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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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well i thought it was an interesting speech in particular appreciate the differences he's made to the to the culture and to the islamic culture in particular some of the references to rumi and some of the work about. justice and development and governmental relationship between all of that so very much as he does to do with turkey position himself between the two worlds if you like i'm sure because he was talking about all the united nations should establish a youth agency or should be based in istanbul i guess trying to show that turkey is a genuine world player i mean there have been across him they have been very active players and they have started a number of initiatives that really took off very well including the alliance of civilizations it was very much a turkish invention or proposal now i'm not sure about the youth agency on the back immediately of an elders agency i know has already talked about but it was in the air. does it look like he is looking for a purpose and the role within the united nations structure ok let's talk about
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syria because that is the most pressing issue for turkey president over one's words with this is unprecedented on a global scale i.e. the amount that turkey has had to do and its key words where we expect more support he's going to give him more support who is he talking to. i think it's a bit late in the game to ask for more supporters he has shouldered a lot of the burden for many years now and in a way it has proven itself as being resilient he did ask before for aid and it was a little coming he refused all the aid that was tied and conditional on certain political actions so no one i think can deny the fact that turkey has really done very well because of be humanitarian assistance for the syrians way beyond any country could possibly bear now. his next move i think should really be focused on what happens within it labor is not going to go from
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that geographical position he has been very proactive in addressing the issue managed to reach to to an agreement with the russians that the syrians will not conduct an attack on it at least for now so the next step is to find a political settlement and of course for turkey this is this is key this is very important they share a long border with turkey with a lot of culture association between the communities and it has from his perspective it's got to be resolved one way or the other prefer to be without pushing for the refugees into turkey and from turkey into europe right and if i go back to the issue of refugees i guess his argument is also weak turkey have absorbed so many people millions of people from syria and we've stopped them going on further into europe so europe you should be helping you should recognise that and help us out here well they have because they do recognize that and they try to help there was a promise of a huge amount of money three point seven billion whatever i think one point five has materialized from that but again the europeans have their own conditions
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they're not happy to give the money to the state of turkey or to state institutions they're happy to direct it to non-governmental organizations who worked at actually with the refugees now that creates its own dynamic on the ground and confusion. and certain areas where state institutions continue to work they provide health they provide education and i think that is probably the main issue between turkey and europe is how do you channel that that aid which is not to you considering the overall build the cost to turkey but it's something south america thank you for now more speeches to come from the united nations we'll talk to get more when there is happening and in fact the next speech we're looking out for maybe in about fifteen minutes time the french president emmanuel makram so answer some of our other top stories in the european union has made it clear that it wants to keep doing business with iran despite the u.s. ripping up its part of the nuclear deal the e.u.
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says it is working on a way for its countries to continue trading with iran as you have a chance the reports now from new york. the e.u. was reported to have been discussing what it calls a special purpose recall for several weeks monday nights the e.u. foreign policy chief said it would be going ahead e.u. member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate to make financial transactions with iran and this will allow european companies to continue to trade with iran in accordance with european union low and could be open to other partners in the what the plans discussed in the past have involved an entity being set up to act as a go between or clearing house. and other nations to facilitate commercial transactions for example if a country or company wants to buy iranian oil it would send money to or perhaps engage in a barter system involving this entity which will handle the transaction with iran the same were true in reverse for iran's dealings with the rest of the world the
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idea is to bypass commercial and central banks who are fearful of being frozen out of the us financial system if they help circumvent the new sanctions being imposed by the trumpet ministration against iran in the vendor. however the details have yet to be worked out and there is some skepticism that the system will work especially given the large number of european companies already curtailing their business dealings with iran. those meeting at the u.n. also announced that iran remained in compliance with the nuclear deal and pledge their commitment to remain participants in the meeting on the sidelines of the un general assembly didn't just involve european foreign ministers but the foreign ministers of russia and china as well meeting with iran coming as it did on the eve before donald trump addresses the u.n. general assembly in what's been billed as an attempt to really blast iran for its activity this was a sign of real international solidarity here in new york she represents the al-jazeera new york and we're back live to new york now the united nations general
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assembly general assembly happening right now in new york you heard from donald trump and reject typer one next that frankly resident comic emanuel micron mr pretty daunted us on that you know i've been president of the united nations general assembly secretary general. the heads of state and government. everyone here today inherits hope the hope of preserving future generations from the scourge of for building a new world order based on law and keeping good on our word making progress towards economic and social as well as more moral order. in
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peace. results have been obtained. human rights are increasingly spreading prosperity is growing. poverty has been pushed back again. these are the achievements of the past decades and yet. it's time to take a fresh look at today's world. today. we are seeing a far reaching crisis. the crisis of the west's folly and world order of the past. this world order failed in regulating itself economic financial eye environmental and climactic issues remain pending to date. but then it failed because our collective ability
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to tackle these crises far too often is hampered by divisions on the security council. our organization very often was reduced to simply condemning the very rights that it has sought to guarantee seventy years after the adoption by this very assembly in paris of the declaration on human rights. we are seeing cultural relativism. historic religious relativism which today rocks the very universal foundation of said rights. born of hope the united nations could become just like the community of nations before it the symbol of powerlessness. but there's no need to look too far to see who's to blame.
