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it's. against arab cafes markets buses and trains. with the cycle of violence in palestine growing. the british decided to act. at james's palace a conference is hoping to arrive at a solution of the out of jewish problem of palestine. after a conference in london attended by both arabs and jews the british government produced a white paper setting a limit on jewish immigration to palestine for the next five years to bring peace to be so beyond that it would be left to the arab majority to decide to the jews this was complete betrayal soon the british would feel that
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anger. on the twenty sixth the bogus one nine hundred thirty nine. it a gun started its own war against the british killing two offices in a bomb attack. six days later the whole world has descended into war. the name egypt we called off its campaign. so as not to hinder britain's fight against what they called the jews' greatest enemy in the world. german nazi is. but within a splinter group now emerged led by a man determined to fight on. of
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a hamster thought that britain was a greater enemy of the jews than darth suit germany and he wanted to continue to fight the british during the second world war. you know order to expel them. in july nine hundred forty stern created a new militant breakaway from iran gone call left or fighters for the freedom of israel. to the british it was simply the stern gang. the fate of falcon bernadotte would be determined by these men. they wanted the british out of the middle east the germans wanted the british out of the middle east so decided to make common cause with the nazis tried to make contact with them
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in istanbul the nazis weren't interested nothing came of it. it was a mixture of stupidity and fanaticism they thought that they should join the enemy of england in order to train help for the girls in palestine which was just stupid they were very brave and very stupid people. in february one thousand nine hundred forty two during his arrest in tel aviv by the british. average home stan was shot dead. on the sixth the november one thousand nine hundred forty four left he commanded now by gets near struck back in an unexpected place. cairo. two assassins killed
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more and more in the british minister a resident in the middle east outside his home. it's actually. was a terrorist and not just see but the other members. the stern gang defined themselves as terrorists and wrote that terrorism is a perfectly legitimate means for expanding the foreign occupied from the land of israel. after the end of world war two in one thousand nine hundred forty five as jewish organizations were honoring bernadotte for his work with the white buses. many of the holocaust survivors trying to enter palestine found their way barred.
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britain had refused to raise immigration limits set before the war. to the jews the betrayal now seemed even greater. having won one ball britain found itself fighting and. this time against jewish militant groups. what developed was the kind of competition. the left say was the most extreme deal gone. to any minute other door. at the high god now became more extreme with other beatrice able to go and so the
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whole process became more extreme. violence and death ride the ancient streets of jerusalem. terrorism as in john fund tel aviv has been the chief outward sign of a critical situation. palestine continues to present one of the most obstinate problems of today. responding with the draconian counterinsurgency campaign the british arrested in. imposing the death penalty on convicted insurgents. in response. under the command of another future israeli prime minister menachem
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begin bombed the king david hotel. the main base for the british administration in palestine. killing british arabs and jews alike. by october one thousand nine hundred forty seven jewish underground groups had killed one hundred twenty seven british servicemen. and. three have been inspected by his majesty's government feel enough so that in the absence of a settlement fim asked family early. british forces of the british ministry ship from. britain had washed its
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hands of a problem of its own making. the fate of palestine now lay with the united nations is. only really in november one thousand nine hundred forty seven the un general assembly adopted resolution one eight one recommending that palestine be partitioned into separate arab and jewish states. to the owners of the united nations the solution to recommend partition brings while jubilation among the jewish community into rosa longman tel aviv. this was the first ever international recognition of the long hoped for jewish state. but the extremists saw no cause for celebration.
