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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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outcome on this would be that we remember ash and humanity and the shared history. this is al jazeera. hello i'm peter dubey live from doha you're watching the al-jazeera news are coming up in the next sixty minutes gunmen opened fire on crowds at a military parade in southern iraq the foreign minister says they were recruited by a foreign regime. person's been pulled alive from the ferry disaster on a tanzania only because the president blames overcrowding and negligence. speeding to a southern chinese city within an hour but a new hong kong train stirs debate over politics and control. and going to the movies again in yemen how some young people are reviving the culture despite the
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war. in sports tiger woods has taken a share of the lead of the season ending soft championship woods is level with world number one justin rose at the halfway point in atlanta. ok let's get going a parade to remember the end of the iran iraq war has ended with at least twenty four people dead and accusations of responsibility gunmen opened fire on a military parade in the southern iranian city of arbors the iranian foreign minister has tweeted this is anger jabbered zarif saying terrorists recruited trained armed and paid by a foreign regime have attacked us children and journos among casualties iran holds regional terror sponsors and the us masters accountable for such attacks iran will respond swift. and decisively in defense of iranian lives well the city of us is
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about one hundred fifty kilometers from the border with iraq the area has seen arab separatists attacked oil pipelines in the past of us is also one of several cities where there have been large antigovernment protests in recent months or such a body as the story. chaos and panic in the city of atlantis in southern iran as an unprecedented scene unfolds during a military parade. unidentified gunman opened fire year and prayed at the start of sacred defense week it commemorates iranians who died during the eight year war with iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. . while the wounded were being treated people were warned to get down a revolutionary guard spokesman says four men dressed in khaki uniforms and writing motorbikes are connected to the al buzzy a group which is supported by saudi arabia. some are killed others captured when
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they come to launch an attack like this the i.r.g.c. in southwest and iran in and out of populated region can back me that there has been and will and that but i had a plan in order to send a very strong message actually so there are delays sions to leave now and there are reasons to believe now that. this is in a sack masterminded by the united states and the saudis especially because the attack hillary a solid terrorists of all that was the is supported by this all these you know have been recognized to been in charge of this attack the rare attack took place includes islam province which borders iraq and has the largest ethnic arab community in iran the province was a major battleground during the iran iraq war the obvious attack happened as president hassan rouhani was delivering a speech at the main anniversary parade in tehran he was briefed on the attack and
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continues his speech which it orating iran's position on its defense capabilities ronnie said they will continue to increase day by day and in africa as the investigation continues into the major breach of security dosage of ari al jazeera . stay with us story ford is out he is a professor of world studies at the university of tehran he joins us from tehran welcome to the news out for what is already when the regime in tehran when the administration in tehran talks about another regime who are they thinking of. i think that thing about the saudi regime the saudi crown prince mohammed bin simon few months ago talked about taking the fight inside iranian territory they have supported. that is. taking responsibility for this terrorist attack it's an isolated organization they have
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a history of supporting isis affiliate with organizations throughout the middle east and i think. the saudi government sooner or later is going to be found responsible for supporting and was responsible for the terrorist attack this morning clearly those are allegations and suspicions if they are true why would the saudis do this in this area. they are interested in. creating a civil war inside iran one different ethnic minorities inside iran to. basically fight the central government they have used millions of dollars in terms of supporting such organizations and their ultimate goal is to basically
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destroy iran if the if they manage to do that obviously iranian government is a strong enough to defend itself you don't have a government attack a terrorist organization just a few days ago in iraq because the sun using ballistic missiles at this attack i think is going to. see a similar situation where. governments will get back on. government historically has shown that they would not tolerate terrorism they would fight terrorism there's a chance the fact they ended up in syria in iraq was to make sure that isis and i suffocated organizations are not in iran and iran and they will continue that policy ok that's your claim but your take on this appalling a vent if again wrapping that up in a health warning if you have got that right and we can't confirm that of course
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here on the news hour what's the calculation on the part of the saudis i mean how can this isolated ugly though it is but isolated incident one hundred fifty hundred forty kilometers from the iraqi border spark a civil war that there's no obvious line of of connection between those two ideas. the saudis. not only saudis we have. the. intelligence services we have the cia actually have been working with different groups within iran to create this type of terrorist attacks it's not just the saudis that are interested in attacking they don't any government. of the israelis and the americans have in the past supported such organizations and why do they do this why are they attacking yemeni civilians why are they fighting the qatari government why
