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tv   Mediation And Assassination  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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the united nations responded by deploying a peacekeeping force into south lebanon. known as unifil part of this force was made up of norwegian troops i had this and that for the first time. as part as as a norwegian sewn into. visiting the uni field forces in lebanon. i came with friends through israel then i ask about that it was you have been to dog a synonym with that's now stuck in east. it in most developed a dome and all the hard to get a foot if instead it can if it offers just didn't get it but all politicians can get a little dotted off or shifting even long enough to get instilling in it he didn't certainly help nor their contribution did approximately one thousand soldiers and the course and security of all soldiers was a very important cause for to us the very vulnerable the first halt to this step list what it is that it's working cause contacts with the p.l.o.
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in that context mr levin the. minister of foreign affairs but it was the deputy minister states. he followed the situation very close at the time know of this of though that the death think it. what makes as we in the. meaning is. when it comes to. the candidate who is bill and so he will be in tears be the leader in all when there. are some of them we need all the home colonel bishop here as well. and that we should send in. the left. mr twelfth's to mean. more. jewish.
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media. let me show you. a more club in norway was more supportive over isreal than many of the others and i think. any of the other european states under there are several reasons one of the most important. and the mention the labor party and the rich and trade union there is for this state for all our socialist experiment. almost social democratic state like the one we have in no way. in the late one nine hundred seventy s. there was a common bond of socialist ideology between noise labor party and its namesake in israel. one of the key players in this special relationship was
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a prominent labor party member of norway's parliament johann you're going holst mr holst. person at the political level to me. the minister. or the minister of defense. he came to be a roots. in july i think it was seventy nine he made it. and the awful lot of hot then why did the whole group. very pleasant did that mr holst's had very close contact. and that it's that that's bitter mr hall smith even more interesting to me that out of. interest in order it was that he already called things he said. that in the us a little prick just so awful to me i
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don't mean i mean it doesn't cover it that it almost just before and in. the sultry halls on the. would just say it was our own losses of trauma they let you can go and i was with one. you know mozart upward to him removed would look now. in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine the shah of iran fled into exile. israel lost an hour and a major oil supplier. the united states asked no way to guarantee to sell its north sea oil to israel concerned about repercussions for its un troops in lebanon norway scented steeply matts hands long to seek assurances from arafat mr arafat's. defecting on the phone if you split seconds he said i would have to know what
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gyptian to such an obvious and good t. to me he said on one condition when i need this secret back channel three said you provided. yasser arafat wanted the norwegians to act as intermediary between himself and israel and the regions in the region government were just shocked to hear the message coming back from our office so probably lived in seventy nine. every year from there not you know mentioned try to step up a secret actual between the funeral and israel but israel absolutely not willing at all to listen to anything other than the region could come up with from arafat's on the people. in one nine hundred eighty two
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the p.l.o. lost its base in lebanon. palestinian fighters were forced to depart following the israeli invasion of lebanon three months. before. a u.s. brokered deal arafat and his entourage moving to tunisia it was. an imitation from two my previous one minister and friedman and myself defense minister. and they went in one thousand and eighty two. new year's eve. in tunis. out of all stars then a clue if we could. help him getting. the
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mean below and they said in the board. and that time. a member of the assembly of this list in. turn know to be. a strong interest in the socialist in nothing for trying to contribute to normalization of. the relationship between postin and. to help with his charm offensive arafat turned to senior p.l.o. member the time to act as his main go between i know fought a point the doctor. and he came to visit me because i said this from the. very good
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impression of him i believe that the p.l.o. has been to give it just achievement of our suffering people i believe that is the most needed. and then we should meet in old blue pharaoh there was the source in the national assembly meeting in portugal and then there were some shooting so the. first dog in the lobby. and. killed. some sort where he'd been killed by a lone gunman who pumped five shots into his chest it has never been clearly verified who did the assassination of the tawi but the motive appears to be because he was talking to the israelis on arafat's behalf got the call so that we. took his
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own position. he did so we take the strain in face of great objection and danger. arafat's continued a double game on the one hand seeking discreet diplomatic channels to israel violin norwegians while on the other hand publicly maintaining a revolutionary rhetoric. was going to. trigger was. you want to go to wal-mart. with the year we have to do this to stall to but that the. you know the any. that can be death cool that if. you know. and don't work and for them it is there's been no man who's been there when he's there can do you any. and not be in this i was the cause why
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didn't the one of my work that. out of it is about can you be mad what this timid out. here bad list and i'm still to put twenty years on torvald stoltenberg will not betray the secrecy of conversations between the p.l.o. and israel we tried. to prepare for and they were. both in the clear that this. labor party started their. very much try before home where the people from the israeli labor party that you were contacting mr shimon peres or the other. problem is never did. i have not told. you no i only. part. is not coming from what i say from all the things i
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did. in the mid eighty's the labor party in israel formed a coalition government with the. party should mean i gave a nod and a wink for likud member. to hold secret talks with palestinian politician is allowed husseini in jerusalem. discussion centered on p.l.o. recognition of israel autonomy on the west bank and a federal relationship with jordan. the so-called arab husseini plan became a model for the subsequent oslo accords years later. that it was soon to offer by the outbreak of the first intifada. the palestinian uprising which took both israel and the p.l.o. by surprise. and delight.
