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tv   Mediation And Assassination  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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does it work i was lucky that i was able to swim under the water not knowing where i would see me. as i was swimming to safety i found a number of metal bars that cut my face and back of my head. and a ferry made for one hundred people more than twice that on board was coming into dog when it capsized on thursday in the following hours forty people were rescued alive since then rescue workers have been recovering the dead. nearly two days after the boat hit no one imaginable one more survivor found. trapped underneath maybe divers heard a knocking and pulled them out. people here wondering how it was allowed to happen and it's not the first time the ferry capsized in twenty eleven and twenty twelve between the tanzania and mainland and the islands of zanzibar hundreds died both
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are often in poor condition and overloaded there is a need for regular beijing to make sure that there are ten knows exactly how many people he has been born into limits the number of people and then there is another if more to do in terms of risk you capacities especially for a cat so using our students were. really really fast here on the ugandan side of the lake the regulations say that all passengers are meant to wear life jackets and even given some to ride in this boat although not in brilliant condition you can see them or over here but often there aren't enough to go around difficult for the authorities to enforce the rules the lakes last three hundred kilometers long waterways a crucial for trade and everyone here is working on a tight budget but kept running for a decade before they retired this one stopped running after it collided with another in two thousand and five. back in tanzania relatives wait for the bodies of
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loved ones the whole community deeply traumatized the president. has to be arrested but even if they face justice it won't bring loved ones back. al-jazeera uganda. warning from the opposition party on the eve of the presidential election the opposition campaign orders. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well we are going to start here in china we did see some clear weather couple days ago but now more clouds more rain is coming into the picture as we go through next couple of days so far hong kong rainy day for you thirty one degrees all the way up towards shanghai
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clouds there a little bit cooler maybe twenty nine in your forecast as we as we leave sunday to monday a little bit cooler you notice those those winds are coming in from the northeast so keeping it relatively moderate for this time of year over towards taipei we do expect to see thirty degrees as your high well down across the philippines clouds are going to be coming into the picture over the next few days and the reason why is we have a new tropical cyclone in the pacific now the cyclon is not going to be making its way towards the philippines it's going to skirt up to the northwest but we think it's going to happen is more clouds there then the winds are going to be coming out of the north so you may see a few spotty showers over the next few days possibly into tuesday it will get a little bit heavier but like i said we don't expect to see a landfall there and then very quickly over towards india still very heavy rain across much of the subcontinent right there with those clouds are that is going to continue to make its way towards the northwest bringing heavy showers possibly up towards new delhi as well but down towards the south china you're breaking out we expect to see about thirty three degrees for you that there and kolkata
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a rainy day for you at thirty four. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. what makes this moment is you will never see you. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a. lot of times and that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or near the lights. and there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution now up from retellings on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories iran has summoned envoys of the u.k. netherlands and denmark accusing these countries of harboring opposition groups this comes hours after gunmen attacked a military parade in fast killing twenty five people the iranian military says the attackers were trained by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel the woman whose accuse us president trump supreme court nominee of sexual assault has confirmed she will testify before a senate committee next week racine blasi forces brett kavanaugh assaulted her at a party in one nine hundred eighty two he denies the allegations and rescuers in tanzania have found a survivor inside a ferry which capsized two days ago the man was trapped in an air pocket making him one of only forty one people who survived at least two hundred nine other straunge when the ferry tipped over in lake victoria. the u.k.'s main opposition party is warning it will call for a general election if the government spreads it deal falls short labor leader
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jeremy corbyn says he will challenge prime minister theresa may on any deal made with the european union on fighting may said talks with the e.u. had reached an impasse and call for the block to come up with a viable counter proposal britain is due to leave the e.u. in march of twenty nineteen we will challenge this government on whatever deal it brings back all our six tests on jobs on living standards on environmental protection and protection of those jobs and the ability over the incoming labor government during first and intervene in an economy that's a pretty decent wages jobs and full employment. and if this government can't deliver simply series of juries or. the best way to circle this is fire having a general election. more than one hundred fifty thousand people in canada's capital
