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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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but there that such tragedies don't happen again absolutely ok catherine many thanks for the update from nairobi now investigation by the associated press news agency appears to show a systematic campaign by the chinese government to strip the young week of muslims of their language and culture it comes after the united nations said an estimated one million muslims in the region have been rounded up being held in internment camps in chinese government denies when the hunt has more. when many petrov old with her husband and young baby to turkey to visit his sick father she lived for three children with family the oldest was eight the youngest just three but that trip appears to have coincided with what the united nations says was a systematic campaign by the chinese government to round up muslim weak is indeed the minorities under the pretext of countering terrorism and religious extremism made it says chinese authorities weren't just targeting adults her children were
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apparently taken to the soften it she hasn't heard from them since then or her. to become a let me after i got the news i was so upset by one of them to grow up with me. isn't true every time i think of them i think of the things that have happened i feel horrible isn't a day when i haven't cried. all the so many pages now living in exile unable to return to sion jiang she believes her children were swept up in a large scale campaign aimed at replacing the muslim leader identity with the chinese one something the chinese government denies. consistent measures are intended to promote stability development harmony and at the same time strike against ethnic separatists and terrorist opposition movements according to the law . abdulrahman i mean doesn't buy the official chinese line from cash he fled china five years ago after what he says was repeated her arrest meant of her his activism
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and writings since then his wife was a restated and he hasn't heard from his five children his daughter is thought to be at this so-called bilingual school but a sign at the front gate tell students to speak only mandarin on campus. to stimulate should obviously it's brutality it's even worse than being killed what the chinese government's doing is torture some analysts say china is repeating now widely condemned colonial practices of taking children against their will from their indigenous communities weavers you the education system as one of the primary threats to their future as a society is a weaker society and to their families to get there and they made it describes an overwhelming sense of despair i want to tell them i was so sorry for. dispirit being separated from the children she loves despair that the next
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generation of we get may be stripped of the language and identity they hold so dear miriam holland al-jazeera. the leader of yemen's hoofy rebels has called on her supporters to stand firm against the saudi amorality their coalition trying to defeat them as thousands of people filled the streets of the yemeni capital sanaa to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the who feels take over the city the u.n. is trying to mediate peace talks to end the fighting between the government and who thinks the conflict has killed more than ten thousand people and left millions displaced while her interview with al-jazeera the u.s. actually general antonio terrace renewed his calls for and for all parties to avoid a major escalation in the who think controlled city of hard data. our concern is first of all humanitarian concern elation to a battle for there that needs implications for the civilians and it is also a concern about the harbor and the possibility of harvard to suffer if the conflict
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. you know the becomes acute so that is why we have been recommending to the parties to avoid a mess of battle and to do that because obviously in the planning of the calculations that might exist on one side or the other there is this reality that is very worrying which is a dramatic humanitarian situation in. yemen yemen is a very complex situation you have of course the hutus and the government you have. the visions in the south and clearly different perspectives in addition to it from the you will you from the government side know you have a tribal reality that is complex with alliances that shift you have this presence so it's a very complex situation in the country that is why it is so important to come to an agreement between the hutus and the government of of the of the coalition it's a first step it will not solve all your many problems it's a first step to create the conditions for
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a united. central government in yemen to be able to deal with all the different contradictions and problems that will still remain and that means present tran died choir who has died at the age of sixty one thing is asia's state news says he passed away at a military hospital after a serious illness his last public appearance was on wednesday when he met chinese officials quoting was vietnam second most powerful figure and the front runner to take over as general sector of the communist party have a morgan takes a look back at his life. randy frank's time in office was brief but marked by domestic crackdowns and a bid to stabilize relations with the united states he was sworn in as president of vietnam in april trying to sixteen the sixty one year old had been a public security minister and police general areas which had been the focus of criticism of the nation's human rights record under his rule vietnam launched a crackdown on corruption and dissidents posting on social media. abroad one try to