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are they supporting even today some organizations within syria that in gauging terrorism this is unfortunately the saudi foreign policy it's something that the new crown prince is engages in more than what we have seen before and why they do it you need to get someone from the saudi government to answer that question ok we will obviously see the short iranian reaction to this over the coming perhaps a week or two but does it also shift the tectonic plates of the relationships between the two countries between several countries in the region specifically how those relationships play out when it comes to the external actors involved in the war in yemen. i think. this terrorist attack this morning will have regional consequences and then government has interests that rouhani government has been interested in improving
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relations with the saudis reducing tensions reducing difficulties that existed historically but then the other side engages in this type of terrorist activities i think all types of negotiations and talks are going to be. something that they're not going to pursue the first responders the iranian government would have is to get back basically and once that's done then other options may be looked at. historically we don't have a lot of terrorist attacks in the last time there was a terrorist attack was about two years ago in tehran this is this is something that happened after many months of terrorist attack and the reason we don't have that many terrorist attacks in iran is because iranian intelligence services and security forces are capable and this attack was
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a soft target women and children. watching crates and terrorists that engaged in this activity basically hiding in a nearby building and just shooting ordinary people as they were watching prayed and there were some people who were in part of the place but also here. the soft target is easy to hit there but at the end of the day this doesn't make you dance of the response any anything less than what it is usually the case which is quite quite severe when it comes to terrorism ok we must leave you. in tehran thank you very much. tanzania's president is blaming overloading and negligence and is calling for the arrest of those involved in the lake victoria ferry disaster the number of that has now risen to one hundred sixty eight with dozens more for your ground after the boat capsized on thursday but there has been some hope in the past few hours malcolm webb joins us live from the ugandan side of lake victoria so
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malcolm they found someone alive two days after this happened very very lucky individual. that's right it's extraordinary nearly two days since that boat over in the first few hours of the rescue operation forty people pulled alive from the water and since then all they found is the bodies of those who drowned until just a few hours ago when divers from the tanzanian navy heard sounds coming from the inside of the upturned ferry that suggested someone was a line in there they searched all they could find initially was again more bodies of those who drowned until eventually they did find one man who's still alive and he's been taken down to the forty first survivor of this disaster but let's take a closer look about what's been going on during that rescue operation on the tanzanian side of the lake. lake victoria became a grave site on thursday afternoon after
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a ferry capsized and sank. when the ferry was coming to a stop people move from one side to the other and the way to keep the ferry over nearby vessels were diverted to assist. we are here to rescue people if there's anyone alive with god's help we'll rescue them as for those who have died will get them out to for now we're concentrating on the rescue operation as you can see specialists have arrived. just a few meters from the dock in the u. career we district officials don't know the exact number of people missing person dispensing the tickets drowned in the machine recording the data hasn't been retrieved. some eyewitnesses say there were hundreds of people on board tanzania's president john magaw. had four days of mourning. made the souls of those who've passed on rest in peace in the hands of god and
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those who are injured may they heal quickly i've decided to have four days for mourning as a nation to remember those who have died. like victoria lies within tanzania kenya and uganda some of the deadliest accident have occurred in tanzania pattern sometimes old and dilapidated overloaded one thousand nine hundred six hundred people died when a passenger and cargo ferry sank and in twenty eleven almost two hundred people died when a ferry capsized near zanzibar the waterways are always busy because they're crucial for people's livelihood. can just run us through here what the key safety questions are that the authorities the relevant authorities must be addressing now . because in the case of the boat in tanzania it's going to be overloading i can show you a few of the kinds of boats that are used all around lake victoria in tanzania here in uganda and in kenya as well you see these small wooden boats easy often used by
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fishermen to transport between the many small islands and further away you can see some of the larger boat ferries and cargo boat those ferries that carry large numbers of people and it was a large ferry like that that in tanzania because it was overloaded caps i think are meant to be wearing life jackets to regulation here in uganda stipulate that they have to you can see a few people wearing them just here but of course often there aren't enough to go around also very difficult for authorities to enforce this kind of regulation because the lake is a vast expanse of water so that's why those families have been waiting to see if there is any follow up to this and if there is any kind of justice following the previous ferry accident after a few days of shock and anger in the past generally after that not much else has changed welcome thank you very much we'll stay with the story when i'm going to talk to antoine long he's a merchant marine officer and a former maritime operations manager at s.o.s.
