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that's the only way that they can galvanize people to come to their support now russia says one of its spy planes was shot down off the coast of syria because israeli air traffic control is quote deliberately misled its pilots fifteen crew were killed on monday russia's defense ministry says incorrect information about air strikes in the area at the time was given that meant syrian anti-aircraft fire was directed at the russian warplanes not the israeli jets israeli commandos have been in a mosque trying to ease the tensions caused by the crash. give information we have presented indicates that the actions of israeli fighter pilots led to the deaths of fifteen russian military personnel it shows a lack of professionalism or show use of at least a criminal negligence therefore we consider that the responsibility for the disaster of the russian aircraft is entirely only israeli air force and those who decided to carry out this activity. is what's coming up for you on this news are struggling to survive with no let up in the war yemenis forced to take extreme
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measures just to stay alive india is rolling out the biggest health care plan in the world nearly half a billion people are expected to benefit if the plan works out and france counts down to the start of the ryder cup but a public enthusiastic about gulfs biggest team tournament pharo will answer that in sport. so let's look at that yemen story the humanitarian chief from the united nations says yemen is approaching a tipping point with famine a major threat three quarters of yemenis that is twenty two million people are in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance or protection and simmons is reporting for us from a camp for yemeni refugees in djibouti. we're hearing that in recent months the number of deaths of children in hardship province alone amounts to twenty and so the position of aid agencies is getting incredibly difficult accessing these remote
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villages where people are literally starving and also accessing areas that are blocked off because of the fighting it is an impossible situation for the aid agencies and they admit that they are not winning the battle against hunger how different it could be if people could reach the camps like this across the water from yemen in small boats is just an hour's ride but that's controlled by smugglers so the situation isn't just desperate for those in yemen as a whole it's also desperate here because some of these people want to go home they don't want to be here in the first place they want to go home the chances of that are pretty remote. they're hungry like millions of fellow yemenis they've left behind these men have just arrived in old book huddled together in some shade having being smuggled out of yemen for two hundred dollars each. it was like it's
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a war we don't want to be part of says this man explaining that he in the others fear they'd be conscripted to join who see rebel forces. this is where they'll end up with families who may have refuge but little else this man has fresh drinking water but can't afford to buy food so his family has to get by solely on emergency aid learned. we don't receive anything but enough to survive from the un we don't have the needed for our children the elderly even us it's a grim existence here in the sweltering it's such a dry area there in place. the natural focus of aid agencies is across the water in yemen where by the day the situation for the people is getting more critical. in
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a remote yemeni village they continue to take leaves from trees is their only means of survival these two brothers know that cooking and eating the leaves will lead to sickness but it provides for maybe a day for their extended family and it's a choice between malnutrition or eating leaves. you alone are not enough of the children are suffering from constant diarrhea drowsiness and fever we don't know how and where we can treat them we get no help no one there is no relief organization in our area when we go asking for help we get nothing. some of the children and babies from the village of. the province have ended up here in this medical clinic. you can see what aid agencies warn is a crisis for the young weak and hungry it's growing bigger. yeah the war in the famine has caused a spike in the number of those who eat the vine leaves which is leading to an
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increase of malnutrition cases the vine leaves have a highly acidic substance that reduces absorption in the intestines and the stomach is a very dangerous condition. less than a week ago when i was there are reported on the clinics work this little girl's a fish shoaib ahmed was waiting for treatment she has since died the medical staff are fighting against one of the consequences of war and the losses are higher now than ever before. andrew simmons al-jazeera oh block in djibouti. are protesters in southern yemen say the morality led coalition has become an occupying force demonstrators marched in the government health city of aden hundreds have been killed there in saudi air strikes since the coalition intervened to back yemen's government in the war with the who the rebels three years ago or so u.a.e. backed groups have been accused of committing human rights abuses in a network of secret prisons thousands of people have marched against bragg's it in
