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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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well deviant people have decided what they want to the results from yesterday. has been in political turmoil under yamin during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials on the eve of the vote opposition leader ibrahim campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered preliminary results on monday showed that fifty eight point three percent of the votes the electoral commission said voter turnout in the country of four hundred thousand people was eighty nine point two percent the u.s. had threatened sanctions if the elections were not free and fair the message is loud and clear the people of the most want change justice and stability. in the next five years we even consider democracy by guaranteeing human rights and ensuring accountability we will establish a peaceful than just society for all then
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a total commission will announce the official results in seven days but with president yemen conceding what is left now is to see if the hale will keep his election promises and try to reform the country he will morgan al-jazeera. grab a break on al-jazeera when we come back the u.k.'s opposition leader flirts with the idea of supporting another referendum on breaks and. how the weather is steadily dry across the middle east no great surprises say plenty a shower as just showing up just around turkey towards the coaxes yet again the showers lingering on for the past you waste some more than a the next few weeks as well when the two showers that northern parts of turkey as we go through each tuesday the pleasant sunshine continues around the society the
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mad scientist i think it right the way down into well lebanon into it could pass over israel as well forty celsius of baghdad for kuwait city some attempts to civic i want into wednesday just wanted to say i was into afghanistan and maybe up towards where they stand as well by the time i come to want to stay i just just push in the way across the southern shores of the black sea several shows of the right of an interesting little bit of cloud just drifting in so some is only right always a possibility but for the by spot pleasant sunshine running three high same and of around forty degrees celsius yet again meanwhile some cloud also drifting across southern parts of south africa still waiting for those rice to set in i'm afraid be some places of clouds and rain a possibility over the next day but for the most part it stays dry fine and sunny.
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al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot . tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. given the count on al-jazeera. top stories for you here on al-jazeera the u.s. national security advisor john bolton has called russia's plan to send
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a missile system to syria a significant escalation he wants russia to reconsider the new s. three hundred anti aircraft systems being given to the syrian military but russia says it's about protecting its planes it's just days after one of its mines was actually shot down by an accurate syrian anti-aircraft fire deputy attorney general rob rosenstein is expected to go to a meeting at the white house on thursday according to donald trump's spokeswoman they've been reports in the u.s. that he could be about to lose his job for the son's been overseeing the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. and the president of the moldings has conceded defeat in sunday's presidential election provisional results show he won fifty eight percent of the vote doesn't mean appeared on national t.v. to acknowledge he had lost the rise to his only rival the opposition leader abraham mohammed sunday. three human rights activists jailed in saudi arabia have been granted the right livelihood award
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a prize widely seen as the alternative nobel peace prize the foundation says they on a high mead mohamed fadel cut and they. are for their efforts to court reform the totalitarian political system in saudi arabia all three received ten to fifteen the a prison sentences for speaking out against human rights violations. fighting between rival armed groups in libya's capital is now forced more than five thousand families to flee their homes the international organization for migration says the numbers leaving have increased hugely in the last three years the battle for control of the area near tripoli's airport erupted late last month more than one hundred people have been killed and nearly six hundred injured since it began many of them civilians hit by stray artillery fire a u.n. brokered cease fire agreed three weeks ago has been regularly breached mahmud up the wad with more now from tripoli this is to ation is still uncertain in the
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southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli despite all efforts to put cease fire agreement in force when the stand at this sees you and a brokered cease fire agreement has been breached by both sides of the conflict civil times during this month of september thousands of families have been forced out of their homes in the southern suburbs of tripoli because of the clashes many of them had to leave the city others had to share their relatives accommodations and many of them have been living here in tripoli in the schools accommodated by nongovernmental organizations we understand that civilians have been paying the heaviest price in this war and this war has taken a toll on civilians among the casualties so many civilians including women and children since the beginning of this war on august twenty seventh now we understand
