a store i was speaking just a short time ago and he was really talking about a u.n. political process so we've seen what happened in with the russia turkey agreement do agreements like those help u.n. political process or are they were placing the u.n. no they cannot be replacing the u.n.
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at all if there is not a credible you and political process us in geneva not in not stana not in sochi not anywhere else the u.n. process in geneva according to to fight for what we've seen as a d.m.z. agreement will be just a temporary pause that will be followed by maybe at a later stage maybe it has delayed the military onslaught but if there isn't a credible political process put in place very quickly unfortunately i think looking at what the syrian government has been able to do in the past few years they will continue with their intention to swipe away all areas militarily speaking we thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera thank you for your time well for more on that buffer zone that we're speaking i think it had to al-jazeera dot com and you can scroll down you'll find this article you can scroll down and you'll find a map of it in which rebels are located there it is highlighted in green and if you scroll down even further you'll get to
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a map of syria and you can see who controls what in the country. now china has just followed through with its threat to retaliate against the latest u.s. tariffs on chinese goods further escalating their trade war beijing says it will impose levies on another sixty billion dollars worth of american made items that's off to the u.s. president donald trump announced a new u.s. tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports and not long ago he accused china of trying to influence upcoming u.s. elections by targeting his rural supporters so take a look at tunnel trump's tweets china has openly stated that they are actively trying to impact and change our election by attacking our farmers ranchers and industrial workers because of their loyalty to me what china does not understand is that these people are great patriots and fully understands that china has been taking advantage of the united states on trade for many years they also know that i
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am the one that knows how to stop it's there will be great and fast economic retaliation against china if our farmers ranchers and or industrial workers are targeted so that's what donald trump had to say recently live to shihab rattansi he's joining us from washington d.c. so maybe some people are saying that this is expected that china has retaliated shihab but they actually did so in a capacity less than they had initially said that they would do so how is that being seen in the u.s. . right i mean the market seems to be taking some comfort actually the both the u.s. and china have slapped these tariffs on each other's goods but to a lesser extent than might have been expected the u.s. initially these latest round of tires will be a rate of ten percent moving to twenty five percent in january and the chinese have stopped their tariffs at a level of five to ten percent they had earlier suggested they may be as high as twenty five percent so there is some hope that there is room here. for negotiation
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perhaps they were meant to take place next week in washington between the vice premier and the treasury secretary although china did say that if trump went ahead with these tariffs this round of tires they would scrap those talks we haven't heard anything from beijing yet but they are actually scrapping those talks so there is that little bit of hope that it has gone completely nuts nuts yet but in those tweets trump is saying if you target our good cultural sector any further we will retaliate even further and donald trump has already said he's prepared to put tariffs on all chinese imports to the u.s. a further two hundred seventy six billion dollars worth of imports you have to see what happens if he goes ahead with that threat he does have a point but i mean i think the chinese are pretty clear that they were going after the trump agricultural particular soybean industry which is having really suffering now because trying to as effectively start buying u.s. soybeans the prices have dropped and there are fears in the in the agricultural heartland about where this trade war is going all the anecdotally trump still seems
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to be retaining support but it's clear also the democrats we've heard rumblings from them saying go maybe this trade will go a little bit further we can actually pick up some gains in the agricultural sector with the agricultural heartland of the u.s. so there is actually a limit he's not being outlandish in these claims about what china might might might be up to by targeting the agricultural sector but now we do have to see whether these talks will take place next week whether there's any room for negotiation or whether this is actually expanding into something much bigger than simply about issues about tariffs and intellectual property and things like that where this is really about the u.s. trying to constrain china and trying to feeling it can't possibly accomplish a big operate with it without sort of environment all right says she has a chance to thank you. to yemen that's where the sodium at r.t. coalition says it's launched a large scale operation targeting areas under coffee control in for data the alliance says it's captured two areas on the outskirts of the port city since the advance began on tuesday the coalition says it's also cut hoofy supply route connecting the data and the capital sanaa so every day aid and
