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tv   La Nouelywood  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2018 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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in syria protesters have been marching in rebel held it live province calling on the international community to stop president assad from cementing his grip on power demanding he be removed from office before a new constitution is drafted russia and turkey to create a demilitarized zone separating at least the last province in rebel hands from government held areas and the health ministry in gaza says one palestinian has been killed and at least forty injured by israeli fire during protests on the gaza border the demonstrations against the israeli blockade on the gaza strip of been going on for more than five months now you're up to date with all of our top stories much more news coming up for the top of the next hour that's in about twenty five minutes time do stay with al-jazeera coming up next this is europe.
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not much money to live for his young. son vision it's really tough to. but is the middle scottish going to supersede. chevy volt of issues and he gets in . a collision some sympathy. first of all settled with settled this will say which of us are almost to a bunch of crazy. because you shot and was on to me old really cool stuff to give all of the jug. or screws loose it is a little collision p.-six plenty of puddle if you do you'll see. more prove to yourself. to buckle to the call to six pm see caucus on the what you all boil all
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the people surely merely. the thoughts of all of you deal this is permitted to defy birth capeci don't talk. about crazy to lose all your broken with justice for the. levy deal as you. well fed needed for her from city of wyoming to skis buses. also more of a love affair might call their love a deal. with
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. the image of the of the indian holding room out of drugs is regina the muslims of. in the nation and progressive often develop what is in syria this would it miss about a meal the fruits of a most unusual food for joining me see john didn't you just you don't think when you see a game you shouldn't i think we did ski moved on up was that species of own too easy ended up with his you know you're so sick of your freakin
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life and she would go on phone feeling but they were looking at you bill. still a plus before the loss of all. the sun on the plate and nobody knew it. good excitement on the part up. but up was inattentive wasn't squeamish noted. for the positive. was it must amount to less. joins in of all sort of it is a bit dull it is i mean. it's almost a bus in about. a budget. sale
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full moon song. i know something of a push the this does seem that i could do a good deal she told me to develop. something. like i think you should ask the governor or go to them. but. not now not. once you know what kind of to put expect something i'm not so much the public to try to pull. up my exam we have some of us to measure get picked up on was done got just for
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today well. done so i'm mosbacher did you read or really knew that you could is of all those of i'm only blue when you two and it's much what was the ones you falsely in the simple nancy we said oh well confess said it go out on one of those cindy my faith. that they're not going to him and don't want you some success with us but none of you know it goes from post to the middle of the bus for the most yes yes even dealers will put a kid on when they want to fill a strawman exposing all the monstrosity when i think that most of the not going to learn would you would just not step outside the law well enough so don't even i don't see much destroyed i don't want to as if you're just a friend again until he. moves markets the revolution there that she must it's a plan or a new idea the switch is still just
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a month. i'm up but the key to fed. just on the. dow. an impact measure. don't even. see but some sense we're going to fail poor cathy don't you want to do anything why important she in this one is also a bit like i mean i don't miss anything about the i think if you do want to feel don't dig me open fields you do for me double digits on top of that if you can if you meant to say sure you get. the i.q. most use. moment don't let you talk the push if you do because if a collision is only going to dog body to avoid the park city are. long does it. should be avoided city are going to go and develop. and we got all of the sixteen
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a mere. phone. acting full of belief which will do you see now you walk weeks here. and i feel sure is to go if this woman is you who do you see now you. must who was your d c i want to. live. in the. i was more. used to multiply. that he said because he walked out of it on paper. two screws in the same traditional school because you. can feel feel cold when you're feeling muscles and you will. proceed to. become so i mean no one who does it to michael brune. is augers on which
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he seemed to love the team. he knew could do good to call gin good to move and good to go no policing will be good to. leisure. and you tube will just. use our melbourne. home. to. see complete corner of the superior you phone to hope the. michael salsa. music scene as does he do if. your boss is. not. pleased. she.
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has to go. vigilantly she all want to work. julie carried you believe you know what i mean that's what. more. was he going to try to do the general to try to fix all is the one i came. up you're filling in for the real on the. day for the only system issues confronting you know you don't. you have to play only what we did was else you can also use a fair which is. just enough to.
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jog on from all over this which officer who was always. supposed to go. through it would you care for so. long as you work will you do it in a place. still. the most unusual level of diggin. it was in the book with some
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particularly with. the world with. the enemies yet. you see. that they don't put that i want to get. don't you know i'll. keep yourself with. this it is evil collusion. was unfortunately for long before feed me don't. buy that. that. i was hoping. you couldn't accept. that you really see. all that political.
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and i wouldn't listen and want to. to come. back home. i mean that it can feel like just chip temple thing could you get sent a piece to pump on the news and assist create him in the sun and you. may want to come up about it before clipping spoke up a delta jet to come on the scene and if you miss adele then call for the da the results and still come over.