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at the sight of the father. john left. and all but i asked was there a lot of homicide i looked to you well when demand yes. and no neck men yet. yes the thought of palestinian boys throwing stones against israel tanks. this david and goliath contest put the israelis under great pressure time was now out of the essence. in an exclusive for al jazeera the norwegian foreign ministry has released highly confidential documents that include a nine hundred eighty eight and delivered letter from foreign minister stoltenberg to israeli foreign minister peres stoltenberg wrote that only by relieving itself
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of the burden of the occupied territories can israel succeed and prosper. without the broke with. that there within hours that will trigger except for through and through through and through. calm and with then you're going to play whatever. the minute the many and you can have it for this they need you i mean that zeph the most fun. that can feel welcome again and yes it off and you know cool national guard out of it they want to know about a very that's good to do the live in of a state i'm not doubting. sophie the i'm not dumb or not that's just being.
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you know the wife of the other one of them look at the how do you i'll admit in within or out of being the livia's to heidi. one of the saudi if you know the field while shut up she called the philistine me except all united nations editions thank you ditto for it and i thank the international desk. again it's intermission a village. to robin in which the mad only a lady can and down well more than one of them and that here the mother might have had the better dahlia family if they did in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight sweden mediated between the p.l.o. and the united states a public meeting was held in stockholm. but out of the. parliament if he. had accepted it it's by
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a spirit and you wish it. is that. in his speech to the u.n. general assembly in geneva in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight arafat formally condemned terrorism. geneive. the muslim marjah america. nor. was it. a happy don't you be genie or can had one be obama. i mean you. would feel like this woman could live with you or in. willingly. but. child could do. for. unknownst. for.
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as ford did it is. i don't see it. yesterday in no uncertain database and yet. i repeat for the record. i repeat for the record. that. and absolutely denounce. all you. got it is. all the fault of these ideas. including and if you had accepted the israeli state to start negotiations. when i think of my nature i think of potential when i think of potential i think what is not i think people need to do to get to be on. something they can be part
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of told me it's impossible i think as a child. who is my child. and this is my country. my nigeria on al-jazeera. outside. tricks fair. we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away the list a ko a minute tree in the financial dollar getting you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting. the emotion on their faces the situation living in that's when all the identify with the story. from city hospitals to community health centers change is happening across china. and for one six year old boy there is now hope. on the bone just so it's from the
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countryside he came to a big hospital and experienced doctors perform the operation for him. how to care for one point four billion people china is unique challenge on the people's health on al-jazeera. i'm sam is a than in dar with a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now in the may just numb to the u.s. the e.u. says it will set up a new mechanism to enable trade with iran to get around washington sanctions it follows the trumpet ministrations withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal this year even members states will set up a legal entity to facilitate illegitimate financial transactions with iran and this
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will allow european companies to continue to trade with iran in accordance with european union low and could be open to other partners in the world in yemen the saudi u.a.e. coalition has announced it will open humanitarian corridors between one day that coordination with the un it comes as the un's humanitarian affairs chief warns of famine in yemen could strike at any time and lead to even more loss of life fighting over the port of a day that has stopped aid agencies from reaching millions of people fighting between rival armed groups in libya's capital has now forced more than five thousand families to flee their homes the international organization for migration says the numbers leaving have gone up sharply in the last three days. the u.s. is warning russia it's making a major mistake by deploying its missile defense system in syria the kremlin is sending the s. three hundred system a week after one of its planes was mistakenly shot down by syrian anti-aircraft
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fire washington has approved the sale of three hundred thirty million dollars in military equipment to taiwan it includes spare parts another support for f. sixteen fighter jets and other military aircraft the us is the only country that sells weapons to the island and has done so for nearly forty years u.s. president donald trump says he'll have a second summit with north korea's leader kim jong un in the coming months he made the announcement while signing a trade pact with south korean president jay and they met on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly u.s. president donald trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh spoken out about accusations of sexual misconduct in a t.v. interview you openly denied allegations two people have come forward about alleged incidents that took place in the nineteen eighties those are your headlines it's back to al-jazeera world now.
