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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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chaos there's no bigger danger than a world order that has lost mercy conscience truth and hope and that is the danger that we're facing now let's check in with hashem now borrow for a bit of analysis on this he started quite big picture hashem talking about his idea of chaos and a lack of mercy in the world and then focused more on turkish issues that mean syria and really a call for help i think he said we expect more support. indeed come a lot of play of basically said that his country has to bear the burden of the influx of more than three and a half a million syrian refugees into the country and that the country of turkey has been looking after those refugees provided to them with the basic services and that despite reassurances from the international community the e.u. and the u.n. in particular to provide significant assistance to those refugees nothing has
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emerged apart from few financial assistance the biggest concern for the turkish government is therefore the way out of the crisis in syria as a paper doll and said that his country was instrumental in the so she i agree him and with the russians to prevent a bloody confrontation in months he was hoping to see if that translates into a comprehensive political settlement but you know aren't talking to me is why it's concerned about what could happen in the future if the russians and the syrians decide to go ahead and move towards it which is the last bastion for the rebels in syria. hashim with regards to the middle east what's coming up on this day at the united nations i'm looking at my list here i'm seeing carter and iran what to expect there. interesting statements to come forward particularly from the iranian president hassan rouhani we're
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expecting his speech to be a part of the conciliatory part at least wrong and now he's been emboldened by the push by the europeans the russians or the chinese to create this payment mechanism whereby companies contractors with iran could bypass sanctions imposed by the. trump administrator and he's definitely going to reiterate the position of his country which is basically that the two thousand and fifteen agreement with the international community remains the only platform for any. future negotiation in the near future but at the same time we'll definitely hear some strong words from has a little handy warning the international community the americans in particular that further sanctions attempts to isolate iran are definitely going to backfire and create more conflicts more instability worldwide as far as this speech over the emir of qatar shift i mean how many. it's a crucial moment for the emir of qatar this is going to be his second speech the
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united nations general assembly are the two thousand and seventeen g.c.c. quizes it will definitely come out saying that his country has emerged stronger supplying deals building strong bridges with the international community with the americans in particular but at the same time i think he's definitely going to say that while his country remains committed to dialogue about with sandy arabia the united arab emirates but how they and each of the countries that have been imposing a blockade on qatar here remains determined in the fact that any discussion in the near future should never tackle issues of national sovereignty that remains a red line for qatar ok hashim we'll talk to you again later on once we hear those speeches from iran and qatar at the u.n. . one thing with the studio itself and bought a car here is the director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute so i would usually ask you right now
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a question where i think we should go but you've got four pages of notes there and i want you to tell me out of what we've heard so far of micron what's jumped out for you the most wanted of what micron had to say i i thought his line was very much similar to what you said last year but he went more into the details this year conceptually but yeah boy did to contextualize it in certain countries and certain conflicts around the world so i was saying the bigger picture what he'd like to see the world order looking like without any picking on particular examples. what i thought was very interesting his reference to the international financial crisis ten years ago that we have handled it but we've only taken emergency measures and we failed to address the root causes of the crisis so he picked on issues of inequalities low g.d.p. around the world the fact that there hasn't been really major root cannot make reforms to try and support people in times of crisis in terms of.