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etc nice he joins us on skype from comp in france and from the wrong what's the shopping list of how this industry can i suggest you might have to improve itself now when it comes to moving people around this lake area. well the shopping these days is pretty well known because these challenge of transporting passengers over the ship is a very old story we had a story go many accidents in the world but clearly in these kind of area where it's really hard to control how many people get on barak on board the ship for the crew members for the captain they never really know where all the limits of the safety be because of course when you have too many people here twice the amount of people on board the ship they're pretty high risk of overloading and and stability so the weight is too high the gravity center is too high and the ship can capsize so there is a need for regular basis to make sure that the captain knows exactly how many people
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you have been born into limits the number of people and then there is another four to do in terms of risk you capacities. for capsizing are student were. really really fast and your risk your best is nice to you to react very quickly with a lot of means because it's a massive rescue operations where we have. hundreds of people to rescue in a few hours it feels as if we report on this kind of disaster every year every eighteen months it may be not as regular as that but that's how it feels we know how these stories happen we know how they develop what you're outlining seems to be a multi country multi agency reaction to make sure this never happens again but that has to be driven driven by whom do we think. well i don't have a clear picture or of where the regulations should come from but the pressure. on
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the time and history in the world these problems are pretty well known we have many accidents in the past and we know exactly how to prevent them and you see b.p. in europe north america there is very few accident all ferry boats very unlikely with a lot of many but factors with in this area we see clearly that there is very frequent accidents because the rated regulations are not implemented or maybe not. enough to chew. through the crew members to really check the amount of people on board so i guess it must be a jointed regulation from all the countries around the lake and to make sure that all the companies operating in that lake can really implement these relations is it as simple as the people who literally drive the boats they count people on they count people off and if you have a boat that can only take twenty people you don't put twenty one people on board
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because that lake is so big the weather can change very quickly. yeah well the limit is not so so strict of course you've got twenty one people for a ship that are designed for twenty eight seats should be fine but it and i know in this area this or doing the crossing maybe ten times a day so there they don't have they probably are overloaded all the time but sometimes if the captain has to turn very quickly to prevent a cohesion with another board or if the weather becomes very bad very quickly the same then the conditions becomes very bad and you can push the instability of the boat through the wrong direction and then the people can move turned can can shift to the same side and the boat upsizing in even in less than two me so. we should have only me it's not too strict because it's sort of very hard to do to implement them very strictly but twice to the the ability of
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capacities is clearly not lost enabling and very risky for the other people ok laurel income in france thank you thank you. plenty more still to come here on the news for you including these stories the deadline has been extended the woman accusing donald trump's supreme court pick of sexual assault gets more time to negotiate the terms of her testimony. rising from the ashes specialists are called in to help preserve restore damaged artifacts after a fire at the national museum. and the sports news with andy two of ten series graces players to take on the world he has that story in about twenty five thirty minutes from. now rescuers are still searching for survivors from the second big landslide in the philippines in less than a week dozens of homes were buried on thursday in a city on the island of cebu at least twenty nine people are confirmed on up to
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forty two people are still feared buried under the mud earlier reports said some of those trapped had been sending text messages to their families. is in negativity on them. it happened early thursday morning here in the fifth the of naga in the province of the cebu i'm just going to show you a part of the devastation. this is as far as we can go but this is not really the main area and that is because. security officials local government officials are still very much concerned about safety and this is why they're forcefully evacuating communities here rescuers representatives from the philippine army the philippine national police and from different communities have been working together to try to expedite the process of rescue and its evil operations and this bridge is also partially destroyed it may seem like an old antiquated foot bridge but it is what the next communities from far flung areas
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over there to the main town this is what's being used as access to evacuate communities that remain to be in danger zones civilians i've spoken to president that very day yesterday they expressed concerns about the safety of people here and specially with the quarrying that's happening here the government has given assurances that it will provide the best assistance possible but it remains to be seen just how far basically the government can go now the main issue at this point really is security and rescue retrieval operations that have been hampered by rains . three states in northern mexico have to clear emergencies after a tropical depression caused widespread flooding at least three people died in the floodwaters and sent a low a three others may have been swept away thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes the streets were transformed into rivers the military's been deployed to help rescue those who were stranded. at least money crackdown on anti-government protesters in the capital bamako on the eve of independence day