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the cliff that's a good thing it's a treat if this took for the give us a look at the soon to be the book book by bob well the scene i was just like the tree of my son's. life with others you know the risk if they don't some of us would you put. troops on the most up on the grid for the people not sleep well last week just about specific with what you can do and what you'll have a chemical it took. over when it's on which to put in what you produce diaf people for. this interim develop. rely so much on the good of the cause i want to feel very well. over the load superstorm a little kids whose fault was removed to those of us in the georgia gym to see the joy of the thing. i was either going to use it outside of all goddesses i said love once in the nowhere does the races
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become just a kid looks at the computer but the. good luck on those and talk with the person as you go. from. the ritual of the show to the. almost piece is. ok because the fiscal deficit to follow through on the get more just what's it all up in the vocal i don't know about but that's what i thought of a comma moves up when he did this to so called him for sinister can should be. no no no no you got to. pick up my ass from the. you know who knows all the thing that will help him back on just because it includes a central. office or book and when you. have a criticism complex and i think very invested oversaw for some of those i forgot just because i want to see you now. assume this is something of a motel. as if you do that too didn't you yes just an example you would not want to
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know that from your choice of the d.p.p. additional still to do for you know would be a good thing is a beautiful thing going to do well bunch me from the resume. and the good stored up moment on the phone. was only through those only when he's so he's simply there but could you be cured i mean i feel sick after his. ski boots more so when children are so much on them enough to come to. them i suppose i mean it. was like oh shit something was going to consult with something that your political ticker is your idea about the. look of. the cuckoos i think the reality is we're going to go oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh couple you got the contract was going to do before the last little if it was miserable for somebody who doesn't even know come over look i don't think i'm very
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. close on this you know moment we're going to put this you know we'll have a little girl i will ask them up if you want me to tell us they don't know what you would offer to do you want him out i'll walk to your home alone with him on what you know how much i think most things as you know you but don't listen talk. to sympathy going to push other people to put it wasn't like that was kind of off just i'm going out my house because we don't free people make fun of us look we don't listen to the boat up or shut up because we know nothing about mike who just got all of us to believe a penalty double profitable dog is a lot of money. let's talk about does your neighborhood munching on the mood of your company's not new to this country become. michel couple this a couple some of the. comments on mr dobbs i mean third member of congress as a result of people who come from what you consider going to.
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the future down there for the. life of the government officer following on opposed to the travel to the very well please i thought oh. well i'll work off the best of a coffee cup oh yes how i'd feel screwed if it loud it was about the public to blame for his i didn't look up but for some of the simplest questions. this officer was. innocent there was half a dozen people who would lose you part nothing but bush had left. their. own home. to mama could lead you to. think. that some of the civil rights movement was. one of the dissidents the few the who going to. hear from. them is not going to do if your little brother doesn't. want it all must go like
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this. woman can't. run. you know you. can see. what's good for. the family and.
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sanaa you play own. my son go all the opponent. in the hall there. for you but some of this is some of. you know from stuff to. me on where miley's live just is. one of those who. march. to if you. want to put.
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no she was no windows itself this is what some of us were talking to others of us all. and it's really really mischievous and it was us that we think you. know now that you're really. who kind of put exhausted up another notch on a fare home. you know nets dustin are using someone comes in because now you
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examine the shoes then you put it to the quick tell club affair of the political. skookum say buckwild is our an awful good homosex. he may have come out of the school can say you see sicko who does the old when you. see now you are the what that bush up to the always just hormone the poor new male who don't come south says poor man who says i'm a sucker punch pretty sourdough to suit your way only do the one of those in iraq and showing yourself to rethink empowerment nor as a tweak would you continue to have a young. man a fish as you're going to.
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buy get by get a couple as a city of hollywood. a guy just to make any. new faces you have. to buy deformity. was the focus i will be. demeaning me to make and with all that's it i'll just laugh if. other possible though mention it to but. just that i mean others will get up to see folks must know it's. almost and. she was wrong on all of us move work on a lawyer for scott. she told me not a choice was offered to suck on or press product to enjoy. or she chose sick of course or a false actor shows flawed. yaps
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oldest muslim undertaker if working here is a seven days a week job that's grown with a community my father purchased a black ambulance man started to do the funerals in london and the family we saw stopping bothering to watch and be kind is this the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera.
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we're. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life so that we venture and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those captives and this award bridges a gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own child to light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your mom an issue for the international base of ward two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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i really felt liberated as a journalist was just getting to the truth a little i would say that's what this joke about. president trump costs delta on the woman who's accused his supreme court nominee of sexual assaults. you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters and. also ahead the death toll rises to with least one hundred thirty one after a ferry capsized on the tanzanian side of lake victoria many are still missing. i will not.


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