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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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that same confident the security presence around the capitol has been heightened as to what is for the election day has been on time but in any other buildings especially associated with political activity whether it's from the ruling party or the opposition but i would like to read that around four o'clock go or five hours ago the police actually sent out a tweet saying that they were conducting an operation to stop illegal activities in the building in the building they're talking about but they have so far refused to answer any of the questions about why what illegal activities it is why we also saw a last minute appointment about elections commission on who can who went on to become to challenge the commission as well and this last night at kleinman for example used to be a person who was highly involved in the. election campaign for the current president he was actually part of. a leader of the campaign before
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he became the current chief of about elections commission here's what's coming up for you on this news hour rising from the ashes in brazil but how long will it take to restore what's left of the national museum also the archaeological treasure in iraq that locals say is being treated more like a rubbish dump and sport anthony joshua puts in heavyweight title on the line in london far right here with that at about ten to the hour. now the woman who is accusing donald trump's choice for supreme court judge of sexual assaults is deciding to announce if she will be testifying two u.s. senators break out in a denies assaulting christine blasi forward when they were high school students thirty six years ago are white house correspondent kelly how it has all. after days
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of surprising restraint u.s. president donald trump turned on christine blasio forward the woman whose testimony could to rail his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh we have to fight for him not worry about the other side and by the way women are for that more than anybody would understand on twitter trump question ford story i have no doubt that if the attack on dr ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed with local law enforcement for it is a california professor at the center of an explosive allegation against kavanaugh from thirty six years ago she says that while in high school kavanagh sexually assaulted her at a party attempting to remove her bathing suit while holding his hand over her mouth and on behalf of them or on friday more than six dozen women of any some of whom have known cavanagh since high school question ford sexual assault claim backing
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cavanagh as a person of honor integrity and a person of strong moral character kind and good natured a good man who is incapable of mistreating anyone but the final say will come from congress he was born for the u.s. supreme court he was born for it. and it's going to happen democrats hope to delay it beyond the november congressional elections republicans are fighting to keep it on track fearing a democratic control of congress would do rail the nomination can really help at al-jazeera the white house. helen fisher with us now from washington d.c. maybe just a little bit of background alan for viewers who are just coming to the story how is it all developed to this point of possibly testifying as she asked to do that has she been invited to do that how's it playing out. she has been asked to testify after a letter that she sent to dianne feinstein
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a democratic senator on the committee was made public she herself then went public and she was asked if she would like to give evidence to the committee initially she said she would at the committee said ok you give evidence on monday then she said look i want to give evidence but i have a few conditions one of them is that she's not ready to give evidence on monday she's talking about perhaps that is the next week she wants to travel all the way from the west coast from california to washington by car rather than fly that's because of security concerns her family have received a number of death it's as high as she since her whole story went public no she also said that she wants to give evidence not the same room as break kavanah she doesn't want him there she wants to give evidence after he's spoken to the committee a few republicans have said well we need to hear your story and then we can talk to him and there's another man called mark judge who was in the room when this alleged assault took place she says that he should be subpoenaed to give evidence to the
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committee committee haven't made any moves to do that whatsoever in fact judge says he doesn't want to do that tall and so they are now in the process of negotiation she was told that on friday should have to make a decision chuck grassley who is the republican chairman of the judiciary committee said ok we'll make it saturday afternoon in fact in about fifteen minutes from no and then he says in a tweet in the last twelve hours or so that he really wants to hear from her and so hard lawyers are saying look this is an arbitrary deadline you've just created there's no reason why it has to be two thirty on saturday fired to make a decision which has big implications for heart of the rest of our life and also our family so they're suggesting this is a bit of bullying as far as the republicans on the committee are concerned so that's where we are at this point with fifteen minutes to go how is everyone else in washington riyadh. well mike pence perhaps put their public in perspective very clearly when he was speaking to a conference of so-called values voters in the last couple of hours they are right
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wing conservatives people who would be right behind the idea of brett kavanaugh being on the supreme court and he says he has no doubt that the republicans on the committee are going to get this job done and brett kavanaugh will be confirmed as the next justice of the supreme court but honestly the way some democrats have conducted themselves during this process is a disgrace the president are confident that senate republicans will manage this confirmation properly with the ut most respect for all concerned and i believe the judge brett kavanaugh will soon be justice brett kavanaugh and take his seat. of the united states. allen why the and forgive my phrasing here why the obsession with brett kavanaugh out there are on show plenty of other conservative nominee or potential nominees out there who could possibly be