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humanitarian workers are risking their lives in war zones like yemen as well as other troubled countries now there's a campaign that's picking up traction reminding warring sides that these people are not a target are social media producer sarah parents is here to tell us more about that sara. not a target is against getting plenty of shares right now because of this person are just about to show you that say for a has sanely horse and now she was killed by her captors in nigeria and she was a midwife working for the international committee of the red cross that's the i.c.r.c. and a mother to two children now function of book kids not the twenty five year old and two of her colleagues back in march in the remote northeastern state of borno where violence has displaced many and with armed group is still very active now the i.c.r.c. has turned to social media and it's calling for the kidnappers to release
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a fourth coworkers at this and how. we have a plea to the uk doctors to release them quickly their health care workers they're all female they have gone the door for the community over long for the nigerians who the hell's work is lacking in the area that they're working with many i.d.p.'s without them and people like them would have access to health care so for is death has shocked and devastated humanitarian community and it's prompted other aid organizations like the norwegian refugee council just head to join the not targets campaign online and some aid workers have even use the hash tag to put in their profile picture or blow brother for their social media this is phillip story he's from the i.c.r.c. and he's put i'm not a target there in his and many have also joined the campaign including unicef to demand the release of the two captives that in nigeria the bring back our girls
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movement has been protesting in front of the red cross and unicef office. the room or the. room or. this is an unusual regularly holds protest a court on the nigerian government society and the international community to do more to find the missing one hundred and nine chip out goals that were abducted back in twenty fourteen but in the last few hours it's also been demanding the release of the abductees and how was well under a hundred and ninety one a jew a concern around the world have been killed since the beginning of the year and that figure is just of the deaths that have been recorded now they shouldn't of course be a target but more often than not they all so if you want to do something about it then it's pretty easy can start first of all by signing up to the fast as a living position it's a sculpture powered by social media's confront would be to the u.n.
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general assembly which actually starts today and how does it what well it's pretty easy just go to the web site that's world humanitarian day don't org you can find there with a selfie that's if you felt works on his they go fine with a selfie and then you can take a photo. let's try that one him. try to take one of myself they go for the upload stop but to make it easier not the best photo site. but to make it easier that's comfortable but you go i've already taken one i just took that one. and that you can see can move around three hundred sixty degrees and it's a three d. print of my face and that will go beep all of the movement and the petition and just gives you an idea of how you can do is pretty simple but don't forget that the hash tag they want you to use is not a target during. sarah thank you well just five days before voters in the most leaves go to the polls a new piece of investigative journalism is raising questions about the sitting
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presidents the story by a watchdog called the organized crime and corruption reporting project builds on revelations in a twenty sixteen al jazeera documentary so it's based on government documents banking records and the contents of three i phones owned by a now imprisoned former tourism minister ahmed the deed he least islands to various property developers siphoning away at least seventy nine million dollars in the process the new evidence implicates president of the am mean in the scheme something he has always denied the messages from his deputies phones so the president intervened to clear at least twenty four of those deals many of the islands are now home to major projects led by international hotel chains and it's leading to questions about who's benefited from the leasing of the islands and development of the hotels. belford is the regional editor at the organized crime and corruption reporting project he says that's
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a deep has un surprisingly tried to downplay the corruption allegations ahead of elections. but the way that idiot and his associates did their own scam was that they instead of leasing out islands through public and it was done through state company that was headed by his friends at least these were paid in and money was and some of the records that we found show that the president's office and that means the president intervened two dozen times to reassign examines the tourism ministry he also gave permission for these arms to be leased by the state company which was the channel for embezzlement we also have records from text messages that show him discussing with the least one of these deals we've got no response we sent detail questions well over a week before replying to publish and we got nothing in reply the president i'm
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going to be in television on sunday night and gave an interview where he did answer some questions that we had we're not sure if he was answering our questions indirectly but he did for the first time a knowledge that he gave these commissions for a lot of these islands to be released he still claims to have nothing to do with the embezzlement of the money or any corruption but you know he did send some well if you're watching us on facebook live you're about to see how serial parents are getting creative with what they have to protect their kids from a fear of it led offensive i coming up later on the show smiles hogs and cheering crowds as the north and south korean leader is trying to get nuclear talks back on track.