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the very end of these very individuals are present today they've taken the floor they are us they are the leaders of today and the us i think that there are three main paths to follow in the first. would be deciding that this is simply a historical parenthesis a passing moment before we go back to life as normal i don't believe this is the case i think that we're seeing a crisis of our the very foundations of today's world we're losing our benchmarks and our my modes of functioning this is not a historical parenthesis. it's a reflection of our failures in the past the second path we could choose would be. the prevailing of the most powerful and that is
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a certain lawlessness where everyone pursues their own interests and this. law is one of unilateralist seven. it is one which leads directly to isolationism and and to conflict. with. generalized clashes. man against man. everyone pitted against everyone else. the real responsibility for peace is not something which can be delegated it is not something which can be cast aside it is something which must be up held collectively the law of the most powerful cannot protect protect any people viewed by way of chemical or nuclear war. how will we have solved the situation in iran and what has already allowed us to make progress was it the power of the very few the power of the strongest no we already
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knew that the situation was degrading but what stopped that the vienna agreement of twenty fifteen today as i said one year ago our task is not to fuel. tensions but rather to put forward a broader agenda which addresses all concerns nuclear ballistic regional one would be. caused by iranian policy but this through dialogue and multilateralism being frank as well as exacting but also without posturing. now what will solve the issue of trade imbalances and there are consequences for our societies common rules in line with today's realities ones which guarantee fair competition on equal footing. and in no case. by lateral dealing of our trade disagreements or new protectionism
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that will not work what can resolve the crisis between israel and palestine. well surely not unilateral initiatives nor trampling upon the legitimate rights of the palestinian p. to legitimate peace nor under-estimating israelis but their right to security there is no credible alternative to the two state solution living side by side in peace and security with jerusalem as capital. of israel is aware that france. has an unwavering friendship towards israel and it is in the name of this friendship that i call for an end to policies which undermine the very possibility of a peace agreement. continuing along this path would be a mistake here but i'm ready and we should all stand ready to
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go beyond are her stall sized oracle positions to think out of the box. with the real goal of this leading to positive change on the ground. the law of the strong the strongest israel will only exacerbate tensions and violence as you've seen in the face of today's tensions i don't believe in this law of the strongest. and. regardless of what type of legitimacy it max excels behind requiring of him i think there's even a third possible path if you had only been the hardest draw on. it might have been the most demanding and one which requires us to craft together a new model and new world knowledge. after
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the second world war i see several decades of blackness saw a balance which was based on average and then. there was the emergence of hyper powers or superpowers and for several years now we've seen new global instability instability characterized by the emergence of multiple centers of power and the new balance that we must strike should be based on new forms of international and regional cooperation and i think would be based on three principles the first. and. is. the up holding of sovereignty which is at the very heart of our charter the second is enhanced ing regional cooperation and third is providing more robust international guarantees or safeguards and that is to be played out here.
