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getting to the truth. that's what this job. is we need strong. storms in countries like egypt. could egypt provide the key to europe's migrant crisis leaders consider new partnerships as they meet in austria. you're watching all just zero life from a headquarters and. also ahead on top of the world leaders of both koreas make history at their three day summit but can they make peace. celebrations in uganda as pop star turned politician bobby wine returns home from the united states and the u.s.
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state department says the blockade on cats are by neighboring countries has hindered the fight against terrorism. but first to tanzania where hundreds of people are feared drowned after their ferry sank in lake victoria near the caraway islands at least five passengers are confirmed dead and thirty two have been rescued the ferry operator says the boat capsized just a few meters from the dock we'll bring you more details as we get them time is running out that's the warning from e.u. leaders to the british prime minister to resign may over bricks it's with just six months to go european council president donald tusk says mae's proposal undermines the single market and is unworkable. the moment of truth for. the october european council. in october we expect maximum progress and results in
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the budget talks. then we will decide whether conditions are to call an extra summit in november to finalize and formalize the deal may insist heard the old the so-called checkers plan is the only one on the table and if the e.u. doesn't take it she's prepared to walk away. yes concerns have been raised i want to know what those concerns are there's a lot of hard work to be done but i believe that there is a willingness to do a deal but let nobody be in any doubt that as i've always said you know we are preparing for no deal there is no counter proposal on the table at the moment that actually deals delivers on what we need to do and respects the integrity of the united kingdom and respects the result of the referendum or you leaders have also been talking about how to stop unwanted migrants arriving on the continent a subject that's been dividing the block austria's chancellor is suggesting the
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e.u. steps up cooperation with egypt as lawrence lee reports from salzburg. this is the man to whom the european union is now looking to solve its migration issue president sisi of egypt it was the surprise development at the salzburg summit the idea was driven by the rightwing austrian chancellor sebastian could who visited c.c. last weekend he's come back full of praise at how good egypt is at stopping refugees from leaving good common view yet still on the phone there are bits with egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european union egypt has proven that it can be efficient since two thousand and sixteen it is managed boats that leave egypt for europe and when ever they have lived it took them back. the thousands of men women and children who have drowned in the mediterranean bear witness to the total lack of a strategy from the e.u.
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either to help rescue them or to find a reliable partner in libya to help instead. europe now has many leaders whose biggest priority is to keep asylum seekers out egypt c.c. looks to be in line. the european union has found it absolutely impossible to persuade individual member states to share out asylum seekers between them but if you asked those same countries would you pay somebody else to do it then they all reach for their wallets in terms the new european migration plan is to outsource the whole thing to egypt and they see no moral hazard in getting a country with such a poor human rights records to do it's also the e.u. if it means that egypt will run migrant detention centers whether asylum claims for europe will in the future be done in cairo and they say it's still early days but more summits focusing on egypt are being planned for december and february indeed it is the case that there is good migration management in egypt and it seems to be
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the case well and good but it does not mean that it's automatic it is a solution for libya where there's a very very completely different set of circumstances different issues of governance in fact almost no government in many cases if there was unity about the need to keep asylum seekers out there was just as much on trying to stop the u.k. from leaving the e.u. or at least a continued flat rejection of the british prime minister's proposed plan she now has under a month to come up with something new lawrence lee al jazeera salzberg meanwhile a syrian migrant has been sentenced to five years in jail for his involvement in protests at the hungary serbia border area an appeals court reduced ahmed hammered sentence from seven years after he was convicted of entering the country illegally and throwing rocks at police and twenty fifteen the court found he was one of the people involved in the protests at the border during the height of europe's migrant crisis and twenty fifteen amnesty international says the case demonstrates hungary's demonization of refugees and migrants. in
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a symbolic end to their three day summit the leaders of north and south korea have visited the top of the peninsula's most sacred mountain mount how to. take a tour around the iconic volcanic crater called heavenly it arounds out a trip that saw the two leaders agree to making the pen insula nuclear free as rock my bride reports from seoul. this summit ended as it began rich in symbolism president moon j end of south korea and his north korean host kim jong un top of mt peck to the highest peak of the korean peninsula spiritually significant to all koreans into korean relations have seen many false starts with attempts at reconciliation often returning to threats of war but there's a strong sense moon and kim want to forge a bond so strong that they can never slip back to the acrimony of the time. into
