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viewing are impressed thing you need i heard that this is a beautiful movie so i came with the family to watch it having a movie made in aden is more than just entertainment there is a sense of pride here about the production. in the philippines when you compare yemen to the rest of the arab world we are maybe more than one hundred years behind on producing movies but this is a milestone and i hope the government in the private sector will continue to support such projects that helped to create a cinematic awareness the makeshift cinema in aden isn't set in the main conflicts suffered elsewhere in yemen pro-government fighters recaptured the city from who three forces three years ago but there have been frequent attacks by a wide range of disparate fighting groups since then. this movie maybe a form of escapism out of it though comes one small hope that
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a vibrant young filmmaking industry may emerge from this conflict all that some people feel has no end unlike the movie hundred simmons' al-jazeera djibouti. and he's here to talk boxing and when i think boxing i think thriller and miller and what was it rumble in the jungle correct all i've got here is assembly at wembley which is not terribly and that's one of the problems joshua has is never for outside of the united kingdom there was a time when heavyweight boxes dominated their sports around the world not necessarily the case now and see joshua set to defend his three title belts in london he's a world champion as i mentioned is yet to fight outside of his own country joshua fight russia's alexander privette can in front of around eighty thousand fans are london's wembley stadium lights are on this saturday is a big draw inside the u.k. the twenty twelve olympic champion unbeaten in twenty one fights as a professional but has faced criticism this time out for not taking on a higher profile opponents you know not one hundred talk about too much and so on
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the server but there was a lot of talk around the head weight division which brings up all sorts of names but ollie as we know particular is one of my toughest challenges to date so that's where my focus has been for the last how many months i've been training for the fourth or joshua's arrival title holder is american dion sait wilder joshua versus wilder the fight many want to see the w.b.c. champion has just announced a bout with britain's tyson fury coming up on december the first both those fighters have on beats in records as well well earlier i spoke to me cox australia correspondent for max boxing about what joshua needs to do to race is global profile. it's first really developing a brand it's an ash i think the number one thing you need to do is to go and fight the winners the while the spirit body in the united states that's where the big money is that's where the market he's saving right bucks and that's where the yes a potential that you've been need to really build his brand and and become
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something special in the in the book to market this really to any have like books can take the tron become an international presence in and the way that mohamed ali well did it was to take the thoughts to the papal fought here in the rumble in the jungle to fought in the philippines in the tripler in manila and to really get he's getting probably following these presents lennox lewis did it all the great heavyweight to have done it and that's really the topic that i'll be talking to joshua. you can be well known in the boxing industry and with people that boxing but to really break through into that mind strain mock it is what every boxer really rebellious laws do and that's where the really big money is and the motor issue is my money now at home if we can just cross over into that might stray market internationally that's where the really truly feel as. well. kristie and it's sort of boxing season on london. reporting on the joshua funds at wembley
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stadium with this how important is the boxing as a whole to have a healthy high profile heavyweight division. it's exceptionally important for boxing to truly thrive the bana division as we like to call it has to have one recognizable king it's all been a little bit messy over the years probably as far back since lennox lewis was champion really we haven't really had that want to stop me champion the klitschko came along of course and those two of them now we've got joshua while the jockeying for position joshua is widely regarded as the number one and hopefully this time next year we could have a position where there is just one champion and of course that's what the sport wants and that's what the divisions this does joshua care about raising his profile around the world and in the united states i think he cares i think he cares very much about raising his profile i think he cares about about being that numerous you know in the heavyweight division that's always been the goal since day one and i think sometimes people perhaps expect
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a bit too much you guys only have twenty two professional five to twenty eight years old and even a professional for six years or five years even and then the guys that he's fought have been very impressive opponents indeed so this is all it's not that complicated to for him to now go to america and do that he's got a wembley date tonight he's got wembley date night will and then after that i would imagine his next target if he's still in beijing will be america and just tell us from what you've seen of him in the ring is he the real deal absolutely he's the real deal whether he's going to go down in history as one of the greatest of all time we don't it's far too early to judge but but the boxes that he's fought the performances that he's put in with the amount of speed experience he's got he is exceptionally exceptionally talented deserves to be one of the most famous athletes in the u.k. the moment he's achieved a hell of a lot and people mention alexander the victim and they don't know who he's just because they don't know who he is just because the average guy on the street doesn't know alexander pavitt can is it doesn't mean that this russian isn't dangerous he is thirty nine years old but behind joshua while days the third best