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these three principles would allow us to address the current crises in syria we continue to combat islamist terrorism the military. support of certain countries allow the regime to shirk responsibility for heinous crimes the syrian people has paid off the unfortunately high price there is no winner in a ruined country that is syria. what must be won now is headed by the united nations we cannot decide for the syrian people we can simply provide the ways and means to achieve the solution i highlighted above. so. this is a solution which is not just led by the guarantor states of astronaut but also by
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the international community through the small group and the coordination of the united nations and the s r s g. creating the ways and means is meant to solve the humanitarian crisis and at once crafting an inclusive lasting political solution through constitutional reform and the holding of free elections and that is what it means to uphold syrian sovereignty but it is neither acting instead of the syrian people to decide who the leader should be nor covering up for all crimes in accepting that this leader lead remain where he is born in depict didn't indeterminate period of time in libya. if. this is the new approach that would lead us to a lasting solution the current status quo allows militia and traffickers to go in ground and to destabilize the entire region.
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we shall not be providing libyan people with the way to extricate themselves from the crisis if we leave the situation as it is leave the region where the entire country no longer. up to the loring of various possible centers of power recently there was a leading and parents bringing together in state institutions the state institutions must be supported by the united nations in close cooperation with the african union we need up. yesterday yesterday in an important step was taken and i would like to share with you what the interests of the libyan people and their neighbors are the european union and the international community must come together to bolster these goals to achieve them together. for we are together we are strong in the face of terrorism states must be able to count on themselves
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to guarantee security. this very security must draw upon the regional and international security arrangements that i just saw that i just talked about earlier decisions taken by the g five held. in one body this very approach and this was also the idea of the african union's intention to undertake greater responsibility to ensure peace on the continent of this is the very idea behind the initiatives in the lake chad basin. with nigeria chad cameroon spearheaded by the african union. this is the reason we should be supporting the a view initiative. for better definition of responsibility between the united nations and the african union. i'd like to see by the end of the year a resolution adopted along these lines. we are strong in the face of terrorism
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when together we undertake responsibility to push back against all of the financing they're out of mana to do this together in the alliance for there's a hell we act in the name of development agriculture education. attacking the very root causes of terrorism and the very ways terrorists acquire weapons said point the seven point five billion dollars have already been pledged on. court together with all states and partners of the alliance these are just the first results and ones which must be built upon as you can see in each one of these crises these solution was not simply leaving states to their own devices nor acting in their stead nor imposing solutions but rather. to uphold the principle of sovereignty to engage in genuine regional cooperation and
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international cooperation this is the very triptych we shall lead us. two solutions to today's what i see only the collective action allows for the up holding of the sovereignty and equality of the people in whose name we take action this is the reason we must take action against climate demographic and digital challenges no one alone. can tackle these in the face of migration flows i don't believe in the idea of unconditional openness this simply leads to worry and intolerance i don't believe either in the fallacious fallacious statements made by some in europe and elsewhere or elsewhere that we would be stronger were we to close our borders that's not true either the only real
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effective way to effectively manage migration flows impacting all of our continents is to create conditions for chosen by international mobility to work together. and i mean countries of origin transit and destination so as to address the root causes of my money. dismantling trafficking networks which are indeed the worst manifestation of this crisis and to promote borders going on while at the same time upholding international law and in particular on conditional protection of those with the right to asylum. this is indeed what we've decided to commit to together in the compact to be adopted in america which i support. in the face of climate change. here but there can be no short cut of it or a one size fits all solutions even though who may deny climate change are suffering
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the consequences just like everybody else extreme weather phenomenon today has become a daily event on the. same. in refusing collective action certain individuals only make themselves more vulnerable on the face of the digital divide but our task is to create modern rules which will bring together the development of artificial intelligence and ethics as well as to support the digital transition of our society friends i deeply believe in the sovereignty of people. today and this is not what all people are asking for on the international stage but at the same time this requires multi-fuel faceted international cooperation and renewed international commitment as. the great challenge has always been the drive
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for us here in the twenty first century we shall only triumph through both stroke multilateralism one which is generally rather genuinely in a position to resolve. pressing issues but also one which allows us to actually address the root causes my point is. i don't believe in you generalized or empty globalization i don't think this can be a reality but i believe in universal values and that's what should guide us those are two different things i think there should be unconditional protection of our values human rights the dignity of the human person equality gender equality but i believe in our ability to create or strike effective balances between peoples while still upholding the principle of the universe ality you know that's the truth
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and i shall never start upholding the principle of sovereignty. even in the face of certain nationalism like yours which we're seeing together today from grand sovereignty as a way of attacking others. members here today. even those who might criticize it we have all benefited from the way that global order a structure around globalization we've all benefited from it there was a stage of humanism if you like. but today. it's time to take a hard look at the root causes of the imbalances before us the weaknesses.
