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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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home invader i knew a did it up before it is not reasonable that different views about how to handle regional issues should paralyze the effectiveness of an important regional organization like the gulf cooperation council. the blockade of qatar has harmed the reputation of the g.c.c. countries and the g.c.c. as paralysis has reflected negatively on its work towards regional and global issues we hope that we will all transform the council's current plight into an opportunity to reform and to put forward binding mechanisms to resolve the differences among its states through intrastate dialogue to avoid any similar occurrence in the future it is not sensible for arab region to remain hostage to some marginal differences which are fabricated in our case. still to go on when i was there india's prime minister faces allegations of corruption stemming from a twenty six team deal to buy french fighter jets. a breakthrough in spinal treatment audrey's helping paralyzed patients get back on their feet.
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despite it turning to spraying it down and we do still have some rather cool weather into the southeast of australia a chilly morning still on the cost of a cloud easing through the bites sydney temperatures struggling to get to sixteen south shipping at twenty one or twenty two degrees jan also some wet weather here as well that will be welcome. for melbourne the twenty two in adelaide so not too bad here right in celsius there as well for perth or the north or into the thirty's in alice and also in darwin and more of the same as we go on through our thursday by thursday we get up to twenty two in melbourne temps to starting to recover in sydney but still a little below par hair cold enough to go into detail and if the truth be known
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a little bit of cloud just easing across the north island as we go on through the coming hours temperatures struggling to get around fourteen celsius in open but twelve celts the top temperatures there for christ. certainly on the gray side some watery sunshine around here have little price as we go on into thursday still only getting up to around thirteen in crosschecks and not much warmer in all claim but largely dry dry too across the korean peninsula at the moment fair amount. clouds to ensure good parts of japan slowly but surely making its way further north. oldest muslim undertakers working here is a seven days a week job that's grown with the community my father purchased a black ambulance man started to do the funeral in london and the family we saw stopped being part of indonesia and became business partners this stories we don't
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often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. one of the top stories here not just their u.s. president donald trump has boasted about the achievements he's made in less than two years in charge it was greeted by incredulity and laughter at the u.n. general assembly in new york. the european union says it's found a way around u.s. sanctions in order to keep the iran nuclear deal alive for the new payment system so they can continue doing business with iran. a saudi emirate to coalition
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fighting in yemen plans to open humanitarian corridors to allow the delivery of aid it says that it will work with the u.n. on establishing the corridor that would be between the rebel strongholds of her data on the red sea and the capital sanaa it comes as the u.n. warns a famine in yemen could strike at any time and lead to even more deaths under simmons' reports from neighboring djibouti and a warning you may find some of the images distressing. another arrival is a clinic in northern yemen bassam mohammed her son is two years old but mo nutrition means he's in a critical condition. starvation is threatening families who are among the poorest in the middle east those least capable of surviving. grandmother is understandably distraught not nasser we don't have any money to transport him for the treatment he can only get in santa those who gave us money before can't do so anymore no one can
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in the situation we can't get any help from any side in this war we don't have anything. maybe two but he weighs less than five kilos that's ten pounds the capital sana'a where specialist care or medicine may give him a better chance might as well be a world away even though the distance from this clinic that. province is around a hundred kilometers. fighting on the supply line from the red sea port of the data which like the capital is in control of the who three rebels is relentless but us a trained government forces are still pushing to take away the control of her data now with the level of fighting as it stands there are worries about how long it will take to open up a humanitarian corridor but tween santa and her data the assurance came out of the un general assembly on monday heard a clamor of warnings that time is running out if
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a full scale famine is to be avoided for the first time the parents of a man intrusion victim three year old safe. have spoken of their daughter's death it was last week after she went to the same clinic as a house in had your province. her father like the parents of bassem says he had no money to take his daughter to get better treatment elsewhere and his mother is worried about her children's chances of survival she is inconsolable and. my daughter had mounted tristian and her conditional so bad you could count the ribs in her chest her feet were swollen you couldn't see the bones throw the rest of her body you could see you will have hours before her death this wedding disappeared and she returned to skin. food aid is now arriving in this remote area and staff in the clinic who tried against the
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odds to save zafer are now doing what they can to save. hundreds symons. american comedian bill cosby has been jailed for between three and ten years for sexual assault if you want your old was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault in april the sentencing judge described him as a sexually violent predator britain's opposition labor party has overwhelmingly approved a mission which would allow it to reject any deal with the european union that failed to meet its requirements the vote keeps open the option of a second referendum thursday reports from the labor party conference in a poll. for the true believers in the current labor passim theses the must have item a conference never mind that their leader jeremy corbin has only a lukewarm relationship with the european union criticising it in the past as
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a capitalist club convincing him to defeat bricks it is everything now the labor party the democratic party well it's becoming a more democratic party and i think the leadership will accept. the voice of the members. about democracy and actually the call for a new referendum on brics it is also about democracy labor membership has boomed under a philosophy that says the wider the wealth gap in britain the harder you have to fight back until now this unrepentant socialism has maintained a deafening silence over bricks it but no longer over the course of this week the labor party has unveiled a whole set of eye catching aggressively position policies in favor of redistributing wealth to working people things like putting workers on company boards three nationalizing key services that sort of thing and every single one of them could be achieved without the u.k.