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they thought that the jews had the absolute right to the whole of palestine. and that the borders of the drew state shouldn't be defined by any foreign bodies like the united nations so they wanted greater israel as if it existed in biblical times. in april one thousand nine hundred forty eight going to forces began a military operation to take control of arab areas assigned to the jewish state under the partition plan. extremist militias joined the effort but soon they had overstepped the mark. left that is the stern gang and you'll go in as the british call them participated
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in one famous atrocity which was of course called quest and massacre which occurred in the village of the area seen on the ninth of april one nine hundred forty eight when about one hundred villagers were killed most of them civilians. and this time mandate is indeed britain is relieved of about sudan and cunningham takes leave of the troops are shown exemplary patience in a fantasy. ten weeks or more not acquired for completely with the departure of the last high commissioner of palestine the british mandate was of. that same day in tel aviv david ben-gurion declared the establishment of the state of israel. the celebration
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would be short lived. within hours the egyptian air force would bomb the capital of the newly formed state. at the same time the armies of egypt jordan syria and iraq crossed the borders into palestine. for as the maintenance of modern security and just as an urgent question which can fight in new york the united nations faced a major challenge to its power and prestige. the first arab israeli going. on the twentieth of may nineteenth forty eight the united nations named its first mediator in palestine. the man who would take on the task was
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count fulker bernadotte hero the white bustles. he was from that noble family he was a relative of the king and gifts thought he could deal very good with people meeting and making compromises and things like that. at the end of may nine hundred forty eight bernadotte left paris for the middle east. seen off by his american born wife a stele. in a pointed to echo of the white buses campaign burna darts had his specially chartered plane painted white with the un and red cross markings. into the account but it is cut by united nations that last hope made it is what
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a record at the age of eight did it rated him above suspicion of advantage in tel aviv his first touch his first task was to bring about a cease fire. which needed that he went to the different capitals in kind of shuttle diplomacy which he really invented because everybody was very impressed about his energy here that the temple we used when he was traveling around and there you can see he made all possible efforts to bring this ceasefire about. after only ten days in the middle east bernadotte scored his first success. on the ninth of june here mounts to a four week truce. if it had been a food federal politician knowing all the tricks i'm not sure he would have succeeded better because. they were surprised by this total openness
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he never had this diplomatic roundabouts all the time and many people say that that was clear advantage. by the end of june after weeks of diplomacy bernadotte was finally able to unveil a new plan for peace in palestine. bernadotte was a realist and he did not want to abandon the un partition plan but he wanted to modify it to fit in with a new reality on the ground. and if you look at the map of the un partition plan it doesn't make much sense it's three jewish enclaves with kissing points and then there is the arab state which is also fragmented
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so basically what you wanted to do is to give the jews the whole of the galilee in the north and the coastal plain but to deprive them of the negative and to give the negative to the arab state that there was not to be an independent palestinian state by this time the arab part of palestine was to be incorporated with france drooled and. despite there being no independent state allocated to the palestinians bernadotte proposals did include one key provision for them. the right of return for refugees expelled by force from their homes in israeli controlled areas. better than a dog as number four how can i bear no doubt proposed the right of return and he managed to obtain a un resolution that this is
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a humanitarian right that can be ignored with no limits or numbers the complete and immediate right to return. and burn of dots planning included one more provision which would outrage the israelis. in his first peace plan which i think was his biggest mistake he said that jerusalem would be inside the arab state because there was no possibility whatsoever to have that use agreed to something like that. under bernadotte supplant judaism's most holy place would come under the control of the arabs. jewish militants decided they must fight on in defense of jerusalem.
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the campaign against bernadotte was building and plans were soon being laid for killing accounts. it captures memory and present realities for you jenny and the camera as a tool photography and often shot. in one of when i saw the most deprived areas children who have nothing. now have a voice. to danielle's close up part of the viewfinder latin america series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara on al-jazeera. is it over here in doha the top stories from al-jazeera the e.u. says it's working on a way to keep trading with iran despite u.s. sanctions president pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal earlier this year and put sanctions on business is the deal with tehran. e.u.
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member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with iran and this will allow european companies to continue to trade with iran in accordance with european union low and could be open to other partners in the woods world leaders are in new york for the u.n. general assembly where they're expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal along with several other big global issues when the secretary general gives his opening remarks in just about an hour from now he's expected to paint a grim picture of the state of world affairs he will also call on leaders to work together to deal with a long list of problems in yemen the saudi u.a.e. coalition has announced it will open humanitarian corridors between data and sunnah in coordination with the u.n. fighting over the port of data has stopped aid agencies from reaching millions of people the u.s. is warning russia about deploying its missile defense system in syria it's sending
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the s. three hundred system a week after one of its planes was mistakenly shot down by syrian anti-aircraft fire russia blames israel for the incident china has accused the us of in its words holding a knife to its neck by imposing its biggest round of trade tariffs yet a senior chinese trade official says u.s. sanctions make it impossible to resume negotiations the u.s. is producers on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports and china retaliated with similar taxes. made fluff the u.s. side has turned its back on the agreements abandon the consensus and adopt a trade restrictions which made the negotiations impossible to continue in order to make negotiations effective first of all we must treat each other equally and respect each other now the u.s. has adopted such large scale trade restriction measures and hold not to another's nick how can the negotiation proceed britain's main opposition party is trying to work out its response to the government's brics it talks with the e.u.
