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tv   The 15 Minute Massacre  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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help of the top stories here at al-jazeera migration and practices are high on the agenda of the european union leaders meeting in australia britain's prime minister is their insults they're trying to convince e.u. leaders to be flexible about it and the e.u. leaders will be meeting without mrs may to discuss the blocks next steps and also be negotiating measures to prevent migrants and refugees from entering the e.u. . and yet still on the phone albert to egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european union egypt has proven that it can be efficient since two thousand and sixteen it is managed that leave egypt for europe and when ever they have lived it took them
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back you see has the latest from. for some time now the european union's had a problem it hasn't been able to persuade its own member states to take in a share of asylum seekers each because many simply don't want to and there hasn't been able to find a country outside the borders of the european union like libya for example to stop people coming in but now at these summits the austrians who are the pro current presidents of the european union reckon they found a solution the austrian chancellor and donald tusk the head of the european council went to cairo last weekend to meet president sisi of egypt donald tusk is announcing a summit in egypt's fabry next year and both men and their people are briefing they now believe that egypt is the european union's new strategic partner they say because it has proved its capability of keeping refugees out of the european union and they see no moral hazard whatsoever in doing this sort of deal with
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a country with such a poor human rights record after an historic three days with north korea's kim jong un the president of south korea is our back home i mean jane says kim want a second summit with u.s. president donald trump as soon as possible earlier the two leaders visited the top of the region from a sacred mountain in north korea. knows how to do. actually get you know since the into korean relationship is in line with the development of the relationship between the u.s. and north korea pyongyang asked us to be the mediator they propose to work closely with south korea as well i think the u.s. should understand the position of north korea and resume the talks as soon as possible i believe the accomplishments made at the summit this time will lead to the progress option of the talks. the ugandan opposition leader bobby wine has landed back home and there are reports that he has been taken by the police the pop star turned opposition politician was receiving medical treatment in the us is only
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said he needed to travel abroad after he'd been tortured in police custody the government had banned rallies to welcome him home welcome web reports from bobby winds hometown of mcgary near kampala people who were traveling with bobby wine so that is there's a display. on the tarmac and it's at a it's national airport he didn't bother to he was arrested bundled into a police lot of police denied he was arrested they say they're escorting him. his convoy was the passing through the suburbs of combo a short while ago but it hasn't yet received this is it mcgarry is a short distance outside the capital campagna supporters here waiting to see so we brought in there and they've been chanting people power people power they want to see their leader as soon as possible. malaysia's will not prime minister has appeared in court again to face twenty five additional corruption charges including
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abuse of power money laundering that he brags about sick use of illegally transferring five hundred fifty five million dollars from a safe investment fund into his own bank account he denied corruption when he was charged with seven similar offenses last month. jubilant crowds have greeted pakistan's former prime minister is now why sharif was freed from his ten year prison sentence is i'm about high court had ordered his release on bail along with his daughter and son in law until their appeals i heard judges found deficiencies in the prosecution's corruption case involving the buying of luxury homes in london right those are the headlines witnesses next.
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in war. decides the rules of engagement. when it's killing permitted competence noncombatants severely disabled civilians a danish officer returns to divorce in croatia to confront a decision he made during a long fifteen minute massacre. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. but has been for a few joe most all his life it's not going on life is short and the story needs to be told we do stories that have been passed all suspect i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys apple behind that al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the documentaries and live news on air and online.
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if. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. then vessel with us was the. eighth in us on the way and. that's the tussle oil in the fall ill will with
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a lie on the out. and you know i mean you i didn't didn't ask me if you muddy amanda what does it entail and who can i said deal with this would somebody be stood and fought against absolute of i'm just going on that is you know . if you see or hear d.s. just. being i don't like to feel good beans for. a man who. seems to their the way to fight the. fish so i'm there. in light of.
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the cous. cous shipping. box my top main event bed head is on this wall of the southern n.k.p. then we ask you are they all the yemenis to fuck with a. the lord was before. his crew which would. hold a difficult moment. like that he holding he also want to put his pull. to resolder. so it goes on.
