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and prime ministers although russia and china will only be sending their foreign ministers as the us happens to have the monthly rotating presidency president trump will chair the meeting and it's already clear this year he has iran in his sights the fact earlier in the year he finally pulled the us out of the iran nuclear deal and the agreement the u.s. and its allies had made with iran to end its nuclear program in twenty fifteen while the other signatories are still technically in the deal it looks to be in deep trouble when i asked the un secretary-general antonio could terrorists about it he didn't sound confident it would survive is he dead though it's not clear that a lot of contacts have been taking place a lot of negotiation have been taking place between different members of the. and so i think that is an effort u.s. secretary of state might pompei i will also chair a security council meeting the day after president trump this time on north korea
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the situation has changed dramatically in a year trump seems to trust kim jong un the contrast with his approach to iran is something likely to be causing much discussion among the leadership in tehran according to a former obama administration official who dealt with both countries so i think there are some around ians or say also why we need a nuclear weapons and if we have nuclear weapons then we could get his attention and we could get his endorsement of us the same way that trump is and doris conjunction there are others who would say listen the north koreans have a completely different security situation they're able to threaten south korean away that we're not anybody else maybe we need to do that leaders from around the world are here in new york but events of the united nations likely to be dominated by president trump and the u.s. leader is also likely to be in all the headlines diplomats say bats an unfortunate distraction from many of the pressing issues that leader should be dealing with james pays zero at the united nations. she.
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seemed to be seeing two different faces of president with the careers in iran. right on monday is very much a was very much about how few silvia's about the negotiations on the korean peninsula about the korean peninsula so much so in fact that we're seeing various reports that some of his advisors at the white house are really concerned about this he is in the minority in his administration in feeling that there's a lot to lot to gain from talks with kim jong il and. they didn't his national security advisor john bolton for example and others all it's almost as keyed on the talks as he has once again just an hour ago donald trump spoke at a signing ceremony for a new free trade agreement with south korea and once again he was immensely a few some about both the leaders of the two koreas and his relationship with them and he confirmed once again that negotiations preparations are underway for another
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summit with kim jong un a date and a time to be decided but what we saw today with a few sublists about the diplomatic process will be in contrast what we see we expect tomorrow on tuesday when he addresses the u.n. general assembly he is likely just point to how progress can be made under his leadership pointing to the careers but we expect him to be very tough on iran we're also expecting him to to be emphasizing the theme of sovereignty that is national sovereignty over the sovereignty over global sovereignty over institutions like the united nations so that should be very interesting and then we'll see the president of iran speak as well the un general assembly so that should be a probably what will be focusing on tuesday and wednesday as james said we see that u.n. security council meeting where strong trouble in italy wanted to be solely about iran against that now it's about proliferation but we can see some tough words there as well but the year definitely has to come trust and you wonder whether there is this kind of thesis that say look we can do a deal on korea perhaps one is is open to be done on iran we're open to talks but
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he is surrounded by all those hawks who never made any secret about wanting regime change in tehran tons of thank you very much. yemen's deteriorating humanitarian crisis is also set to be high on the agenda the general assembly. day the un's humanitarian coordinator in yemen spoke to. a political solution is desperately needed to prevent further civilian deaths. in the game and every ten minutes for war related causes ten thousand children have died in yemen in the city of dado which is under military attack right now twenty five percent of all of the children in that city are malnourished desperately worried about conditions and that's why it's so important during this general assembly that the world wake up that we understand what's happening there and we also understand that humanitarians can help to reduce suffering but we can't solve the problem
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politicians are the ones who can do that we are desperately worried about what could happen in your data if that closes even for just a few hours that means that assistance can't leave the city and get to the people who need it there are so many civilians who were acquired that that's why everything has to be done to keep the port open. much more to come on the program including a public inquiry opens in the u.k. into the infection nearly fifty years ago of thousands of people with blood samples containing and hepatitis c. . britain expresses concern as hong kong bans a pro independence political party for the first time since the territory was handed back twenty one years ago. and in sport tiger woods arrives in france hunting yet another title story coming up.