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that stray rockets have been lending in populated areas killing civilians and damaging many houses and properties. stuff from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees a striking in gaza over the u.s. decision to pull funding runs schools hospitals camps and social services for millions of palestinians in the middle east harry force that is reporting for us from gal's oh it's been affected by the strike. we're here at the gaza h.q. of the owner agency you can see some of the thirteen thousand local employees who are on strike this monday the consequence of this strike it being felt all across the gaza strip two hundred seventy four an ra schools serving two hundred eighty thousand children are closed along with sixteen food distribution centers twenty two medical clinics the reason for this strike can be traced back to a decision by the us administration to cut more than three hundred million dollars
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in funding for enron and more recently decided to end its funding of the agency in its entirety the workers here say that the effects are being unfairly felt by them more than a hundred of them already either sacked or put on early retirement with six hundred being starters with their jobs being lost by the end of this year they say that an ra could have done more to try to lessen the impact of all that and give people voluntary redundancy voluntary retirement those sorts of options here's how the head of the agency here in gaza responds to that charge the rest of the organization has borrowed us forty five million dollars that we don't have for gaza to allow us to continue food to allow us to continue almost three hundred jobs full time and yes sadly move some two part time we've had to make some adjustment but i believe on the basis of facts i can demonstrate we've done a lot to make things as smooth as possible under very very challenging
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circumstances would be talking to one of the striking employees here and his story does give you a sense of just how deeply these cuts will be felt. he says that is twelve hundred u.s. dollar a month salary supports twenty eight family members and that if he does lose his job as he's threatened with by the end of this year that's going to have a devastating impact on a huge family and that is a story that is being repeated here many times over so that's why these potential job losses to be felt so widely a small program dependence political parties been officially banned in hong kong in a move raising new questions about the territory status and its freedom of speech the government accuses the group of threatening national security as sarah clarke now let's. he's the leader of hong kong's national party it's a small group promoting independence from china but the government has deemed it a threat to national security the party is now banned in hong kong. what the agenda
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of the hump on the national party. aims to is. in contravention to the basic law the fungal national party or. spreads hatred and discrimination against maine and. the police made the initial recommendation the government agreed but the party later says he doesn't advocate violence and made this statement at the city's foreign correspondents club in august due to the nature of how the chinese propaganda machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to this single word independence in reality what the national party is chasing now is no different from what many of us wish for the dream of democracy the decision to ban this group is unprecedented in hong kong but is
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considered a strategic move by the government to muzzle the problem independent sentiment as beijing acts on any challenge to its sovereignty the vast majority of hong kong people do not believe that independence is a realistic option but there has been increasing the sentiment against a tiny so far these against intervention in hong kong and naturally hong kong people feel that they are all bad news their lifestyles in fact a phone call is a semi autonomous territory under the so-called one country two systems deal which is part of the official handover from great britain to china more than two decades ago that means hong kong enjoys freedoms unsane on the mainland including freedom of speech but that space for political dissent is shrinking. pro independence activist and he chaired was prohibited from standing for election six democratically elected pro-democracy politicians were disqualified from the city's
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parliament the national party plans to hold a public protest on tuesday but the government says any member of the group will be fined up to twelve thousand dollars or face up to three years in jail if they speak out sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. amnesty international is demanding china reveal the fate of an estimated one million muslims swept up in a massive government crackdown. the human rights group says hundreds of thousands of families have been torn apart by china's actions and called on governments around the world to hold the country to account because it is the east asia director for amnesty international. we have pretty sure that we have up to a million people who are not currently will simply enter into normal range. is based on facial document where local officials report the percentage of. ethnic groups that they have put through these camps for the photos of rewiring the
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political thinking in raising their islamic belief and reshaping their identity so this is a au-prince identity crisis even for a region that as long. as i'm the chinese ruled and it has become a open air prison for this minorities will still make the majority of this region well this self identify as being members of ethnic minorities in china john i recognize it is fifty six ethnic minorities among band that we were as in the kazakhs in xinjiang and just by virtue of being a member of this group the chinese government considers them suspects it inactive regulations called regulations against extremely fic asian in two thousand and seventeen where you can be a target for already cation simply for wearing