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hello there we're still got a few showers over the northern parts of turkey there showing up very clearly on the satellite picture grazing the north coast here and then just drifting their way eastwards affecting us in back who is well that unsettled weather just pushes a bit further southwards as we head through wednesday and behind it the winds are feeding down from the north so it's a little bit fresher than it has been here is the thunderstorms though there across the northern parts of iran and they'll stick with us as we head through thursday as well to the south of that though it will stay very hot with baghdad up of forty three degrees kuwait at forty two temperatures here actually a little bit lower for thursday and that's because the humidity will be rising it's already humid here in doha and no major change for us over the next few days either there is a feeding in from the east that's why it's humid and it'll stay that way as we head through wednesday and thursday with a top temperature of around forty degrees around the south coast of oman around the lower here expect more clouds and a few breaks of just a little times two now as we head down towards the southern parts of africa we've
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got yet more cloud working its way across cape town that's giving us some fairly heavy rain so expect it to be a wet cool day on wednesday a maximum temperature there just of thirteen degrees ahead of that rain though it is a lot warmer for us and it will be up at twenty two the rain reaches us overnight. with. in the past past boss james travels the roads of mexico raising ecological when. and sharing creative solutions to the country's most dramatic. demonstrating courses of ideas in the struggle for a better speech to the. past passed by. congress of the viewfinder in latin america seen on al-jazeera. twenty five years after the signing of al-jazeera world told the two part story of norway's role in the oslo accords whether salute
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the government of more words or it's remarkable role in order to listen to. the secret negotiations and why its promise of peace has remained unfulfilled a strong decided tone of the negotiations norway could do as a show trial or go home the price of all is low on al-jazeera.
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those are the headlines on al-jazeera and these are the most read articles right now on al-jazeera dot com the top story israel rejecting responsibility in the downing of that russian aircraft you can head to al jazeera dot com to read more about the story. how these security forces continue to carry out systematic forced disappearances against rights activists and other citizens that's according to a united nations working rupe the committee says it was dismayed by one particular incident last year when the egyptian lawyer ibrahim a twenty was arrested while he was on his way to meet the u.n. commission in switzerland and they're calling on egypt to hold any pending
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executions that were handed out on the basis of evidence obtained during torture or ill treatment during a period of enforced disappearance more than one thousand five hundred people have been taken by egyptian security services over the last year that tally from another geneva based human rights organization which says activists doctors lawyers and engineers are often taken let's speak to his same by you me he's a researcher on egypt at amnesty international he's joining us from tunis capital tunis thanks for speaking to us from the work that you've done in the research that you've conducted how widespread are systematic disappearances in egypt. good afternoon so basically just a missing persons appearances are going to remain quite widespread the means to be a tool used by. security forces against one and spread fix. him in means you continue to use it against people or to extract confessions
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or simply. as a way you harassing people even if you see don't use it except confessions under torture but it's a tool that he continued use it i mean most recent. news is that when him was the lawyer at an egyptian organization and. one of the biggest players combatant interests in egypt have actually been forced disappears as his family doesn't know where he where he is and since five days and last time he was in a police station finalizing the police procedures but he's forced to disappear so it's quite systematic. spread and. comes to. people have been saying for years now ok so we have this group that's been put out this report excuse me that's one put out by the u.n. a working group but cab reports like these actually put pressure on the egyptian
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government to stop this practice. well as a think the problem was the use of force to pierce is a transition point of view it's not it's this is no accountability in cities noone. using sees is using these tactics so we understand from security point this could force the ships this point you can use it was complete impunity not a single police officer security also has been held accountable for anything done from killing protesters tortured to its appearance but when comes the government it's up to it's up to the international community to raise these concerns and it's not enough it's a big step just came from the un but it's not enough. major partners to each place the us. and we sent you one of the bands for national community then they need