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are still without electricity after a powerful tornado ripped through ottawa on friday the city's mayor says the city was left resembling a war scene and that it could be days before power was fully restored meteorologist reported winds of up to one hundred ninety kilometers per hour the tornado touched down twice in ottawa before moving on to the neighboring province of quebec. a chinese hospital ship has docked in crisis hits venezuela it will treat people for the next week before continuing an eleven nation to war last month the u.s. sent a similar ship to neighboring colombia venezuela is experiencing a deepening economic crisis which has led to a shortage of food and medicine while protests against deteriorating living conditions continue in venezuela people bronx roads in the city of san cristobal on friday they were angry at petrol shortages in the oil rich nation that we're tired of we've been waiting for days in line for the gas truck to arrive this is
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a country of gasoline and there's no gasoline wasn't how do we go to produce for our family we're here to dock and parked in a patrol station waiting to get fuel peter dobson is a journalist based in venezuela he says people are waiting for reforms. well of the moment there's a series of economic changes being bored into place in the country and people are generally feeling a little bit stressed because there's a lot of changes in their day to day life and that said people are very patient people are waiting to see and hoping that these economic reforms which the government have boarded how to decide impact and are able to stabilize the economy crisis so they're feeling on the ground is is a little bit frustrated and even a lot of the lot of troponin changing the day to day way that things that done but generally there is patience and generally there is understanding that some of these are quite necessary measures to just sort out the bigger problem it's worth pointing out that the series of measures which the government aborted not just
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a single measure there's a whole range of measures tax measures and other issues of a board in progress if the let's say so for example this month in september price of petrol prices are going to be increased the new wage comes into effect for public sector workers and so on the pension prices come in so the these are measures which people are getting used to. but it's taken later time obviously to understand that and get used to them. and this is normal venezuela is a very patient people in this respect it's worth pointing out that the vast majority of venezuelans are very very quickly against the u.s. led sanctions against the country venezuelans generally understand that these sanctions are not helping the economic crisis or tour they're not helping any solution towards the economic problems which the country is facing and therefore any escalation in these sanctions which is what we're expecting to see what we mean the situation is going to get even more difficult here thanks to the white house
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and their policies the campaign office of the maltese opposition candidates has been raided by police just a day before a presidential election present that don't i am mean who's been in office since twenty thirteen he's seeking a second five year term but most of his rivals are either in jail or in exile. reports. it's famous as a holiday islands destination popular with newlyweds on their honeymoon but in the run up to the presidential election in the maldives on sunday there are allegations by the opposition of voter intimidation and security crackdowns we keep they are going to be here. but we take part in them believing that our support is so. that we will be able to overcome that. despite the alleged intimidation opposition challenger ibrahim mohammed salary has been campaigning for votes. president delay i mean is aiming for a second term he declared a fifteen day state of emergency earlier this year provoking concerns the country
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is sliding towards authoritarianism i would like to call it an undemocratic dictatorship now the current regime president whatever you are doing of course it is like kind of authoritarian rule but then what are you doing doing through you know constitutional means like he is changing the consideration amending the constitution. as well his convenience. given his base to the economy using cheap chinese loans for large infrastructure projects such as the chinese maltese friendship bridge opened last month after four years of construction. the apparent reliance on large chinese loans has raised concerns about china's increasing influence as the chinese buy with india for a say in the strategically situated indian ocean archipelago alex a topless. sri lanka's former president has accused the government of mismanaging
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the country's finances their o.p.'s promenade against the dollar in recent months and inflation is at an all time high enough and has more from colombo. they only jayawardene opened a big three in colombo six months ago bringing his savings and experience from working abroad he had big plans but his wife says an unstable economy increasing costs and a sliding rupee have made things very difficult we can't increase our prices each time gas prices increased off live increases because our customers know what price we offer certain items that so each time we come increasing so as a result we absorb the cost the price increases have been many. will sugar even bus fares commuters forced to fork out higher fares for the second time in four months the way i got to doing at it may be a small increase in the fear but when you take the total cost it's a big amount for the money. to make matters worse for the struggling economy the
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sri lankan rupee has lost almost nine percent of its value against the dollar so far this year and worse is expected the devaluation has a former president demanding to take over. with them because of. this radio i mean if you want to discuss. that we want to make sure. the first thing is. for the operating twenty. government ministers or dismissing rajapakse as complaints and say he's former administration because the problems this from this. eighty three percent of. the popular and of course we would have had to we have had to pay. lorne's in order to. previous to that. but. while doing all.
