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thirty years they deploy and spiritual beliefs see eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. arses later for why barely is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. president from cost down on the woman who's accused his supremes court nominee of sexual assault. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up tanzania declares four days of mourning as the death toll from its ferry disaster rises to at least one hundred thirty one also. i will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will i break up my country. a defiant to resume
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a demands new brakes at proposals from the e.u. a day off to a bruising summit insults bug. the n one palestinian dead and dozens wounded as israeli troops opened fire on protesters in gaza. welcome to the program our top story u.s. president donald trump has cost down on the woman accusing his superman court nominee of sexual assault university professor christine blazin ford is in hiding after going public with the accusations against brett kavanaugh which date back to when they were in school in one thousand nine hundred two trump says that if the attack was a serious is she saying she would have gone to the police straight away. well female friends and colleagues of brett kavanaugh have held a news conference to support for his nomination some of the seventy five women
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attending said they had known him since high school and they considered the allegations inconsistent with their experiences of him women from every phase of judge kavanagh's life those who know him best have stepped forward to say that the allegation being leveled against him is false and we are proud to stand with bret. or us deputy attorney general rod rosenstein meanwhile has denied a newspaper report alleging that he discussed ousting president donald trump a new york times report says that he suggested secretly recording trump early last year after he fired the f.b.i. director james comey to expose the chaos in the white house is also said to have suggested recruiting cabinet members to remove trump under the twenty fifth amendment rosenstein new oversees the federal investigation into russia's role in
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the twenty sixteen election as dismissed the report says factually incorrect let's get more now from john hendren in washington d.c. and yet more explosive allegations and headlines emerging around the white house what has been the reaction there to this report. that's right mary and this is just the latest blockbuster bit of news here as you mentioned rosenstein has denied that this is an accurate portrayal however the department of justice has issued a statement saying he did suggest taping donald trump in the white house but that he had done so sarcastically that that was not a meaningful thing a was really just making a joke in fact the new york times counters to that and says that other people who were in the room at the time and who were in briefings afterwards have said that that was a serious suggestion and that rosenstein went on to suggest that other people
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within the f.b.i. tape donald trump also that he had discussed the twenty fifth amendment to the u.s. constitution in which a majority of the cabinet can remove the president of the united states if he is fit for office now that has already started a bit of a firestorm on twitter john donald j. trump jr says that he and he said we think we have a winner in finding out who anonymous was this is the anonymous person who wrote that it was a senior member of the trumpet administration in the new york times and that many of them were trying to counteract some of trump's worst impulses there are other people including including conservative groups and the former governor of arkansas who now say that rosenstein must be fired of course that something donald trump would be very happy about because he's overseeing the moeller investigation the investigation into trump's administration because jeff sessions the president's attorney general week used themself and of course the other big story everyone's following the allegations that have been made against president supremes court
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nominee president composition speaking against christine blazin forward and also developments around the times of a proposed senate hearing to hear if ford's on occasions. that's right president trump has tweeted out today saying if this happened thirty six years ago why didn't she reported at the time he's clearly questioning her credibility now a deadline has just passed for an offer by the republicans on the senate judiciary committee these are the people who would oversee these hearings to christine was a full forward saying that they would propose that on wednesday she testified first then cavanagh would testify that no other people would testify this contradicts the way she wanted to do it she wanted an f.b.i. investigation possibly other witnesses and she would like to go second so that she could can't contradict anything that kavanagh has to say in denying the charge that he sexually assaulted her some thirty six years ago we have not heard yet as to
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whether she will agree to that but right now the latest proposal is that republicans want her to appear on wednesday kavanaugh would appear just after her we'll see what her response to that is but the the effort here is to avoid a kind of circus and it sets up a he said she said situation much like in one nine hundred ninety one during the clarence thomas hearings when anita hill was heard by the committee and then they essentially want to hadn't voted to approve clarence thomas anyway and mitch mcconnell the leader of the senate the republican leader has already said that cabinet will be the next justice of the u.s. supreme court nevertheless if it gets through the committee then it goes to the full senate and if every democratic senator and two republicans vote against kavanaugh they can actually kill this nomination and they have some suspect republicans who they think might be able to go along with him so how this plays out is really very important over the next few days all right thank you very much john hendren bring us all the latest from washington well earlier i spoke to vail right
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director of research and special projects at the american psychological association specializing in the effect of violence against women she spoke about what might have prompted christine forward to make these accusations now. it's really important i understand that it's an incredibly small percentage of individuals who report their salt to anyone and it's even a smaller percentage of individuals who are going reported to some sort of formal entity such as law enforcement and the police even when victims do end up coming forward and disclosing it's often many many years after the fact and it's usually to somebody who's a confidant such as a friend or maybe a therapist there's a lot of reasons why women do not report and a lot of it has to do with this myriad of emotional responses that victims experience after an assault including and not limited to emotions such as fear shock and disbelief sadness anger and unfortunately shame and guilt.
