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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera. the death toll from the ferry that sank in tanzania rises to at least one hundred twenty six. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up throughout this process i have treated you to the e.u. with nothing but respect. the u.k. expects to say a defiant to reason may demands new brakes at proposals from the e.u.
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a day off to a bruising summit in salzburg. president trump calls doubt on the woman who's accused the supremes court nominee of sexual assault also. i'm melissa long coffee region where farmers are abandoning fields like the one behind me due to the very low international price of the beam. a low our top story the death toll continues to climb and one of tanzania's worst ferry disasters at least one hundred twenty six people are confirmed dead so far after a ferry overloaded with passengers capsized in late toria metres from the shore hopes are fading for an unknown number of missing passengers victoria gate b. has more now. lake victoria became a grave site on the day afternoon after a ferry capsized and sank. was overloaded with more than four hundred people on
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board and when the ferry was coming to a stop people moved from one side to the other the wait to the ferry over dozens of people have been rescued recovery efforts halted a the night and continued to summarize on friday to nearby vessels were diverted to assist. we are here to rescue people if there's anyone alive with god's help we'll rescue them as for those who have died we'll get them out too for now we're concentrating on the rescue operation as you can see specialists have arrived at the passenger ferry sank just a few meters from the dock in the district officials couldn't pinpoint the exact number of passengers on board the person dispensing the tickets drowned and the machine recording the data hasn't been retrieved yet but it's estimated that there were hundreds of people we asked that citizens remain calm as the recovery mission continues we also asked for more assistance from the ministry of internal affairs
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lake victoria is surrounded by tanzania and kenya and uganda some of the deadliest accidents on the lake have occurred in tanzania the country's passenger boats often old and elaborate dated in one nine hundred ninety six more than eight hundred people died when a passenger and cargo ferry sank and in twenty eleven almost two hundred people died when a ferry capsized. in that case the boat was overcrowded victoria gate and be al jazeera america from the gannon side of lake victoria we know that the hopes of finding survivors are fading but what can you tell us about rescue efforts. i mean this sounds just say here as he said we're on the government side and from tanzania in the side few hundred kilometers over there that this boat capsized that the sun just say they're serious cause it's almost impossible to see anything in the leg. in the dark it's also been more than twenty four hours now since up to as
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we saw in the story just there a few this dozen people were pulled from the water alive but for many hours now the only people who have been found or been those who passed on those who drowned in the water it's also worth bearing in mind that in this part of the world actually very few people can swim and when a boat does capsize even if it's close to the shore as that one was in tanzania when it takes over if rescuers don't quickly get to those people in the water then we can see very high fatality rates indeed two. people in the water unable to swim then the rescuers don't have long to get to them to try and get them out what do you hearing what information is there is what caused that cell to capsize in this way. the fishermen that were in the area around these islands on the shore all around the lake a lot of people who make
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a livelihood from a fishing traveling around and also people at the port the fisherman who were eyewitnesses and people in the port said the boat was very overloaded when it set off its capacity was about one hundred people some people are saying it had two hundred or even three hundred on board victoria for a lot of time quite karmazin out here many times on boats on the lake for various stories but still if your boats are not not overloaded if the conditions are karmically very safe but of course once those boats have large amounts of people or cargo in them it becomes much more dangerous and for the more than a million people that live around this lake water transport crucial to their livelihood the fishing trade and transport the boats in question was full of these carry traveling between two islands and we understand it was carrying many people who'd been to a market in one island the movie turning home to another and of course people here because a lot of poverty in this area people are trying to get around for a. be very close to own the boat trying to make as much money as they can to make
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their livelihood to defray scoundrelly easily ended up being highly overloaded that may come on the table and if just one thing goes wrong the boat capsized cause of many fatalities as we've seen in this case. or thank you very much mark webb joining us there from les victoria on the ugandan side thank you malcolm. now britain's prime minister says bracks sick talks are at an impasse and she'll go ahead with plans for a no deal departure from the european union if she has to win six months ago before leaving to resume a is accusing leaders of failing to provide better options for an amicable divorce stale it comes after an e.u. summit in austria where may's breaks it plan was heavily criticized barker reports
