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tv   The 15 Minute Massacre  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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on air and on. sammy's a dam in dar with a look at the headlines here now to syria now tanzania's president has ordered the arrest of a ferry operator involved in the disaster on leg victoria go fully declared four days of mourning for the passengers who drowned at least one hundred thirty one died and hundreds more are still missing after the crowded boat capsized on thursday welcome web reports from the ugandan side of the lake. lake victoria became a grave site on thursday afternoon after a ferry capsized and sank when the ferry was coming to a stop people moved from one side to the other on the way to tip the ferry over nearby vessels were diverted to assist.
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we are here to rescue people if there's anyone alive with god's help we'll rescue them as for those who have died we'll get them out too for now we're concentrating on the rescue operation as you can see specialists have arrived. just very frank just a few metres from the dog in the u. career we district officials don't know the exact number of people missing the person dispensing the tickets drowned and the machine recording the data hasn't been retrieved some eyewitnesses say there were hundreds of people onboard tanzania's president john magaw declared four days of mourning. for him because i made the souls of those who've passed on rest in peace in the hands of god and those who are injured maybe he'll quickly i've decided to have four days for mourning as a nation to remember those who have dial and. lake victoria lies within tanzania kenya and uganda some of the deadliest accident have occurred in tanzania pattern
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your boats are sometimes old and dilapidated overloaded nine hundred ninety six hundred people died when a passenger and cargo ferry sank and in twenty eleven almost two hundred people died when a ferry capsized near zanzibar. waterways are always busy because they're crucial to people's livelihood there's always activity along the shores of lake victoria any time of day or night people depend on the lake for their survival fishermen for fishing others for water transport and trade the people on the boat that capsized many of them are on their way home from the market when the boat over but now it's more than a day since the boat capsized hopes of finding any survivors and now very slim a mile from where al jazeera port uganda the chairman of the u.s. senate judiciary committee says he'll give brett kavanaugh as accuser more time to
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negotiate the details of her testimony before the committee christine ford says cavanagh sexually assaulted her in high school he denies those charges the committee had set a friday deadline to agree the details of ford's testimony but the extension was announced a few minutes ago the health ministry in gaza says one protester is being killed at least forty wounded by israeli fire along the gaza border fence on friday demonstrations against the israeli blockade of gaza have been going on for more than five months the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has denounced reports of reeducation camps for weaker muslims in western china he was speaking in washington d.c. at a conference on the state of religious freedom around the world hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of leaders are held against their will and so called reeducation camps. were forced to endure severe political indoctrination and other
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awful abuses their religious beliefs are decimating the u.k.'s prime minister to resign mayors accuse the e.u. leaders of failing to resist treat the u.k. with respect that's after they are not quickly rejected her brags that plan on thursday may said her e.u. counterparts had not explained why they believe checkers planned wouldn't work of parity as in mexico have declared emergencies for three northern states after a tropical depression caused widespread flooding at least three people died in the floodwaters and three more of presumed to have been swept away thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes streets became rivers it's witness now stay with us.
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just audio man is you know they don't look. down on me. if you see i hear d.s. is very in a v.a. i don't like to be a means for. a man who. see their the way to fight the past fifty saw they have. a lot of. the cruiser in the city. this said bob my comment yvette bed head is on this that all of the southern n.k.v.d. then we asked you are they all the yemenis the four wittig.
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if i see any force i don't want to end it. would be good to head into the pit. boss on the new and put to a total bull fight. on.
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if we were doing better just going to people. right now slapping. observers on fourth of. the founder who goes you held on. other. speed police thought i saw him. pretty much the same thing to have a cigarette come into the oven or sink when you lie on the wall he lie on their feet came up shining a noose a go if. you're a helmet you're quite for that. daughters it gobbled up really just thinking i myself and the people on here know for me and they have.
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a guy who's gay monger who says he's in the city and to me that he may have it while i lived in nevada your ghost mourner didn't remodel him to tear the hole in my old colleague from. i brought forth are. here to live. enough to get a lot they take in. syria . so the muslim in me. the proportions containers haven't. you all were most of all a dane baby. sitter. was
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a good day i. was a key he did all. he did. talk with who she got me. thinking she's the. boxing escape city we would like him for bush to give them. to me. about math to match with us though here among oyster fifty. is a true us to the endless among ting in the. immediate and if the from. there to yeah fasts shem askin for she sed. fame six of. us it and. if.