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if they fail labor party members may back a second referendum if they can't get a general election jeremy corbyn the leader has said he'd prefer an election over another public vote on bricks at those are your headlines more news. the greek island of rhodes. a world heritage site today it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in europe. rose's hotel is one of the oldest on the island.
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in the summer of one nine hundred forty eight count foca bernadotte the un's first mediator for palestine had chosen the island as his headquarters. for the arrival of his american born wife estelle and their two sons full tilt ease the tension as bernadotte waited for the official response to his proposals to end the war that had broken out in palestine. after two weeks relaxing with his family. bernadotte set out on another round of shuttle diplomacy. if you want a one day with the red cross here before. this all. and i put it all when i was allowed to travel with you in the united nations. to drew's.
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but i was told to stay the course. bernadotte had come to jerusalem to meet the israeli foreign minister moshe charrette israel's response to burne adopts plan was total rejection. i think they saw him as an enemy of the jewish state he was going to aim reduce by large measure the size of the state the jews were to have so they regarded him as pro arab basically and he was in some ways a an agent of the british government who are regarded rightly or wrongly by the israelis as anti zionist. after the failure of byrne adults first plan and with a full week troops coming to its end. fighting broke out again palestine.
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three days later bernadotte accompanied by his wife estelle flew into la guardia airport in new york. city. but he wanted to impress on the security council's the urgent need for firm and decisive action. action. that united nations and that. it was setting up. the sick. it's just wrong and. that
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it would have been that it was going. to play it. back in the middle east and with a second fragile truce in place bernadotte began a new round of negotiations. but securing that peace seemed impossible. like an shanda a share in that but often didn't have anything definite convinced either the arabs or the israelis that he had read or thought of the order of it so there was a lot of resistance from both sides to his purported the book for the catawba. in mid august and exhausted bernadotte flew to sweden.
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he was to chair the international red cross conference and it was a chance to see his family. he took me out for a whole day we went to museum or winters or football and things like that and i remember afterwards to having my father for myself a whole day was a day and a fantastic thing to happen. once. before returning to the middle east he arranged to meet in paris three weeks later . for her birthday. it was a meeting he would never make. during the first two weeks of september one thousand nine hundred forty eight bernadotte
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spent what would prove to be the last days of his life in rhodes putting the final touches to a revised peace plan. completed on the sixteenth of september it contained a major concession to israel jerusalem the city would no longer be under arab control it would be administered by the united nations. but this change had come to light. six days earlier in an apartment in tel aviv's ben yehuda street the commanders of leahy the stern gang had come together to seal the fate of falcon bernadotte. not ten year lemole voted against the assassination of then the door. doctor he
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said i have. voted for the s.s. in the nation anything from me cost he's voted in favor of the assassination of the u.n. envoy. so it was two against one that's how the decision was made. on the seventeenth of september one thousand nine hundred forty eight at ten o'clock in the morning. count full could burn it off landed at kalandia airport just north of jerusalem. shortly after these three car convoy arrived at the mandelbaum dates.
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the crossing points into the west i'm jewish part of jerusalem. waiting at the gates was a liaison officer assigned to him by the israeli government. captain moshi. or their thought account notice that mr hellman was armed with a pistol so he turned to him and said no no no no you have to get rid of that pistol give it to the other officers here you're under the protection of the un and when you're protected by the un there are no weapons. with no military escort no protection other than the u.n. flag. burning docks convoy and that jewish jerusalem. after a few hours spent visiting the former british governor's house they headed to the
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y.m.c.a. for the night. as they left andres servo a french colonel traveling with the u.n. convoy asked tillman to do him a favor. bit and i thought right away the liaison officer swapped seats in berne adults car and goes to sit in another car in the convoy care should be the move good lord daughter. and switches with colonel servo who asked for the chance to thank bernadotte for the red cross campaign that had saved his wife from a german concentration camp. so close wife had been liberated by one of the white fusses. his gratitude would cost him his life.
