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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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dozens of people are killed after an overloaded ferry capsizes and tanzania. and i welcome to life or my headquarters in doha with me it is a problem also ahead tourism a goes to salzburg expecting support for her breakfast plan but other e.u. countries deliver a very different message. celebrations in uganda as a pop star turned politician bobby wine returns home from the u.s. . and a high stakes standoff in washington is donald trump supreme court nominee is accused
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of sexual assault. we'll get to those stories in just a moment the first state media in vietnam reporting that president has died at the age of sixty one the official vietnam news agency says he passed away at a military hospital we will bring you the makes his information on that as it becomes available. rescue operations in tanzania is lake victoria on friday morning at least forty four people died when a ferry sank in the ok way island on foods day but that toll is expected to rise and of warning some viewers might find the following images disturbing estimates suggest the boat was carrying hundreds of people when it capsized the national ferry services operation says it's hard to know the precise number because the person dispensing the tickets is among the dead catherine sawyer has more from
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nairobi. i've just spoken to the home affairs minister who says this rescue operation has been suspended till friday it's been very difficult for the rescuers to work in the dark i also spoke to a journalist based in the car he told the rest along and he's been talking to people on the ground including a fisherman who told him that he saw many bodies being retrieved from the lake and president musharraf will has also issued a statement condoling with a believed asking tanzanians to keep calm as a rescue operations continue through the coming days and also as you know investigations into what exactly happened up and begin but what we do know from witnesses is that this ferry appeared to have been overloaded it has a capacity of about one hundred people we're told it was carrying way more than that including many bags of cement and goods as well and it seems to have been
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toppled over by a very bad weather now this is the fast serious incident in many years to happen in that lake the last time there was a major incident was back in one thousand nine hundred six when another ferry capsized killing up to a thousand people it was also say to have been overloaded it's now on to other news value and e.u. leaders have told the u.k.'s prime minister that time is running out to agree on the brakes and deal the one came on the final day of assault and salzburg austria but just six months to go before bush leaves the e.u. european council president on talks s tories amaze bracks that proposal is unworkable but may insists her daily check as planned is the only one on the table long flee has more from salzburg. if the reason may the british prime minister thought that by coming here and looking european leaders in the eyes she might have more chance of persuading them that her so-called checkers deal was worth thinking
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about she'll be going home i think really disappointed at the final press conference the head of the european council donald tusk said in no uncertain terms that there was complete unity among the e.u. twenty seven that checkers would not work but only that he said they all had complete faith in michel barnier the european the ghost who the british side doesn't really like and worst of all for the british he poured cold water on the idea that there was definitely going to be especially use summit in the event to hammer out the final terms for breakfast deal he said that the european twenty seven would go away and decide by their own summit in october which the british are no longer invited to if there was any point having a summit in the. then moment of truth for rigid negotiations will be de october european council. in october we expect much more progress and results in their budget talks. then we will decide whether conditions are there to call an
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extra summit in november to finalize and formulation the deal. all of which places to reason may in the most invidious position you can possibly imagine this plan was hers abates in movements of goods freely across e.u. borders but everything else leaving it breaks all the european union's own rules and led by france and germany the e.u. are basically saying come up with something else they don't like a plan her own political party the conservatives are split down the middle about it all the polling in the u.k. suggest that eighty percent of british people remain as as well as leavers don't like the plan either but it's all she's got so what did she say as a final news conference well she said exactly what she always says. yes concerns have been raised i want to know what those concerns are there's a lot of hard work to be done but i believe that there is a willingness to do a deal but let nobody be in any doubt that as i've always said you know we are
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preparing for no deal so where it leaves the u.k. now for surely all the pressure is on the u.k. so they have to find some sort of new plan between now and the middle of october and it's really difficult to see what that is it seems to me that overwhelmingly this makes the chance of a bespoke deal for the u.k. much less likely the chance of the u.k. crashing out completely of the european union in late autumn very likely but perhaps just as likely the idea that the british government could even collapse at some point in the autumn of the might even need to be fresh elections at this point still it's impossible to say whether bracks it will even happen meanwhile the e.u. is considering turning to egypt to help solve its migration crisis the subject has deeply divided the bloc and was among the main agenda an agenda items at salzburg austria as chancellor wants egypt to prevent refugees and migrants from leaving north africa common view it's fought on the phone our bit with egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european
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union egypt has proven that it can be efficient since two thousand and sixteen it is managed boats that leave egypt for europe and when ever they have lived he took them back. ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wine says he'll keep fighting the government all die trying was speaking to supporters outside his home near the capital kampala after returning from the united states where he received medical treatment while says he was tortured and ugandan police custody malcolm webb has more from camp are. these people want change in uganda. and they think pop star turned politician robert shaggy lunny can bring it out he's better known as bobby wine he's very popular among young people because it is home to wait for his return from the u.s. so what do you mean the president of uganda is coming through. and is fighting for us this government of ours. everything they use.