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less controversial at this time and yet mike pence shows there how committed the republicans are to him. there was a list of around thirty justices who could be confirmed to the supreme court this was provided by a number of right wing organizations to donald trump donald trump took a shortlist from that list he talked about all through the election campaign seems so long ago and doesn't know what he talked about all through the election campaign he has this short list he'd about three or four people that he was considering for this specific vacancy you remember he said he's going to do the big reveal on t.v. which he did and it was brett kavanaugh now why did he get the nod before one or two others well you've got to look at what they've written about in the past than the one thing that distinguishes brett kavanaugh from others who were on the very short short list is that he has spoken and written about the idea of a president being impeached saying that that would be bad for the country he really couldn't do the job and therefore that set him aside from others no why would
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donald trump consider that to be very important that's perhaps for others to draw that conclusion but that is why the republicans are nowhere did very much to the idea of brett kavanaugh plus they don't want to be seen to be given a victory to the democrats who oppose this from the very beginning and with the midterms not so far away there is a lot of polarization of politics in washington and losing to your opponents a few weeks before the poor wouldn't go don't terribly well polarization in washington whatever next allen has from d.c. thank you. well this breakout in our affair is being widely discussed at the largest annual gathering of conservative christian evangelicals in the u.s. that's happening in washington as well president donald trump is still popular among those delegates but there are some who aren't happy with how the u.s. supreme court nominee's hearing is being held this from she have a tansey. the values voter summit organized by the family research
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council christian evangelical group that says its goal is to defend family values and religious liberties in practice the group is. best known for its attacks on muslims and the gay community the southern poverty law center which monitors right wing groups in the u.s. calls it a hate group by the way it represents an integra part of donald trump space we are now officially end session white christian evangelicals long ago put aside their skepticism of donald trump's godliness because he pledged to nominate justices to the supreme court of the united states who would rule in favor of christian fundamentalist belief eighty percent voted for him in the election and loyalty to trump remains high but there is a feeling among christian evangelical leaders but republican members of congress aren't doing enough to protect supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh from attack he's accused of drunkenly sexually assaulting a young girl when he was seventeen at a party in the early eighty's i thought he might inadvertently kill me christine
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blasi forward said cavanagh denies the allegations and here are the values voters summit support for kavanagh remained solid if you walked in anywhere and said i have i want to report a sexual assault yes ma'am. when did this happen thirty six years ago excuse me. thirty six years ago yes q do you have a eye witnesses where there are two witnesses but they both deny it happened. are you concerned about the allegations of sexual assault. not that much. i don't think people come out and vote anymore because the republicans have to stand up for something and that's what the republican leadership fears are already nervous about lou turnout if the trump base believes the president's claims that the republicans will sweep the upcoming midterm elections boid by his brilliant performance the polls suggest otherwise and now if they lose the favor of reliable voters like the
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evangelicals it will be a disaster which is why they're pushing for a swift confirmation vote but the risk for republicans is that if the government is confirmed without seeming to have a fair hearing or investigation into the allegations it will enrage independents and women voters to turn out in force against. washington. now it's a desperate search for any signs of life after the second major landslide in a week in the southern philippines. going to ports from now on the island of cebu the collapse of a mountain killed at least twenty nine people buried forty two on the rock and rubble from their homes. for decades miners have querrey first here last week the mountain finally. monsoon rains triggered a landslide burying at least thirty homes the devastation is so widespread half the community have been displaced local government leaders admit they're overwhelmed
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but are doing their best. i understand it's more on the collaboration and it's overwhelming that's why do. you know when the region and of course the national team. many rescuers come from different parts of the country including carl lewis who admits the work required is overwhelming but it's. our brothers and sisters who were affected by this so that slade station is so big i think this one only last for a week but it will last for a month. local officials here tell us about four thousand homes were buried here and over the past two days rescue and achieve operations have been intense but at this point they had to stop because incessant rains us made the grounds here difficult they are in fact inspecting it they have to think about the safety of rescuers as well. president of the good that they're to visited the town and