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the u.k. city of liverpool as the opposition labor party meets to decide its stand the protesters are calling for a new referendum on bragg's it is something labor hasn't entirely ruled out e.u. leaders rejected prime minister to resign may's bridget plan to leave the european union at a summit in salzburg three days ago she says talks have now reached an impasse and the stalemate is prompting labor to push for a general election this is a leader jeremy coleman he's sounding out the views of party members at the annual conference in liverpool the party says it will back a second vote if that's what its members forms so there is talk within the party and its supporters. of a desire for a second break that referendum and labor leader jeremy called and says he will be acting on what the party faithful once he himself that prefers the idea of another general election. this government doesn't seem very strong it is looking into
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directions at the same time the one hand a trade deal with the usa in the other hand some kind of relationship with europe and we could well be looking towards a general election and you know what we're ready for our preference would be for a general election and we can and negotiate a future relationships with europe but let's see what comes out of conference more from paul brennan who's in the vehicle. if you listen to much of the media coverage from other outlets you'd think that direct it was the be all and end all at this particular labor party conference here in liverpool in fact today they've been mainly looking at internal party procedures such as the recent election of sitting m.p.'s and whether they have to go through a new selection process at every general election but nonetheless britain is looming large over pretty much everything that is talked about here in liverpool and the reason why is because the labor leadership has crucially evolved it stands towards the idea of a second referendum on whatever deal the prime minister theresa may bring back from brussels initially jeremy coleman was much more in favor of having
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a general election based on whatever deal comes back now he's bowing to pressure from both his members and from outside to say look maybe there should be a vote and he said that if the conference members vote for a second referendum then he will act acquiesce with their wishes and make it part of policy at the house been a march in central liverpool the people's march some five thousand people in attendance but here's the dilemma for the labor party if they go with the will of the membership do they alienate the wider labor support many of whom still live in bricks in supporting areas. israel has given people living in a palestinian village an ultimatum to tear down their arms or they will be demolished by october first earlier this month the supreme court approved the demolition of the bedouin village of qana modern the occupied west bank israel plans on using the land to build illegal settlements. india's prime minister narendra modi's launched his ambitious new health care plan a scheme designed to offer free health insurance to the country's poorest citizens
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mody cadel see half a billion people get access to health services they can't currently afford. but critics say the scheme has been rushed out too quickly for political gain and lacks adequate funds to support it the thoughts now of the man who is the head of politics and international relations at the university of westminster he's actually calling modi care a publicist stand. it is i don't think it's simply about who will pay for it or how will they pay for it the reality is the government for the last four years has not invest in public sector in terms of held so for the to come up with a scheme that looks ambitious and out of your in a people said it's an ambitious plan this is a strategy he all would want to want to portray himself as a strong leader with ambitious plans and if they fail somehow it's he's not at fault someone else is at fault so the whole idea behind this campaign is to give the impression that he is again back caring for the poor people but the reality then last four years the government have invested very little in public sector in
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terms of health india like many other developing countries they use nationalism and they use and the minority of them they use various ideas essentially to gain power by. sidelining the poor but also speaking in their name now why has this government or the previous government by have they not spent much on public again public spending on health the reality is because they don't make it in their electoral issue now with more the of course in power now what you're seeing is every year he comes over to one side the grand scheme it could be on such a part it which is clean india and other i would make in india so basically manufacture in india that kind of slogans but in reality none of them work but the media love and of course your big corporations big companies that also control the media siding with more the giving the impression that with a strong leader and if only comes back to power once again which is likely maybe after twenty nineteen then he will implement all those things properly so in a way this is a good strategy a good p.r. exercise and again in this case you have to understand more your b.g.p.
