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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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what aid agencies warn is a crisis for the young weak and hungry that's growing bigger. yeah the war in the famine has caused a spike in the number of those who eat the vine leaves which is leading to an increase of malnutrition cases the vine leaves a highly acidic substance that reduces absorption in the intestines and the stomach is a very dangerous condition. less than a week ago when i was there are reported on the clinics work this little girl's a fish shoaib ahmed was waiting for treatment she has since died. the medical staff are fighting against one of the consequences of war and the losses are higher now than ever before andrew simmons al jazeera o'boyle in djibouti. still ahead on al-jazeera why sri lanka's former president is accusing the government of mismanaging its finances. and they're supposed to keep students
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in the u.s. safe but there's a call to kick police out of schools will explain why. hello again we're here across north asia we are watching a front about to make its way towards the parts of the pacific more rain down here towards the south of the next few days and a lot of clouds across much of japan here on monday sunday twenty six tokyo twenty eight same thing down here towards osaka a little bit better across the korean peninsula but a little bit cooler as well with seoul only seeing about twenty degrees then as we make our way towards tuesday the rain starts to build up along the coast of japan you can see tokyo getting that rain as well but for so we are looking at some partly cloudy conditions a beautiful day with those temperatures really coming up maybe about twenty three degrees there where the rain is back here across much of china you can see those showers popping up those afternoon thunderstorms right there we do think that over
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the next few days though we're going to be seeing those showers continue for many parts of hong kong up towards for joe in shanghai not looking too bad the rain is really out here towards the east taipei though you are going to seeing some heavier rain as we make our way through the beginning of the week and then those winds are also going to be kicking in and we're going to be watching this area very carefully because as we go towards mid and end of the week there is a cycle own in the pacific that is making its way towards either the philippines or taipei so going to be watching that very very carefully heavy rain is expected across much of a coaching of the next few days and thirty degrees. twenty five years after the signing of al-jazeera world tells a two part story of norway's role in the oslo accords whether salute the government of more words or its remarkable role in order to discipline in the secret negotiation. and why its promise of peace has remained unfulfilled
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a stronger side in terms of the negotiations no make a show or go home the price of oslo an al-jazeera. again you're watching edges the mind of our top stories iran's revolutionary guard is vowing what it calls deadly and unforgettable vengeance after an attack on a military way at least twenty five people were killed president has done rouhani accuses the united states and some gulf countries of creating instability by supporting ethnic groups in iraq. polls are closing in the maldives in
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a presidential election the vote is seen as a test for democracy for the president is seeking a second five year term the opposition is accusing him of silencing dissent. the u.n. humanitarian chief says yemen is approaching a tipping point with famine a major threat three quarters of the population that's twenty two million yemenis need some kind of humanitarian assistance because of the war. uh the annual conference of britain's main opposition labor party is starting with briggs it causing lots of arguments leader jeremy corbyn says a general election is needed if prime minister theresa may fails to win support for braggs a plan critics say she was humiliated by e.u. leaders in salzburg three days ago when they rejected her plan to leave she says talks of reached an impasse with just six months to go before departure day paul brennan is at the labor party conference in the. this is
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a crucial conference for the labor party we could be just months away from bracks if we could be just months away from a new general election depending on the stance of the prime minister to resign may and how to negotiations with the european union go in the opposition labor party knows that it needs to be ready for that as regards the possibility of a second referendum many of the labor members have been pushing force here a conference that more than one hundred constituency parties are calling for a debate about it at least the labor leadership has certainly softened its stance in relation to the possibility of a second referendum on bracks it's what they're saying is that while their preference would be for a general election they won't stand in the way if the labor members actually decide that they want to back a second referendum now crucially it will be the wording of both the motion here a conference whether it binds the hands of the leadership into the type of referendum that they call for and secondly there are concerns on the other side as to if there was a second record referendum what wording would that put to the wider general public
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and the other dialogue that the labor leadership has here is whether its members are strictly representative of the wider labor support in the country don't forget there are areas of northern england for example where labor is the traditional heartland and traditional party of those areas and many people there still support breck's it. our state is now set in the us for a showdown between a supreme court nominee and the woman who's accused him of sexual assault both are expected to testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday christine lezzie ford says brett kavanaugh assaulted her at a party in one nine hundred eighty two when they were high school students he denies the allegations john hendren reports from washington. it was a nail biter of an end to a congressional game of chicken on thursday the woman who initially came out anonymously to accuse brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her thirty six years ago will speak under the full glare of