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french international aid i thought again contrasting with what trump said was a very important point that he pushed his contribution by forty percent but the temps in the same time of this year i think it's been particularly interesting here in the second sentence said fifty percent of that will be. targeting inequalities against women so he's very focused on on development as far as as half of the world population is concerned women and girls he did highlight very quickly and very firmly for the basic needs an education health and the importance that plays in development with all due respect to the french president and i'm not talking so specifically about those initiatives but generally speech i wondered if he sounded a bit more idealistic then realistic. exactly this is why world order is. where do you even start with that well he wasn't proposing
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a totally new order he's proposing respecting the existing order but on the basis of rules that are known and fair and that can rules that can be respected and i respected in reality now he put in his for example on the international humanitarian law and the fact that france will continue to support that will continue to provide you return assistance but you know avoided mentioning the real crises around the world yemen to start with and syria no reference whatsoever to these two and i thought it kind of contradict with his own principle that international terror law is important france is going to undertake steps to ensure a humanitarian access but we have these two major crises that are suffering at the moment and. i thought was interesting also his. reference to migration the t. acknowledged that people's mobility is a factor and closing our doors is not the solution but we have to work together to make sure and using his words he talked about the choice international mobility or
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selected international mobility has got to be allowed in order to spread the benefit of development. with respect to well so many micro on who did we have before that time the one from turkey. do we risk looking at all of these speakers in comparison to donald trump just just so you know i know trump was one of the first speakers and he's one of the most anticipated speeches and yes he's the president of the united states but i just worry sometimes that we're all are well this is what they said compared to trump compared to trump. yes i'm not for the fact that the u.s. traditionally goes second always has had an effect on everybody else coming to speak behind them but last year in this year it's the style the trump addresses people that really left most impression and in one or two cases almost made it a must that they should respond to his points i thought this year he was more
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moderate last year i was really didn't threaten anyone he didn't register anyone and he wasn't quite interested in reading from his notes i thought it was really somebody else's notes but very subdued yes yes as a sort of you know moving on slowly quietly through the points which wasn't what he did last he was much more fiery gauging he was really saying what he thought on every single point. but it's inevitable that people will contrast their position in relation to to what he has has to say on or do. i thought there were a lot of interesting concept or idea is put forward and to be fair to turkey since two thousand and twelve they have created their own mood in terms of international aid and support overseas and in particular particularly in somalia somalia benefit a great deal from turkish assistance and they've done it in a way that differed from the traditional western mood of development and if you
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speak to somalis i think the majority would those who benefited would. clearly be able to capture illustrate the output of the turkish assistance in somalia ok thank you again more speeches the come we're waiting for the leaders of jordan and qatar and iran so again we'll talk to you later on. for now we will move on to some other news the european union has made it clear it wants to keep doing business with iran despite the u.s. ripping up its nuclear deal the e.u. says it is working on a way for its countries to continue trading with iran as we have for townsend reports from new york. the e.u. was reported to have been discussing what it calls a special purpose vehicle for several weeks and monday night the e.u. foreign policy chief said it would be going ahead e.u. member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate legit to make financial transactions with iran and this will allow european companies to continue to trade with it on in accordance
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with european union low and could be open to other partners in the what the plans discussed in the past have involved an entity being set up to act as a go between or clearing house which wean iran and other nations to facilitate commercial transactions for example if a country or company wants to buy iranian oil it would send money to or perhaps engage in a barter system involving this entity which will handle the transaction with iran the same were true in reverse for iran's dealings with the rest of the world the idea is to bypass commercial and central banks who are fearful of being frozen out of the us financial system if they help circumvent the new sanctions being imposed by the trumpet ministration against iran in the vendor. however the details have yet to be worked out and there is some skepticism that the system will work especially given the large number of european companies already curtailing their business dealings with iran. those meeting at the u.n. also announced that around remained in compliance with the nuclear deal pledge
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their commitment to remain participants the meeting on the sidelines of the un general assembly didn't just involve european foreign ministers but the foreign ministers of russia and china as well meeting with iran coming as it did on the eve before donald trump addresses the u.n. general assembly in what's been billed as an attempt to really blast iran for its activity this was a sign of real international solidarity here in new york she ever see al-jazeera new york now the saudi amorality coalition fighting in yemen plans to open humanitarian corridors to allow the delivery of aid it says it will work with the u.n. on the car door that would run between the rebel strongholds of her day there on the red sea and the capital. quite a bit shocked at how the coalition is working with the u.n. humanitarian agency in yemen to establish safe humanitarian corridors to help with the delivery and aid between today deaths on. britain's main opposition has voted
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to approve its plan on how to respond to the government's bragg's that talks with the european union the motion paves the way for the party to reject any deal with the e.u. that fails to meet its tests and to keep open the option of a second referendum the labor leader jeremy coleman said he'd prefer an election over another public vote on e.u. membership president donald trump's embattled nominee for the u.s. supreme court is speaking out after facing new accusations of sexual misconduct in his youth brett kavanaugh offered a blanket denial in a t.v. interview more from john hendren. people. as protesters faced arrest to demonstrate against president donald trump's supreme court pick brett kavanaugh is striking back. appearing with his wife on fox news a day after not one but two new accusers emerged he insists he's been wrongly accused saying the truth is i have never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or otherwise i'm not questioning and have not questioned that perhaps dr ford at
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some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone in some place would i know is that i've never sexually assaulted anyone kavanaugh was seventeen when his original accuser christine bloody forward says he tried to rape her cavanaugh and ford are scheduled to break their silence at a senate hearing on thursday but the white house considered that too late president trump is standing behind his nominee for the united states highest court since a fine man and we certainly hope he's going to be confirmed as quickly republican leaders in congress aren't backing down either this is what the so-called resistance has become. a smear campaign pure and simple democrats would let a few and conveyed a thing like a complete lack of evidence or accusers requests for confidentiality to get between them and a good smear. it's despicable. on
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sunday kavanagh's nomination was struck with back to back bombshell first the new yorker magazine published the account of deborah ramirez who says that cavanagh exposed himself to her while they were both students in a university then the lawyer for stormy daniels the woman who was paid one hundred thirty thousand dollars by president trump's lawyer to deny that she had an affair with the president says that he has another client who says that she also was assaulted by kevin oh now the republicans who run the senate judiciary committee are considering whether to go ahead with the thursday hearing or to postpone it to investigate further with just six weeks to go before the november midterm elections that could shift control of congress and the supreme court nomination to democrats john hendren al-jazeera washington taiwan is to get three hundred thirty million dollars in a new minute in new military equipment from the united states and includes some spare parts also support for f. sixteen fighter jets and other military aircraft the u.s.
