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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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turkish government is that there has been some success on the ground because are the gun could be really referring to individuals leaving instead of groups as a whole because the turkish policy has been the strategy has been to try to peel away the rank and file of these radek so-called radical groups and isolate the hard core elements because within the groups like a especially the sham there are divisions the leadership for example is mainly made up of foreign fighters the rank and file they are syrians syrians where are they going to go for them it would make much more sense to lay down their arms so the turkish government has been trying to persuade them using dialogue but after the same time they are threatening military action they have a plan in place what we understand and they will be using the so-called moderate opposition rebels and if that doesn't work the turkish intelligence is on the ground ready to take action so the turkish government really is bent on implementing this deal we heard from the turkish presidential spokesman a few days ago saying no obstacle is going to stand in our way ok santa many thanks
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for giving us a bit of context on what's happening in syria's province. now chinese his son has been arrested in chicago on charges of spying on behalf of. child shouldn't is accused of trying to recruit american engine isn't scientists and even defense contractors to work for the chinese government she faces up to ten years in prison if convicted u.s. intelligence agencies accuse china of a super aggressive spying campaign against washington. still ahead on al-jazeera and the referendum the u.k.'s labor party voted to keep all options open after rejecting it to ease a maze proposed break to deal with. a nation in mourning people in vietnam pay their last respects to the deceased president.
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because some quotes whether pushing into western parts of europe not looking too bad here not too bad it's the central areas as well the way it's a weather is a good deal further east along the line of cloud here that's been producing some rather shallow showers and some long spells of see some showers to central parts of the mediterranean just around the eye and you see pushing over towards grace towards turkey is set to continue for a time at least central parts is had largely dry cold enough in the east that they have a twelve celsius for moscow and for kiev but we're getting up to around twenty degrees in london and paris and in light winds not feeling too bad a told temperatures even a touch warmers they go on through thursday so a lovely day somewhere weather that to come into scotland by this day so still a few showers just around the body erik's fun and try for spying and polish go there we go with those showers into central parts of the mediterranean this tight they make their way towards greece and all the possible africa we got some rain in the forecast here i'm afraid even across the northern parts of morocco well there
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is about syria easing into tunisia northern areas of libya could see some sharp showers longer spells of right and that could easily lead to some flooding all just a little further east which to speak go through thursday fought a dry woman sunny there for car of thirty three but still a little unsettled for the west. i think. but it's not. i think. this is a. reminder
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of our top stories this hour. deep divisions between european leaders and the u.s. . the u.n. general assembly pushes america first agenda on. global cooperation. says it will fully support a new u.n. proposals for peace talks on yemen discussions were called off two weeks ago when the rebels failed to turn up on the ground millions remain on the brink of famine and parents to get the help they need for their starving children. and. so-called radical groups have begun withdrawing from the. province has been created
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to separate opposition fighters and government forces. the un general assembly which began on tuesday and made us from the middle east also took to the podium to talk about issues affecting their region the g.c.c. crisis the war in syria and the conflicts between israelis and palestinians were raised. reports. conflicts flaring up in the middle east have dominated the first day of the gathering of world leaders of the united nations general assembly it's been more than fifteen months since the start of a sea land and air blockade imposed by saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt all qatar but it's in me remains defiant set i mean been hammered thani warned against further instability if the impasse continues what have you got on a new home invader probably a year and it is not reasonable that different views about how to handle regional
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issues should paralyze the effectiveness of an important regional organization like the gulf cooperation council the blockade has harmed the reputation of the countries in the g.c.c. is paralysis reflected negatively on its work towards regional and global issues syria was also on the agenda turkey and russia have recently made a deal to prevent a major assault by russia of the syrian army to retake the rebels last stronghold it was such a we talked about that recently we signed an agreement with russia called to such an agreement we have prevented the regime's bloody assaults against a deescalation area in it look province with three and a half million civilians and of adeline blamed the international community for backtracking on pledges to provide billions of dollars to the three and a half million syrian refugees living in turkey. but it's the elusive peace
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between these rallies and the palestinians that continues to feed anger in the region the trump administration is working on a new deal but leaders in the region are skeptical and what. could possibly be the future of what some propose a single binational state whose very foundation is a rejection of the equality of its own people. that's the ugly undemocratic reality of the one state idea the united nations' annual gathering is a crucial platform for leaders to defend their policies egyptian president of the fatah has sisi said the priority now should be the fight against armed groups and building strong nation states to prevent chaos in the region well ashoka well a shotgun the man to cut