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the president of the moldy whose mean has conceded defeat in sunday's election opposition leader abraham mohammad soli will be the new president after taking will fifty eight percent of the vote in maine and been in charge of the indian ocean island nation of five years but has been accused of stifling opposition to morgan has. many had expected now this president abdullah yemen to win the election then it was feared that he would not accept the results but hours after early poll results showed that his rival one yemen conceded defeat we are going to be hard all deviant people have decided what they want i've accepted the results from yesterday . leaves has been in political turmoil under yemen during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials on the eve of the vote opposition leader ibrahim mohammed so hills campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered preliminary
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results on monday showed that so he won fifty eight point three percent of the votes the electoral commission said voter turnout in the country of four hundred thousand people was eighty nine point two percent the u.s. had threatened sanctions if the elections were not free and fair the message is loud and clear the people of the most want change justice and stability. in the next five years we will consolidate democracy by guaranteeing human rights and ensuring accountability we will establish a peaceful and just society for all the electoral commission will announce the official results in seven days but with president. what is left now is to see if the hill will keep its election promises and try to reform the country morgan al-jazeera. just recently my head is the deputy permanent representative in geneva for maldives he says many challenges lie ahead for the president elect to keep his coalition together he lost because it's
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a free and fair election because the people have spoken and they chose the opposition candidate when the president elect won he's won with this fairly large coalition of many parties in the maldives the last time m.v.p. came into power in two thousand and eight within three months that coalition fall apart one of the biggest challenges that the president elect will have is making sure the coalition stays together that is able to keep his partners happy this very diverse group of people that is able to create a power sharing arrangement in a presidential system which is not an easy goal you'll have a lot of difficulties coming up especially given that there's a parliamentary election less than six months down the line the political campaigning you know the vicious sort of infighting that tends to come before an election will be present and that's a very big challenge not just for the president elect but for the modern community as well an inquiry into one of the worst treatment disasters in the history of the
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u.k.'s national health service the biggest in london thousands of people died after being treated with blood contaminated with hiv and hepatitis c. viruses in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's think barker reports. these are some of the thousands of people infected with contaminated blood i had a postpartum hemorrhage i was rushed into hospital jackie britain's among those sharing her story at the opening of a government inquiry into the scandal in one thousand nine hundred three she was given a blood transfusion after giving birth infecting her with hepatitis c. the virus went undetected for thirty years leading to cirrhosis of the liver else so traumatised. i thought. the next day i could have been dead in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's infected blood from united states was imported into britain some was used to make a clotting protein called factor eight used to treat hemophilia it was given to
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sufferers including young children to help them live normal lives but some of the blood was made from pooling plasma from thousands of donors including drug addicts sex workers and prison inmates half of all infected hemophiliacs are now dead that's almost three thousand people as many as thirty thousand people may have been exposed to infections through transfusions the victims are ordinary people infected during childbirth or during treatment after road traffic accidents husbands or wives in fact to be job or parents infected their children care that was a meant to have save lives has caused devastating it's a sobering thought that the consequences of what happened then may be continuing to cause death even now. many inquiries are about events which have happened where it is known exactly how many people
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may have died a few if any. this may be the first. where deaths are continuing. the inquiry will examine how and why contaminated blood was widely used and investigate claims of a cover up by successive governments of the one nine hundred eighty s. former prime minister john major and five former health secretaries are under pressure to give evidence. the blood scandal wasn't confined to britain and france and japan officials and drug companies were found guilty of negligence. many british victims have campaigned for years for this inquiry they want justice to leave barca al-jazeera london u.s. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is to meet president donald trump at the white house on thursday and then reports his job is on the line rosenstein has been overseeing the investigation into alleged russian interference into the twenty
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sixteen election last week the new york times reported it been looking at ways to secretly record trump to try to remove him from office rosenstein denied the report now his state supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh has hit back at a new allegation of sexual misconduct two women have now come forward with claims the governor sexually assaulted them in a letter released on monday governor labeled a new accusation that allegedly occurred when he was in college in the one nine hundred eighty s. grotesque and obvious character assassination governor is president donald trump's second pick to join the nine member high court thirteen thousand teachers and health workers have gone on strike in the gaza strip and with job losses and funding cuts it comes after the united states pulled three hundred fifty million dollars in funding from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees also known as or are a force that has more from gaza. we're here at the guards h.q.