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my own good job. we have also managed to bring all of me who are of. while the government in opposition create accusations about who is to blame for the economic problems many sri lankans us struggling to make ends meet among them the war the nurses who are determined to stay afloat and make a go of their business despite the odds with al-jazeera colomba. pope francis is taking a step towards settling a seventy year old dispute with china has agreed to recognise seven bishops in china who were appointed without his approval the announcement was made as the roman catholic leader arrived in lithuania capital at the start of a four day tour of baltic countries his pay tribute to the victims of the nazi and soviet occupations there the pontiff will also visit not via and estonia all of
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which are marking one hundred years of independence but the visit could be overshadowed by clerical abuse scandals in several other countries saturday marks world rhino day highlighting how all five species of the heavy weight of the wild are critically endangered and attention is focused on how many are being killed every day including in south africa as hunted him in a report d.n.a. technology expert teams of ranges are succeeding in reducing some poaching may. the remains of a female white rhino and her calf scattered across a remote part of the kruger national park a team of forensic scientists say they were shot and killed by poachers and their horns were hacked off close to eleven hundred rhino were killed last year and south africa alone to meet the high demand in asia for rhino horn the crime scene is six days old which has made it difficult for the forensics team to find evidence the
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carcass has deteriorated because of the hot weather and most of it's been taken apart by scavengers but they're looking for any evidence linking the crime scene to a suspect. bullets and empty casings were found but it may be too late to trace any footprints scientists investigate a killing a day on average while that statistic will shock many the totals down from close to three a day two years ago the department of environmental affairs says d.n.a. forensic scientists are making a big difference in fighting wildlife crime and they're able to link individual poachers from one seemed to another even years later between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen rhino experts estimate the number of rhinos poached dropped by about twenty four percent ranges monitor the park day and night using frequent patrols to check for incursions looking for tracks or any other signs of poachers
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often heavily armed poachers move into the park at night. resist closer to their communities that's where they get off to off the notion of an enough when you come across tracks you don't know where that is porches are on them they're carrying guns or is just one person is going to go rhino one can change hands multiple times before reaching their final destination such as shops in china despite a twenty five year ban on sales their security forces here take a few chances even a fruit truck using the park as a shortcut to neighboring wasn't baek is searched for weapons last year four hundred and forty six poachers were arrested in or around the park and more than two hundred weapons seized a major concern is the involvement of park workers and police officers accused of poaching but option. if you take in consideration what the buy meant to get up to free shuls is enormous and for that reason we've got
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a specific department in my unit was focusing on that to address this issue in the book. rhino horn fitch is more than eight thousand dollars a kilo on the black market but investigators a hopeful that this week's arist of a major poaching syndicate in southern africa will mean well rhino will survive for me to malone al-jazeera at the kruger national park implement. the air flow again i'm fully back with the headlines on al-jazeera iran has summoned envoys of the u.k. netherlands and denmark accusing these countries of harboring opposition groups this comes hours after gunmen attacked a military parade in a vast killing twenty five people iran's military says the attackers were trained by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel the woman who's accused president tom supreme court nominee of sexual
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assault has confirmed she will testify before a senate committee next week christine blasi forces brett kavanaugh assaulted her at a party in one nine hundred eighty two he denies the allegations rescuers in tanzania have found a survivor inside a ferry which capsized two days ago the man was trapped in an air pocket making him one of only forty one people who survived at least two hundred nine others drowned when the ferry tipped over in lake victoria tanzania's president is blaming overloading and negligence for the disaster has ordered police to arrest the boat's owner. the u.k.'s main opposition party is warning it will call for a general election if the government's bracks it deal falls short labor's leader jeremy corbyn says he'll challenge prime minister to resign may on any deal made with the european union on friday may said talks with the e.u. had reached an impasse. we will challenge this governments on whatever deal it
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brings back all on our six tests on jobs on living standards on environmental protection and protection of those jobs and the ability of an incoming labor government to infest and intervene in an economy it's a pretty about decent wages jobs and full employment. and if this government can't deliver when i simply series of juries or may the best way to circle this is by having a general election. u.s. cable giant comcast has outpaced rupert murdoch's fox in a blind auction for the u.k. broadcaster sky sky has twenty three million subscribers it owns a u.k. rights to broadcast from elite football and the entire h.b.o. catalog that has made it one of europe's most profitable t.v. companies comcast bed of twenty two dollars sixty cents a share get sky a value of iran fourteen billion dollars those are the headlines coming up next on
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al-jazeera inside story. get prices down now donald trump steps up the pressure on major oil producers will opec f.p.s. the us president and what about iranian oil exports being blocked by u.s. sanctions this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm good of that hamid opec leaders and their allies are due to meet on sunday nigeria to discuss something which affects us all
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the price of oil the price of brant crude oil is close to a four year high trading at just under eighty dollars a barrel that's the well short of to two thousand and eight peak of one hundred forty seven dollars or prices have risen by around forty percent in the past year and president donald trump is demanding prices fall before mid term elections in november which would also be a critical test of his popularity he also wants oil producers to make up for the fall in iranian exports because of the reimposition of u.s. sanctions trump treated we protect the countries of the middle east they would not be safe for very long without us and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices we will remember the opec one openly must get prices down now.