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ordered a nationwide halt to quarrying operations for fifteen days critics say cracks in the querrey were a warning sign but safety monitors may have underestimated the danger. rescuers retain hopes of finding survivors days after the disaster these small flags show rescuers were homes are buried a faint sign of hope for people here that what was once their village won't and becoming a permanent graveyard. dugan al-jazeera naga city several province central philippines. pope francis is taking a step toward settling a seventy year old dispute with china he's agreed to recognise seven bishops in china who were appointed without his approval that announcement was made as the roman catholic leader arrived in the lithuanian capital the start of a four day tour of baltic countries he's paid homage to the victims of the nazi and
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solve you talk to patients there the pontiff will also visit latvia and estonia they're all marking one hundred years of independence though the celebrations risk being overshadowed by clerical abuse scandals in several other countries. russians have been on the march again in various cities to show vladimir putin how unpopular his pension reform plans are the president's proposal to raise the retirement age by five years is dented his popularity in the polls older russians fear they won't live long enough to collect their pensions or younger generations worry they won't get jobs if senior citizens retire later in life. it is world rhino day highlighting how all five species of the heavy weight of the wild are critically endangered and attention is focused on how many are being killed every day including in south africa as family miller reports d.n.a. technology an expert teams of ranges are succeeding in reducing some poaching their . the remains of a female white rhino and her calf scattered across
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a remote part of the kruger national park a team of forensic scientists say they were shot and killed by poachers and their horns were hacked off close to eleven hundred rhino were killed last year in south africa alone to meet the high demand in asia for rhino horn the crime scene is six days old which has made it difficult for the forensics team to find evidence the caucus has deteriorated because of the hot weather and most of it's been taken apart by scavengers but they're looking for any evidence linking the crime scene to a suspect. bullets an empty casings were found but it may be too late to trace any footprints scientists investigate a killing a day on average while that statistic will shock many the totals down from close to three a day two years ago the department of environmental affairs says d.n.a. forensic scientists are making
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a big difference in fighting wildlife crime and they're able to link individual poachers from one scene to another even years later between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen rhino experts estimate the number of rhinos poached dropped by about twenty four percent ranges monitor the park day and night using frequent patrols to check for incursions looking for tracks or any other signs of poachers often heavily armed poachers move into the park at night. resist closer to their communities that's where they get off their off the notion of when enough when you come across trucks you don't know where that is porches are on them they're carrying guns or is just one person is going to go rhino one can change hands multiple times before reaching their final destination such as shops in china despite a twenty five year ban on sales there. security forces here take a few chances even a fruit truck using the park as
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a shortcut to neighboring wasn't baek is searched for weapons last year four hundred and forty six poachers were arrested in or around the park and more than two hundred weapons seized a major concern is the involvement of park workers and police officers accused of poaching production my general if you take in consideration what the buy meant to get up to feed is enormous and for that reason we've got specific department in my unit who's focusing on that to address the issue in the book. rhino horn fetches more than eight thousand dollars a kilo on the black market but investigators are hopeful that this week's arrest of a major poaching syndicate in southern africa will mean more rhino will survive. al-jazeera at the kruger national park in employment. still ahead for you on this news hour going to the movies again in yemen how some young people are reviving the
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culture despite the war comparing trump to hitler how the documentary maker michael moore is raising the fahrenheit i game. liverpool win and what's been a star and a historic start to deceive and disease health in sport. hello again it's good to be back or here across much of the levant we are seeing sunny skies for most people we did have some clouds passing through tehran as well as pass through baghdad as well most of the activity will be up here towards the caspian now we don't expect back who to see much in terms of rain but you may see a passing shower too over the next two days as we go towards the beginning of the week see the clouds right there out towards the eastern part of the sea for twenty seven degrees tehran you may see some rain on monday with the temperature a few of about thirty one here cross the gulf not looking too bad in the high
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thirty's for most locations around the gulf for doha thirty nine abu dhabi thirty nine riyadh is going to be sunny at forty two and the clouds are now pushing out to sea here across most of the coast of amman we're going to see muscat at thirty two as well and then solo at twenty nine really staying about that as we go through the beginning of the week and then as you make your way down here towards parts of africa we did see a lot of active weather especially across parts of durban and johannesburg of the last couple days with this stationary boundary across the or you know those clouds right there that will continue here on sunday maybe some windy conditions along the coast could be expected during the twenty five johannes a twenty four but here for cape town well winds are out of the south we're going to be seeing cape.


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