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regularly between kenya and tanzania. in an area where the road networks aren't good carrying things on trucks can be expensive and slow so the waterways are important for boats tend to get used right up to the end of their lives you can see this blue one sitting lopsided in the water must have been built many decades ago and used for a long time before resting here in the large ferry behind it this boat went out of service several years ago after another boat accident it collided with another boat here in the lake the other boat sank several people drowned in that accident too the boat that capsized in tanzania eyewitnesses say it had two or three hundred people on board it was only meant to have one hundred in these kinds of conditions that overloading is very common that's what causes so many of these fatal accidents and one long form of maritime operations manager s.o.s. mediterranea he says better regulations need to be put in place. these challenges
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of transporting passengers of other ship is a very old story we had the story of many accidents in the world but clearly in these kind of area where it's really hard to control how many people get on barak onboard the ship for the crew members for the captain they never really know where all the limits of the safety be because of course when you have too many people probably here twice the amount of people on board the ship there is a high risk of overloading and and stability so the weight is too high the gravity center is too high in the ship and can capsize so there is a need for we could to make sure that the captain knows exactly how many people he has been born into limit to the intimate of people and then there is another if for to do in terms of risk you capacities. for capsizing didn't work it's really really fast and your risk of estes needs to ju-ju react very quickly with a lot of means. the massive rescue operations where we have. both hundreds of
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people to rescue in a few hours. the woman has accused donald trump supreme court pick of sexual assault has just a few more hours to decide if and how she will testify christine blasi ford says brett kavanaugh assaulted her at a party in one nine hundred eighty two and is being offered the chance to go before his confirmation hearing mr cavanaugh denies the allegations and as a white house correspondent kimberly how could. after days of surprising restraint u.s. president donald trump turned on christine blazin ford the woman whose testimony could to rail his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh we have to fight for him not worry about the other side and by the way women are for that more than anybody would understand on twitter trump question ford story i have no doubt that if the attack on dr ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed
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with local law enforcement for it is a california professor at the center of an explosive allegation against kavanaugh from thirty six years ago she says that while in high school kavanagh sexually assaulted her at a party attempting to remove her bathing suit while holding his hand over her mouth and on behalf of the more on friday more than six dozen women of any some of whom have known cavanagh since high school question ford sexual assault claim backing cavanagh as a person of honor. integrity and a person of strong moral character kind and good natured a good man who is incapable of mistreating anyone but the final say will come from congress he was born for the u.s. supreme court he was born for it. and it's going to happen democrats hope to delay it beyond the november congressional elections republicans are fighting to keep it on track fearing
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a democratic control of congress would do rail the nomination can really help get al-jazeera the white house alan fischer also following the story for us allan why is the process of delaying so much. well she wants certain reassurances this is a big step to step into the forum remember she's had death threats over the past few days since her name became public she wants to make sure that she's able to tell her story in the way that she feels more comfortable and so she doesn't want brett kavanaugh in the room she wants to give evidence after a break governor has addressed the allegations that she has made and she wants to make sure that the f.b.i. carry out an investigation as she would like mark judge the other person who was allegedly in the room at the time of the assault to be subpoenaed by the committee to give his evidence to the senate as well and her lawyer says she doesn't want to meet arbitrary deadlines that are being set by the committee the see that this is
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essentially bullying her into a time line that is of their making it doesn't have to be done this quickly and so for all of those reasons she's taking her time to consider no we were told that she'd been given a deadline of late on friday that snow been pushed through to saturday afternoon will it be extended after that we're not entirely sure but what we do know are that both sides are talking to one another at this point and that is the very least a positive sign the people have granted this extension so far are they happy with their own decision. something that would have to be addressed to them certainly what we know is that the republicans would like to get this done very quickly and the reason for that is you've got to view everything here through the prism of the midterm elections and republicans are concerned that should the democrats take control of the senate and that's still a no it's a chance at the moment but if they were then they could derail any plans to have
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another conservative justice on the supreme court and that is why the democrats want to delay this for as much as possible they want to try and string it out till after the mid-term election when perhaps they might have a majority in the senate and then would not confirm any choice made by donald trump that doesn't meet their approval so if you take the politics away there's a lot of work still to be done but you understand why the republicans are very keen on getting this done in the next week alan thank you still to come here on al-jazeera the documentary maker michael moore turns his lens on donald trump on what led to his rise. and hoping to bring brazil's treasures back from the ashes specialists are called in to help after a fire at the national museum. hello