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tanzania's president has ordered the arrest of a ferry operator involved in the latest disaster on lake victoria john magaw declared four days of mourning for the hundred thirty one passengers who drowned when the crowded capsized meters from the shore many others are still missing web reports from the ugandan side of the lake. lake victoria became a grave site on thursday afternoon after a ferry capsized and sank the ferry was overloaded with more than four hundred people on board when the ferry was coming to a stop people moved from one side to the other and the way to tip the ferry over nearby vessels were diverted to assist. the. we're here to rescue people if there's anyone alive with god's help we'll rescue as
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for those who have died we'll get them out too for now we're concentrating on the rescue operation as you can see specialists have arrived. just a few meters from the dog in the u. career with a district officials don't know the exact number of people missing the person dispensing the ticket was drowned and the machine recording the data hasn't been retrieved some eyewitnesses say there were hundreds of people on board. tanzania's president john magaw declared four days of mourning. made the souls of those who've passed on in the hands of god and those who are injured maybe he'll quickly i've decided to have four days for mourning as a nation to remember those who died on. lake victoria lies within canada near kenya and uganda some of the deadliest accident have occurred in tanzania pattern your posts are sometimes old and dilapidated overloaded nine hundred ninety six one
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hundred people died when a passenger and cargo ferry sank in twenty eleven almost two hundred people died when a ferry capsized near zanzibar. waterways are always busy because they're crucial to people's livelihood. there's always activity along the shores of lake victoria any time of day or night people depend on the lake for their survival fishermen for fishing others for water transport and trade the people on the boat that capsized many of them are on their way home from a market when the boat it over but now it's more than a day since the boat capsized hopes of finding any survivors now very slim malcolm webb al-jazeera port uganda european council president alter succès he's convinced the e.u. and the u.k. can still find a compromise of a break he was reacting to a strongly worded statement by the british prime minister to resign may a day after break sepang was heavily criticized at
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a summit in austria she demanded more suspect for the u.k. and accused a lead is a failing to provide better options for an amicable deal reeling from her bruising a huge summit theresa may delivered a defiant ultimatum to europe the e.u. should be clear i will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will i break up my country. we need serious engagement on resolving the two big problems in the negotiations and we stand ready she hoped for warm words from her counterparts at thursday's eve summit in salzburg she was instead met with an unequivocal rejection of her latest breaks it plan ever of others share the view that why positive elements in the checkers proposal. just a tremor comic operation will not work. not least because the truth is undermining
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the single market the putdowns continued on tusks instagram account a piece of cake wrote task sorry no cherries the job of britain's perceived cherry picking of bricks of proposals that suit the u.k. but no one else the french president emanuel mccrum said he would never accept a deal which damages the e.u.'s integrity and said those promoting the idea that brags it will be positive for britain are liars to resume a responded saying it was time for the e.u. to show britain some respect throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the say a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it teresa mayes breaks it strategy was drawn up at her country retreat checkers in july it proposes a u.k. e.u. free trade area and a common rule book for industrial and agricultural goods to prevent exports and
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imports from getting stuck at borders. but the e.u. and u.k. can't agree on what will happen here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. the republic of ireland and a u. member the u.k.'s promise there will be no return to a hard border but it's rejected the e.u. has a backstop plan to keep the region aligned with its trading rules it is something we will never agree to set to resume a it would mean breaking up our country the proper response and to read from a proposal has been playing among hard line breaks appear within her own party to believe the e.u. are pushing for more confessions from the u.k. but. will be leaving me you will be increasingly more and more pointless they want a clean break with or without a reason may be but this latest message to europe may help restore some confidence from brics or tears who believe she hasn't been tough enough the prime minister
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says there's currently no counter proposal on the table this is an impasse with no solution in sight needs bark at al-jazeera westminster much more still ahead for you on the program stood tall against war and weather experts warn neglect could be the greatest threat to this archaeological chan any iraqi city of samarra. and colombian coffee farmers leave their crops to rot as prices hit a twelve year low. hello again it's good to have you back well here across australia we are looking at one system here that pushed through alice springs this brought some rain rain that they haven't seen in over one hundred sixty days actually broke a record so the rain is pushing through just one day of it not a lot too in terms of accumulation but that area of clouds is going to start to make its way over here towards the east on saturday the coast is not looking too