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is the only country that sells weapons to the islands which it had been doing for any forty years now china of course considers taiwan part of its territory and opposes u.s. military sales of bad. argentina's largest labor unions calling for a nationwide strike over the government's austerity measures many are furious of a president creates new budgets but he says it is needed to secure more money from the international monetary fund from buenos aires he has to reza but with more. lever unions in argentina i few years with the government of. the economy shrinking and argentina is reducing spending and increasing borrowing from the international monetary fund to pay the bills. from a teacher who has taken to the streets and when a site is to demand better wages. they find out about this shows the discontent workers have with government this is the beginning of
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a plan to fight the austerity measures he's implemented for the government the priority is to defend bankers and multinational companies not people like us. took office three years ago with a promise to improve argentina's economy after years of double digit inflation and recession but this year a bad drought sapped argentina's grain export sector and the peso currency depreciated almost fifty percent due to a lack of investor confidence in emerging markets mackey says he's been forced to seek help from the i.m.f. and implemented shock austerity measures to prevent a major financial crisis. this is the fourth strike against his policies. unemployment an increase in food prices currency devaluation these are all had a huge impact on low income households it affects the lives of the millions of people that live under the poverty line these strikers include truck drivers state
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employees teachers and doctors and i want somebody that if we were able to negotiate a twenty five percent salary increase but we know inflation is going to be well over forty percent but it's not only that the government has shut down the health ministry they're putting people's lives at risk. is banking on an upturn in the country's finances with some forecast for next year. there will be presidential elections and he's expected to run the big question is whether it will be enough to help him regain the votes he has already lost. thailand says it will no longer take in other countries electronic rubbish so far this yet seen an influx of voice softened china and force a civil about when he reports from bangkok. these are not images normally
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associated with one of the world's most popular tourist destinations through a combination of consumption poor infrastructure and practices thailand is one of the world's largest contributors of ocean waste many of its beaches and waterways are clogged with rubbish it's also one of the region's biggest importers of waste but is making a move to stop it within six months the government says it will ban imports of hundreds of types of scrap electronics. in the proposal we suggest banning the import of used electrical appliances which total four hundred thirty two items last year thailand imported fifty three thousand tons of waste which is recycled for precious metal or plastic but it can also contain hazardous materials this year it's almost matched that amount already a result of china stopping some waste imports in january in thailand only a few companies are licensed to import a waste but corruption and weak law enforcement mean
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a lot more is brought into the country illegally or that's sure to have some more best. person. to the car lot. to the letter to the town's friends and. partners. this has. nixed on the hit list is plastic thailand plans to ban plastic imports within the next two years but like the ban on the ways the plan is light on detail but what it may do is focus attention on domestic plastic use at the moment less than a quarter is recycled already used. thailand has been slow to wake up to its waste problem until the new laws are implemented and enforced there will be skepticism about the government's commitment to clean up wayne hay al-jazeera bangkok. continuing coverage here on al-jazeera of the united nations general assembly in
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fact in the hall right now the leader of perrier actually that's not the leader for the late appearance just finished speaking martin was caught it looks like they're taking a little break then now while some of the other leaders and delegates are actually having lunch this is a lunch hosted by antonio terrorists the secretary general of the united nations we had a shop there we could see donald trump having lunch there is donald trump in the back near the flags there just waiting to see actually who the next speaker is going to be we believe it may be king hussein from jordan donald trump there speaking of course the lunch secretary general and we're actually going back to the main hall at the general assembly it's all about timing if needed and being brought out they just sit briefly in that chair before being announced that is king hussein of jordan one of three middle eastern leaders who we're going to be hearing from we're going to be hearing from the emir of qatar and the president of iran and the next well. right now though it is king hussein of jordan.