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a lot of there is no doubt of the arab region as one of the most well known or go to the dangers of nation state disintegration of this often creates a fertile environment for terrorism and six cerium conflicts preserving and reforming the foundations of the state is a fundamental priority of egypt's foreign policy in the arab region assisi has said his country was committed to consolidating human rights but international human rights organizations blame egyptian authorities for clamping down on dissent the middle east is home to some of the world's biggest oil and natural gas producers and this explains why it remains strategically important for global peace and prosperity but the region is marred by violence wars six tarion divides. by al qaida and i see it as groups challenges world leaders meeting here of the u.n. fear may take long for. new york. and we will in vietnam are lining up to pay their last respects to the late president as the
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country begins two days of national mourning trend i died on friday after suffering from a rare virus a state funeral be held on thursday one was widely criticized internationally for his crackdown on political dissent vice president dan nine hundred not ten has been named acting president coming the country's first female leader. yes comedian bill cosby has been jailed for up to ten years for sexual assault he was found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault and april errors on their reports. walking out of a courtroom in handcuffs a fall from grace for a man who once so famous and beloved he was known as america's dad but who would judge now called a sexually violent predator eighty one year old bill cosby sentenced to three to ten years in jail cosby was found guilty in april of three counts of aggravated indecent assault after drugging and sexually assaulting andrea konstam in two
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thousand and four he used exacting skills and had an endearing t.v. personality to win over his victims and then keep them silent about what he did to them so now finally bill cosby has been unmasked and we have seen the real man as he's headed off to prison while the trial focused on the one crime against ms constant more than sixty other women have accused cosby of sexual misconduct spanning decades and after the sentencing many said they were glad he was going to jail i want to thirty we hear. from you i'm very happy to know that mr parks we're told my prayers for me is hard to pull my contract out on one lane. ok good thank you i just does because that's going to show them that they can make it through and that there's just the good cosby is legally blind
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in failing health and a philanthropist and that is why his lawyers argued that the judge should show leniency and he should be sent to house arrest but it was denied his lawyers plan to appeal mr cassatt the best team is preparing a motion to address mr skilling you falsified ever did with the kind of thing is not just wiped out. because be produced in storage in the family friendly sitcom the cosby show in the one nine hundred eighty s. it was about the life of an affluent african-american family and it was the most watched television program in america from one thousand nine hundred forty nine hundred sixty five t.v. series i spy was the first american television drama to feature a black actor cause be played the lead role for most of his life as an actor and comedian caused be paved the way for african-americans and was considered a role model no more his defining legacy will be that he was the first celebrity
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convicted in the me two era the movement to end sexual violence gabriel's andro al-jazeera new york persons opposition labor party has voted to reject prime minister to resign mays breaks it and a possible no deal outcome backing a motion to hold a second referendum currently reports from the labor party conference in liverpool . if you like reaching. for the true believers in the current labor passim this is the must have a conference never mind that their leader jeremy corbin has only a lukewarm relationship with the european union criticising it in the past as a capitalist club convincing him to defeat bricks it is everything now the labor party the democratic party well it's becoming a more democratic party and i think the leadership will accept. the voice
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of the members. about democracy and actually the call for a new referendum on breaks it is also about democracy labor membership has boomed under a philosophy that says the wider the wealth gap in britain the harder you have to fight back until now this unrepentant socialism has maintained a deafening silence over bricks it's but no longer over the course of this week the labor party has unveiled a whole theft of eye catching aggressively position policies in favor of redistributing wealth to working people things like putting workers on company boards three nationalizing case services that sort of thing and every single one of them could be achieved without the u.k. having to leave the european union. heads. so labor is now offering two things at once first a vote down any deal the government comes up with in parliament on the grounds that it will be economically damaging while simultaneously calling for
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a national election or a new vote which could include a choice of not leaving europe at all and they first see all those fever there was no doubting which way the vote was going to go. gradually it seems the time it is turning we knew already that the e.u. leaders would definitely extend the article fifty process if we were to have. a face on the deal or indeed general election they wouldn't interfere in the democratic process and make the line during that time so really that's not a worry what we need to do is to make sure that we do have that option so that it's the people of this country having the final say and not just a few politicians most labor m.p.'s who support breck's that haven't turned up this week and they worry that a u.-turn could alienate their own constituents who voted to leave this veteran looked suddenly like a stranger in his own policy when seventeen in the million people vote we know that cameron told you
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a different result but the truth is they bolted the other way and they voted to. and i don't think you're comply in the face of people seventy percent in some constituencies bolton to get. simple. breaks it is so important yet so impossibly complicated last week there was no future but brick's it even if nobody knows what that entails suddenly as appears a gap has emerged bracks it is by no means a certainty lawrence leigh al-jazeera liverpool the owner of chelsea football club has suffered another blow in his search for residency in western europe swiss police classify the russian roman abramovich as a threat to public security abramovich has an investor visa to britain but he ran into trouble when doing it this year and applying for swiss residency in two thousand and sixteen hoping to make. his home was granted brady said and shipped in may. but as i was present because my daughter has attacked the u.s.