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for the record in december one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. known to his colleagues. and publicly renounced violence. all. over the years had discreetly been talking to the. with arafat's renouncing violence norway was now ready to pay him an official visit at the p.l.o. headquarters in tunis so this will make long. distance to fill. out to school on the journey. to school. for the first time and the reason for them is the visit the p.l.o. it was definitely a successful visit because it was
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a breakthrough who faces. the same person in this sort of old style but the father of the prime minister of norway today. on a mission to arafat's in tunis in eighty nine. i thought anything that a hard. part. no one knew about the norwegians worked with arafat on creating a channel of communication between the p.l.o. and israel. from public scrutiny. it's the first time be explained what he saw. being established and the idea of using out of each little search institution was the idea of mystery of the awful which. the they have plowed or decided which research institute in no way but they they i agree it
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would be a good cover they also margaret not. no mention minister of foreign affairs should pay for it all that was also i read in the document. fofo was a think tank in all slue founded by the trade unions and connected to noise labor party it was chosen by the norwegian foreign minister as the perfect host for secret talks between israelis and palestinians it's direct. he would go on to become a key figure in the negotiations that led to the oslo accord. with funding from the norwegian foreign ministry in one thousand nine hundred ninety five who started to undertake research in the middle east its first study to examine the living conditions in the occupied west bank and gaza strip. and so forth.
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the living condition of young people growing up under the intifada what kind of effect on them. maybe more on the sort of mental psychological effect of grabbing up in such. a violent. and why meant but then it was more a social context it turned out to because because that was sort of this special ality. far for. it it turned up to be a little more on the sort of yeah more socio economic. i mean unemployment over these kinds of indicators of social economic life so who were the researchers that worked on this project from norway yeah they're very aware there were many.
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one of them that sort of us heading. that service down the hay bag who was the wife of. if he wasn't at the time that he later became the foreign minister you on the horse. i was i was working in this out of what they call the foreign ministers cabinet or the secretariat has been was with fossil. lost a state secretary more now you know and i had studied political science in the university we had been skiing together we had been to. university camps together and her husband tell you that lawson i also knew from his work as an academic and his work in creation of farfel the trade union. think tank so these were my friends when i became already when i became.
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deputy of spartanburg in the ministry of foreign affairs it's often difficult for foreigners to understand that very very small time for the labor party has rule of law where for the most all the post war period so you have collections and you are all probably is married together within the labor party. sometimes call it a royal labor party because they are like a dynasty. this was very tight knit foreign minister stoltenberg appointed yun egland as his deputy. and as a girl and secretary she was married to terry rod lawson the director of faffing. stoltenberg sister in law was marianne hi bird who worked in far from she was married to defense minister you hundred going to holes this made holes and the foreign minister stoltenberg brothers in law holds himself later became foreign
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minister this extended political family became the norwegian team in the secret israeli p.l.o. talks. to use that research institution institution as a from diplomatic effort. to facilitate peace talks between the two parties and then do that in all secrecy you are very critical about this why. i think research is in the should not usually be in that they will take two hats being double roles in tel aviv another research institute was also acting as a cover for communication between the israelis and palestinians. this was the economic cooperation foundation set up by israeli labor party m p u c balan the n.g.o.s that we were leading his foot in myself and enjoy which was created earlier
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by bailey and he was fired we were able to go between the two sites in jerusalem and pass messages and come with ideas and even bring the two sides i'm officially together and the hour of an ngo i was involved with talking to the side for many years in a very informal way mainly. husseini and from is jerusalem. with whom it was easy to talk. by nine hundred eighty nine with the palestinian intifada in its second year there were few signs of hope for peace. hundreds of palestinians had been killed and thousands detained.
