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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 261  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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he's destroying us this is going to relive it. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flo phillips so let's start with lez moonves longtime balsa one of the biggest u.s. t.v. networks that's at c.b.s. and he stepped down over a series of allegations of sexual misconduct while the first resignation we've seen since the start of the need to move went why is this one such a big deal for lots of reasons barbara les moonves as chairman president and c.e.o. really is c.b.s. or rather he was he successfully led that network for more than two decades and such a long time in this industry is pretty rare but the me too movement has really changed everything nobody is off limits anymore in the span of just ten months c.b.s. has lost charlie rose who hosted the morning news show jeff fager the head of its signature investigative program sixty minutes and moonves off the allegations about
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me best surface back in july c.b.s. launched an investigation but he hung on even after he did meet it and apologized for some of his behavior then last weekend when in fact the judge in this credited with the harvey weinstein exposé almost a year ago now details a further six allegations from additional women and members was gone in a matter of hours or moonves may be gone but there's still some questions about his seemingly quite large severance package how big are we talking about exactly so that's really going to depend on the outcome of this c.b.s. investigation if moonves is found to be guilty he'll get nothing otherwise the details of his contract mean he could walk away with as much as one hundred twenty million dollars it was originally one hundred forty million dollars but moonves and c.b.s. a collectively donating twenty million to organizations that support equality for women in the workplace and the need to movement now needless to say members continues to deny the allegations in. as reports will definitely follow
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developments on that story let's move on now to something else that happened earlier this week you tube removed several accounts run by the syrian government what reasons of the given for doing it and why now so we're talking here about some of the major channels accounts associated with president assad's office the ministry of defense as well as the syrian arab news agency sunnah this all comes at a time when syrian forces along with their russian ally have launched fresh strikes on it live the last major city held by anti regime forces you tube appears to have been pushed into taking this step after a report came out detailing how these accounts were generating income through ads that were being played before that content and that's a clear violation of the twenty seven order issued by president obama banning american companies from doing any business with syria this potentially sets a precedent though and the same thing could happen i guess to the accounts of other countries and other governments that the u.s.
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doesn't get on with i'm thinking of iran is an obvious example potentially in a statement a you tube spokes person said that you tube complies with all a pickle sanctions and trade compliance laws if we find that an account violates our terms of service or community guidelines we disable it now given how active you tube and other social media sites have been lately when it comes to blocking various content that could indeed be more to come flow thank you. the bait over iran has always been polarizing no surprise for a country that's been on the wrong end of united states foreign policy for nearly four decades and with the withdrawal of the us from the iran nuclear deal this year those calling for the hardest line against the islamic republic starting with more sanctions have received the boost on the other side of the debate those pushing back against what many say is an agenda for regime change a report on online backlash the likes of which they've not seen before. however the
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twitter accounts doing the trolling may not be the organic opposition voices that they're made out to be for all the accusations of this information and fake news from both sides it's rare that we can point to facts a location and actual person though explaining the modus operandi of an organized troll factory the listening posts will young investigated the story and the trail has led to tehran washington d.c. or riyadh but to tirana in albania. iran has now joined russia as a country accused of using the internet to sow chaos for its adversaries while evidence of the effectiveness of iran's campaign is far from conclusive last month twitter announced it had suspended some eight hundred accounts said to be involved in coordinated manipulation it said was linked to the country but there's another
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side to this story thousands of accounts many of them likely automated to the boosting trends presenting the islamic republic as the implacable enemy of the west and of the rights of its own people that herning point was really trumped election once it became very clear from the outside that there would be really heightened hostility with iran there was profusion new accounts anonymous accounts who were very single mindedly and purposefully going after our people who wrote about talked about you wrong with new ones the majority of it is abusive libelous ad hominum and intended to silence mindful of the difficulty for western journalists to be able to have access to you ron the majority of journalists are looking to to. as
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a proxy over where the debate is going where the sentiments are where the trends are going to twitter attacks and these social media campaigns have at least initially been successful in giving the impression that this small minority who is supporting the trumpet ministrations policy actually constitute a majority or a growing majority. the simplest kind of social media engineering is not much more than a numbers game twitter bots created by the hundreds or thousands can be programmed to tweet and retrained automatically in order to boost trends artificially. on a smaller scale individuals or groups can copy paste and tweets using several accounts to multiply the impact of better ideas twitter would not share with us lives own methodology for detecting fake accounts but openly available metadata can tell us a lot about where to look when those loads of bots you might see hundreds and hundreds in some cases thousands of accounts created on
