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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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on the news hour from london. south korea's president gets a warm welcome in pyongyang as the a rival for three days of denuclearization talks argentina's former president appears in court to answer questions on money laundering a day after she's indicted in another corruption case and in sports realm of radar going for a fourth champions league title in a row peter will be here with that a little later in the program. china has announced it will hike tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods it's in response to the u.s. imposing tariffs on another two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports monday's announcement is the third time this year the u.s. has imposed penalties on chinese goods in july twenty five percent were applied to thirty four billion dollars worth of imports
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a month later sixteen billion dollars worth of goods were targeted in both cases beijing responded in kind imposing equal tariffs on the goods that it imported from the u.s. and now the latest round of tariffs the biggest yet ten percent will be levied on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods rising to twenty five percent in january now despite its response china is increasingly on the back foot it's sensible or than five hundred billion dollars worth of goods to the u.s. imports just over a third of that amount from the u.s. already penalizes the u.s. than most of its imports so we'll need to find new ways to retaliate in future scott had learned has more for us from beijing. within hours of the u.s. announcing a second round of tariffs on chinese goods beijing responded. the chinese commerce ministry saying it had no choice but to retaliate and it hopes the u.s. changes its behavior one official saying the move is poisoning trade talks and in
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may founder regarding america's new round of tariffs china has no choice but to retaliate it was expected that the ongoing trade war could heat up this new round of tears from washington confirmed that it will be a lot of money coming into the coffers of the united states of america a lot of money coming in a lot of money in the form of tariffs on an additional two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports the u.s. government will begin collecting a ten percent tariff on those goods starting on september the twenty fourth through the end of the year then on january first the tariffs will jump to twenty five percent and if china at any time retaliates the white house says an additional two hundred sixty seven billion dollars of chinese imports practically the remainder of all chinese products or in the u.s. will also fall under the tariffs the increased tensions will likely scuttle the renewal of trade talks between beijing and washington. while about five thousand chinese products including household goods vacuum cleaners to bikes will be
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targeted many u.s. businesses are expected to suffer as well just before the tears were announced in washington the chinese commerce secretary said that u.s. protectionism would only impact the two nations involved in this trade war but it could hurt the global economy as well and some analysts here feel that u.s. companies might face a chinese consumer backlash if the chinese people believe that they're being maligned. they will boycott and that's that's not something you know you're going to see you're already starting to see some anti american sentiments islamica by the american right. this is the one thing donald trump thinks that the only people who are nationalists. and as the world's two largest economies refused to concede any ground in this trade war the impact will be felt around the world it's got hotter al-jazeera beijing well chris corsi is former deputy director of the u.s. department of commerce under the trumpet ministration he also advised the white
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house on economic and business policy joins us live now from washington d.c. source thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera what we're really seeing is a sort of escalation even though president trump has won the chinese not to retaliate they do seem to be doing so after every move by the u.s. a sort of like for like i mean what do you make of it and where will it eventually lead not just the u.s. and china but the world trade really. well this of course is something we expect of the chinese to do it's a face saving attempt certainly on the global stage and also with their own people but really it's been china that has been the bad actor ever since they joined the w t o in two thousand and one we opened our our world markets to china hoping that they would in fact open their markets to u.s. companies looking to enter the chinese market but what we've seen is outright ip theft we've seen certainly forced technology transfer and we've seen barriers to
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entry that the chinese have erected to keep american businesses out of their markets so what president trump is looking to do is again bring the chinese back to the table he's going to continue to show the chinese that we mean business and hopefully as he said in his statement this morning when he announced the two hundred billion dollars in additional tariffs he hopes that this can be resolved between him and president xi who he has great respect and admiration for at the end of that report by scott hi larry i don't know if you could hear it but the we had a china analyst saying that the chinese people if they feel that they are maligned they're being maligned could actually start to boycott themselves that basically some of the nationalism that we have seen in the u.s. we could also see in china how much of a warrior would that be because then at that point it goes beyond any kind of you know meeting or agreement that you lead to is but it goes to anti-american sentiment that might be growing in china and of course china does remain a very important market. well respectfully i would say that frankly it's again back
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to the actual bad actions of china this is something that is irrefutable what they've done not just the currency manipulation not just the ip theft in the various to entry the non-tariff barriers but frankly the u.s. has three times the purchasing power as china show is really just want to show you that this was a morning person i mean this is sort of the politics that was asking you more specifically whether one of the perhaps unintended consequences of this trade war if you want to call it that would be that the chinese public does turn away from american products i'm just wondering whether it's something that you are using to trade administration might be concerned about. really i don't think that we're concerned at all i think the president and his trade advisor certainly as we see it we've seen a lot higher secretary of a new secretary of treasury and national canonic council director larry kudlow say we remain open to an amicable solution but only if china is willing to make substantive concessions and actually have substantive dialogue i don't think