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good in there yeah of course to any one for my fix yeah no city state employee quite on the extreme high i say this and say don't minimize. or sixteen all these tests how. much he. could put it in school people clearly committed some of his five years to apply and go to school what in order to cure the ability of nepal's and noblest city. officials he's off six. feet. to feel safe. oh i. will follow my display obviously the law and the who teach that in the event that
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you just asked if being modified in a deal more d.f. nothing at all with each hot disco or the one to boston. he gave just a kid the mr thing is an off on its self-esteem. seems to be the choosing to. go to. school doesn't injured or all of. the top issues but. if you've got your shit you forget it. on. a come go and who has to own the middes for wind in the new going off and. the duty to reach the foot. this if it be. timmy's then it.
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oscillates yes always on the did he did a nephew of the ended up if this is. infinitely. i know now i think. your honor i'm sure there are. just isn't awful at the start in the us. david is more of a mensa. we're not there it's a document some sets and phone photos to talking to online sort of compound you know you don't want to mime of for. instance. and all.
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the who koku see it that he know what you're saying if they know if i'm one hundred five needle and made their throw thirty seven teeth now i'm away so see you should be bought at tunnels he demeans getting skin gets taken time. to distract them i go. just to pass but i'm open colleague paul said oh you saw him too many standing just all the enlisted who is who i'm. also via. the comments of a mate in the auto not. in full day to. day it was awful but i made it up one day and all be yours as i will be doing so because he told. it me as i hit you you go to school you still feel. it obvious acts him i think that's where you put him in
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the so all. of life that in him. only from being blended used the math please follow a common phrase stating that the tongue can divide it it gets too hot it was cold therefore you could talk to nina. they don't think wait on them to sell and to nancy a lot of it's you know as you go out in the going to some to name some ongoing affair here. to place where they had a. any school with enormous is the knees the moon or the house or c. that are coming put it school give it. a c. but accommodate all. they be free to she gets. to see at a common one for their school day don't be sad ready to push it to school bush went on the interstate all laying. as it was going to eight keep the ball
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if it was cornell call it a chemical or a dog will not publish me. whenever they're in the sauna ed demo for them covalent is going to give me a discount on the. idea of. the stand program at the roof of my eyes and teeth i don't want to study political and message it is ok to talk. about safety if it was to go far. sometimes forty. made it a pain i was happy to for two of us were better than all that is you know oh yeah you know i did want to ask a oh maybe. to pay some bozo to go to. a children aged. six or eight
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a federal. civilian hands off again. or so pretty close to one so bill. automakers are at. least as good a copy skift. you'd say you know who's going to be a sock to school the disability school b.c. . they have you free too she did it. as a photo board a common old for my colleague and. even fay as we so much. i didn't meet the cop has a comical meeting i'm going. to meet him who's got a. few months of me to play as well so it's always possible needs his best friend
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to install him so the i'll have to test his wish in its midst owned on montague at all staying on at the at but he has been. may have. scooted to school in some men and the mess and the whole idea is to demean. the fault here i think if they. know how this can see in message. yes you have. but it is the most infamous. if in a line. as he. is for his day so he made that. many that he died this year like they did on those of you it is in that hall you say in the mean of it mean and yet. he said to kane at knew of civility kevin i knew a family that cloudy saw
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a tail end of course even. if you hold off even if it is for an eye on the forehead a comma to deaden first episode is good. it is on dean and starts in a. so they mean they moving quickly don't know if there is a couple of them there or is all of a coma. there will. be like a reality t.v. back overstock people who came. out for a century or so. which keep what you case papers they'll be a power as a powerful alter the. way excel ski charitable. speciated of full meant to forge edgy mange provided on a major news recovery or for not yours to ignore so if you go photos go for the
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dealer would feel pressure was building. the load was great for. when the caribbean. foresaw loss of. the rules of engagement. but it is. least india it's talks. always. and then it's talks like that for the men to your sort they're on for italy in. here so you see somebody here we need. to calmest is some. of the greatest crew in a division two. years. so you.
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know my means were. right in. my. joke. he says so you see to invest. that havea. in. the goalkeeper born i mean holding or a great many. men are. mandated to profit for their pay if the men. somewhat men are tending company of to school equipment. me through a bigger new skill. but they were not. then competent us.