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again it's good to have you back well here across parts of central asia we are watching more clouds developing across parts of china down here towards the philippines those zone is looking quite nice partly cloudy skies temperamentally about thirty one but what we're going to be seeing over the next few days is increasing clouds and increasing rain because we have a developing cycle own out in the pacific now we don't expect to see a direct impact but what we do expect to see is that storm making its way to the northwest maybe taiwan maybe the islands later next week could be seeing the impacts of that storm so be watching that very carefully as we make our way over here towards india we did have a travel system that made landfall over here towards the east now it is across the central areas this is the remnants of the storm still going to bring pretty heavy amounts of rain across the area and you notice the circulation right there so i new delhi you'll be seeing the rain as well it will in be increasing in intensity as we
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go towards monday and so localized flooding could be a problem there down towards the south bengaluru some showers in your forecast for the temperature of about twenty nine degrees then very quickly over here towards doha will temperatures into the high thirty's for much of the rest of the weekend we're going to be seeing thirty one here abu dhabi at thirty nine in a scud a beautiful day for you at about thirty two with the lower temperature of twenty nine trees. what makes this moment you we're living through so you. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a. lottery that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny early in the light so long. there's no way to hide it let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution now up from britannia on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories so far this hour the iranian president has ordered his security forces to use all means necessary to identify who was behind the attack on a military parade and of us at least twenty nine people were killed when gunmen opened fire on crowds remembering the start of the iran iraq war. the survivors been found in the wreckage of the tanzanian ferry two days after it capsized a man is one of only forty one people who survived actually saw hundred twenty six others drowned in the victoria on thursday tanzania the president is blaming overloading and apparent negligence the woman who's accused donald trump supreme
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court pick of sexual assault has a few more hours to decide if and how she'll testify at his confirmation hearing christine blasi forward says brett kavanaugh was assaulted her as a party election eighty two mr cavanaugh denies the allegations. rescuers are still searching for survivors from the second big landslide in the philippines in less than a week dozens of homes were buried on thursday in like a city leaving at least twenty nine people dead and more than forty missing. is there. for decades miners have querida first stone here last week the mountain finally gave way monsoon rains triggered a landslide burying at least thirty homes the devastation is so widespread half the community have been displaced local government leaders admit they're overwhelmed but are doing their best to stand. on the collaboration and it's overwhelming that's why. when the region and of course.
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many rescuers come from different parts of the country including carl lewis who admits the work required is overwhelming but it's. our brothers and sisters who were affected with this landslide station is so big i think this one only lasts for a week. for a month. local officials here tell us about four thousand homes were buried here and over the past two days rescue and achieve operations have been intense but at this point they had to stop because incessant rains us made the grounds here difficult they are in fact inspecting it they have to think about the safety of rescuers as well. president rodrigo that they're to visited the town and ordered a nationwide halt to quarrying operations for fifteen days critics say cracks in
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the querrey were a warning sign but safety monitors may have underestimated the danger. rescuers retain hopes of finding survivors days after the disaster these small flags show rescuers where homes are buried a faint sign of hope for people here that what was once their village won't end up becoming a permanent graveyard. dogon al jazeera naga city said province central philippines. three states in northern mexico have to cleared emergencies after a tropical depression caused widespread flooding at least three people died in the floodwaters and cinna lower and three others may have been swept away thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes or streets were transformed into rivers the military has been deployed to help rescue those who are still stranded. a new high speed train service out of hong kong has opened to protest over politics
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pro-democracy groups are angry that part of the new rail terminal in hong kong isn't forcing mainland chinese laws on passengers sarah clarke reports. it's three years behind sched jewel and three billion dollars over budget the hong kong china high speed rail link is now officially open. the city's chief executive kerry lamb was joined by the governor guangdong declaring the mega project a bright light on china's calling card so yes i'd fight so if further perfect this transport system and promotes cultural economic and social exchanges between hong kong and china the express train links hong kong to forty four mainland cities it's hard travel times delivering passengers to go on joe in less than an hour he moves all of this will help integrate hong kong and macau into the overall development plan of china but the project has been shrouded in controversy hong kong's legislative council passed a bill to allow joint immigration checkpoints in the terminal passengers from china