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celebrations tear gas dispersed crowds demonstration against the results of last month's election it for him but he was reelected as president despite opposition allegations of widespread vote rigging he said will be inaugurated later on saturday. the opening of hong kong's first high speed rail link to the rest of china is provoking protests pro-democracy groups are angry that part of the new terminus in hong kong is in forcing mainland chinese law on the passengers sarah clarke is there. it's three years behind show jewel and three billion dollars over budget the hong kong china high speed rail link is now officially open. the city's chief executive kerry lamb was joined by the governor guandong declaring the mega project a bright light on china's calling card so yes i'd fight so if further perfect this transport system and promotes cultural economic and social exchanges between hong kong and china the express train links hong kong to forty four mainland cities it's
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hard travel times delivering passengers to go on joe in less than an hour he moves all through the integrate hong kong and macau into the overall development plan of china but the project has been shrouded in controversy hong kong's legislative council passed a bill to allow joint immigration checkpoints in the terminal passengers from china will be inspected here not at the border for the first time mainland officials will enforce national laws on hong kong soil around a quarter of the terminal will come on the mainland jurisdiction to be designated zines which will include the joint immigration checkpoints but critics argue importing nationals here in hong kong is yet another attempt by beijing to tighten its grip on the former british territory. for democracy groups have led the protests they say the joint checkpoints undermine hong kong's autonomy under the one country two systems deal adopted with the territory was handed back to china
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for certain it's damaging to one country two systems and that is what we've been promised. at the basic law and also from you know government you know back to twenty years ago and now when you look at it. that may be just the beginning that's what we're really about the government says the joint immigration checkpoints will save passengers clearing immigration twice but it raises alarm bells for pro-democracy groups who believe the city's political future is at stake it appears to be knighted tear it to the public though with tickets sold out this weekend sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong yemen may be at war but that's not stopping some young people from trying to revive the culture of going to the movies tickets have been selling fast for the premiere of one local production under simmons has the story from. perhaps it's a distraction from a daily struggle that attracted so many people to the first public screening of a movie in yemen since civil war broke out tickets costing two dollars or something
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well despite the broken economy. ten days before the wedding stands out because it's a yemeni production a love story that takes in the wall with many of its affects russia whose wedding plans nearly fell apart because of the conflict falling incomes and rising prices have a big effect and feels a moon struggles with different issues raising a dowry for example. and. we wanted a movie to show what's going on inside the houses of the city in the whole country how families are affected by the state of the economy how the hopes of young people also collapse everyone is worried that if something simple collapses then everything will collapse with it the whole house we tried to portray the mental state of the yemeni people those viewing are impressed thing to me i heard
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that this is a beautiful movie so i came with the family to watch it having a movie made in aden is more than just entertainment. there is a sense of pride here about the production known as in the philippines when you compare yemen to the rest of the arab world we are maybe more than one hundred years behind on producing movies but this is a milestone and i hope the government in the private sector will continue to support such projects that helped to create a cinematic awareness the makeshift cinema in aden isn't set in the main conflict suffered elsewhere in yemen pro-government fighters recaptured the city from who three forces three years ago but there have been frequent attacks by a wide range of disparate fighting groups since then. this movie maybe a form of escapism out of it though comes one small hope that a vibrant young filmmaking industry may emerge from this conflict i wool that some
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people feel has no end unlike the movie hundred simmons' al-jazeera djibouti. ok in a few moments we'll have the very latest weather for you with kevin but also still ahead here on the al-jazeera news out thailand's military rule is loosening their rules on political meetings but campaigning is still a step too far. and in the sport the new u.s. open champion is on the way to another fine for ten straight. from cool breeze knows in few months. to the woman trying to move to this of southeast asia. this hour we're going to take you here to the united states and canada roll back the satellite about forty eight hours i want to show you what it looked like with some big storms that were pushing through the midwest as well as
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into southeastern canada with these storms first of all we're going to start on thursday night here just in minneapolis that southern minnesota take a look at the damage that we saw in this area where seven tornadoes were reported across this region and this is a farmhouse in a in a farm completely blown over in the air you can see the animals right there still alive but with no shelter in this area then i want to take you up here towards auto this is some amateur video caught catching a tornado as it made its way through the area four people injured in this particular one right there plenty of damage plenty of structural damage a lot of with a lot of power lines down across this region there it is right there other southeastern canada sees tornadoes but not as much as they would see in here in the central part of the united states the other big thing we're dealing with is flooding down here across the south and all the rain we're expecting to see here on sunday this is a continuation of what we saw with the tropical depression coming out of mexico pumping all of that moisture across that region that is going to continue as we go