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terms called pauses and a lemon for saudi arabia if it does his line some opec members may perceive riyadh as doing washington's bidding at their expense on the other hand the kingdom can hardly this please its strongest ally to discuss this and the opec meeting in jury a we're joined from london keen an independent oil and energy consultant and former opec official in moscow true to him an oil and gas analyst and part energy consulting agency and also to is semi handy and middle east analyst and editor of the magazine international interest gentlemen welcome to the program so me let me start with you does trump have a point when he says that middle eastern countries are pushing the prices higher and higher. i think we have to remember what caused a lot of the chaos in recent years in the middle east in terms of economic
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diversification some of the grand moves that saudi arabia the u.a.e. and other arab countries have taken it was the lawyer prices until all prices saudi arabia saw no need to engage in economic diversification or indeed to pursue vision twenty thirty or the neon cities or the like was even more ironic is that the lower prices was caused by the u.s. shale industry which seemed to put more and more oil in the market driving the prices down and saudi arabia actually started fighting the u.s. trying to outdo the u.s. by flooding the market with oil to bring the price so low that shale couldn't could would not be feasible so i think with regards to donald trump about whether they want to bring the prices up this is very true the opec countries all of them they benefit from a high price let's remember why venezuela is a failed state today it's a failed state because the low all prices said the economy crushing her oil prices gives reprieve for a lot of these countries opec countries who are suffering from the economic difficulties as a result of years of relying on oil so in other words when oil prices start going
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back up these opec countries find that they have more revenue they have more money in order to enact infrastructure projects or the like within their particular countries so it might in short what's particularly ironic is that the u.s. which forced a lot of these countries to bend over backwards as a result of the law oil prices as a result of the shale oil industry is now demanding that the opec countries bring the oil prices back down once more and to suffer further as a result of donald trump being scared of what might happen in the midterm elections so manno share now pick countries and non opec countries are meeting tomorrow in algeria what do you think is going to happen here what will be the focus of the conversation. well let me say that tomorrow is the joint a ministerial monitoring committee meeting is not to hold hold the ministers of opec countries and then an opec which have joined together in the last two years i
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think is russia and other non opec countries and then saudi arabia. and kuwait and so on letting them there no emergency ones out there really is death. yes there are there job as i'm saying that they are not supposed to decide on what to do they are a technical group has the same are and market monitoring committee to look at the information that the technical analysts and technical group within opec and none of it have given them and look at it examine it consult with each others look at the supply demand balance in the world oil market their daily business people and then also for see what the in the next five six months would be the performance of the global economy is going to be a boom bust recession which of course would affect the demand for oil and then to supply of oil from the united states and others that technical people have tried to
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estimate for the next few months and out of that they will see how much is the demand for opec as a whole and for opening not all big groups that are part of this joint operation which have limited their supply that is their job of course having done all this and discussed with each other consulted their acts on the seas with each other then of course they have to look at the political aspects there one that you made an introduction already so i want to said they do and make a decision they try to summarize and brief the full ministerial conference of opec which is to meet the third of december but of course their ideas and comet comments would influence what the other ministers would do and so we cannot discuss what these people might inside or might prefer there might be comment but let's see it is not they would not decide on an actual policy that opec would follow it and misread what's russia's role in all of this i mean over the past few years
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relationship between moscow and riyadh have gone grown closer days talk at maybe these two countries struck together trying to fill the gap that will be left because of the iran sanctions. oh well russia's role is very specific basically when the russia agreed to decrease production it was against the benchmark of tolbert when to sixteen when the russian oil production peaked for some domestic reason and after that it fell down to their regular level . again and i saluted that surely the russian minister of winter just said it was carrying out the promise it gave to opec basically russian oil companies are producing at the maximum of their capacity and they're not prepared to increase production to accommodate to the wishes of saudi arabia or
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president romp or anyone else in essentially the next year or maybe a year from no rational production is going to start to decline and it has already peaked the decline will be caused by the deterioration over oil reserves which of the majority of oil rich remains are still in russia the seventy percent of that is hard to recover and it is difficult to produce of this oil at the current the level of prices a so please do not expect that russia is going to increase oil production on the contrary it is going to decrease it so i have a semi writer in view of that it seems that the onus would fall again on the gulf countries saudi arabia u.a.e. now what would be them mood considering this treat of donald trump who basically