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this was these who knows when us. this. thing us and those with law. asada to take a sip of any cake risking it take. it may not at school use in hand to cut it. into tuesday formed
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much the same thing for one thing going to come in at that one or six when you lie on the wall he lie on their feet came up shining a noose a go if. you recall my helmet you're quite fit they're well daughters of god of religious thinking i myself and the people on here know from me and they hear. a guy who's gay monk who says he's in the city and they dk me to him a year that's why i lived in nevada your ghost mourner didn't remodel empty. the hole in my old colleague from. comparable voter. here to iowa. enough to hear a lot they take in. the heat off if. so there were some in. the bushes
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contain us here. is not us who you all were most of all a dame baby. sitter when he. was a good day i. was six he did all. he did. talk with her she got me to. take the can just the. boxing escape city we would like him for bush to give them. to me. to mess with us though here among oyster fifty. in the truest. in the us among ting a e. e meeting and if the from. there to yeah yeah fasts shem askin for she sed. fame six of.
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us it and. it. good in there yeah of course to any. life it's yeah no city state employee wait on it st hi i say this and say don't minimize. or sixteen all these tasks it's too much to do. if you could put it in school people clearly committed some of the factors came up i'd go to school what in order to cure the ability of nepal's are not pleased to see. me. overseas offices so free. to feel safe.
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oh i hate the. whole of my display obviously the. the who teach the other that. just us to be modified in a deal more d.e.f. nothing at all with each shot just go all in one day to boston. again just a kid the mr thing is an off on it self esteem. seems to. be choosing to. go to. school doesn't injured or all of. the top
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issues but. if you've got your shit you forget it. on. a come go and who has to own the middes for wind in the new going off and. the recent fight. this if it be not. to me is then it. oscillates yes always on the did he did a nephew of you ended up if this is. infinitely. i know now i think. your honor i'm sure there are. just isn't awful at the start in the us. some of a mensa. you know they'd say document some sets and phone folks are talking
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online sort of compound you know in all of them none of. them. they are only. going to. be who see it that he know i mean if they know if i'm on a five needle and made a three hundred thirty seven teeth now i'm away to sell so you should be bought at tunnels he demeans getting skinned as taking time. to say oh my god. just passed but i own colleague paul said oh you saw him too many standing just all the enlisted who is have on. him. also via.
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the comments of the middle watch when i. went for data. it was awful but i made it up one day and all be yours as i will be doing so because he told. me as i had you go to school you still feel. it obvious acts and i think that's where you put him so all. of a school of life didn't have. any for me and plenty of you so math please follow a common phrase stating that the chunk and divide it it gets too hot it was cold therefore you could talk to mom. they don't think wait on them to sell and to nancy a lot of it's you know as you go out in the going to some to name some ongoing affair here. to place where they had. any school with the noises than is the moon or the house or c.
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that are coming put in school living. a secret a comedy all. they be free to she did it. to see at a common only for those who don't be shy to reach for it pushed. in you say well laying. as it was going to eight keep the ball if it was cornell call it a chemical or a dog will not publish me. whenever they're in the sauna ed demo for them covalent is going to give me a discount on the. idea of. the stand program at the roof of my eyes and teeth i don't want to study political and message. of safety if it was to go off on. some top forty i mean made it a pain i was happy to for two of us were better than all that is you know oh yeah
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you know i did want to ask a elio maybe. to pay some. numbers to. pay that much of a hit on age so they. also. give us those cute. chicks oh right the federal. civilian hands on again. are so pretty close to one so bill. automakers are at. least as good a cop to skift. you'd say you know who's going to be a sock to school the disability school b.c. . they'd be free to she didn't it. was a bit overboard a common old for my colleague and. even for be so much. i
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didn't meet the cop just the comical meeting that i'm going. to be in here who's got a. few months of me to play as well so it was paused needs his best friend to any and all in so the i'll have to test his. it's mystic owned on ma to go to all thing on at the at but he has been. many. scooted to school in england some men and the mess of the whole idea is to see me looking. forward here i think if they. know how this can see. yes you have. your most infamous well. if you know mine. as he. is for his day so the. technical writers yes.