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of the current global order and actually looking at the inequalities which have become entrenched and i think that's the part of the problem at the heart of the problem why are we seeing emerging nass nationalism. why are we seeing emerging crises these very same far reaching inequalities which remained on addressed ten years ago when the international financial crisis hit. emergency measures were taken. without though addressing the real problem we failed to address. an equal spread of wealth across the globe but we also failed to address all those who felt left behind. and in so feeling became frustrated you want this
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because of humiliation and today we're paying the collective price for along with all of that. what is needed now is a solution. for all. for all of. the children. who aren't allowed to go to school to all of those in object poverty in sub-saharan africa to all of those girls who are not allowed to equal access to school money to the seven hundred million children living in the most of the effected regions. for climate change impacted by drought is blood. verification of resources or just disappearing resources and women with no access to contraceptives and. those who are unprotected by laws and are subject to develop domestic violence to the south those who suffer salary of gaps.
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that's what we need a solution for the seven hundred eighty three million living under the many poverty threshold those suffering from hunger and malnutrition and those without access to health care there must be a solution given to the to use. the driver of history i'm talking about more than two billion people between the ages of ten and twenty four years old. eighty percent of them living in a developing country. a solution is needed for all of those who are whose eyes are fixed on us because this solution depends on what we are able to do here together in this assembly but you probably those who say that we don't
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owe any solution to those i've mentioned before are wrong they are wrong because in so thinking they create crises. they create a world that is worse that would be inherited by our children and future generations. today with the twenty thirty agenda we've big guy any. other path forward we've begun working on the solution. think about the gaps in g.d.p. if we want to create stability and balance. this state of inequality must be addressed action must be taken and this is the reason as i announced last year as well that i decided. to bring france's oh da number. to one billion euros by twenty nineteen credits increasing by forty
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percent it is also for this reason that combating inequality will be the priority of the french presidency of the g. seven summit. we're going to france after canada which i would like to hail here is to be is the incoming chair of the g. seven. here i'd like to see far reaching reforms so as to bring on several other powers working on new forms of coordination. it is here from this podium that i wanted to share with you that that that tackling inequalities will be at the heart of the g seven g seven mission and this is going to be the commitment discussed during the meeting because in the past.
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rich countries were able to impose an agenda on the rest but that time has changed . here we've understood just how interlinked everybody is. indeed the time has come to combat the current inequalities which are indeed the root cause of the scourge i touched upon earlier we must attack. inequalities of fate if you like but. it's not acceptable anymore that an individual would have a lesser opportunity simply due to where they are born or their gender to lack access to health care health care for those very same reasons last year. with the president of senegal we spoke about this during the global conference for financing for development and in february and there was an opportunity to raise two point
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five billion dollars to develop access to education across the globe this is a historic some france has increased ten fold its contribution g. seven mobilization under the canadian chairmanship were laos to make further strides forward this is a turning point ladies and gentlemen this is a time where we see if we will truly find solutions commensurate with the challenge there are six hundred twenty million children across the globe lacking access to education. let us address this to give these children. a foundation. put them in the driver's seat of their lives. should we not do this should we fail to do what world will be will we be leaving
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behind us this is the reason that france has made solid commitment along these lines this is why i highlight professional training the training of teachers as well as gender equality among students it is also the reason that i call upon all to join this drive for education education would not just be will not just be the pillar in the years to come but also the very foundation of our economies. we must waveringly push back against gender inequality in france i made gender equality one of the. one of the big slogans of my presidency and i'd like to see this be a global drive as well women and girls are the main groups in package to buy
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poverty as well as climate change into interest they are the main victims of gender based violence or discrimination a phenomenon which sought to stop them from moving freely as well as from. enjoying the freedom to decide what they do with their bodies it is time to put an end to all of this. it is time to start making women victims of love but instead giving them their due place which is one of leaders. it is time to guarantee of across the board access to education health employment.


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