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tv   Eugenios Close Up  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2018 6:33am-7:00am +03

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happening the state of florida recently required all schools to have armed security in response to a high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in february how do you keep american schools safe from spears shootings if you get rid of all the police officers please don't make us feel safe. police don't protect black and brown students students have a different vision of what school safety looks like to the students that vision is replacing police with counselors having students work with each other to resolve conflicts and teaching coping skills they say the first step to keeping schools safe is keeping the fear of police brutality out heidi joe castro al jazeera philadelphia. but francis has paid tribute to lithuanians who died during the nazi and soviet occupation the pontiff is in lithuania as the country marks the seventy fifth anniversary of the destruction of the vilnius ghetto the culmination of a nazi campaign that resulted in the deaths of an estimated one hundred ninety five
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thousand jews. several thousand people were also killed during the decades of soviet occupation that then followed the pope warned against the rebirth of the pernicious anti semitic to change that fueled the holocaust. australia contaminations countless spread across the tasman sea after a needle was found inside a packet of strawberries in new zealand the australian soil strawberries were purchased at a supermarket in oakland the supermarket chain is now withdrawn the brand of strawberries as a precautionary measure police in australia are investigating more than one hundred reports of sewing needles found in strawberries which have caused demand for the fruit to plummet. still ahead for you on the program a man who's devoted eighteen years of his life to creating a replica like sistine chapel in mexico. added or sometimes starting out in front isn't always a good thing well that story. and wall in
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a bit. october on al-jazeera. in a new season al-jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he serves time in jail for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond faultlines investigates the story beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its parliament elections but what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture examines the legacy of muhammad who got these paintings and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera in an instantly shifting news cycle the listening post takes pools and questions the world's media
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exposing how the press operates and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored the listening post on al-jazeera plan. well now to a labor of love that's taken almost two decades to complete mexico city will be opening its own replica of michelangelo sistine chapel to the public this week which a retired graphic design a painted on the ceiling of his local church he relied on donations from friends and parishioners to finance the murals this is his story. you know many differences and i say yes my name is miguel francisco my c.s.l.
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i am the person that painted the replica of the sistine chapel here in mexico it took me eighteen years to finish it and today we are very happy celebrate just a little bit sick if they stick around to make it that was what i thought if it took me kill angelo four years it's going to take me about six or seven but i didn't have any money and i think took a lot longer because i did it so that many people who may never go to rome could have a little piece of european art a little of the renaissance of michelangelo of the duke and of the maya one of the greatest and most beautiful works in the world for the most. precious so that. when you look in the. world people did not know what it was so they said how is this possible how come there are paintings of naked people in the church i showed them the pictures and people started to understand because they didn't know what the sistine chapel was. coming from with as you can see the canvas is a very large they're full of beautiful i had to divide it into fourteen canvases
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three metres by fifty metres. opiate it with the fish with a feasible coping is very difficult i mean not very difficult because i have to walk in michelangelo's shoes do the same brush strokes me must be to love this they said it's crazy are you crazy because really without help without being paid without nothing what are you. going to do. i'm very grateful to all the people who helped me i would have done half of it on my own it's like you look at it that's the help i received from god i did not send engines with wings but young people who supported me and felt the same way i did. i'm not moved by money i needed but i don't do things to get money it's something inside something bigger than my work because this is a moral commitment i didn't sign any papers like i've said before this is not my work it is the work of god nothing else i'm just his instrument nothing more
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time now for your sport with. mary thank you so much we start with football in chelsea's one hundred percent start to the english premier league season is over the blues missing the chance to go level on points with leaders liverpool chelsea had won all five games ahead of their london darby away to west ham they'd scored fourteen goals on that run but failed to get even one on sunday the hammers holding words you're saris team to a goal a straw. we need to move the ball quicker i think we need. more movement with the ball. we are improving. in the defensive plays. in the last two to make. it very well. but we have to. groove in the office if this is spatially
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in this kind of match. so chelsea said third after that result up next for them are the leaders liverpool arsenal moved into the top six earlier the gunners beating everton two nil thanks to goals from their one hundred forty million dollars strike force of peer amica by yang and alexander lekha to. leaders barcelona have started in their perfect start to the season as well they were held to a draw by jarana messi started off scoring for barsa their strong start was derailed with two goals from jerome as christians with barsa trailing gerard piqué levelled the match in the sixty third minute for a two two draw the result means they lose their two point lead over around which read with both sides now on thirteen points and italy events have re-established their three point lead at the top of syria rinaldo on the scoresheet as a champion speech no need to nail napoli finished fifth round of matches in second