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a beard of the law of the roman lands wearing a hit job talking to about religion to your children praying five. a day. fasting during the ramadan and this is also considered to be a suspect behavior and a sign of religious extremism people affected by heavy rain in the philippines when the government to end quarrying off to two major landslides in the last week the latest one killed at least forty five people is to me the undocking reports locals say their warnings about a nearby quarry were ignored. this is a call a scene that has been turned into an evacuation center one of the many here in the town of nagar in cebu province just here alone there are close to two thousand people who are staying here temporarily they come from identify danger zones in the
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area where the quarrying operation and the landslide actually happened we've spoken to social workers here who say there is so far no shortage of food medicine and basically basic emergency needs but they are encouraging those others who have relatives who should go back basically to their communities to the homes of the relatives because we are clearly despite this having the very basic like a battle a tree this is not ideal for women for children and specially the old. volunteers have been working nonstop trying to ensure that what they need here is available outside aid continues to pour in there are sacks of clothing of medicine that are ready for those who need it president of the good of their day was here a few days ago and he spoke to evacuees all its press their desire for the government to close coring operations in magen now the president ordered
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a temporary halt of operations but that is only for fifteen days and residents say that is simply not enough because many of them who longer have homes to return to they say and for those who are returning the fear for the instability of their livelihood they would like you quote closure of quarrying operations because they fear that this will be the last tragedy to happen to their community. britain's prime minister to resign may's held her first cabinet meeting since e.u. leaders rejected her brags that planted a summit in salzburg may was expected to come under intense pressure from pro brags that m.p.'s to ditch a plan and accept a free trade deal the stalemate is prompting the opposition labor party to push for a second referendum labor is meeting in liverpool at the moment to decide its stand in their. well the new labor text on its bricks it starts came after five hours of difficult talks on sunday chaired by kids star of the party's shadow
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bricks it negotiate her and many and she breaks it campaign is here sounded extremely happy afterwards because they said that the woody had basically taken away the option of the party pushing for a people's vote on any british deal and now it simply says that if there is no general election then the party keeps open all of its options including campaigning for a people's vote a people's vote possibly meaning either accept the deal which the government has come back from brussels with or the status quo remaining in the european union that's what the anti brics account here want and in the last few hours kids starmer has said that that option has not has clearly not been ruled out but the shadow chancellor john mcdonald has hinted very strongly in an interview that the people's votes would simply be on the deal and it would not be about whether or not britain should stay in the european union one of his big union allies len mccluskey head of
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unite the union says that the a re running as he sees it of the twenty sixteen referendum would be seen by many labor voters as undemocratic and damage the party some opinion polls suggest that in fact moving towards that anti bricks and stones would pick up hundreds of thousands of votes around the country that the debate here is still going on the party gets to vote for it at conference on choose day but clearly the leadership favorite outcome in the next few weeks or months is a general election where they will say how they plan to take the country out of the european union with the least damage to the economy and to workers' rights that's not good enough for some people here but it's all very very much up to play for at the moment. let's run into the headlines now on al-jazeera u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton has called russia's plan to send a missile system to syria a significant escalation and he wants russia to reconsider the new s. three hundred anti-aircraft system is being given to the syrian military but russia says it's about protecting its own planes that's just days after one of its planes was shot down by inaccurate syrian anti-aircraft fire u.s. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is expected to go to a meeting at the white house on thursday according to a white house spokeswoman there had been reports in the u.s. that he could be about to lose his job is the one overseeing the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen election the president of the multis has conceded defeat in sunday's presidential election provision provisional results show he won fifty eight percent of the vote you mean appeared on national t.v. to acknowledge he lost the rights to his only rival the opposition leader ibrahim mohammad sali hong kong has banned
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a pro independence political party accusing it of being a threat to national security the unprecedented move means anyone who runs or supports the hong kong national party can be fined or jailed the government evoked a colonial era law that was previously used to target organized crime and fighting between rival armed groups in libya's capital is now forced more than five thousand families to flee their homes the international organization for migration says the numbers leaving have increased hugely in the last three days battles for control of the area near tripoli's airport erupted late last month more than one hundred people have been killed and nearly six hundred injured since it began many of them are civilians hit by stray artillery fire a un brokered cease fire agreed three weeks ago has been regularly breached. i'm britain's prime minister tourism is held her first cabinet meeting since a youth leaders rejected a briggs at planet earth summit in salzburg may was expected to come under intense pressure from pro breaks that it pays to ditch plans and accept a free trade deal the stalemate is prompting the opposition labor party to push for