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a congressional committee the senate judiciary committee there was an agreement on saturday that the two sides will come together on sunday they are meeting again to hash out some details but it appears that it will happen on thursday now she had wanted this is christine ford she had wanted this to happen on thursday she got that but she also one of the questions to be asked by the senators themselves and she wanted to speak after brett kavanaugh the u.s. supreme court nominee the committee one of this to happen on wednesday they conceded that point they one of the questions to be asked by a staff counsel that is a woman because all of the republicans on that committee are men and they want to cavanaugh to go second those may be among the details to be hashed out on sunday but meanwhile there was something of an embarrassment for the republicans on that committee and that is that a young man who had been a spokesman for the republicans on the committee has resigned and that was after it was discovered that he had been fired from a previous job because of a sexual assault sexual harassment allegation of his own so as we go forward mitch
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mcconnell the senate leader on the republican side has said that kavanagh will be confirmed mike pence said he also believes the vice president of the united states that kavanagh will be confirmed so this will all go forward on thursday and presumably if that committee has its choice after that they will simply move forward as soon as possible to a vote in the committee and then eventually in the full senate. israel has given people living in a palestinian village seven days to move out early this month the supreme court approved this demolition to make way for illegal settlements about two hundred people live in the bedouin village of qana are in the occupied west bank israel says they should tear down their homes or they'll be demolished after october first choppers in sri lanka fear further price rises inflation is at an all time high there and the rupee has fallen to a record low against the dollar government ministers are denying they're to blame
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for nando's reports from the capital colombo they only jayawardene opened a big three in colombo six months ago bringing his savings and experience from working abroad he had big plans but his wife says an unstable economy increasing costs and a sliding rupee have made things very difficult we can't increase our prices each time gas prices increase stuff lives increase because our customers know what price we offer certain items that so each time we come increase in thought as a result we absorb the cost the price increases have been many. huell sugar even bus fares commuters forced to fork out higher fares for the second time in four months. when i got the thing at the moment it may be a small increase in the fear but when you take the total cost it's a big amount for the money. to make matters worse for the struggling economy the
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sri lankan rupee has lost almost nine percent of its value against the dollar so far this year and worse is expected. the devaluation has a former president demanding to take over. you don't start with them because from. god we are monitoring it let's review i mean if you want to discuss. that we want do we accept. only the first thing is too early for the operating twenty. government ministers are dismissing rajapakse as complaints and see his former administration cause the problems this from this year's victory primos eighty two percent of the good work from the prosecutor and of course we would have to we have heard the lawns in order to say previous to this. but while doing the while doing all this while grappling
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with both my own good of the. we have also managed to bring me who of spirit. while the government and opposition treat accusations about schools to blame for the economic problems many sri lankans us struggling to make ends meet among them the war the neighbors who are determined to stay afloat and make a go of their business despite the odds when a philanderer is al-jazeera colomba. a u.s. cable john comcast has outbid rupert murdoch's fox in a blind auction for u.k. broadcast the sky it has twenty three million subscribers and owns the u.k. rights to broadcast premier league football and the entire h.b.o. catalogue that's made sky one of europe's most profitable companies comcast bed of twenty two dollars and sixty cents a share gives the company
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a value of around forty eight billion dollars or terra jackson is a personal and business finance specialist she says the takeover is part of comcast push to go international. comcast says well it's fox they're trying to get the market share back with from from all the giants from netflix amazon taking with the live streaming and so they're noticing there's a big hit in their viewership and their customer base so in order to be able to compete with those they have to move international so this merger with sky is definitely going to help them get back on the playing till they're going to be able to get the market share and resources a diff digital services especially with all the money that's being poured into it going into the united states markets within that so it's going to be a win win for the viewership internationally as well as with the united states and set other precedents i'm sure with other major mergers within that so it now allows
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them to compete with the likes of amazon netflix and apple. civil rights groups in the united states are calling for the removal of police guards in schools they say some are targeting black students and other minority groups the police guards usually roam the school hallways to protect students but a study shows a growing number of police have attacked the kids they're supposed to protect castro has more from philadelphia i've heard that these are not the images you would expect from school you know. a police officer responsible for keeping students safe has put one in a choke hold the reason the boy's friends say was because he turned an orange at a wall when you're in the hallways and atmosphere of tension and slight worry and fear the incident in philadelphia in two thousand and sixteen sparked student protests and demands to remove police from the city's public schools the school district spends thirty million dollars