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them. a sort of offender the monk things could see. it company that had the good the store to leave open but in most. of his tether as sabharwal quite not so good you quote on us all in. team i used to. for the review had our toes with him. but he did do a concert bust moment is end of a stacking inquiry we've been waiting. for him to all yet he did if he did. a full phone i has a monster of a to create for him to name in mindy query at first though the head did for the first thought the any tape the skit was cool a toast. for company is on him if yes then if i kill you take a. sip the henning's of tea with philadelphia could be on an almost it is the foot
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envy could. have as you can whiskey have it eat it eat it means can that's what i did the tape. we cut for through the head day as would seem to you dave and if you give us additional weight as i have said it's going to mess up. if asked to be there the i just know at the end that they in for the lead are the if you had a bomb. it would heal. you hear what you want the lot that the station is in all of the cake risking it. to hear.
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it. the first you see. in it is the dame among the eight being a novus in and pushed dog. food an egg in top. of. the truck with the tests medicine and in and. of all sin own many maiden care was good job was going from six a to all men some to soon then have as should be sooner. thought needs to divide the said this in any and wisdom on kind of choosing to me to. do to do any cobbett always in the stove all on the receipt school it of a quality id imposed. ye have to conclude that.
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the first offer given here. were. it kept as memory and present realities. for you jenny and the camera as a tour photographer and often shot. in one of when a siamese most deprived area children who had nothing. now have a voice. to danielle's close part of the viewfinder latin america series on out as. one of the really special
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things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that each other's lives but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel in fear of a good audience across the globe. a climb to stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just a logical objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors the bearings are selling i think artifact is worth finances to be headaches and muslims in the middle east don't sound like that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera.
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i'm sam is a down in the over the headlines here now does iran tanzania's president has ordered the arrest of a ferry operator involved in the disaster on lake victoria four days of mourning has been declared for the passengers who drowned at least one hundred thirty one died and hundreds more are still missing after the crowded boat capsized on thursday rescuers in the philippines continue to search for survivors after a landslide in several province very dozens of homes on thursday at least twenty nine people have been killed while more than fifty people are feared buried under the rubble the chairman of the u.s. senate judiciary committee says he'll give brett kavanaugh accuser more time to negotiate the details of her testimony before the committee christine ford says
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cavanagh sexually assaulted her in high school he denies those charges the committee had set a friday deadline to agree to the details for ford's testimony the health ministry in gaza says one protester has been killed and at least forty wounded by israeli fire along the gaza border fence on friday demonstrations against the israeli blockade of gaza have been going on for more than five months now it's been more fighting in southern neighborhoods of libya's capital tripoli at least eleven people have been killed most of them civilians. u.s. secretary of state mike compare has denounced reports of reeducation camps for weaker muslims in western china he was speaking as a conservative political conference in washington d.c. hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of leaders are held against their will and so called reeducation camps were forced to endure severe political
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indoctrination and other awful abuses their religious beliefs are decimating. the u.k. prime minister to resign may has accused the leaders of failing to treat the u.k. with respect that's after they unequivocal rejected her brags that plan on first day may said her counterparts are not explained why they believe her checkers plan would not work of art is in mexico of declared emergencies for three northern states after a tropical depression caused widespread flooding at least three people died in the floodwaters and three more presumed to have been swept away it's back to witness now stay with us. it's the cheapest rail service in the d.r. congo the largest country in sub-saharan africa the swallow crosses half the country from lubumbashi to a labor. it's the only link between remote villages and the outside world. the
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swallow has been around for more than fifty years like a local bus it stops a virtually every station passengers clamber for remaining seats people cram into whatever space they can find. nearly two thousand people all together three times the officially permitted capacity for those who weren't able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the roof. travelers have to remain alert a lapse in attention could be fatal. the danger comes not just from above. even at the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can cut like a machete.
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that's when they get an update on your patrol and they do it all but it's it of done it that i'll open it on you stuff i don't know which notionally the paste unca you don't have it and you. can actually. pick an example and watch it all the nice but virtually silent watches i don't know what is god updates in you now. a minute in a bottle i put below but i'll choose what i know in evil called be sure that what you actually know in him. how uniquely should be portrayed in the dreama equation.
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when you feel better about. the story you're. telling to believe. that you've got it will because such a nice family. as possible but could we find some of those people. that might be alive today. in a nickel blessed nikolay. is for the only. thingy past the large. phone which physics. transporter i swear their face saver a lot more usually aura is vaguely says. not a cheeto sailor. told. all beaches t.v.
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oh yes i want to. sleep. check. your disability that i was. a man a. member when you came for the school. but as the water is so severely. on it so all the. loss. now. yes of course they saw somebody but we couldn't see that. they were all. what i hear now that they actually ask for help i had never heard about this.