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by the united states under president george bush started to increase the pressure on israeli prime minister yitzhak shamir the peace corps says still to come for stuff to stay just the first. interview. conditions. this released. floors therefore look. to such and states will be direct negotiation this. good condition that the palestinian not ups and some other countries if they feel joined they'd never see this. community plea on peace talks. they have ended told election. minister territories. democrats believe. they believe. everything changed in the
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region when iraq invaded kuwait in one nine hundred ninety. the united states led a coalition of nations that retaliated against iraqi forces just two hours ago allied air forces began an attack on military targets in iraq and kuwait these attacks continue as. arafat's rejected a military solution to iraq's invasion of kuwait this proved a costly decision before the. p.l.o. to. big for that support from that i've got states. off to the void because of. the. support to saddam hussein
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that financial support disappeared they came all it's of that. void very viki and i think frank was also vulnerabilities. these c.d.'s then are more interested in discussing with them off they go for that beef. we of course have crops but elections for the united states of america. they lie there defend and made no secret war we protect the piano obviously. all that it's meant base it's all know we're going to be a little bit over the medical evidence yes. in the aftermath of the nine hundred ninety one gulf war the united states and the soviet union co-hosted a peace conference in the spanish capital of madrid we have an opportunity. i think
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a real opportunity to see. arabs arab states. sitting down face to face in direct negotiations with israel but they will let the will dock. idea because you have that show me a you. and nor one of them at the moment and. where you. men are all going for this the need that obama new. international. oh yeah lived. the years in the only boy in a blue with him or him in the toolbar of them philammon e.c.s. in newark island. the. tomorrow. the men feel well fit for the steamy otunnu must.
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have. a letter yesterday about. the israelis laid out a fixed negotiating position the only people were relieved in the land of israel without interruption phone nearly four thousand. feet led the palestinians within the joint jordanian palestinian delegation at the talks but it's the union your islam the capital of your homeland and you just. finds that it's been in existence was present and future the settlements must stop now territory where for peace is it obvious to you and territory for illegal settlement is a partial israeli policy and practice. the three day conference ended with plans for further bilateral and multilateral negotiations between israel and the arabs.
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documents released after the conference reveal that shamir thought madrid a success. and that james baker said that the us did not support an independent palestinian state. in. he feels too looky him was he him and no so fun at the hype that's what obama. israelis who celebrated the end of hanukkah in washington arrived five days late an attempt to make it clear to the united states that back here on their own terms when perspiring to pressure off the madrid negotiations moved to washington d.c. we sincerely feel there are ideas. pulling conformity with
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the framework of this process as it was made ahead and we speak with a joint today and palestinian delegation. and i'll be leaving everybody. we met likely in my pin the morning. they had as of delegations. we discussed the matter of procedures. and we could not reach yet. and i give him an. israeli government shifted and. two of the grounds returned and openly declared pollution claiming all the palestinian territory not going to see doing anything even. if you're willing to recognize. the unity of the palestinians inside the don't let the can you cite the. feelings. were few
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and i would not question or smell the rust me yo johnny b. . can you say you keep it all. this reddest ever marry more and more angry about these were all distinguished talking about. he said how come you have back palestine if its settlements all over so he had much more under the nation there are much more. straightforward approach. peace. for the palestinians negotiator. kept the focus of his agenda on one burning issue the illegal israeli settlement construction in the occupied palestinian territories. by nine hundred ninety one the number of israeli settlers in the west bank and gaza
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strip exceeded one hundred thousand my vision the result. of the movie magic missile but in the spirit this is. part. of the. film that we decide. where should i say yes. one time a fresh i love this relief effort for the studio in front of the rest room for with little more for the theater but they're put on top of. i would say one of the most important messages that we got in our almost daily contacts with the shah and hussein in the same binds eoghan all of the palestinian leaders if p.l.o. will not be involved there won't be any progress and more so showing husseini told us very clear. hunnish showing festivals and they told us something very very kill if you would like to have an agreement with a palestinian partner who can make concessions there's only one endless and this is
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the p.l.o. . as i would like to oversee it for the policy so they must oversee it with other presented over the policy for president of the policy is the poor or if they disqualify the p.l.o. then they're not going to have any palestinian to talk to and for that washington but that to do for we saw it till is to matthew ocean to work and nudge them out to to me the committee were for the washroom to a larger welford washroom too and i had met with any election will we do but if it was one of a big move our votes hillary in no more but. i'm a levy was at the mind. when nearly the most on that issue if she would suggest i do in an then why the move for dogs. the p.l.o. again approached norway to open
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a new and secret channel with the israelis in february of one nine hundred ninety two senior p.l.o. official ahmed corona known as abu allah travelled to oslo while the campus with the germans with the home. managed to mark over. for the man a man who was in her last thought about what they can to kill the p.l.o. starts to send signals to us here. comes that we norway could become their link to israel if israel was interested then came by some of those sheriff and he was even more explicit and said i am talking on directly i have a message straight from the top yasser arafat. norway should try to do this.
