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tv   Eugenios Close Up  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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we are seeing sunny skies for most people we did have some clouds passing through tehran as well as pass through baghdad as well most of the activity will be up here towards the caspian now we don't expect back who to see much in terms of rain but you may see a passing shower too over the next two days as we go towards the beginning of the week see the clouds right there out towards the eastern part of the sea for becker twenty seven degrees tehran you may see some rain on monday with the temperature a few about thirty one here cross the gulf not looking too bad in the high thirty's for most locations around the gulf for doha thirty nine abu dhabi thirty nine riyadh is going to be sunny at forty two and the clouds are now pushing out to sea here across most of the coast of amman we're going to see muscat at thirty two as well and then salon twenty nine really staying about that as we go through the beginning of the week and then as you make your way down here towards parts of africa we did see a lot of active weather especially across parts of durban and johannesburg of the last couple days with this stationary boundary across the or you know those clouds right there that will continue here on sunday maybe some windy conditions along the
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coast could be expected during the twenty five johannes a twenty four but here for cape town well winds are out of the south we're going to be seeing cape town at seventeen degrees with mostly cloudy conditions for you. it captures memories and present realities for you jenny that camera is a tool photography and often shot. in one of when i silence most deprived areas children who have nothing. now have a voice. jenny as close a part of the viewfinder latin america series on out as.
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al-jazeera. it's. where every. year on the news are here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories iran's president is vowing what he calls a crushing response optic gelman sprayed a military parade with gunfire at least twenty nine people were killed including four government in the southern city of a senior iranian military and political figures accuse the u.s.
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and two unnamed gulf states of legs to the attack. the campaign office of the maldives opposition candidate has been raided by police the evening before the election president the bella you mean has been in office since twenty thirteen is seeking a second five year term in sunday's vote. and a survivor has been found in an air pocket of the tanzanian ferry two days after it capsized the man is one of only forty one people who survived this two hundred nine others drowned in the victoria on thursday in tanzania as president is blaming overloading and apparent negligence well in place so we've got. a boozy with us now who is a journalist with the citizen newspaper in tanzania he's on skype from dar es salaam so what type of contact have you had with people close to the saying what more have you learned. you are getting from the growing. number. two hundred.
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school. that you would go for issues that you guys think this is. actually. going to be so. what are there other ferries and boats still running in the area i'm just wondering has everything been shut down as far as safety concerns go or are there still but still running. you know stories for us from the. people who actually wanted to go and see the i don't use it or even i didn't quite . get it. because you have to do is get it here
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if you wanted to avoid stepped out of pure torture for having problems with it or yeah. i mean they're happy to go because it shows so they don't trust. these people to get to. it when she's so pretty. good about it one. so. they go. to syria because the line isn't great but i'll ask you just one more question i want to know about public anger i mean people must be furious at this sort of thing because it's not the first time it's happened and they must be huge questions of the maritime safety yet they have been. one of the chinese being beat up by you some of the opposition members of congress they say it actually doesn't is missing a couple been prevented just
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a profession is over or not. but one moment it was public. and was stopped and if you don't that night you go to. some sort of giving up. the i'm going to among the public. with the citizen newspaper in tanzania thank you so much for your time. but the opening of hong kong's first high speed rail link to the rest of china is provoking protests pro-democracy groups around gree that part of the new rail terminal in hong kong is enforcing mainland chinese law on passengers this report and sarah clarke. it's three years behind sched jewel and three billion dollars over budget the hong kong china high speed rail link is now officially open channel. the city's chief executive kerry lamb was joined by the governor guandong declaring the mega project
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a bright light on china's calling card so yes i'd fight so if further perfect this transport system and promotes cultural economic and social exchanges between hong kong and china the express train links hong kong to forty four mainland cities it's hard travel times delivering passengers to go on joe in less than an hour he moves all through the integrate hong kong and macau into the overall development plan of china but the project has been shrouded in controversy hong kong's legislative council passed a bill to allow joint immigration checkpoints in the terminal passages from china will be inspected here not at the border for the first time mainland officials will enforce national laws on hong kong soil around a quarter of the terminal will come on the mainland jurisdiction to be designated zines which will include the joint immigration checkpoints but critics argue importing nationals here in hong kong is yet another attempt by beijing to tighten its grip on the former british territory. but for democracy groups have led the
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protests they say the joint checkpoints undermine hong kong's autonomy under the one country two systems deal adopted when the territory was handed back to china certainly it's damaging to one country two systems and that is what we've been promised. at the pace of law and also from you know. you know back to twenty years ago. and now when you look at it that may be just the beginning that's why we already have out the government says the joint immigration checkpoints will save passengers clearing immigration twice but it raises alarm bells for pro-democracy groups who believe the city's political future is at stake it appears to be knighted tear it to the public though with tickets sold out this weekend sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. the us secretary of state has denounced reports of reeducation camps for we go muslims in western china speaking in washington at a conference on the state of religious freedom around the world hundreds of
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thousands and possibly millions of leaders are held against their will and so called reeducation camps were forced to endure such a very political indoctrination and other awful abuses their religious beliefs are decimating britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt has warned european leaders not to mistake british politeness for weakness in the brig's negotiations says people in the u.k. are content to leave the union without a divorce deal following a speech from prime minister to resign may on friday accusing e.u. leaders of a lack of respect after they rejected her break that plan they've baka reports from london. reeling from her bruising a huge summit to resume a delivered a defiant ultimatum to europe the e.u. should be clear i will not overturn the result of the referendum nor will i break up my country we need serious engagement on resolving the two big
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problems in the negotiations. and we stand ready she hoped for warm words from my counterparts at thursday's eve summit in salzburg she was instead met with an unequivocal rejection of her latest breaks it plan ever about the share the view that why positive elements in the checkers propose of. just a tremor for a comic corporation will not work. not least because the truth is undermining the single market the putdowns continued on tusks instagram account a piece of cake wrote task sorry no cherries a jibe at britain's perceived cherry picking of bricks of proposals that suit the u.k. but no one else the french president emanuel mccrum said he would never accept a deal which damages the e.u.'s integrity and said those promoting the idea that breaks it will be positive for britain are liars to resume a responded saying it was time for the e.u.