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. reeling from her bruising each use summit to resume a delivered a defiant ultimatum to europe the e.u. should be clear i will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will i break up my country we need serious engagement on resolving the two big problems in the negotiations. and we stand ready she hoped for warm words from her counterparts at thursday's eve summit in salzburg she was instead met with an unequivocal rejection of her latest breaks it plan every mother's share the view that why positive elements in the checkers propose of death adjusted framework for comic corporation will not work. not least because in truth undermining the single market the putdowns continued on tusks instagram account a piece of cake wrote task sorry no cherries
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a jibe at britain's perceived cherry picking of bricks or proposals that suit the u.k. but no one else the french president emanuel mccrum said he would never accept a deal which damages the e.u.'s integrity and said those promoting the idea that breaks it will be positive for britain are liars to resume a responded saying it was time for the e.u. to show britain some respect throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the say a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it. teresa mayes breaks it strategy was drawn up at her country retreat checkers in july it opposes a u.k. e.u. free trade area and a common rule book for industrial and agricultural goods to prevent exports and imports from getting stuck at borders but the e.u. and u.k. can't agree on what will happen here on the border between northern ireland
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a part of the u.k. the republic of ireland and a you member the u.k.'s promised there will be no return to a hard border but it's rejected the e.u. has a backstop plan to keep the region aligned with its trading rules it is something we will never agree to said to resume a it would mean breaking up our country. before her with both had to resume a proposal have inflame tensions among hard line break that tear within her own party to believe the e.u. are pushing for more concessions from the u.k. that. will mean leaving me you will be increasingly more and more pointless they want a clean break from brussels with or without a reason my age but this latest message to europe may help restore some confidence from bric cities who believe she hasn't been tough enough the prime minister says there's currently no counter proposal on the table this is an impasse with no solution in sight. and he joins us live now from westminster in central london
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a very strong speech from prime minister to reason a little bit earlier she struck a very defiant tone what's been the reaction so far. is the firmest response perhaps to resemble a has made it in recent months clearly angry cricket clearly upset with her for the way in which both her as leader of the u.k. and the country were treated in the salzburg salvage she feels very much that a proposal that she's been working on for months has been rejected without even properly being looked at it is of course just to remind you a proposal that cost her her foreign secretary david davis are pretty sick secretary her reputation is on the line here when it comes to how far she can take this proposal so to have the likes of a minute the have the likes of donald tusk very quickly dismissing it is has made a very very angry indeed but it has gone some way in as i mentioned in my report
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there in policing perhaps the hard line break cities within her own party you criticised for not going far enough in setting out exactly what the u.k.'s red lines are perhaps it will please them of course but in terms of helping the nation out of this impasse well that's a different story altogether there is a deal here that still needs to be done exactly fundamental disagreement still exists between the u.k. and the e.u. that still clear a great deal of ground to cover before upcoming deadlines are there fears that this increases the chance of a no deal bracks it. what do you think of the possibility of a no deal breaks it ever went away i think it's probably more likely that to reason may just wasn't using that phrase though do text breaks it quite as often but it did make a crucial comeback in the speech that she gave a little bit earlier on she said there is
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a possibility long pause but we are working towards a deal a reminder perhaps to brussels that britain if it's not given the deal it wants is prepared to walk away that is a huge gamble to play but the indication perhaps of how angry and how serious to reason may is is taking what she sees as a browers of criticism coming from brussels well thank you very much from westminster neve barca bringing us all the latest on that story well now to developments in the u.s. where president trump has cast doubt on the woman accusing his supremes court nominee of sexual assault university professor christine lazy ford is in hiding after going public with the accusations against brett kavanaugh which date back to when they were in. school students in one thousand nine hundred eighty two trump says that if the attack was as serious as she saying she would have gone to the police straight away let's meet a white house correspondent kimberly how kit and committee why is president trying