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politically president trump is worried about this either we have not really seen during phase one of the tariffs as we saw earlier in june the sixty billion dollars of tariffs that were announced we haven't really seen consumer u.s. consumers affected too much by those and so i think president trump is willing to again drive a hard bargain push the envelope in the hopes that the chinese come back to the table i do believe the president trump is ready to make concessions and allow the chinese allow president xi to to save face but frankly i don't think president trump is worried about any political ramifications from these trade talks president trump is certainly someone who values face to face meetings we've seen that with kim jong il and of course the apec summit the asia pacific economic cooperation the summit is coming up in november i believe president went last year this would be a great opportunity to meet the chinese president i don't believe we yet know whether he is actually going to attend the apec summit do you know whether he will
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and do you think he should so that a face to face meeting can take place and hopefully resolve this. well i think it's up in the air still of course we know i don't know the president's schedule i think that very few people do certainly this far in advance but what i think we have seen in the past is president trump setting the stage with some of his advisers working things out let's take for example north korea the denuclearization summit it was played down a bit but as we found out it was revealed that there were back channel conversations going on and so perhaps president trump is looking to have some type of a grand stage set for a final deal that it be announced at the summit with president xi so i think we we should again i wouldn't place bets on this but i think one thing that we can all agree on about president trump is that he does have an element of surprise and hopefully the global markets will respond favorably when this deal is resolved perhaps at the epic summit chris c.f. former deputy director of the u.s. department of commerce under the trumpet ministration service thank you for sharing
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your views with us thank you. speaking of kim jong un north korea's leader says he wants to produce a big outcome during his three days of talks with the south korean president. kim treated mungy into a special concert after spending the day discussing north korea's nuclear program it's the first time that a south korean leader has traveled to pyongyang north of a bucket and came rolled out the red carpet for marine whose parents themselves fled to north korea decades ago robert pride has more now from seoul. if talks over north korea's nuclear stockpile were in trouble you wouldn't know it from the smiles and hugs. the third meeting between north korea's kim jong un and min jay in south korea and the warmest so far. a full on a god and equal providence given to the flags of north korea and the blue flag of
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a reunified korean peninsula. the last meeting between these two men led to the historic summit between him and u.s. president donald trump but moon knows this visit must deliver some evidence of north korea's commitments to denuclearize ation if talks with the u.s. are to raise you they want perhaps a disclosure of inventory facilities and this is a kind of thing that morning be nice to get going to come out and say when the two leaders arrived at the state guest house they seem to accept the strength of the welcome is evidence of a growing desire for change. even the people in the apartment behind us they welcomed us with such passion i was genuinely touched. when i think we should not forget the people's hopes and expectations but have to work at a faster pace and make bigger achievements. the first into korean summit between these leaders visit the panmunjom true spillage on the border between the two
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davids in april it's produced tangible results reunions of families separated by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. have restarted. the remains of more than fifty u.s. soldiers killed in the war have been returned by north korea. and a liaison office to keep officials from the north and south connected. but the last visit to pyongyang by a south korean president was by roh moo hyun eleven years ago and that attempt of reconciliation would ultimately fail. south korea says this time it's different. for the first time key moments from this summit are being beamed live into north korean homes it's one of the ways this summit differs from those of the past say south korean officials who are also hoping this one can succeed where others have
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failed. but critics believe the nuclear concessions the u.s. wants and what north korea is prepared to give may be too great even for the smiling president mood to deliver mosconi sitting on the stockpile of the nuclear weapons would like to me mice is the amount of things they will have to surrender to placate dormant trump this has been an impressive display of friendship after so much animosity yet it remains to be seen how much of this is just show and how much is of consequence of macbride al jazeera sole german doctors say it's highly plausible that a member of the russian anti kremlin protest group pussy riot was poisoned here to venice a lover was flown from moscow to berlin for emergency treatment after he fell ill following a court hearing he remains in intensive care and so far doctors have been unable to identify the substance that he used these back reports. also lost
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his sight hearing and ability to walk when he fell mysteriously ill last week he was airlifted here to berlin's charité hospital for treatment and is recovering. doctors now confirm that it's highly probable he was poisoned if you haven't caught on that he invited us on into account we have no indication that there was an induction as disease or that there was an infection or illness of the metabolism that could create such a syndrome with these dynamic and so we have to presume that they can place a toxin that we have a debt being able to thank you farai and i'm which we won't be able to identify. at a news conference the other members of the anti kremlin punk band pussy riot and busy lives mother the doctors for saving his life they believe the poisoning was an attempt to kill him she started to. spray and it was moving to well. and she was.