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they don't really want people to be aware of this project what they wanted of course to capture the media they want to have media debates around it until yesterday the key trend in india on twitter was not about this scheme it was about something called maida shorthair means my prime minister is a thief and that they were doing because of course there's a whole scandal around file a particular arms deal with france so we have to be aware. that a lot of these schemes are not there because they're meant to help poor they might help some poor the hopefully they but they're meant to again captured media and they're meant to essentially a copy of the political reality when you look at this it won't there's not much plan to invest in public sector in health it's more about the private sector providing truth and forms of insurance health care to people in get five lakh rupees with you that around six thousand and thirty seven thousand u.s. dollars is not a lot in fact my mother was in hospital last month in the famous he'd even more they gave a speech and within ten day of the bill went up to twelve thousand dollars in
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doctors it's not enough the way in which private sector health care in india the out of control meanwhile roads and homes are underwater after flash floods swept through parts of northern india at least twenty five people are stranded because of rising water levels in rivers and drains the local government in the hillside state of him a child pradesh is worried about the risk of landslides and water borne diseases the european union's delegation in libya is warning armed groups not to break international law by deliberately targeting civilians or they will face the consequences the battle for control of the capital tripoli in the past month has killed one hundred fifteen people it's injured almost six hundred many of them by stray artillery fire fighting continued despite a un broken cease fire which was agreed three weeks ago. still at the on this news hour shoppers in sri lanka are asking is there no end to rising prices however a familiar face reckons he has the opposite very soon this replica of the vatican's
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sistine chapel will be open to the public in mexico we're going to meet the man behind the murals in sport chelsea feeling blue after dropping the first points of the season that story coming up in sport. hello again we're here cross we are seeing really up to the north some clouds passing across back who over to the other side of the caspian sea now over the next few days the heavy rain will actually be down towards the south tehran you may see some showers potentially heavy in the afternoons temperature high thirty degrees few there and then as we go towards tuesday a little bit cooler but down towards quite city we do expect to see about forty two and your forecast well we did see quite a few clouds here across much of the among coast of the last few days those are starting to edge way but down towards the clouds continue to remain and we are
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going to see about twenty eight degrees up towards doha seasonable for us where the temps are there of about thirty nine and riyadh we do expect to see your high at about forty and as we make our way down here towards parts of africa we are going to be seeing really a change for parts of cape town we are seeing some better weather here most of the clouds remain up here towards the north really affecting durban over the last call days with rain showers in play and those are going to continue maybe some clouds as well but down here towards cape town better conditions as i said one thousand degrees for you there but as we go towards tuesday a front starts to slip a little bit more towards the north out of the atlantic and that is going to bring played clouds as well with a tempter there of about sixteen degrees. we're . i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight
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against corruption and what i have learned is that we need choppiness we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version here all shined a light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to ace award dot com.
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on the news on here at al-jazeera these are our top stories iran's revolutionary guard is vowing to respond forcefully for the attack on a military parade that killed at least twenty five people president hassan rouhani is on his way now to the u.n. general assembly in new york and is accuse the united states and some gulf countries of creating instability by supporting ethnic arab groups in his country. but his main opposition the labor party's pushing for a general election as briggs it talks hit a stalemate jeremy colvin summing up the views of labor members at the conference in liverpool and that you leave his rejected prime minister to resign may's breaks a plan at a summit in salzburg three days to go. and vote counting has begun in the maldives in a presidential election widely seen as a test for democracy pulling out to be extended for an extra three hours after long
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queues formed outside voting centers and the opposition says their exit polls show they've won more than sixty percent of the vote the official results not in till later on sunday. campaigning is underway for cameron's presidential election in two weeks time president who's been in power since nine hundred eighty two is seeking reelection despite protests there's also increasing calls for autonomy in the english speaking cameroon mohamad vall has more. supporters of the main opposition party the. movement in the capital today they've launched a two week campaign before voting on october the seventh the presidential election comes at a critical time for coming on after years of bloody conflict between the english speaking and the central government that's dominated by french speakers and might very well you. know what.