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stick to vietnam's policy of non-alignment whereby the nation doesn't rely too heavily on any one superpower and exploits rivalries to its own gain he courted various international leaders from poland to iran and was the last head of state to see cuba's fidel castro before his death but vietnam's maritime disputes with china in the south china sea and its long term concerns over its northern neighbors territorial ambition has seen its edge a little closer to the united states one time billions of dollars worth of deals with the us president donald trump and pursued a trade pact after the us pulled out of the transpacific partnership once enemies on the battlefield won and u.s. defense secretary james mattis discussed the prospects of military corp in march as a sign of his growing relationship and maybe carrier with five thousand soldiers and pilots on board anchored near the port city of the land this was the first time that had happened since the end of the vietnam war in one nine hundred seventy five
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and the historic visit carried a message to another superpower now that was a very significant decision. and very astute because the. heart of the united states navy and so was about to clues into sauce china sea as a show of defaults against china the rule of president is largely seen as her money but posting was seen as a stepping stone to becoming the communist party chief and thus the nation's top leader. i had hair on al-jazeera and environmental disaster in the us not the floodwaters from hurricane florence makes it with toxic waste. i've never seen baba off the coast of wales where campaigners say votes potentially radioactive sediment from a nuclear plant getting good is being dumped by ships like this. from
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the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast with across europe going to be seeing a big change as a front pushes through i want to show what's happening right here on the satellite image you see the clouds right there well that is a cold front a very powerful cold front and that is going to bring some showers heavy winds as well as a big change of air mask as a person's through so we're going to see a lot of these warmer temperatures right here in some places very hot actually for this time of year and you were pretty eight in ten degrees above average in some locations but once this form goes through then we're going to see a big change in your temperatures so here on friday or saturday berland twenty nine degrees but notice the front right here in the winds pushing through towards the eastern part of the continent as this makes its way through these temperatures are really going to drop so berlin from twenty nine degrees here on friday on saturday
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we expect to see seventeen that is a twelve degree drop in temperature heavy rains down towards vienna as well over towards zurich you're going to be cooler too as well with the temperature there of about eighteen degrees now in the mediterranean we are watching an area of low pressure right here that is spinning just off sicily as well as italy that is going to cause a heavy rains across the region so for tunisia well it is for localized flooding across the area with tunis a rainy day at twenty nine degrees for you. sponsored by. reality. camera. and. now have a voice. part of the
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viewfinder in america series. on the town of lake victoria after a ferry capsized. at least seventy one people are dead but that toll is expected to rise as hundreds of. an investigation by. a systematic campaign by the chinese government to strip young. language and culture. from their families.
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is one of three most powerful leaders but his presidential role. director of human rights watch. joins us now live. on a reputation as a tough leader how will he be. well he will be remembered for a president crackdown on various people in civil society and human rights dissidents he'll also be remembered for a major expansion of the power of the ministry of public security in the police in the larger vietnam political system he quite clearly has made the ministry of public security now one of the preeminent organs of power in that country and it continues to affect the lives of daily vietnamese and not of her the positive way i mean terms of rights violations he was that he was the leader of the band so with
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his posturing now do you think vietnam was stale not cool so would it take a different path well it really depends on who is going to replace in and whether the ministry of public security will be able to maintain its leading role in the politburo. that is an excellent question we don't know so much is happening behind closed doors and in hanoi i mean to be honest we don't even really know what caused him to pass what was the cause of his death so you know we're going to be reading the tea leaves over the next days and weeks to try to figure out more is it not the case that the vice president steps in into this role and that's picking interesting isn't it because she's a woman in this to be potentially vietnam's first female president well that would be interesting if it comes to pass i mean there has been a tradition of strong leaders who are women in the national assembly but it would be important to see a woman stepping up in this role going forward as president but we'll see i think
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this is all going to be settled behind closed doors between the three sort of pillars of power which is the the president's office the prime minister's office and the general secretary of the communist party ok so just how much do you think she'd be missed by vietnamese. well he really was a man of the people and as i mentioned under his leadership the ministry of public security has become much more intrusive a lot more surveillance a lot more harassment of ordinary people i don't think you'll be missed at all frankly ok phil robertson many thanks for joining us there from bangkok thank you. opposition groups have rallied in the philippines against president proposed changes to the constitution and his races say to taze push to turn the country into a federal state will lead to a dictatorship the march in manila marks the forty sixth anniversary of the declaration of martial law under former president marcos activists have drawn strong links between the current and former leaders as. well saying in the