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discussing with their friends and relatives if you. go back there and everything along. freely. help me in this. posing as police fizzy laufman of a pussy riot members staged a pitch invasion during the football world cup final in moscow in july president putin was in the stadium and hundreds of millions of viewers are watching live they were jailed for fifteen days. pussy riot came to prominence in two thousand and twelve for this protest against putin in a russian orthodox cathedral in moscow three members of the group were sentenced to two years in prison on hooliganism charges. it's not the first time those critical of the kremlin have fallen seriously ill earlier this year the former russian double agent sergei script and his daughter yulia were poisoned with
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a powerful novacek nerve agent in the british town of solsbury investigators say the attempted murder was carried out by two russian military intelligence agents the men appeared on russian state television claiming to be tourists there are strong similarities with the death of former k.g.b. officer alexander litvinenko in two thousand and six poisoned with a radioactive substance one of the prime suspects in the murder of oil is now a member of the russian parliament. as doctors try to establish war out of his eloff was poisoned with the question his fellow activists want answered is whether he too was a deliberate target. barkha al-jazeera. the head of germany's intelligence agency has been demoted over comments that he made about far right extremism. angered the german chancellor angela merkel when he played down the recent violence in the
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eastern city of commits a fatal stabbing in the city sparked large anti immigration rallies by far right groups and clashes with counter protesters a twenty two year old iraqi man arrested over that stabbing has now been released because no evidence linked him to the killing a syrian suspect is still in custody. in this hour of news including more bodies are recovered as the search goes on for survivors of a mudslide triggered by the typhoon that hit the philippines. videos of president feasting on state prepared by a celebrity chef calls outrage in venezuela where many are going hungry. and one of europe's top amateur female golfers is murdered on record. with all the details.
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elegant welcome back to international weather forecast all across central europe we're looking at a really nice conditions across much of the area high pressure is dominating and that is keeping most of the clouds away but the temperatures are going to be going up over the next few days i'll show you that in just one moment here in the northwest though across parts of the u.k. it is back to back storms that spring quite a bit of rain as well as some windy conditions across the region so that is going to continue as we go from wednesday and into thursday and actually we're going to be seeing some heavy rain starting to push down towards the south to london going to be on the edge of that but just to the north it will be quite heavy out here towards the central regions vienna twenty seven degrees there rome a cloudy day maybe some showers a few with about twenty nine degrees well here across the northern part of africa we did have a lot of clouds across parts of algeria as well as tunisia things are getting a little bit better you notice those clouds drifting up there towards the north but tunis thirty one degrees there tripoli some clouds few big guys a maybe a shower with some on shore flow cairo about thirty five degrees here on wednesday
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not looking to see too much for a change but we are going to expect to see more rain in the forecast here for tunis with a high of twenty nine and then very quickly over here to cross parts of nigeria we saw some very heavy rain causing flooding but across the central regions it will be dry but lagos cloudy at twenty nine. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes into its nanny dini is reclaiming its image by putting its young brazilian behind the camera. this truth be don't often hear told by the people who live them. this is you out on al-jazeera. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the
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assassination of counts full cabana dot. the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how his negotiations with him helped save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al-jazeera. a reminder now the top stories on al-jazeera president putin says a tragic chain of circumstances led to the downing of a russian military plane by syrian air defenses earlier russia's defense ministry
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accused israel of causing the incident while attacking syrian government installations in yemen the saudi iraqi coalition says it's captured more grounds on the outskirts of the city of as part of a large scale operation targeting the areas under control and china has announced it will hike tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods in response to the u.s. imposing tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports it's the largest penalty the u.s. has opposed so far in its ongoing trade war with beijing. argentina's former president christina there has appeared in court to face more questions about money laundering this a day after a judge asked that her parliamentary immunity be lifted our last america editor of human joins us live now from. good to see you remind us why is this case so important. well barbara will probably remember that christina care sure has been