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a specific day the majority of the counts tweeting on the free iran has to be around a regime change hash tag. from the period of late december to made we created within about four month window what that would suggest is that a lot of the activity on those hash tags for iran and iran regime change are bought . put there's only so much you can discover online so we followed rumors of an anti iranian government fake account factory to albania between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and sixteen the united nations at the behest of the united states relocated some two thousand nine hundred members of an exiled iranian opposition group calling itself the people's money heading of iran or pay as it's otherwise know the base camp behind me less than one hour withdrawing from the capital to run a former members of the group confirmed that part of the heavily guarded facility is a troll farm dedicated to social media manipulation. on an industrial scale. we would
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receive daily orders highlighting the main ongoing issues in iran for example high prices unemployment poverty we had to bring them to the attention of the world by tweeting them and blaming them on the islamic regime in one way or the other this was our duty on a daily basis in cyberspace and we've been going much. on best to take in order mark tell us which newspapers had published a favorable of these pieces or if a politician such as john mccain or john bolton had spoken against the regime in an interview we would then like to tweet and leave comments as if they genuinely came from people in iran any piece of news that could be used to their benefit and against the iranian regime would be cold regardless of where it came from whether it be israel the u.s. trump anyone had. missed that because our stance towards those who even slightly sided with the regime or were critical of our organization such as trita parsi was
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that they were high ling's and puppets of the regime we label them as exported soldiers of the mullahs a regime who are enjoying themselves in america. because in my platform i have received a significant amount of twitter attacks of this kind but i am nowhere near being alone this is actually a very pervasive phenomenon the big victim of this is that we don't have a rational conversation about policy towards iran or even what the situation is like inside of iraq right now. case in point at the end of two thousand and seventeen and the beginning of this year the series of protests played up in a number of iranian cities crash tax promoting regime change spiked shaping the narrative the many in the mainstream media we now know that much of that online activity was externally engineered a lot of the activity around the protest in iraq. has been exploited by whoever
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setting up these bot networks a certain community as it were that promoting the m.e. k. and using unrest in iran as a platform i have found what i believe to be bot accounts support of the iranian government and they do appear to be bought but at the moment they seem far smaller in volume. our borders would tell us which hashtags to use in our tweets they were popular hashtags such as national demonstrations or overthrow they told us to use these hashtags to make them more active it was our job to provide coverage of the protests by seeking out tweeting and read tweeting videos as well as adding our own comments to them. in the larger size of. overall i'd say that several thousand the cancer managed by about one thousand to one thousand five hundred m. e k. members it was all very well organized and there were clear instructions about what needed to be done any other online activities or web surfing were prohibited there
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were tell us that the devices provided by the organization were like weapons and our tweets were bullets to shoot at the enemy so why waste the media when. the cultlike mojahedin are held has almost no support in iran many still remember the domestic terror campaign it ran in the years following the revolution and how a meek a force is for alongside saddam hussein during the iran iraq war however the organization has cultivated powerful friends abroad britain lifted its designation as a terrorist organization in two thousand and eight the e.u. did the same in two thousand and nine and the united states in two thousand and twelve after the m e k was forced out of iraq it was the us who brokered a deal to resettle them in albania where their social media campaign against the islamic republic continues this activity. a is very much focused on the debate in
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the west because i think the intention is in part to prepare public opinion in the west for whatever kind of regime change agenda washington is pursuing if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before these i make a members they have no way back they are absolutely desperate and you know are probably willing to get behind anything it's not like what happens on social media stays there anymore it feel to the mainstream media there is so much propaganda so much fake news it would take very little create a wave of what looks like popular opinion against a government that's not necessarily real. you did not agree to our request for an interview telling us that plots involving agents of iran posing as journalists made any contact impossible that leaves only defectors stranded in albania to tell the story of how keyboard warriors use and abuse social media to promote an agenda for
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regime change. and finally we're closing our show this week with a video that came out in the years just after the two thousand and eight crash with so much talk of finance and the komi becoming mainstream and american economist and the t.v. producer teamed up and created a rap battle to break down a long running debate on how governments should react to an economic crisis the two main characters in this video are the twentieth century called mists john maynard keynes and frederick von hyatt keynes a flamboyant brit to argued that government spending was needed to grow the economy out of recession high it cut more measured all strain believe the opposite that government attempts to control the economy with a problem neither man lived to see the crisis and in this video entitled fear the boom and bust they are reborn strangely with american accents however given where
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the financial crisis drop both originated it's something we can overlook we'll see you next time right here at the listening post. the book on modern growth comes when the economies of depression now your questions have a seat and leave you with. twenty nine the big. condom in the system the result of ages waiting for. any. and. all together gets to. go and watch the. study but. you feel weary. weary little structure. is ready to be. doubly. bad it seems like they believed in the pretty little early on
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a commie depressed you spoke of. bulis warming for more of the. british. down that's our lap weaving. the same oh. well and good reason to fear. it's that animal spirits. rest. is a popular film and location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes into work it's not easy it's