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a second referendum they are holding their annual party conference in liverpool at the moment that is a look at your headlines here on al-jazeera way up back with more after inside story with elizabeth purana. russia again blames israel for its role in the recent downing of its jet in syria it's a new low in a relationship that's in due order and even private despite appointing agendas on multiple fronts so will moscow curb israel's actions in several this is a story. hello
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and welcome to the program on the parana russia is the main ally of syrian president bashar assad who israel has repeatedly targeted russia sells alms to iran and supports the nuclear deal with watch israel has the sit for asli lobbied against russia and israel had steered clear of confronting each other that changed last monday when syrian government forces mistook a russian reconnaissance plane for an israeli jet and shut down killing all fifteen people on board the russian defense ministry says israeli fighter jets deliberately used the russian plane as cover and get to our guests in a moment but first here's more of what the spokesman had to say. i would like to emphasize the fact that the israeli jets sold the russian i had twenty and used it as a shield against the anti-aircraft missiles while they carried on maneuvering in the
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region and then misleading information provided by these radio about the aerial strikes did not allow the russian i and twenty aircraft to move timely to a safe area that's present to the objective data testify that the actions of israeli fighter pilots which led to the loss of life of fifteen russian servicemen by the luck professionalism or quell an act of criminal negligence to say the least . well the israeli military insists that it's not to blame saying it did not hide behind any aircraft russia is calling israel's actions an extremely on. great for response to the operational deals that the two sides have struck and servia and now moscow is supplying syria with its sophisticated s three hundred anti aircraft missile system which it had held back for many years let's take a closer look now at the relations between russia and israel moscow reportedly struck a deal with israel and the sea a keeping iranian and lebanese hezbollah fighters away from the israeli occupied
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golan heights and it's allowed dozens of israeli airstrikes inside syria despite having a base there with radars and surface to air missiles that could intercept is strikes military coordination has come with a warm relationship between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and russian leader vladimir putin and israel has stayed away from western sanctions on russia. well it's introduce i guess now joining us from moscow the samuel romani a specialist on russia and middle east relations and a contribution at the russian international affairs council think tank in moscow that is hooshang haas and yachtie a professor of military and international relations at salon caboose university and in tel aviv is a sophomore now the journalist at its newspaper and its former world news editor a very warm welcome to all of you in this to ramani let me start with you in moscow the strongest condemnation so far from the russian defense ministry how serious an
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impact do you think this incident has had all new russia israel relations. i think the has had quite a serious impact on russia's relations because ever since the september twenty fifth scene there's been an informal agreement between the russians and the israelis and the israelis do not violate the convictions own exchange for the russians working on lobbying with their allies iran and hezbollah to ensure that no what tack isn't made in israel from russia's position they believe that they have upheld the bargain but they believe that israel has not and this breach of trust has created quite a significant rift ritually within the russian defense ministry according to my contacts in the ministry and mr right now the two accounts the two countries accounts just don't add up israel does not agree at all with the russian defense ministry statement what's going on here. they think that they're first of all it
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both countries all the known full they're not always sticking to their actual to us especially when the goal is to a military actions but in this case it's just as most of if not all are exposed in israel and military experts there is little village and seems no liable to these lately had and no interest in their provoke i think their actions too and of causing any home to the russians because they know that lying on the russians to continue the fleet and in the syrian air space. so it seems that the situation is a bit more complex i think i think in my perspective that the russians are using this incident first of all to blame from themselves and from the allies. of the russian experts that are sitting in side they sit in their defense. potus and they are helping them so maybe that was even the russian involvement in
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shooting the me serves a so that if trying to divert blame for the death of their soldiers and also the situation in syria is changing no they also does the. regime is almost secured and secure with the new consoles almost all of their. own of syria and the russians are now trying to change the playground the redefined the rules of engagement in syrian airspace which into the past six years these ladies have been doing all they wanted ended in a space of talking any target that they wanted least according to the post of hundreds of airstrikes and now the russians are trying to find those and saying that these letters cannot act as freely as the did in the past and this incident than they were to change the situation. is that what's going on here and russia is using this i'm fortunate incident to change the rules of engagement in serbia as the war comes to an end. that might be the case but i believe.