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to do at this point and also we should say that egyptian off already is have repeatedly denied allegations in the past off these in force this appearances. i mean of course he will continue to deny anything no one's going to admit some things that say you know is illegal and you know that strong susi with continue to deny it but that doesn't change the fact that. it doesn't seem spencer that it's actually a contract is ever news is happening and as i mentioned as if it's the un now who came up to confirm says it's just see as a service that everyone knows as for that most of the mutuals you speak of. what's happening in egypt they need to make it clear said you're not going to turn a blind eye on it so you need to make it clear arms sales and cool and canonical creation is no more important than the human rights egyptians and z. need to and they need to make that scene not only to retore through actions so when for example say us. decides to be nice ate at least guilt for human rights
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consideration this is a nuclear message i'm certain that you can do the difference you want the sexes. saying by only thank you for speaking to us from tunis now for north korean leader kim jong un says he wants to produce a big outcome during three days of talks with the south korean president hu giant it's the first time a south korean leader has traveled to pyongyang in more than a decade and as robert wright reports from seoul it was a carefully choreographed affair. if talks over north korea's nuclear stockpile were in trouble you wouldn't know it from the smiles and hugs. the third meeting between north korea's kim jong un and monday in the south korea and the warmest so far. a full on a guard and equal prominence given to the flags of north korea and the blue flag of a reunified korean peninsula. the last meeting between these two men led to the
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historic summit between him and u.s. president donald trump but moon knows this visit must deliver some evidence of north korea's commitments to denuclearize ation if talks with the u.s. arteries you they want perhaps a disclosure of inventory facilities and this is the kind of thing that morning be nice to get teams on to come out and say when the two leaders arrived at the state guest house they seem to accept the strength of the welcome is evidence of a growing desire for change. even the people in the apartment behind us they welcomed us with such passion i was genuinely touched. when i think we should not forget the people's hopes and expectations but have to work at a faster pace and make bigger achievements. the first into korean summit between these leaders visit the panmunjom trust village on the border between the two davids in april it's produced tangible results reunions of families separated by
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the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. have restarted. the remains of more than fifty u.s. soldiers killed in the war have been returned by north korea. and the liaison office to keep officials from the north and south connected. but the last visit to pyongyang by a south korean president was by roh moo hyun eleven years ago and that attempts at reconciliation would ultimately fail. south korea says this time it's different. for the first time key moments from this summit are being beamed live into north korean homes it's one of the ways this summit differs from those of the past say south korean officials who are also hoping this one can succeed where others have failed. but critics believe the nuclear concessions the u.s.
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wants and what north korea is prepared to give may be too great even for the smiling president mood to deliver. sitting on the stockpile of the nuclear weapons would like to me my is the amount of sings they will have to surrender to placate prop this has been an impressive display of friendship after so much animosity yet it remains to be seen how much of this is just a show and how much is of consequence robin wright al-jazeera so let's speak to scott snyder in washington d.c. he's the director of the program on u.s. korea policy at the council on foreign relations and is the author of the book south korea at the crossroads thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera from end merican point of view how do you think the u.s. is viewing this trip taking place right now in light of the stalled nuclear disarmament negotiations between north korea and the united states. well
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president moon has a very heavy lift because on the one hand he's an ally of the united states but at the same time he's playing a facilitating and mediating role between washington and pyongyang and between trump and kim jong un and so the question is really whether or not he can help it whether moon can help restart denuclearization talks that have stalled between the united states and north korea and that's just for argument's sake that he is unable to do so so if the talks with north korea are going to be stuck then are we going to see a return to that hard line maximum pressure policy that some in the u.s. still advocate for i think we probably will see a revamping in terms of efforts to impose economic sanctions on north korea from the united states but that effort has also been weakened by the expectations generated by the singapore summit and so it's going to be harder for the united states to bring along other countries including most notably russia with which the
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united states took issue just yesterday in the u.n. security council on this very issue but one of our facebook viewers is saying this north korea is trying to solve its issues with south korea without the u.s. president's presence excuse me so they don't have to commit to anything with the unreliable u.s. partnership do you agree with that statement. well that is very much a challenge for president moon he needs to keep the intercooler in relationship progress on track with denuclearization and tension reduction the lesson of past efforts at engagement has been that those have to go together and if enter korean economic cooperation gets out too far ahead of the others then it will end up being a failed effort to achieve full reconciliation and a great integration of north korea with the international community but how would you rate the level of. engagement on the behalf of the north koreans at this point