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headway in the world. and just just briefly matt you mentioned there how dangerous an opponent of that can is and from what you saw in joshua's last fight how do you see this this contest unfolding tonight well it's interesting i mean because that was the first time against joseph talk about the march to being the full twelve rounds he showed no trouble whatsoever going to over and it was a controlled performance lessons were learned from the from the very very exciting and entertaining but mistake ridden performance against. vladimir klitschko i think that now what we will see with joshua is kind of a safety first approach which may not be good news for those blood thirsty fans out there but it probably will be good news for joshua moving forward i would expect to see him adopt a safety first approach tonight and if the knockout comes it comes but don't expect that gong going home slugger that we used to have fantastic thanks for spending some of his analogies airhead christy there of boxing news thanks so much or maybe
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you can tweet me directly at and they are under school sport to get in touch for this using the hash tag a.j. news grid most sports in the eight hundred g.m.c. news out of the now let's get back to come all thanks and they are lots use waiting about the maldives actually some of you saying it's off euro off your holiday list now remember full coverage of the elections tomorrow on news grid and on out of iraq in the meantime hashtags good to keep in touch see you back here fifteen hundred g.m.t. to my son. the russian orthodox church is deep pockets and the rapid expansion may bear its
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crucial role in putting his grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to saying to president putin as our leader that. people in power investigates how often it's attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the the russian state the orthodox connection on al-jazeera. conservation ease helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at touch. traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international
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list of threatened species. from city hospitals to community health centers change is happening across china. and for one six year old boy there is now hope. on the border you just saw is from the countryside he came to a big hospital and experienced doctors performed the operation for him. how to care for one point four billion people china's unique challenge on the people's health on al-jazeera. the. terror in iran is gunmen disguised as soldiers opened fire on a military parade killing at least twenty nine people.
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hello i'm maryam namazie and london yo with al-jazeera also coming up a survivor is found in an app pocket two days after a ferry capsized in tanzania killing at least two hundred seven people. on the last day of campaigning before sunday's presidential election in the maldives police right the opposition campaigns headquarters. and escaping the war the homegrown film that's got yemenis flocking to the cinema in aden. iran's president has promised a crushing response after gunmen opened fire on a military parade marking the start of the iran iraq war at least twenty nine people were killed many will members of iran's revolutionary guard women and children also died a gunman opened fire on the parade in the southern city of la voz around
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a hundred fifty kilometers from the iraqi border i sill has claimed responsibility for the shooting so too has the was national resistance an arab separatist group supported by saudi arabia iran's military says the attackers were trained in organized by two gulf countries with ties to the united states and israel iran's foreign minister said his government holds regional terrorist sponsors and the u.s. must is accountable for such attacks he pledged that iran will respond swiftly and decisively also jabari now reports. chaos and panic in the city of lost in southern iran as an unprecedented scene unfolds during a military parade. unidentified gunman opened fire your parade at the start of sacred defense week that commemorates iranians who died during the eight year war with iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. . while the wounded were being treated people were warned to get down
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a revolutionary guard spokesman says four men dressed in khaki uniforms and riding motorbikes are connected to the al aziziya group which is supported by saudi arabia . some were killed others captured when they come to launch an attack like this the i.r.g.c. in southwest and iran in and out of a populated region can back me so there has been a bill and put out a plan in order to send a very strong message actually so there are. stupid believe now and there are reasons to believe now that. this is been a sack masterminded by the united states and the saudis especially because the attack hillary a solid terrorists of all that was the year supported by this all these you know have been recognized to been in charge of this attack the rare attack took place includes islam province which borders iraq and has the largest ethnic arab community in iran the province was
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a major battleground during the iran iraq war the obvious attack happened as president hassan rouhani was delivering a speech at the main anniversary parade in tehran he was briefed on the attack and continues his speech which it orating iran's position on its defense capabilities rani said they will continue to increase day by day and in africa as the investigation continues into the major breach of security dosage of ari al jazeera . and iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali hominine has called the attack another plot by the regional states that are puppets of the united states ali fatah political scientist and visiting fellow at the brookings doha center says it's impossible to know for sure who is behind the attack. it's difficult to say we cannot of course categorically dismiss isis claimed to be in the perpetrator of this attack isis usually claims a lot of attacks also to show its strength on the other hand we have the iranian
