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inland and the islands as runs a bar hundreds died boats are often in poor condition and overloaded there is a need for regular beijing to make sure that there are ten knows exactly how many people he has been born into limits the number of people and then there is another issue for to do in terms of rescue capacities especially for capsizing our students were. really really fast here on the ugandan side of the lake the regulations say that the passengers are meant to wear life jackets and even given some to ride in this boat although not in brilliant condition you can see them or over here but often there aren't enough to go around difficult for the authorities to enforce the rules the lakes last three hundred kilometers long waterways a crucial for trade and everyone here is working on a tight budget he kept running for a decade before they retired this one stopped running after it collided with another in two thousand and five. back in tanzania relatives wait for the bodies of
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loved ones the whole community deeply traumatized the president ordered the operators to be arrested but even if they face justice it won't bring loved ones back malcolm webb al-jazeera uganda. well said i had an ounce of syria tell you how the vatican ended a seventy year deadlock with china over the bishops. on the trial of rhino poachers how forensic work is helping ranges come the killing in the hands of south africa. from the waves of the cells. to the contours of the east. hello again welcome back we're here across parts of the we are looking at some relatively quiet weather where we have seen some of the clouds is up here towards
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parts of turkey that is going to continue just to the north east of that area heavier showers there perform corowa we do expect you to be clearing out twenty eight degrees but still quite warm as we make our way down towards aleppo beirut twenty nine degrees over the next few days that's expected to maybe go up one degree as we go towards monday but quite city a high temperature if you of about thirty nine degrees here across the gulf while the immunity is still a factor in the the early morning as well as the late evening there but i thought thirty eight degrees for a high here on sunday and then as we go towards maybe monday forty degrees with abu dhabi seeing thirty eight more clouds along the coast here but muscat you'll be out of that more the tempter few about thirty two degrees and then very quickly i want to say down here towards africa we had some unsettled weather across parts of durban that's going to continue over the next few days clouds down here towards cape town we don't expect them to be too thick at times but maybe eighteen degrees is going to be forecast high and then on monday things clear out we expect to see about one thousand degrees there up torture here spring partly cloudy day for you
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and then over here towards medic aska we're looking quite nice with a temperature across the region of about twenty seven degrees. the weather sponsored by qatar at least. what makes this moment if you were living so you. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is. likely to answer that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism and here in nearly into the light so long. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution now up front return on al-jazeera.
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you're watching i just hear a time to recap our headlines now iran has summoned then voice of the u.k. netherlands and denmark accusing these countries of harboring opposition groups earlier in the tank the military parade in the bars killing twenty five people. the iranian military says the attackers were trained by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel. the woman who's accused a supreme court nominee of sexual assault will testify before the senate on thursday right to have an hour will give his side of the story to to the committee that day he denies assaulting christine for the. last two rescuers in tanzania found a survivor inside a ferry which capsized two days ago the man was trapped in an air pocket making him one of only forty one people who survived at least two hundred nine others drowned
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when the ferry tipped over in lake victoria. voting has just begun in the presidential election. president i mean has been in office since two thousand and thirteen has been accused of silencing opposition voices on saturday the campaign office of the main opposition can but it was raided by police alex go topless has more it's famous as a holiday islands destination popular with newlyweds on their honeymoon but in the run up to the presidential election in the maldives on sunday there are allegations by the opposition or voter intimidation and security crackdowns we keep saying they are going to be here. but we take part in them believing that our support. that we will be able to overcome that. despite the alleged intimidation opposition challenger ibrahim mohamed salah has been campaigning for votes. president of
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delegate mean is aiming for a second term he declared a fifteen day state of emergency earlier this year provoking concerns the country is sliding towards authoritarianism i would like to call it an undemocratic dictatorship now the current regime president whatever you are doing of course it is like kind of authoritarian thing. but then what are you doing doing you know. like he is changing their constitution amending the constitution. as well his . given his boost to the economy using cheap chinese loans for large infrastructure projects such as the chinese maltese friendship bridge opened last month after four years of construction. the apparent reliance on large chinese loans has raised concerns about china's increasing influence as the chinese buy with india for a say in the strategically situated indian ocean archipelago alex
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a topless which is here in. the vatican has settled a seventy year old dispute with china pope francis has agreed to recognise seven bishops who were appointed without his approval the pope says he hopes the deal will heal the wounds of the past to bring about four catholic unity in china the country has some ten million catholics. this is not the end of a process it's really the beginning it's also important to remember that while it's come to fruition under pope francis if pope benedict had a letter to chinese catholics in two thousand and seven he was working for the same goal. john paul the second had made legitimate a number of illegitimately ordained bishops so this this is really the work of thirty years and three pontificates the objective of the accord is not political but it's pastoral what that means is the faithful in in china that they have