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for imposing financial sanctions on his wife syria majority was hit with the restrictions off the allegations of corruption on state t.v. to warn u.s. president trump not to target his family and him home designed to send an electrical jolt to the spinal cord is giving new hope to millions of people who are paralyzed a clinic in the u.s. has found some success with the procedure as enabled three people who were disabled for a year is to walk again those jabari how small gerrard is doing what he once thought was impossible five years ago he was paralyzed from the waist down after snowmobile accident he is now able to take small steps to be able to move. my legs and. to walk even a stand it means a lot. but there is hope for not only me but other people
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jared was the first patients at the mayo clinic in the united states to have an electrical stimulation device implanted near his damaged spinal cord. spinal injuries disrupt nerve paths that normally allow the brain to signal the legs to move in this study doctors implanted an electrical stimulator at the base of the spine between the vertebrae and spinal column when it's turned on the electrical signals appear to awaken those injured nerve pathways letting the brain communicate with the legs once again. after months of intense therapy jared can move back and forth a report on his progress has been published in nature medicine. because we were able to stimulate the rec plea the spinal cord itself and we believe that that was very important to be able to regain volitional control or voluntary control jared's road to recovery has not been easy but he credits a woman he met after his accident for giving him the strength to fight were going
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on at the gym every day for five to six days a week a couple hours a day and the girl that helped me is now my wife and she pushes me hard further research is being done to understand why this stimulator is working and how it can help others we still have a long way to go before we can optimize this therapy make it relevant to other patients if successful this procedure could have the potential to help millions of people around the world who can't move because of a spinal cord injury or such a party al-jazeera. now with out there these are top stories contrasting speeches reveal deep divisions between european leaders and the u.s. on the donald trump at the u.n.
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general assembly trying to push his america first agenda was french. global corporation iran was the targets of trump's harshest criticism at the u.n. you call the government in tehran a corrupt dictatorship iranian president hassan rouhani head back accusing washington of economic terrorism iran's leaders so chaos death and destruction. they do not respect their neighbors or borders or the sovereign rights of nations. instead iran's leaders plunder the nation's resources. to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the middle east and far beyond. the government of the us at least the current administration seems determined to render all international institutions ineffectual unlawful unilateral sanctions in
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themselves constitute a form of economic terrorism and a breach of the right to development the economic war the us has initiated under the rubric of new sanctions not only targets the iranian people but also entails harmful repercussions for the people of other countries. the united nations is proposing new peace talks on yemen discussions were called off two weeks ago when the huth the rebels were unable to attend on the ground millions remain on the brink of famine and parents are struggling to get the help they need for children so it is present. radical groups have begun withdrawing from the. province has been created to separate opposition fighters and government forces the chinese says that has been arrested in chicago on charges of spying on behalf of beijing friends seven year old child ciarán is a queen accused of trying to recruit american engineers and scientists and even defense contractors to work for the chinese government she faces up to ten years in
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prison if convicted u.s. intelligence agencies have accused china of a super aggressive spying campaign against washington. state not with all the headlines we're back with more news on al-jazeera of the inside story. that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism and here let me ask you straight up here is the two state solution now the lights are on and there's no way it's high up front for times. sidestepping u.s. sanctions to european union goes ahead with a new payment system for business transactions with iran russia and china say bear arms that can companies and traders withstand the u.s. response this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program on this of the peron i'm well it was signed in two thousand and fifteen the iran nuclear agreement was hailed as a landmark deal but would the u.s. withdrawal earlier this year and threats of punishing those who do business with head on european leaders have been left trying to figure out a way to protect their companies and save the agreement the trumpet ministrations says it will reimpose some of its toughest sanctions on iran in the van and that's led some companies to abandon their plans and iran but the europeans say this setting up a new payment mechanism that will allow companies to continue trading goods and or of with iran russia and china support the plan but it's not clear how work will discuss that with our guests in a moment but first she held her tongue as he sets up discussion from the un general assembly in new york. the e.u. was reported to have been discussing what it calls a special purpose vehicle for several weeks and monday night the e.u.