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recently learn how to handle him madam president met mr secretary-general your excellency's thank you it is an honor to take part of this wonderful assembly once again the united nations was born in the ashes of the second world war out of a deep desire to protect new generations from suffering destruction and want today these hopes still face challenges peace and stability have met threats in every region. too many people remain excluded from the promise of prosperity and global cero continues to target all nations here
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in this chamber. i've called it a third world war my friends these challenges do not make collective action and mutual respect less important if anything they make our partnership even more important because what is the alternative a world without the peace and accord we need to work together to trade together expand opportunity to gether a world where crises are not resolved but magnified by and spreads more refugees flee because we cannot work together to help people stay safe and thrive we have a long way to go to deliver a global opportunity and hope but we cannot simply give up because the tosk is hard
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all i countries benefit when we unite in common cause and i am compelled to talk about this today because of the critical role of collective action in ending the serious crises in my region and especially the key crisis along with denial of a palestinian state every un resolution since the beginning of this crisis every resolution whether from the general assembly or the security council recognizes the equal rights of the palestinian people to a future of peace dignity and hope this is the heart of the two state settlement the only path to a comprehensive last in peace only a two state solution based on international law and relevant un resolutions can meet the needs of both sides an end to the conflict
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a viable into betted sovereign palestinian state. on the one nine hundred sixty seven borders with east jerusalem as its capital and a secure israel fully part of its own region recognized by arab and muslim states around the world arab and muslim countries are committed to a comprehensive peace and the arab peace initiative has been on offer for more than sixteen years indeed every major country in the world the u.s. and the european union all have worked to help the parties reach a general peace that can last the u.s. administration has long been committed to peace and has a leading role in our progress going forward yes we have a long way to go but we cannot give up because the tosk is hard.
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because what is the alternative can we afford to let one of the world's most to teach it regions be tied to an endless cycle of violence in its midst. how long must jerusalem a holy city to more than half of the world's people face dangers to its multi-faith heritage and identity. how could we accept a status quo of continuing crises and bigotry palestinians families displaced for generations their children's very identity tonight israeli families living in continuing national self isolation without the security of peaceful relationships worldwide and what could possibly be the future of what some propose a single binational state whose very foundation is
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a rejection of the equality of its own people that's the ugly undemocratic reality of the one state idea. it is by no means an alternative to a two state peace settlement it is an abandonment of peace or new way to go a will from the work of reconciliation and the opposite of what both sides need and have sought for so long. my friends there is no such thing as a unilateral agreement it takes at least two parties to make an agreement helping the parties achieve that agreement and work together to build a new future deserves a strong steady support of all our world. all countries need to pull together to get this peace process back on track and that means rejecting
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actions that jeopardize negotiations whether by illegal encroachments land confiscations all threats to the welfare of innocents especially children we need to support full funding for unruh up and other vital efforts to protect families keep communities stable and prepare young people for productive lives and it would be a terrible mistake to abandon used to the forces of radicalization and despair such support is urged the need to ensure fills its role in accord with its un mandate and above all we need to safeguard their heritage and peace of jerusalem. a holy city to billions of people around the world and the hashemite christo to ship of islamic and christian holy sites in jerusalem is
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a duty of the jordan is proud to carry and we will counter any attempts to change the holy cities historic arab christian and muslim identity but jerusalem's future is not jordan's concern alone. it is yours. there are global implications when religious worship is threatened and international law is undermined. by france collective action is also vital when it comes to resolving other conflicts and crises that threaten our world jordan will continue to support all multilateral efforts to help syria cheve a political solution based on the geneva process and un security council resolution two two five four to safeguard the country's unity sovereignty and territorial integrity and create the conditions for stability and rebuilding.