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there's a relationship between russia and israel they're very very very red as the markets mentioned in the past many many years russians almost that turned their head the other raid that the israelis to take care of the danny and forces and the his border as they wanted to i think the mistake for these raids if they must go is very and he's correct these mistakes by the israelis know to coordinate better read the russians is going to cost the israelis deity we should not forget that in the past a few months needs rabies contacted so many attacks on the union forces in syria here's what eyes would be down to any kind of intervention by the russians actually . i believe that russians open the door for do for the israelis to do that well
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that might be truly. and that much that goal might be about to close because just today we had the russian defense ministry announcing that they are going to now the russian government announcing that they are now going to supply the syrian government with these. anti missile defense systems that they previously had and mr ramani is this to keep russian plane safe or to curtail israel's freedom of movement and syria. i think that the two prong message firstly it is to keep the russian jets safe because they've argued that the s two hundred is radius and zone of influences inadequate and the s three hundred can extend to two hundred fifty kilometers which would give them a greater degree of security but i also think that this is a warning shot that's being fired at israel much like the way russia did not react very strongly to the americans allegedly killing three hundred russian mercenaries a few months back russia's basically trying to warn israel that if there is another violation of the convictions and they will be serious consequences and making an
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unprecedented step by delivering equipment that would only been used by the russian military to another forest and one of israel's arch enemies bashar al assad is a very clear way of making that warning shot mr now how do you think israel is going to respond now to these anti missile defense systems being deployed to syria israel's former military intelligence chief thomas yadlin has said that he assumes that the if falls will destroy the s three hundred if it's hand handed over to syria what do you make of that. i think that the situation in syria has become more compact complicated for these earlier false previous declinations and reports from the inside the israeli army indicate that israelis believe they can all come on the s three hundred if it is deployed in syria and still achieve their goals might be most complicated it might be but they will achieve their goals a line in the past to clarify that every. defense system that is attacking its jets
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will be attacked and as it happened in the past and so the possibility i'm not sure that it would be a preemptive attack but if those systems would be activated against israeli jets it is very likely that they the israeli jets will attack them into the town and destroy them which is also which my faith even i'm more complicated situation because last time the russians discussed this applying this to syria they also want anyone from planning to attack those systems so there is a very the chances for. further complications is going going and the situation is getting even mobile a. lot of all these are there for the i don't think that these ladies will let go of the achieving their goals which is according to these latest statements and polls and everything to limit the iranian president's military presence in syria and the transport of advanced weapons from
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iran to poison in militias in syria and to the hizbollah and have been a mistake so given that you know so israel is going to continue with this operations russia now could be trying to i mean is it going to try and limit israel's operations or engage with it more you know engage in more diplomatic coordination and syria how is it going to use this incident as leverage. i think the incident could be viewed here thirty point in this situation in syria but also what israelis can do and if you share should recall also what the movie what the. minister of defense in the in moscow said that they are going to integrate a defensive. system be the syrians and it means that. the
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russians soldiers. we'll be syrians operating as three hundred and that make it extremely difficult really for these raiders to attack such a system knowing that the russians are going to be implicated. so all of that to say. in the absence of any kind of russian agreement to let these readies do basically what they want to do you are going to see a situation much much more complicated than before and that is going to serve obvious needy danny interest in syria this year in government and his well known and consequently really limited i believe the margin for the israelis to men who are as they used to the israelis do have some considerable leverage with the russians mr rabbani how much action you know can russia take against israel given things like we had from israeli minister. earlier this year who was very quick to remind russia
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that. you know israel didn't join and western sanctions against russia for its actions in crimea it didn't kick russian ambassadors and diplomats out of its country like a lot of other countries did following the poisoning of the former russian spy in england. i think israel has many points of leverage that are suresh are first of all and most the most proximate is that israel can launch another set of airstrikes against military defenses or against iranian military defenses in selden syria could kill many or any revolutionary guard members who are vital for russia's military campaign may tenth that's the most proximate example in other ways is it resolves important to russia because it's a major trade partner in the middle east is also very important partner for russia's broader collective security goal russia wants to be involved ideally gaging in dialogue i want a few major conflicts israel iran iran and saudi arabia and trying to leverage
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a strong relations with all these powers if the relationship between israel and russia were to be breached is broader diplomatic goals for a long term foothold in the middle east should be greatly diminished so i think that means to me a good relationship with israel is paramount and that ultimately russia will probably try to warn and gradually chastise israel rather than cut off relations or escalate or drastically it doesn't want retaliation from jerusalem but will russia mr rabbani continue to you know turn the other way as it has been so far in this conflict it doesn't sound from like it's going to at all from what other guests the same i think that the russian defense ministry certainly will be a lot more aggressive towards israel for a period of time and russia could retaliate by potentially not supporting israel on un resolutions about the settlements it could retaliate by more directly providing military assistance and that could be threatening and quite scary for israel i think in the very long term if you're looking past a few months i think ultimately will be some kind of