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of the owner agency you can see some of the thirteen thousand local employees who are on strike this monday the consequences of a strike of being felt all across the gaza strip two hundred seventy four and ross schools serving two hundred eighty thousand children are closed along with sixteen food distribution centers twenty two medical clinics the reason for this strike can be traced back to a decision by the us administration to cut more than three hundred million dollars in funding for iraq and more recently decided to end its funding of the agency in its entirety the workers here say that the effects are being unfairly felt by them more than a hundred of them already either sacked or put on early retirement with six hundred being strikers with their jobs being lost by the end of this year they say that under a could have done more to try to lessen the impact of all that and give people voluntary redundancy voluntary retirement those sorts of options here's how the head of the
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agency here in gaza responds to that charge the rest of the organization has borrowed us forty five million dollars that we don't have for gaza to allow us to continue food to allow us to continue almost three hundred jobs full time and yes sadly move some two part time we've had to make some adjustment but i believe on the basis of facts i can demonstrate we've done a lot to make things as smooth as possible under very very challenging circumstances would be talking to one of the striking employees here and his story does give you a sense of just how deeply these cuts will be felt he says that his twelve hundred us dollars a month salary supports twenty eight family members and that if he does lose his job as he's threatened with by the end of this year that's going to have a devastating impact on a huge family and that is a story that is being repeated here many times over and so that's why. why these potential job losses could be felt so white. united kingdom's main opposition in
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the labor party is to vote on its official bracks it policy on day three of its annual conference on tuesday it will be a long awaited clarification of policy from the left wing party which has so far sent mixed messages over its attitude to the european union and the barber has more from the conference in city of liverpool. whenever that general election comes we're ready we're ready to campaign for victory we're ready for government shadow chancellor john mcdonnell outlining how labour's economic policies will transform the economy while the whole enjoyed his pitch much of the talk elsewhere was about something entirely different breaks and the idea of a new referendum is popular among labor members who would it include the option to stay in the european union on tuesday these people will be voting on a text that took many hours of hard negotiations to agree on it says that if the party fails to force an early general election it will keep open the option of
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backing a so-called people's vote but what that means exactly depends on who you are early on monday all the talk was of a clear breakthrough opening up the possibility of a brics it deal being blocked by a majority in parliament and then put to another referendum once you have got first parliament throwing it out and then the population is a whole throwing it out you can then say look the tory government has spent two and a half years on this absolutely wasting everyone's time it's now on the table here's a manifesto to fix all the problems it breaks it never fixed but in a radio interview john mcdonald seemed to suggest any second referendum could only be on the deal itself in other words the terms of bracks it and not on staying in the you and some observers see a certain wisdom in labor making a snap election it's priority what happens if there's another referendum on for instance we vote fifty two forty eight to remain on a smaller turnout than in twenty six states that would hardly settle the question so i think for the moment labor are perfectly happy to let the government stew in
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the bracks mess. and to say we would do this better and to leave it as vegas up to now the conference vote is almost certain to back the new bricks of policy but whether it can keep everyone on board for labor remain is to labor leaders it's hard to tell the debugger al-jazeera difficult. still to come on the news hour as us try. tariffs against china go into effect on monday we explore how small businesses are trying to cope. we'll tell you why new regulations in china are causing problems over the handling of plastic waste in the netherlands. and in sport team europe lift tennis is made the cup for the second straight time is here with that story. hello there we've got a blast of cold air that's making its way across parts of europe at the moment this
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is the leading edge of it and it's working its way steadily southwards behind it it's turning a lot cooler and fresher we're also seeing a lot of heavy rain out of this system as it works its way southwards is behind that main front where we're seeing the strongest of the winds there very very strong particularly along the coastline of the adriatic as they work their way southward they're dragging in that cold air so a maximum temperature in vienna own choose day just a fourteen degrees force in warsaw will just be at twelve towards the west is actually a good deal warmer here the temperatures for some of us are above average so for madrid will be around twenty eight maybe thirty degrees over the next couple of days and force in london we are at least twenty so generally speaking in the west it's fine unsettled warm and in the east it's pretty cold and as we head through wednesday there's yet another weather system that's making its way across parts of scandinavia and across towards the east as well now a bit further towards the south we've got a fair few showers over parts of the mediterranean at the moment particularly over