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said you guys are safe because we keep you safe i'm sort of a happy about. we have to remember that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. don't actually want to increase production saudi arabia has been giving lip service to donald trump until now this is not the first time that donald trump has are saudi arabia to increase production there was a tweet a few months ago where he said that saudi arabia had promised and then that tweet was removed later on or he went back on that particular tweet saudi arabia does not want the prices to go down why because the investment that they expected invision twenty thirty the aramco valuation that they had was not what they expected the amount of money that they expected to come into saudi arabia from these various economic projects has not matched their expectations so in other words the higher the oil price comes the more of a buffer the more of a cushion that they have in order to come up with a new plan in order to assess this situation how to come up with a better solution the problem is that trump is applying very heavy pressure on
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saudi arabia although the south there's this view that saudi arabia and trump are very very close allies we need to remember that trump flipflops based on how much money comes into the u.s. so for example initially he supported the carter blockade and then in april this year he invited the emir of qatar to washington and then sent his advisors today of to put pressure on them to stop the blockade so in other words trump is flip flopping on the saudis know that when truck threatens them a threat threatens to lift the support that he's been giving them they know that he's particularly serious saudi arabia will go to the opec countries but the opec countries know that saudi arabia deep down does not want the oil prices to go down either so they'd be very interesting because now it's a matter of sovereignty is saudi arabia really a puppet state to the extent that they would have the nerve to go to the other opec countries out of the guys look we need trump so you guys need to increase production and bring the lawyer prices down it would be absolutely incredible by all standards for saudi arabia to sit and look at opec countries in the face and
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tell them that trump told me to bring the prices down so we have to bring the prices down even though it is saudi arabia that will be taking the hit so i. it's quite profound the way in which trump has caused discovery in the opec countries all because he is suffering or potentially suffering from the midterm elections where by his base are the ones who are becoming very much affected by increase all prices that they were meant to share you know opaque from the inside very well now we have a situation where at the heart of all of this is obviously the illumining. sanctions on iran and they will kick in just two days before demit term elections now so when everybody's in the room or even. at the moment you can hear statements coming out from all sides. saudi arabia according to jews sami is in a difficult position doesn't want to be seen as a puppet of the trump administration iran on the other side has a lot of veto power within opec and they say is actually putting saudi arabia under
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spot isn't it well i wouldn't put it that way you see there is so much being said as to political differences recent months between iran and saudi arabia that have been greater political differences between these could if different countries with you know pick iran and iraq were at war with each other in one nine hundred eighty s. but i want to emphasize that these a miniseries one day yet to get there looking at the oil markets they are really more concentrating as a business leaders and trying to understand their market and see for what is good for all of them to do of course there are priorities short term long term what duz are all i would say technical decision making and this is what would happen here as well but it's sorry for interrupting going but when the iranian minister of oil ministers says i would block any opec decision that poses the slightest threat
9:34 am
to iran how are we supposed to see this this understand. well is that a statement bashar made by ministers before they actually meet you know pick a full of actual conference which would be under fairly of december. whenever there are levels of prices being high to low the different ministers make a statement they usually less obviously but on occasions in the past they have made the same and so that is not surely the wish of iranian ministers and the iranian government is that when you know on is put in a corner and the united states and president trump and the u.s. department of treasury are blatantly and in a bullying way day till all the iranian oil customers those who buy oil from iran they threaten them that they should stop buying oil from here on otherwise they
9:35 am
would put this and that if they're operating in america they wouldn't do this or banking limitations etc this is a bullying tactic so obviously you know anya and people around and government are offset that a big power as satch is trying to act in this way very open minded using force and so their reactions are that look we expect are there members of opec that we are in disjoint club we have been together for since one nine hundred sixty and so on to not to give in and try to also have accommodate iran and this is an obvious the amount but i'm sure even the iranian ministers and others day do agree as we had done in the past that opec as a whole doesn't want the prices to go too high and not obviously too low they don't have the underpriced it without because they want to have good revenue as mr hamdi you just mentioned if they want to lose revenue but i want to say that it is not
9:36 am
only one break in to pass in the history of opec that had been occasions that all because a group increased production to aggravate and increased. adduction to get the prices down under might they have no need to pass but on this occasion infortunate teaches mixed with these are retorting called statements and political pressure from the united states and so on and so forth if you're going to bring in me from moscow you know you said earlier that russia cannot increase by its production by very much so that is supposedly going to be a gap of two million barrels how do you think it's going to be filled. well basically i do not think it will be russia that the that is going to feel in this gap russia for russia cooperation with opec is very important it is the same world for several reasons first. because of the russian virtual
9:37 am
a contribution to the joint effort not material contribution in the form of. holden production dollar nor increase in production but is in the form of oral interventions decoded various declaw ration of solidarity and the sometimes russia reports that it is changing the level of production to accommodate to production to the wishes of a pick but the basically it is not doing anything no that kind because of the it is of the companies of that determine how much oil they are per use and but it is very important. even orally because of the level of corporation is a factor to push the prices up and higher prices are very. unnecessary for the russian government because basically the oil companies in russia get very very little from high oil prices. we have