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bad anywhere from brisbane down towards melbourne but as we go towards sunday then we're going to start to pick up some clouds and some rain maybe for sydney tempter though about twenty five degrees but down towards melbourne winds out of the southwest we do expect to see about twelve degrees there well as you make your way over towards new zealand we are looking at a lot of clouds here on the satellite image so not too much as it comes back here across the tasman sea so that's some good news take it with your forecast map as we go towards saturday the north island still sees those clouds and rain showers probably some windy conditions as well down towards the south island we are looking at christ church partly cloudy fourteen degrees for you but we do expect to see more clouds coming into play as we go towards sunday and then very quickly appear towards northern part of asia we are seeing quite a bit of rain over the next few days particular developing across much of japan now that is only going to last one day but is going to be quite heavy at times and as we go towards sunday that moves out things get better and we are looking at tokyo with a temperature of about twenty. counts
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of the cost this week terrorists sold thousands of products the biggest trading giants on the product escalate the trade war the worst performing currency of asia india's rupee plus what ice cream sales are melting away and culprit. the cost. of. just a quick look at top stories now u.s.
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president donald trump has cost doubts on allegations that his superior court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted fellow pupil christine blazin forty nine hundred eighty two. tanzania is a claim for days of mourning for one hundred thirty one people confirmed dead after a crowded ferry overloaded capsized in lake victoria metres from the shore many more are still missing and the u.k. prime minister to resign may has demanded a new bracks it proposals and respect from a you need as. after they rejected have planned on thursday. when our cavanagh supreme court nomination in the accusations have been made against him at dividing along political lines there is strong support for him at the largest annual gathering of conservative question evangelicals being held in washington the values voters summit is a crucial constituency for donald trump and the republicans as the midterm elections approach jabber tanzim reports. the values voters summit is organized by the family research council and christian evangelical group that says
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its goal is to defend family values and religious liberties in practice the group is best known for its attacks on muslims and the gay community the southern poverty law center which monitors right wing groups in the u.s. calls it a hate group by the way it represents an integra part of donald trump space we are now officially end session white christian evangelicals monger put aside their skepticism of donald trump's godliness because he pledged to nominate justices to the supreme court of the united states who would rule in favor of christian fundamentalist belief eighty percent voted for him in the election and loyalty to trump remains high but there is a feeling among christian evangelical leaders but republican members of congress own doing enough to protect supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh from attack he's accused of drunkenly sexually assaulting a young girl when he was seventeen at a party in the early eighty's i thought he might inadvertently kill me christine
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blasi forward said cavanagh denies the allegation and here are the values voters summit support for calvin or remain solid if you walked in anywhere and said i have i want to report of a sexual assault yes ma'am. when did this happen thirty six years ago excuse me. thirty six years ago yes do you have a eyewitnesses where there are two witnesses but they both deny it happened. you concerned about the allegations of sexual assault. not that much said he didn't get confirmed i don't know if i'd even come out and vote anymore because the republicans have to stand up for something and that's what the republican leadership fears they're already nervous about low turnout if the trump base believes the president's claims that the republicans will sweep the upcoming midterm elections boyd by his brilliant performance the polls suggest otherwise and now if they lose the favor of reliable voters like the evangelicals it will be
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a disaster which is why they're pushing for a swift confirmation vote in a very near future judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court. but the risk for republicans is that if cavanagh is confirmed without seeming to have a fair hearing or investigation into the allegations it will enrage and energize independents and women voters to turn out in force in of ember against them she ever time see al-jazeera washington. in gaza the health ministry saying one protester has been killed and at least forty others injured by israeli fire on the gaza border demonstrations against the israeli blockade have been going on for more than five months now many are demanding their right to return to their homes and land their families were expelled from seventy years ago how forces sent their son earlier. so we're here just a short distance away from the israeli border and the man you can see at the center of that scrum there is yassin where the hamas leader in gaza the second most senior
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hamas official in the whole of the organization the match shows you a very interesting thing that there is a real improvement or of hamas which controls the gaza strip on this protest it is the by far the most sizable such process we've seen in several weeks of course are approaching six months of these friday protests here at the gaza border in recent weeks that there have dwindled to some extent this is large and it shows you the kind of political pressure that hamas now finds itself under because on two fronts on one it's been engaging in at least in direct negotiations with israel over a long term cease fire many people here feel with that process is either collapsing or is on the very verge of collapse certainly there's been nothing to show for it so far the other front is with the rival palestinian faction in the occupied west bank which controls the palestinian authority all sorts of rumors going around gaza that after an october the first deadline which has been imposed by the p.a.