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i mean but you know what i mean there you go the little bit oh thank you lou. oh yes all that all when it. come to is promising political and comfortably consolation but change has often eluded kind of the. president has been ruling since one nine hundred eighty two and nearly every election he's won since then was highly controversial with constant accusations of vote rigging to guarantee he stay in power during his thirty six years critics accuse him of ruling with an iron fist while failing to preserve the national unity videos shown on social media last year was said to show extra judicial killings of civilians in the south by special army brigades come to his supporters say he's a serious challenger to president and the only real beacon of hope for canada at the moment are that presidential candidates are also trying to galvanize supporters
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by promising change along with. the enthusiasm is there cameroonians want change so we're not mistaken we think that on october seventh cameroonians will live up to the expectations of the whole world to say that we must turn the page and we must finally move forward what president beyond still has a support base. you have seen it is surely going to come flowing i would like to call president obama's campaign slogan which is the strength of. this is logan sums up by itself. chief the opportunity so that's offered to us by which all this could be achieved thanks to paul. others argue a free and fair election isn't going to do because of what's happened before and they don't roll out a continuation of the status quo. civil rights groups in the us a calling for the removal of police in schools a study shows
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a growing number of incidents between police and the people's past supposed to be protecting as hard as your caster records i've heard that these are not the images you would expect from scrutiny over a police officer responsible for keeping students safe has put one in a choke hold the reason the boys friends say was because he threw an orange at a wall when you're in the hallways isn't atmosphere of tension and slight worry and fear the incident in philadelphia in two thousand and sixteen sparked student protests and demands to remove police from the city's public schools the school district spends thirty million dollars a year on police deploying about three hundred fifty officers across some two hundred campuses the philadelphia student union says that creates a militant environment if feel like oh i have to put on this mess i have to make sure that you know. i'm not acting out of character or anything
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that's considered to be. bad i guess in philadelphia's public school district eighty five percent of students are of color and black students are three and a half times more likely to be over rested or refer to police officers than white students advocates point of that as a. sign of the existence of a school to prison pipeline where minorities are criminalized at a young age and then continue to land behind bars as adults. a spokeswoman for philadelphia school district declined an interview but said in a statement that the safety of students and staff is top priority meanwhile an alliance of educational justice groups reports that across the u.s. school police have assaulted students at least twenty four times in the past two years we want to public education system that actually is positive and that. and
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that reflects the best of all of us in our students and black students that we need to have police should not be in the question but in reality the opposite is happening the state of florida recently required all schools to have armed security in response to a high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in february how do you keep american schools safe from school shootings if you get rid of all the police officers please don't make us school safe. police don't protect black and brown students students have a different vision of what school safety looks like to the students that vision is replacing police with counselors having students work with each other to resolve conflicts and teaching coping skills they say the first step to keeping schools safe is keeping the fear of police brutality out heidi joe castro al-jazeera philadelphia. the thoughts now steve perry who's an american educator's founder of
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capital prep schools in new york and connecticut he actually says police and not the. it was going on is that the teachers and principals have lost control of their schools there are no short cuts to school to an environment of loving and support the teachers within the school need to create a space where the students understand they love support and respected the way in which you do that is not to call cops you have to build a relationship of students to travel to school you have to put together a lesson plan as that show that you want the best from them so you have higher expectation of their academic performance and they have the part of the community you can't just drop in parachute in and then head out as soon as the school days done if to make sure you're part of the community go into the community show the respect that this community deserves you'd be hard pressed to find an elite private school in united states that has police they have troubles to but they don't have police you'd be hard pressed to find many suburban schools that have a large police presence however in florida is a outlier in that they've had a horrible incident recently and florida is
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a southern state and they also have their issues with law and justice but generally speaking what you find throughout the united states is that students of color are the ones that are most often policed patted down and have their bags run through every single day and city in which we have schools the other high schools not our school the other high schools that are in the in those communities actually have students waiting to get into school each day sometimes thirty to forty minutes so that they can be patted down every single day there are no shortcuts the police are not the problem the are rarely going to be the person defends police officers who make bad decisions but the police are not calling themselves and this is these are teachers and principals calling the police and to restrain children because they have lost control of the children these very same children another academic settings do just fine so if those teachers and those principles and those schools can't control the children then they should not be in the positions that they're