9:38 am
a sliding scale of taxes and if they will price goes up it is the government of that takes this profit this incremental profit but not the companies they get just a very small proportion of the incremental value ok and sat me what i did a country could step up as production is iraq able to do that for example. i think iraq is mired in its own issues a bus full of protests and that's the main oil city in iraq i think trump the reason he puts pressure on saudi arabia is because he wants the saudis to do it it was the saudis to be the ones to flood the market and from his perspective he says look i took iran out of the game i want you go you guys now can take the market share the saudis are not seeing it that way with regards to donald trump i think the oil is there that there is the capacity to fill those two million barrels if opec genuinely do decided to do so however the problem is opec are not necessarily
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happy with the treatment of iran they're not of the which they do the american treatment of iran they're not necessarily happy with the situation they've been made in where by the usual diplomatic channels have not been respected so for example when donald trump takes to twitter and tells an opec i'm telling you before you meet you have to bring the prices down this is made it a bit a sort of a humiliation for opec if it decides to go with what donald trump has said donald trump could have done what u.s. has done in the past send some diplomatic back channels to the various different governments let roula spread here know that maybe u.s. is applying pressure but the way the brazen way which trump has done it has evoked a lot of sympathy one for iran and its loss of its share of the market in terms of loss of its particular exports and also has made opec quite jittery it's not a united bloc anymore and there's a lot of antagonism between the various different countries particularly as they wrestle with one of the leading opec nations saudi arabia having to sit in front of them and tell them guys donald trump tell me to bring the oil prices down we have to do so i think with regards to fitting to two million barrels to summarize i
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think they'll find a way to do so if they have to but i don't think opec countries are at the stage yet whereby they want to follow the orders of donald trump so is basically you're saying it's payback time for him to sound the. government there now much money to share is it. if we look at opec you have ok we have big iran that is not going to produce or in anymore at least is not going to be traded internationally. you have saudi arabia that's under pressure but then you have also a lot of problems of its well as not able to produce as much anymore libya i can produce one day as one day no depending on what's happening the same is situation with nigeria so it's also does a lot of problems within opec at seventy one i don't know but from the outside you get a feeling that this there is a lot of fragility within opec at the moment because of geopolitics political
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situations. the line again said that there is in spite of all the politics that you are mentioning and the media portray with you know pick countries the member countries they sit together and discuss things as in a business way out of these political issues i come back to the question you asked me before i want to if you allow me two things that one is that the agony mint in opec as a group are now together with non orpik is voluntary so they're all i agreed to do this because it is good for all of them it is no enforcement this is this is one thing and then coming back to the question of what countries can produce assuming that opec as a group decide to increase and agree with each other to increase supply the nominal figure which is in the press is two million barrels per day spare for the auction capacity of saudi arabia. so there is this smaller extent of
9:42 am
a smaller quantity apparently advaita ballistic up a city in the united arab emirates and kuwait but one doesn't know that much as in those phone much it is a small their main can keep their in that scenario would be saudi arabia which nominally has about two million everyone is talking about i want to mention this point that this if it comes to the crunch that's on that area would like to decide to increase it is not get anted that technically this is very cassidy can be brought on the stream quickly and honestly in iran without any problems to go up to meet on that disparity of soft law from next week or next month into the war in market without problem there is great possibility that it may not be actually to me don't bear a spirit is spare capacity available to put the the key on to what it on and off an idea if you allow me one experience between nine hundred eighty in one thousand
9:43 am
seven hundred eighty saw that it be a did produce almost ten million barrels per day in those years and for the following ten years the nominal figure of everyone accepted in the press was that saudi arabia's oil production capacity was ten million barrel spending. and in one thousand nine hundred august when saddam hussein forces entered the cold wait there war put an embargo on decided not to buy oil from kuwait and. iraq so five million better spent a day of oil was lost from the war market and saw that even decided in it crash very interesting program put all the experts engineers to try to increase production within the next six months or so and they did the best they could the best technology the best engineering planning and so on and yet six months nathan eighty nine hundred ninety one they at least eight point five million barrels per day so they're not me no cap acidy which was ten at the time they were producing
9:44 am
but five five and a half they thought zero or there would be five mean about respect to coming off of site that maybe ought to compensate for the loss of oil from the kuwait on iraq and yet it was eight point five and not ten million by a spare day so i have my view is that the extra spare capacity of nominated to may not actually be available maybe one point five or sec and it will take some time to bring them the mothballed them and get all these wells which have been closed starting in producing all of the surface that said he has to get to get it and working it is not a bucket of sewage to put on and off this is on a technical issue that you have become just assume it will come but on the policy issue as we have discussed already the among the three of us here there is a question and seems to be that the saudis would not be observant and obeying what the americans are saying and most probably they would go along with the rest of the whole picture and not push for
9:45 am