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making these comments now. right a little bit surprising given the measured commentary coming from the president in recent days where he said that he felt that brett kavanaugh accuser should have the opportunity to speak publicly now he has come out rather strong in terms of his approach on a bit of a tweet storm on friday morning where he is essentially saying and taking a rather confrontational tone and saying that in fact that his nominee to the supreme court has an impeccable reputation is a victim of character assassination by what he called the radical left in attempting to destroy and delay this nomination so the president has not only defended his nominee to the highest court in the united states the supreme court but is as you point out calling into question the allegations of sexual assault against brett kavanaugh this comes as former schoolmates of brett kavanaugh a seventy five women to be exact who have known him for more than thirty five years
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appeared together to defend brett kavanaugh and say that it is inconceivable that he could ever have committed the alleged crime that he is accused of women from every phase of judge kavanagh's life those who know him best have stepped forward to say that the allegation being leveled against him is false and we are proud to stand with brant. so you can be as he was saying president sort of held back on this now he's hitting out where do we stand on voting for the nomination. the fear from summit within the white house and perhaps why the president has been measured up to this point is for the fear of alienating female voters who came out in twenty sixteen to support donald trump in the white house and so this is being played very
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carefully what we do know is that both republicans and democrats had a telephone call on the senate judiciary committee with christine blazin fordson attorneys on thursday evening trying to come to some sort of agreement about the terms of appearing rather publicly or privately to share with the committee of the information with regard to this alleged sexual assault brett kavanaugh also has that opportunity this was a deadline for today to try and get some agreement on those terms it doesn't appear to have been reached but republicans still anxious to put this through before the midterm congressional elections in november they are still pressing for i hearing that was tentatively scheduled for monday it seems hard though without some rapid developments an agreement on the terms of listening to both sides whether or not that hearing will take place and then of course this still has to be voted out of the committee and into the broader senate to confirm this nomination again this seems to be something that has been delayed democrats trying to delay this past the
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midterm elections so perhaps they could derail this nomination all together republicans including the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell saying this will move forward and judge kavanaugh will be confirmed it's unclear whether that will happen a lot has changed in recent weeks making that much more challenging and i want house correspondent kimberly hall kit thank you. so i have for you on the program. syrians protesting in towns and villages across a lead calling as an aside. rising floodwaters from hurricane florence unleashed toxic waste on north carolina threatening drinking water. hello again welcome back well we are seeing some dry conditions here across parts
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of southern china over the next few days notice a saddle a right there a most of the clouds are going to remain up here towards the north we get a few showers across that southern area and they really need that drier conditions because of the typhoon that went through last week but we are going to be seeing a shanghai twenty nine degrees with rain in your forecast a little bit higher in humanity and then stationary boundary really sets up here in stays really not moving too much so the rain is going to continue across much of that area over towards taipei we do expect to see a warm day for you with the temperature of thirty four as i make a way over here towards india well we do see the remnants of a tropical storm which has made landfall we can very quickly as you can see but the circulation is still going to be there the rain is still going to be there of the next few days so across central india neg her you can be seeing some very heavy rain showers as well known as we go towards sunday that is going to continue to make its way towards the west pushing over towards parts of pakistan maybe afghanistan as well up towards new delhi you can be seeing some rain in your forecast with lower temperatures and