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we citizens who don't have guns they use maintain form. and the men in uniforms made it clear that people were not allowed to gather in the street just being in the wrong place at the wrong time was enough to get beaten. well the wine says soldiers tortured him when they arrested him last month fiame denies it was in america for medical treatment i will soon as he landed it yanked whole piece bundled him into a car and rushed off the last thing they want to crowds of thousands of his supporters gathering on the airport road that leads into the capital kampala. back at his home poses came to welcome in his popularity the threat to seventy four year old president you know rima seventy who's ruled for more than three decades i love the ones that are right in the inside of clothes were just in
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a cave like the thankfully there was so old they are very excited to see the they don't know is one of the place they were accompanying the ok i know the police they gave her my only allow me was the thankful for that the president of the earth the police didn't want to take any chances so they pulled him away to his front door. three courses of ugandans around that he has old many of them around employed a corpse often with the chains of mass it appeal i have come to continue exactly where i stopped i am going to fight on and like i say that we must get our freedom always out i said i will get our freedom his wife and children hope it won't come to that but you can the never had a peaceful change of power you will be winds being charged with treason. to get crowns than any politician in the government attempts to stop him and he seemed to
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make him more popular. malcolm webb al-jazeera kampala uganda. the white house says it's authorize new cyber operations against foreign countries ahead of november's midterm elections the move this part of a new saga stretched trust strategy that the white house says will protect the nation u.s. intelligence officials have expect a flurry of digital attacks and the lead up to the november fifth vote. now there's a high stakes standoff underway in washington a woman who's accused a supreme court nominee of sexual assault is up against the president and the republican party establishment. and explains what's happening behind the scenes. where the testimony you're about his confirmation seems certain brett kavanaugh poised to cement a conservative supreme court for generations i do until this woman went public with an allegation she says kevin sexually assaulted her in high school christine blasi forward once the federal bureau of investigation to look into the matter any
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witness who lied to them would be committing a serious crime but republicans said no they said that the gate is about six times before that that's not true the f.b.i. could investigate if president donald trump told them to he won't have the floor republicans had demanded that she testified next monday her lawyer responded she'll testify next week just not on monday where i'm focused right now is doing everything that we can to make dr ford comfortable with coming before our committee democrats say this is just simply unfair and charge republicans don't actually want to know the truth someone who is lying does not ask the f.b.i. to investigate their claims we have to get to the bottom of this as americans before we put someone on the supreme court for life this is high stakes and not just because of what it will mean to the highest court in the land right. her him
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and took to the streets in record numbers after trump became president angry at his treatment of women as republicans are seen to be mistreating a woman now with less than two months until the congressional elections they risk this year showing up next at the ballot box away. a point brought home thursday by a fresh round of protests and arrests over this controversial nomination political hand al-jazeera washington. still ahead on the bulletin the toxic pollution left behind after hurricane florence that has u.s. health officials concerned plants. i'm melissa that i'm puting colombia's coffee region where farmers are abandoning fields like the one behind me due to the very low international price of the be.