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and it has to be direct lee linked with p.l.o. tunis leadership on the minutes of their secret meeting in all those low reveal that bassam abu sharif told the norwegians that if there were peace the p.l.o. would influence the arab world to stop the boycott of israel. it takes two to tango we did not have the israeli side i had met. bin before he was elected on one of my missions to to his friend april one thousand nine hundred two in april nineteenth two we met be in. the he came for breakfast and then wage an embassy and we asked him what is your approach to the palace here he said i am keen to see some kind of
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a negotiated settlement in one thousand nine hundred ninety two the israeli labor party led by yitzhak rabin won the general election rabin continued israel's policy of settlement building in public he spoke optimistically of progress in the peace negotiation this will be possible to reach an agreement was the palestinian delegation to stop the shm and before me be the first and most important task for our government. shimon peres was appointed foreign minister. you see beilin here on the left was appointed his deputy and duri severe on the right there general manager. beilin was given the green light to start the secret to direct negotiations with the p.l.o. in no way the point about millie was because no way was out of
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the e.u. it head the independent foreign policy we had meetings with us and we teach people and be out of many many many meetings. but very little came out of it but then started to understand much better the mindset of both parties beilein actually told the norwegians that it's good that they will make contact with his friend later i joined in order to facilitate you know that to let you know that you would have liked to n.g.o.s to non-governmental dialogue this was the we met he met. with also before i met him april and later we found the brother in a way and many things were similar to our way of thinking his wife was the head of the office of the minister is that pretty and second is the minister and the deputy were close friends of laos and all of them from the labor party or old friends mr
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was told them was the foreign minister i knew him very well and the he was very very enthusiastic about. this who was. minister for defense research in new york talking of the general assembly in september. and in the. on the basis of those contacts and follow up contacts. the. total salt. meant that. time. to follow the suggestion to me so i felt the. weak enough so this was the time. to start.
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before the was almost dead. and decided to talk to. the top. it told no way no way could i like it or dislike it they could. stay or go. and new and self-confident israeli government and the p.l.o. still cast as outsiders by the world community. they were now on the secret road to the oslo accords but much would need to happen before the diplomatic finale on the white house floor. twenty five years after the signing of zero world tells the behind the scenes story of norway's war and the oslo accords they wanted to have what they froze. and reveals how
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secret negotiations were. misread everything. and why they're still here to deliver much that was promised the price of all slow zero. hello there the showers have been pounding the northern parts of iran recently for a look at the satellite picture we can see them here just along the coast of the caspian sea and spreading a little bit further towards the south we'll see them gradually work their way eastwards there as we head through tuesday to more of them in the eastern parts of iran and those will gradually work their way towards afghanistan as we head through choose day and into wednesday meanwhile towards the west look at this in ankara we'll get to around twenty seven degrees lots of cloud and rain to the north of us for tuesday but as we head into wednesday that system sinks southwards the temperatures really drop thirteen degrees this time of maximum and then the rain
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will start as well so do expect it to be a pretty wet and windy one before the towards the south and here in doha looks like the next few days should be a little bit less humid which is good news so first forty one degrees will be our maximum temperature not quite as sticky for the south is still going to stay humid here as you'd expect salalah getting to around twenty eight degrees and around the coast of yemen expect there to be a little bit more cloud at times gradually drifting its way away from us as we head through the next couple of days down towards the southern parts of africa and for many of us it's fine and dry not too warm in cape town just sixteen degrees our maximum but very hot for us and with the winds coming in off the land it won't be quite as hot or wednesday a maximum will be twenty two. yep so all this muslim undertakers working here is just seven days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black and blue sweater and started to do the funeral in london and the family we
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saw stopped being father and daughter and became business partners the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. determined to keep doing business with iran world powers come up with a way to sidestep sanctions and of void u.s. counter measures. a lot hasn't think of this is al-jazeera live from da also coming up. hopes of some relief for yemeni civilians as the saudi led coalition says it will open