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heading towards the y.m.c.a. the three car convoy was suddenly halted. an army jeep pulled out from the side street to block the road. three men in israeli army fatigues sprang out of the jeep. they are they block the road kill you and then two of the assassins come out. again ben maché and puncture the tires of the vehicles in front. share. your body show no they don't know which car the county is in. and then suddenly the count opens the window of his car so he can see what's happening. to show you his the shots they are bad news they must be all sure then they identify him and joshua cohen goes to the car puts his schmeiser submachine gun in through
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the window and unloads on everyone sitting in the receipt of a shot of the. six bullets tore into bernadotte slept on throat and chest. cohen kept firing pumping eighteen bullets into colonel sorrow. in a matter of seconds the assassins had made their escape. by five o'clock in the afternoon bernadotte lay dead in hospital alongside him colonels. i heard it on the radio which was a bit deplorable in many ways the news had come first of all two was a swedish king and he baited with members of the family who would inform
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my mother and that debate carried on so much that the swedish radio assumed that the family had been told but we hadn't so therefore it came as a bit of a shock and i got up and went to my mother and said something's happened to my father and she said i felt that i had a feeling. she knew that he was there. the next day bernadotte body left israel on the same white plane that had carried him in such a place. it was on its way to paris where bernadotte had been due to present his second peace plan to a un meeting. and to meet his wife to celebrate her birthday. politicians and diplomats
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representing their countries of the un meeting in paris came to all the airports to pay their last respects. with the assassination of its mediator the u.n. had failed its first great test. that evening bernadotte body arrived in stockholm and was carried to the family home. why father lay in a room in our house. but my mother didn't think it is good idea and neither did i that i should go in and see him like that so i didn't have a saw. five
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days later swedes came on to the streets of stockholm to bid farewell to bernadotte . ninety year old king gustav arrived to mourn the death of his beloved nephew. scouts and red cross workers from the two organizations bernadotte chaired the coffin along its way to the northern cemetery. in israel prime minister david ben-gurion ordered an immediate hunt for the killers
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. but it soon became apparent that the hunt was not what it seems. moshe hilman the liaison officer traveling with bernadotte had recognized the driver of the jeep used by the assassins of the a lot of russia they are shy yeah my dad went to macheda dianne who was then the military commander of jerusalem and said to him listen i received a threatening letter that said hilman be careful why because he knew one of them at that he said he didn't want to mess anything up and diane said to him you know what let's leave things in secret for the time being we didn't hear we didn't see. with bernadotte death his plan also done right. but the legacy of his assassination had only just begun. israel covertly strengthened
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during the truce successfully launched a series of military operations to drive out the arab amin's. israel at the end of the forty eight war was interested in retaining its conquests and all the territory which it had in its hands which included of course all of galilee and a the negative were going to have relinquished them in line with what the bernadotte had planned. i doubt it. in one thousand nine hundred forty nine a series of armistice agreement was signed in bernadotte former headquarters in roads between israel and its arab neighbors. but the solutions bernadotte had been seeking and had paid for with his life remained elusive. but if of course the
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jerusalem problem is still under resort that this day and ben adopt wanted the city to be part of the arab state or under international administration the proposal for the immediate return of fifty g.'s if that had happened relations between designers ten palestinians would have been a better more able to find the common future for palestine the one for the thing. with israel victorious ben-gurion announced a general amnesty. bernadotte killers were freed to return to normal life in the new state of israel. yahshua cohen would head south to the newly occupied negev to a kibbutz called his day bucket. in years to come prime minister david ben-gurion would make this place his home. usual cohen was
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one of the founders of those there were killed but says the booker and was the closest member of the kibbutz to bingo real they were going to get there before the morning march in the evening march and they were talking in the were friendly and i thought to myself well this was the guy we'll bring gloria wanted to find any or he wanted to find him to crush him and now there are their friends. while bernadotte killer became a friend of the prime minister. one of the men who ordered the killing would eventually rise to that role himself. being. the great very humiliated when the right wing switched to power for the first time in one nine hundred seventy seven. menachem begin the former leader became prime
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minister. yitzhak shamir the formulae he commander became speaker of the israeli parliament the knesset. i've never given up rather. than begin to live then show me a target. for this is not really unusual. except that show me a will of the honest to goodness devil with the rich begin with not. show me a war than. lead best lead. undergone operations. under a palestinian uprising the first intifada provoked
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a brutal reaction. of the. arabs say f. those stop or these horses of the riots or for ing stalls or wounding people it's useless. in one thousand nine hundred ninety two israeli politics veered to chop the left. sacked rabin leader of the labor party came to power as prime minister. he quickly began to secure peace deals after decades of struggle with the arabs. were. but right wing extremism was still alive in israel. and in november one thousand nine hundred ninety five while