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reclaiming its image by putting its young brazilian behind the camera. the stories be don't often hear told by the people who live them in the news well this is iraq on al-jazeera. but the headlines on. the leaders of north and south korea are promising a nuclear free korean. kim jong un also says he plans to visit seoul probably before the end of the here and made the remarks on the second day of their three day summit and pyongyang. we have adopted a military agreement to terminate the historic tragic confrontations and hostility
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that have lasted over the past decades we agreed to make our activity to make the korean peninsula the land of peace free of nuclear weapons and threats relieve. the north agreed to permanently close its engine test site and launch pad in china ri with the experts and relevant countries in attendance in addition it's also agreed to take further action such as giving up its nuclear facility in young beyond depending on corresponding measures to be taken by the us it is a matter that the entire korean nation would be happy and appreciate their complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula is not far away or the bride has more from seoul. both leaders have declared this a major success which they say will lead to a new era for the korean peninsula both spoke about the hostilities which are of marked out relations in the past but about the progress that has been made this year with their now three summits they spoke about
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a seed being planted when they first met in this spring which is now turned into the fruit of peace with the pyongyang declaration says that north korea remains firmly committed to giving up its nuclear arsenal and to decommissioning nuclear facilities which he says will be verifiable by outside countries this is one of the most important aspects which has or always concerned people went north korea has spoken about its commitment to denuclearize ation he says it is a dream come true but it is a dream and a deal which is still very short on details it's not known whether more details will emerge about just when all of this will happen what kind of timelines we're talking about and also whether it will be enough to convince the united states to restart discussions with then moving jay in those certainly believes and certainly
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wants to see a lot korea have a second summit the second summit to take place possibly in october between kim jong un and president trump of the united states as far as into korean relations are concerned though this very much is a high point so much so that what we also heard for the first time at this announcement is that kim jong un will become the first north korean leader to visit seoul a visit that could well happen before the end of this year. china is imposing levies on another sixty billion dollars of american made i sense the move comes after u.s. president donald trump announced increased have on two hundred billion dollars of chinese products tom says he's open to talking to beijing but won't let it take advantage of the u.s. we're doing a very good job with china has been taking advantage of the united states for a long time and that's not happening anymore we can't let that happen and i have
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a great relationship with president xi he's a friend of mine but we can't you know i've been telling him we can't let it happen so we may make a deal at some point but right now we just impose two hundred billion dollars or twenty five percent and if there's a retaliation against our farmers and our industrial workers our ranchers if any of that goes on we're going to kick in another two hundred fifty seven billion dollars . the rescue operation in the northern philippines has shifted from searching for survivors of a landslide to recovering bodies the landslide had the mining town off it's gone and get problems in the wake of typhoon man quote. floodwaters are still rising in eastern parts of the u.s. off the hook in florence made landfall on friday it's now being downgraded to a tropical depression more than thirty people were killed in north and south carolina u.s. president trump is expected to visit the worst hit areas on wednesday those are the
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headlines on al-jazeera the people's health is up next. seven billion people live on planet air. and every year six point five trillion dollars is spent keeping them healthy in. the pursuit of good affordable health care challenges governments worldwide and. we go to six very different countries to see the constant battle to successfully deliver the people's health. each year over half
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a million medical students graduates around the world when you tell your parents you love your doctor this while the training of young doctors is vital to us all what do you tell a mother one there's a very strong possibility that she could be bearing her child within the next year for twelve months we follow young trainee doctors from one of the most pioneering medical schools in the world to the most exhausting thing i've ever done i think a skill which poses fundamental questions about what makes a good doctor have to be ok with the fact that you're not going to learn it all and prepares them to make difficult decisions. he has died his brain is gone. because their decisions make the difference between life and death and have to trust to this couple just so slightly to. just north of my i got a phone on the bank of lake ontario in canada is the my coochie to group school of
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medicine at mcmaster university. for decades has forged new approaches to the training of doctors. dr simon is a graduate. he is now in charge of the intensive care unit at hamilton general hospital she's doing so well actually this is doing great. we're going to get you up and moving around a bit ok we'll be careful with that leg after the surgery ok but it's good for you to get out and serving. care taker come back come back you know. nine years ago he saw his first patient as a young medical student. who was absolutely terrified you're going to walk in the room and it was can be like you're not a real physician you don't belong here you're not good enough and i distinctly remember seeing the patient talking the patient come into the room and then realize . and that was probably the truth i didn't know anything when you look at anyone at
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the end of their med school residency training you look at them after and you look at them before they're different people they're fundamentally different. now simon is responsible for the most vulnerable patients and the hospital. the things that go into making a good doctor you have to know your stuff you have to work hard you have to recognise you're never going to be done learning you have to be able to put the needs of others above yourself the last thing you need you have to have empathy. simon's transformation started at mcmaster medical school. when it opened back in one thousand nine hundred sixty five it pioneered a radical teaching philosophy which is now used widely of around the world. five thousand applied to canada's most popular medical school but only two hundred ten. this is day one for the two thousand and fifteen and take good morning.