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having to leave the european union. will vote against. so labor is now offering two things at once first a vote down any deal the government comes up with in parliament on the grounds that it will be economically damaging while simultaneously calling for a national election or a new vote which could include a choice of not leaving europe at all can they firstly see all those fever there was no doubting which way the vote was going to go. gradually it seems the time it is turning we knew already that the e.u. leaders would definitely extend the article fifty process if we were to have. a face on the deal or indeed general election they wouldn't interfere in the democratic process and make us go away from the line during that time so really that's not a worry what we need to do is to make sure that we do have that option so that the people of this country having the final say and not just a few politicians most labor m.p.'s who support breck's that haven't turned up this
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week and they were that a huge turn could alienate their own constituents who voted to leave this veteran looked suddenly like a stranger in his own policy when seventeen in the million people vote we know that cameron told two women together a different result but the truth is they bolted the other way and they voted to a coma. and i don't think your comply in the face of people seventy percent in some constituencies bolton to get out simplest. bricks it is so important yet so impossibly complicated last week there was no future but brick's it even if nobody knows what that entails suddenly as appears a gap has emerged it is by no means a certainty gloriously al-jazeera liverpool. indian prime minister narendra modi is facing allegations of corruption over a deal for french fighter jets but is accused of awarding part of the contract to
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a prominent businessman and reports. two years ago a handshake between the french and indian defense ministers sealed a billion dollar fighter jet deal endure agreed to buy thirty six raffle jets from french planes make a dent south of partnership with indian company reliance the choice of reliance a private business with no aviation experience prompted india's opposition to accuse prime minister narendra modi of favoring the company and boss and in one barney over the state run alternative one. now comments by former french president francois hollande that france had no say in the last hours indian partner have reignited the debate all along told french news website media part we did not have a say in it it was the indian government to propose this company and that so who negotiated with ambani we did not have a choice we took the partner that was given to us the reporters who worked on an investigation into the raw deal also questioned ananda over alliances funding of
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a film by his polynesia the guy at the time. we spoke to on twice on the phone and his comments were very clear and very precise he said the financing of julie guy is filmed by ambani had nothing to do with the raphael contract because he said indian or thorough she's imposed reliance on them he was adamant on this and no doubt he didn't realize the impact this would have in india and you know money for so long was defending himself against accusations of a conflict of interest over the financing of his partner's film but his comments of had a much wider impact they bribe said french foreign ministry officials who worry about the relationship between new delhi and paris being damaged and they also cause doubts on the integrity of india's leader you don't fritter. away one of the. really wish it. why were the number of lives and reduce why was the public sector company years ago. making we would have private security all this all these
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big a lot of the examples a little bit of both the final piece of that actually rules of the world. india's government said they played no role in the choice of reliance's das as partner but opponents remain unconvinced the congress party has called for a full inquiry into the deal and protesters are calling for modi to resign his national butler al-jazeera paris pope francis has acknowledged people are being driven away from the catholic church because of the sexual abuse scandal it's facing he was speaking in a stern you're on the final leg of his three country tour of the baltics on test said the church must change if it wants to keep future generations thailand says it will no longer take in other countries it tronic rubbish so far this year it's seen an influx of waste after china enforced a similar ban when hey reports from bangkok. these are not images normally
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associated with one of the world's most popular tourist destinations through a combination of consumption poor infrastructure and practices thailand is one of the world's largest contributors of ocean waste many of its beaches and waterways are clogged with rubbish it's also one of the region's biggest importers of waste but it's making a move to stop it within six months the government says it will ban imports of hundreds of types of scrap electronics. in the proposal we suggest banning the import of used electrical appliances which total four hundred thirty two items last year thailand imported fifty three thousand tons of waste which is recycled for precious metal or plastic but it can also contain hazardous materials this year it's almost matched that amount already a result of china stopping some waste imports in january in thailand only
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a few companies are licensed to import a waste but corruption and weak law enforcement mean a lot more is brought into the country illegally that's sure to have some more investigation in. to the car lot. to the letter to tan springs seaming it seemed. a partner. with this business next on the hit list is plastic thailand plans to ban plastic imports within the next two years but like the ban on the ways the plan is light on detail but what it may do is focus attention on domestic plastic use at the moment less than a quarter is recycled already used. thailand has been slow to wake up to its waste problem until the new laws are implemented and enforced they will be skepticism about the government's commitment to clean up wayne hay al jazeera bangkok and your
