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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 151  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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former president ellen johnson sirleaf had been banned from leaving the country but water comes as the government is investigating the disappearance of one hundred and four million dollars the newly printed bills disappeared last year shortly after passing through the country's main port. canada's government says it needs more flexibility from the united states if they are to reach a deal on renewing nafta was pushing back against pressure from the trumpet ministration to make concessions as part of a new trade agreement saying its own needs must be met washington insists an agreement must be finished by the end of september but those are the headlines on al-jazeera produce stay with us the stream is coming up next. the u.s. is difficult not to say whether someone is going for someone who's very rich it doesn't matter who you meet i think it's how you approach a vigil and that's it is a certain way of doing it. story and out.
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ok and you're in the stream today a lineup of international journalists are standing by to tell us health a chronicle one of the most controversial u.s. presidents in history i really could be alive and we want to know how have the politics and personality of donald trump been covered in your part of the world too much too little too critical or perhaps too favorably your thoughts on our you tube chat and as always on twitter stream. the race to elections which also mark the hoff way point for president trumps four years in office is heating up a new supreme court nominee is embroiled in scandal recovery from hurricane controversial foreign policy announcements and of course an investigation into the u.s. president continues in the background that's just this week that's right there's no
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shortage of daily news but since january twenty seventh team american economic social and foreign policies have all changed significantly and the international reaction to those changes has been diverse the world press has variously lim applauded and often scolded a president who was captured headlines like no other before so much to discuss with the journalist today joining us from new york we have danielle zaidi she's a correspondent for the eleven that's the israeli ball constant cooperation and she sees as a t.v. ad print journalists from other outlets also in new york in a lot of bra is a freelance journalist and consultant and she was the former bureau chief for a t.v. and that's the indian network new delhi television here with us on the. wall is a washington correspondent for the brazilian channel globo news and observer him for god is the washington d.c. bureau chief for al-jazeera international he also hosts a program minute washington bounce from watch. on al-jazeera arabic thank you all
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for being here in the stream i want to start with the headline the new day that's also been the news for a few weeks then a few months this is a.b.c. news headline trump not concerned about manna for cooperation and of course metaphor referring to his former campaign manager and this is in the rush hour probe so we actually got quite a few tweets from russians about how this presidency is covered there this is a racer who says in russia the mainstream media opposition describes trump as an aggressive but still be very patriotic president who not only does good for the u.s. but he keeps its reputation as a torch of freedom for those who live under dictatorship so that is one view but here's another from someone else who covers russia this is from the editor of the moscow times jonathan brown and here's what he told the string there's also an interesting phenomenon here in russia around the loop investigation.
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in russia. that story. is in the united states that just hasn't been the case and this is finally story about the status. of u.s. democracy in the meantime there's very little the russian journalists can be contributing to the story it was with some exceptions. mystic. interesting to hear that difference between how it's covered in the us and how it is covered in the russia work how of course russia has top headlines all over the world where is the interest for brazilian viewers and audiences are they as interested yes definitely they are interested in this topic because it has to do
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with a election mainly it because it has to do the future of the president of the united states so all the time we have some headlines like for example just recently when when a ford was found guilty in this same with a another story calling or. get it dead they the biggest what we try to try to show to my audience is like a broader live view of the whole situation right not just specific cases but how this can have an implication for it to presidency and this is what they tried to talk so that they were interesting talk about impeachment is that actually do have a ground for impeachment case and congress so these is what i actually i was in the white house the day after that and that was my question and the briefing all there then everybody was trying to talk more specific did he know about the tape or didn't he know when he gave the payment are you know so. we try to
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get more broadly a view of these situations for our audience but definitely is something that they are paying close attention in brazil as well don you know i see you know to go ahead. yes it's interesting to hear a cal talk about this because when i look at it from my perspective or my viewers back in israel i think they do care about it because anything that happens in washington is always something that israelis are interested in knowing about because it's israel's biggest ally because the president and such an influential person in israelis daily lives decisions that are made in washington regarding israel are very important for for the daily lives of people there so that's very important to them but i think they care far more about what the president does for israel whether it's a good or bad thing but they care more about that than what's going on in the u.s. until it becomes very real so let's say tomorrow there is