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charged on six other counts of corruption over the last year or two but this one is different first of all because of the scope of the allegations according to the prosecutor a criminal started nearly that at least one hundred sixty million dollars of taxpayers' money was funneled off by the former president but also because for the very first time the judge that's been overseeing most of these cases has asked for her to be arrested while she awaits trial now she won't be because she does have immunity because she is still a senator but she doesn't have immunity from being charged or convicted. the it's not the first time that argentina's former president has been summoned to court but this time the corruption charges against her are the most serious inside the courtroom. was accused of leading a criminal network of high ranking officials that it allegedly awarded inflated public works contracts to prominent businessmen in exchange for
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a multi-million dollar kickbacks the former president who is now a senator responded in writing and published it on social networks she wrote summing up they can keep following my movements my family's listening secretly to my phone calls or digging through all of patagonia or wherever they like they will never find anything to incriminate me because i never appropriated money illicitly . the judge requested the chief be imprisoned awaiting trial along with scores of other prominent businessman and former government officials the senate would have to vote to lift her immunity from prosecution but that doesn't mean that finance. inside of a prison any time soon behind me is the senate and peronist party that holds the majority leader of the party has made it very clear that it will not even consider this the kitchener's immunity unless there is a firm sentence. but the judge believes that the evidence obtained in grades on
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three of the senator's luxury homes plus testimonies from business women photos wiretaps and videos provide ample proof. this could be likened to brazil's kawai you have public works politicians and big business this tells me it could have a strong political impact on sunday finance the kitchener released a video in which she says the raids are meant to humiliate and persecute her and she said her home was damaged and robbed by federal police she repeated claims that the judge is an enemy and a pawn of the current government. not. but with or without immunity from prison the chances of argentina's former strong woman being convicted are strong to the detriment of her plans to run for the presidency again next year. just picking up from the end of her report there i mean could she really run for president considering the current circumstances. well extraordinary as it may sound
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yes she could now let's compare this to what's happened as happened in brazil as you may recall former president lula da silva who was who is by far the most popular politician in brazil who is in prison for corruption had only appealed once his sentence but that that disqualified him he wasn't allowed to run he had to name his would have been vice presidential. his running mate to stand in his place but here in argentina until all appeals have been absolutely exhausted you are still allowed to run for office including for the presidency and that could take years and years to exhaust them that process so yes next year she could run for office certainly be interesting to see if she does the see a new man with the latest from when as it is the see if they can cue. now just five days before voters go to the polls in the mall the eaves a major new piece of investigative journalism is raising questions about the sitting president the report by the organized crime and corruption reporting
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project builds on details revealed in a two thousand and sixteen al jazeera documentary it's based on government documents banking records and the contents of three i phones own dubai and now in prison the former tourism minister ahmed that the he least the several islands to various property developers siphoning away at least seventy nine million dollars in the process the new evidence implicates president a bill am mean in the scheme something that he has always denied leath ressa just from is that he's phones show that the president intervened to clear at least twenty four of the deals many of the islands are now home to major projects led by international hotel chains it's leading to questions about who has benefited from the leasing of the islands and the developments of the hotels or belfort is from the organized crime and corruption reporting project he says the former tourism minister says corruption was on an epic scale the way that dave and his associates
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to if there are scams was they instead of leasing out islands through public and it was done through state company that was headed by his friends at least these were paid in and money was and as some of the records that we found showed at the president's office and that means the president intervene about two dozen times to reassign the examines of the tourism ministry he also gave permission for these arms to be released by the state which was the chamfer and as we also have records from text messages that show him discussing with the you know at least one of these deals. well you can watch the documentary stealing paradise by al jazeera is investigations unit on our website just go to al-jazeera dot com and click on the investigations tab. opposition politicians in zimbabwe have walked out of president emerson one guy was state of the nation address to