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a humanitarian corridor the. world leaders gather in new york for the u.n. general assembly where the secretary general is expected to paint a grim picture. and when hey reporting from thailand a major importer exporter and producer of waste will tell you what the government is planning to do about its. low the european union says it's working on a way to keep trading with iran despite u.s. sanctions president trump called the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal earlier this year and slap sanctions on businesses dealing with iran the european union and other countries that signed on to the nuclear deal now want to find a way for businesses to avoid u.s. countermeasures shihab rattansi reports from washington. the e.u. was reported to have been discussing what it calls a special purpose of vehicles for several weeks and on monday night the e.u.
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foreign policy chief said it would be going ahead e.u. member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate legit to make financial transactions with it on and this will allow european companies to continue to trade with it on in accordance with utopian union low and could be open to other botanists in the woods the plans discussed in the past have involved an entity being set up to act as a go between or clearing house which we know iran and other nations to facilitate commercial transactions for example if a country or company wants to buy iranian oil it would send money to or perhaps engage in a barter system involving this entity which will handle the transaction with iran the same true in reverse for iran's dealings with the rest of the world the idea is to bypass commercial and central banks who are fearful of being frozen out of the u.s. financial system if they help circumvent the new sanctions being imposed by the trumpet ministration against iran in the vendor however the details have yet to be worked
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out and there is some skepticism that the system will work especially given the large number of european companies already tailing their business dealings with iran this meeting at the u.n. also announced that iran remained in compliance with the nuclear deal and pledged their commitment to remain participants the meeting on the sidelines of the un general assembly didn't just involve european foreign ministers but the foreign ministers of russia and china as well meeting with iran coming as it did on the eve before donald trump addresses the u.n. general assembly in what's been billed as an attempt to really blast iran for its activity this was a sign of real international solidarity here in new york she ever chancy al-jazeera new york. rodger shanahan is a research fellow at the lowry institute for international policy he says some companies may be reluctant to use this mechanism from what we know at the moment
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it's some kind of mechanism puts a far wall between european financial institutions and iran's i will stay clear of the us secondary sanctions in our financial markets and in dealing in us dollars with iraq you would assume that the europeans. before they announced this made whatever mechanism it is as robust as possible but as you pointed out things are always good in theory until they're put into practice when the real tests come and i'm sure that's going to be the test in the future we've also have to say whether the companies that are going to trade with iran again be confident enough in their legal protection by dealing through this entity . well the u.s. is warning russia about deploying its state of the art missile defense system in syria it's russia is sending the s. three hundred missiles a week after one of its planes was mistakenly shot down by syrian anti aircraft by
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syrian air defenses were responding to raids by israeli jets in the province of letter or a challenge says more. russia's s. three hundred the air defense system that's russia has held off from supplying to the syrian military until now. within two weeks a modern surface to air missile system the s three hundred will be handed over it's capable of intercepting air assault weapons on a range of more than two hundred fifty kilometers and at the same time can hit multiple aerial targets having an advanced anti jam facility and high fire rate the system will strengthen syrian air defense combat capabilities significantly defense minister sure you gave little doubt why the russians have changed their position but you're going on that issue that has them going to let me make a point at the request of the israeli side and twenty thirteen we halted delivery of the s three hundred which was ready to be shipped to syria while syrian service
3:54 pm
personnel were given appropriate training today the situation has changed not by our fault the defense ministry holds israel responsible for the deaths of fifteen military personnel a week ago there reconnaissance plane was misidentified and mistakenly shot down by syrian air defense admits the confusion of his radio strikes and israeli military delegation sent to moscow last thursday failed to convince the russians it wasn't their fault. but interesting aspects of this rift is the way the ministry of defense approach differs from that taken by the kremlin the m.o.d.e. has kept pushing the view that israel is culpable but. his spokesperson have been soft pedaling saying it. just an unfortunate accident and that the s. three hundred decision is not a that israel. israel has previously been able to count on russia turning a blind eye to its airstrikes inside syria of which there have been some two
3:55 pm
hundred in recent years but if damascus really does get its have zone s. three hundred the israeli military will have to rethink its tactics is the first time in the history of the conflict that we see the syrian defense is equipped with the mother in. missiles that can deprive the israeli air force of from their freedom of movement in the syrian air space part is not just the israelis who will be affected by the booth u.s. national security adviser john bolton has called it a major mistake any other country operating in the region will now have to realize that syrian airspace is theirs to use it will rory chalons al-jazeera moscow and the united states has approved the sale of three hundred thirty million dollars in military equipment to taiwan include spare parts and support for f.