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a year on police deploying about three hundred fifty officers across some two hundred campuses the philadelphia student union says that creates a militant environment. oh i have to put on this may i have to make sure. you know. i'm not acting out of character or doing anything that's considered to be. bad i guess in philadelphia's public school district eighty five percent of students are of color and black students are three and a half times more likely to be arrested or refer to police officers than white students advocates point of that as a sign of the existence of a school to prison pipeline where minorities are criminalized at a young age and then continue to land behind bars as adults. a spokeswoman for philadelphia school district declined an interview but said in a statement that the safety of students and staff is top priority meanwhile an
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alliance of educational justice groups report. that across the u.s. school police have assaulted students at least twenty four times in the past two years we want to public education system that actually is positive. and that reflects the best of all of us in our students and black students that we need to have police should not be in the question but in reality the opposite is happening the state of florida recently required all schools to have armed security in response to high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in february how do you keep american schools safe from school shootings if you get rid of all the police officers please don't make our schools safe. police don't protect black and brown students students have a different vision of what school safety looks like to the students that vision is replacing police with counselors having students work with each other to resolve
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conflicts and teaching coping skills they say the first step to keeping schools safe is keeping the fear of police brutality out hi joe castro al-jazeera philadelphia. has taken eighteen years to complete the mexico city will be opening its own replica of michelangelo's sixteen sistine chapel work to the public this week it's been a labor of love for todd graphic designer who painted the ceiling of his local church in the lot on donations from friends and parishioners to finance the mule's is a story. you know many differences and i say yes my name is miguel francisco i.c.'s i am the person that painted the replica of the sistine chapel here in mexico it took me eighteen years to finish it and today we are very happy celebrating just a little bit sarcastic and. to me like what i thought if it took me four years it's going to take me about six or seven but i didn't have any money left to go a lot longer but i did it so that many people who may never go to rome could have
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a little pieces. european art a little of the renaissance or michelangelo of the duke and of the maya one of the greatest and most beautiful works in the world for us because. when you look in the . well you know people did not know what it was so they said how is this possible how come there are paintings of naked people in the church i showed them the pictures and people started to understand because they didn't know what the sistine chapel was. coming from as you can see the canvas is a very large they're full of detail i had to divide it into fourteen canvases three metres by fifty metres. opiate it would be feast with if you should look at copying is very difficult i mean very difficult because i have to walk in michelangelo's shoes do the same brush strokes so let me say this they said it's crazy are you crazy because really without help without being paid without nothing what are you
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going to do. it was i said. i'm very grateful to all the people who helped i would have done half of it on my own it's like you look at it that's the help i received from god i did not send engines with wings but young people who supported me and felt the same way i did. i'm not moved by money i need it but i don't do things to get money it's something inside something bigger than my work because this is a moral commitment i didn't sign any papers like i've said before this is not my work it is the work of god nothing else i'm just his instrument nothing more. this is al jazeera let's get a round up of the top stories iran's revolutionary guard is vowing to respond forcefully off to saturday's military parade attack killed at least twenty five
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people president has sent rouhani accuse the united states and some gulf countries of creating instability by supporting ethnic groups in iran and he says the u.s. will regret its aggressiveness polls are closing in the mold deaves in a presidential election widely seen as a test for democracy president abdullah yemeni is running for a second term but since taking office has been accused of silencing dissent and consolidating power on saturday the opposition's campaign headquarters was raided by police who said they were investigating the electoral for the u.n. humanitarian chief says yemen is approaching a tipping point with famine a major threat three quarters of the population that's about twenty two million yemenis need some kind of humanitarian assistance because of the war the annual conference of britain's main opposition labor party is starting with briggs it causing lots of arguments leader jeremy corbyn says the general election is needed