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he died this year thanks for the data. on those of you did in that wally say in the mean of it mean and yet. he said to kane at knew of civility kevin i knew a family that cloudy so i tail end of course even. if you hold off even if it is for iona. they did for him to come out first to deaden first episode is good. at his own deal and stuck his hand in the can he. come. as a mean they moving quickly don't know if there's a company in there or is all of a coma. there will. likely be alleyne to back over stock people who came. out for a century or so. which
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keep what you case papers they'll be a power as a powerful alter the. way excel ski charitable. speciated a full meant for charity made provided on a major news recovery or for not yours to ignore so if you go photos go for the dealer would feel pressure was building. the load was great for in there when the caribbean. really lynn. foresaw last seen in the rules of engagement. but it's as. least india is talks. all with. it then is talks so likely for the men to your sort they're on
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for it'll in example be fifty has so you see so what he'll do we need to keep these two calmest is some. man. in command of the greatest crew in a division two. years. yes or. no means were. right in. my idea he wanted me. to stay but if a. joke. he says so uses it to invest sin i attack havea. in. the goalkeeper born i mean holding out a great many. men are. mandated
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to profit for for their pay if the men. somewhat limited income pay of to the school equipment. me through of the going to school. but they were an orc. polling company us autumn. a sort of i fed the monk things could see. it company that i had the good the store to leave open but in most. of his tether as sal barlow quite done so did you call on us all why didn't you see my used. for the people who had locked us with him. for the do a concession moment is and of us attacking them could be we've been waiting. for him paul yet he did if he did. ask for my has i'm on
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a survey to create for him to name him in d. query make efforts though the head did for the first thought the any tape the skip was correlation i'm toast. for companies of him if ye then if i kill you take a sip beheadings of tea with philadelphia could be on an almost hit in the foot n.v. could. have as you can wish he had that eighty two means he lets. the dead villian to take a. week out for though the hen ed s. of a fool would imply david anybody else would be swayed as i have seen him as a. if asked to be there the i just know at the end that they in for the lead are
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the if you had a bomb. it would heal madiba. you hear what you want the lot that the station is in all of the cake risking it. to hear. it first you see it. in it is the dame among the the in being a novus in and watch dog. leave food an egg in top. of. the true. tests venison and in and. of all sin own many maiden care was good job was going from six a to all men some
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to soon then have as you be sooner. thought needs to divide in the said vicinity and wisdom on kind of choosing to me to. do to do any cobbett always in the story all on the receipt school it of a quality id imposed. yes yes i can can. the first offer they were were here .
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hello nothing of the top stories here at al-jazeera european leaders are calling for more talks with egypt and other north african countries to halt migration to the continent is south of the agenda at a meeting insults bag that measures to prevent migrants and refugees from entering the block the host says it wants to protect europe schengen free movements and a full sing out good common view yet still on the phone our bit with egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european union egypt has proven that it can be efficient since two thousand and sixteen it is managed boats that leave egypt for europe and when ever they have lived he took them back. after an historic three days with north korea's kim jong il now
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president of south korea is back home and says came once the second summit with u.s. president trump as soon as possible earlier the two leaders visited the top of the region's most sacred mountain in north korea knows how sugar usually get their noses since the into korean relationship is in line with the development of the relationship between the u.s. and north korea pyongyang asked us to be the mediator they propose to work closely with south korea as well i think the u.s. should understand the position of north korea and resume the talks as soon as possible i believe the accomplishments made at the summit this time will lead to the progress of the talks. now the ugandan opposition leader bobby wine has arrived home in mcgarry that's a suburb on the outskirts of the ugandan capital kampala the pop star turned opposition politician had been in the united states for medical treatment his
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lawyer had said that he needed to go abroad after being tortured in police custody but the wine had been charged with treason they've been his alleged role in the stoning of the president's motorcade the government has banned rallies welcomed welcoming him home well asia's former prime minister has appeared in court to face twenty five additional corruption charges including abuse of power and money laundering. is accused of illegally transferring more than five hundred fifty million dollars from a state's investment fund into his own private account that denied corruption when he was charged with similar offenses last month right those are the latest headlines let's go back now to witness.
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to get an update on your porch for a new do it up a bit of the new trailer given you some notion of the place time to you don't have to. fit in it. is god it's in you know. what's below but i'll choose what i know in. the. house should be deported in the dream equations or whatever. there's
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a lot. of the story you. tell something to believe may not of the most stuff that you that it will because such a nice family only saw study this he was disgusted with but could be find some of those people who looked after them that might be alive today and look it's a. nice fair deal in reaching for the. god. thingy past thoughts. on which physical. transporter i swear their face saver a lot more usually. bradley says. not of.
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all beaches sibila. slick stana. what disability was that i was. a man a. member when you came for the school. the orderly so she really. knew where she only to always. move us. now. yes of course they saw somebody but we couldn't see that they were all that what i hear now that they actually ask for help i had never heard about this.