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a temperature there of about twenty nine and then very quickly over here across the gulf we're going to be seeing doha at thirty eight degrees but unfortunately humidity is going to be high over here towards our dobie high as well but if they stay at thirty one. it is a popular film and location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes work arabs managerially is reclaiming its image by putting its young residents behind the camera. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. this is iraq on al-jazeera. made.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour at least one hundred twenty six people are confirmed dead in tanzania after a ferry overloaded with past just capsized in late victoria just meters from the shore hopes are fading for finding survivors. the u.k. prime minister treason may has demanded new brakes at proposals and respect from the e.u. leaders after they rejected outbreaks of plan on thursday. and us president donald trump has cast doubt on allegations that his supreme court nominee calvin are sexually assaulted fellow pupil christine blasi forward in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. now protesters have been marching in syria's rebel held province calling on the international community to stop president as out from
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cementing his grip on power demanding he be removed from office before and you constitution is drafted and harder reports from beirut. they chant against bashar assad the syrian president to a survived an eighty year rebellion against his rule the opposition has been all but defeated all they have left is their voices. no constitution no reconstruction until a third leaves power that is there tomorrow and it's a message syrians in villages and towns across the rebel controlled province of idlib are sending to the international community. we are afraid this new constitution would not be any different and it won't be in the favor of the opposition we are concerned because some contras are now moving closer to the regime. program x. there were fears of a major assault against the province today there is a sense of relief following a deal between russia and turkey that will at least for the time being prevent
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bombing and displacement. russia and iran getting. priority to ties with turkey over regaining control of it lib turkey had warned a government offensive in the province would be a breaking point in their alliance but it wasn't just that a bloodbath would hurt russia's efforts to convince the international community to pay for syria's reconstruction and support a political process that the judum ises assad's government but the united nations says there is still potential for a lot of fighting in civilian populated areas turkey and russia didn't say how they plan to implement a demilitarized zone free of so-called radical rebels but yan egeland's humanitarian task force was given some details it seems turkey backed rebels could play a rule on the ground what i understand is that the so-called war on terror is not called off in the country that will be in the future air raids
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against the listed organizations that will also be fighting between on groups and activists and the so-called terrorists the so-called radicals there is and will be many civilians in these serious. three million syrians who live in it lead half of them already displaced from cities and towns under state control for their reconciling with a government that has killed so many people is not an option they hope the international community feels the same for now the west has shown resistance to work with us but many fear the political transition away from the syrian leader is no longer a priority for the center for their injuries either being picked. the health ministry in gaza or saying one protester has been killed and at least forty injured by israeli fire on the garza order the demonstrations against the israeli blockade on the gaza strip have been going on for more than five months many are demanding
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their right to return to the homes and land their families were expelled from seventy years ago. in the philippines presenter territories proposed changes to the constitution have provoked more protests opposition groups say to tear taste plans for a federal state will lead to a dictatorship a march in manila was on the forty sixth anniversary of the declaration of martial law by home of president ferdinand marcos activists are drawing parallels between the marcos and a territory regime's. australian filmmaker jailed in cambodia for espionage has been given a royal pardon james ricketts and was arrested last june after using the drug to film a rally held by an opposition political party last month he was sentenced to six years in prison on spying charges the sixty nine year old lawyer says he has been going least and is now with his family. the united states has imposed sanctions on the chinese military for buying russian fighter jets and missiles it accuses china of violating existing u.s.
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sanctions on moscow has more from chengdu the chinese government has strongly urged the us to withdraw all sanctions the u.s. state department announced on thursday against a department within china's military now this is because they bought missile systems and fighter jets from russia's leading arms export are money from the sham food the chinese side expresses its strong indignation at the unreasonable act by the united states that has raised serious concerns he strongly urged the united states to correct its mistakes immediately and to lift the so-called sanctions otherwise the united states will bear the consequences as a result the u.s. says this goes against a sweeping law in the united states against doing business with russian entities now that law is based on the u.s. the meddling russia did during the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections in the united states now what this means is this department within the chinese military can apply for export licenses and the department itself and individuals directly involved in this purchase cannot participate in the u.s.