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will be inspected here not at the border for the first time mainland officials will enforce national laws on hong kong soil around a quarter of the terminal will come on the mainland jurisdiction to be designated zines which will include the joint immigration checkpoints but critics argue importing national laws here in hong kong is yet another attempt by beijing to tighten its grip on the former british territory. by pro-democracy groups have led the protests they say the joint checkpoints undermine home. homes autonomy under the one country two systems deal adopted when the territory was handed back to china for certain it's damaging the one country two systems and that is the wall ripping promise. at the pace of law and also from you know government you know back to twenty years ago and now when you look at it that may be just the beginning that's what we're really about the government says the joint immigration
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checkpoints will save passengers clearing immigration twice but it raises alarm bells for pro-democracy groups who believe the city's political future is at stake it appears to be no deterrent to the public though with tickets sold out this weekend sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. pope francis is taking a step toward settling a seventy year old dispute with china he's agreed to recognise seven bishops in china who were appointed without his approval the announcement was made as the roman catholic leader arrived in the capital of the start of a four day tour of baltic countries who pay homage to the victims of the nazi and occupations that. the us documentary filmmaker michael moore has released a new film that compares donald trump's rise to. fahrenheit eleven nine is the sequel to his controversial film fahrenheit nine eleven about george w. bush it's also a play on the date that donald trump won the u.s. election is gabriel is on. he's one of america's most popular
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documentary makers and he's also one of the most polarizing focusing his lens on everyone from george w. bush now watch this drive from my dad to the national rifle association to the u.s. health care system so it's only a matter of time before michael moore set his sights on america's polarizing president donald trump. how. did this happen in his latest movie fahrenheit eleven nine the date of the two thousand and sixteen presidential election michael moore examines the reasons why trump won what seemed at first like an unlikely race to the presidency and most controversially at one point compares his rise to that of adolf hitler in germany in the one nine hundred thirty s. richard penus a professor of film studies at columbia university he recently hosted a q. and a with more on the new movie he thinks the comparison is fair here and read
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statements that are terrifying you know coming from the president or some of his underlings it's important to realize i think that fascism is one thing and like every other system it evolves so i think fascism of the one nine hundred thirty s. would not be fascism in the twenty first century and will have a. and characteristics the movie is wide ranging in scope using examples as diverse as the parklane school shooting to the polluted water crisis in his hometown flint michigan to get the point across he's scattergun approach that he's been criticized for in his past films one of the things about michael's films that there's a certain or shocks quality you know gee i'm just a guy who has a camera and i'm going out there whatever after a while they began to think where at least on me in terms of a political tool there's less of that here so i think you really shows what he wanted to film very very closely and i think the sequences are are very well constructed michael moore says he intends fahrenheit eleven nine to be
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a wake up call to america showing people not only how donald trump got into office but how they can take him out but with so many people having already made up their mind about this proudly liberal filmmaker some argue all he's doing is preaching to the already converted gabriel's andro al-jazeera new york. u.k. foreign secretary is warning e.u. leaders not to mistake british politeness for weakness in the brics at negotiations jeremy hunt says the british are content to leave without a divorce deal the president of the european council says he's convinced a compromise bret's a deal can still be achieved from london reeling from her bruising east summit to resume a delivered a defiant ultimatum to europe the e.u. should be clear i will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will i
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break up my country we need serious engagement on resolving the two big problems in the negotiations and we stand ready. she hoped for warm words from her counterparts at thursday's eve summit in salzburg she was instead met with an unequivocal rejection of her latest breaks it plan every mother's share their hero the positive elements in the checkers proposal. just to frame a comic operation will not work. not least because the truth is undermining the single market the putdowns continued on tusks instagram account a piece of cake wrote tusk sorry no cherries a giant of britain's perceived cherry picking of bricks or proposals that suit the u.k. but no one else the french president emanuel mccrum said he would never accept a deal which damages the e.u.'s integrity and said those promoting the idea that breaks it will be positive for britain are liars two reason may responded saying it
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was time for the e.u. to show britain some respect throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the say a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it teresa mayes breaks it strategy was drawn up at her country retreat checkers in july it opposes a u.k. e.u. free trade area and a common rule book for industrial and agricultural goods to prevent exports and imports from getting stuck at borders but the e.u. and u.k. can't agree on what will happen here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and a u. member the u.k.'s promise there will be no return to a hard border but it's rejected the e.u. has a backstop plan to keep the region aligned with its trading rules it's something we