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bishops who are in communion with the pope but at the same time recognized by the chinese authorities scott has more from the chinese city of chengdu in what's being described by both sides as a provisional agreement the vatican will now recognize seven bishops here in china that were originally appointed by the chinese government now that is a big move because previously the vatican said that the pope himself had to appoint all bishops but they are now recognizing the seven essentially the catholic community here in china has worked on two different levels there's been a church that has been authorized by the chinese government that's what these bishops were approved through that authorization process then there was an underground movement working with bishops who were appointed directly by the pope how are those going to integrate that's going to be the big step the big challenge moving forward the pope obviously making this decision because he wants better access as he says to spread the word of the catholic church in china they are very relatively small community about ten million here in china the vatican wants to expand that china's role is now looking like they want to integrate these
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communities but what still needs to be done is really details of how it's going to move forward right now both sides even though it's a provisional agreement both sides saying the details are still yet to come and both sides responding to questions about details both very very vague. rescuers are searching for survivors after the second major landslide in a week in the southern philippines it happened when a mountain collapsed on several homes killing at least twenty nine people general allen dogon reports from nightgown the island of sabu for decades miners have querida first stone here last week the mountain finally gave way one soon rains triggered a landslide burying at least thirty homes the devastation is so widespread half the community have been displaced local government leaders admit they're overwhelmed but are doing their best understand it's more on the collaboration and it's
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overwhelming that's why the support. in the region and of course the national team . many rescuers come from different parts of the country including carl lewis who admits the work required is overwhelming but it's. our brothers and sisters who were affected by this that slade station is so big i think this one on the last for a week will last for a month. local officials here tell us about fourteen homes were buried here and over the past two days rescue and achieve operations have been intense but at this point they had to stop because incessant rains us made the grounds here difficult they are in fact inspecting it they have to think about the safety of rescuers as well. president rodrigo detective visited the town and ordered a nationwide halt to quarrying operations for fifteen days critics say cracks in
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the querrey were a warning sign but safety monitors may have underestimated the danger. rescuers retain hopes of finding survivors days after the disaster. these small flags show rescuers where homes are buried i think sign of hope for people here that what was once their village won't end up becoming a permanent graveyard. dugan al-jazeera not just city several province sensual philippines a chinese hospital ship has docks in crisis hit venezuela it will treat people for the next week before continuing an eleven nation tour last month the u.s. sent a similar ship to neighboring colombia venezuela is experiencing a deepening economic crisis which has led to a shortage of food and medicine protests against deteriorating living conditions in
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venezuela continue meanwhile people blocked roads in the city of san cristoval on friday that angry at petrol shortages and the all rich nation that we're tired of we've been waiting for days in line for the gas truck to ride this is a country of gasoline and there's no gasoline almost there how do we go to work or produce for our family we are here stuck and parked in a petrol station waiting to get fuel peter dubbed son a journalist based in venezuela says people are waiting for forms. well of the movement there's a series of economic changes being bored into place in the country and people are generally feeling a little bit stressed because there's a lot of changes in their day to day life and that said people are very patient people are waiting to see and hoping that these economic reforms which the government have boarded how to decide impact and are able to stabilize the economy
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crisis so they're feeling on the ground is is a little bit frustrated and even a lot of the lot of troponin changing the day to day way that things that done but generally there is patience and generally there is understanding that some of these are quite necessary measures to just sort out the bigger problem it's worth pointing out that the series of measures which the government aborted not just a single measure there's a whole range of measures tax measures and other issues of a board in progress if the let's say so for example this month in september price of petrol prices are going to be increased the new wage comes into effect for public sector workers and so on the pension prices come in so the these are measures which people are getting used to. but it's taken later time obviously to understand that and get used to them. and this is normal venezuelans are very patient people in this respect it's worth pointing out that the vast majority of venezuelans are very very rarely against the u.s. led sanctions against a country venezuelans generally understand that these sanctions are not helping the
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economic crisis at all and not help in any solution towards the economic problems which the country is facing and therefore any escalation in these sanctions which is what we're expecting to see mean the situation's going to get even more difficult here thanks to the white house and their policies. the u.k.'s main opposition party is warning it will call for a general election if the government brags it bill falls short labor's leader jeremy corbyn says he'll challenge the prime minister on any deal made with the european union on friday to resume a said talks with the e.u. had reached an impasse she called for the block to come up with a viable counter proposal britons due to leave the e.u. in march we will challenge this government's on whatever deal it brings back on our six tests on jobs on the ring standards on environmental protection and protection of those jobs and the ability of an incoming labor government to infest