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towards the beginning of the week but up here towards the northeast and into southeastern canada the temperatures are really dropping auto a high temperature few of thirteen. there with. incidentally cats are and always. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life so that would eventually one fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need choppiness we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges the gap that existed in this. nominate your own for grocery your own child to light on what they do and to of not shine
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a light on your hero with your moment for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to ace award dot com. welcome back to this is the al-jazeera news these are the headlines so far this hour iran's blaming gunman backed by saudi arabia for attacking a military parade twenty four people were killed in the southern city of ours as c.b.c. planned the iranian parliament after the shooting at a ceremony commemorating the iran iraq war in one thousand nine hundred. rescues in turns an ear found one survivor in the ferry which capsized that two days ago the
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man is one of only forty one people who survived these hundred and sixty others drowned in the victoria on thursday the president there is blaming overloading and apparent negligence for the disaster and the opening of hong kong's first high speed rail link to the rest of china is provoking protests pro-democracy groups are angry that part of the new terminus of kong is in forcing mainland chinese laws on passengers but the government describes the project as a new milestone that will help bring the city closer to china. the u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt has warned e.u. leaders not to mistake british politeness for weakness in the brics at negotiations mr hunt says people in the u.k. are content to leave the union without a divorce deal it follows a speech from the u.k. prime minister to resign me on friday accusing e.u. leaders of a lack of respect after rejecting her bricks of proposals and barca has that story from london reeling from her bruising east summit to resume
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a delivered a defiant ultimatum to europe the e.u. should be clear. i will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will i break up my country we need serious engagement on resolving the two big problems in the negotiations and we stand ready she hoped for warm words from her counterparts at thursday's eve summit in salzburg she was instead met with an unequivocal rejection of her latest breaks a plan ever about to share the view of the positive elements in the checkers proposal. just a tremor comic operation will not work. not least because the truth is undermining the single market the putdowns continued on tusks instagram account a piece of cake wrote task sorry no cherries the job of britain's perceived cherry
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picking of bricks of proposals that suit the u.k. but no one else the french president emanuel mccrum said he would never accept a deal which damages the e.u.'s integrity and said those promoting the idea that breaks it will be positive for britain are liars to resume a responded saying it was time for the e.u. to show britain some respect throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the say a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it teresa mayes breaks it strategy was drawn up at her country retreat checkers in july it opposes a u.k. e.u. free trade area and a common rule book for industrial and agricultural goods to prevent exports and imports from getting stuck at borders. but the e.u. and u.k. can't agree on what will happen here on the border between northern ireland
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a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and a you member the case promised there will be no return to a hard border but it's rejected the e.u. has a backstop plan to keep the region aligned with its trading rules it's something we will never agree to said to resume a it would mean breaking up our country the frosty response to terrorism a proposal has inflame tensions among hardline brecht that here within how own party who believe the e.u. are pushing for more concessions from the u.k. but if adopted will mean leaving me you will be increasingly more and more pointless they want a clean break from brussels with or without a reason may be but this latest message to europe may help restore some confidence from cities who believe she hasn't been tough enough the prime minister says there's currently no counter proposal on the table this is an impasse with no solution in sight. at al-jazeera westminster. thousands of protesters marched
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across parts of northwestern syria demanding that the president bashar al assad be removed from office before a new constitution is drafted now reports from beirut. they chant against bashar assad the syrian president to a survived an eighty year rebellion against his rule the opposition has been all but defeated all they have left is their voice and. no constitution no reconstruction until a third leaves power that is their demand it's a message syrians in villages and towns across the rebel controlled province of idlib are sending to the international community. we are afraid this new constitution would not be any different and it won't be in the favor of the opposition we are concerned because some countries are now moving closer to the regime. program x. there were fears of a major assault against the province today there is a sense of relief following a deal between russia and turkey that will at least for the time being prevent
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bombing and displacement. russia and iran gave priority to ties with turkey over regaining control of its lib turkey had warned a government offensive in the province would be a breaking point in their alliance but it wasn't just that a bloodbath would hurt russia's efforts to convince the international community to pay for syria's reconstruction and support a political process that the judum ises assad's government but the united nations says there is still potential for a lot of fighting in civilian populated areas turkey and russia didn't say how they plan to implement a demilitarized zone free of so-called radical rebels but yan egeland's humanitarian task force was given some details it seems turkey backed rebels could play a role on the ground what i understand is that the so-called war on terror is not called off. in a country that there will be in the future air raids against the listed