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will never agree to said to resume a it would mean breaking up our country. the frosty response to teresa mayes proposal has inflamed tension among hard line break that tears within her own party who believe the e.u. are pushing for more concessions from the u.k. that if adopted will mean leaving the e.u. will be increasingly more and more pointless they want a clean break from brussels with or without a reason may be but this latest message to europe may help restore some confidence from bric cities who believe she hasn't been tough enough the prime minister says there's currently no counter proposal on the table this is an impasse with no solution in sight. westminster. salvage experts say it could take at least ten years to restore what's left of brazil's national museum a huge fire earlier this month destroyed millions of priceless treasures he has mariana sanchez. only this shell was left standing the fire that destroyed
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brazil's national museum earlier this month left most of the country's national treasures in ashes. you know school officials are now working to rescue what survived if i'm joined by brazilian and german specialist experienced in the storing pieces damaged in fires and war zones because it is going to vote against the expectation of the work of rescuing and digging i think we're talking about months or even years of that process in addition to that what's related to cleaning conservation documentation stabilization it could take years. maybe a decade experts say to recover just one part among the losses egyptian mummies frescoes from pompei and brazilian remains nearly twenty million cultural and scientific pieces. the fire has focused attention on one of the major problems facing brazil's heritage lack of funds this is of a longer war a harbor where nearly one million slaves arrived from africa in the nineteenth
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century it is also i guess the heritage site of new c.l.o. just say it is in danger of being destroyed i other historic buildings are also at risk but the us federal prosecutor says six museums in this city alone are insecure and should be closed incidences be the order that it was so it was because of what i believe what happened is going on in all the museum institutions in brazil the tragedy can happen again because there's no state budget for public museums the state is not complying with its responsibilities. the loss of the national museum and all its treasures has prompted students to try to save at least memories. of the past the appeal to museum visitors to help build up an archive and received more than seven thousand e-mails with photos and videos of the museum collections there is one wish for the. what we didn't expect this we are going to prepare an
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archive with the different collections to show what the museum represented to us with personal memories but all this effort to recover and rebuild will remain in digital form most of the original treasures are gone for when for many innocent player they had need but as you know. this is al jazeera these are the top stories so far today the iranian president has ordered his security forces to use all means necessary to identify who was behind an attack on a military parade at least twenty nine people were killed in our cars when a gunman opened fire on crowds there they were commemorating the start of the iran iraq war i saw were quick to claim responsibility however an iranian military spokesman has blamed groups linked to quote two gulf countries with ties to the united states and also to israel. a man's been found alive in the tanzania and
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tanzania ferry that capsized two days ago just moments before docking is one of only forty one people who survived at least one hundred ninety six others drowned in lake victoria on thursday tanzania's president is blaming overloading and negligence for the disaster he's ordered police to arrest the boat's owner the woman who's accused donald trump supreme court pick of sexual assault is just a few more hours to decide if and how she'll testify christine blasi ford says brett kavanaugh assaulted her at a party in one thousand nine hundred two mr cavanaugh denies the allegations. and you high speed train service out of hong kong has opened to protest over politics pro-democracy groups are angry that part of the new rail terminal in hong kong isn't forcing mainland chinese laws on passengers demonstrators say it's the latest erosion of freedoms which breeching guaranteed when china regained control of the former british colony in one thousand nine hundred seven pope francis is taking a step towards settling eight seventy year old dispute with china he's agreed to
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recognise seven bishops in china who were appointed without his approval the roman catholic leader is in the lithuanian capital at the start of a four day tour of the baltic countries will pay homage to the victims of the nazi and soviet occupations their. three states in northern mexico have declared emergencies after a tropical depression caused widespread flooding at least three people died in the floodwaters in sin a lower and three others may have been swept away thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes streets were transformed into rivers the military has been deployed to help rescue those who are still stranded those are your headlines the news continues after upfront assy on this channel from ten g. tomorrow bye bye for now. the president trump finding asylum in the u.s. has become harder than ever i am put in place a zero tolerance if you are going. we will prosecute you and maybe separate you thousands of families escaping violence at home now faced
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separation detention and deportation as the u.s. closes its doors. and shelter announces and. as he prepares for a historic comeback i'll speak to malaysia's prime minister in waiting and former president and what it bring him and also to legendary u.s. investigative journalist seymour hersh. he's been described as the last great american reporter and he's just written his memoir but why does seymour hersh think the media's attacks on donald trump are misguided and this is really down the defender of bashar al assad. but first after years of imprisonment of what was seen as trumped up charges for malaysian deputy