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security forces bringing. another group to be sponsored by the saudis to be behind the attacks and so it's difficult if you one has to be cautious and it is difficult to say because also to iran of course blames the usual suspects israel saudi arabia the united states being behind this attack as was the case last year when there was this to an attack in tehran against the most ileum of. khomeini and also the iranian parliament so there is a lot of questions because in both the whens those were highly securitized events and nevertheless those attacks could occur so there are a lot of security related questions. two days after a ferry capsized in tanzania rescuers have found a survivor the man was in an epoch inside the ferry making one of only forty one
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people who survived at least two hundred nine others an element of drowned when the ferry tipped over close to the shore of lake victoria on thursday tanzania's president is blaming overloading an apparent negligence for the disaster he's ordered police to arrest the boat's owner well survivors of the disaster have described how they escaped the sinking ferry. to what. we were just about to die when it overturned chicha the load it was carrying and then we found ourselves in the letter i thank god because i was able to jump out of the ferry and held on to an object nearby and that is how i survived. the ferry overturned very fast and covered in ice i was lucky that i was able to swim underwater not knowing where i was swimming but i knew i was near the ferry as a responding to safety i found a number of metal bars that cut my face in the back of my head. and what has more
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from the ugandan side of lake victoria lake victoria lies across kenya tanzania and uganda all three countries have a lot of corruption poverty and poor regulation so safety doesn't waste come first. the regulations say that all passengers are meant to able to wear life jackets and we were given to ride in this boat over there not in very good condition often is also not enough to go around that it's also very difficult for authorities to enforce these regulations across such a vast expanse of water the lake is key for trade large boats like this one carry cargo this one runs regularly between kenya and tanzania. in an area where the road network good carrying things on trucks can be expensive and slow so the waterways are important both tend to get used right up to the end of their lives and see this blue one sitting lot decided in the water must have
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been built many decades ago and used for a long time before resting here in the large ferry behind it this boat went out of service several years ago after another boat accident it collided with another boat here in the lake the other boat sank several people drowned in that accident the boat that capsized in tanzania eyewitnesses say i had two or three hundred people on board it was only meant to have one hundred feet in these kinds of conditions that overloading is very common that's what causes so many of these fatal accidents . on our roadside bomb has killed at least eight children in afghanistan and injured six others all victims of the explosion in the northern firey a province were aged between five and twelve years old they were playing close by when the bomb exploded police are blaming the taliban who often plant roadside bombs to target afghan security forces police in the maldives have raided the main campaign office of the opposition presidential candidate president abdullah yemeni
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who's been in office since two thousand and thirteen is seeking a second five year term in sunday's election but is ask a top u.s. reports most of his rivals are either in jail or exile. it's famous as a holiday islands destination popular with newlyweds on their honeymoon but in the run up to the presidential election in the maldives on sunday there are allegations by the opposition of voter intimidation and security crackdowns we keep there are going to be heavy. but we take part in them believing that our support is so all. that we will be able to overcome that. despite the alleged intimidation opposition challenger ibrahim ali has been campaigning for votes president abdullah i mean is aiming for a second term he declared a fifteen day state of emergency earlier this year provoking concerns the country is sliding towards authoritarianism i would like to call it an undemocratic
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dictatorship now the current regime president whatever he was doing of course it is like kind of authoritarian rule but then what are you doing doing through you know the institutional means like he is changing though consideration amending the constitution. as well his going in. given his boost to the economy using cheap chinese loans for large infrastructure projects such as the chinese maltese friendship bridge opened last month after four years of construction. the apparent reliance on large chinese loans has raised concerns about china's increasing influence as the chinese buy with india for a say in the strategically situated indian ocean archipelago. topless or to zero or junaid muhammed is a journalist for the news website the maldives independent he joins us on the line now from mali thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us and we're just
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hearing about a raid on the main campaign office of the opposition presidential candidate what can you tell us about the mood the atmosphere in the country just ahead of this election. i would like to cover children at the moment the police presence is high outside and as well as right outside. the flow building i saw in the. building where the opposition candidate had his office but at the moment they have not tried to get ten and i just spoke to a lawyer from the opposition who told me that the police did not have. any kind of called for and to explain their presence and they have refused to let the. opposition know i. speaking about the mood in the country right now just about three hours ago of the we had the last campaign activated for the presidential polls and both. of the candidates had had in the capital and most of the supporters