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because it really has been historic with the meetings that have been going on with the south korean so doesn't signal that the north koreans do want to come out of isolation and do want to continue on this process well yeah i think they want to come out of isolation but they're trying to do it on their own terms sensually they're looking for peace without denuclearization and they're worried that the united states wants denuclearization without peace and so that's really the nub of the impasse that president moon has to try to bridge and find satisfactory way of resolving so that those two objectives can be pursued in parallel and linked with each other all right we thank you very much scott snyder for speaking to us from washington d.c. thanks for more on what you can expect out of this three day trip you can head online our online team has put together a comprehensive analysis of the trip and what's at stake let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world and fighting between rival armed groups in libya's capital tripoli has destroyed the country's electricity network plunging large areas into darkness a un brokered cease fire deal reached earlier this month has failed to hold after several reports of violations by warring factions at least sixty one people have been killed in rocket attacks and gun battles so far. rescue teams in the northern philippines are digging through moans of mud looking for survivors of saturday's landslide that's killed the queen's seventy four people the mining town of it's all gone in bangor province was hit many locals had been sheltering from typhoon mango when the landslide happens to me mother and dog and was at the thick of those rescue efforts and sent this report to see this up close is to understand the enormity of this operation the stench of human flesh is very present and we do feel
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that we are standing on precarious ground since we've been here this morning we've seen two bodies been pulled out of the rubble this is the main devastation site where hundreds of rescuers have been working double time. the typhoon hit early saturday here in bangor province and it's the landslide started at the top of that mountain the soil the ground collapsed pushing homes further several meters down and this is what's left of the bunk house for more than thirteen miners run for shelter we've spoken to family members of those looking for their loved ones who say they are here volunteering helping out with the manual digging doesn't matter how long it takes the see that is better than just sitting down and waiting so they are here because of the rubble piece by piece rock by rock . several members and zimbabwe's opposition have walked out during the president's
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state of the nation address to parliament he was outlining how he plans to get the country back on its feet after winning a disputed election in july and has called for his above wins to pull together to rebuild the economy and get on top of a cholera outbreak. as in harare with more. members from the opposition parliamentarians walked out of parliament will result in a sedan i was giving a statement in a senate race in a same city is not a gentleman named and he'd stolen should i election and they say that nearly done else in chinese and the leader of the main opposition party m.d.c. won this election they also say been endowed by the president is failing to deal with this latest cholera outbreak. is worst preaching to day these day and age of the twenty fifth. our country is willing to pay for. basic services and with the end of two days sitting in that crowd i mean more worried
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about being worse is in an inevitable when people are dying on the bobbins like to see somebody extravagant in opulence in government the president arrives in a very expensive rolls royce a piece came in a big shiny expensive cars to be told the government plans to buy more new cars through new pilot area and some of the bobbins are wondering why some of this money isn't being spent to fight issues such as father of the government says it needs more than fifty million dollars to repair water and sanitation infrastructure in harare money it says it doesn't have the thanks bob in the saying is that of all of this flash pomp and ceremony some of that money that's being spent now on the sale mines she'd be split on things like economy and jobs and color officials say right now at least thirty people have died from cholera to the beginning of the month well pictures of venezuela's president feasting at a steak restaurant in turkey has left. a bitter taste in people's mouths back home
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that's where millions barely have enough money to eat it all back in the restaurant is owned by a celebrity chefs are now known as well you might remember the turkish chef his name is. his popularity skyrocketed last year when this video went viral of him sprinkling salt on some freshly cut steak and his very trademark dramatic way and ever since then has a big following online especially instagram is known world world now as salt and he's back in the social media spotlight but this time not for the right reasons. this video has been said thousands of times showing president mature having lunch a small base restaurant in istanbul it was a pit stop from a state visit to china now sought by cut the venezuelan president steak with his usual flare and then the video then goes on to show majority smoking a cigar who is now a chef posting videos of the meal on his twitter and instagram accounts but then to be to them soon after on the other hand they mature isn't feeling quite as meek
12:38 am