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prime minister and what your brain is free what former prime minister najib result has been arrested again this week for abuse of power another former prime minister martin harvard is back in charge but he says he'll hand over power to ottawa in a couple of years but will he really and can this new governing alliance hold this week's headlines from kuala lumpur. brahim thank you for joining me on up front this year it's been a bit of a roller coaster for you hasn't it in may you were released from prison after three years behind bars on what are widely considered to have been trumped up charges your opposition coalition defeated the ruling b.n. coalition for the first time in sixty years and is now in charge and your widely considered to be the prime minister in waiting did you think six months ago that this is where you would be today. certainly not maybe. i was optimistic that we will a secure victory but i did not envisage despite. them expressed by the
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malaysians and the fact that now i am a free man and you are not just a free man you are the defacto leader of malaysia's new ruling coalition the packet and hereupon coalition you've joined forces with mahathir mohamad the former prime minister now prime minister again who has gone from being your ally to your arch enemy to your ally again he's the man who supported your first conviction in imprisonment on these ludicrous corruption and sodomy charges many we said were politically motivated how can you trust a man like that how can you work again with a man like about mothers now in ninety two he. came up to me and said let's work together to save the country and the country of corruption abuse of power i took time it is not a personal human between on one mind there but he has shown
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remarkably were in terms of defending. the reform agenda and now he has shown his commitment to that if all and i have no reason to suspect. other motives because there is with that commitment i think we should then allow him. for the last four months we have been proven right he seems to be consistent effective and i. support him totally you say you support him totally the coalition's plan i believe is that he will remain prime minister for one or two years and then see the premiership to you not only does that make your prime minister in waiting it also means that all of your future is dependent on basically my hearties goodwill on my artistic into his work what makes you so confident that he'll step down because even he said it's not fixed in stone it's not kind of written in blood there's no
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way you can force him to stand down if he doesn't want to if you want to stay on to these one hundred you continue to have him when he's going to resign naturally the response would be in the i have a task to perform but what is important is there was a written agreement signed in twenty fifteen by all the leaders and i see no reason why i should even demand or headers him to. resign earlier because i think what he's doing now is important and i have some letters to myself to go around me old friends relax a bit you know myself say there's a free man you see your family that you're right i'm sure you're not ours and relaxing and yet when you were released in may you said you weren't interested in a cabinet position in martha's government you said quote you wanted to take some time with the family some space you said you know you wanted to go on speaking tours and yet now you've announced you're going to run for parliament in
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a byelection what changed your mind you say you wanted to relax but it looks like you're desperate to get back into politics quickly and i guess be prime minister sooner than later. it was imprisoned then and the have years what do you do lead and their legs and now a four month bar since the last elections and i think it's time for me to do enter parliament to assist in parliament that it is for my understanding with is that you'll conduct their affairs of the state let me then ensure that parliament that of form is effective as of today september twenty eighth scene who do you think the majority of malaysians would prefer to be their prime minister you annoy brame mohamad. with his nor surveys conducted but i am happy that my hand is now in the prime minister he is in the major task he needs
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a tough leader for now and he's doing exceedingly well i wouldn't mind if melissa generally endorse that i think he is immensely popular and i would grant that i don't have qualms about the need to be an apologist to suggest otherwise it's been called one of the world's biggest financial scandals the one m d b scandal in which former prime minister najib result supporter of your second imprisonment he was arrested this week again over additional charges of abuse of power my heart here is called an almost perfect case against najib who's also facing charges of bribery theft of government funds embezzlement says he holds the totally responsible for the one n.d.p. scandal do you as well. yes i first saw raise this issue in parliament in twenty eleven and. throughout the years till i was.
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in prison in twenty fifteen there was a sponsor he chaired many of the meetings he instructed clearly the authorities and to. the fans and it is atrocious i mean it is one the worst financial scandal involving any government and it is therefore. human input if that action stiff action be taken but then says this is new government have said and it should investigate as a professional prosecution must not be militias and the judicially must be independent so we have to wait people were getting impatient but then we had to wait we have to go by the point due process and the law as someone who has been tried and convicted twice of sodomy a sentence that can lead up to twenty years in prison can lead to whipping under malaysian law you told the wall street journal back in twenty twelve that malaysia
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sodomy laws are quote archaic that they should be amended you said quote it's not my business to attack people or arrest people based on their sexual orientation do you still stand by that will malaysia be repealing it sort of the laws once your prime minister yes i've said it i mean.


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