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a normalization and some kind of a consensus will be reached regarding to him flexion and this kind of crisis while simply simmer down with a warning that if israel violates the convictions on again the consequences will be much more severe lesser but now what do you make of that is this just you know a minor cop in the historic relationship between these two countries. a thing that first of all of the relations of bigger than a syria and they think that as it's been said. israel has ability to help syrian interests in the region and around the world and i think also it's also minding that the unions and the russians are fighting the same side in syria but the interests are not always the same a way that even a competition between in iran and russia about the presidents and their influence over the syrian regime over the last allusion. to the world is over right now and once the world is over and i'm not sure that putting in the russian military was
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very unpleasant with the fact that these ladies were talking iranian targets in syria thoughtless bust six years because in a way as long as they didn't have the direct military effort of desolate gene regime it helped it might have helped their russian interest in limiting the union presence in syria which you can claim that the russians are not completely happy with it because they want to be their good money force donating money force in studio at least the most important force in syria and limiting iranian presence there via israeli air strikes was it could have been seen as useful and i'm not sure this equation changed so much i think that still there is a struggle between new russia and iran about who controlled syria and so it was over and i think that the russians would want to might want to continue using these lowliest place as they do in this struggle mr half and you know what do you make of that is russia using israeli air strikes as a tool in the conflict and also how long do you think will the syrian government
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continue to also essentially allow israel to carry out attacks on its allies on hebron on hezbollah targets on its territory. did is no doubt that ronnie's very very upset about what russians are doing. in syria i mean also their day to. date complacency toward these radio times for example. you damn hands are in syria because syria is for them it's strategy. that they want to be there they need c.d.o. you order to reach their lebanon hezbollah the border with israel the event hands are not going to be pushed out very easy but what the russian president said in the past there few months that all foreign forces should believe. was received
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a very negativity in tehran so. this is why i believe it was a from day one it was a big mistake by tehran for it to put all its eggs in the. in the russian side of the equation and consequently now they have to they have to reject it but what is important and if we make a connection between the recent incident and the past many years of nuthin negotiations russia has always used the danny and core to put pressure on the u.s. on europeans and get concessions from there and i believe they are going to do the same thousand ships on one hand the game is because of their isolation they need russia russian backing russian arms more than before and on the other hand they cannot completely go the way that the
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russians do not aggravate this so this is why didn't his our cornet and the russians are using this situation in order to consider a date. presence and their domination of indonesian and so i believe to be done american and retreat to be did russians cause. if you're going to see a configuration of the the jewish refugee him out of of the very very russians are going to be did not mean and then the orders to the other states are going to be used by russians wherever the russians interest the state so mr ramani i mean that sounds like it's good news from russia which have a way you look at it you know it can balance all these different interests with iran with syria with israel because of the power that it has right now
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has hersh has given itself a position of indispensability and it will remain an enduring to the doctrine of having no problems with their neighbors basically a perfect application of that doctor by working with both israel and iran as also important to keep in mind that at the helsinki summit putin acknowledged behind the scenes that he has really no leverage over iranian presences of in syria so there are a lot of disagreements between iran and russia over syria and other crises too like yemen and afghanistan i could make that relationship considerably weaker along with the economic competition over natural gas i think that is important even mine that russia will probably head in the middle east balance or to deescalate with israel eventually he built that relationship with iran rather than picking sides because hedging is the best tragedy for its overall geopolitical agenda was to rebel what do you make of that is russia going to be able to balance all of these often opposing entrusts. i think that the chances for.
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fellow complications of great deal than they used to be on the one hand but i think that there is no other the super bowl that would be able to stop a shit from doing whatever it wants to build them a council in almost insignificant in syria and the only and it'll be about the destroying what's left of the new field even if we're talking about. a middle east policy there isn't much left more than that and i think that there is. going chances for further complications. technical level and there but they beg me that they are long gone the russians will continue balancing will continue balancing their different interests of the different both that they'll be doing within the middle east for their own gains and but still the question is whether they would allow enhanced to a continuing punching game militarily in syria against these later wishes and what
2:43 am
we did and will they allow the iranians to do it under the new a limitations that they were to apply on these early activity and syrian air space and how would a zoladex because i don't think that these ladies we did let go of the interest of stopping iran in presence and syria a if the russians were to lead accommodate that which is not unlikely then the situation will continue in this balance but it is a fudge about and the russians were left to continue flying very sophisticated diplomatic and then educate means to keep it and short of it and mr hasan yeah you know as russia continues to gain who else gains in the situation. in this situation i believe. that the new friends of israel in the region they are going to be have some more some difficulties really to do whatever they want to go
2:44 am
into positioning themselves in the region for example so the area under a person want to be to be joshua was seen very negatively by iran if the confrontation between who or if peace that dispute with the israelis gets out of hand and russians pushy that try to push the israelis somehow to corner them then death would also create some confidence situation for for syria so i believed it. did those who gain from the east this situation in the region there are not too too many obviously assad is not a very popular president that among the arabs in the region many of them they don't want to see a set in power but also they don't want to see you know any terry frieden seen in syria in the arab if they kept the times out of that phase as they call it and consequently. the situation would be quite different this is why i'm talking about
2:45 am
the reconfiguration of the of the region in this new region russia is going to have off air month for how long we don't know unless down americans they get back and then they try to play dangerously historical and tradition order to roll less the house and yard thank you very much for that unfortunately we have got out of times i'd like to thank all of our guests samuel romani and moscow. in muscat and for now and kind of a if and thank you too for watching he can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation.