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which we adopted a military pact to end a history of brutal and tragic confrontation and hostility. some weapons facilities will be closed but there's little detail on how to fulfill them or they promise to make the peninsula you clear three it's enough though to breathe new life back into the stalled negotiations between north korea and the united states and could lead to a second summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump but many believe to make real progress it's now time for the photo ops to give way to detailed discussion i mean it's going to be really really difficult and the president and kim jong un don't know these things any kind of detail which is why we keep getting these some of declarations that are very short because the detail has to be worked out by the by the experts. more skeptical observers suspect north korea now with south korean support may have other reasons for pushing for a summit and this is
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a significant diplomatic success for moscow area because in a few months the disband told make preparations was a summit and during the summit itself they are not going to see any confrontation and this is exceptionally. technics their major goal is to await. alt as soon as moon returned to seoul he broadcast live to south korea. he revealed that kim has offered a number of unspecified steps towards denuclearization but would be expecting concessions from the u.s. in return. the detail measures or the appropriate measures are things that must be agreed upon between north korea and the u.s. . it underlines moon's vital role now as go between the north koreas negotiations with the u.s. as he prepares for a meeting next week with trump whatever the outcome this summit with kim has
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revealed to leaders building a home grown man and then term for a change that may be difficult to stop cried al-jazeera so. malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has reacted to twenty five additional corruption charges by saying i am not a thief he denies illegally transferring around half a billion dollars from a state investment fund into his own personal bank accounts florence lawyer reports from kuala lumpur. arrived in court to face twenty five new charges including money laundering and abuse of power he's pleading not guilty to receiving hundreds of millions of dollars prosecutors say the money in his bank account came from the state investment fund one be set up by now gyp eight years ago. the issue of the two point six billion ringgit has been used to store lender a new song. today's charges will give me an opportunity to clear my name and prove
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that i am not a thief. the new charges are in addition to seven others for allegedly receiving ten million dollars from another state owned entity police in at least six countries are investigating transactions involving one m. d. b. the us department of justice alleges not just and his associates stole at least four and a half billion dollars from the fund and go but the corruption scandal helped defeat not tip coalition government in the general election in may and during the sixty year rule of the bars a national party a new government led by former veteran prime minister mahathir mohamad wasted no time in reopening the investigation into one m. d. b. which is not to pay stopped police in malaysia issued an arrest warrant last month for a man named lowe take joe investigators say the fugitive is an important suspect in the one and corruption scandal. the malaysian government recently seized
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a multi-million dollar yacht that they say was bought with money stolen from one m d be an anti corruption detectives have questioned not tips wife months old and his stepson. the court has set bail at eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars has told the end of the month to make full payment florence louis. pulls at least ten people have been killed in the philippines after a landslide burry dozens of homes in two villages near a said city at least fifty others are feared trapped under the rubble the landslide was triggered by having monsoon rains and it comes just days after a northern philippines was battered by the most powerful typhoon in the sere the storm left more than eighty people dead while dozens remain missing. the ugandan the pop star turned politician opposition politician that is bobby wine has vowed to continue his anti-government movement off to returning home from the u.s. hundreds of his supporters turned out to welcome him defying
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a government ban ryan has been receiving medical treatment in the u.s. after what he said was torture and police custody he's been of the one of the most vocal critics of president yarima seventy. is reading the fine on it before i did not know that the officer you know because for me and mean what he says is left to me from the plan a sext me to go in my passport and do they do commands i don't know where they are but i'm finally home and i'm glad to be welcome we have reports from bobby winds home district new york i'm paula. as soon as the plane that we won was in touch down on the tarmac at entebbe international airport and he left the aircraft people traveling with him say he was bundled into a police car arrested and taken away he was arrested they just say he was escorting him home and then they eventually brought him here to his house near a still hundreds of supporters gathered outside they were waiting here for him to
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arrive we spoke to him a short while ago he said great tired and that he's still in pain from the injuries that he things when he sustained when he says he was tortured just a couple of weeks ago though the government denies that his soldiers tortured him while he was in the tension crucially the security agencies today were trying to involve trying to avoid the embarrassment of having a procession all the way from the international airport down the forty kilometer road that leads to the capital to built up area it's been. many supporters there they wanted to avoid a parade with thousands of people out on the streets cheering him on they managed to do that by picking him up and bring him here. on al-jazeera how u.s. sanctions have reduced the number of iranians visiting iraq on one of the holiest days for. these seals with nowhere to swim an al jazeera exclusive investigation unveils the head inside of animal parks in china.