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foreign policy chief said it would be going ahead e.u. member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate to make financial transactions with it on and this will allow european companies to continue to trade with it on in accordance with european union low and could be open to other partners in the what the plans discussed in the past have involved an entity being set up to act as a go between or clearing house which we know iran and other nations to facilitate commercial transactions for example if a country or company wants to buy iranian oil it would send money to or perhaps engage in a barter system involving this entity which will handle the transaction with iran the same were true in reverse for iran's dealings with the rest of the world the idea is to bypass commercial and central banks who are fearful of being frozen out of the us financial system if they help circumvent the new sanctions being imposed by the trumpet ministration against iran in the vendor. however the details have
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yet to be worked out and there is some skepticism that the system will work especially given the large number of european companies already cut tailing their business dealings with iran. those meeting at the un also announced that around remained in compliance with the nuclear deal and pledge their commitment to remain participants. the meeting on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly didn't just involve european foreign ministers but the foreign ministers of russia and china as well meeting with iran coming as it did on the eve before donald trump addresses the u.n. general assembly this was a sign of real international solidarity here in new york she represents the al-jazeera new york. well let's introduce our guests now joining us from paris is remi bojo an economist at the french institute of international and strategic affairs and an investment strategist in london as mom or salami an international oil economist and joining us
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on skype from her team and city is christopher balding an analyst on the chinese economy and also a professor at the fulbright university vietnam a very warm welcome to all of you mr boies can the e.u. design a legal shield to protect its companies in iran you know to beat the reach of the u.s. financial system. well there's a political willingness to try something and that's technically feasible to set up the mccann is him. twere does not. include using a u.s. dollar but even though it's technically feasible it's mainly a political gesture because in the end european companies very much fear the legal consequences in the united states from dealing with iran whatever the sector especially in those sectors which are being targeted by trump said mr trump and
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mr ations the sanctions so it's mostly a political signal sent to iran so that it's my i stay in the nuclear deal but since the end european companies are a very unlikely to return to iran and the regime this current sanctions regime. the only actual possibility was for the negotiates and waivers with the us administration but it was quite clear very early in those stocks that the us administration was not willing to grant any significant exemption from from its sanctions. at this spawn for european companies it's not a real a real prospect shoot shoot to return to iran most of them announced very fast off the donald trump's announcement that they would with throw from iran so there is
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some interest in that kind of mccann is him outside my rubble so and countries like india yeah let's talk a lot on that but i want to talk more about the mechanism the different mechanisms that are being proposed is because a political signal might not be enough to keep iran. in the nuclear deal mr salami we don't have the details of what's being called the special purpose vehicle yet but whatever it is going to be. the bodies that are going to be involved will they have to be exempt from doing considerable business in the u.s. for this mechanism to be feasible. it is not difficult at all because iran's iraq oil exports can be paid for by the way you are all. of us avoiding the dollar or what you call the petro dollar another thing is
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that the european union has lowers which protects companies deciding to continue business with iran and that will protect them against us sanctions but above or there is an as third method of two the us banking system and the petro dollar out of which is the petro you one which come bypass completely the petro dollar and allow iran to be paid for its exports in the pet for you or as tentatively a gold the bet through on now accounts for thirty two per cent of the global oil trade so it is a valid as a third of the delegates and it has all sole not only fide basically the
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you are a sanctions on iran well let me put some of those points to christopher bolton is the chinese petro are you on a viable alternative to buying oil from iran you know can it bypassed u.s. sanctions altogether or can the european union can european countries in fact do business buy oil from iran using the euro. willie could it be they could buy any currency they want but but it's completely inaccurate to say that the r. and b. is now a global substitute for the dollar when it comes to the oil trade. what what is being discussed here is that in shanghai the chinese government has set up an oil futures trading platform in china and this has garnered significant trading volume what is very important to note on this is the important part well suppliers are still paid in hard currency so the transaction will take place such that it will be
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denominated in side of china in orem be however if you're on it if saudi arabia if anybody else wants to take that money out of china they have to turn turn it into dollars euros whatever they want and so it's completely inaccurate to say the global oil suppliers can you can get paid in in an r. and b. there is the amount of r. and b. outside of china is is is virtually negligible almost zero in the grand scheme of things but most of all the nice thing is but but but china can buy iranian oil and it's chinese and be right yes but if if iran wants to use that money that that that money that they've been paid they have to turn it into dollars or euros or whatever they want and take it back to tehran as long as they want to use that r. and b. that they have received inside of china they can use that r. and b. inside of china if they want to take that money r. and b.