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when they're on line for humanity has been taken out of this goes it's been told you about the numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on assange i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue and i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice mistress and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell join the global conversation on how to zero. out certain
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coverage the same. feelings watching i think on the points see africa as it is. the. same way we take our time getting to know the people we meet a fellow just would think envoy hit the road if they do you see in the crossfire as i was. reading about telling stories ultimately it's not just about al jazeera it's about the people who tell the stories about. this is al-jazeera. television from doha everyone on come on santa maria and this is the news hour from
2:49 am
al-jazeera the. u.s. and israel condemning moscow's decision to give syria an advanced weapons system just a week after the downing of a russian plane also ahead the u.s. deputy attorney general rosenstein will meet president don't trump on thursday amid questions over the future of the man overseeing the moller inquiry the world gathers in new york syria yemen iran all high on the agenda as the u.n. general assembly convenes while in the gaza strip there. on strike the un relief agency staff protest over the cuts in u.s. funding. so the u.s. has warned russia or it's making a major mistake by deploying new advanced missiles to syria the kremlin is sending an s. three hundred missile defense system to its ally a week after one of its own russian planes was shot down by in accurate syrian anti-aircraft fire moscow blames israel for the incident the u.s.
2:50 am
national security advisor john bolton says the missile sale would be a significant escalation and he is encouraging russia to reconsider rory chalons with more now from moscow. russia's s. three hundred the air defense system that's russia has held off from supplying to the syrian military until now. within two weeks a modern surface to air missile system the s three hundred will be handed over it's capable of intercepting air assault weapons on a range of more than two hundred fifty kilometers and at the same time can hit multiple aerial targets having an advanced facility and high fire rate the system will strengthen syrian air defense combat capabilities significantly defense minister sure you gave little doubt why the russians have changed their position but you're going there digital has them going to let me make a point at the request of the israeli side and twenty thirteen we halted delivery
2:51 am
of the s three hundred which was ready to be shipped to syria while syrian service personnel were given appropriate training today the situation has changed not by our fault the defense ministry holds israel responsible for the deaths of fifteen military personnel a week ago their reconnaissance plane was misidentified and mistakenly shot down by syrian air defense admits the confusion of his radio strikes and israeli military. delegation sent to moscow last thursday failed to convince the russians it wasn't their fault. but interesting aspect of this rift is the way the ministry of defense approach differs from that taken by the kremlin the m.o.d.e. has kept pushing the view that israel is culpable but. had his spokesperson have been soft pedaling saying it was just an unfortunate accident and that the s. three hundred decision is not a that israel. israel has previously been able to count on russia turning
2:52 am
a blind eye to its airstrikes inside syria of which there have been some two hundred in recent years but if damascus really does get its hands on s three hundreds the israeli military will have to rethink its tactics is the first time in the history of the conflict that we see the syrian defense is equipped with a mother in. missiles that can deprive the israeli air force of from their freedom of movement and the syrian air space part is not just the israelis who will be affected by the move u.s. national security adviser john bolton has called it a major mistake any other country operating in the region will now have to realize that syrian airspace isn't theirs to use it will rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. you know the outside government's long wanted to get its hands on the s three
2:53 am
hundred missiles system but russia has held off selling it in recent years because of israeli pressure and soviet designed system can be spread across hundreds of kilometers radar and warheads based on flatbread flat bed vehicles that can be used to defend against aircraft and missile attacks and find at targets on the ground iran and china actually got versions of the s three hundred as does greece on the other side of the mediterranean from syria is considered powerful yes but not unbreachable in recent years some western powers have developed technology which it's believed could successfully evade three hundred detection. well the decision's been provoking reaction at the united nations general assembly as that gathers in new york so let's start there diplomatic editor james bays hello to you james take us through this reaction from the united states so far. well strong reaction from the united states saying this was a major mistake by russia and the significant escalation of the situation in the
2:54 am
syria the u.s. is clearly worried about its own jets that patrol syria remember it's not just the u.s. but other of its allies of involved in the operation against eisel and there are other u.s. allies doing other things in in the syrian air space including the israelis who've decided whenever they feel the iranians are up to something in syria they're not happy about or for that matter the syrian government they have used their jets and there's turkey in the northern parts of syrian airspace that has been operating too so it's already always been a difficult and dangerous environment in the air above syria this really changes things i think they're worried about the sophistication of this missile system they're also frankly worried about the competence of the syrians in using it and the fact that they think the syrians are not like the russians they probably won't show any restraint once they have this missile defense system on board