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had over we've got plenty of drifting its way across the middle east at the moment is showing up very clearly on the satellite picture from the northern parts of iran all the way up towards monte has brought us a fair amount of rain although it's gradually fizzling out as we head into friday you can't really make it out very clearly just this little bit of cloud his still drifting over a temperature of around twenty degrees towards the west there's a few more showers here particularly over the far north eastern parts of turkey and there's a stretch in their way towards the caspian sea once more for the south hope for is in baghdad with the top temperature of around forty three degrees here in doha the temperatures aren't quite that high but that's because here it's far more humid so it's still feeling just as hot and humid as it has been over the past few days looks like thirty eight degrees will be our maximum temperature as you head down towards a lot of twenty eight is our maximum but here there's always a bit more cloud at this time of year and the chance of seeing a little bit of drizzle as well down towards the southern parts of africa we've
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seen quite a bit of cloud here over the past few days the latest system is here pushing its way northward cape town's back in the sunshine then sixteen degrees will be our maximum on friday that would feel too bad if you're out in the sunshine and the temperatures should climb a little bit higher as we head into saturday that area of cloud develops a little bit more for saturday we'll see some showers. my name to. a place where this is. spring you know. you know you. and is just so full of surprises when a serious thing is yes to every normal. mind nigeria. on al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories rescue operations jews resume friday morning on lake victoria and tanzania where at least forty four people have died after a ferry capsized and sank estimate suggests hundreds of people were on board and the number of dead is expected to rise a year later as a warning the british prime minister that time is running out to agree on the brakes and do you know just six months to go before britain leaves the e.u. european council president says tourism a proposal called the check is planned as workable but may insist that is the only one on the table and ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wan has returned home
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after receiving medical treatment of the u.s. for injuries he says he suffered while and ugandan police custody hundreds of supporters gathered outside his home in com paula. hospital. and. the communist party. state. president. had been the focus of.
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the nation. and exploited. he courted various international leaders from poland to iran and was the last head of state to see castro the fall his death but vietnam's maritime disputes with china in the south china sea and its long term concerns over its northern neighbors territorial ambitions has seen it a little closer to the united states. signed billions of dollars worth of deals with u.s. president donald trump and pursued a trade deal after the u.s. pulled out of the trans-pacific partnership military cooperation with washington had also been discussed on state visits by defense secretary james mattis with
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a pledge to send a u.s. aircraft carrier to the communist state. visit since the end of the vietnam war in one nine hundred seventy five very significant. because. of the united states. and. the role of the president is largely seen as ceremonial but posting was same as a stepping stone to becoming the communist party chief and thus the nation's top leader. has left its mark on the southeastern united states and there's a danger lurking in its aftermath rising floodwaters are now carrying pollution and toxic chemicals across north carolina threatening waterways and drinking water john hendren reports the floodwaters of hurricane florence are only
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a toxic slurry of hardway just north carolina's river basins are home to thousands of hog farms in four thousand filled with. this stage department of environmental quality says at least one hundred ten of them are leaking into floodwaters. are likely to start leaking soon yes there are some problems today but the concern is what is happening or what's going to happen over the next few days isn't all that heavy rain floods that way downstream two years ago the waters that followed hurricane matthew flooded fourteen lagoons but none breached as the flood waters of florence continue to rise environmental officials say this time the worst is yet to come we did see a couple facilities today that were already in serious trouble they were surrounded by water there were surrounded by water there are spray fields or completely covered up the situation is not good but it's not good today but it's likely to get
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much worse throughout the rest of the week as the waters start to get to their or their flood levels. through carolina has nine point seven million pigs they produce ten billion gallons of manure each year president trump has promised federal aid for the recovery but once the groundwater becomes polluted that job becomes much more difficult and if ingested the excess nitrates in hog waste can cause blue baby syndrome a potentially fatal condition in which a child's blood cells are deprived of oxygen the storm has already proved fatal to fifty five hundred pigs in three point four million chickens and turkeys. another environmental hazard coal ash which contains toxic substances like mercury and arsenic that can pollute waterways drinking water in the air north carolina's duke energy company reported that enough coal ash has spilled near the city of wilmington to fill in a lympics sized swimming pool the state's environmental managers say north carolina's pollution problem is likely to grow worse as the floodwaters continue to