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and intervene in an economy to bring about decent wages jobs and full employment. and if this government can't deliver then i simply say to theresa may the best way to settle this is why having a general election. saturday marked world rhino day highlighting how all five species of the heavy weight of the wild and critically endangered animal and attention is focused on how many being killed every day including in south africa for me the miller reports d.n.a. technology and expert teams of rangers are succeeding in reducing some poaching their. the remains of a female white rhino and her calf scattered across a remote part of the kruger national park a team of forensic scientists say they were shot and killed by poachers and their horns were hacked off close to eleven hundred rhino were killed last year and south
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africa alone to meet the high demand in asia for rhino horn the crime scene is six days old which has made it difficult for the forensics team to find evidence the caucus has deteriorated because of the hot weather and most of it's been taken apart by scavengers but they're looking for any evidence linking the crime scene to a suspect bullets an empty casings were found but it may be too late to trace any footprints scientists investigate a killing a day on average while that statistic will shock many the totals down from close to three a day two years ago the department of environmental affairs says d.n.a. for in six scientists are making a big difference in fighting wildlife crime and they're able to link individual poachers from one seemed to another even years later between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen rhino experts estimate the number of rhinos poached dropped by
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about twenty four percent ranges monitor the park day and night using frequent patrols to check for incursions looking for tracks or any other signs of coaches often heavily armed poachers move into the park at night. resist closer to the communities that's where they get dropped off the notion of an enough when you come across trucks you go where that is porches all of them they're carrying guns or is just one person is going to go rhino one can change hands multiple times before reaching their final destination such as shops in china despite a twenty five year ban on sales there. security forces here take a few chances even a fruit truck using the park as a shortcut to neighboring wasn't baek is searched for weapons last year four hundred and forty six poachers were arrested in or around the park and more than two hundred weapon seized a major concern is the involvement of park workers and police officers accused of
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poaching but ups and my general if you take in consideration what the buy meant to get up to free shuls is enormous and for that reason we've got specific department in my unit who is focusing on that to address the group issue in the book rhino want to choose more than eight thousand dollars a kilo on the black market but investigators are hopeful that this week's arrest of a major poaching syndicate in southern africa will mean more rhino will survive for al-jazeera at the kruger national park in employment. i'm sam is a down with a look at the headlines here now and to syria now iran is summoned envoys of the u.k. netherlands and denmark accusing the countries of harboring opposition groups it
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comes hours after gunmen attacked a military parade in the killing twenty five people iran's military says the attackers were trained by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel. in the us the stage is set for a dramatic confrontation between a supreme court nominee and the woman who's accused him of sexual assault both are expected to testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday christine ford says brett kavanaugh assaulted her as a party in one thousand nine hundred eighty two he denies the allegations the trumpet ministration is continuing to offer strong support. but honestly the way some democrats have conducted themselves during this crisis is a disgrace the president are confident that senate republicans will manage this confirmation properly with the most respect for all concerned and i believe the george brett kavanaugh will soon be just as brett kavanaugh and take his seat
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i should thank you the united states and the out by the voting has just begun in moldy the presidential election these are live pictures from a polling station in the capital mali incumbent president i mean is seeking a second a five year term it means being accused of silencing opposition voices the u.k.'s main opposition party is warning it will call for a general election if the government's brogues it deal falls short labor's leader jeremy corbyn says he'll challenge the prime minister on any deal made with the european union on friday to resume a said talks with the e.u. had reached an impasse britain is due to leave the e.u. in march rescuers in tanzania have found a survivor inside a ferry which capsized two days ago the man was trapped in an air pocket making him one of only forty one people who survived at least two hundred nine others drowned
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when the ferry tipped over in lake victoria tanzania's president is blaming overloading and negligence for the disaster it's up front now. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world around. algiers c.n.n. will bring you the news and current problems that matter to. al-jazeera as he prepares for a historic comeback i'll speak to malaysia's prime minister in waiting and former president and what it bring him and also to legendary u.s. investigative journalist seymour hersh.
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he's been described as the last great american reporter and he's just written his memoir but why does seymour hersh think the media's attacks on donald trump are misguided and this is a really dour defender of bashar al assad i'll ask him but first after years of imprisonment of what was seen as trumped up charges for malaysian deputy prime minister under way brain is free while former prime minister najib result has been arrested again this week for abuse of power another former prime minister mahathir mohamad is back in charge but he says he'll hand over power to other war in a couple of years but will he really and can this new governing alliance hold this week's headlines from kuala lumpur and. brahimi thank you for joining me on up front this year it's been a bit of a roller coaster for you has an inmate you were released from prison after three years behind bars on what are widely considered to have been trumped up charges your opposition coalition defeated the ruling b.n.