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earlier maybe to reno. runs in cygnus scored twice to lead the visitors to a three one win napoli in you they are set to face each other on saturday. scottish champions celtic's are off to their worst start to a league season for twenty years they lost their second game of the campaign going down to a stoppage time winner to mark the hoops losing two one defeat leaving them in six after six games coach brendan rodgers later admitted he is facing the biggest test of his time at parkhead celtic a won the league the last seven times in a row. india's cricketers have crushed arch rivals pakistan for the second time in five days captain rohit sharma and sick are da ones smashed centuries as they chased down pakistan's score of two hundred and thirty seven to win the one day international by nine wickets the sides are meeting in the super four stage of the
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asia cup in the u.a.e. pakistan could yet extract some revenge with both teams in contention to reach the final. tiger woods is finishing up his final round at the tour championship and is in contention to when he'll also be part of the upcoming ryder cup when the united states defend their title against europe the event is taking place in france for the first time in wellington reports. it's a dramatic bi annual showdown the twelve plus golfers in the united states against the best twelve year old daughter couples become a big deal but not in france until now. to those who don't associate france with golf so i can't i'm heavily just outside paris was a surprising choice so why is the top of a big plate here the man in charge of the event is pascal grizzle i think that we were the only be the to support the development of the game we are the only country in europe was increase the number of the young girl for us in the country and
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that's why we wanted was the right to break this to be the image of elitist in france. this is the big perhaps only chance to show the gulf can change its image one hundred of these compact cheaper less time consuming courses including this one a few kilometers from the venue have been built since the bought a cup decision seven years ago but in france the vodka cup is not very well known no i don't think so except within the golf world of course but like on average people won't know what. it's fairly new for them i guess. in france. is not popular we have too many misconceptions on going fortunately golf is a wonderful sport but maybe it's a bit expense here. it could make it more democratic. the french public once have a french player to cheer but thomason of a part of the winning team in two thousand and four told me it won't affect the
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atmosphere rather radhika you smile you shout you cry you enjoy it sometimes you win sometimes you lose i'm not right it brings all these emotions to you so i hope the president french public will join but for a difference don't know what the party and then go out to cheer for. sixty thousand tickets for each of the three days some dancing brecqhou time over forty percent of the french public and there will be plenty of support for the resurgent tiger woods in his first florida cup the sixty is it's not often i get to see the game superstar and the last time i've i played in paris i think it was ninety four ninety four so it's been awhile since i've played in paris but i've been there a number of times this is going to be. a work week. but also then again it's going to be a very fun workweek. i'm here though the first thirty is where the nerves will rarely starts a good for the world's top golfers because the roar of a cult brings
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a special color depression whether about this turns out to be loud it's always fighting forms it's certainly promises to be memorable little welling's al-jazeera on the gulf national. and moto g.p. world champion mark mark has won the aragon prix to extend his lead at the top of the standings pole sitter jorge lorenzo crouched out of the race on the opening lap the spaniard flew off his ducati on the first turn. mark has who started third on the grid duel to title challenger andre devitt c.e.o. so to win for the first time in five races he now leads the table by seventy two. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to merriam and london all right thank you farai well finally this hour hundreds of people have packed a square in central bos alona to watch teams of combats this forming human cost souls yes the annual competition is part of a traditional street festival held in on of the city's patron saint the teams
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attempt different types of towers requiring coordination balance and lots of practice the objective is to successfully build and dismantle a tower without it forming a part of the tradition dates back to the eighteenth century and clearly it's still going. up the news hour but i'll be back with more news in just a couple of minutes stay with us. when i think of my life i think of potential when i think of potential i think or
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what but it's not i think of young people who need to do to get to the island and do something that becomes a part of tell me it's impossible i think as a child. raising a child in the country talks. money is being such a song and this is my. my nigerian on al-jazeera. fresh perspective so many possibilities. debate and discussion it's only one piece on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves says so much to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number at all that we can put off. on to serious award winning programs takes you on a journey around the globe. on al-jazeera. the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into
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the environment goes around the world. pesticides are pushed on crumbs that it's a very modern way to do. and we've made poisons the measure of progress. the domestic relations has become we're going to push them out from active enough to be your. ideas if you will kill people who are more vulnerable circle of poison on al-jazeera. oh oh . opposition supporters celebrate as their candidate abraham mohammad sali declares victory in the maldives presidential election.