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a motion to impeach donald trump that's going to become very real for them until then all the little developments we cover them and we have them on our show every single night our new yorker our washington correspondent matt and goodman is doing a great job at that and bringing really everything that is going on whether it is the or more us a book or anything else but it's definitely something that although we are covering israelis may not be as focused on as they are on something that relates more to them like moving the embassy for example them or just piling up on danielle disappoint that i think there's a sense of trying to teach which is also certain you know a lot of you was i would cite all of us maybe when in the u.s. every tweet that made the headlines i think that was watching the one you know where there were three news headlines in india which were generated only by donor dramas tweets every single day but i think that has slowed down considerably there's also another point i just want to take off on that except you should also
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tell the journalist in russia saying this is become a local political story and when impeachment for instance happens that would become a global story and. i think that's interesting as well with the new ones or how journalists here as well as in india are being now treated so we're here our president trump has been labeling everyone fake news from the time he got onto in office but in india there's been almost tremblin there is the issue of media and its kremlin ideation not criminalization but a lot of control over what the state media gives out so i think the ability to do question every aspect in that sense is also become controlled after him i want to play a little clip of al-jazeera arabic and the story that they're fascinated by i'm not going to spoil the surprise and i'm just going to say roll the clip coin of the huffy michael cohen previously mentioned that he paid adult film star stormy
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daniels to remain silent about the details of her relationship with president trump years ago. he also was the link between another unnamed adult film star to whom he paid money for her relationship with brody who impregnated her the support but they found what they saw in the last episode of the trumpet ministration this is what happened is that the pre title to the next episode why is your audience so fascinated by it's totally fascinating as opposed to what we heard about places like india there is no. interest for tea in the middle east it just keeps coming everything that happens here in washington d.c. relating to trump people keep to be interested you know. for example she talks about the situation in israel in the environment the countries around israel there's this impression that all israelis love dawn of drum because of all the
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things that he's done for israel including you know moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem in the arab or the middle east a lot of people view trump with trepidation but he also in their eyes knows how to stay in the headlines and he's doing it every day and people are wondering what is the secret what is the recipe that he's following to be able to stay in the headlines other than that all roads these days from the middle east lead to the white house to trump and i just thought i'd want to. ok just very quickly because we have an election in brazil coming up in like a few weeks rate and new actually it is our job as a correspondent is low down a little bit because our focus is in brazil but he managed to be in the headlines every day just two days ago when the tariff was on china the biggest yet there are now some chinese products so he keeps he's still going to headlines every day in
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brazil even though we are going through a very polarized election. had there of you know like my understanding of the situation in brazil he studied has some similarities with the united states in terms of the candidates there's one particular candidate who who is a nationalist firebrand effect if you will and he's bent on introducing nationalist policies a lot of people are comparing him with trump and so that's a source of the interest maybe in brazil in the middle east there are other sources of interests that he's policies perhaps affect more directly in the middle east then they do places in latin america such as brazil yeah i just want to jump in about one of their him said about kind of the vision or the the perception that in israel people are very much behind trump because he's doing things that are perceived to be good for for israel or good for the jewish community so it's
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absolutely true there's definitely that perception and i can tell you that i'm coming back from a month and a half in israel over the summer and i've had the chance to actually talk to my viewers talk to the public and kind of hear what they're saying and there is that kind of idea of oh but he's good for us he's moving the embassy and he's you know defending and his daughter is jewish and so all these kind of things come into play and i think that more and more so what i've tried to bring them is ok let's say he's good for israel let's say the the u.s. embassy move is a good thing why did he do it let's go back and do it is it a love of the jewish people or love of israel or is it to please the evan jelly calls that are standing behind that and kind of try to connect them to ok let's see what the values behind it are and is it a leader that comes in with strong pretty strong beliefs regarding israel or is it someone who right now it's good for him to be pro israel and tomorrow it may not be
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good and then that it launches the whole discussion of what is a good friend. there's a lot of talk every time there's an election in the u.s. we want people say we want to go a president who's good for israel good i mean if i may interrupt you this is that graeme again question to the extent that there are or they may be people who do not like donald trump in israel what are the reasons why they say they don't they would say that they don't like him yes so interesting question basically even though the perception is that everyone loves trump in israel and might be a certain level of that i think there's also a lot of confusion that goes with that because they're one on one hand yes he's moving the embassy yes he's kind of you know at the u.n. through nikki haley and through things that have been said perceived as being stand standing up to people who are bashing israel at the same time people in israel are very confused with certain policies like separating kids from parents at the border