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philippines where rescue is a digging through the rubble of a landslide they say to say see at least twenty two people were killed when the mountainside collapsed on to villages thursday morning more than sixty people are reported to be missing the landslide was triggered by heavy monsoon rains just days after the northern philippines was battered by its most powerful typhoon this year . her going to florence has left its mark on the southeastern united states and there's danger lurking and is often enough rising floodwaters and pollution and toxic chemicals across north carolina threatening waterways and drinking water john hendren reports. the floodwaters of hurricane florence are unleashing a toxic slurry of hog waste north carolina's swollen river basins are home to thousands of hog and poultry farms in four thousand lagoons filled with called waste the state's department of environmental quality says at least one hundred ten
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of them are leaking into floodwaters or are likely to start leaking soon yes there are some problems today but the concern is what's happening or what's going to happen over the next few days isn't all that heavy rain floods that way downstream two years ago the waters that followed hurricane matthew flooded fourteen lagoons but none breached as the flood waters of florence continue to rise environmental officials say this time the worst is yet to come we did see a couple facilities today that were already in serious trouble they were surrounded by water there were surrounded by water there are spray fields or completely covered up the situation is not good but it's not good today but it's likely to get much worse throughout the rest of the week as the waters start to get to their or their flood levels. north carolina has nine point seven million pigs they produce ten billion gallons of manure each year president trump has promised federal aid
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for the recovery but once the groundwater becomes polluted that job becomes much more difficult and if ingested the excess nitrates in hog waste can cause blue baby syndrome a potentially fatal condition in which your child's blood cells are deprived of oxygen the storm has already proved fatal to fifty five hundred pigs in three point four million chickens and turkeys. another environmental hazard coal ash which contains toxic substances like murder. arsenic that can pollute waterways drinking water in the air north carolina's duke energy company reported that enough coal ash is spilled near the city of wilmington to fill in a limbic sized swimming pool. the state's environmental managers say north carolina's pollution problem is likely to grow worse as the floodwaters continue to rise john hendren. the white house says authorized new cyber operations against foreign countries ahead of november's midterm elections national security advisor john bolton who made the announcement did not say which nations would be
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talk says north specify the nature of the threats by the nature of the operations the move is part of a new cyber strategy the white house says will allow the government to protect the nation u.s. intelligence officials say they expect a flurry of digital attacks in the lead up to the sixth of november a vote. elaters have told the u.k.'s prime minister that time is running out to agree a breakfast deal warning came on the final day of the summit in salzburg with just six months ago before britain formally departs the e.u. european council president donald tusk says that proposal is unworkable but may insists the czech his plan is the only one on the table. yes concerns have been raised i want to know what those concerns are there's a lot of hard work to be done but i believe that there is a willingness to do a deal but let nobody be in any doubt that as i've always said you know we are preparing for no deal there is no counter proposal on the table at the moment that
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actually deals delivers on what we need to do and respects the integrity of the united kingdom and respects the result of the referendum everybody. why there are positive elements in the proposal. the framework for corporation. not least because it risks undermining the single market the question needs something more than only good intentions i mean we need a. clear and precise guarantee. a serious what you probably didn't bridget is the choice of the british people and it's pushed by some who predicted easy solutions but it tells us one think and i fully respect the british sovereignty by saying this it has shown out that those who think that they can easily do without europe that it'll go very well and that it'll make a lot of money are liars thousands of cattle on pro independence activists have
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protested in barcelona to mark the anniversary of last year's expressionist drive protesters demanding the release of prominent separatists from prison have arrested in the aftermath of a referendum on the region's independence it was outlawed by the spanish government they've received preliminary sedition charges but no trial date has been set environmental campaigners in the u.k. say they'll keep fighting to stop mud from a nuclear facility being dumped into the sea wastes from the hinkley point plant is being dredged and released into the bristol channel as the barber reports a legal challenge is underway.


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