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an effective global response to terror also requires continued collective action let's be clear about it for all our victories the fight against these outlaws the whole adage of islam is not over winning the war dumond's a long term holistic approach one that has security measures with strong initiatives that support inclusion and hope offline and online we must counter all and i say all ideologies of hatred including islamophobia and jordanians have led efforts to unite the world in mutual respect and understanding and finally we must also strengthen our collective response to the global refugee crisis now as many of you know jordan has carried a massive disproportionate burden as
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a refugee host our people have opened their homes schools public services hospitals we shared our country scarce resources off food and energy our precious water. the crisis has held back economic growth and job creation jobs urgently needed by our young people more than sixty percent of our population jordanians have borne this refugee burden in full accord with our country's long humanitarian traditions but we know and the world knows that this crisis is a global responsibility the sacrifices we and all the host countries make every day can only continue if donor nations hold up their side of a partnership and that means continued multi-track efforts in development support
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and humanitarian assistance efforts which not only prepare refugees to return home and rebuild their countries but also give hope to the people of host countries those who have sacrificed so much. my friends the world cannot address the refugee crisis or any global crisis unless we work together to support those who are doing the right thing for the future we all share peace and prosperity demond constant collective action the alternative is to fail our history and fail off future so let us choose instead to succeed to give the world's people especially young people confidence in global justice hope for new opportunity and international laws and agreements and institutions that everyone can rely on. thank you very much. thank you. so much
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shorter address there from king abdullah of jordan i must apologize i introduce to miss king hussein of jordan king hussein of course with his father king abdullah the second is he devoted the bulk of his speech to the issue of the peace process in the middle east he said that one state called one state solution would be an abandonment of peace and that our countries need to pull together to get this peace process back on track spoke at length about jerusalem saying jerusalem's future wasn't just a concern of jordan or the israelis or the palestinians in fact it should be everyone's concern because of the many religions that call jerusalem home and also tellingly spoke of the need to fully support the funding for the u.n. relief works agency for palestinians which of course has been defunded by the united states so that was king abdullah of jordan the next speaker is been hammered
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me there near of carter expecting to hear him talk about the blockade on carter this as i correspond it was telling us a little bit earlier the second speech he will give to the united nations general assembly since carter was blockaded by saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar. so in the name of god the merciful the compassionate your excellent see president of the general assembly your excellent see secretary-general ladies and gentlemen at the outset i would like to congratulate miss murray yes spinoza garces for assuming the presidency of the general assembly and its seventy third session and we wish her all success i would also like to express our gratitude and appreciation to mr miller's lovelight check for his leadership during the previous
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session. we paid tribute to the great efforts made by secretary general antonio terrorists to promote the united nations is a clear i. told you i know i would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of mr kofi annan and to the united nations on his passing. mahir was one of the most important symbols of the united nations promoting peace among nations. ladies and gentlemen the world is facing grave concerns grave challenges security challenges and economic challenges and political challenges that do not recognize any barriers and any boundaries this is a test to the united nations. if the international community. strives to achieve peace and security we must seek
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a comprehensive solutions according to international law and international resume lucian's you. while rejecting double standards and rejecting the rule of force. it is very important to have an international reference manifested in a legitimate order that respects the rule of law. we must. expedite the reform process of the united nations so that the organization is able to fulfill its role and fulfill the aims of the organization and to respond to the striations of all of their peoples this would allow us to achieve. lasting peace and sustainable society. and this is the seam of this session ladies and gentlemen for after one year of the indigo blockade imposed on
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the state of qatar many facts were revealed about a prearranged campaign of incitement against it. besides the insinuation and fabrications used to create this crisis. in the meantime the international community recognized the falseness of the allegations that have been propagated against my country to justify their premeditated measures taken under the pretext of these invented and untrue allegations. and if they grant a violation of the international law and the bases of relations between nations and the values and norms of our peoples. despite all the measures taken to inflict harm on qatar's security and stability and create hardships for its people and addition to the economic warfare launched to hinder its development process. there is a period that followed the unjust siege has witnessed the strengthening of the