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coalition for the first time in sixty years and is now in charge and your widely considered to be the prime minister in waiting did you think six months ago that this is where you would be today. certainly not maybe. i was optimistic that we will a secure victory but i did not envisage despite. expressed by the malaysians and the fact that now i am a free man and you are not just a free man you are the defacto leader of malaysia's new ruling coalition the packet and hereupon coalition you've joined forces with mahathir mohamad the former prime minister now prime minister again who's gone from being your ally to your arch enemy to your ally again he's the man who supported your first conviction and imprisonment on these ludicrous corruption and sodomy charges many we said were politically motivated how can you trust a man like that how can you work again with a man like about. mothers now in ninety two he. came up to
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me and said let's work together to save the country and the country of corruption abuse of power i took time it is not a personal human between the new and man there but he has shown remarkably were in terms of defending. the reform agenda and now he has shown his commitment to the fall and i have no reason to suspect. other motives because there is with that commitment i think we should then allow him. for the last four months we have been proven right he seems to be consistent effective and i. support him totally you say you support him totally the coalition's plan i believe
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is that he will remain prime minister for one or two years and then see the premiership to you not only does that make your prime minister in waiting it also means that all of your future is dependent on basically my hearties goodwill on my artistic into his work what makes you so confident that he'll step down because even he said it's not fixed in stone it's not kind of written in blood there's no way you can force him to stand down if he doesn't want to if you want to stay on to these one hundred you continue to address when he's going to design a net of these a response would be if it meets the i have a task to perform but what is important is there was a written agreement signed in twenty fifteen by all the leaders and i see no reason why i should even demand or headers him to. resign earlier because i think what he's doing now is important and i have some letters to myself to go around me old friends relax a bit you know myself say there's
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a free man you see your family that you're right i'm sure you know that i was and relaxing and yet when you were released in may you said you weren't interested in a cabinet position in martha's government you said quote you wanted to take some time with the family some space you said you know you wanted to go on speaking tours and yet now you've announced you're going to run for parliament in a byelection what changed your mind you say you wanted to relax but it looks like you're desperate to get back into politics quickly and i guess be prime minister sooner than later. it was imprisoned then and the have years what do you do lead and their legs and now a four month a bar since the last elections and i think it's time for me to do enter parliament to assist in parliament that inform my understanding with is that you'll conduct their affairs of the state let me then ensure that pilot of four is effective
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as of today september twenty eighth who do you think the majority of malaysians would prefer to be their prime minister you annoy brame mohamad. there's no surveys conducted but i am happy that my hand is now in the prime minister he has a major task he needs a tough leader for now and he's doing exceedingly well i wouldn't mind if melissa generally endorse that i think he is immensely popular and i would grander and i don't have qualms about the need to be in their policies to suggest otherwise it's been called one of the world's biggest financial scandals the one m d b scandal in which former prime minister najib result supporter of your second imprisonment he was arrested this week again over additional charges of abuse of power my heart here is called an almost perfect case against najib who's also facing charges of
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bribery theft of government funds embezzlement says he holds the totally responsible for the one n.d.p. scandal do you as well. yes i first raised this issue in parliament in twenty eleven and. throughout the years till i was. in prison in twenty fifteen there was a sponsible he chaired many of the meetings he instructed clearly the authorities and to. the fans and it is atrocious i mean it is one the worst financial scandal involving any government and it is therefore. human input if that action stiff action be taken but then says this is new government have said and it should investigate as a professional prosecution must not be militias and the judicially must be
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independent so we have to wait people were getting impatient but then we had to wait we have to go by the due process and the law as someone who has been tried and convicted twice of sodomy a sentence that can lead up to twenty years in prison it can lead to whipping under malaysian law you told the wall street journal back in two thousand and twelve that malaysia sodomy laws are quote archaic that they should be amended you said quote it's not my business to attack people or arrest people based on their sexual orientation do you still stand by that will malaysia be repealing it sort of the laws once your prime minister. yes i've said it i meant did this this is. not only archaic it is a british colonial law was introduced in india and replicate that in malaysia it is completely. unjust because one can be does accuse and without any proper evidence of or in my case clearly but then what is important is
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if we have a case. against homosexuality then it must be done in a transparent manner the laws must be amended to secure to ensure there is justice in the process and is not a matter of sexual orientation is what you perform or you display it publicly which is against the norms of majority of millicent's not only muslims christians hindus with this alike in this country ok well on that note you set your rightly say that is a british colonial law and yet last month i mean there is a muslim angle as well so many would say last month the deputy prime minister won as easer who also happens to be your wife was quoted as saying it is how it is forbidden for muslims to support the l.g.b. di community or their fight for equality in malaysia that they must keep their practice behind closed doors just a couple of days earlier you were quoted as saying if people have their own sexual orientation it's up to them who should malaysians especially muslim malaysians