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us on a russian. spring the prostate memo which of the. people who shall is. a. good police nice nice stuff. often. when i hear you like this i can only apologise for that because i haven't got any information at all. across the. stash of. rush. yet just one obviously don't prefer to e.q. the prima t.v. and the. more they are below russia they read the just amusing us. we said. it was up the sun was out for me i did not see the real as it is trivial even if it
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is. we were from the high command to you when we had to stay in or. be quiet and we were often allowed all trained to feel in their boring. chairs only devonish. dollar starlee bottle transported for bad silly one of the most the worst many believe be done as cheese t.v. me. now you are going to show. them the numbers change. the me for some other team. i am also a human even it can be hard to understand but i stick to my own. well i know. or chased him.
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on this so many. things he might. sneak a maybe it's. thought was. i have to take this me. that i have all. this mystery. here. so i can match the situation from from when you came up where did you have your troops and how many you don't need to tell you that they be taken him as adults president bush
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. he had a better service for us we didn't so it was supposed to be i looked at the post and it is i know it's national you know and beats the you know series or that technically it was that says that it has to be a beer. either leads and this myth that i read it is that you know that the area of ground in a territory is a political sort of do you know where the school is in goal. is that i'm just going to have you been there yourself. to do that. you know i protested national interests are the same that is so central food. it is sad to see this. that is the colonna krycek doing some ability to acquit us interests good to be a yellow is delany out the mobile. necco dug out there will be
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yet. to tell a human i could go out with them would be like to be a predator but i'd be less action it could be a good. wus believe units or not. that it is but it took out there will be a year leisure oh yeah then during. the me of that be a president your new us could go near being that it's. really an emo quite a popular career as it was. level because it isn't and when. it's a thing that someone from isn't true that she was the one who got the country but i'm the one i want to start on it's own charge made a hell of a rush to increase its adult bills in uniform so here is you know as it
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unfortunately we don't have uniform way with us here as you probably know we want to find out why did the this killing happen at the school and who did it. justice of the border or massacre of course. and that's that's why we're here at the moment is that i was because of some you know. when you think you should believe it would look to want. to be me and i'm willing to give you an order no one me even when winning from his office and they were not here i'm going to give you any other choice his men weren't here involved on it of course he says either one. so you mean he said he thought there were some sobs here and killed them sure to be cannot find anybody else. so i thought maybe i'm not right. there is so the people who they cannot help.
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and some sometime in your mind you can you talk you think you do are doing something good for them you are ending their suffering and you end it. you didn't do the good thing but you know you are you are living in those that you are and then sat there the suffering you kind of help them you don't want to left them to the cruel enemy who is coming. for me that's that's one of the explanation there was heavy fighting around here as that time as well the ace and who couldn't be on edge we don't have any any soldier or group or unit who was under the command of christian army in court. that's it that's it.
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lend me something quite as. i don't like when i have any. room. for. x. and has for data a question that with. the litmus. vs . is have are something. at the title and in they come and i want to.
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say hey i saw. you does peter. turn a bigger bill of his biggest just really of course course because i was told from my hotel in command not to take in the boreas part i mean we just have to. take mr truly could be billing i was great but at the fourth of august there was no mandate any longer there was no mandate for being in this area and have a buffer zone between the cross and the syrups deli the mystic the only syria munda peace. keeping. mogadishu to. open as a serious. due to zero.
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yet diverted to. erie there's a. three motors dolly you're going to hear your verse a conductor peacekeeping is good that i can assist you in war here i was suddenly in a situation as a commander and it was very bad that we couldn't help or we not allowed to help that that's actually the only answer and i'm and i'm sorry that we couldn't help because i understand the question and it's sitting there yes it's obvious it's rare the results are that these are several certain that observe does good but that you. do your this key but you need to be an impulse kiba for you to do does cuba i can only. a huge time i'm
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sorry. that we. didn't do anything more but we kept to the all of you were given we were not allowed to go out of them so i understand you. about. yeah back misty that does your fits you does give you any more of that as mr cardoza cry cry. i have no answer for i see myself i see my as a professional officer but i hear what you're saying. i have felt very story since ninety ninety five and up and up to today it was not my family here but i have eyes and i have a mind and an officer so again i understand you that you were angry so many. barriers to. the
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next everest able to make a very and who see that the world is those who sailed through the. do ship is to believe missing the boat it by his knowledge of those who it respects clearly the nipping at this study but this korean ali moore was there was a void still with vista a bit about the to tell it oh my dad is the him even is that this. says you carry a mutt that's a god of non-executives what is really true is the zone is going to nip it they come as early as only to have a zero need to have it just as when the baby. is .