a higher production but again i said the decision would be on the third of december window or me not now when and we had briefly because they're reaching the end of the show a ten second answer what do you think is going to happen with iran's oil i mean it has all the surplus right on the. russia said on several occasions that the iranian oil and to resell it on the global market but i do not believe it can be practical ok well this is certainly as my new sheriff said tomorrow's meeting is one step but the big decisions will be take taken in vienna at the end of the year so i just want to thank my guests for this show and we'll talk again very soon. and sami handy thank you very much and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our
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facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash story you can join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. story from me one of the meat and the whole team here in doha by for now. life in the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant the place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man and.
9:47 am
getting to see the astonishing wand life here is by no means a straight forward the weather makes everything a challenge the environment where was life is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate with all sorts of threats that are up against climate change cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism the number of tourists coming down here it's a beginning of the two thousand and two somewhere on full five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand people a year and is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this you need landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats begin to loom on the horizon . on account of a cost this week tariffs on thousands of products the biggest trading giants on the planet escalate that trade war but was befalling currency in asia india's rupee plus what ice cream sales are melting away in kabul. counting the cost on
9:48 am
al-jazeera. marine theme parks are making a big splash in china. but are they a death sentence for the ocean's most majestic and. when an east investigates. on al-jazeera. oh i'm fully back to bill with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera iran has summoned envoys of the u.k. netherlands and denmark accusing these countries of harboring opposition groups this comes hours after gunmen attacked a military parade killing twenty five people it happened in a vase near the border with iraq iran has many terry says the attackers were trained by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel trita parsi is a professor at georgetown university in washington he says they may be some truth
9:49 am
to iran's accusations of american saudi and immorality involvement in the attack. the fact that they some of the europeans is also not particular surprise is ing since some of these separates pistorius ations are essentially headquartered in europe many of them being in london particularly this. separatist organization has been ducting activities and making them for quite sometime so that in itself was not surprising nor is it surprising that the iranians would be blaming or or hinting of blame at the united states saudi arabia and the unique what is perhaps a little bit different this time around is that there are circumstantial evidence that makes it much more difficult to dismiss the iraq mean accusations out of hand i mean you have a scenario in which the secretary of the national security advisor of the trumpet mr bolton wrote a memo that was released back in august two thousand and seventeen in which he specifically argued that the united states should be providing assistance to this
9:50 am
specific movement and who is a stand by the previous arabs you also have a scenario in which. from saudi arabia the crown prince did it say last year that he's going to take the fight into iran and you had an adviser to the u.a.e. crown prince saying that this was not a terrorist attack this is stated policy and that we will see more of that when statements of this kind are being made it's much more difficult to say that the iran is or just automatically by reflex pointing their finger at the united states and some of its allies is in the region there seems to be some indications that their disability and some of these accusations. rescuers in tanzania have found a survivor inside a ferry which capsized two days ago the man was trapped in an air pocket making him one of only forty one people who survived at least two hundred nine others drowned when the ferry tipped over in lake victoria tanzania's president is blaming overloading and negligence for the disaster he's ordered police to arrest the
9:51 am
boat's owner. in the us to stage is set for a dramatic confrontation between supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the woman who has accused him of sexual assault a tentative agreement for both to testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday was announced a short time ago kavanaugh has denied the accusation which focuses on a party more than thirty years ago the trumpet ministration is continuing to offer a strong support for kavanagh but honestly the way some democrats have conducted themselves during this process is a disgrace. the president are confident that senate republicans will manage this confirmation properly with the most respect for all concerned and i believe the judge brett kavanaugh will soon be justice brett kavanaugh and take the. united states and. the u.k.'s main opposition parties warning it will call for a general election if the government specs it deal falls short of its requirements
9:52 am
labor leader jeremy corbin says he'll challenge prime minister recently on any deal made with the european union on friday may said talks with the e.u. had reached an impasse us cable giant comcast has out bed rupert murdoch's fox in a bit blind auction for u.k. broadcast to sky sky has twenty three million subscribers it owns the u.k. rights to broadcast from in league football and the entire h.b.o. catalogue that has made it one of europe's most profitable t.v. companies comcast bit of twenty two dollars sixty cents a share gives sky a value of around forty billion dollars and pope francis is taking a step towards settling a seventy year old dispute with china is agreed to recognise seven bishops in china who were appointed without his approval in unspent was made as a roman catholic leader arrived in lithuania's capital at the start of a four day tour off baltic countries those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's a documentary on trafficking stay with us. antiquities
9:53 am
trafficking is one of the most profitable illegal trades in the world estimated to be worth several billion dollars a year it ranks after illegal arms and drugs precious objects plundered or discovered in clandestine excavations find their way onto the official market into museums and galleries. the main victims the pillage nations are now demanding the return of their stolen treasures for a long time these demands for ignored.