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listen to on this issue the deputy prime minister your wife or the prime minister in waiting you. in that region. in order the right what she's seeing is the wars there the sexual act is in there is not disputed in any islamic texts or religious texts i don't see a contradiction between my views and hers on this we both i have condemned even the kidding of lesbians by this by the state of law because i thought this clearly unjust or they would be used as a basis we cannot defend such. action ok i want to ask about your relationship with turkey's president. or one in a recent interview you described earlier one is quote the most popular leader among
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muslims of malaysia and outside malaysia because of his position on palestine and what happened in the middle east you said quote very few leaders of the world would have that courage to go and fight for justice like him so does that mean that when your prime minister you'll be governing in a similar way to early one is he your role model as a leader. he's a friend that i. support some is a small disease and i think given. the conditions in the muslim world run by dictators i think it is something a breath of fresh air to see the success is in indonesia and in turkey and in the some ways hopefully in iran honey in pakistan so i'm looking at that we in the positive manner i'm not in the position to defend all of their of their policies remember they're here except experience. the cost of lives including a very close brother of mine who was killed in that coup attempt i think the coup
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attempt has been condemned all around the world but human rights groups point out the earlier ones crackdown on his critics since the coup locking up tens of thousands of soldiers and government official sacking thousands of judges and teachers shutting down news organizations restricting free speech that these are abuses of power these are human rights abuses you don't condemn any of these crackdowns on the free press on human rights groups like amnesty. clearly you are ignoring the hypocrisy in some of the foreign policy position taken even by the united states immediately after the attempted coup everybody knows no i'm not about us i mean that in many of us officials i don't think anyone could accuse yeah going softly saying to us i'm not like i'll say no no no we'll let you into me because then my study is not only the us id i'm talking about the crimes against humanity committed by many of the other muslim countries were largely ignored because they
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were timid and complicit with the some of the american policies now. where your question is whether he that of the i would say yes but i think given time he should eat and that's what my i am a person of you would express to him but then to ignore the fact that there were hundreds of people killed this is to me unacceptable one last question on why bream you said you forgiven for what he did to you you've obviously forgiven my hearties who you are now working alongside there's not many people there's not many politicians who being in the position you're in now would be talking forgiveness they'd be looking for revenge or for justice at least how hard was it for you to forgive these people who helped lock you up and where does that forgiveness come from. was a very painful process is not wasn't easy but finally we talk about. the country we talk about justice yes we talk about compression and from my
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religious believes what is their relevance of religion if you do not promote compassion and willing to forgive me as children had to suffer all these years two decades is a long time and we did suffer but then between these sufferings and the. country which is a stick i tools the country and i choose a country because i believe we can or effect change with this new attitude towards peace towards compassion toward justice by willingness to forgive annoying brame thanks for joining me on up front. everyone in journalism knows the name of seymour hersh when it comes to investigative reporting the pulitzer prize winning hersh is a legend over a career spanning more than five decades he's broken story after story the me
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during the vietnam war the abu ghraib torture scandal during the iraq war and in recent years he's done some pretty controversial reporting on syria too he's now written his memoir called reporter. seymour hersh thanks for joining me up front your new book reporter a memoir is the story of one of the world's most impressive careers in investigative journalism you're writing i think it's fair to say it's helped change history at some people to prison it's one new lots of awards it's generated a lot of controversy so which story that you broke over the past fifty years do you believe was the most important story the most consequential story oh i love all my children and i can't make this i don't make those do i must stand out well that one when you are going to be the one that put me on the map with me like i was i've been in the business for eight or nine years i've been a police reporter in chicago and yet you write you say that it didn't really change things you acknowledge that at the time of i had hopes you know but did i think that the war and everybody we're not going to do this anymore we're not going to go
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in that we're not on the face of even no matter how big the story you've been in journalism for over fifty years you've now written this memoir does it frustrate you at all that you seem to be winding down your career at a time when the news has never been more controversial and perhaps there's never been a greater need for investigative journalism especially in the united states are i think it's going to hell now what you have is if you don't like trump you read the new york times the washington post and what certain cable shows c.n.n. if you like trump you watch fox news in your reader the papers are equal or you are spying into a trump narrative fox news is not the same as in the times you know some still does good journalism blog the way that fox news doesn't but the credibility of the new york times because it's so hostile to him maybe legitimately but over the top i think they've gone way over the top in terms of like running an anonymous letter do you believe that trump is so hated and so controversial now that he makes us forget about a lot of the controversial stuff that his predecessors did to you one of those journalists