over all of this and many people are perceiving as a show of opulence. from here i send this recall reading your tender just personally we were chatting having a good time with a very pleasant very cheerful he loves venezuela he told me several times i love venezuela i admire him and. despite what he says that israel is in crisis and people back home and not nearly as enthusiastic about the state media fact they've been sharing this cartoon online you can see him with his trademark sort of sprinkling there but then right underneath him there are people that are supposed to be the poor people in venezuela and there's a lot of them but also u.s. senator marco rubio took a swipe at the video by calling saul bray a widow and he even called nicolas maduro an overweight dictator of a nation with thirty percent of the people he says oh eat only once a day now a study published in february reported that almost two out of three venezuelans
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have lost an average of eleven kilos and that's just in one year now with eighty seven percent assessed to be living in poverty and then this week we've seen how that struggle is impacting education as well schools in venezuela were meant to start the new year this week but many are empty and teachers in rural areas say the economic collapse has hit families hardware publicly funded schools are also no longer affordable. lloyd dobler be looking for motivating them to come to school but the parents say the children aren't attending because they couldn't buy a uniform and a thousand other things it's not an excuse it's reality there's no money to buy a uniform buy food and the large majority of children are from rural areas but many siblings the parents have to care for now missouri has taken to it and he says the government has distributed school bags and uniform kits to help out but they clearly don't seem to have reached everyone and he also posted this picture of a kid that's being distributed now if in venezuela tell us your thoughts on how
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mature is handling the ongoing economic crisis you can always connect to us or the hashtag a.j. news grid or in this talk to al jazeera in the field we speak to venezuelans who share their hopes and fears as they consider leaving their own country so you can watch it on al-jazeera dot com just have two shows click on talk to al-jazeera and then in the field. small football.
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i might. write those here to tell us what a small rwandan football club has to do with the spanish civil war absolutely daryn yes that's the question we were asking when we thought this next story and we think we figured out why they are actually going viral now this is captain community football club in east london it was only set up as a foreign owned club in june and as it expects they had to design their own kits now what they chose was one that's linked to the resistance fighters in the spanish civil war this red yellow and purple shirt emblazoned with three pointed stars and as the fans who set up the club pretty outspoken they also included the anti fascism slogan no president which in spanish means they shall not pass with that the cubs found a huge base of supporters in spain in fact the same color as a paid in the flag of the international brigades that came to fight against general
12:43 am
franco's nationalists eighteen years ago around two thousand five hundred men and women from britain and ireland joined the republicans during the three year war made nine hundred thirty. tribute concert the international brigades in the one hundred thirty eastern time zone in the spanish civil war of those who want to know about history and that's where kind of see their start to trend and from then on we just had interest from spain from italy germany and pretty much iran you're just one you are sure it is so much so that they've actually had to stop taking orders after receiving more than five thousand online when they were only expecting to sell two hundred fifty shirts the club now says it has to work with its supplier to meet demand and that supplier called rage sport in italy produces kits from materials made by fairly paid workers for clubs who are trying to find racism fascism and inequality. and i feel very very much i want to tell you the easy job right it's not you know going anywhere you go in the season probably doing
12:44 am
a lot because i was on the radio. i think if we really saw him as farmer this is less of a relevant issue. i think they would have felt so important speaking. to such a big reply. they possibly can i says that people really kind of needed this kind of positive message that i want to carry on the credit system we are very happy about the shirt not necessarily many catalans are basques or happy because at the end of the day it is still a spanish flag but it pays tribute to those who came with the international brigades to fight against fascism and we are obviously grateful for that as well that got us looking at some of the other customers of the company like united glasgow football club whose kid promotes gender inclusion and the logo also says it welcomes refugees it's part of a growing trend of socially conscious sports where which enables fans to wear their hearts on their sleeves second to german clubs and paoli also have
12:45 am
a small rainbow flag on the back of their brown kits and last year the swedish women's team ran a campaign in which the players dropped the last names from their shirts in favor of tweets from famous swedish women like i'm playing for my girls in iran and it's not just football of course earlier this year new zealand's rugby team the all blacks launched a shirt which when stretched revealed a rainbow. to this city street journal. where i was the tweet me at gerri good to let me know what you think of socially conscious sports kits or any other story we cover here pizza will be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now it is back to dearie. thank you very much for that and that'll do it for this newsgroup thanks for watching you can keep in touch with us on social
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media. a.j. grid we'll see you back here in studio fourteen a fifteen g.m.t. on wednesday thanks for watching see you then bye bye.