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which is completely against jewish values completely against what you know the nature of what israeli people have and what they feel in their country family is above everything in israel and i think throughout the middle east and it's something that's very very important so there's definitely that confusion of ok good for us but hold on a second is he doing inside the u.s. and should we take a closer look at that that's what i was going to last a little so much. because i want to bring our inner community and the rattle i hear you but i want to bring our community and i'll go to you with this because one of the things that we all raised here among our panelists is there's this idea is trump good for us meaning that country that you're covering or is he not do our candidates that are running for elections represent trump do they resemble trump i want to bring in the view from canada this is david who says compass become
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a lens through which we view our own politics i.e. is sport trump aren't. not this is of course from a brit in canada sort of and the strategic consideration for domestic concerns like to strum power trudeau answer probably for now is of oil or a point of favorable comparison but he goes on to say i think there's a risk especially with an election coming up in canada of us reaching the point of over saturation and for tea and even the normalization of absurdity since we only have so much energy so much time and so much to ram into i want to go to you with this because as you mentioned your election is coming up and there are those comparisons with a candidate that is like trump but is there a danger in that for your viewers the comparison analysis well i think the comparisons are fair they are pretty similar they in actually he's a seems like our president candidate or not or he's. bringing from the.
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book to our election a lot of the phrases a lot of the. inflammatory comments and rhetoric in they have a pretty similar agenda they are law and order candidates he's firing. right wing candidate and he's also trying to change the status quo and in brazil in right now in brazil i think why do you think back to the election is because brazilians are very resentful with our political and economical situation and they don't trust any more depleted coal and the politicians so and he is a little bit in this sense trying to fight all of these deed i'm going to fight corruption and i'm different and i'm not involved in any case and corruption craze in brazil so but i think the comparison is fair even like i have to say something on immigration just recently he said that immigrants of refugees that comes from haiti are actually bringing disease to brazil and just say that
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a few days ago. we wrestle hades all have ate is so it's. so because it's this immigration issue that actually touches many countries around the world the immigration issue and the approach the u.s. is having has ripples around the world particularly in india namrata you were reporting on indian a large number of them being the recipients of a highly skilled visa known as the h one b. visa so this is a little clip of you reported about this how to look now how does that affect indians particularly i think the grid we've spoken about this extensively that indians are the largest recipients of the huge one b. result in the five thousand get approval everything the yards are out of which seventy percent don't mention to indians in terms of the border and all that is changing we talked about how the minimum requirement of salaries is also going to
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be upped of from sixty thousand dollars to perhaps as much as a hundred twenty thousand dollars in the next draft of this final legislation for each one b. so the right of this idea of immigration of fewer people being allowed to come into the us is impacting so many people in different ways with the travel ban with the visas being a few of visas being available so you did that story and how did india react. i think this has been a burning issue for india but what's interesting is that the economic and the immigration aspect of this having an impact on actual jobs has become the real source of tension between the two countries now don't get me wrong there's all this brutal romance between trump and moody there's the indian prime minister but the underlying factors that now are the key prickling point i wonder how it impacts the indian eighteen destry in the jobs in the us which is
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a huge part of the indian g.d.p. second what happens in terms of the sanctions impact on india still indian prices are going up or oil sanctions against iran are a key problem for india because we import iran from iran we are the world's third largest importer of oil and third our defense deals in years actually trying to explore other marriages here we just recently into a two point two billion dollar deal with russia we are in the process of signing a five point eight billion dollars deal so a defense missile systems as well and putin and more they are going to be meeting early next month so what i think is the bottom line in all this is that trump has forced everyone every single marriage in the international diplomatic community to really look at each other because he's kind of the uncomfortable told person in the marriage so everyone's recalibrating how they deal with the rest of the world. i