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out of china it's immediately converted into dollars you know mr boyd how can the european union buy oil from iran using heroes and stead of dollars and buy pos u.s. sanctions that way. well it's theoretically possible but dutch would involve european companies and magic companies and those also most of them aren't even the united states and most you launch european companies are somehow involved with the us companies and that's why they fear so much any any legal suit so that's that's a real issue of their face against not just about choosing which currency you you trade with with iran. the sanctions have really centered on the currency on the dollars international role but it's not just about the still very phrasing of the sanctions has evolved very much over the years and it's
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clearly targeting. companies in a very precise way and for a european company or for many other country which is also doing business with the united states it's very complicated there are clear legal consequences of continuing any operations in iran and what and what are your name though obviously does not protect those companies so what if we leave currency out of this because one of the ideas being proposed as a bottle system mr salami i you know could we see a return of the sort of bottle system that was used during the cold war by moscow where iran and goods and oil exchanged without money changing hands. well let me point out something i am of the opening and and i am convinced that u.s. sanctions on iran will fail miserably and iran will not lose
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a single barrel of oil from its oil exports and that is my reasoning is being asked over five market facts the first fact is that the global the overwhelming majority of the sions with the exception of saudi arabia and possibly. are against the sanctions on iran because iran has not violated the nuclear agreement does second thing as i mentioned and that's the most important one is the petro yuan the petrea one has become a thorn on the side of the united states because it merely pfizer's the day are you a sanctions against iran and provide a third within for it to be paid iran can be good in the pet for you and for any exports it sends to china it can be
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a pig in the euro for an exports to the european union which account for twenty pattison of iranian exports and it can be paid by baht of penetrated with delights of turkey and india if thing is that china is any a position to nullify the entire you a sanction. by buying the whole. exports of iran two point five million barrels a day and below it pay for them in the pit for you on let me hold that point mr ben-ami i don't want to put that point to our china analyst christopher balding is china and that position to buy all of iran's crude oil and would it be willing to do so is that realistic. because my they could buy iran's deeley output of oil that is absolutely accurate chinese oil consumption continues to rise relatively rapidly
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their influence on global price setting is very important however they do not pay in r. and b. if you ron wants to get paid and receive currency in iran it's not the r. and b. it gets when that money leaves china it's converted from r. and b. to dollars euros whatever i do think i agree with your first guest that that currency is largely irrelevant it really has to do with with if a company has business in the united states they face the possibility that they're going to be sanctioned and either going to be denied access to the u.s. market and actual system or whatever and so being able to trade in in a dollar overseas or a euro is is really irrelevant it's the business exposure they would have to the u.s. market or funny i'm a supporter does that bring us back to the point you know that these measures being proposed is can they really challenge u.s.