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parliament they say his government is illegitimate and accuse it of wasting public money on with us seven ports now from harare. just minutes into prisons in a similar state of the nation address opposition m.p.'s walked out in protest they say men and gore stole july's election and blamed his administration for many of the country's problems including a cholera outbreak is due to return to. our country is a rainy day for. basic services and would be tended to days sitting in that climate more worried about bringing was in an inevitable when people are dying of it so we are seeing his government is illegitimate the opposition accuses the government of spending taxpayers' money on luxuries and government perks and the m.p.'s call the president a thief as he drives past the government says it needs more than fifteen million
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dollars to repair water and sanitation infrastructure in harare money it says it doesn't have some zimbabweans feel the money is there is just not being where attach for example the sale of buying new cars for parliamentarians the money should be used to fight cholera. the government has declared the cholera outbreak in the capital harare an emergency it's banned all public gatherings and ordered food vendors off the streets to try and stop the disease from spreading. it's not the only challenge the new president is facing he has to try to change foreign currency shortages create jobs and introduce investor friendly policies made game a little accelerate the new growing efforts to harvest a blazing democracy in betterment creation of fiscal space currency the french and the missing four hundred gallons of ability improving liquidity increasing the country's recent attractiveness. reducing the budget deficit and very gradual
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growth. but many zimbabweans are growing impatient they say being new president has made many promises but they say being want agent action. accordant south africa has given the green light for adults to grow and use cannabis for private consumption. the. pro marijuana activists cheered from the public gallery after the constitutional court upheld the lower court's ruling parliament is that we expected to amend laws that criminalize cannabis. residents of a mining town in the philippines reportedly ignored police warnings to evacuate a day before the town was hit by a landslide many people had been sheltering from typhoon langhart when the landslide hit jimmy that linda hogan has more now on the vest you efforts in a take on. it's a steep dangerous descent down to revealing will rescuers continue their green
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search. this is a to go in in big province where super typhoon man could cause the major landslide which destroyed the community i was here bodies continue to pile up as the rescue effort turns into a recovery operation i think. this is the bunk house where more than thirty miners sought shelter here they thought they were safe. i but they were engulfed by the rolling mud and boulders and were buried forty feet deep. we've been working double time to ensure that the process is faster but this is a system that we've had in place even before with blasters coming in now to help i to see this of course is to understand the enormity of this operation the stench of
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human flesh is present and we feel that we are standing on precarious grounds behind me are rescuers who have been working nonstop while others are family members or come here to look for their missing loved ones their man really digging through the rubble it doesn't matter how long it takes piece by piece rock by rock . to go who clap is seventy years old somewhere buried in the rubble is his nephew he says the agony of waiting is unbearable so he is helping out clearing to bring we will need you to leave if we can't find my nephew alive at least i hope we can bring him home and bury him so that we can see him for the last time. another body pulled out from the rubble it is already in the vent state of decomposition. the local government admits it cannot account for all the deaths
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here. the men who lost their lives will be part of an ever growing statistic in the philippines because chad as it may seem disasters like this one have become a familiar story in the country of grinding poverty. an al-jazeera. province northern philippines let's go to the u.s. now where the sun is finally starting to shine over parts of the carolinas after hurricane florence hundreds of people have been waiting in line for water and other essentials in wilmington north carolina town still mostly cut off by high water florence unleashed major floods and thousands of told that they can protect our homes the death toll has risen to at least thirty four states. over it as well as president says he may have to cancel his trip to the u.n. general assembly next week because of fears his opponents may try to kill him
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nicolas maduro has also outraged many venezuelans after he was pictured enjoying a lavish. recent trip to turkey he was filmed dining at a salt beef restaurant in istanbul where he was served by the celebrity chef the opposition says it shows just how out of touch he is with people red meat is considered a luxury many people go hungry because of food shortages and the economic crisis. in istanbul we dined in a famous restaurant from here in venezuela i send a shift my greetings he attended to us personally we chatted and had a good time with him a very pleasant man very cheerful he told me several times he loves venezuela and admires venezuela i send our greetings all the way to turkey. police in australia warning that anyone found responsible for contaminating fruit with sewing needles will face jail time needles have now been found in more than.


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