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organizations there will also be fight thing between on groups and activists and the so-called terrorists the so-called radicals there is and will be many civilians in the serious. three million syrians live in the half of them already displaced from cities and towns under state control for them reconciling with a government that has killed so many people is not an option they hope the international community feels the same for now the west has shown resistance to work with us said that many here a political transition away from the syrian leader is no longer a priority for the center for their answers either think of. donald trump as again his out of rising fuel prices the us president's comments come as the world's top oil producers consider boosting production by up to half a million barrels per day now the increase would make up for falling oil supply
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from iran because of u.s. sanctions ahead of sunday's opec meeting in algeria mr trump on twitter said we protect the countries of the middle east they would not be safe for very long without us and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices we will remember he said the opec monopoly must get prices down. well the price of brant crude is close to a four year high trading at just under eighty dollars per barrel that's still well short of the two thousand and eight peak of one hundred forty seven dollars per barrel oil prices have risen by around forty percent in the past year manisha tank in is an international oil and energy consultant and formerly a researcher with opec he says the opec countries will be united in their decisions . i think overall the opec countries will keep their cohesion they have done it in the past in spite of differences that the media exaggerate between iran and saudi arabia for example and i think over all together and as well as
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a non opec members russia who are in unison now i think they wouldn't react to this they're not happy and definitely very upset by the tone of president. trump says comments ordering this this meeting really is not to decide to level this meeting is the joint ministerial monitoring committee and they are going to look at the status of the order market supply demand and the outlook for the next few months and it is the opec meeting the full meeting cut the conference in early december that will decide the options are to to expand or those with the option to increase production to replace for the iranian the loss of iranian crude yes or no and whether they're when they do that what country should do that over all each member of opec or should they distribute have
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a different coat these are the details which i think they were trying to avoid and not going into. the woman has accused donald trump supreme court pick of sexual assault has been given more time to negotiate the terms of the testimony christine blazin ford says bring capital assaulted at a party in one nine hundred eighty two was a couple denies the allegations he has a white house correspondent can be held that. after days of surprising restraint u.s. president donald trump turned on christine blazin ford the woman whose testimony could to rail his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh we have to fight for him not worry about the other side and by the way women are for that more than anybody would understand on twitter trump question ford story i have no doubt that if the attack on dr ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed with local law enforcement for it is a california professor at the center of an explosive allegation against kavanaugh
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from thirty six years ago she says that while in high school kavanagh sexually assaulted her at a party attempting to remove her bathing suit while holding his hand over her mouth and on behalf of them or on friday more than six dozen women of any some of whom have known cavanagh since high school question ford sexual assault claim backing cavanagh as a person of honor integrity and a person of strong moral character kind and good natured a good man who is incapable of mistreating anyone but the final say will come from congress he was born for the u.s. supreme court he was born for it. and it's going to happen democrats hope to delay it beyond the november congressional elections republicans are fighting to keep it on track fearing a democratic control of congress would do rail the nomination can really help at
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al-jazeera the white house. well as washington prepares for the kavanaugh testimony the biggest annual gathering of conservative christian evangelicals in the u.s. is also taking place there in the same city some delegates aren't happy with how the u.s. supreme court nominee mr cavanaugh is hearing is being held and she had pretense of . the values voter summit is organized by the family research council and christian evangelical group that says its goal is to defend family values and religious liberties in practice the group is best known for its attacks on muslims and the gay community the southern poverty law center which monitors right wing groups in the u.s. calls it a hate group by the way it represents an integra party of donald trump space we are now officially end session white christian evangelicals long ago put aside their skepticism of donald trump's godliness because he pledged to nominate justices to the supreme court of the united states who would rule in favor of christian
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fundamentalist belief eighty percent voted for him in the election and loyalty to trump remains high but there is a feeling among christian evangelical leaders but republican members of congress aren't doing enough to protect supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh from attack he's accused of drunkenly sexually assaulting a young girl when he was seventeen at a party in the early eighty's i thought he might inadvertently kill me christine blasi forward said cavanagh denies the allegation and here are the values voters summit support for kavanagh remained solid if you walked in anywhere and said i have i want to report a sexual assault yes ma'am. when did this happen thirty six years ago excuse me. thirty six years ago yes do you have a eyewitnesses where there are two witnesses but they both deny it happened. are you concerned about the allegations of sexual assault. not that much since he didn't get confirmed i don't know if i'd even come out and vote anymore because the