2:55 am
expect this to come up i suspect in the coming days and feed into the discussions between the friends of iran and those that are against iran because of course syria is a place where iran has troops on the ground a close ally of the syrian government and of course there are other close is russia yes so if it's all tied together like that then anything can be discussed i guess as far as general assembly goes but syria itself the war itself i mean do you think that is on the agenda as such or is that whole process left elsewhere at the moment . there are some meetings as one big meeting which is being chaired by the e.u. on syria but i think warnings about what might happen if there was an escalation in it live but beyond that also discussions about next phase about reconstruction about the return of refugees i've certainly spoken to the top u.n. official in charge of refugees the u.n. high commissioner for refugees and he's saying the time is not right for the
2:56 am
majority of refugees to return at this stage in terms of the political next steps they won't be here the u.n. is saying they will take place in geneva they're hoping they'd been hoping this for seven months now but they're hoping that the first meeting of a new committee that should come up with a new constitution for syria james bases at the u.n. in new york thank you and from there we go to london with us professor of international relations at regents university to discuss this a bit more short story here yossi syria is getting its hands on some pretty powerful weapons ones which it hasn't had before much does this change the dynamic between syria russia iran israel all these players in the region. well they've the i think you know when you look at syria you see the main plots and there are some some plots here and i think for wash eyes for the acid losing the main plot these two in two in the war when the main issue by now is what happens in
2:57 am
italy been the way to look at syria beyond it but in the meantime though the subplots the relation between turkey and and of the shi'a in syria is. so you know one of these conflicting interests now for israel and not only fully is it also the other forces that are operating there quite a few of them it complicate thing because the three hundred is mo is a more sophisticated it will require also a response from the air force is the author of the views of the electronic warfare but the main interests remain the same just not that into this that iran would feel that comfortable in syria and is a listen to is not interested in right now actually there was a tacit agreement by asha for result to operate against against doing in target they were up on fully two hundred such attacks in the last two wheels killing only
2:58 am
recently have two hundred forty million civilians the un the russians on the one hand will upgrade the system but they are not that interested in is an open rated against as far as russia goes how do you actually make of the move it's decided outwardly the kremlin says all this is just to protect our planes look at what happened last week i mean clearly it's more than that. i think this was a bit hasty it's obvious in the last few days there are differences between what putin said in the defense ministry that it's always the defense ministry was going to be how chilling the sleeve spawns blaming israel directly even in the report today and it seems that putin today actually to come down the situation but this would be interesting to see what kind of. falls between between different agencies in russia about how to respond to the one thing was obvious from the beginning could not
2:59 am
couldn't respond to this this is this is a major. loss to them and it's also probably a fiasco by the syrian air defenses then we have these it is not making this any easier for them the way they operate in very very can just space and it's actually was an accident waiting to happen the minute that it happened and directly through that it happened it's required the russian response whether they want to hand to the syrians is three hundred i'm not so sure this will help actually the russian cause. you'll see mccook from regions university in london pleasure talking to you thank you move into other news the u.s. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is to meet president donald trump at the white house on thursday media reports are already suggesting his job is on the line he is a key figure in washington he is the man who appointed the special counsel robert muller to investigate alleged russian interference in the twenty six election some
3:00 am
media reports in the u.s. over the past couple of hours suggest he could be about to lose his job we're going to get an update from kimberly halkett who's at the white house i don't know how many times i say this you can leave or wait but if you got any more clarity at this point because it's all back and forth isn't it. that's right the reason that there was an awful lot of media speculation that the deputy attorney general was about to lose his job is because he was spotted here at the white house meeting with the man who typically helps fire people that is the chief of staff john kelly so we do know that the deputy attorney general was here and the reason a lot of people are speculating that he may be losing his job or resigning is because the president suggested as much rather a bleakly in a speech before supporters from friday evening when he said that he felt that there was a lingering stench and he needed to get rid of that too will donald trump has not been very happy with the deputy attorney general particularly following media
3:01 am
reports that he was secretly trying to record the president to expose some of what he perceived to be chaos in the white house even potentially working with other cabinet members to invoke the twenty fifth amendment which.


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