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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 267  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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many british victims have campaigned for years for this inquiry they want justice to leave. london fighting between rival armed groups in libya's capital is now forced more than five thousand families to flee their homes the international organization for migration says the numbers leaving have increased hugely in the last three days a battle for control of the area near liberate. tripoli's airport erupted late last month more than one hundred people have been killed in the six hundred injured since it began many of them civilians hit by stray artillery or un brokered cease fire was agreed three weeks ago but it's been regularly breached well a famine resulting in a huge loss of life could strike at any time in yemen that is coming from the united nations humanitarian chief who says by the time a famine is confirmed it'll be too late to stop it food prices have soared in the battle over the country's keep order of the day there is stopped aid agencies from
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reaching at least eight million people so far this year we're going back to new york now here is james bays our diplomatic editor with more on this. warning this kemal about what might happen in yemen already of very very bad situation in that country let's talk now to leave who is the humanitarian coordinator for the un in yemen your previous job was humanitarian coordinator in iraq you saw the destruction by. the damage when they were removed from those areas it's amazing really in this world that there is somewhere to challenge the catastrophe in iraq and that's where you'll now posted in yemen how bad is it the united nations considers the humanitarian crisis in yemen to be the worst in the world that's because three quarters of all civilians in that country require some form of humanitarian assistance and protection in order to survive there is no
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other country in the world where a higher percentage of the population needs help that's why we call it the worst crisis is it getting better in any way no in fact it's getting worse we've just had a very special meeting a side event on a man and we've talked about how much worse it's getting right now there are eight and a half million civilians who are hungry they don't know when they wake up in the morning where they will get their next meal we estimate that if the parties to the conflict do not agree on a way to end this war by the end of twenty eighteen another ten million name in these will be in exactly that same situation all of the trends are going the wrong way and that's why a political solution needs to be found and found now and there was one you when you just spoke inside there was one statistic the really stuck with me and it was about children that's right we estimate that a child in
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a man is dying every ten minutes for war related causes ten thousand children have died in name and in the city of data which. under military attack right now twenty five percent of all of the children in that city are malnourished we're desperately worried about conditions in yemen and that's why it's so important during this general assembly that the world wake up that we understand what's happening there and we also understand that humanitarians can help to reduce suffering but we can't solve the problem politicians are the ones who can do that you mention who data the port and the city this is been a concern for some time but it looks like military operations are escalating what could happen and could the u.n. cope the port remains open now in humanitarians are able to get in and out of the city and to continue to provide assistance the world food program just this past
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week has done a blanket food distribution throughout the city we have hundreds of humanitarian workers that are in who data government were staying in delivery programs including cholera programs and protection programs and we're providing shelter and emergency cash transfers and food we're doing everything we can to help ensure that the civilians who are in that city receive the aid that they need but we are desperately worried about what could happen in the data if that port closes even for just a few hours that means that assistance can't leave the city and get to the people who need it there are so many civilians who are choir that aid that's why everything has to be done to keep the port open ground the humanitarian coordinator for the united nations in yemen now very temporarily in new york thank you very much for talking to us here on al-jazeera a very grim situation in that country one that will be mentioned here at the united nations you'll hear lots of people talking about it meetings behind the scenes as
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well beating i think organized by the u.k. among those that if we do scratching yemen what is it going to be on the agenda when. didn't speak i'm afraid i don't know what. we will be watching carefully along with you at the u.n. thank you still ahead on the. assailant stranded in the middle of the indian ocean is finally that and more to come.