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financial system. north and south carolina suffering from flooding in the aftermath of hurricane florence the storm dumped almost a meter of rain on the u.s. states and the rising floodwaters a causing one particularly nasty type of pollution as john hendren explains. the floodwaters of hurricane florence are unleashing a toxic slurry of hog waste north carolina's swollen river basins are home to thousands of hog and poultry farms in four thousand lagoons filled with hauled waste the state's department of environmental quality says at least one hundred ten of them are leaking into floodwaters or are likely to start leaking soon yes there are some problems today but the concern is what is happening or what's going to happen over the next few days isn't all that heavy rain floods that way downstream two years ago the waters that followed hurricane matthew flooded fourteen lagoons but none breached as the floodwaters of florence continue to rise environmental
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officials say this time the worst is yet to come we did see a couple facilities today that were already in serious trouble they were surrounded by water there look we're surrounded by water there are spray fields or completely covered up the situation is not good but it's not good today but it's likely to get much worse throughout the rest of the week as the waters start to get to their or their flood levels. north carolina has nine point seven million pigs they produce ten billion gallons of manure each year president trump has promised federal aid for the recovery but once the groundwater becomes polluted that job becomes much more difficult and if ingested the excess nitrates in hog waste can cause blue baby syndrome a potentially fatal condition in which your child's blood cells are deprived of oxygen the storm has already proved fatal to fifty five hundred pigs and three point four million chickens and turkeys. another environmental hazard coal ash
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which contains toxic substances like mercury and arsenic that can pollute waterways drinking water in the air north carolina's duke energy company reported that enough coal ash has spilled near the city of wilmington to fill in a lympics sized swimming pool the state's environmental managers say north carolina's pollution problem is likely to grow worse as the floodwaters continue to rise john hendren zero. well coffee prices are at a twelve year low well that's good news for coffee drinkers it means many farmers are also struggling to make a living wage multinational companies like starbucks and nestle are being asked to subsidize them. yet he has been speaking to farm is in there at columbia's main coffee growing region i leave you medallists coffee plants are as lush and loaded with beans observer yet for the first time he's considering leaving them on the tree. with the situation as it is right now we can't continue producing we are
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running out of fertilizers we can't pare debts or pay the workers we've reached our limit the price buyers pay for a leave us pressures arabica beans has fallen to less than one us dollar a pound that's less than what it costs to grow the coffee in colombia's mountainous labor intensive coffee region you've got going to be noticable. i've seen people crying over what they're being paid for a bag of harder and beans people just crying out of desperation. current prices mean that farmers make less than one cent of the u.s. dollar for each cup of coffee sold across the world farmers here in colombia are wondering for just how long they'll be able to work at these prices there's already gave up like the owners of this field that abandoned it two months ago let alone which have it is this that it's very painful it's devastating because we spent all of our life growing coffee. with the wood carving medicine and asked us these are new plants that just started producing last year so much work such
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a big investment yet the situation is so bad that these people decided to let the beans rot with. the small representation of farmers held a sit in in front of the embassy of the european union in bogota to bring attention to do situation leave your says he's giving up hope so. i'm not sure what we're going to do what i do know is that it's not sustainable and that we might be close to the end of the road. the colombian government so this considering emergency financial help for the growers but unless farmers receive a more fair share of the cut their beloved java will leave them with nothing but a bitter taste i was in the room. a group of conservative politicians in ecuador calling for julian assange to be stripped of his ecuadorian nationality and a news conference in the capital quito they presented documents which they say show
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irregularities in his naturalization process last year at google gave a songe citizenship as part of an effort to allow the wiki leaks founder to leave that embassy in london. he's been effectively trapped there since two thousand and twelve to avoid extradition to sweden to face questioning about allegations of sex crimes well there's more to everything we're covering right here including of course our top story and other headlines as well al jazeera dot com. but look at the main stories this hour at least one hundred twenty six people are confirmed dead in tanzania after a ferry overloaded with passengers capsized in late victoria just meters from the shore hopes are fading for many more still missing there's no official word yet on what caused it but the government is already being accused of negligence. here the u.k. prime minister to resign mays accused e.u. leaders are failing to treat her with respect after they unequivocally rejected her
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plan on thursday may said her e.u. counterparts and failed to explain why a check is planned wouldn't work throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the same a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it at this late stage in the negotiations it is not acceptable to simply reject the other side's proposals without a detailed explanation and counterproposals us president donald trump has cast doubt on the woman accusing his supreme court nominee of sexual assault in a verse to professor christine blasi ford is in hiding after going public with accusations against brett cavanagh which date back to when they were school students in one thousand nine hundred eighty two trump says that if the attack was
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a serious as she's saying she would have gone to the police straight away. in syria protesters have been marching in rebel held it live province calling on the international community to stop president assad from cementing his grip on power demanding he be removed from office before a new constitution is drafted russia and turkey are to create a demilitarized zone separating adlib the last province in rebel hands from government held areas. and the health ministry in gaza says one palestinian has been killed and at least forty injured by israeli fire during protests on the gaza border the demonstrations against the israeli blockade on the gaza strip of been going on for more than five months now you're up to date with all of our top stories much more news coming up for at the top the next hour that's in about twenty five minutes time do stay with al-jazeera coming up next this is europe.
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