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bred either the children should be free to fail school systems within which their end or the teachers and principals who can do the job need to quit. now an exhibition in the united states is trying to bring some new perspective turn event that proved to be a turning point in the struggle for civil rights if the five years ago a black church in the southern city of birmingham was bombed killing four african-american girls an incident which unleashed a wave of violence in many parts of the country she had pretends he has been the photographer darwood bay had been haunted since childhood by this photograph of the sister of one of the four girls killed in the bombing of birmingham alabama sixteenth street baptist church in one thousand nine hundred sixty three the dynamite was planted by white supremacists four girls were killed many were injured then as birmingham as white community celebrated the attack two black boys were killed one shot in the back by a police officer as bare attempt to commemorate the bombing and its aftermath he
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was faced with a question how do you photograph the past here at the national gallery of art in washington d.c. we see his answer on the fifty fifth anniversary off the bombing bay initially photographed children from birmingham who were the same age as those killed on that september day but something was missing i began to think about the fact that the. nerve for. true however for a lot of what with. that we moved to. macon portrait. african-americans. who were in fact that they would be. the diptych service seen by an accompanying split screen video evoking the quiet sunday morning of the attack. on the left both the segregated and black communal spaces that were
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birmingham's normality on the right a child's eye view from the back seat of a car on the journey to church. it's difficult to escape another question at this exhibition how much has changed the violence still directed at african americans today is once again an issue something that is not. merely by historical phenomenon something that is very much happening in the united states today and folding the past in the present together is a way of making us think about our current situation in giving his subjects the complexity they're often denied in historical accounts disrupts both of them and the no. zero washington. now a temporary ban on quarrying has been imposed in the philippines following two major landslide disasters in just the past week the latest killed at least forty five villages when dozens of homes were buried on the honor of cebu following heavy
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rains and storms last week as jamila island reports villagers say their warnings about a nearby stone quarry were just ignored. a city way down by three bodies continue to pile up in mortuaries here and now go and many more are expected to so send for wheat is grieving for her husband. like so many others here he died with the landslide buried alive in their home she doesn't know how her family will survive. morning i need that. i'm left with eleven children to feed how will i send them to school we lost our home our cattle we have nothing not even a plate. monsoon rain sugar the massive landslide early on thursday morning at least thirty homes and eighty people were buried as the
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mountain collapsed taking with it stone querrey where many worked the devastation so widespread it wiped out entire families. no business though. this is the company of family. father mother and children all died in the landslide there casket are covered because we were told that some of their body guards have already been dismembered. many of the residents who live in the area also work for the company now they feel being paid the price they had to clean with the. boeing it was hard to see them like that all of them were taken away by one of the kids had not yet been found it is a very painful. four years filipinos living here have been calling on the government to stop carrying operations but they say their appeals were ignored
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their story is a typical one in this country those who are impoverished are voiceless in the face of powerful influential businesses. the philippine government to sprawl missed to help meet their emergency needs and this ordered a temporary halt of quarrying operations nationwide for fifteen days grieving relatives say the quarry ban is simply not enough what they want is justice. jim duggan al jazeera not a city state province sanctions. in tanzania mass burials have been held for some of those who died when a ferry capsized on lake victoria the number of passengers and crew who drowned has now risen to at least two hundred twenty four forty one did survive when the crowded boat overturned tanzania's president has ordered the arrest of those responsible. now inflation's at an all time high in sri lanka and the rupee has
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fallen to a record low shoppers now fear further price rises are on the way as melt fernandez reports from the capital colombo they only want to know opened a big three in colombo six months ago bringing his savings and experience from working abroad he had big plans but he's wife says an unstable economy increasing costs and a sliding rupee have made things very difficult we can't increase our prices each time gas prices increase stuff live in grief because our customers know what price we offer certain items that so each time we can be increasing so as a result we absorb the cost. the price increases have been many. fuel sugar even bus fares commuters forced to fork out higher fares for the second time in four months. very good getting at it maybe a small increase in the fear but when you take the total cost it's
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a big amount for the month. to make matters worse for the struggling economy the sri lankan rupee has lost almost nine percent of its value against the dollar so far this year and worse is expected. the devaluation has a former president demanding to take over. you don't fuck with them because from. god we are monitoring anything that's radio i mean if you want to really discuss. that you want to. know the first thing is do i live. in twenty. government ministers or dismissing rajapakse as complaints and say he's former administration because the problems this from this. eighty three percent of the. fever and of course we would have had to we have had to pay. lorne's in order to set the previous bit. but.
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while doing that while doing all this while grappling with my own good of the. we have also managed to bring me who. while the government and opposition treat accusations about schools to blame for the economic problems many sri lankans us struggling to make ends meet among them the war the nurses who are determined to stay afloat and make a go of their business despite the odds been a philanderer is al-jazeera colomba. processes celebrated sunday mass in the few any year where he's warned against what he called the rebirth of anti semitic attitudes between his centuries old jewish community is nearly wiped out by him as nazis and collaborators during the second world war the catholic leader also paid tribute to let the u.n. in see we're told.


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