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hello there recently we've been seeing some showers over the northern parts of turkey but there's a sinking southwards now and you can see quite a few of them over the northern parts of iran instead i think they could be a couple more here as we head through the day on friday but the rest of that cloud has largely broken up as we head through the day marty's top temperature will be around twenty degrees of course in tehran will be in the high twenty but the south it should be still a very hot one force in baghdad at forty three for q eight city will be getting nine hundred forty five here in doha still hot and very few made in that humidity is making sure the temperatures don't look too high on that the moment is so i thirty eight degrees will be our maximum but it will still feel very very hot and very very sticky they could be a little bit of cloud just flirting with the coast of oman at times so so lalah will get to around twenty eight or twenty nine degrees and maybe with
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a bit of drizzle at times and down towards a southern parts of africa we've had lots of cloud here recently and you see that area of cloud just pushing its way northward so now responsive been forcing cape town then we should see a little bit more in the way of brightness as we head through friday and if you do manage to see the sun sixteen degrees will feel fairly pleasant that sixty one in fahrenheit is still a lot warmer meant for the forwards in durban though will be all the way up at twenty two and ten in a review in the sunshine will be at twenty six. hello
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again the top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of people are feared drowned in tanzania after their ferry sank in lake victoria at least five passengers are now confirmed dead and thirty two have been rescued so far european leaders are valued to step up talks with egypt and other north african countries on how to halt migration to the continent the right wing austrian chancellor sebastian kurtz has praised the egyptian leader for stopping people from making the journey. the president of south korea is back home after three days with north korea's leader.
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kim jong. un met with donald trump as soon as possible. the u.s. government is partly crediting a twenty three percent fall in terrorist attacks last year to the defeat of eisel in iraq the u.s. state department's latest annual survey details around eight and a half thousand attacks half of them in five countries they include afghanistan where taliban attacks are worsening the war the other four countries are iraq the philippines india and pakistan the americans again accuse iran of being the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism the state department says the fifteen month long saudi led blockade on cats are is hampering regional counterterrorism cooperation is the way he is the director of the gulf studies center at tatts our university he says the report reaffirms america's view of iran's role in the region. run has been mentioned in the report around five four four times and the context was
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a repetition of what of what's been mentioned two thousand and sixteen reports are basically linking iran with the sponsoring terrorism in the context where the linkage between iran has been around him and what's happening in syria some of the militias are brought by iran. and i think that is that is reconfirming the perception of iran in the united states we cannot you know ignore the fact that the united states since the withdraw of the nuclear deal there is a sort of very clear policy of. bringing iran back to the square where it is you know a rogue state where the state isn't actually supporting terrorism and sort of demonization of iran and this is absolutely confirming what the united states tried to do in the since june two thousand and seventeen the united states actually signed very clear you know human to qatar on counterterrorism the report is actually confirming that
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steps and and the measurements taken by the government. it shows that how much you know that iran is cooperating with the united states and delivering on their notes on the promises there is very clear message not only to the country to the world that is actually a serious fighter against terrorism in the region i think that is something for a country need to take it seriously. shall muslims worldwide are commemorating that's the annual mourning of the prophet muhammad's ground son same was killed in the battle of karbala in what is now iraq thirteen hundred years ago sainz death was a major factor in the split into two main sects of islam sunni and shia the anniversary is commemorated worldwide on the tenth day of the first month in the islamic calendar and some shit themselves to express their grief for the pain hossein
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suffered while u.s. sanctions have made it harder for a rainy and muslims to travel to iraq to mark. matheson reports from baghdad. intense and vibrant a shooting in the iraqi city of kabul. the crowds which used to park the shrine of a man who seem smaller because thousands of iranians can't afford to be here. we came to iraq because we love to visit the holy shrines but the economy crunch means many iranians called forward to visit cup i'm sure a day. iranian shia worshippers usually travel to kabul at this time of year but iran's been hit by u.s. sanctions since august the value of its currency the real has plunged for the iranians getting to college is expensive now and for some even the price of a hotel room is simply too much of in their cars off the hotel business in karbala in previous years was booming and now we can only make ends meet last year we had
