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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2018 6:00am-6:15am +03

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them going to law to really do nuclearized rather they saw it as the beginning of a relationship and and the process of taking steps both countries toward denuclearization there was there was going to be action for action. and so it's getting the united states to understand that they are not going to unilaterally move forward without the u.s. also taking some action tames besson thank you very much in a few thoughts and something. thank you. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has been freed from prison on bail he is now about high court ordered shareef his daughter and son in law to be released until their appeal against a corruption conviction can be had and will they would deficiencies in the case presented to the court which sentence them to jail in july and i had to has they system capitalism that alter the court who were digging a wash for through or not crofter the city of the hall. for
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him to caddy had. a son in law a captain and also do a former chief minister of the pond job and younger brother and i watched. of god now as a temporary leave by being out of gain however he by no means exonerated the district and the name of god will continue for some time until the final judgement and the ongoing. the government on the other hand saying that the court in the country of free they have proven that they are. although mr nawaz sharif party had been very critical of the country. the government information minister today that it was evident that the country. free and fair. one of pakistan's leading politicians nawaz sharif has served three terms as prime minister is first term began in one thousand nine hundred or the second ended with a bloodless coup in one thousand nine hundred nine and in twenty thirty made
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a triumphant return to win a third term in power just four years later sharif was forced out amid allegations of corruption and in april this year the supreme court banned him from politics for life in july the anticorruption court found him guilty over the purchase of four luxury apartments in london he was sentenced to ten years in jail now has been freed on bail but still faces two separate corruption charges was how common is a visiting research fellow from the cato institute defense and foreign policy department she joins us live from washington d.c. so what happens now for sharif do you think. well thank you for having me on your show and i think right now it's important to understand that first the flower by the high court has not exonerated in a vase and mediumship eve they have not declared them to be innocent so i think right now it's just a suspension of of the case and they have been allowed to seek bail and be freed temporarily i think what lies ahead right now still is that she family faces
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a great deal of legal battles and this is just sort of a bump in the road for those who have especially been critical of the rush if given all that how much influence do you think you he'll still have after this. well you know if i should if is is a major party leader the back some muslim group is still has a stronghold and fun job i mean they certainly did not do as well as they wanted to in the recent elections in july but he very much is the leader of that of us group and he is probably a lot more powerful than his own brother shahbaz sharif so i think the fact that there was such a big crowd when he was released from jail and that he has a great deal of supporters who are supporting the decision indicates that regardless of the corruption charges and the current trial that he has been facing he has a lot of power on the ground but what about the confidence in pakistan's judiciary does that. change in emphasis is going to make people doubt the
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judiciary a bit. well i think you know judiciary has always prided itself on being independent and it's always called itself so a lot of pakistanis also believe that the judiciary is extremely independent and perhaps one of the more stronger institutions in the country but i think that said i mean this decision will be disappointing to many assignees a fundamentally pakistanis want their political institutions to hold their politicians x. expression of those who are known for their corruption they want their institutions to hold those politicians accountable and i think the judiciary is a decision that's all about high court decision sort of indicates that that might not be the case but i think this also points to a larger problem of gathering evidence that is permissible and court and also weak prosecution that has plagued the judicial system of pakistan thank you very much indeed. for some subject thank you you.
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still to come on the news hour. the search goes on in the philippines rescue workers desperate enough for survivors of a landslide that's already killed eighty one people. former prime minister najib razak is arrested again over a corruption scandal in malaysia. and in sports with beaten and the osaka is back in court for the first time since winning the u.s. open. as president donald trump says it would be unfortunate if the woman accusing his supreme court nominee of sexual assault did not appear before the senate judiciary committee christine daisy ford says she wants an f.b.i. investigation into britt kavanah before she testifies publicly delegations are threatening to derail his confirmation to the highest court in the united states a white house correspondent committee how could reports. but i'm optimistic donald
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trump surveying the damage in north carolina from hurricane florence but back in washington trump was dealing with a very different storm surrounding his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is such an outstanding man very hard for me to imagine that it isn't cavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault by this woman christine ford ford says she was fifteen when a drunk seventeen year old cavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom at a party groped or attempted to remove her clothing and held her hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming three years ago cavanagh hinted at the culture of his exclusive high school georgetown prep based on a very familiar phrase what happens at georgetown prep stays at georgetown. senators say for deserves to tell her story congress has given her the chance to
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speak privately with senators or publicly at a hearing on monday i just want to say to the men of this country to shut up and step up and do the right thing but ford has not yet committed to a hearing and is pressing for the f.b.i. to first investigate the thirty six year old claims republicans are accusing democrats of playing politics deliberately drawing the process out to delay a hearing and to rail kavanagh's nomination if she shows up as a credible showing that will be very interesting if rob is vacant this is just an investigation of ford's allegations could take months and would be devastating for republicans eager to push this nomination through before november elections when democrats could potentially take control of congress can really help at al-jazeera the white house british prime minister to resign may as called on european union leaders to follow her lead and quote evolve their bricks and stones so as to get