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unmoved i ask her if i can have the whole be before i get to the. p.s.a. . and only a speedo a quest put an end i. am in total.
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chaos there. kuya your viewpoint. and they could be you know into the heart of your soul and go . ah crazy. oh and then they clean fence to play. petro being. sold was your best friend. you know service for the us to be was from the us with those folks who brings a. lot of previous veteran out of giroud.
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and the trees those upon want she's a swear to abuse. what was actually happening said he he went to that hospital. in katrina was a union worker police officer but he on zonal not sure you'd sit over will oh yes he saw the a brother who was killed him and that was why ashley he will burn off their illicit folk also because focusing on the clip of you pulled so and then he went by a bus down to the wall did you know anything about that or was anybody phoning the family and said now we are. they old sick and leave us some of visuals describing the cornea nichols think human evoke on scott's how did you fell for it just think of all him there those were the kids through no christopher was really forced through denise's all of their cool. nearly for a monster person is going to be
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a want to show you. this is that osho i can inform you that the doc will was killed by a shot in the middle of the breast. even if you don't doesn't that something that's near an older person and not a cold beer toughest moment will send off. young people soon. spread it allays yeah from the back from the phone now from the front spin off yes. and then it goes from another video. being the livio motion toning to his feet though he was the talk that he was killed i think he was killed instantly by a one shot on the short reins. but i would think that he died immediately.
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you know. my all star living in dry nice you down a hall of it. and they need please keep your national palace navy with blood is this. and name. this to me. i have don't remember the second time but. the one who obviously has done. that. before the foreign born called for.
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a cite a source told and that's one. of the first music. i saw. them and they did at the is it an image and a big yawn fit some it or yes meant that as it does get bend there for them to piss in the deep. come critique that they come the worse for . book as i'm a bit dense of those when they're on the look this is the duty to get what fed it. think at that cost the an icy cold in my faith. i think i live in on a demon. hey this is the late in what i didn't even. of the booze they
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don't spread beautiful so if you fucking pics is it for the. they did not if each student switches to give in to poor me he helped me a crew and gave venison a system in the gym so nice to have ahmed says commit dative a clock not so they don't ask if you have a group who are before he could be very can a move of if he can of a vehicle. there you know you got to live i hear. through. in that i fear for you but it oversees tear. gas out. of me yes. i know that this out maybe. best boy. although that's it said.
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you know i mean i knew him in his oil and coal man. for your food. and it is for davis and this fair enough i speak for him this way. and i mean you know whiskey and i ask if he would have found. on this office a muslim's the. material . they have in the kid says sit the time muslim some clear skin and. the.
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when the power goes out. there's only one man to change. local heroes to many he steals electricity. but keeping the lights on he's
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dangerous. as beautiful as he is cracked spock speaking to fly. powerless a witness documentary. on al-jazeera. hello again it's good to have you back well here across parts of the live are we are looking some clouds making their way across tehran maybe south a backhoe across the southern part of the caspian we don't expect to see much in terms of rain across that region but there is some more rain coming in here from the west maybe baku by the time we get to saturday evening into sunday morning those showers be pushing through your area but a nice day at twenty seven expected down towards quite city a little bit cooler than what we've seen of the last couple days forty two degrees but the humanity is still going to be an issue across that area well here across much of the arabian peninsula we are looking at nicer skies here across the coast of amman but we do think that as we go to the next couple of days more clouds are
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going to be in the forecast all the way down the coast they could be a couple of showers expression as you go a little bit further to the south but up towards doha we do expect to see maybe a high temperature a few of twenty nine degrees. and then headed to here across parts of southern africa while nicer conditions for cape town where we did see a lot of radium cooler weather over the last few days that front is now easing up it is going to be rainy here across parts of durban with a temperature there of twenty degrees but as we go towards sunday things are really staying about. nice for parts of johannesburg twenty four degrees but heavy rain expected still for durban at twenty eight degrees. in an instantly shifting news cycle the listening post takes balls and questions the world's media exposing how the press operates and why certain stories take precedence. are ignored the listening post on al-jazeera.
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was. an attack on a military parade in iran as the country commemorates the start of its war with iraq several people have been injured. a lot has i'm sick of this live from doha also coming up tanzania's president orders the arrest of those responsible for a ferry that sank in lake victoria killing more than one hundred thirty people. deadline extended the woman accusing donald trump's supremes court pick of sexual assault gets more time to negotiate the terms of her testimony.


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