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bar is here to talk sport the what are they the best or the best of or fee for handing out the best awards in london and for once leno massy isn't in the running for the top prize what are these awards and should we care about that it's only the third year the event in two thousand and sixteen football's governing body broke away from his association with a more historic ballon d'or awards which were organized by france footballer magazine the individual player and coach awards are voted for by a selection of journalists national coaches team captains and the public shortlisted for the men's prize this year are christina rinaldo like a moderate and mohamed salah let's talk now to our sports correspondent leigh welling's leigh we've seen in the past these events are usually dominated by were naldo or massey or both is that going to change do you think. well for about a decade whichever they'll build whether it's the faith or best of all to form
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a faithful wall the bylong door it was won by one of. a christian without a great rivalry one of the all time great footballing rivalries but leno messing up being nominated musicals that can't happen and he's not the award ceremony in no other ways christiane or without doubt who ask commitments with. now eventis but will we're now darwin did he suspect that he wouldn't luka module which is the fire in a way it's quite refreshing to see this thirty three year old croatian. really the individual skills of best human out or incredible but more churches such it's a man he makes croatia to want to change was for croatia to reach the world cup father when he was right at the heart of that and i think if he does manage to win this i use the five where it would be very popular most sollie you would feel deserves to be involved deserves to be that incredible club for liverpool he's well . maintained he enjoyed going and playing in the world cup for ajax it was pretty
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much ruined by the injury sustained beforehand ok do players and the public care about these words do you think. that's starting to turn on social media there's been a lot of take up on this throughout the day i think that now people like talking about which football that they prefer who they feel should win these awards that doesn't mean to say the ballon d'or because the ballon d'or has that history originally for european football is just called the european football of the year actually over time it's become so prestigious and i do think that that is the one that still stands out maybe as the fee for awards properly there will be a time where they do become the biggest voting for but i don't think we're quite where you stand yet ok we'll see about that the wellings reporting live from london will get a lot more from lee coming up later on thank you tiger woods has won his first golf
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tournament in five years that something that even he himself doubted would ever happen again the two shot win at the season ending tour championship proving that out not only the forty two year old is back but so too is tiger mania paul that of words reports. only tiger woods can create scenes like this on a golf course he required a security escort just to make it to the final green in atlanta as he closed in on his first tour title in five years less than a year ago he was ranked outside the world's top one thousand as he recovered from spinal fusion surgery. now he was tapping into when the season ending tour championship eightieth title of his p.g.a. tour career and a victory that caps one of sport's most unlikely comebacks certainly up there with . all the major temperatures from one player's world of championships.
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but this is under. different circumstances. i've explained throughout the year that i just don't know whether you know when this would ever happen again or. i could somehow piece together a gossiping on this year and if i could do it there have been two hundred thirty nine p.g.a. tour events since tiger's last victory in aug twenty third tain back then he was still the world number one before his surgeries there were times when he was unable to move from the challenge he was left questioning if he could ever return to the game little lone big competitive. probably the low point was not knowing a metaphor or. be able to live pain free again. am i going to will sit stand walk and just bill to play golf again and enjoy being with my kids and living that life and then long ball i'm able to to do this and.
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you know what off term. time is now just two wins away from sam snead old time p.g.a. tour record of eighty two victories. is big close a few times acting now that he's gotten over the hook you may see more of the old tiger that we've all been waiting for the last couple of years. the two show one a huge moment for not only tiger but as the crowds proved for the game itself will also undoubtedly mean a lot to organizers of the game's biggest team event the ryder cup which starts in france on friday november with al-jazeera. team europe had been their world bibles and tennis as laver caught germany's alexander said rather beating south african kevin anderson who was europe retain the trophy for teens it's only the second time the trophy has been played for but the three day competition now looks to have established itself as an annual fixture switzerland will host next year's
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edition. my heat starting to wane ways says walking away from basketball's top league will be very difficult the three time n.b.a. champion outs to earlier this month but this his sixteenth season will be his last . i could seem to say i'm going to be very all caught on with this whole thing i'm going to be very uncomfortable with the farewell tour is not something that i want it i think people around me know are really really really didn't want us. so i just look at this is me just saying go by you know more so than anything but. you know come through with it. an injured sailors stranded in the southern indian ocean since friday has finally been rescued indian yachtsman i'll be lashed tommy was taking part in a solo round the world contest called the golden globe raising badly injured his back in a storm severely damaged his boat the australian maritime safety authority had been