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status of the state of qatar and the consolidation of its role as an active partner in the a regional and international arenas and the qataris economy. continued its grows as proof of its vigor and consistency the state of qatar has always maintained has also maintained its advanced and leading rankings these are the countries of the region and global indicators especially in the areas of human security and human development. this has strengthened the qatari people's face and their potential values and principles and comes to cement its cohesion and their unity of their unity. believing in the soundness of our legal position and in the necessity of peaceful settlement of disputes and in dialogue as the best way to resolve crises we have been and still are positively responsive to all the appreciated efforts of brotherly and friendly nations to end this crisis is through an unconditional
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dialogue based on mutual respect for the sovereignty of nations and factory it is not reasonable that differences in views about how things some regional issues lead to paralyzing the effectiveness of an important regional organization such as the gulf cooperation council. the blockade on qatar has harmed their petition of the g.c.c. countries and the paralysis of the council has your flecked to negatively on the council's us player drawl towards regional and global issues we hope that we will all transform the council's current plight into an opportunity for reforming it and putting forward binding mechanisms to resolve the differences among its states through intra dialogue interest a dialogue to avoid any similar occurrence in the future and it is not sensible for our arab british legion tremaine hostage to some marginal differences which are fabricated in our case and which consume the fruits and energies and ways funds
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exceeding what we need to allocate to the just causes that are supported that are supposed to be agreed upon by us. madam president. only this what progress has been made on the lingering issues of the middle east especially the palestinian cause which is the last vestiges of a colonial past in our world. the political process which began twenty. five years ago presented an example of a departure from the united nations' terms of reference to frameworks outside the united nations some had finished perceived as the best and fastest way and settling and finding solutions to it supported by the arab states in line with respecting the palestinian decision. but that has resulted in further stalemate and complexity now we are witnessing attempts to. liquidate the palestinian cause through that equation of issues relating to the permanent solution such as jerusalem refugees
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sovereignty and borders. you know just national issues counts be resolved by being subjected to the balance of power between the occupier and the occupied. of but can only be solved in accordance with principles such as the right of self-determination and inadmissibility of annexation of territories of others by force which have become part of the international legitimacy in the territory deterioration of the situations of the palestinian territories particularly the inhumane conditions in the gaza strip the suffocating siege at real zonder and the continued destruction of settlements in the occupied jerusalem and the west bank pretend grieve consequences and with a historic responsibility on the security council we reaffirm the importance of negotiations and the resumption of their tracks but that will require commitment until there is a new shuns of international the due to mysie firm and foremost among which is the
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two state solution and the arab peace initiative on the basis of east jerusalem as the capital of the palestinian state of the nine hundred sixty seven borders moreover there can be no solution to the arab israeli conflict without a just and lasting solution to the palestinian cause which. we abided by this position which is consistent with international legitimacy and dictated on us by the human conscience but israel rejects this job. settlements the state of qatar will spare no effort to provide the various forms of material and political support to the brotherly but it's to go and to continue to work with all the international actors in the middle east peace process to clear the difficulties that obstruct the resumption of the peace negotiations in accordance with the terms of reference and resolutions of international legitimacy. madam president.
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seven years have gone under it and international community is still on a bill to find a solution to the exacerbating syrian crisis was all its aspects and dangerous consequences in addition to the charter g.'s experienced by the syrian people there worried and frustrated that the crimes of genocide mass displacement and wholesale deaths in prisons under torture could become a common practice that the international community can get accustomed to. feel here to deter the syrian regime from committing crimes charges through the war waged against its people on the one tand and not to be held accountable after committing them on the other hand with drones or the provisions of international law and human rights law devoid of any meaning this would have serious consequences on the prevailing values in our world by raising the existing ceiling for using violence to suppress the aspirations of peoples and trampling on the rights of
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citizens and people in our region. we are facing a humanitarian moral and legal catastrophe that's obligates the international community to speed dark reaching a political solution that stems syrians bloodshed. fulfills the aspirations of syrian people for justice and freedom maintains syria's unity and sovereignty and achieves security and stability in syria and in the region in accordance with the geneva one communique and the relevant security council resolutions we emphasize the necessity to abide by the international humanitarian law to protect civilians. regarding of the yemeni issue we confirm the firm position of the state of qatar which is committed to the unity independence and territorial integrity of yemen we called upon all the yemeni parties to a national reconciliation to end the conflict on the basis of security council resolution twenty two sixteen the gulf cooperation council initiative and the outcomes of the national dialogue from this platform i appeal to active states in