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breakthrough treatment is offering hope to people who are paralyzed and unable to walk three patients who have been paralyzed for years cannot stand and take steps thanks to an implant that sends an electronic jolt to the spinal cord so such a bar explains. jared is doing what he once thought was impossible five years ago he was paralyzed from the waist down after snowmobile accident he is now able to take small steps to be able to move. my legs and. to walk even a stand it means a lot. that there is hope for not only me but other people jared was the first patients at the mayo clinic in the united states to have an electrical stimulation device implanted near his damaged spinal cord. spinal injuries disrupt nerve paths that normally allow the brain to signal the legs to
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move in this study doctors implanted an electrical stimulator at the base of the spine between the vertebrae and spinal column when it's turned on the electrical signals appear to awaken those injured nerve pathways letting the brain communicate with the legs once again. after months of intense therapy jared can move back and forth a report on his progress has been published in nature medicine because we were able to stimulate the wreck plea the spinal cord itself and we believe that that was very important to be able to regain the volitional control or voluntary control jared's road to recovery has not been easy but he credits a woman he met after his accident for giving him the strength to fight were going on at the gym every day for five to six days a week a couple hours a day and the girl that helped me is now my wife and
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she pushes me hard. further research is being done to understand why this stimulator is working and how it can help others we still have a long way to go before we can optimize this therapy make it relevant to other patients if successful this procedure could have the potential to help millions of people around the world who can't move because of a spinal cord injury or such a party al jazeera. one of the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has used his address to the u.n. general assembly to level more criticism at iran the u.s. president blasted what he called the corrupt dictatorship in tehran accusing it of destabilizing the middle east and the world iran's leaders so chaos.
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death and destruction. they do not respect their neighbors or borders or the sovereign rights of nations. instead iran's leaders plunder the nation's resources. to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the middle east and far beyond iran's president hassan rouhani used his address to criticize trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal saying u.n. resolutions can't be ignored oh maybe so those who are you can show you how to solve them on him alone what to hit the united nations security council resolution two two three one is not a piece of paper she invites you to return to that council resolution we invite you to come back to the negotiating table you left. if you dislike the j.c. because that is the legacy of your domestic political rivals then we invite you to
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come back to the security council resolution. the european union says it's found a way around u.s. sanctions in order to keep the iran nuclear deal alive there many members of the pact say they will set up a new payment system so they can continue doing business with iran britain china france germany russia and iran say they're still committed to the deal a saudi a mirage a kurdish and fighting in yemen plans to open humanitarian corridors to allow the delivery of aid the u.n. is warning a famine in yemen could strike at any time and lead to even more deaths fighting has prevented aid agencies from reaching at least eight million people so far this year britain's opposition labor party has overwhelmingly approved a motion which would allow the party to vote against any brics it deal which doesn't meet its requirements of the party says it's open to a second referendum on a u. membership there's the headlines to stay with us for next program this is europe by
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switching by phone to. the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to be a good freedom the challenge is going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story was you know the government is not going to do the things the demonstrators want apologize for down what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
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what about the gentleman who died in north fundable this week is with us she sent us the practices that he gets when we're going to be able to know these so you listen when you search we bury him two more for are going to look i'm still working here is a twenty four hour a day seven days a week job to do with the amount of stress that we experience sometimes is immense i can still hope to maybe go on these balls. and. thank you for the kind of . i'm good i'm just i'm a muslim funeral director here in london. i've now part time and i'm letting the young people take over. so what will happen now is we have to take and miss valentino in front of the most praise this is
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present in his coffin and we have another funeral happening today so after the play is finished move will take the deceased down to the money i'm sometimes ideas such as the tall nine foot building at the back of the most open and she lets the germans over will take you down to the money and center and in one of the rooms when do you think if you look at to see a signature ready my colleagues will take it to the rest of. the ladies as to who passed away was mostly in the. nephew and the people that came federal feel that they're christian. i believe that a bit vague in terms of what happens on the muslim if you know as you know a sonic muslim as a basic and simple in that sense but floor and off to the main explain what's happening.