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in london you with al-jazeera also coming up iran's revolutionary guard val's deadly and unforgettable revenge for the attack on a military parade which killed twenty five people three year old. battle against hunger in yemen where three quarters of the population is in need of a. leader. and thousands marched in liverpool edging the u.k.'s main opposition party to back another referendum on the back seat deal. we begin in the maldives where opposition leader abraham mohammad soli has declared victory in the country's presidential election with ninety eight percent of the votes counted he was reported to be leading by sixteen points it is a surprise when the current president i mean had been expected to cement his grip on power after jailing almost all of his rivals including his own half brother the
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government has yet to comment on the results but so he has already addressed his jubilant support this is a moment of happiness this is a moment before this is a moment of. for manual for us this is been a difficult journey. a journey that has lived through a prism so. it's been a journey that the book complete politicizes from. public institutions. but it has been it's been a journey that has ended the books because the people through the. the will of people has spoken and it has spoken decisively for change i would like to call upon prisms ya mean and ask him to respect the will of the people and to immediately begin the smooth transition of power is but the constitution and of well former president mohamed nasheed who was jailed in two thousand and fifteen
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but is now living in exile in sri lanka echoed that call we've all transfixed they do not want to see president ya mean but to his old tricks. not also print cords. no more martial law. no more and i just did all. those up and. they will hopefully again the beautiful country. or junaid muhammed as a chalice with the multi-verse independent i spoke earlier from ali i just came back from what is a celebration going on its. main opposition and the peace can be in center and hundreds of people are gathered. there to jump in the festive crowd the president elect is also there it now his running mate is that as well and i'm the leader of
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the joint opposition as well and they are saying that there will still have been tonight until elections commission finishes in us in the official provisional results right now from the provisional results that have been called by the local media are ninety eight percent of the war has the countered that is around four hundred sixty three books books is out of four hundred seventy two and continuing to see. the president elect hold on to a strong lead or sixteen percent. iran's revolutionary guard is pledging what it calls deadly an unforgettable vengeance after saturday's attack on a military parade that killed twenty five people iran's president has accused the u.s. of helping support those who committed the attack an accusation unlikely to help
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tensions between the two countries' leaders at the u.n. general assembly this week saying the reports from test run as he took off for the united nations general assembly in new york iran's president gave a preview of the likely message he was taking to world leaders be touting the. undoubtedly the islamic republic of iran does not overlook this crime it is clear to us to which group they belong and to where they are linked she claims about respecting human rights must be held accountable the small puppet countries that we see in the region about by america and the united states is provoking them and giving them the necessary capabilities to commit these crimes. saturday's attack in the us is having a ripple effect internationally iran's foreign ministry summoned the british danish and dutch envoys and accused their governments of harboring members of separatist groups iran accuses of attacks inside the country and tweets by a political scientist based in the united arab emirates exposed iran's fraught
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relationship with. up to halakha below said it was not a terrorist attack because the parade was a legitimate military target even though civilians were among the casualties iran's foreign ministry spokesman said iran warned the shore's duff air of the united arab emirates that open support of terrorist operations from people affiliated with the officials is the responsibility of the government and being indifferent about this is unacceptable. senior iranian military officers are blaming saudi arabia while president hassan rouhani says the united states is intent on supporting ethnic arab separatists to create instability inside his country and they can confront us all they want the problem is they don't like the fact that we've called them out we've called them out for ballistic missile testing we've called them out for their support of terrorism we've called them out for their arms sales and they don't like it and not only that the worst of all we stop the hundreds of billions of dollars that were going to them and allowing them to do these violations and so their