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on hamas to some progress on reconciliation some sort of concessions from hamas about some kind of unified government with the p.a. that the p.a. is prepared to impose a new financial pressures on the people of gaza so hamas is under pressure that could potentially explain why this protest is bigger than usual and there are still thousands of people had to come here despite the risks we spoke to one young man who'd lost one leg in an earlier protest and then in another protest was shot in the other leg the remaining leg and he's back here again today. and there are hundreds of others if not thousands prepared to do the same thing. well now to syria where protesters have been marching in rebel held calling on the international community to stop president assad cementing is grip on power demanding he be removed from office before a new constitution is drafted algis arizona order a ports from beirut. they chant against bashar assad the syrian president to a survived an eighty year rebellion against his rule the opposition has been all
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but defeated all they have left is their voices. oh no constitution no reconstruction until a third leaves power that is their demand it's a message syrians in villages and towns across the rebel controlled province of idlib are standing up to the international community. we are afraid this new constitution would not be any different and it won't be in the favor of the opposition we are concerned because some contras are now moving closer to the regime. program x. there were fears of a major assault against the province today there is a sense of relief following a deal between russia and turkey that will at least for the time being prevent bombing and displacement. russia and iran gave priority to ties with turkey over regaining control of it live turkey had warned a government offensive in the province would be a breaking point in their alliance but it wasn't just that a bloodbath would hurt russia's efforts to convince the international community to
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pay for syria's reconstruction and support a political process that the judum ises assad's government but the united nations says there is still potential for a lot of fighting in civilian populated areas turkey and russia didn't say how they plan to implement a demilitarized zone free of so-called radical rebels but yan egeland's humanitarian task force was given some details it seems turkey backed rebels could play a role on the ground while. i understand is that the so-called war on terror is not cordoned off in a country that will be in the future air raids against the listed organizations that would also be fighting between on groups and activists and the so-called terrorists the so-called radicals. there is and will be many civilians in these areas.