1:44 pm
republicans have to stand up for something and that's what the republican leadership fears they're already nervous about low turnout if the trump base believes the president's claims that the republicans will sweep the upcoming midterm elections boid by his brilliant performance the polls suggest otherwise and now if they lose the favor of reliable voters like the evangelicals it will be a disaster which is why they're pushing for a swift confirmation vote but the risk for republicans is that if cavanagh is confirmed without seeming to have a fair hearing or investigation into the allegations it will in rage and energize independents and women voters to turn out in force in of ember against them she ever turned see al-jazeera washington. four years after the coup in thailand the military government is lifting a ban on political party meetings but they still aren't allowed to campaign or organize street gatherings for an election which could be held in february his way in haiti. four years after having their power taken away the leaders of the type
1:45 pm
party are able to meet again without fearing arrest since the coup that removed thailand's largest party from office political gatherings of five people or more have been outlawed but now the military government has partially relaxed its ban on political activities. i told the board there what's happening now is that we are still alive and we are proud of what we have therefore we will continue to do activities and those activities have proven popular with voters for years may be too popular a tie and its predecessor parties have won every election since two thousand and one but the military backed by some of thailand's most rich and powerful people organized to coups against them since the last overthrow in two thousand and fourteen the government has delayed a return to democratic rule several times with a tentative election date set for late february political parties are slowly coming
1:46 pm
back into the open being able to gather legally is a significant milestone for the political parties but those that oppose the military government like good tie know they still have to be very careful about what they say and any mistakes could be used against them i the new future forward party touted as a potential coalition partner for poor thai is already in trouble three party executives are charged with violating the computer crimes act for suggesting politicians are being approached to join a pro-military party. and eight leaders of poor thai were charged in may with sedition and breaking the ban on political activities for organizing a media conference to criticize the government experts say those prosecutions are a sign that the lead up to the election won't be free and fair without a lot of more to come in the sense that if. a party or any party would come to the. party that would be likely to take to.
1:47 pm
the case to the election commission or the constitutional court to the solve their political opponents a prime minister priority is proving that not on a level playing field who led the coup isn't ruling out staying on as thailand's leader after the election. and at times he appears to be in campaign mode even though campaigning remains against the law for political parties wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. salvage experts say it could take at least ten years to restore what's left of brazil's national museum a big fire earlier this month destroyed hundreds of years of history and millions of priceless specimens from rio de janeiro here's mariana sanchez. lead this shell was left standing the fire that destroyed brazil's national museum earlier this month left most of the country's national treasures in ashes. you know school officials are now working to rescue what survived you can joined by
1:48 pm
brazilian and german specialists experienced in the storing pieces damaged in fires and war zones because you please god to give the expectation of the work of rescuing and digging i think we're talking about months or even years of that process in addition to that what's related to cleaning conservation documentation stabilization it could take years. maybe a decade experts say to recover just one part among the losses it gyptian man. first calls from pompei and brazilian remains nearly twenty million cultural and scientific pieces. the fire has focused attention on one of the major problems facing brazil's heritage lack of funds this is of a longer war a harbor where nearly one million slaves arrived from africa in the nineteenth century it is also i guess the heritage site of new zealand just saying it is in danger of being destroyed i other historic buildings are also at risk the
1:49 pm
us federal prosecutor says six museums in this city alone are insecure and should be closed you should use this be the door that it was so it was the last of the but i believe what happened is going on in all the museum institutions in brazil the tragedy can happen again because there's no state budget for public museums the state is not complying with its responsibilities. and the loss of the national museum and all its treasures has prompted students to try to save at least memories of the past the appeal to museum visitors to help build up an archive and received more than seven thousand e-mails with photos and videos of the museum collections already wrong which present. what we didn't expect this we are going to prepare an archive with the different collections to show what the museum represented to us with personal memories but all this effort to recover and rebuild will remain in
1:50 pm
digital form most of the original treasures are gone for ever. but but it's. still to come here on the news hour in the sports news and sunny joshua puts his heavyweight titles on the line in london and he's here with us story when we come back. from the final harry. fresh perspectives new possibilities. debate and discussion
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it's only one piece on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves says so much to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number and all that we can put on. al-jazeera is award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. only on al-jazeera. sports news but then to thank you so much pizza world tiger woods is in a share of the lead at the hall points in the season ending saw championship woods is tied with world number one justin rose a win for rose in atlanta would also guarantee him the fed ex cup title which comes