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want to russia. was putting the frost on them which of the. books police need nice stuff. often. when i hear like this. just for that because i haven't got any information at all. across the. stash. some only zone. yes one obviously don't prefer to e.q. the prima t.v. and the. more they are below russia they read the just amusing us. he said. was up the sun was out for me i did not see
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a. real as it is trivial if. we were true from the high command to you when we had to stay in or. be quiet and we were often allowed all to interfere in their boring. fight only devonish. dollar salary bottle transported for bardsley one of the most though believe be done a cheese t.v. me. you are going to shoot ramming man in a machine. need our pride of the me for some other team. i am also a human even it can be hard to understand but i stick to my own. well i know. or cheese.
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on this so many. things you might. sneak in maybe it's. i have to take this me. than have all. this mystery. and. so. the situation from from when you came up where did you have your troops and how many you don't need to tell you that they let the pitamakan embers adults president
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bush. he had a better service for us and we didn't so it was a patella but i looked at the post and it is i know it's national you know beats the you know series or that was that says that it has better be a beer. edith's and this myth than a reader is that you know that the area of ground in a territory is a political sort of do you know where the school is in goal. is that i'm just going to have you been there yourself. to do that. you know i protested national interests are the same thing as food. it such as it is. that is the colonna krycek doing some ability to acquit us interests good to be a yellin resilin me out the mobility. necco dugout there will be
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yet. to tell a human i could go out with them would be like to be a predator but i'd be less jacqueline it could be a good. wus bill it's a sort of skin it's an honest statement that it is but it took out there will be a yes leisure oh yeah that very. me if that be a present your new us could go near being that it's ok it's really an emo quite a popular as it was. level because it's certain with me. it's a thing this one from isn't true that she beats you on. the ground when i want to sleep on its own charge made a hell of a rush to increase its adult bills in uniform so here is you know as it
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unfortunately we don't have uniform way with us as you probably know we want to find out why did the this killing happen at the school and who did it. justice of the border or massacre of course. and that's that's why we're here at the moment is that i was because of some you know. when you think you should believe it would look to want. to be me and i'm willing to give you a little known me even when winning from his office and they were not here i've got maybe only one tree his men were in here involved on it of course he says another one. so you mean he said he thought there was some sobs here and killed them sure to be cannot find anybody else. so i thought maybe i am not right. there is so the people who they cannot help
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here. and some some time in your mind you can you talk you think you do are doing something good for them you are ending their suffering and you end it. you didn't do the good thing but you know you are you are living in those that you are and let them sap the suffering you kind of help them you don't want to left them to the cruel enemy who is coming. for me that's that's one of the explanation there was heavy fighting around here as that time as well the ace and who couldn't be on edge we don't have any any soldier or group or unit who was under the command of christian army in court. that's it that's it. the title encased me
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for something quite. unknown like i have any. room. for. x. and has for data a question that with. the litmus. vs . it became any. of our something. at that title and in daytime and on.
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it does peter. in a bigger bit of his bed is just really of course of course because i was told from my hotel in command not to take in the boreas part i mean we just have to. take mr truly could be bidding i was best at the fourth of august there was no mandate any longer there was no mandate for being in this area and have a buffer zone between the cross and the serps does mr duff only syria munda peace. keeping. most of the blood to. open as a serious. yes
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create their words. it is their star who you got three motors dolly you over until you versa conduct the peacekeeping the way it is good that i can just in war here our suddenly in a situation as a commander and it was very bad that we couldn't help or we not allowed to help that that's actually the only answer and i'm and i'm sorry that we couldn't help because i understand the question and it's sitting there it's it's obvious it's rare the results are that these are several certain judge observe . the part that you believe to be your this key but you need to be for you to do does cuba i can only. a huge sam i'm
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sorry. that we. didn't do anything more but we kept to the all of you were given you were not allowed to go out of them so i understand . about. yeah back misty that does defeats you does it give you any more of that as mr cardoza cry cry. i have no answer for i see myself i see my as a professional officer but i hear what you are saying. i have felt very sorry since ninety ninety five and up and up to today it was not my family here but i have eyes and i have a mind and i'm an officer so again i understand you that you are angry.
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the day next year is the move to a very very end who see that the world is those who see it through the. do ship is to believe missing the boat it by his knowledge of those who it clearly the nobody at this study but there's korean ali members there was a ford still with vista a bit about that they tell it oh my dad is the hit movie is that this. says you carry i'm not the target of non-executives what is really true is the zone is going to nip it they come as early as only a show of it is only to have it just as when it babe.