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running the rescue operation and on monday a friendship found him he was taken to a nearby island for medical treatment and is in stable condition. all much more coming up later but for now i'll have to back to come out of labor thank you for that and that is the news hour from the team here in doha thank you for joining us lord terrorism but just a few moments time with your latest headlines right here in just. whether online for humanity has been taken out of its goals as it were told you
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about the number on a spreadsheet or if you join us on the sat i guarantee no one apple has a back story like yours this is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice resurfacing that's your comments here questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell join the global conversation on how to zero. discover the stories you didn't know about. be a witness to life changing scenes. noticed the changes that affect all of us. experience our world and be a part of it. refocus al-jazeera balkans international documentary film festival saturday from twenty first to twenty fifth september. when i think of my life should i think of potential when i think of what
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a shot i think or what but it's not that i think of young people need to do to get to be on some food that they come to. tell me it's impossible i think all the challenge. is much older than one hundred objects. and this is my chair. my my geria on al-jazeera. rush agrees to provide syria's government forces with a sophisticated air defense system the u.s. calls the decision a significant escalation and urges moscow to reconsider. the
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intent of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. president chairs a meeting on the global drug problem as world leaders gather in new york for the u.n. general assembly. so getting a change of direction for the maldives that the president concedes defeat after a tumultuous ten years for the new democracy. and a public inquiry opens in the u.k. into the infection nearly fifty years ago thousands of people with blood samples containing hiv and hepatitis c. . and only u.s. has warned russia but it's causing a significant escalation by deploying new advanced missiles to syria a tremendous sending it s. three hundred missile defense system to president bashar al assad
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a week after one of its planes was shot down inaccurate syrian anti-aircraft fire u.s. national security adviser john bolton is encouraged moscow to reconsider the sale on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says russia's move risks increasing dangers in the region where a challenge has more from moscow. russia's s. three hundred the air defense system that's russia has held off from supply lines of the syrian military until now. would it be that within two weeks some sort of the ceramic system the as three hundred. will be handed over it's capable of intercepting air assault weapons on a range of more than two hundred fifty kilometers and at the same time can hit multiple aerial targets having an advanced facility and high fire rate the system will strengthen syrian air defense combat capabilities significantly defense minister sure you gave a little down to why the russians have changed their position but you're cool it is
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you that has them going to let me make a point at the request of the israeli side and twenty thirteen we halted delivery of the s three hundred which was ready to be shipped to syria while syrian service personnel were given appropriate training today the situation has changed not by our fault the defense ministry holds israel responsible for the deaths of fifteen military personnel a week ago that reconnaissance plane was misidentified and mistakenly shot down by syrian air defense admits the confusion of his radio strikes and israeli military delegation sent to moscow last thursday failed to convince the russians it wasn't their fault. but interesting aspects of this rift is the way the ministry of defense approach differs from that taken by the kremlin the m.o.d.e. has kept pushing the view that israel is culpable but that he made his spokesperson but soft pedaling saying it was just an unfortunate accident and that the ass three
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hundred decision is not say that israel. israel has previously been able to count on russia turning a blind eye to its airstrikes inside syria of which there have been some two hundred in recent years but if damascus really does get its hands on s three hundreds the israeli military will have to rethink its tactics is the first time in the. history of the conflict that we see the syrian defense is equipped with a mother in. missiles that can. deprive the israeli air force from their freedom of movement and the syrian air space part is not just the israelis who will be affected by the booth u.s. national security adviser john bolton has called it a beige of mistake any other country operating in the region will now have to realize that syrian airspace is theirs to use it will rory chalons al-jazeera
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moscow. while leaders are gathering in new york for a united nations general assembly that's likely to feature iran and north korea high on its agenda u.s. president donald trump has been at the u.n. headquarters chairing a meeting on the global drug trade he set to address the general assembly on tuesday as is the iranian leader hassan rouhani the tension between the two powers is growing following an attack in the iranian city of two days ago diplomatic editor james bays joins us live from the u.n. so big day on iran tomorrow james what do expect to hear from trump and rouhani. well i think you're going to hear a continuing war of words from these two president trump will speak first he's the second speaker here at the u.n. general assembly you remember last year he said he had
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a threat to completely destroy north korea well i think iran is going to be the main country that's in his sights this time. the iranian president also speaking here so getting a response just a couple of hours later to the u.s. president and then things move it's going to go on for forty eight hours i think the the the discussions about iran because then the u.n. security council be holding a meeting on thursday it's general meeting it's not specifically on iran but the u.s. has the current president of the council rotates every month so president trump will be chairing a meeting of presidents prime ministers and foreign ministers he's already made it clear that he wants to use that meeting to call out iran. talking about the prospects for north korea. while it is very interesting to compare these two and compare the rhetoric from president trump