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to show britain some respect throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects the say a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it. teresa mayes brags that strategy was drawn up at her country retreat checkers in july it opposes a u.k. e.u. free trade area and a common rulebook for industrial and agricultural goods to prevent exports and imports from getting stuck at borders but the e.u. and u.k. can't agree on what will happen here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and a you member the case promised there will be no return to a hard border but it's rejected the e.u. has a backstop plan to keep the region aligned with its trading rules it's something we will never agree to said to resume a it would mean breaking up our country before her response to theresa may proposal
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have been playing tension among hard line break that fear within how own party they believe the e.u. are pushing for more concessions from the u.k. but they are productive it will mean leaving me you will be increasingly more and more pointless they want a clean break from brussels with or without a reason may be but this latest message to europe may help restore some confidence from bric cities who believe she hasn't been tough enough the prime minister says there's currently no counter proposal on the table this is an impasse with no solution in sight come out zero westminster. salvage experts say could take at least ten years to restore what is left of brazil's national museum huge fire earlier this month to stored millions of priceless treasures as mariana sanchez reports. leader shell was left standing the fire that destroyed brazil's national museum earlier this month left most of the country's national
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treasures in ashes. you know school officials are now working to rescue what survived if i'm joined by brazilian and german specialist experienced in the story in pieces damaged in fires and war zones because she is going to want to get the expectation of the work of rescuing and digging i think we're talking about months or even years of that process in addition to that what's related to cleaning conservation documentation stabilization it could take years. maybe a decade experts say to recover just one part among the losses egyptian mummies frescoes from pompei and brazilian remains nearly twenty million cultural and scientific pieces. the fire has focused attention on one of the major problems facing brazil's heritage lack of funds this is that along the wharf harbor for nearly one million slaves arrived from africa in the nineteenth century it is also
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i guess the heritage site of new c.l.o. just say it is in danger of being destroyed i other historic buildings are also at risk the us federal prosecutor says six museums in this city alone are insecure and should be kills you so do this be the door that it was so it was because of what i believe is what happened is going on in all the museum institutions in brazil the tragedy can happen again because there's no state budget for public museums the state is not complying with its responsibilities. the loss of the national museum and all its treasures has prompted students to try to see. david least memories of the past the appeal to museum visitors to help build up an archive and received more than seven thousand e-mails with photos and videos of the museum collections wrong wish for the. what we didn't expect this we are going to prepare an archive with the different collections to show what the museum represented to us with
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personal memories. but all this effort to recover and rebuild will remain in digital form most of the original treasures are gone forward for. many innocents. but. the iraqi city of samarra has some of the world's some of the country's most significant archaeological discoveries you know asco says it should be protected as a world heritage site but those living there say some land fox land marks are being left to crumble matheson as more. for twelve centuries the spiral minaret of the great mosque has survived storms and wars but perhaps its greatest danger is from neglect and. this is the first time we've seen the spiral minaret since two thousand and three i'm shocked there's been no attempt to restore there are no rubbish baskets no proper benches for visitors if this landmark was in any other country it would be
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a piece of art. in two thousand and seven they already badly damaged city of samarra was protected as a world heritage site by the us it was hoped that it would encourage more visitors in business but more than a decade later little has been done and if. so it's a little different to the permits and any other place in the middle east. history and archaeology site but it doesn't give the proper attention. so marlise on both sides of the river tigris north of baghdad it marks the site of a powerful islamic capital the ruled over the said empire which stretched from tunis here to central asia for a century it's estimated eighty percent of it still lies undiscovered.


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