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financial dominance given that the truth with of u.s. power lies in the global role of the u.s. dollar you know the predominance of the american financial system well that the key thing is that the u.s. administration is unwilling to give any exemption so. if a companies doing business and you know to night it states this current surely affords two to stay in iran in any way it's getting very complicated and the european low is supposed to prevent them from up from accounts for the going to a contract because of u.s. sanctions with the sanction imposed by any thoughts country but india and in a very concrete way there are facing. legal actions from from of the united states and it doesn't even. in answering flame friends at the round of society legal action has the pull out the fallout of the u.s. pulling out of this iran nuclear deal exposes just how vulnerable new rep is to
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being held hostage to the u.s. treasury you know does you need to overcome this well it's very hard to overcome this actually in a technical way it's it's mainly a political issue between europe in iran and between europe and the united states and there's no actual technical trick to it to bypass that it's not just about the dollars international role it's about the intertwining of the u.s. and the european economy and that's why it's so this sanctions are hurting. european companies involvement in iran so so effectively in a way so that it's because any large european company has some interest in the united states it's not just about the dollar and it cannot afford to just sacrifice that to to keep its operations its investment so at exports through to iran running
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and it is of course about politics you too and you know you said at the beginning of the show that this is sending a political signal more than anything else mr salami what do you make of the mess of the timing off the statement from the e.u. and iran you know just before donald trump addresses the u.n. general assembly one and of the said that this is a poke in the eye for trump do you think this is a humiliation for donald trump. it it is a very important statement because the european johan has made it clear from the start of that they will not comply by you as sandwiches because if they were to comply with that it would be the end of the nuclear agreement with iran and they are a key and to preserve that agreement because it's important for world peace and cause he quickly that signals their insistence that they will not comply with
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us it's cereal signal to the american ads that these sanctions are weak and they will not the work and i tell you that the sanctions as i mentioned will fail miserably and the sea european union will continue to deal with. iran bought to to natalie that ninety five per cent of oil exports go to forty groups of countries one is china which accounts for thirty five the other india which accounts for the fed fifty percent then the european union which echoes for twenty past seven better that's a total of seven lights certainly is all very them all of them are against the sanctions against iran but is being against the factions enough mr boulding do you
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think that the message here you know is more important than any details of a financial system by showing that they're working to keep european investment flowing into iran are european leaders hoping that that's enough to keep iran in a nuclear deal. well i think what's what's important to notice is that it is it isn't just the e.u. it's basically the major powers excluding the united states and so the first thing is that sense not just an e.u. message but that sends a very strong political message globally about about the political cover that is being provided i think to follow up on a point you made about how much to details matter i think they matter enormously when they talk about s.p. the any special purpose vehicle and even though we don't have the specifics there are a lot of different ways that you could structure this to make it very very difficult for the united states government to impose sanctions whether it was some type of
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a company that had no no ties to the u.s. financial system or payment systems that was maybe domicile in a in a in a in a unique country so that so that european oil companies could deal with that company and so that they would have plausible deniability as to where the oil was coming from i think there's different ways to do this and i think it's very important it is a very strong political message being sent to it but iran of course can't survive on messages and woods alone vice mr bosio i think it's something like the veil has lost about two thirds of its value the c.s.a of weald policy europe china and russia cannot. grave economic woes well let's say in the nuclear deal that promised it. in anything a function. well it's difficult for the european union to do something about this if european companies are not twinning choo-choo to deal with
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iran and have reason of course to fear our us sanctions. under the current framework so there's little they can do so that descending political messages because of course european governments are very concerned about the consequences for the whole middle eastern region of the disability ation of the iranian system that's one main thing about economy collate there are their actions are likely to remain quite limited so the way things they are now to date some think iran will stay in the nuclear deal the way things are going now the way that things have been going the reaal the economy full sanctions used to be imposed i think on the fourth of november as iran going to stay in the steel. well that iran is under tremendous pressure it's waiting to see how things will evolve whether they will really be no exemption told from from the u.s.
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or so so so few as they've applied but there's clearly also a domestic political issue in the iran between the hardliners and the moderates within the regime that's that's very complicated and the hardliners are emboldened to to some extent the moderates have appeared to be in retreat in terms of the political their political message and importance. does there's little actually to do with has such an pressure and certainly most should you in asia and china as eagerness to to continue importing iranian criticism is certainly of great importance to iraq but it's very complicated in europe's position it is here really find a solution to to iran's difficulties and if it doesn't then mr salaam
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a you know if i know that you're very positive that the iran nuclear deal can stay in place but if it doesn't what message does that send send to donald trump and the world you know that he can unilaterally pull out of a deal when international experts about sharing that iran as sticking by it and the international community can't do anything about it. if iran was forced by circumstances to leave the new york city had a d.d. . is a war in the gulf egged by israel and supported by saudi arabia there is a scary issue between saudi arabia and iran so it's it a war could be sparked by one incident or another and it will lead to the whole me the east and it will be the end of america and national enquirer us in the whole arab gulf coast see it quickly it's but out of that iran it stays and is
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held and brought more to stay with the nuclear deal by sub or from b. of a signal if that is of the deed mr salami thank you very much for that we have run out of time solve it like to thank all of our guests remy born in paris mamba salaam a in london and christopher balding in the men and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website as the adult com and further discussion and to go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter a handle is at a.j. and side story for me elizabeth pran him and the entire team here and doha by fanatics.