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your first priority will be to learn to be great physicians your work in small groups and teams exactly the way that most of medicine is practiced. four thousand nine hundred twenty doctors have trained at mcmaster over the last forty years feeding canada state funded health care system these students all got here through a unique selection process called the multiple mini interview. the applicants a challenge with a series of rote gleason ariel's when you do your first one or two stations it's still kind of a trainer you're very nervous your hands are shaking you don't know what to do with your water bottle there are various you pay for it but i liked it a lot more than traditional interview because it's fun it's fast pace it challenges you in a similar way that medical school challenge you it's quite stressful it's very high energy fast paced these scenarios test for more than just academic ability to look
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for empathy communication skills and moral reasoning. qualities the master's program believes will make great doctors it was two hours and we had to do twelve different stations where we go through different scenarios questions always throw at you that you've never heard of before and you just talk to think on your feet you're getting multiple assessments or multiple. and i think that is a better measure of how and how you would be in different situations. since the introduction of the selection process at mcmaster in two thousand and four nearly every other medical school in canada has adopted it. applicants must have an undergraduate degree but it does not need to be scientific in just three years these students will be transformed into a new doctors. recognized as being from one of the most innovative made equal schools in the world. it's all begins with the pioneering approach to teaching
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mcmaster has virtually abolished lecturers. and has introduced problem based larry in jennifer key somewhere has been a mcmaster medical student for just over a year and. the sales director glaring means she and six other students in her group are presented with weekly case studies to resolve under supervision. this is our problem based tutorial were given cases by the instructors we read over the cases and from there we develop learning objectives for our group that's where the bulk of our scientific learning comes physiology are pharmacology subjects that traditional medical schools would take in class form genetics embryology all of those things come out of these cases so that we're trying to apply it to real life situations teens face having. to rethink babies perhaps your parents your research have abnormalities of both feet to create oscar sound you. know which while
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legs are. not going commonly any kind of an atomic all things that come up on the twenty we call to sound create a lot of anxiety as you can imagine in the supervisor's rule is to guide the students so they can find the best solution themselves for this area we refer to prenatal genetic counselors and the phenomenal so give them all the statistics on their rates and how often it seemed in conjunction with whatever else and whatever else that is it's a great resource and open to obviously everybody and there's one in every area. by making students find their own solutions mcmasters police it trains them to cope with future changes in medical knowledge which. they keep talking about the circular curriculum so things will come back and come back and come back it's a matter of teaching us where. to go for information so if they'd if we learned traditionally went out to our clerkship and looked back in our old notes and then
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graduated and had to sort of keep up on all the knowledge we're starting fresh what are our resources where do we go where do we check where is now you know we're sort of discovering that together and while we can sit around the table and say i found this one this was a really good resorts and we can get to know all of those resources while we're still here this kind of problem based learning is now used increasingly around the world. for the next each students are taken to the center for simulated lare knowing who they are taught to treat the patient not just the disease i'm getting from oil and i'm one of the patients partners i am going to be master alumni so i always enjoy coming back here with my students jennifer suffers from arthritis and is one of many volunteers to help students like our team.


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