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more than two hundred seventy big iranian religious groups staying at my hotel alone and now there are just seven small groups. from the economic point of view the u.s. economic sanctions on iran have really affected iraq's religious tourism when iranians come to my shop to buy souvenirs most of them can't pay sure it is marked by prayers for sections and food handed out at stalls like this one all over iraq is held on the tenth day of the holy was of mahogany and it marks the death of the same one of the grandsons of prophet muhammad who many see almost as the third. he died thirteen hundred years ago in a battle where the city of karbala now stands for mine here put him on a year ago iran's currency was in good shape and now we have financial problems but iranians will strive to come here during holy month i'm hot around. for shia muslims a show to is
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a time of reflection and remembering i many iranian worshipers may also the members this uses it as a time of financial hardship matheson al-jazeera back to well let's return to one of our top stories on that ferry incidents in tanzania catherine soy is joining us now from nairobi in neighboring kenya following that story for us what are you hearing about that accident. very in the government of tanzania has issued a statement confirming the incident that statement is very thin on detail but what we do know i've spoken to a journalist who's in the capital dar es salaam and he says that this incident happened after this afternoon at around four pm local of also managed to see some pictures of the ferry actually capsizing and bodies being retrieved by rescuers the incident happened in ones in a ferry crossing to an island in one of the which is in the northwest of the
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country five bodies as you mentioned before have been retrieved and about handed people have been rescued nice not very clear how many people that ferry was actually carrying we are told that it has a capacity of up to two hundred people but it's not uncommon to see ferries in tanzania overloading and some forces also indicates that it could be you could have been carrying up to five hundred people now that is the information that we haven't independently verified rescue mission is going on it's going to go on through the night it's going to be very difficult because of course it's at night but we're told it's going to go on through the hours into tomorrow and the coming days as well catherine troy thank you. an exclusive al-jazeera investigation has uncovered widespread abuse of animals in marine theme parks in china a two year investigation by our current affairs program one east reveals the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals at the center of a booming multi-billion dollar industry steve child reports.
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i think the public aquarium performances in china are entertaining me it's a hike to find tricks i suppose animals feel i need some displays of affection i don't need. but exclusive behind the scenes video obtained by one of one east reviews a much darker picture no telling president one channel your union and border city and our. workers who asked not to be identified say animals such as seals sick with skin diseases and cataracts are abandoned in places called dining rooms. left to swim in their own urine and feces from the horse so who knows who the owner you will woman goes i didn't. want to be. the
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bench or you. know you've been i all. in and come and be my old boss told you all over two years one when he stuck you mended many more sick and dying in. this beluga whale looks like it's playing with some young visitors now see that's aggression but iommi rose one of the world's best known marine scientists says far from being happy this behavior indicates it's overstressed by captivity if you see the same animals consistently responding in an aggressive open mouthed threat way to the people at the underwater viewing window then that starts telling you a bigger story that maybe this whale and particulars under stress she says conditions in china are the worst she's ever seen anywhere with dolphins and baluga swallowing debris and display areas far too cramped the tank for these green blue
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guys is so small it's hard for them even just to turn around. roll says not only is there widespread abuse but animals are dying prematurely this is just a one way conveyor belt and it ends in death at the other end premature death and this is supposed to be entertaining managers of the marine park didn't respond to our requests to discuss mistreatment the parks are now so popular there are more than sixty in china with a dozen more being built there appears no way into china's aquarium park boom and for their captives no wind to their misery steve check out al-jazeera china. well you can watch steve chiles program china caging the oceans wild tonight at twenty two thirty g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera an international ban on russia's anti doping agency has been lifted three years after evidence of