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thousands joining but. jubilant in both camps and the same confident. he was saying that police are at the main campaign office of the opposition. but they haven't explained why that that they haven't explained their presence can you tell us whether police have been deployed in any other way anywhere else. the security presence around the capital has been heightened still does for the election but there is no sign that in any other buildings especially associated with political activity whether it's from the ruling party or the opposition but i would like to read that around four o'clock go over five hours ago the police actually sent out a tweet saying that they were conducting an operation to stop illegal activities in the building in the building we're talking about but they have so far refused to
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answer any of the questions about why what illegal activities it is why. opposition leaders have said they fear that this vote might be rigged is that a view shared by other people in the country. i believe so and especially with last minute changes that was brought to a girl electoral law and we all sorts for a last minute appointment to our elections commission our home would turn our who are in town to become the chair of the commission as well and this last minute appointment for example used to be a person who was highly involved in the. reelection campaign for the current president he was actually part of. a leader of the campaign before he became the current chief for about elections commission. right well there are reasons to justify why there is
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a hatred and. paranoia especially around everything that person commission is doing right now all right well thank you very much for sharing your opinions with us tonight mohamed john list thank you very much for the multis independent. still to come for you on the program operations are suspended after a landslide in the philippines province kills at least twenty nine people. why hong kong's new high speed rail link to the rest of china is providing protests despite halting journey times. hello again it's good to have you back well here across parts of central asia we are watching more clouds developing across parts of china down here towards the
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philippines those zone is looking quite nice partly cloudy skies temperamentally about thirty one but what we're going to be seeing over the next few days is increasing clouds and increasing rain because we have a developing cycle own out in the pacific now we don't expect to see a direct impact but what we do expect to see is that storm making its way to the northwest maybe taiwan maybe the islands later next week could be seeing the impacts of that storm so be watching that very carefully as we make our way over here towards india we did have a travel system that made landfall over here towards the east now it is across the central areas this is the remnants of the storm still going to bring pretty heavy amounts of rain across the area and you notice the circulation right there so i new delhi you'll be seeing the rain as well it will in be increasing in intensity as we go towards monday and so localized flooding could be a problem there down towards the south bengaluru some showers in your forecast for the temperature of about twenty nine degrees then very quickly over here towards doha will temperatures into the high thirty's for much of the rest of the weekend
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we're going to be seeing thirty one here abu dhabi at thirty nine in a scud a beautiful day for you at about thirty two with the lower temperature of twenty nine trees. it captures memory and present reality. for you jenny you know the camera is a tool for children and often. in one of when a siren is most deprived areas children who have nothing. now have a voice. close up part of the viewfinder latin america series on now to zero.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories now iran's president has promised a crushing response after gunmen opened fire on a military parade marking the start of the iran iraq war at least twenty nine people were killed many were members of iran's revolutionary guard. two days after a ferry capsized in tanzania a survivor has been found. he'd found a refuge in an airport get inside the ferry at least two hundred nine people have died after the vessel tipped over close to the shore of lake victoria. police in the maldives have raided the main campaign office of the opposition presidential candidate abram mohammad soli ahead of elections on sunday. now the philippines has suspended operations in seven regions of the country off to the latest fake the landslide at least twenty nine people died and rescue as
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a searching for forty still missing off the hillside collapsed on thursday near a limestone quarry and naga city on cebu island from what jamila and bogun reports . for decades miners have querida first stone here last week the mountain finally gave way monsoon rains triggered a landslide burying at least thirty homes the devastation is so widespread half the community have been displaced local government leaders admit they're overwhelmed but are doing their best understand it's more on the collaboration and it's overwhelming that's why do. you know when the region and of course. many rescuers come from different parts of the country including carl lewis who admits the work required is overwhelming but it's. our brothers and sisters who
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were affected by this so that slade station is so big i think this one will only last for a week but it will last for a month. local officials here tell us about four thousand homes were buried here and over the past two days rescue and achieve operations have been intense but at this point they had to stop because incessant rains us made the grounds here difficult they are in fact inspecting it they have to think about the safety of rescuers as well. president rodrigo that they're to visited the town and ordered a nationwide halt to quarrying operations for fifteen days critics say cracks in the querrey were a warning sign but safety monitors may have underestimated the danger. rescuers retain hopes of finding survivors days after the disaster these small flags show rescuers where homes are buried