3:56 pm
sixteen fighter jets and other military aircraft the u.s. is the only country that sells weapons to the island which it's been doing for nearly forty years china claims taiwan as part of its territory and opposes all u.s. military sales there. are the u.s. a cut all official diplomatic ties with taiwan in the late one nine hundred seventy s. after washington recognized beijing's one china policy but the two have been building stronger relations since president trunk was elected. taiwan's president when phoned trump to congratulate him on winning the us election it was the first phone call between a taiwanese and u.s. leader in nearly four decades and cause concern in china and then in march trump signed legislation encouraging the u.s. to send senior officials to taiwan to meet their leaders the move further angered beijing and in june to the u.s. president's most senior officials met the taiwanese leader during separate trips to taipei to discuss regional peace and bilateral trade russ feingold is an asia
3:57 pm
political risk analyst he says the deal will add to china's growing concerns. given that it's a relatively small dollar amount and spare parts by itself it wouldn't anger china however the totality of the circumstances are certainly indicative that this will contribute to more tension between the u.s. and china we've seen so many issues are rise just in the last week or two whether it's u.s. military patrols in the south china sea the tariffs the sanctions on certain chinese companies the collapse for now of trade talks with the cancellation of a high level visit by a chinese official to the u.s. and now this announcement of sale weapons sales to taiwan so it's one more issue that will now be on the agenda and clearly they'll be a period of recriminations from both sides as we simply don't know how long taiwan could withstand a military attack from china but from the u.s.
3:58 pm
perspective anything that you can do such as sell these the spare parts or what is likely in the future additional weapon sales does help taiwan prevent the chinese attack and the goal of course is to make china not think once or twice but i think long and hard about the ramifications in the damage that china would occur if it were to attack taiwan so these kinds of actions how could taiwan in a better position and thus there is broad support among republicans and democrats in the united states or the us of a saudi an iraqi coalition fighting in yemen plans to open humanitarian corridors to allow the delivery of aid it says that it will work with the u.n. on the car and all of that would be between the rebel strongholds of her data on the red sea and the capital sanaa. what would be shocked at how the coalition is working with the u.n. humanitarian agency in yemen to establish safe humanitarian corridors to help with the delivery and aid between the data. and joins us live now from
3:59 pm
neighboring djibouti so andrew what do we know about this woman or you know about this humanitarian corridors well this response from the coalition the saudi u.s. led coalition appears to be in response to the u.n. general assembly on monday when there was such a round of warnings yet again about the critical nature of food supplies getting through to from who data the. who the red held capital of yemen it is a critical situation mark local the u.n. undersecretary for humanitarian affairs had said that once the famine strikes and it's not far away it will be too late numerous aid agencies have warned that the situation needs really a breakthrough in stopping the fighting however this announcement that there could
4:00 pm
be. all right. this is the u.n. humanitarian chief lisa grande they are speaking only about this. we estimate that a child is dying every ten minutes for war related causes ten thousand children have died in the in the city of the data which is under military attack right now twenty five percent of all of the children in that city are malnourished desperately worried about conditions in the game and that's why it's so important during this general assembly that the world wake up that we understand what's happening there and we also understand that humanitarians can help to reduce suffering.


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