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attending a peace rally in tel of nice sooner or. gets hacked rabin like bernadotte paid the ultimate price for the pursuit of peace. he was killed by one of his own countrymen. a peace which had seemed within reach. it was once again snatched away. in sweden the memory of full carbon adox has faded. except in this place. the royal palace in stockholm. on the twenty fifth of february two thousand and twelve king called gustav of
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sweden announced that his newborn granddaughter would be called estelle. is there was a wife for the man. and then. to me it's a clear rare demonstration that they want in some way to. do honor called battle and if this baby would have been and always i guess he would have made for a. second in line to the throne and princess estelle may one day be queen of sweden. or christening has rekindled public interest in by an adult's life story. but in this house in gothenburg there is one man for whom the count story has been
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a life's work. in one nine hundred fifty seven son a person was a member of a swedish un but tiny and guarding the armistice line between egypt and israel. this his first contact with the struggle in the middle east would shape the remainder of his life. first of all i asked the truth. so now i'm. at the right to to set. up the world. accept i. can't. so i'm at. the script oh. and we had
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a couple. of people actors. all. fall back on the spot it's. ok. i have. probably got to split. that dissertation mediation and assassination was the start of a lifetime's work. on a person's books and articles have ensured that folk a bone adults place in history will not be forgotten. they were the inspiration for this film. i've i've. i've
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. from flowing in the winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello there we're seeing some very heavy downpours across parts of south america at the moment there across the southern parts of brazil down through paraguayan and into the northern parts of argentina plenty of heavy thundery down poles that will sweeping their way eastwards and they here because this is the region where we've got the cold air fighting with the very hot air so this is the region they'll stay yes we had three choose day on wednesday but as always in the fresh air add one
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the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. pesticides are pushed on crumbs that it's a very modern way to defy and we've made poisons the measure of progress. the domestic population has become organized enough and active enough to believe in your assuming the ideas if you will kill people who are more vulnerable circle of poison on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes ready to deliver
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their messages to the world and there's a lot to talk about global leaders preparing to address the u.n. general assembly. sticking by the iran nuclear deal the european union says it's found a way around u.s. sanctions and it can keep doing business with tehran. warnings of famine in yemen millions already short of food but there could be a deal on getting help in via humanitarian corridors. the speeches are already in the audience our allies friends and foes world leaders are about to address the annual session of the united nations general assembly in new york it's their chance to force their favorite subjects and put their opinions on to the world stage it's just gone nine am at u.n. h.q. in new york in the next few minutes the secretary general and turning to tatters
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will step up to the podium to begin proceedings we're looking at that scene live for you inside the main building in new york keeping us company in the coming hours as our diplomatic editor james bays he's there at u.n. headquarters so james clearly everyone's waiting not just a mystical terrorist but also for mr trump perhaps expecting a different donald trump a different tone from him this year. possibly we don't know what we're going to get from president trump who will be speaking after the secretary general after the president of the general assembly and then after the traditional first speaker which is always brazil clearly will be watching i think on three key areas a lot of there is always with the u.s. president to watch but see what he says about north korea last year he said he would threaten to totally destroy north korea if it did didn't dismiss demand dismantle its nuclear weapons clearly a lot has changed in the year there but then we'll be watching i think what he says about venezuela and most importantly what he says about iran in his speech to the
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general assembly which will be followed a few hours later by the speech by house son rouhani the iranian president the president of the general assembly maria espinosa who took this job just a week ago is calling the meeting to order now in the u.n. general assembly and then should be asking the secretary general antonio terrace the first speaker i've actually seen his speech i'm not allowed to tell you what he says yet because it's on embargo but i can tell you from u.n. officials he paints a pretty grim picture of the state of the world in the speech that you're about to hear he'll be talking about the threats to multination that election isn't from populism and nationalism around the world but this is a secretary general who's very careful not to name names they're actually standing before the speech and decide believe is a tribute to the former secretary general kofi annan who died at the end of august and i think you're going to hear references to the former secretary general in
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quite a few of the speeches quotes from some of the things he says and applying them to the state of the world as it stands now something that the form a second to general said that there were certain real difference certainly really real difficulties in the state of the world right now those scenes likely to be echoed by the secretary general who you're seeing standing in. silence now in the general assembly hall when he's he is called peter to be the next speaker in this general assembly speech kicking off this seventy third session of the u.n. general assembly and after him in turn will hear presidents then prime ministers and then foreign ministers of all the member states of the united nations is the u.n. slightly sore behind the scenes on this james in as much as the u.s. has is carrying through on those threats to cut funding and it's walked away from several high profile parts of the united nations and the sharp end of how the u.n.