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who did cover many of the crimes in the cover ups of george w. bush and barack obama especially on national security issues is that all in danger of being forgotten now in this age of hash tag resistance and being of course but i have. to say what i believe doesn't matter much i mean what the facts are is that. we have walked away from some of the some of the problem the nine eleven and the response to nine eleven was completely insane the idea that you could fight an idea by declaring a war on terror and immediately moving from bin from bin laden looking for him immediately moving into we're going to stop saddam hussein because we think he may have bombs and by the way one of the things i learned in my eight hundred years of doing this stuff is when the cia starts saying we have high confidence high confidence that there are these remember weapons of mass destruction in iraq high confidence and so when they say again as the democrats go out saying we have high
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confidence the russians actually won the war won the election you know the intervening and that's why hillary lost not because she ran a terrible complainer or she was a very likable. we lost because the russians fixed the election somehow some magical way i'm troubled by all that so i want i want more facts the allegations that russia intervened to sway the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election and trump and his campaign colluded with the russians during the election you all skeptical of both those claims why i'm skeptical of the russia because i have i've been doing this for as i say hundreds of years i have sources inside who are i can get into who know the world of signals intelligence and other things and they're hard they're far from persuaded your sources are great over the years we've known you don't broken some great stories with your sources but the new york times the wall street journal the washington post the new york of some great correspondents i think you would admit to doing this work and their sources are telling them differently the intelligence agencies themselves are saying differently even the bipartisan republican led senate intelligence committee says
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russia intervened in the election so why should we believe you when you all sources versus all the other evidence that says this happened on you're asking me for an opinion and give me an opinion i know you are skeptical of my intelligence agents. totally say the miller investigation an indictment of the e-mails from dunn trump jr all of that you just start by. taking me way too far i'm not saying that i was saying that my experience with with a community that says we have high confidence is high confidence to me sometimes means we really don't know jack which is fair enough so you could say that are you saying you said you said in the past that it's preposterous the idea that the russians got involved and i've got a fair use the word preposterous it's one thing to be skeptical some might say and people admire your skeptical journalism we need skeptical journalism but let's talk about syria which we've been writing about in recent years and taking a very different line to a lot of other reporters have been writing about syria reporters on the ground chemical weapons experts human rights experts u.n. investigators they are in agreement the syrian regime has used chemical weapons
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against its own people including in april of twenty seven thousand it hard to shake you on multiple occasions of argued against its conclusion the june twenty seventh when you wrote in the german newspaper veldt sontag that there was no sarin attack that was a conventional bombing raid that had a cinder block building controlled by rebel groups the basement of which contained quote fertilizers disinfectants and other goods a lot of chemical weapons experts and others dispute that they say you're wrong they say you're basically pushing a conspiracy theory what's your response to them i wrote what i wrote and i'm not backing off of them in the just nothing in the last year is change your mind that's come out no i mean we're going to zation for the prohibition of chemical weapons i produced a big report basically saying the opposite of everything you say i haven't written anything so i wrote the first story but i was intrigued by the fact that the o.p.c. w. . put out two or three reports within a month which is totally against it was if almost a rip they were there within two weeks they put out a report saying we suspect that was involved which is totally out of line for all the procedures i know people who worked in that agency i know people who
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disenchanted by that because the o.p.c. debbie violated its rules it usually takes a couple months to come to be clear you think the o.p.c. w. are wrong about this no human rights watch amnesty international the french experts who studied it hans blix is not exactly. you said it was probably an attack by gas by the syrian government they're all wrong and you've got it right it's just you know new intelligence or something as one source i had a transcript of the conversation of conversations between somebody very deeply involved in that operation and higher headquarters i got it it was shown to the london review it's one of the things that made them convinced that this was a big story about me and the fact that the sources i use the sources that i've been using for a long time that i've gone through fact checking from the new yorker for twenty years hold on it's not as if i'm just inventing a new source i have people i worked with for many years and there's a lot of more cooperation with the russians on intelligence and there was there was going to be a meeting a high level meeting that was targeted i mean fortunately it's very secret the fact
1:43 pm
that we in the russians still work closely together is taking a step back from that from the details of this attack a lot of people were taken about with the general approach of you all to go even the london review of books which publish the earliest stuff didn't publish the serious stuff. i'll be editor adam shops who you know has done a conversation with you praised you in the past said and i quote so depressing to see a reporter who exposed war crimes in vietnam and iraq become an apologist for war crimes by the assad regime and even if it's are you. doing i could say about syria is that we keep on talking about rebels the rebels are pretty hard core. very tough people real law if they ever take bashar in the stands that if he loses this war. he's going to be like most of the evening with this sort of coat hanging from a lamp pole in damascus with his wife and two children next to him he understand that his father's regime his regime is gone i says there's another couple of other groups that are just as bad in terms of no tolerance for even the muslims will take
1:44 pm