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form and move i ask her if i can have the whole b. before you get to me. for yet p.s.a. . and only a speedo. put an end i. am in a. divine
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they're having. queer your viewpoint. and they could be you know into the heart of your soul and go . ah crazy. and then they had a clean fence to play. picture. so it was your best friend. you know so i just told us that b. was from the us with those folks who brings a. lot of previous veteran out of giroud.
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that she's those of from what she's a swear to abuse. what was actually happening said he he went to that hospice on the way in katrina was a union worker who got us rid of me on zonal not sure you'd sit oval own ass and he saw the a brother who was killed him and that was why ashley he will burn all their illicit folk also because focusing on the flip view foodstuff and then he went by a bust it down should was did you know anything about that there was anybody following the family and said now we are. they old sick and leave us some of visuals describing the corny wrinkles think human evoke on scott's how did you fell for it just think of all him then those were the kids through no christopher was really for through denise is all of their cool. nearly for a monster frozen isn't it would be
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a would show you. this is that osho i can inform you that the doc will was killed by a shot in the middle of the breast. even if you don't doesn't the something that's near an older person a cold beer suffers from a pool similar. yani will soon. spread it allays yeah from the back from the phone now from the front stand for the u.s. . senate version with the other video. being the livio talking to us from the he was the talk that he was killed i think he was killed instantly by a one shot on a short range. but i would think that he died immediately.
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you know. my all star living in toronto i see downey involved. and they need please keep your national palace name with what is this. and name. this i mean. i have don't remember the second time. the one who obviously has done. that. before california or go for.
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this site. or storm and that's one. of the first macy's. i saw. them and they'd at yes in the neighborhood and a good young fit some it well yes meant it as indeed been there for them to is in this for the. come critique that they come the awards for the. book as some intensive it was when they had on this look this is the duty to get what fed it did think at that cost the an icy cold in my faith. i think i live in a hornet's. they the is the late in what i do you but indeed. of the booze
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they don't spread beautiful so maybe fucking pics is it for the. they did not if each student switches to give in to poor me he helped me a crew and gave venison a system in the gym so nice to have comedy so is committed to clog plot so they don't ask if you have a good photo op before he could be there became a movie of if he can of a vehicle. and you know got to live out here. through. in the right fair enough for you but it overseas. at best it could be. right over there pass out maybe. best boy. although there seems to.
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be no mean i knew the mrs and toya go man. for your food. and it is for data some is fair enough i speak for him this way. and i mean you know whisky nice guy who would have fun. and as often as they muslims. they have. sit the time muslim some christian and. the.
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when the power goes out. there's only one man to turn to. local heroes to many he steals electricity. but keeping the lights on is
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dangerous lifts as your forces cracked can spot speak into fly. powerless a witness documentary. on al-jazeera. from cool brisk noise and fuel it's. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello there we've had lots of wet weather across parts of south america recently you see the cloud on the satellite picture it's across parts of panama and into the southern parts of brazil and this whole region has been very wet over the last twenty four hours or so and there's plenty more rain still to come so some of the
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downpours again on thursday are likely to be very heavy and with plenty of thunder and lightning to towards the south it's a lot drier force important always on maximum up to around twenty four degrees of the temperatures increasing here and there also increasing force in santiago as well say to them getting to around twenty four as well for the central america as there's plenty of sunshine here but across the caribbean islands you can see the showers that have been developing some of them very very lively and further west we've also got some clusters of thunderstorms here some of them have been giving us some flooding and it has been pretty wet in many places the showers are likely to continue to continue as we head through the next few days and further north we're also seeing some heavy rain as well thanks to the storm that's coming onshore in the western parts of mexico you see all the cloud feeding further north from that system seeing some of us some heavy rain particularly around the great lakes region so very very wet hit during the day on thursday and it's sweeps eastwards is bringing us some slightly fresh air so the temperatures will be dropping in chicago
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for friday. the weather sponsored by cats on everybody's. mind engineer a place where this is truly calling home. spring you know. you know you all ends up with money managerial is resilient and is just for us surprises the planet a serious thing is yes to every normal. mind nigeria. on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. right he's been. told his lawyer it's not on the show and the story needs to be told we do stories and also say i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online.
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this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha it's coming up in the next sixty minutes. with egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european union could egypt provide the key to europe's migrant crisis e.u. leaders consider new partnerships as they meet in austria. on top of the world leaders of both koreas make history at their three day summit but can they make peace.


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