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in the words. well they're online for humanity has been thinking now it's going to be about. friendship or if you join us. i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice. and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell join the global conversation on al-jazeera. lives in fear constantly looking over his shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked the home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on the community and. we can't let the men to we need to continue they can
12:48 am
kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of. the land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. russia blames israel for the fatal downing of one of its military planes by syrian anti-aircraft fire israel blames syria. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up on the program. south korea's president gets
12:49 am
a warm welcome in pyongyang as the arrives for three days of denuclearization talks . china hits back after the latest u.s. tariffs the spy trump warning that retaliating will lead to even more penalties doctors in germany say it's highly plausible that pussy riot activists. was poisoned and videos of president maduro feasting on steak prepared by a celebrity chef calls outrage in venezuela where many are going hungry. thank you for joining us russia's president vladimir putin has moved to calm tensions after hours of accusations over the downing of a russian military plane off the syrian coast he says a tragic chain of circumstances led to the incident fifteen russian servicemen died when the plane was hit by syrian air defenses israeli jets had been attacking
12:50 am
government installations on the ground at the time israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has blamed it on syrian fire and offered to help investigate the incident earlier the russian defense ministry accused israel of been liberally putting the plane in the line of fire. israeli pilots were using the russian aircraft as a shield and pushed it into the luna fire of the syrian defenses as a result the aircraft which has a much more effective reflecting surface than the israeli jets was brought down by the missile defense system. israeli aviation management on the pilots of the f. sixteen jets most have seen the russian aircraft as it was landing from the five kilometers however they have done a provocation deliberately. let's go live to. jerusalem for a similar lots of accusations and counter-accusations there tell us more about the reaction from israel to all this. well there's certainly been an escalation
12:51 am
in diplomatic activity to try and calm things down it began very early very swiftly after the incident with the israeli air force reacting saying they regretted the loss of life and then the israeli army reacted with the statement squarely blaming syria for the downing of the russian jets and also putting iran and hizbollah into the flame but like clearly wasn't enough for the russians and then there was a fun call between the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the russian president vladimir putin that we just read you the notes from the statement that the israelis are just issued pm benyamin netanyahu spoke over the phone with the president of russia vladimir putin a short time ago he expressed sorrow and behalf of the state of israel over the death of the russian soldiers and that said syria was responsible for the downing of the plane he goes on to say that they mention the significance of the coordination of security between israel and russia and that's prevented they say many losses of lives on both sides over the last three years is the pm also said
12:52 am
that israel is determined to stop iran from establishing military bases in syria and the efforts of iran which he says calls for israel's destruction to try and stop iran from delivering fatal weaponry against israel to hezbollah and he's also said that he's willing to investigate and investigate and cooperate fully with the russians even going so far to say that he's willing to send the chief of the ass off to russia so certainly a lot of flurry of diplomatic activity what they're trying to do feels like it looks like it's to try and calm things down the security coordination agreement clearly much more important to both russia and to israel than this incident itself imran khan in east jerusalem for us a month thank you for the plane was shot down shortly after russia struck a deal with turkey to set up a buffer zone in the rebel held province of versing a government offensive the united nations security council has been discussing syria over the last two hours or diplomatic editor jay. baze joins us live now from
12:53 am
u.n. headquarters in new york james it really does seem that when it comes to stabilizing sirius almost one step forward two steps back so these two events one good news one bad news let's start with the latest development at the balancing of the russian plane any kind of reaction from the u.n. to that there has been reaction from bass's around the security council table passing their condolences to russia and as we speak now possibly in a band the russian ambassador is addressing the security council it is very interesting and i think it backs up what enron just said that he very briefly frank to his security council colleagues for their condolences and then said nothing more he didn't blame israel he simply moved on to talk about the russian turkish plan with regard to it live but now we've been hearing more details about that during the security council meeting we've been hearing the first reaction to that plan from the united nations from the special envoy mistura and also from the
12:54 am
humanitarian chief of the united nations mark local and it's interesting i think to contrast their comments on this mr de mistura very much welcoming it was the local could have a little bit more caution we welcome and think that they're here and i think think the german will and have been very clear and welcomed effect the diplomacy has produced progress in an effort to address the challenges both the u.n. security council listed terrorist groups why blood dig. up to three million of them including one million children what do we think the three million civilians including those million children cathal the need to make of yesterday's agreement well i have a simple question is these merely a stay of execution. or is it the beginning of
12:55 am
a reprieve the first time you go into blind at the end of the very darkest tunnel is this just a stay of execution you can see that that. is a little cautious about the deal that has been done between turkey and russia he makes it clear that if there is fighting if there is an all out offensive. that still happens then it will be in his view probably the worst humanitarian disaster of the twenty first century so he has real concern about the situation and it's still not clear some of the details of this turkish russian plan i think the main question is about the al nasra fighters who are supposed to leave it where are they going to go and who's going to make them go a lot of question marks still hanging james bays with the latest from the u.n. james thank you.