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economy is plummeting their deals that they had are falling apart and they're getting desperate while rouhani is expected to use his time at the united nations to raise what he describes as america's numerous violations of international law the attack in a vase will no doubt influence iran's message. not to have. the supreme leader is upset at the activities of countries in the persian gulf especially saudi arabia and the u.a.e. who are playing the role of bad cop in the region even groups inside iran that carried out attacks wristed before an attack they confessions of very clear they themselves consist that they have trained in saudi arabia all the u.a.e. . a day of mourning has been declared across the country and grieving families are preparing funerals iran's foreign ministry said government sponsors of separatist groups cannot hide their role and military leaders warn they reserve the right to respond against attackers and their backers an indication of how angry or iranian
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leaders are came by way of a statement from the chief of iran's armed forces major general mohammad buggery said his country is determined now more than ever to hunt down terrorists anywhere in the world and wipe them out zain bus ravi old zero to one. meanwhile the last british airways flight has taken off from tack on is the carrier suspends flights to the country ever on scale m. is also stopping flights to iran saying the service is currently not commercially viable but these decisions follow the u.s. pulling out of the iran nuclear deal in may and reimposing heavy sanctions german airline lufthansa and a number of non european airlines will keep flying to attack iran well opec an oil producer rusher of concluded a meeting in algiers by pledging to continue producing less oil to boost prices the move defies a call by u.s. president trying for the oil block to end their reduced output the price of brant crude has reached eighty dollars
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a barrel this month the rally is it part due to new sanctions the u.s. has imposed on iran which has curbed its oil production well now to spain where the maritime rescue service says it's rescued more than four hundred people from more than a dozen small boats off its southern coast meanwhile the registration of the aquarius to the only private rescue ship operating in the central mediterranean has been revoked by panama it follows a complaint by italy that the ship's captain had defied instructions to return rescued migrants to libya the vessel is currently see with dozens of migrants on board including children and pregnant women. russia's defense ministry is again blamed israel for the downing of a russian jet off the coast of syria on monday saying israeli air traffic controllers deliberately misled its pilots fifteen crew were killed when their conason plane was shot down by syrian air defenses russia says israel gave incorrect information about strikes it was conducting in the area and that meant syria's anti-aircraft fire was directed at the russian plane and not israel's jets
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. to keep information we have presented indicates that the actions of israeli fighter pilots led to the deaths of fifteen russian military personnel it shows the lack of professionalism or at least a criminal negligence before we consider that the responsibility for the disaster of the russian aircraft is entirely only israeli armed force and those who have decided to carry out these activities will to yemen now whether resurgence of fighting around the port city of her data is worsening the country's humanitarian crisis the u.n. estimates that twenty two million yemenis need humanitarian assistance that's three quarters of the population over an eight million a severely food insecurity they don't know where their next meal is coming from and they rely on food aid to survive and the u.n. says a further ten million are also food insecure but are not being reached by aid operations the recent collapse in the yemeni realities made food imports more expensive making the situation worse war and hunger of left two million yemenis internally displaced
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and almost two hundred thousand have left for neighboring countries andrew symonds is an a book refugee camp across the red sea in djibouti where nearly two thousand yemenis a struggling to survive. they're hungry like millions of fellow yemenis they've left behind these men have just arrived in old book huddled together in some shade having being smuggled out of yemen for two hundred dollars each. it was a life and it's a war we don't want to be part of says this man explaining that he and the others feared they'd be conscripted to join who three rebel forces. this is where they'll end up with families who may have refuge but little else this man has fresh drinking water but can't afford to buy food so his family has to get by soley on emergency aid learn and get lots all are less but there was
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a lot we don't receive anything but enough to survive from the u.n. we don't have the instruction needed for our children the elderly even us it's a grim existence here in the sweltering thinks of such a dry arid and infertile place the natural focus though of aid agencies is across the water in yemen where by the day the situation for the people is getting more and more critical. in remote yemeni village they continue to pick leaves from trees is their only means of survival these two brothers know that cooking and eating the leaves will lead to sickness but it provides more mail a day for their extended family and it's a choice between money nutrition or eating leaves. you know not enough of the children are suffering from constant diarrhea translates and fever we don't know how.


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