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sicily and into solid india and those are going to pull themselves together as we head through wednesday and push southwards so for cinci newsier that's a risk we could see more flooding out of this and also for western libya. we're. i have almost my entire professional life to the bench and i'm trying to figure and what i've heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges the gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and to
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have not shine a light on your hero with your moment nation for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to a piece of war dot com. and one of the top stories how large is there russia has announced it will supply b s three hundred surface to air missile system to syria in two weeks despite strong israeli and u.s. objections. world leaders are gathering in new york for united nations general assembly u.s. president donald trump will make his address on tuesday as well the iranian leader
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hassan rouhani. the president of the multi-user do the yemeni has conceded defeat in sunday's election even the way for opposition leader it became mohammad soli to take over. hong kong has formally banned a political group that promotes independence from china calling it a threat to national security the british government has expressed concern over the ban which is the first since the city was handed back to china twenty one years ago sarah clarke has more from hong kong. he's the leader of hong kong's national party it's a small group promoting independence from china but the government has deemed it a threat to national security the party is now banned in hong kong. what the agenda of the hump on the national party. aims to is. in strict contravention to the basic law the national party
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also all spreads hatred and discrimination against maine and. the police made the initial recommendation the government agreed but the party later says he doesn't advocate violence and made this statement at the city's foreign correspondents club in august due to the nature of how the chinese propaganda machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to this single word independence in reality what the national party is chasing now is no different from what many homeowners wish for the dream of democracy the decision to ban this group is unprecedented in hong kong but is considered a strategic move by the government to muzzle the problem independent sentiment as beijing acts on any challenge to its sovereignty the vast majority of hong kong people do want to be independent is
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a realistic option but there has been increasing the sentiment against a tiny so far these against intervention in hong kong and naturally hong kong people feel that their core values their lifestyles in fact a phone call is a semi autonomous territory under the so-called one country two systems deal which is part of the official handover from great britain to china more than two decades ago that means hong kong enjoys freedoms unsane on the mainland including freedom of speech but that space for political dissent is shrinking. pro independence activist and he chaired was prohibited from standing for election six democratically elected pro-democracy politicians were. disqualified from the city's parliament the national party plans to hold a public protest on tuesday but the government says any member of the group will be fined up to twelve thousand dollars or face up to three years in jail if they speak out sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. the death toll from the second major
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landslide in the central philippines is risen to forty nine almost fifty others have believed to be trapped or buried in the rubble of typhoon season and monsoon rains triggered the disaster but relatives of victims are also blaming a local stone quarry which they believe to have contributed to the landslide are demanding the government shut it down and again now reports from naga city in seven province. a semblance of dignity in death. this is what families here desperately want for their loved ones. the priest tries to comfort them but the reality is too hard for families here to grasp. the mountain gave way while they slept burying thirty homes and about a hundred people in the central philippine city of the now. many of those who died
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were the sole providers of impoverished families the already had little before the landslide now the survivors say the have nothing. for years they have been calling on the government to stop pouring operations in their communities but because they were poor at the sea their appeals doing. some in the community see recent reported fissures on the mountain should have been a warning sign but for me at the end of the day i'm out i went out i am accountable to the people of naga by the thing as when and when a technical agency assigned to one of our and rather regularly sess that a certain company is that ready clear. you know what john even you have before sometimes the people evacuated but many here say rising above
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a tragedy is simply not enough we should assume as possible file cases against this risk these people are responsible we ask ourselves is the life of a child in naga worth the millions that companies are allegedly contribute to the local economy. these are the first batch of victims and many more are expected for mass burial in the coming weeks the local government says these are the focus now rescue which evolves and burial but this is exactly what many families fear that everything else here. their final resting place is right next to the quarry site and so it is clear there is no escaping the influence of powerful businesses here. the. the dead are too many to be buried in one day. and as
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they are taken to the tubes one point one families here feel their loved ones have been buried in the east. and they weren't given enough time to see good. jim duggan al-jazeera nagar in cebu province central philippines. iran's supreme leader has blamed saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for funding saturday's attack at a military parade thousands of people have attended funerals for twenty five people killed in the attack in the southwestern city of us at least sixty others were injured in the incident which has been blamed on iran's arab separatists ayatollah ali how many has promised to severely punish those responsible. up a million children in libya's capital tripoli are quote in immediate danger according to the united nations children's fund unicef says fighting between rival