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three million syrians live in half of them already displaced from cities and towns under state control for them reconciling with a government that has killed so many people is not an option they hope the international community feels the same for now the west has shown resistance to work with us but many fear the political transition away from the syrian leader is no longer a priority for the center for their bankrupt. well now to iraq where some of the most significant archeological discoveries in the city of samarra unesco says that it should be protected as a world heritage site locals are saying it's landmarks are being left to crumble matheson explains. for twelve centuries the spiral minaret of the great mosque has survived storms and wars but perhaps its greatest danger is from neglect and. this is the first time we've seen the spiral minaret since two thousand and three
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i'm shocked there's been no attempt to restore there are no rubbish baskets no proper benches for visitors if this was in any other country it would be a piece of art. in two thousand and seven they already badly damaged city of samarra was protected as a world heritage site by the us it was hoped that it would encourage more visitors and business but more than a decade later little has been done and if. so it's a little different to the permits and any other peace in the middle east. history and archaeology call the site but it doesn't get a proper attention. so model lies on both sides of the river tigris north of baghdad it marks the site of a powerful islamic capital the ruled over the past that empire which stretched from tunis here to central asia for a century it's estimated eighty percent of it still lies undiscovered. but the
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spiral mineral that has gone through dark times even the nearby park that was built not long ago is also neglected the authorities should be investing in such a historical landmark so that archaeological tourism chemical orosz in samarra city will iraq's in the process of rebuilding its present day cities after decades of violence but for a country which is said to have a wealth of archaeological treasures the people of somalia say that iraq should be protecting its history to rob matheson al jazeera. and all the stories of following a catholic bishop in india has been arrested over allegations he repeatedly raped a nun in a case that has triggered angry protests bishop franco was arrested a day off to pope francis relieved him of his duties over the scandal the non first made the accusations in june that police didn't question him until september. meanwhile india has launched its first national register sex offenders following an
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outcry of a sexual crimes against women and girls their four hundred forty thousand names are in the database including people convicted of rape gang rape child sex crimes and sexual harassment. how well coffee prices are to twelve year low that's good news for coffee drinkers by its left many from a struggling now there are calls for companies like starbucks and nestle to subsidize them asunder m.p.'s he has spoken to farmers in columbia's main coffee growing region. i leave your coffee planes are as lush and loaded with beans as ever yet for the first time he's considering leaving them on the tree. with the situation as it is right now we can't continue producing we are running out of fertilizers we can't pare debts or pay the workers we've reached our limit the price buyers pay for a leave us pressures arabica beans has fallen to less than one us dollar a pound that's less than what it costs to grow the coffee in colombia's mountainous
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labor intensive coffee region you've got going to. i've seen people crying over what they're being paid for a bag of carter and beans people just crying out of desperation. current prices mean that farmers make less than one cent of the u.s. dollar for each cup of coffee sold across the world farmers here in colombia wondering for just how long they'll be able to work at these prices there's already gave up like the owners of this field that abandoned it two months ago. it's very painful it's devastating because we spent all of our life growing coffee quickly because. these are new plants that just started producing last year so much work such a big investment yet the situation is so bad that these people decided to let the beans rot. a small representation of farmers held a sitting in front of the embassy of the european union in bogota to bring
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attention to dear situation and leave your says he's giving up hope saying. i'm not sure what we're going to do what i do know is that it's not sustainable and that we might be close to the end of the road yes. the colombian government so this is considering emergency financial help for the growers but unless farmers receive a more fair share of the cut their beloved java will leave them with nothing but a bitter taste i was in the room. quick look at the top stories for you now u.s. president donald trump has cast doubt on the woman accusing his supreme court nominee of sexual assault in a versity professor christine lacy ford is in hiding after going public with the accusations against brett callan are which date back to when they were in school in one thousand nine hundred two trump says that if the attack was
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a serious as she's saying she would have gone straight to the police. tanzania has declared four days of mourning after a ferry capsized neuters from the shore in lake victoria killing at least one hundred thirty one people hundreds more are feared missing from the overloaded boats and hopes are fading for those still missing the ferry was overloaded with more than four hundred people on board when the ferry with coming to a stop people moved from one side to the other on the way to the ferry over. well u.k. prime minister treason may has accused the leaders of failing to treat the k. with respect after the ana quickly rejected her breakfast plan on thursday may said her e.u. counterparts are not explained why they believe czech is plan wouldn't work throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the same
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a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it. at this late stage in the negotiations it is not acceptable to simply rejects the other side's proposals without a detailed explanation and counterproposals some news from gaza the health ministry says one protester has been killed at least forty others injured by israeli fire on the border the demonstrations against the blockade on the gaza strip of been going on for more than five months now. and in syria protesters have been marching in the last province in rebel hands calling on the international community to stop president assad from cementing his grip on power they are demanding he be removed from office before a new constitution is drafted russia and turkey have agreed to create a demilitarized zone separating rebels from government held areas you're up to date with all of our top stories coming up next on out is there it's counting the cost.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian said again this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week tariffs thousands of products the biggest trading giants on the planet just escalated their trade war. also this week india's rupee it's not the worst performing currency it asia will take a look at why. plus why the upcoming election is causing ice cream sales to melt away in kabul. when the world's two
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biggest economic powers engage in a trade war the rest of the world is left watching of wondering where it will all end if this week is anything to go by it could mean an escalation of the ongoing protracted.


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