12:56 am
the saudi m. iraqi coalition says it has launched a large scale operation targeting areas in the who they control in the yemeni city of data the alliance says it's captured two areas in the outskirts of the port city since the advance began on tuesday the coalition has also cut a who the supply connecting her data and the rebel held capital someone with the united nations envoy to yemen martin griffith says left after a two day visit involving talks with who the leaders griffiths has been trying to convince the rebels to attend peace talks with the yemeni government in geneva there's no word on whether any progress was actually made. north korea's leader kim jong un has rolled out the red carpet for his south korean counterpart in who is in pyongyang for three days of talks it's the first time a south korean leader has traveled there in more than
12:57 am
a decade moon has been tasked with resurrecting washington's a stalled the denuclearization talks but is also hoping to improve economic cooperation between the two koreas bride has more now from seoul. if talks over north korea's nuclear stockpile were in trouble you wouldn't know it from the smiles and hugs. the third meeting between north korea's kim jong un and monday in south korea and the warmest so far on. a full on a god and equal prominence given to the flags of north korea and the blue flag of a reunified korean peninsula. the last meeting between these two men led to the historic summit between him and u.s. president donald trump but moon knows this visit must deliver some evidence of north korea's commitments to denuclearize ation if talks with the u.s. arteries you they want perhaps a disclosure of inventory facilities and this is
12:58 am
a kind of thing that morning be nice to get teams on to come out and say when the two leaders arrived at the state guesthouse they seem to accept the strength of the welcome is evidence of a growing desire for change. even the people in the apartment behind us they welcomed us with such passion i was genuinely touched. when i think we should not forget the people's hopes and expectations but have to work at a faster pace and make bigger achievements. the first into korean summit between these leaders was at the panmunjom true spillage on the border between the two davids in april it's produced tangible results reunions of families separated by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. have restarted. the remains of more than fifty u.s. soldiers killed in the war have been returned by north korea. and the liaison office to keep officials from the north and south connected has ok. but the
12:59 am
last visit to pyongyang by a south korean president was by roh moo hyun eleven years ago and that attempt at reconciliation would ultimately fail. south korea says this time it's different. for the first time key moments from this summit of being beamed live into north korean homes it's one of the ways this summit differs from those of the past say south korean officials who are also hoping this one can succeed where others have failed. but critics believe the nuclear concessions the u.s. wants and what north korea is prepared to give may be too great even for the smiling president mood to deliver mosconi sitting on the stockpile of the nuclear weapons would like to me is the end mount of seeings they will have to surrender to placate dormant prob this has been an impressive display of friendship after so
1:00 am
much animosity yet it remains to be seen how much of this is just a show and how much is of consequence of mcbride al-jazeera so. still to come in this half hour of more bodies are recovered as the search goes on for survivors of a mudslide triggered by the typhoon that hit the philippines and the destination moon a japanese billionaire steps forward as the first passenger on the planned space x. taurus truck. hello there is mostly dry and settled for many of us in china now the storm has long gone and instead we're just seeing some drier weather begin to push its way westward and that will give us a.


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