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a state backed doping scandal broke out the world anti-doping agency's decision has been received with mixed feelings fairplay campaigners are criticizing it as a sign of the world body's inability to stand up to moscow but russian athletes and officials have welcomed the move russia's anti doping agency says more work is needed for the organization to be reinstated properly but insists it's a positive move. but. it's the first step and a significant one it opens the way to international competitions for athletes and federations. opens the possibility of competitions to be nominated in the russian federation in fact this is a result of very very hard work for some it's for others it's cocaine alcohol gambling even shopping they're all addictions on the subject of a new exhibition opening in london just baldwin has been to get hooked things college. a table made of sugar by the dutch artist known as a tell you
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a one no he's making a point about our dictions to consumer products just like sugar having the latest phone can make us feel good for a short time but when it fails. daniel regan's art is very personal and looks at his addiction to self harming constructive regardless of what it is it's self destructive and then be off the mark to david with pride of the guilt and shame that leads to more overwhelming feelings which links back to get one say the show's fans art and science contemporary artists using the expertise of neuroscientists psychologists to get a better understanding of all addictions including new obsessions like social media and screens of gallery visitors are taking part in further research for david this is where the country begins to have its effect nobody can come to see one that will
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say. it's a blind test of caffeinated versus decaf to study the placebo effect it's an important component in drug studies. technological innovations like detailed brain scans are helping scientists to figure out why some people get addicted and eventually even predict who's at risk there with children sky. in the best possible it's museo we had a look at that reading reward system and it finds you can predict who is going to lose oklahoma and who's going to become who's going to use alcohol less. than. a creepy video considers how we calculate our self-worth does our social media feed truly reflect us or is it a fabrication of happiness. artist catriona beals video game looks at how we are enticed to engage as long as possible rewards are drip fed. the online
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experiences can be enjoyable but like all addictions the brain's chemicals react respond and at some point want more. jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of people are feared drowned in tanzania after their ferry sank in lake victoria at least five passengers are confirmed dead and thirty two have been rescued so far the ferry operator says the boat capsized just a few meters from the dock. european leaders are vowing to step up talks with egypt and other north african countries on how to hold migration to the continent they've been holding talks in the austrian city of salzburg the right wing austrian chancellor sebastian kurtz has praised the egyptian leader for stopping people from making the journey blocks also been discussing brick sets with the european council
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president donald tusk saying the u.k.'s proposal is unworkable but the reason may insists her deal is the only one on the table. yes concerns have been raised i want to know what those concerns are there's a lot of hard work to be done but i believe that there is a willingness to do a deal but let nobody be in any doubt that as i've always said you know we are preparing for no deal there is no counter proposal on the table at the moment the actually deals delivers on what we need to do and respects the integrity of the united kingdom and respects the result of the referendum the president of south korea is back home after three days with north korea's leader when julian says kim jong un wants a second summit with donald trump as soon as possible earlier the leaders of the of the region's most sacred mountain in north korea the ugandan pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine has vowed to continue his anti government movement
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after returning home from the u.s. hundreds of his supporters turned out to welcome him defying a government ban wine has been receiving medical treatment in the us after what he said was torture in police custody he's been one of the most vocal critics of president yarima seventy he's charged with treason over his alleged role in stoning the president's motorcade. malaysia's former prime minister has pleaded not guilty to twenty five additional corruption charges najib razak is accused of illegally transferring more than five hundred fifty million dollars from a state fund into his personal bank accounts those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next day with us.
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what's driving down the number of terrorist attacks the u.s. state department argues the falls due to the new. such as of the same time americans against iran as the leading state sponsor of continuing attacks so what are the so-called global war on terror this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. a full by almost a quarter in the number of attacks by armed groups weld wind last year that's one of the conclusions of the u.s. state department's latest i know a survey.


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