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rise john hendren. puerto rican for marking the one year anniversary of hanukkah maria nearly three thousand people were killed in the hurrican the residents of the american territory a system of rebuilding their lives thousands still don't have electricity. and by mental campaigns in the u.k. so they'll keep fighting to stop money from a nuclear facility being dumped in the same ways from the one clay point plant is being dredged and the least into the bristol channel that is moving bob a report a legal challenge is under way. not far from the welsh coast environmental activists keep a close eye on a huge belgian registered ship we make here had been sixty four feet outside the. it's come from a nuclear plant that's being built on the coast of some a set in england and campaigners say the budget is dumping at sea could contain
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dangerous radioactive materials they also say it's dropping its load outside a designated dumping area which lies less than two kilometers off shore the campaign is a legal battle in the courts is still going on but they failed to get an injunction imposed on that means that sits like this can carry on dredging and dumping off the wells coast on an almost daily basis. french energy giant along with the chinese partner is building a nuclear power plant known as point c next to two existing facilities the new plant should begin generating electricity in twenty twenty five and the company says the dredging. will allow six huge vertical shafts to be drilled for the cooling water system an a.t.f. spokesperson told our jazeera all the permissions needed for dredging the hinkley point c. are in place and the mud is no different to sediment found anywhere else up and down the coast they think the point c. project team welcomes public discussion and has been open and transparent about the facts around this activity but this independent member of the welsh assembly argues
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that it's not clear a thorough environmental impact assessment was ever done it only done one kind of testing and to identify the uranium and the plutonium particles which may or may not be in the mud they need three types of testing yell for the mass spectrometry they only get gamma so therefore they just don't know and in that building over there is a huge amount of ignorance as i say they've allowed this country to be treated like a colony the welsh government says international standards have been met but in recent weeks hundreds of people have demonstrated outside the assembly one hundred thousand signed petitions calling for the mud dumping to stop. absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. there is no argument. there for the precautionary principle to take to be. the
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government in this case for the people taking the most people for granted. the people behind the protest say they have the law and increasingly public opinion on their site their legal challenge is set to resume next week. cardiff now has global alzheimer's disease awareness day and as people live longer more and more develop and life caring for patients is an emotional and financial challenge for many families and that's said to increase his case as a protector to rise among some communities in the us rob reynolds reports. the martha di caring for her ninety one year old mother is truly a labor of love she wants my attention twenty four seventh's is not going to be or florencia garcia was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease twelve years ago martha with her job to take care of her mother i didn't know where to start
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i didn't know what was going to happen i didn't know what to do there was nothing out there she needs care around the clock i cook i believe based. on my doctor i'm her nurse my friend i sleep in the room with her because i'm afraid. she'll get up and five point seven million people in the us have alzheimer's treatments are emerging but there is no cure it's only going to get worse because people are living longer communities like this will bear a heavy burden of alzheimer's disease in the coming decades research shows that latinos and latinas are one and a half times more likely to develop alzheimer's disease the non let's you know whites alzheimer's among latinos in the u.s. is projected to increase eight hundred thirty two percent by twenty sixty things for the most part are not ready for the wave of alzheimer's that will impact latino
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communities families part of that is because of low levels of awareness. to increase awareness advocates of produced a tele novella style of video series about a family coping with the disease but society as a whole is not ready for the surge in alzheimer's. completely unprepared we knew it was coming we've known it was coming for thirty years but we're unprepared on all levels we don't have the investment in research we have a totally unprepared health care workforce but the d.s. has advice for caregivers don't do it alone attend a support group we talk we live our stress out we cry we listen to each other we help each other caring for florencia defines martha's life and that's fine with
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her i have no regrets no regrets the dairy don't have or i don't know what's going to happen to me a disease without a cure but with a treatment called low robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles thousands of cattle and prone to pen and sacks of us have protested in barcelona to mark the anniversary of last year's secessionist drive protesters demanded the release of prominent separatists from prison they were arrested in the aftermath of a referendum on the region's independence that was outlawed by the spanish government they received preliminary sedition charges but no trial date has been set now coffee prices are at a twelve year low and as a result colombian follows a struggling to make a decent wage speculators overproduction and the power of multinationals are being blamed for the drop and come now coffee produces according on big companies like starbucks and nestlé to subsidize. the travel to columbia's remote region of.