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a faint sign of hope for people here that what was once their village won't end up becoming a permanent graveyard. al-jazeera that this city's simple province such as philippines officials in north and south carolina a warning the worst flooding from the aftermath of hurricane florence is yet to come towns and cities along waterways and mobilizing rescue crews and pushing out thousands of sandbags more than a week after florence made landfall south carolina has issued more evacuation orders as rivers continue to rise florence has killed at least forty people so far across the carolinas and virginia now in other developments in the country the woman who's accused president trump supreme court pick of sexual assault has just a few more hours to decide whether and how she will testify christine blazin ford says brett kavanaugh assaulted her at a party in one thousand nine hundred two she's been offered the chance to go before
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the senate judiciary committee ahead of cavanagh's confirmation hearing according to the new york times forbes lawyers have until saturday afternoon to negotiate the terms of her testimony after a friday deadline was extended have a not denies the allegations well alan fischer joins us live now from washington and so on does it look as though this deadline for this afternoon will be met. well we don't really know what we know with that the professor has done several requirements she has before she will give testimony she wants to give it later in the week not on monday when chuck grassley and is judiciary committee wanted to meet she wants to be able to drive to washington d.c. that will take a while she wants to give evidence after a break having a gives his evidence to the committee on this instance there are a number of publicans and say well we can't really question him until we know what you've got to see she wants the committee to at the very least subpoena mark judge
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choose the other person who was in the room when this alleged assault took place and she's also saying that she would like some sort of f.b.i. investigation which could take just a couple of days to conduct all of those things have got to be added to the mix and whether or not the committee is ready to grant that extension grant those conditions and say yeah ok we will do this chuck grassley has already said he would like to move ahead with the vote very airlie next week but professor ford's lawyers are saying very clearly look there is no real reason why you need to impose this artificial deadline of saturday afternoon this is yours and by doing this you're building this woman into making a decision which has got of lot of repetitions for her and her family she has already receiving death threats she's not sure if she wants to do it in the form that you're suggesting so there are still discussions to take place there was of course
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a deadline late on friday that was extended what happens next well unfortunately we're just going to have to wait and see so no resolution as yet between their republicans and ford's lawyers is there a chance allan that the republicans might try to press ahead with a vote on cavanagh's confirmation without hearing from her. there's always that possibility the push ahead the difficulty they've got is do they have enough votes no mitch mcconnell who's the leader of the republicans in the senate he's the leader of the senate says yes we've got enough votes because of course break one has to be confirmed fifty one to forty nine and that would be the make up of republicans against democrats here's the problem there are three republicans who say the uncommitted no doesn't match mcconnell really have the votes and if not is he lying or do the three senators through the publicans of senators who say the haven't made a decision yet are they lying or do they want to hear from professor professor ford
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and brett kavanaugh before they make a decision so it's not entirely clear how this all plays out no if the republicans push ahead with a vote and the three senators who said the aren't convinced because they want to hear from professor ford and they vote no then brett kavanaugh as the nomination dies on the floor of the senate so there's a lot of mathematics there's a lot of politics and there's a lot of lobbying to go on but we know in the beginning of next week the short answer to your question could the republicans push ahead yes would they when that's not entirely clear alan thank you very much allan fisher with all the latest there from washington. meanwhile in the u.s. eight of our zona siblings of a republican congressman running for reelection have launched a t.v. advert for their preferred candidate the democrat running against their brother paul gosar the congressman isn't doing anything to help rural america paul's
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absolutely not working for his distribute six of congressman paul nine siblings star in the scathing ad which endorses his democratic rival david brill held the arizona seat since two thousand and eleven the ultra conservative politician has a history of controversial remarks it's not the first time a siblings have spoken out against him the opening of hong kong's first high speed rail link to the rest of china has been greeted by protests pro-democracy groups are angry that passengers will have their documents stamped by chinese immigration offices the express rail link will connect hong kong with shan's and one joe and give travelers access to forty four mainland stations on the high speed network dramatically reducing travel times it cuts the journey from hong kong to shands and across the border from one hour to fourteen minutes the journey from hong kong to beijing via joe was twenty four hours the express route will reduce that to around
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nine hours sarah clarke reports from hong kong. it's three years behind shed jewel and three billion dollars over budget the hong kong china high speed rail link is now officially open. the city's chief executive.


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