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a good deal from both parties she made the comments as she arrived at an e.u. summit dinner in the austrian city of sounds bug she also welcomed comments from the negotiator me show about knew that he would improve a proposal on the northern ireland border i believe this is the right proposal because it maintains friction is trade it's the only credible on the go she will plan on the table that delivers no hard border in northern ireland and also delivers on the votes of the british people there as the reports from outside the summit in south. the choreography of all of this seems to be designed by the european union to put them on the front for the british prime minister's reason a firmly on the back foot she was only given ten minutes over dinner on wednesday night to try to persuade the rest of the european union that her case the u.k. wants to stay in the european union for the movement of goods across the irish border to guarantee that the border stays open but some get away from all the other
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three freedoms of movements of people and services and capital so that they can guarantee the breck seat that they say the people voted for that's never going to fly and the european has already said they need to be reworked on the head of the european council said so even before the reason i turned up so what's the point of that presentation when it's already been declared to be a dead duck what should happen on thursday is the e.u. twenty seven then meet themselves discuss what they think about the plan and then donald tusk tell stories and i in another ten minute meeting what that is what the decision was but we already know that they've said the u.k. position needs more work and times going on there's going to be a fuller a you summit in october where their position towards all this will be laid out with a view then to having an emergency summit meeting with the u.k. in mid november that was also announced today to try to get to some sort of deal and so this game of brinkmanship carries on and on and on and not as i was prepared to give but if they can anything so the been the vendor then it looks like it would
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be the hard bracks or the neither side say they want and in that situation you then potentially over the winter into next year would get you gets big multinational companies saying we're going to move out of the u.k. european starting to leave the economy potentially start to take a fall inside the u.k. so the stakes are very high and time is very short fighting has broken out again in libya south of the capital tripoli. the. powerful armed groups are battling for control of areas around the capital the violence is threatening a ceasefire agreed two weeks ago when sixty people many of them civilians have been killed since fighting broke out between rival groups last month rescuers in the philippines fear many more people may have died as a result of super typhoon mine could the death toll stands at eighty one but fifty nine people are still missing in the mining town of it or gone where the storm triggered a landslide jamila and
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a gun is at the scene where many are blaming decades of unregulated mining for the disaster. the last time berry gina dong spoke to the father was two months ago now she wishes she had left it so long before getting in touch again. andrew took up or was buried in a landslide in the gordy province on saturday when i went up and glanced at the corpse i recognized him by his favorite sweatshirt that i had given him i'm just glad he was in one piece and wearing my gift and you was among more than thirty miners who took shelter in the bunk house with super take food monk could struck. a village was destroyed when the storm triggered the landslide recovery operations are underway but they are proving extremely difficult specially in the region or
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infrastructure has always been a beach or challenge decades of unrestrained mining has made many areas of his mountain range precarious and dangerous despite government warnings illegal mining is rampant here. the department of environment has ordered the temporary suspension of all such operations in the region and local officials are promising to be more strict with their money tory but the bigger question now is whether this disaster is actually going to change anything because tragic as it may seem disasters like this one has been commonplace in the country of grinding poverty this is why many people here are calling on the national government to act with political will and to find a long term solution on the problem of illegal small scale mining operations otherwise this is just going to be part of a long and endless cycle of poverty and devastation. for every disaster
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a story of courage bring your boat design was one of the first to join the risky teams he ended up being trapped in mud and floodwaters but he says he has no regrets about trying to help them but mostly when i was called in to help i didn't hesitate there was no doubt in my heart i knew i was going over there to rescue people and never would have been able to forgive myself if i just sat there and did nothing well people were fighting for their lives. many of the miners had child long distances to work here all for a chance at a better life risking so much for very little in return. for each body pulled out here i dream is shattered. jim duggan al-jazeera. province northern philippines. still to come on their own or their news
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hour malaysian authorities investigate a suspected alcohol poisoning has killed more than twenty people. warnings to ignore the needle scare that's causing strawberry mountains in australia. and a sport peter will tell us how africa's best freestyle football is showing off their skills in nigeria. a lot of welcome back to international weather forecasts what we are going to take you straight on top here towards the northwest because we're watching back to back storms coming in off the atlantic and they promise to bring barry gusty winds across the region first of all we have this one right here making its way towards arland that is going to be pushing through thursday and friday breeze and heavy rain showers there we're going to give wilbur
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a break on friday but issue can see or hear on the side. there's another one out there that is promising to be even stronger than this one and we're going to be seeing some very gusty winds so any power lines that are down well we're going to be seeing probably more power lines by the end of the weekend once this pushes through that frontal boundary we're going to be seeing a big drop in temperature across much of central europe and actually in the higher elevations we could even be seeing a dusting of snow.


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