over which will probably trigger trouble from from iran and the israelis so he's in a war to the end and he's fighting a war against and the number of casualties on both sides. pretty even according to most people not a case according to most wanted to live but i can tell you there's a lot of studies i've seen that show maybe. he certainly lost an awful lot of people ters. of civilian casualties according to most of the studies there are studies that in the us thirty five fifty five also see that well let me guess still a lot on that subject you said to the independent this summer that he's fighting quote as close to a just war as possible no i just showed you that that's the quote going to continue that should also. stop giving up people just you agree that it's not a just war by any means i'm like ok to be just good i was not what i read it but i think many would argue that assad is the cause of the conflict and committed going to disagree but let me ask why if civil war starts is he a cause if the dictator is the person opens fire on protesters arab spring twenty
1:45 pm
eleven i mean this is the problem with you you do come across as a sympathizer that's not a. mitten you said you liked him you said you thought he was going in the right direction do you worry that that may have given a slow peace in syria are you kidding i've been a reporter for fifty years and i can separate what i think for what happens and all i'm saying is in the very beginning from the very beginning. you know many of the initial groups who were actually the free syrian army was real there were a lot of people who couldn't stand them he had failed terribly on human rights he didn't do enough on human rights they had. drought in the farm areas he didn't do enough he didn't deliver on education i was writing about all of this there was nothing wonderful he was not popular among many people particularly intellectuals people were still afraid of him and he was a despot are you kidding i just don't think he's particularly any worse than what goes on any day in saudi arabia when it comes and they're all sort of in that same
1:46 pm
ballpark and i never saw him as any more of a monster they were all in this group of people that will kill kill kill to survive ok just before we finish you've become over the decades one of the most famous one of the most respected one of most successful investigative reporters in the world. well you are an inspiration to a lot of journalists myself included when you surprised at how big a figure you became over the years did you set out to become famous when you were a copy boy at the city news bureau of chicago in one nine hundred fifty nine did you think this is where my career will end up you kidding of course not but but i did understand after me lied that i was in a different position and i didn't instead that what i said. off the top extemporaneously had more impact and i did do that i happen to believe i happen to believe in truth so my truth about what's going on in syria may be different than a lot of people's true war is the ugliest miserable thing in the world and i don't think we have a claim to fight anybody anybody else that's all seymour hersh will have to leave
1:47 pm
it there thank you for joining me up front it was fun. and instantly shifting news cycle we receive in change in america tweet the listening post takes and questions the while to me the devil will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language is their culture it's their context and
1:48 pm
why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created for going to have a better understanding of what the news the listening post on al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter plus three big challenges facing humankind in the twenty first century they are look we are war climate change and technological destruction facing realities what whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. iran summons the envoys of three european countries over an attack on a military parade that killed twenty nine people.
1:49 pm
and sami say this is al jazeera live from dollhouse so coming up the woman accusing the u.s. supreme court nominee of sexual assault agrees to testify before the senate. two days after a ferry accident in tanzania survivors found inside the capsized ship. and the polls are open in the mall deaves the president is seeking reelection but the opposition says it's not a fair fight. iran has some and then voice of the u.k. netherlands and then mark accusing those countries of harboring opposition groups. it follows an attack on a military parade that killed twenty nine people iran's military says the attackers were trained by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel it happened in a vase near the border with iraq an arab safir it is group claimed responsibility
1:50 pm
for the attack as did i saw syria cannot verify that charlotte ballasts reports the. iranians dropped to the pavement during a military parade for iran's famed revolutionary guards. as they marched gunmen launched a rear end didley attack against soldiers and bystanders. committer a similar spot. in the middle of the parade when we realized that a group wearing fake military clothing who were armed attacked our children from behind us and then fired on women and children most of the victims were members of the revolutionary guards all the women and children were caught in the crossfire badly joris and. this man is asking why his four year old daughter had to die charla factories thought people terrorists who had previously bought their weapons to the area days before they hit their weapons then when people came to see the parade and gathered they grabbed their weapons and fired at the people with machine
1:51 pm
guns on them. the parade was at the start of sacred defense week commemorating iranians who died during the eight year war with iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. an air of separatist group after hours national resistance claimed responsibility for the attack saying they want independence. the resistance is an arab national resistance that has no foreign agenda we work only for voz there's no support from any foreign country. the group refusing allegations that it is foreign funded that tehran insists this supported by the us saudi arabia and its gulf allies iran's foreign minister tweeting terrorists recruited trying. paid by a foreign regime have attacked. iran holds regional terror sponsors and the us must is accountable for such attacks. the us state department spokesman said they condemned the attack and expressed sympathy the iranian system believes that the us
1:52 pm
and its allies are waging not just an economic war against iran through sanctions but are also trying to destabilize iran internally as they are vase attack was happening prison has some rouhani was speaking at another anniversary parade in tehran he said iran will not step back from nuclear military development because of u.s. pressure. that there was iran will neither put aside its defensive weapons nor will reduce its defensive capabilities we will add to our defensive power day by day. and he promised to show how much he values his military again warning of a crushing response to whoever was involved in this attack charlotte dallas. trita parsi is a professor at georgetown university in washington d.c. he says there may be some truth to iran's accusations of american saudi and amorality involvement in the attack. the fact that they some of the europeans is
1:53 pm