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want to play this video camera because you are speaking of the view from india this is actually come it was often very distorted the associate editor of the hindu here in washington d.c. and he's also the author of an upcoming book and the book is called open embrace india u.s. ties in the modi trump era here's what he told the story. when one one of them refer to themselves in person in fact my first report on modi in the year two thousand and seven was about how he named himself in third person twenty seven dimes in a thirty minute campaign speech bullet at trying to redefine their respective countries based on to kristi's who r.v. and who is our enemy by mr modi succeeded the first two non hindu prime minister of india and president succeeded the first nonwhite president of the united states what writing of a will prettiest naturalism. so. there are some people saw that as
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a budding bromance we've seen that speculation with other leaders as well and often there's talk of how is trump going to get along with this leader insert leader's name here how how do you cover that how did you cover the prime minister modi is visit to the u.s. how do you cover his his visit with other leaders i mean we covered it in from so many different angles one particular angle is that you know now there are around the world there's a type of leader called. birds of a fervor so basically one could be seen in. india with modi could be seen with the scene in the philippines or could be see is seen with sisi in egypt many other parts of many other parts of the world but you know what i would like to say here applies to both the issue of modi but also to the previous topic that you talked about immigration i mean whatever trump does let's say with immigration for
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example whatever he does here in the united states it finds interest even in countries that are separated from the united states by oceans there's obviously a global issue of immigration people immigrating are trying to get to europe from as far afield as the congo kurdistan many of them drowning in the mediterranean in the in the process but when they hear president trumps pronouncements on immigrants from central america you know all of a sudden geography becomes very blurred it doesn't matter which part of the world he is talking about what matters is the issue and the same thing for these leaders when they see the way he welcomed and the affinity between him and modi they all aspire i'm sure they all aspire to be modi's being embraced by donald trump the quote from bob woodward's new book with c
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a c. egypt was actually so worried about everything that's going on here in terms of the investigation the modern investigation that he asked donald trump are you going to last because a lot of these leaders they base their policies on what donald trump does or says he is the president of the most important and powerful country in earth in everything in the us it is important i got it there now just going back a little bit so what i was talk about both so now to be for something and forgot to mention he is being advised by bolton you know so there is a picture of his son and daughter in law that is a fair comparison right ari i want to get everybody take on this i'm going to ask you to be very brief namrata you can start the most challenging part of covering president trump and the u.s. administration right now is it's almost like you going to finish my sentence for me now right or you start. a transactional aspect to that is you know he's as good as his last trade they said that on wall street it seems that our very
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annoying to the president of united states as well and i think it's brought in those huge degree of unpredictability you know both foreign policy my colleague earlier was talking to thank you thank you thank you i think it's transactional all right i would i need to get everyone in to be brief danielle the most challenging part of the most challenging part of my job is to show a fuller picture like record said to show the domestic things that are happening with trump because even though israelis or israeli viewers don't think that maybe that affects them in a way i think it does i think the decisions that are made here and i hate and definitely affect them and they should know about it to make their own opinion of can you deal with thirty seconds you can do i think this cycle of that he was is just incredible crazy is just he's generating meals every other minute this change is so my star is he changing all the time like and he's in the meat of this is important we'll see is challenging their morals are going after him so you with
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a tweet just like president donald trump does and he changes the news cycle to charm all the time all the time to break the law to danielle thank you so much so much you talk about you have a job for life or at least until twenty two and. zero in with this comment from you tube this is jane who writes in live australia he does not dominate the news there may be a reference to him if it is relevant to traitor policy if you've spoken about it is almost unanimously was scorned disbelief and laughter. so much more to talk about you could always find myself on lied on twitter at a.j. stream guess thank you very much get back to work it's always busy so you and i.
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a year ago president trump threatened to destroy north korea what will happen this year when he and other world leaders visit new york. this time there's a new dimension trump is expected to chair the u.n. supposed to go to the security council. and he has iran in his sights. extensive u.s. coverage. what makes this moment if you will live in the city. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid lively clinton that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism and here in the early years the lights are long and there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution no upfront return on al-jazeera.
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a symbolic trip to north korea's highest mountain on the final day of talks between kim jong un and enjoying it. and i welcome to al-jazeera life or my headquarters in doha with me as a problem also ahead. they are. leaving us. mourning the dead relatives of those killed in the landslide in the philippines remember their loved ones freedom for former pakistani prime minister mal washer the court suspends his sentence and releases them from prison.


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