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the international community to help the brotherly yemeni people to overcome these conditions which we hope would end soon and to work for taking all measures to address the grave humanitarian situation and to facilitate free access for humanitarian access to all areas in yemen. on this occasion and i you know qatar's agreement with the united nations to fight cholera in yemen by supporting projects related to combat in the causes of the disease to halt its spread we call upon other countries to join us in supporting this vital effort. as for the libyan crisis which has recently witnessed developments that place the security of this country and its territorial integrity at stake we look forward to restoring security and stability this point zero norma's challenges facing the sea libyan brothers we know that foreign intervention in libya affairs further
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complicates the crisis and prevents reaching what when a national consensus sought of by the libyan brothers and contradicts the security council resolutions we reiterate our support for this agreement signed in december two thousand and fifteen and all its outcomes. are that we call upon our libyan brothers to uphold their national interests and abide by dialogue without excluding any of the components of the libyan community to reach a comprehensive political settlement that preserves libya's sovereignty and territorial integrity and realizes the aspirations of its people for security and stability. in brotherly iraq and we once again express our appreciation. of the efforts of the iraqi government to restore stability and achieve national reconciliation by collaboration of all political parties and all components of iraqi community and we value the successes and sacrifices of the iraqi people and
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the fight against terrorism and extremism and all its forms. we have for reaffirm our commitment to supporting the brotherly iraq and the process of reconstruction and development and to assist every effort seeking to ensure its unity and sovereignty and to enhance its security and stability. madam president there is consensus that terrorism has become one of the most outstanding challenges facing the world because of the real threat it poses to international peace and security when. we affirm the firm position of the state of qatar in rejecting all forms and share and manifestations of terrorism anywhere in the world regardless of the reasons a pretext of the fight against terrorism is among the priorities of the state of qatar us policy at the national and regional and international levels we have developed the legislative and institutional systems. we have fulfilled international obligations related to the fight against terrorism and its financing
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and we've participated in all relevant international and regional efforts and our view that there are necessary prerequisites to make the war on terrorism achieve its goal. not to turned to turn into a self-contained school not only to build one international cooperation in combating violence resulting from extremism and violence directed against civilians to terrorize them and to damage to billion facilities for political ends. these phenomena must be addressed firmly and rigorously to unifying the stand there is a fighting terrorism so as its definition does not selectively depend on the religious or ethnic identity of the perpetrator three addressing its roots and causes and researching the political social and cultural backgrounds that contributed to its creating. and working earnestly to achieve just settlements of outstanding issues that feed the feelings of anger and frustration for avoid giving
2:48 am
partisan kind of teachin to the term terrorism tailoring it to fit into the narrow interests of some nations by using it to justify tyranny and oppression of political opponents which affects the credibility of combating terrorism and harms international efforts exerted. in this field. in this context the state of qatar believes that educating youth and their comprehensive participation re presents the first line of defense for the collective security system and an important factor in fighting terrorism and building peace and stability. thus we have committed ourselves to educating ten million children and providing economic empowerment to a half a million young people in our region. in collaboration with the united nations we carried out projects to promote employment opportunities for young people through capacity building and the launching of programs to prevent violent extremism. ladies and gentleman human development and the protection and promotion of human
2:49 am
rights are in the forefront of the priorities of the state of qatar which pursues its efforts at the legislative and institution of levels to implement its national finish vision twenty thirty that emphasizes human development. i refer here. this month as a state of qatar has exceeded to the enter international covenant on civil and political rights and the international covenant on economic social and cultural rights. the state of qatar has recently promulgated a law regulating the issue of political asylum in the country to follow suit and. develop it to follow developed countries and another law granting the right to permanent residence in the state of qatar under conditions prescribed by law it is also decided to invite several international human rights organizations to establish regional offices for them. madam president no one doubts
2:50 am
the utmost importance of the development of information and digital technology and digital means of communication. with the economy and day to day life have become inconceivable without them however a series of events recently experienced by several countries reminded us that new needs have emerged that were previously unknown. such as the freedom of access and the need to protect the private sphere of citizens from the risk of hacking it also alerted us to the cyber security of nations. and these are cross border issues because of the nature of the technology itself. accordingly it is necessary to regulate dealing with these issues and control their risks internationally in qatar and other countries have suffered from digital piracy and digital. and that has prompted us to strongly emphasize this issue and to be willing to work with the united nations organizations are regulated legally when. we propose convening an
2:51 am