also not particular surprise is ing since some of these separates pistorius ations are essentially headquartered in europe many of them being in london particularly this. separatist organization has been ducting activities and then for quite some time i'm so that in of itself is not surprising nor is it surprising that the iranians would be blaming or hinting at blame at the united states saudi arabia and the u.a.e. what is perhaps a little bit different this time around is that there are circumstantial evidence that makes it much more difficult to dismiss the iraq mean accusations out of hand i mean you have this scenario in which the secretary of the national security advisor of the trumpet mr alter wrote a memo that was released back in august two thousand and seventeen in which he specifically argued that the united states should be providing assistance to this specific movement in all of this done by the previous arabs you also have a scenario in which. from saudi arabia the crown prince did it say last year that
1:54 pm
he's going to take the fight into iran but you had an advisor to the u.a.e. crown prince saying that this was not a terrorist attack this is stated policy and that we will see more of that when statements of this kind are be made it's much more difficult to say that the iran is or just automatically by reflex pointing their finger at the united states and some of its allies is in the region there seems to be some indications that there is a military and some these accusations in the u.s. the stage is set for a dramatic confrontation between a supreme court nominee and the woman who's accused him of sexual assault both are expected to testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday christine ford says brett cavanagh assaulted her it's a party of nine hundred eighty two he denies the allegations of a trumpet administration is continuing to offer strong support for cavanagh. but honestly the way some democrats have conducted themselves during this process is
1:55 pm
a disgrace the president are confident that senate republicans will manage this confirmation properly with the ut most respect for all concerned and i believe the judge brett kavanaugh will soon be justice brett kavanaugh and take his seat in the supreme court of the united states of america. john hendren has more now from washington d.c. . it was a nail biter of an end to a congressional game of chicken on thursday the woman who initially came out anonymously to accuse brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her thirty six years ago will speak under the full glare of a congressional committee the senate judiciary committee there was an agreement on saturday that the two sides will come together on sunday they are meeting again to hash out some details but it appears that it will happen on thursday now
1:56 pm
she had wanted this is christine blazin forward she had wanted this to happen on thursday she got back but she also one of the questions to be asked by the senators themselves and she wanted to speak after brett kavanaugh the u.s. supreme court nominee the committee one of this to happen on wednesday they conceded that point the one of the questions to be asked by a staff counsel that is a woman because all of the republicans on that committee are men and they want to cavanaugh to go second those may be among the details to be hashed out on sunday but meanwhile there was something of an embarrassment for the republicans on that committee and that is that a young man who had been a spokesman for the republicans on the committee has resigned and that was after it was discovered that he had been fired from a previous job because of a sexual assault sexual harassment allegation of his own so as we go forward mitch mcconnell the senate leader on the republican side has said that kavanagh will be confirmed mike pence said he also believes the vice president of the united states that kavanagh will be confirmed so this will all go forward on thursday and
1:57 pm
presumably if that committee has its choice after that they will simply move forward as soon as possible to a vote in the committee and then eventually in the full senate. in the u.s. siblings of a republican congressman running for reelection in the state of arizona have launched a television ad against. paul's absolutely not working for his district and he's not listening to you and he doesn't have a heart my name is tim david gold. star jennifer go. six of congressman paul go sols nine siblings star in the scathing ad which endorsers his democratic rival david brill go saas held the arizona seat since two thousand and eleven the ultra conservative politician has a history of controversial remarks it's not the first time his siblings have spoken out against him he responded to the ad by tweeting quote stalin would be proud
1:58 pm
in tanzania a man has been found alive in an air pocket of a capsized ferry two days after it went down in lake victoria is among only forty one survivors at least two hundred nine people were killed making it one of the country's worst ferry disasters malcolm webb reports from port bell on the ugandan side of lake victoria. this is what it feels right to find your loved one among the parties in the water. who most hear the same story if you're lucky one divide. they feel very fast and we were. lucky that i was able to swim under the water not knowing where i would see me. as i was swimming to safety i have found a number of metal bars that cut my face and back of my head. and.
1:59 pm
a ferry made for one hundred people had more than twice that on board was coming into dog when it capsized on thursday in the following hours forty people were rescued alive since then rescue workers have been recovering the dead. then nearly two days after the boat tipped on imaginable one more survivor found the engineer trapped underneath navy divers heard a knocking and pulled him out. people here wondering how he was allowed to happen and it's not the first time the ferries capsized in twenty eleven and twenty twelve between the tanzania and mainland and the islands of zanzibar hundreds died boats are often import condition and overloaded there is a need for regular beijing to make sure that the captain knows exactly how many people he had been born into limits the number of people and then there is another issue for to do in terms of
2:00 pm
a rescue capacities especially for gas so using i didn't we're. really really fast here on the ugandan side of the lake the regulations say that the boat i think is a meant to wear life jackets even given some to ride in this boat so they're not in brilliant condition. the more they hear it often there aren't enough to go around difficult for the earth or it's easy to enforce the rules the lakes fast down three hundred kilometers long waterways a crucial for trade and everyone here is working on a tight budget boat to kept running for decades before they retired this one stopped running after it collided with another in two thousand and five. back in tanzania relatives wait for the bodies of loved ones. the whole community deeply traumatized the president ordered the boats operators to be arrested that even if they face justice it won't bring loved ones back malcolm webb al-jazeera port bell
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