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right now my grandson in college so i know he's coming in the last six months and we hope that we can train him to take over for me to carry on to jewish and to carry on the service for the people here you know under his. moment i. want to be i want. to be judged on my dad and. mom i didn't. like it and. others that.
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i was there said it was this girl gave it all. my whole family's for a member who is with you and has sort of been overwhelmed. the idea of death and death is an everyday thing. that's. carrying on my family's legacy. mom to walk up to three knowing. my mom dad she went into the company because my great grandfather wonder a little bit help so sure for we can then he turned the years and she just carried
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on. but she decided she wanted to go back teaching. i was quite surprised you wanted to do this and i didn't know whether it was just because it was an easy option because you. just. you really want to do it to. really enjoy doing. it so my dad's a big character and it's really difficult because for twenty years over twenty years we stopped we saw a stopping father and daughter and became business partners which challenge to stomach leigh how i was dealing with him and talking to him and there's this very much disrespect thing. and we deal with things very very differently i was in partnership with my dad only up until recently. who know was here for twenty years and she decided to achieve would stand back for
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a while because maybe she wanted to direct us into nose and i was standing in her way we have women come here their husbands have died and they can relate to a woman better than they can a man especially with asian women so we need a woman's touch here and i think it will be coming back. we have about thirty thousand plus muslim population here in the white chapel east london area and this is always been the kind of melting pot of southern england. you know did not reply you paula visit the mosque every now and name and not only did i go. to the extent the mosque to cause trouble that bit of a channel but islands. lovely little towns and causing quite a lot. they came here that day was. i don't think it was it was the other night temperature leading to for what great
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britain's first was pretty rested in london i was speech she might be impelled foster's sama. and you always hear it's because the kids in. working quite strict was closed off because at the pyne gould he stayed the same time i'm sure it was developed by now frank and i and you know i don't live in the area are not something new. in the moment though i thought it's a pretty you know there and if you engage me we work together we go on to give a what. i want to for some even the many well what we all respect one another's use yeah to a point of we disagree sometimes but we don't ram as you used them people shrug it's. the way i do you can't be fearful just in case yes you know that's what i do . when the down am not ok and i think we're going to happen is it going to happen yeah especially when you got the kates.
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what i could. to get to your original question yes you have to give them the original green certificate last year which is flowing this country you have to have the green certificate original ok a new problems give me a ring but i think you're going by you only barry somebody once people remember things when they go wrong weddings and funerals and if you do it right there where my dad used to do it then that's good and if you do it wrong those people will never forget you and what always kills you. to do. this is the picture of dad and me. yeah when i was about five years of age because my father that wasn't very happy about having photographs taken when mothers in the sari and i'm sure this was about nineteen fifty six this was taken.
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around about the mid sixty's when there was an influx of muslim people arriving here in east london mainly bangladeshis or at that time it was east pakistan. the need for a funeral service grew so my father purchased a black ambulance van and started to do the funerals here in london. tasneem army was only seventeen as any man he deputized his forty's father was away on pilgrimage to mecca i grew up here in this area and we had this phenomena called bashing we had right wing groups coming along looking for asians to beat up just for the sake of it. my father was beaten up and. it wasn't what wasn't a good time in east end of london. my mum was welsh she converted to islam during
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the second world war with my father she was a coal miner's daughter can you imagine the stigma of a white lady marrying a dark person but she didn't care but i'm also proud to be a bangladeshi as well. yeah . oh yeah that's my dad that's my dad roughly. four weeks before he died and his smile when he graduated and mona when she graduated. she sees the world in a different way because being younger than me she can maybe project forward where i don't that's why i think politicians shouldn't be allowed to be politicians after sixty five that some young blood far us away because they got better ideas and see
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things better than we do we're always thinking in the past and they're thinking in the future and it's important. so i do miss her yes. today we have the you know gratian of the strong room for the first british muslim archives and guests who want different books of life have come to join us in the celebrations of this kind of pivotal moment. hygene setup the country's first and indeed it was europe's first muslim burial service
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we're hopefully going to see. her family members coming in. we're starting at five thirty so fingers crossed the ocean for make it on time just go fifteen minutes. that's a very good move you should call. i can have just missed a whole day if finished speaking only for fifth time inc not us. ok so where is this that gary this is going to guy in the marriage and pointed before you go down to be struck by how many can see it if you want to hang it in a guide to pray to hell that play. dirty funny.


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