international conference to examine ways to have this matter regulated by international law and we express our readiness to host this conference thank you and may the peace and blessings of our love be upon you. bin hamad he is the emir of qatar. one of three middle east leaders we are waiting to hear from today spoke obviously about the blockade that has been in place on carter's since june of twenty seventeen but said that the blockade is actually seeing the strengthening of the state of qatar more widely about the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council saying it is not fair that this leads to the paralysis of the g.c.c. the blockade harms not just qatar but the member nations as well and he talked about helping to transform the council's plight it's also touched on all the
2:52 am
conflicts in the region yemen syria even going back to libya and iraq as well ones which have perhaps fallen out of the headlines a little bit but very much focusing on that as well as of course the israel palestine issue which we heard king abdullah speak about just before he said carter would spare no effort to support the palestinians and to clear all the difficulties arriving in the u.n. general assembly hall now this is another anticipated speech it is the iranian president hassan rouhani remember donald trump spoke about iran earlier in his speech he would wait for some sort of repast from the iranian leader this has been one of the expected i won't say showdowns but certainly a reply from the iranian leader donald trump a tweet earlier called him i said what he said i'm sure he's a lovely man well wait now to see what he has to say about donald trump's speech from earlier and other issues in the region. in the name of god the merciful the compassionate i mean praise be to god the lord
2:53 am
of the universe and peace and blessings be upon the messenger of god and his family and companions. madam president i take this opportunity to felicitate your election to the presidency of the seventy third session of the united nations general assembly. we have assembled here today as the world is suffering from recklessness and disregard of some states for international values and institutions. and. the message of our presence here is that you the preservation of interest and security in the world and the least costly manner is soley possible through the cooperation of and coordination among countries. however it is unfortunate that we are witnessing the
2:54 am
rulers in the world who think they can secure their interests better or at least in the short term ride public sentiments and gain popular support through the form minting of extremist nationalism and racism and through xeno phobic tendencies resembling a nazi disposition as well as through the trampling of global rules and undermining international institutions even through preposterous and abnormal acts such as convening. a high level meeting. of the security council. yet they asked me that. well yes but all this illusion should be cast away once and for all and all that one can aspire to securing more peace and
2:55 am
security at the cost of denying others peace and security. yes. we should not allow the breathing space for and growth of the line of thinking that holds others to ransom through the artificial creation of insecurity along this track which come fronting multilateralism is not a sign of strength rather it is a symptom of the weakness of intellect but it betrays an inability in understanding a complex and interconnected world. under such circumstances negligence or in if that in effect a sea of international institutions can in danger world peace those seeking dominance and who germany are enemies of peace and the perpetrators of war
2:56 am
with the government of the united states of america at least the current administration seems determined to render all international institutions ineffectual. this government having withdrawn from a multilateral agreement adopted by the security council in contravention of the rules and norms of international law. invites the islamic republic of iran to bilateral talks. an administration that is inviting iran to engage in talks. is not ready to consult. me on its own experts nor willing to recognize. the requirements of
2:57 am
a modern state including the paramount principle. of continuity. of state responsibility. and hence openly violate state obligations undertaken by its predecessor on what basis and criteria can we enter into an agreement with an administration misbehaving such as this any talks should be within the framework and in concentration of the j c.p.o. way and security council resolution twenty two thirty one and not in a framework of breaching them and reverting to the past it is ironic that the us government does not even conceal its plan for overthrowing the same government it invites to talks. distinguished colleagues. they approach of the islamic republic of iran in the field of foreign policy has
2:58 am
been based on multilateralism and compliance with the recognized principles of international law our respect for the nonproliferation treaty. and the long and difficult negotiations with a group of five plus one which led to the conclusion of the joint comprehensive plan of action that j c p o e illustrates a clear manifestation of this approach we are pleased that the international community did not acquire to the u.s. government's uni lateral any legal withdrawal from the j c p o eight and adopted a categorical position viz a viz that decision. the j c v.o.a. is the outcome of more than a decade of diplomatic efforts and a period of intensive negotiations to resolve and or to fishel crisis this document
2:59 am
was unanimously approved by the security council resolution twenty two thirty one and codify into an international obligation according to this resolution all countries and international and regional organizations were called upon. to support the implementation of the j c v.o.a. and to refrain from any actions that undermine implementation of commitments under the j c p o eight based on twelve consecutive reports of the international atomic energy agency the i.a.e.a. iran has thus far complied with all of its commitments log however the united states from the very beginning never remained faithful to its obligations. later the current administration resorting to flimsy excuses and in open violation
3:00 am
of its commitments the fine leaving withdrew from their courts the united nations should not allow its decisions to fall victim to the domestic collection and propaganda games of some of its members and should not allow any member states to dogs d. execution of its international commitments if. you're . shot one by law this isn't only the united states also pressures other countries divider lake the nuclear accord. and more dangerously the united states is threatening all countries and international organizations with punishment if they comply with security council resolution twenty two thirty one one. more drug.


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