1:52 pm
with a ten million dollars bonus attached works well he's aiming for a first top title in five years one point a run of three birdies in four holes putting in the outright lead a double bogey on the sixteenth though upset that momentum but the fourteen time major winner was still able to cart around of sixty eight. he draws seven on the for the title it's. the rosen i have knowledge over for a very long time and been good friends and what a good time tomorrow. we're going to have to be competing but you know also i think we're both going to enjoy competing against one other and we still got a long way to go after six years ago it was a lot of government but stopped. people excited about watching tiger play again he's obviously right on form and feeling very comfortable out there looks like he's driving it well irons a great all year looks comfortable the blade so you know it's exciting for people to kind of get
1:53 pm
a look at him back at his best and maybe fun to play them up play them early this year in bay hill and enjoy playing with him there and yeah there's more more in my mind than just plain sight it's a marshall while rose and woods will also be involved in golf biggest team event which takes place next week when the u.s. take on europe in the ryder cup tennessee's version of advance only in its second year team world to taking on team europe in chicago for the laver cup have a joke of it partnering roger federer in this doubles match against kevin anderson and jack sock anderson and salt getting the better of this one so when the world sings first point team europe will the inaugural leyva cup and despite this loss the three one up going into saturday's matches the first team to thirteen points wins the title. u.s. open champion i mean i soccer has continued her run of winning form she's reached the final of the pan pacific open in japan the twenty year old beat serena williams to become the first japanese plates a win a grand slam title a straight sets win over camilla georgia here of italy has put her into the final
1:54 pm
of this event on home soil should be taking on full seed carolina prisca. champions manchester city kick off the english premier league game against cardiff on saturday hoping to shake off a european defeat to leon in midweek the players are actually been tweeting apologies to fans their manager pat cordella says they've nothing to be sorry for. well the braves are go have a ball jays why should apologize for what they run the four they tried to make a comeback that competition in tunisia allowed the mistakes we made in the last game to in laws we make a lot of mistakes and released a can really mistake in the same action in the tub and didn't have apologize for the rendezvous diary thing there. of course it was one. of two accepted and then hopefully next next image can be the manchester united hosts walls hoping
1:55 pm
to climb up from eighth in the table spurs at brighton in the late game little pool there i mean for a six straight lead when the freshmen three two one of a percentage of man in the champions league. now w.b.c. heavyweight champion their own say while there is doing his best to steal the headlines from a rival title holder anthony joshua on the day joshua fights alexander ovechkin while the has confirmed his next opponents the american will fight britain's tyson fury on december the first venue likely to be in the united states that will be announced next week both fighters have unbeaten records while there is held the w.b.c. title since january twenty fifth he will just go away to his health programs heavier than his challenger pervez came the pair will fight at london's wembley stadium later on this saturday all four of joshua's belts are on the line against perfection he's failed two drugs tests in the past joshua unbeaten in twenty one fights pavitt kings on the last campaign against vladimir klitschko joshua's
1:56 pm
promoter has hinted that his next fight could be against his compassionate deal and white white beach joshua as an amateur but lost to him as a professional three years ago white sees one eight fight since then told al jazeera that he's confident he would win a rematch. you know what this is what's in i don't get too excited you know until it's set in stone or rhythmically good for fury or wild in april so let's see what happens you know that's a judgment that prevent that you may lose that we know so we'll see we're going to be effective you made or not just democrats but to push him back and then rough him up and out of a proper bill this time you know i'm a lot bigger stronger and i'm in better shape mentally and physically a little then i know my luck experience that i used to be going to age and also you know i would be a lot it would be a very very different but this time the boston red sox are closing in on a franchise record as the state for more than a century twenty four hours after the red sox clinched the american league east they claimed their one hundred fifty when of the season. seven five picture of the
1:57 pm
cleveland indians equally as the team record has stood since nineteen twelve. years for the last rays international cricketers are getting ready to take on pakistan their form i kept saying is continuing his sporting rehabilitation on hung soil steve smith was back playing in australia for the first time since the ball tampering incident that led to him being banned from top level cricket for one year smith has been allowed to play for his former club saying sutherland. his former australian vice captain david warner was banned for the same reason he scored a century on his club cricket return the international suspensions and in march so they will be available at next year's world cup. imo sports are all that outfit for now it's andy thanks very much lots more news on the website presence here with more news in about two minutes we'll see you soon.
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and attack on a military parade in iran as the country commemorates the start of its war with iraq at least twenty four people were killed. a lion has him speak of this is live from doha also coming up. tanzania's president blames overloading and negligence for the lake victoria ferry disaster which killed at least one hundred sixty people. no pot is it but all the. anger in hong kong over a new bullet train will tell you why china is being blamed.


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