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thank. you. well they're on line for humanity has been taken out of this goes of this we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on sat i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue on this tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice resurfacing that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into their cell join the global conversation on how to zero. zero all this muslim undertakers working here is just seven days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black and blue smoke started to do the funeral in london and family we saw stopping father and daughter and became business partners the stories we're told
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often here told by the people who the. level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crime in the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. deep divisions at the u.n. general assembly as u.s. president donald trump rejects globalism to promote his policy of america for us.
4:49 pm
this is ours are live from doha also coming up. oh we don't have an. from any side in this war and we don't have anything. on the brink of famine and no medical care the yemeni families struggling to stay alive. yes comedian bill cosby giove up to ten years a multiple counts of sexual assault plus how well. hair was. in the. new zealand looks to its young to help revive its indigenous language. nationalism over globalism that was the message from u.s. president donald trump to world leaders gathered at the un general assembly from praising north korean leader kim jong un to lashing out against iran thirty four
4:50 pm
minute speech singled out america's foes and friends president james frey's reports his speech rather a different response one he intended. when president came to the united nations the first of the world leaders he met was his french counterpart. he and emmanuelle mccraw embraced warmly then known to get on well something that is perhaps remarkable when you realize as became clear in their speeches that they have very different visions of the way the world should be wrong trumps world view is america first with all the other countries also putting their own national interests first to he laid that out in a speech that didn't get off to a good start when his bold claim was met with the gospel of astonishment and then laughter in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost
4:51 pm
any administration in the history of our country. america years souter. didn't expect that reaction but that's how. trump talked about a constellation of strong sovereign independent nations it of course raises the question of whether the u.s. will give up its moral leadership on issues like human rights america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination i honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs beliefs and traditions the united states will not tell you how to live or work or worship a couple of hours later and the french president was at the same podium he greeted
4:52 pm
the world faced crisis but for very different reasons nationalism he said meant that international cooperation was breaking down. in new neighbors well there's no need to look too far to see who is to blame they're here in this assembly they're speaking today those responsible are us believe years of the world it was an impassioned speech he said he didn't believe in the lure of the strongest and he made a passionate defense of parts of the system the trumpet ministration has either attacked or defunded new sutent only session us we should support those working for peace and humanity unesco the conscience of the united nations the human rights council the international criminal court for whom we're increasing our support in his speech president trump said his administration will reassess how much money it gives to the u.n. and how much funds it gives in international aid that potentially is setting up a new confrontation for next year president marc ross says he wants to give forty
4:53 pm
percent more international aid and france is heading the g. seven next year it wants all the members which include the u.s. to give more james pays zero at the united nations when iran was the target have trumped harsh as chris says and at the u.n. he called the government in tehran a corrupt stick tape to ship iranian president hassan rouhani hit back accusing washington of what he called economic terrorism iran's leaders so k.o.'s. death and destruction they do not respect their neighbors or borders or the sovereign rights of nations instead iran's leaders plunder the nation's resources to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the middle east and far beyond. the government of the
4:54 pm
us at least the current administration seems determined to render all international institutions ineffectual unlawful unilateral sanctions in themselves constitute a form of economic terrorism and a breach of the right to development the economic war the us has initiated under the rubric of new sanctions not only targets the iranian people but also entails harmful repercussions for the people of other countries. in the un is proposing new peace talks for yemen discussions were called off two weeks ago when he represents were unable to get to geneva but on the ground millions remain on the brink of famine as families struggle to get the help they need warning you may find some images and andrew symonds report to stepping another arrival is a clinic in northern yemen. is two years old but money tradition means he's in a critical condition starvation is threatening families who are among the poorest
4:55 pm