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if prime minister to resign may fails to win support for her breaks of plan critics say she was humiliated by e.u. leaders in salzburg three days ago when they rejected her leave plan she says talks have reached an impasse with just six months to go israel has given people living in a palestinian village seven days to move out supreme court approved its demolition to make way for illegal settlements earlier this month about two hundred people live in the bedouin village of qana lamarr in the occupied west bank israel says they should tear down their homes or they'll be demolished after oct first. the u.s. cable giant comcast has outbid rob rupert murdoch's fox in a blind auction for u.k. broadcaster skype it has twenty three million subscribers and owns the u.k. rights to broadcast premier league football and the entire h.b.o. catalog that has made sky one of europe's most profitable t.v. companies comcast bit of twenty two dollars and sixty cents a share give sky
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a value of around forty billion dollars those are the headlines you're up to date we're back in half an hour right now though it's inside story here on edge see. you. get prices down now donald trump steps up the pressure on major oil producers will overtake appease the u.s. president and what about iranian oil exports being blocked by u.s. sanctions this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm good of that hamid opec leaders and their allies are due to meet on sunday nigeria to discuss something which affects us all the price of oil the price of brant crude oil is close to a four year high trading at just under eighty dollars a barrel that's the well short of to two thousand and eight peak of one hundred forty seven dollars or prices have risen by around forty percent in the past year and president donald trump is demanding prices fall before mid term elections in november which would also be a critical test of his popularity he also wants oil producers to make up for the fall in the iranian exports because of the reimposition of u.s. sanctions trump treated we protect the countries of the middle east they would not be safe for very long without us and yet they continue to push for higher and
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higher oil prices we will remember the opec one openly must get prices down now. terms called pauses and a lemon for saudi arabia if it does his line some opec members may perceive riyadh as doing washington's bidding at their expense on the other hand the kingdom can hardly displease its strongest ally to discuss this and the opec meeting in jury a we are joined from london keane an independent oil and energy consultant and former opec official in moscow true to him an oil and gas analyst and part energy consulting agency and also to is semi handy and middle east analyst and editor of the magazine international interest gentlemen welcome to the program so me let me start with you thus trump have a point when he says that middle eastern countries are pushing the prices higher
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and higher. i think we have to remember what caused a lot of the chaos in recent years in the middle east in terms of economic diversification some of the grand moves that saudi arabia the u.a.e. and other arab countries have taken it was the low or prices until all prices saudi arabia saw no need to engage in economic diversification or indeed to pursue vision twenty thirty or the new york cities or the like was even more ironic is that the lower prices was caused by the u.s. shale industry which seemed to put more and more oil in the market driving the prices down and saudi arabia actually started fighting the u.s. trying to outdo the u.s. by flooding the market with oil to bring the price so low that shale couldn't could would not be feasible so i think with regards to donald trump about whether they want to bring the prices up this is very true the opec countries all of them they benefit from a high price let's remember why venezuela is a failed state today it's a failed state because the low all prices said the economy crushing high oil prices
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gives reprieve for a lot of these countries these opec countries who are suffering from the economic difficulties as a result of years of relying on oil so in other words when oil prices start going back up these opec countries find that they have more revenue they have more money in order to enact infrastructure projects or the like within their particular countries so in short what's particularly ironic is that the u.s. which forced a lot of these countries to bend over backwards as a result of the law oil prices as a result of the shale oil industry is now demanding that the opec countries bring the oil prices back down once more and to suffer further as a result of donald trump being scared of what might happen in the midterm elections so manno share now pick countries and non opec countries are meeting tomorrow in algeria what do you think is going to happen here what will be the focus of the conversation. well let me say that tomorrow is the joint and ministerial
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monitoring committee meeting is not the whole older ministers of opec countries and then all think we have joined together in the last two years i think is russia and other non opec countries and then saudi arabia. and kuwait and so on letting them there no emergency ones out there really is there. yes there are there job as i'm saying that they are not supposed to decide on what to do they are a technical group not as the same are and market monitoring committee to look at the information that the technical analysts and technical group within opec and on off it have given them and look at it examine it consult with each others look at the supply demand balance in the world oil market their daily business people and then also for see what the in the next five six months would be the performance of the
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global economy is going to be a boom bust recession which of course would affect the demand for oil and then to supply of oil from the united states and others that technical people have tried to estimate for the next few months and out of that they will see how much is the demand for opec as a whole and for opening not all big groups that are part of this joint operation which have limited their supply that is their job of course having done all this and discussed with each other consulted their ex in the seas with each other then of course they have to look at the political aspects there one that you made an introduction already so i want to said they do and make a decision they try to summarize and brief the full ministerial conference of opec which is to meet the affairs of december but of course their ideas and comit comments would influence what the other ministers would do and so we cannot discuss what these people might inside or might prefer there might be comment but let's see