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armed groups in the city has forced on twenty five thousand people out of their homes but the rate massively increasing in the past forty eight hours when one hundred people including many civilians have been killed since the battle for control of the area near tripoli's airport erupted late last month yes tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports have gone into effect the latest and largest round of levies in a growing trade war between the world's two biggest economies scott hurdler has been monitoring reaction from beijing. the latest round in this escalating trade war between the united states and china going into effect on monday that's another round of tariffs and very big numbers here two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods going into the united states will now be tariff that's in addition to fifty billion they were already implemented before so two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods going into the united states will now be tariffs on the other side you have another hundred ten billion dollars being
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a tariff from the united states going into china now this is the latest in a big round in this ongoing trade war and it's going to be ongoing for quite some time now because the discussions the negotiations that have been going on this really started in earnest in the summer there have been talks still going on between washington and beijing those now have been scrapped for the time being so that means there's going to be really no progress on that front and what's also interesting president trump the said that last week after he announces two hundred billion dollars round that if china retaliated he will retaliate again essentially on all the products coming into the united states from china he hasn't done that china's obviously went back and did retaliate but the president hasn't said anything more on that many feel that that probably won't happen because of the midterm elections in the united states that if there's going to be another round another imposition of tariffs from the united states probably won't happen until after those elections in mid november but what we do know right now those negotiations have stopped and this is an escalation today going into effect monday
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going into effect with tariffs on both sides reynolds has more now on how the u.s. tariffs on chinese products could hurt small businesses like her in the u.s. . tell me you're trying to keep this family thirty year old toy business afloat. president donald trump's tariffs on chinese exports aren't helping so we're humorous and come from majority of it actually comes from china comes from depending on the brand and where they anticipate to make the production run and there's a link to china directly to china. these pop culture vinyl figures are wildly popular with kids and millennialist alike but the new list of tariffs includes toys so costs will go up big corporations are able to adjust and switch manufacturers but you know a small shops like we have to roll with the punches and try to figure out changing
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our actual business strategy in order to adapt and evolve president be pleased to note that you can buy this figurine of him here at tom's models for about eighty dollars and of course it's made in china what he might not be so happy about is the chorus of criticism from businesses large and small over his china trade policy. wal-mart the country's biggest retailer told the trumpet ministration quote the immediate impact will be to raise prices on consumers and tax american business the head of the u.s. chamber of commerce which lobbies for big business in washington says a trade war is the single biggest threat to the economy right now very few people in the business community have embraced these tariffs because they see them as not helping them competitively for the most part consumers are bearing the
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brunt of this one mega company that escaped negative fallout from the china tariffs is apple c.e.o. tim cook huddled with trump at a white house state dinner in april urging him to exempt components for the apple watch and other company products how long will this trade battle last no one knows the one thing that business truly hates is uncertainty back at tom's models tommy is trying to keep calm in the trade turmoil going to take time for the end result to happen to see if these terrorists are beneficial towards the us or detrimental. now. trumps tariffs taking their toll from tech toys robert oulds al jazeera los angeles russian court has sentenced opposition leader alex and me to another twenty days in
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jail he was freed and immediately arrested in the early hours of monday morning overnighting and no frys rally earlier this year about the who is president vladimir putin's most visible opponent has said numerous jail sentences is spearheading a series of on sanction protests if it's fresh. china used to be the world's largest importer of plastic waste but in january that doesn't impose restrictions which in effect ban imports that's left many western nations scrambling would have to deal with their own buildup of rubbish but allows for reports from amsterdam as part of our series on waste china has decided it no longer wants to be the world's rubbish collector and that's causing big problems for the global waste industry for decades nearly half the world's waste has been sent to china to be processed but new government regulations have put a stop to the import of millions of tons of low grade blessed six which now need to find a new destination ben because recycling business in the netherlands shipped half of
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its plastics to china says the changes he says he's forced to bring twice as much as he used to for in senate race.


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