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a year ago to the rhetoric now because he's still being positive in fact he's been speaking a short time ago. meeting president moon of south korea and he's talking positively about another meeting between him and kim happening in the near future suggesting this time it won't be in singapore what will decide if that definitely goes ahead what we think it's not on the schedule yet that there will be a meeting between u.s. secretary of state pompei and the north korean foreign minister ho and the suggestion is that that meeting come at the very end of this week because the north koreans not speaking in the general assembly until saturday and it's interesting that state. reporters are being told the secretary of state might be staying in new york till monday so expect perhaps a weekend meeting and that will determine whether the second deported summit goes ahead james bays at the u.n. thank you very much indeed. yes deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is to meet
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president donald trump at the white house on thursday amid reports his job is on the line reza star has been overseeing the investigation into alleged russian intern interference into the twenty sixteen general election and last week the new york times reported that he'd been looking at ways to secretly record trump to try to remove him from office rosenstein denied to report now his state supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh has hit back at a new allegation of sexual misconduct two women have now come forward with claims kevin a sexually assaulted them and a letterman east on monday kavanah labeled a new accusation that allegedly occurred when he was in college in the one nine hundred eighty s. a grotesque and obvious character assassination cavanagh's president donald trump's second pick to join the nine member high court the president of the movies a delay yemeni has conceded defeat in sunday's election opposition leader abraham
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mohammad soli will be the new president after taking fifty eight percent of the vote in maine have been in charge of the indian ocean island nation for five years but he's been accused of stifling opposition here morgan has more. many had expected this president abdullah yemen to win the election then it was feared that he would not accept the results but hours after early poll results showed that his rival one yemen conceded defeat the heart of deviant people have decided what they want to the results from yesterday. has been in political turmoil under yemen during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials on the eve of the vote opposition leader ibrahim mohammed so hails campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered preliminary results on monday showed that fifty eight point three percent of the votes the electoral commission said voter turnout in the country of four hundred thousand
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people was eighty nine point two percent the u.s. had threatened sanctions if the elections were not free and fair the message is loud and clear the people of the most want change justice and stability in the next five years we will consider that democracy by guaranteeing human rights and ensuring accountability we will establish a peaceful and just so society for all. amounts of official results in seven days but with president conceding what is left now is to see if the hill will keep its election promises and try to reform the country morgan al-jazeera. is the deputy permanent representative in geneva for the maldives he says many challenges still lie ahead. he lost because it's a free and fair election because the people have spoken and they chose the opposition candidate when the president elect won he's won with this fairly large
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coalition of many parties in the maldives the last time m.v.p. came into power in two thousand and eight within three months that coalition for part one of the biggest challenges that the president elect will have is making sure that the coalition stays together that is able to keep his partners happy this very diverse group of people that he's able to create a power sharing arrangement in a presidential system which is not an easy goal you'll have a lot of difficulties coming up especially given that there's a parliamentary election less than six months down the line the political campaigning you know the vicious sort of infighting that tends to come before an election will be present and that's a very big challenge not just for the president elect but for the modern community as well still to come on the program britain expresses concern as hong kong bans a pro independence political party for the first time since the territory was handed back twenty one years ago. and we'll tell you why new regulations in china
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are causing problems over the handling of plastic waste in the netherlands. hello there we've got a blast of cold air that's making its way across parts of europe at the moment this is the leading edge of it and it's working its way steadily southwards behind it it's turning a lot cooler and fresher we're also seeing a lot of heavy rain out of the system as it works its way southwards is behind that main front where we're seeing the strongest of the winds there very very strong particularly along the coastline of the adriatic and as they work their way southward they're dragging in that cold air so a maximum temperature in vienna own choose day just a fourteen degrees force in warsaw will just be at twelve towards the west is actually a good deal warmer here the temperatures for some of us are above average so for madrid will be around twenty eight maybe thirty degrees over the next couple of
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days and force in london will be at least twenty so generally speaking in the west it's fine unsettled warm and in the east it's pretty cold and as we head through wednesday.


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