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does what it does around the world. yes but i think they're also well aware that president trump is a transactional president and everything is personal to him so the u.n. has to tread very very carefully it can say it doesn't like the cut stuff under a by the by by the u.s. it can say it doesn't like that the references to the i.c.c. but you'll never i think hear the secretary general talk directly about president trump he doesn't want to offend him and i think you'll hear that again in this speech now and we'll also understand as well be hearing from mike pompei oh we'll get into that conversation in just a moment james there we have the u.n. secretary general antonio terror's gays and trusts their feces these are all of those people are feeling troubled and insecure work and trust is at the
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breaking point was when i asked the national institutions and asked the man states and i asked the. global warmers we didn't countries people are losing face in political establishments well that is asian is on the rise and populism is on the much. among countries cooperation is less certain and more difficult and divisions in our security council are stark trust in global governance is also fred giles as twenty first century challenges outpace twenty century institutions and mindsets we have never had a true system of global governance and much less a fully democratic world but still across many decades we established solid foundations for international cooperation we come together as united nations to build institutions norms and rules to advance our shared interests we raise
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standards for standards of living for millions we forge peace in troubled lands and indeed we have voided world wars but none of these can be taken for granted today world order is increasingly chaotic power relations are less clear and universal values are being eroded democratic principles are in the siege and the rule of law is being and their mind impunity is on the rise as leaders and states push the boundaries both said tome and the international arena and we face a set of paradoxes the world is more connected yet societies are becoming more fragmented challenged these are growing outwards while many people are turning inwards and multilateralism is in the fire precisely when we need it most
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so excellent sees ladies and gentleman it is true that we are moving invite action of a multi-polar world but multi-polar it will not in itself guarantee peace or solve global problems a century ago europe was multi-polar the balance of power was the sufficient to keep rivals in check. it was not without strong multilateral framework sport european wide cooperation and problem solving the result was a grevious world war and today with shifts in the balance of power the risk of confrontation may increase in assessing the political asian war in ancient greece to see this said and i quote it was the rise of athens and the fear that these instilled in sparta they had to make war inevitable this is what the political
9:57 pm
scientists graymail is and caused to see these traps but in his book destined for war and reviewing many examples of rivalry in the past he concluded that conflict is never inevitable indeed with leadership committee to strategic cooperation and to managing competing interests we can avoid war and still steer the world on to a safer path individual leaders have the duty to advance the well being of their people but it runs deeper together as guardians of the common good we also have a duty to promote and supports reforms that reveal great it and strengthens multilateral system we need commitments to rules based lot of that we united nations at its center and with a different institutions and treaties we have to bring the charter to life and we
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need to show the added value of international cooperation by the living peace defending human rights and driving economic and social progress for women and men everywhere and that is why i'm so committed to reform and to making the united nations more effective in responding to the needs and desperations of we the peoples in the face of massive existential threats to people and planet. but equally at a time of compelling opportunities for shared prosperity there is no way forward but collective common sense action for the common good these results we can rebuild trust excellences in my address last year i lighted seven challenges when you're on they remain sadly and resolved there is outrage at our inability to win the wars in syria yemen and elsewhere though injure
9:59 pm
people remain exiled traumatized and in misery still evening for safety and justice palestinians and israelis are still locked in endless conflict with a two state solution more and more distance the set of terror rooms felt by the root cause of radicalization and violent extremism and terrorism is ever more into linked with international going to is thriving and the trafficking of people drugs arms and corruption the nuclear peril is not eased with nonproliferation at serious risk nuclear armed states are more than eyes in their arsenals a new arms race could be triggered and the slush rolls for their use lowers we have seen outrageous use of chemical weapons in full impunity despite their ban and protection against dangerous biological weapons weak inequality isn't
10:00 pm
there mining facing the social conflict and it's a clear obstacle to the achievement of the sustainable development goals and tensions over today are on the rise migrants and refugees continue to face discrimination and demagoguery in the context of clearly insufficient international cooperation and these marking of the seventy seventy first of the vessel declaration of human rights the human rights agenda is losing ground and the authoritarianism is on the rise. as the politics of pessimism spreads we must guard selves against self-fulfilling prophecies those who see their neighbors as dangerous may cause a set where there was none of those who close their borders to regular migration only fueled the work of traffickers and those we ignore human rights in combating terrorism tend to breed the very extremism they are trying to ends experience yes
10:01 pm
that must be carriers in them as well they can get into the room will it is all very few. of the.


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