in the middle east those least capable of surviving. sam's grandmother is understandably distraught not. we don't have money to transport him for the treatment he can only get in sanaa we're in such a dilemma those who gave us money before can't do so anymore no one can keep giving in the situation we don't have any help from any side in this war and we don't have an afghan. bassam maybe two but he weighs less than five kilos that's ten pounds the capital sana'a where specialist care or medicine may give him a better chance might as well be a world away even though the distance from this clinic that as them in had province is around a hundred kilometers. fighting on the supply line to sana'a from the red sea port of the data which like the capital is in control of the who the rebels is relentless but a trained government forces as still pushing to take away the control of the data
4:56 pm
now with the level of fighting as it stands there are worries about how long it will take to open up a humanitarian corridor but tween sanna and her data the assurance came out of the un general assembly on monday heard a clamor of warnings that time is running out if a full scale famine is to be avoided for the first time the parents of a money attrition victim three year old zafer sack of have spoken of their daughter's death it was last week after she went to the same clinic as bassem i have a house and in have your province. her father like the parents of bassem says he had no money to take his daughter to get better treatment elsewhere and xavier's mother is worried about her other children's chances of survival she is inconsolable pika and my daughter had malnutrition and her condition was so bad that you could count the ribs in her chest
4:57 pm
a feet were swollen from the rest of her body you could see all of her bones so in areas grew bigger but hours before her death the swelling disappeared and she returned to skin and. food aid is now arriving in this remote area and staff in the clinic who tried against the odds to save zafer are now doing what they can to save little bassam hundreds symons. to his present. so-called radical groups have begun with touring from the demilitarized zone serious province this month turkey russia and iran agreed to create a zone separating opposition fighters and government forces under the deal hardline groups are to withdraw but it's not yet clear where they're supposed to go and harder has more from barriers. the so-called radical groups there are quite a number of them and province labeled terrorist by the international community because of their links with al qaida the smaller groups like the d. and d.
4:58 pm
and of course you have the military alliance especially the sham the biggest military alliance and the main force in this in the salons is the former group known as al nasra front these groups are supposed to be leaving the demilitarized zone as part of the deal we're hearing the turkish president say that they have begun to withdraw we still have not heard from the sham in fact a few days ago they said that they will be making their final decision. in the coming days whether or not they are going to comply we have heard from the smaller groups like the d.n.a. and. they're saying that we are not going to comply this is an agreement this is a conspiracy rebel group should unite and launch attacks against the government instead but in their statements they also leave room to maneuver and they actually say that we're going to leave it up to our scholars to decide but turkey really is confident that they will be able to implement this deal on the ground that we heard from the turkish presidential spokesman just
4:59 pm
a few days ago saying that no obstacle is going to stand in our way turkey has been using two methods really first dialogue persuasion telling this group that you really don't have much of a choice and we understand they've had some success because they're peeling away the rank and file and isolating really the hard core elements in these groups and for example the sham a substantial amount of fighters are syrians and it would be easier to convince them to lay down their arms and of course at the same time turkey is using the threat of force they have a military plan in place they intend to use the modern so-called moderate opposition forces on the ground to take on these radical groups of these radical groups refused to surrender and what we understand from turkish sources close to the government the turkish intelligence is also ready to take action if those radical groups do not comply with this demilitarized zone. is comedian bill cosby has been jailed for up to. ten years for sexual assault he was found guilty in april of three counts of aggravated indecent assault reports from new york.
5:00 pm
walking out of a courtroom in handcuffs a fall from grace for a man who once so famous and beloved he was known as america's dad but who would judge now called a sexually violent predator eighty one year old bill cosby sentenced to three to ten years in jail cosby was found guilty in april with three counts of aggravated indecent assault after drugging and sexually assaulting andrea konstam in two thousand and four he used exacting skills and. t.v. personality to win over his victims and then keep them silent about what he did to them so now finally bill cosby has been unmasked and we have seen the real man as he's headed off to prison while the trial focused on the one crime against ms constant more than sixty other women have accused cosby of sexual misconduct spanning decades and after the sentencing many said they were glad he was going to
5:01 pm
jail i wanted thirty we hear. that i'm very happy that i know that mr pod with all my prez.


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