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it is not they would not decide on an actual policy that opec would follow it and misheard what's russia's role in all of this i mean over the past few years relationship between moscow and riyadh have gone grown closer days talk at maybe these two countries together trying to fill the gap that will be left because of the iran sanctions. well russia's role is very specific basically when the russia agreed to decrease production it was against the benchmark of tolbert when to sixty and when the rest of the oil production peaked for some domestic reason and after that it fell down to their regular level. again and i saluted naturally the russian minister over there just said it was carrying out the promise it gave to opec basically
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russian oil companies are producing at the maximum of their capacity and they're out prepared to increase production to accommodate to the wishes of saudi arabia or president romp or anyone else in the essentially next year or maybe a year from no rational production is going to start to decline and it has already peaked the decline will be caused by the deterioration over oil reserves which the majority of oil which remains is still in russia the seventy percent of that is hard to recover and it is difficult to bridge use of this oil at the current the level of prices the so please do not expect that russia is going to increase oil production on the contrary it is going to decrease it so i have
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a semi writer in view of that it seems that the onus would fall again on the gulf countries saudi arabia u.a.e. now what would be them mood considering this treaty of donald trump who basically said you guys are safe because we keep you safe i'm sort of a happy about. we have to remember that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. don't actually want to increase production saudi arabia has been giving lip service to donald trump until now this is not the first time that donald trump has our saudi arabia to increase production there was a tweet a few months ago where he said that saudi arabia had promised and then that tweet was removed later on or he went back on that particular tweet saudi arabia does not want the prices to go down why because the investment that they expected in vision twenty thirty the aramco valuation that they had was not what they expected the amount of money that they expected to come into saudi arabia from these various economic projects has not matched their expectations so in other words the higher the oil price comes the more of a buffer the more of
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a cushion that they have in order to come up with a new plan in order to assess this situation how to come up with a better solution the problem is that trump is applying very heavy pressure on saudi arabia although the south there's this view that saudi arabia and trump are very very close allies we need to remember that trump flipflops based on how much money comes into the u.s. so for example initially he supported the carter blockade and then in april this year he invited the emir of qatar to washington and then sent his advisors today of to put pressure on them to stop the blockade so in other words trump is flip flopping on the saudis know that when trunk threatens them and threat threatens to lift the support that he's been giving them they know that he's particularly serious saudi arabia will go to the opec countries but the opec countries know that saudi arabia deep down does not want the oil prices to go down either so they'd be very interesting because now it's a matter of sovereignty is saudi arabia really a puppet state to the extent that they will have the nerve to go to the other opec
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countries out of the guys look we need trump so you guys need to increase production of bring the lawyer prices down it would be absolutely incredible by all standards for saudi arabia to sit and look at opec countries in the face and tell them that trump told me to bring the prices down so we have to bring the prices down even though it is saudi arabia that will be taking the hit so i. it's quite profound the way in which trump has caused discovery in the opec countries all because he is suffering or potentially suffering from the midterm elections where by his base are the ones who are becoming very much affected by increase all prices that they were meant to share you know opaque from the inside very well now we have a situation where at the heart of all of this is obviously the illumining. sanctions on iran and they will kick in just two days before demit term elections now so when everybody is in the room or even. at the moment you can hear statements coming out from all sides. saudi arabia according to jews sami is in
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a difficult position doesn't want to be seen as a puppet of the trump administration iran on the other side has a lot of veto power within opec and is saying is actually putting saudi arabia under spot isn't it well i wouldn't put it that way you see there is so much being said as to political differences recent months between iran and saudi arabia that have been greater political differences between these because if different countries with you know pick you know on iraq we're at war with each other in one nine hundred eighty s. but i want to emphasize that these a miniseries one day yet to get there looking at the oil market there are really more concentrating as a business leaders and trying to understand the market and see for what is good for all of them to do of course there are priorities short term long term what do these are all i would say technical decision making and this is what would happen here as
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well but it's sorry for interrupting going but when the iranian minister of oil ministers says i would block.


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