9:54 am
but systematic ransacking of heritage sites meticulously staged by the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis has caused a global outcry and has reopened the debate with changing public opinion efforts to halt the trafficking have gained a new urgency but our nation's prepared to act from berlin to beijing from rome to the syrian border and investigation into trafficking that's at the heart of an economic cultural and diplomatic war. paris february two thousand and nine crowds flocked to the grown polly to admire the treasures contained in the private collection of eve sun the home and pierre
9:55 am
ballsy one of the most prestigious in the world a few days later these precious works were to be auctioned off by christie's. dozens of masterpieces would be changing hands including these two eighteenth century bronze heads a rat and a rabbit which had once been housed in the imperial palace in beijing their sale sparked an uproar in china. was was. was here ah. ah ah ah ah. but the present owner doesn't agree to that issue has given you credit it really is there is there. own marshall shake a fellow when one is of your own book will be today cryptic on that lake it actually. except that these heads were stolen back in the
9:56 am
nineteenth century it was an eight hundred sixty june the second opium war when french and british troops plundered the forbidden city and ransacked the summer palace. still today the destruction and faffed are a deep scar for the chinese people. beyond their aesthetic value the bronze heads are considered as priceless items of chinese heritage. should p.r. bags in their former return. we see our future in a way to raise only by due to the federico do it as she knew our surveys e d. it it every day g.d. could occur if you are right so guys are expected i blog as forty eight is really fake which probably publicly. took on the
9:57 am
issue. lipan you could do math tourism is a lead there he had to go on the boulevard to d.c. it. was. it was really fun to share his room you. know. that was new and it was. the two heads finally went for a combined price of twenty eight million euros the conclusive bids came from a chinese businessman who asked to remain anonymous but five days after the sale
9:58 am
the mysterious bio revealed his identity at a press conference in beijing and his announcement was more than unexpected. ways is that in a city that's already been well. to look on but it is here to tell you. as the buyer refused to pay for the objects pillage from his country the big was cancelled and the two bronzes were returned to p.r. belgian. in china people continued to demand the restitution a demand which took on political dimensions beijing viewed it as a way to exercise a national humiliation but also to confirm its newfound international clout the two bronzes in the sun the home begs a collection had become symbols of the plundering of their country by the west for christie's it was urgent to calm things down with the chinese in twenty thirty the
9:59 am
owner of christie's file swapping no himself sent emissaries to directly negotiate the purchase of the bronzes with p.r. i. was rebuked and we could see a near. term for therapy know this it had to be up or here or there. she sees it for barely shores. officially francois pineau returned the heads to beijing out of friendship for the people of china but that wasn't all a few weeks after the return of the bronzes in the presence of the french businessman the chinese government finally gave christie's permission to operate in the country and exchange as p.r. described it. the much publicized case of the summer palace bronzes is far from unique more and
10:00 am
more pillaged countries are demanding the return of their cultural assets the trophies of the renowned museums of the western world. pillaged countries have a legal tool to negotiate for the return of their stolen treasures the nine hundred seventy unesco convention signed in june the era of de colonization imposes on all nations to return objects obtained illegally. in recent years the pressure on renowned museums has a. intensified. the pergamon museum the most visited in berlin is obliged to know the origins of its collections. you start to understand that what you have here is not just archaeological object but it's part of the cultural heritage of the region or of these countries.


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