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leave your morale is coffee plants are a slash and loaded with over yet for the first time he's considering leaving them on the tree. with the situation as it is right now we can't continue producing we are running out of fertilizers we can't pare debts or pay the workers we've reached our limit. the price buyers pay for a leave us pressures arabica beans has fallen to less than one us dollar a pound that's less than what it costs to grow the coffee in colombia's mountainous labor intensive coffee region you've got going to. i've seen people crying over what they're being paid for a bag of harder and beans people just crying out of desperation current prices mean that farmers make less than one cent of the u.s. dollar for each cup of coffee sold across the world farmers here in colombia are wondering for just how long they'll be able to work at these prices there's already
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gave up like the owners of this field that abandoned it two months ago. it's very painful it's devastating because we spent all of our life growing coffee quickly recovering. these are new plants that just started producing last year so much work such a big investment yet the situation is so bad that these people decided to let the beans rot. a small representation of farmers held a sit in in front of the embassy of the european union in bogota to bring attention to dear situation and leave your says he's giving up hope saying. i'm not sure what we're going to do what i do know is that it's not sustainable and then we might be close to the end of the road. the colombian government said it's considering emergency financial help for the growers but unless farmers receive a more fair share of the cut their beloved java will leave them with nothing but
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a bitter taste i was in the room. hello again i'm elizabeth problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera state media in vietnam reporting that president has died at the age of sixty one the official reapplying news agency says he passed away at a military hospital with the second most powerful figure in the country and the front runner to take over as general secretary of the communist party. rescue operations are due to resume friday morning on lake victoria and tanzania where at least forty four people have died in a ferry sinking estimates suggest hundreds were on board the boat when it capsized the number of dead as expected to rise. leaders have told britain's prime minister that time is running out to agree on a brics that deal the warning came in the final day of an e.u.
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sollars in salzburg with just six months to go before bush and leaves the e.u. european council president says to resume a proposal is workable but may insists her deal the checkers plan is the only one on the table meanwhile the e.u. is considering turning to egypt to help solve its migration crisis the subject has deeply divided the block and was among the main issues at salzburg austria chancellor wants egypt to help prevent refugees and migrants from leaving north africa ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wind has returned home after receiving medical treatment to the us for injuries he says he suffered while in uganda in police custody hundreds of supporters gathered outside his home in campagna while says he'll keep fighting the government. the government you tell me to keep us slaves in our own country i don't know as i say lump anywhere in the middle you know i mean run down stinking drunk and only write my rebuild and
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i'll get that free go under so i don't get that freedom in my lifetime and this makes it easier to get the freedom that. the us has called on turkey to release a former nasa scientists who was arrested after the failed coup in twenty sixteen sir conn gold who was accused of having links to the us based cleric fethullah gulen from turkey blames for the attempted crude goal jew was arrested in his home city of daraa and later sentenced to seven years in prison on wednesday a turkish court reduced that to five years well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us my nigeria is coming up next thank you very much for watching. and this was different not to say whether someone is going for someone who's very rich metering i think it's how you approach a vigil and that's it is a certain way of doing it you can't just barge in and just a story and fly out. on the road.
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i'm going. to. run through my name here yeah it is possible and basile my name. is. my nigeria as it is yes to every no. no ok i'm on my way to. being in the film industry nollywood. twenty one years i have decided now run for office in my states states. in the house of representatives representing. the federal constituency.


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